Welcome to WHQWorld – a place for all WH Questions with best possible answers. So, we know what that WH Question means, right? WH Questions means questions that start with What, Why, Who, Where, Which, When, Whose, Whom and How!

Well, I will answer these questions about motivation, personal issues, and self-help only.

Every one of us gets down sometimes and low when things go wrong. So do I. And then we ask ourself, why it’s me? Or why it happened?

Well, I have my own way to fix those.

And in this blog; I would love to share those ways with you all – the world.

I hope, everyone loves to read the answers given on this website and will love sharing and referencing this website everywhere.

If you have any suggestions or comments about anything about this website or any topic; please do let me know so that I can edit and tweak the questions, answers and the website itself.

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