Top 6 A. J. Buckley Quotes of 2020

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“There was a windstorm in L.A., and the morning after there was no smog, and I could see the mountains. And I was like… ‘There’s mountains? Snowcap mountains?’ That’s insane; I’ve been there for thirteen years, and I’ve never seen that view before, seeing the mountains in the distance.”

― A. J. Buckley

“I played a nerdy guy on ‘CSI: NY’ for nine years. I want to be bad for a while. I want to be really, really bad.”

― A. J. Buckley

“I’m pretty lucky to work on both ‘CSI: NY’ and ‘Supernatural.’ Not bad gigs!”

― A. J. Buckley

“I was never really good in school.”

― A. J. Buckley

“When you boil down the real facts and statistics of what carbon dioxide is doing to this planet… to not feel like you have to do something… I don’t think you’re human.”

― A. J. Buckley

“My parents come down to Los Angeles a lot.”

― A. J. Buckley
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