Top 2777 Acting Quotes

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“Because I came out as a singer, I took the time to get an acting coach.”

― Aaliyah

“I’m involved in some action scenes, so they’ll train me for that. I’ll be working with my acting coach to prepare for my character.”

― Aaliyah

“It was always part of the plan to move into acting.”

― Aaliyah

“There’s not a day that I don’t work on vocals, have vocal coaches, go to acting classes, read books.”

― Aaron Carter

“I would be the worst acting coach ever, because I have no idea what I’m doing.”

― Aaron Douglas

“I think by eighth grade I knew I wanted to be an actor. I’d done church plays and stuff, but my first actual acting class was in eighth grade. I was obsessed with it.”

― Aaron Paul

“Viola Davis, she does have a lot of TV acting jobs, and she’s also a very, very accomplished stage actress.”

― Aaron Stanford

“Once I came to acting, it was almost a thing where there weren’t enough hours in the day to work on stuff because I was so passionate about it.”

― Aaron Tveit

“I’m aiming to do what I need to do for acting and nothing more. I’m bowing down to acting.”

― Abbey Lee Kershaw

“I never really wanted to write and wanted to focus on acting.”

― Abby Elliott

“Well, my brother started acting before I did.”

― Abigail Breslin

“I was not thinking about getting into acting in any way.”

― Ad-Rock

“When I initially started acting, all I wanted to do was to be in one movie. That’s it. That was my goal.”

― Adam Beach

“I’m not an acting monk or anything. I’m not, like, the most well-adjusted actor.”

― Adam Driver

“Juilliard definitely emphasizes the theater. They don’t train – at all really – for film acting. It’s mostly process-oriented, pretty much for the stage.”

― Adam Driver

“Acting is really about having the courage to fail in front of people.”

― Adam Driver

“Through theater and acting school, I found a way to articulate myself.”

― Adam Driver

“Acting, to me, has been many things: It’s a business, and it’s a craft, and it’s a political act – it’s whatever adjective is most applicable.”

― Adam Driver

“My celebrity has held steady since the day I began acting. I don’t view it as celebrity. I’m just a worker.”

― Adam Goldberg

“Acting is exciting. It is different every time you do it.”

― Adam Lamberg

“Having a guy on a microphone yelling lines at you is counter to a lot of acting techniques.”

― Adam McKay

“I like to remind myself how hard acting is. I do parts in friends’ stuff.”

― Adam McKay

“I’m interested in film – any aspect – acting, directing, writing.”

― Adam West

“My art, like my acting, is a profound expression of poetic license.”

― Adam West

“I never consciously set out to be an actor. I just kind of did whatever acting I could do.”

― Adelaide Clemens

“Auditioning and actually acting on a set are two different things. When you audition, you’re in a room and you don’t have anything to play with and you don’t have anything physically in the room. Whereas on set, you have direction, you have costumes, and you have other actors to work with. It’s a completely different thing.”

― Adelaide Kane

“I took acting classes in my senior year in college and I loved it.”

― Adepero Oduye

“Acting in a scene is easy.”

― Adina Porter

“Failure of a film doesn’t diminish my love for acting.”

― Aditya Roy Kapur

“I didn’t like the idea of acting back in school. Both my brothers were into it.”

― Aditya Roy Kapur

“As an actor, technically, when you are off a film, you are out of a job. An actor goes from job to job. By virtue, acting is an unsure profession.”

― Aditya Roy Kapur

“I was a director and dialogue and acting coach.”

― Adriana Barraza

“There are so many elements that make ‘Orange’ spectacular – the writing, the acting, what we talk about – but we can’t neglect the music of the show. It sets a fantastic tone.”

― Adrienne C. Moore

“Modelling is only about the look. In acting, it’s the feel that matters.”

― Agyness Deyn

“I could probably do a documentary on acting classes; I’ve taken so many.”

― Ahna O’Reilly

“Every couple of years – no, that’s every couple of weeks – I think I’m going to give up acting.”

― Aidan Gillen

“I left the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin in 2004, and I did five years of theater after that.”

― Aidan Turner

“After acting in a critically acclaimed film like ‘Kaaka Muttai,’ I didn’t get any offers for more than a year.”

― Aishwarya Rajesh

“I have a girl crush on Olivia Munn so much, especially on ‘Newsroom.’ And Cara Delevingne, but who doesn’t love her face? Viola Davis is my acting crush.”

― Aja Naomi King

“Earlier, I used to charge territories instead of my fees as an actor, but I realised it was better to keep the two apart. Now, I take my fees in cash, for acting, and keep the distribution thing separate.”

― Ajay Devgan

“My family was very supportive of my acting. They didn’t really have a choice because I got jobs acting before anyone could really say anything. It paid my way through college and helped my family out.”

― Ajay Naidu

“I used to have a lot of philosophies of acting; they all fell apart over the years.”

― Alan Arkin

“I’ve always been an improviser. I was one before I knew even what the word was… And acting, that I’ve been doing since I was 5.”

― Alan Arkin

“I’m used to American actors who have a movie career thinking television acting is beneath them.”

― Alan Ball

“I think actors are privileged. Acting feeds you.”

― Alan Bates

“I see myself as a comic but the acting helps sell tickets for gigs.”

― Alan Davies

“A producer has to know all about everything from set-building to costumes to acting.”

― Alan Ladd

“I learned more about acting from George Stevens in a few months than I had in my entire life up until then.”

― Alan Ladd

“I’m very aware that when one is acting in the theater, you do become kind of animal about it. And you’re reliant on instincts rather than tact a lot of the time.”

― Alan Rickman

“Acting touches nerves you have absolutely no control over.”

― Alan Rickman

“A lot of film acting is about being casual.”

― Alan Tudyk

“I’m a geeky actor, in the way that I like the craft of acting.”

― Alan Tudyk

“I started playing piano when I was 6. And I knew that wanted to be involved in that form of expression, whether it was through music, or acting, or dancing, or painting, or writing.”

― Alanis Morissette

“I was so naive when I began acting, professionally.”

― Alanna Ubach

“Yes, I was actually an acting teacher for a while.”

― Alanna Ubach

“When I audition, I understand what it takes and the insecurities that come with it. If I do anything, I put actors at ease. I used to tell directors who weren’t actors, the best thing they could do was take an acting class for a couple of months. Just to understand.”

― Albert Brooks

“Steven Spielberg seems to have wanted to be a director from 13. He put his dog in a certain position and made him eat at four o’clock. He liked to direct it. But, to me, directing is tedious. Especially if you’re acting in it. And I’m inherently lazy.”

― Albert Brooks

“I studied acting at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh because I figured a good comedian certainly could act.”

― Albert Brooks

“My mom wouldn’t let me do child acting.”

― Alden Ehrenreich

“I feel I’m two people: I have my interest in acting and I have a lot of other political interests I’d like to pursue.”

― Alec Baldwin

“I don’t think I really have a talent for movie acting.”

― Alec Baldwin

“On a television show, precise acting isn’t the order of the day.”

― Alec Baldwin

“Acting in the theatre is fun; acting in film is work.”

― Alec Baldwin

“I don’t get acting jobs because of my looks.”

― Alec Baldwin

“For me writing and acting all comes out of the same place, a compulsion to review and connect to something. For me they are more similar than different.”

― Aleksa Palladino

“Acting can be very selfish and all-consuming.”

― Alessandro Nivola

“Some people go to acting classes to learn. I just kind of went for the dates.”

― Alex Rocco

“I had to get out of the Boston area, so I flipped a coin and said, ‘Heads – Miami, tails – California. I was in my mid-20s and came out here with no training. Acting wasn’t even in my mind.”

― Alex Rocco

“I played semi-pro at Chalfont St. Peter but it’s so hard to become a pro footballer – I think there’s even more competition than acting.”

― Alex Roe

“When I’m acting, I do what I’m supposed to do.”

― Alex Wolff

“I think Nat’s an amazing actor… He understands things about acting that most people don’t.”

― Alex Wolff

“I’ve enjoyed all of the roles I have played for different reasons, which is the great thing about acting. You love different projects for different reasons.”

― Alex Wolff

“Acting was important, but it was not as important as getting an education, and I credit my parents with a lot of that.”

― Alexander Gould

“I studied at Guildhall and did the acting course, but because I could sing a bit, I kept being cast in musicals.”

― Alexander Hanson

“Acting is what I love. I love being the chameleon, and you can’t do that if you have just one physical type.”

― Alexander Ludwig

“You’re constantly getting rejected in acting. You get rejected more than you get hired!”

― Alexandra Chando

“For my first acting gig, I was a hand model for a Barbie commercial that was only going to air in Asia. And I was constantly trying to get my face in the shot.”

― Alexandra Daddario

“I’ve been acting since I was 11.”

― Alexandra Daddario

“I figured out that I was interested in acting while at NYU.”

― Alexis Bledel

“’Game of Thrones’ is my big break, so I’ve got to make the most of it, keep acting well.”

― Alfie Allen

“If you want to be an actor, you have to do it because you love acting, not because you want to be a celebrity.”

― Alfonso Ribeiro

“I’ve been acting for 25 years, living out of suitcases on theater tours or film locations.”

― Alfred Molina

“The better the actor I am acting with, the better my performance gets.”

― Ali Fazal

“I don’t believe that you can learn acting in a classroom.”

― Ali Fazal

“I am not into method acting.”

― Ali Fazal

“My grandfather talked about James Dean; they were both very much into method acting.”

― Alia Shawkat

“I dropped out of school and I never took acting classes.”

― Alice Englert

“Acting is a great luxury, a joy, and a pleasure.”

― Alice Eve

“I would like to continue making music and acting in projects that give me a lot of satisfaction.”

― Alicia Machado

“I was able to actually combine dance and acting, which was a dream come true.”

― Alicia Vikander

“You have to really concentrate on piano or acting. You can’t do both.”

― Alicia Witt

“It’s an acting job – acting natural.”

― Alistair Cooke

“Sincerity and the correct use of the voice are the greatest things in the art of acting.”

― Alla Nazimova

“Most of the time you spend filming a show is time you spend without the cameras on, when you’re not acting.”

― Allison Tolman

“Acting is just a part of my life, and I like to lead life on my terms.”

― Allu Arjun

“I am not against acting in a Hindi film, but I will take it up only if the story is right.”

― Allu Arjun

“I have been acting for 32 years now and I feel so lucky to be able to have done exactly what I wanted to do.”

― Amanda Burton

“I love acting like I’m in love. It’s a very positive thing.”

― Amanda Seyfried

“I love all kinds of art. I mean, I love sketching and acting and music.”

― Amandla Stenberg

“My advice is to make acting your second career choice.”

― Amber Tamblyn

“My emotions are usually my weakness, but they are my strength while acting.”

― Amruta Khanvilkar

“I didn’t get into acting to have a moment, I got into it because of people who’ve inspired me, like Judi Dench, Holly Hunter, and Jodie Foster.”

― Amy Adams

“I probably never would have been hired on Broadway had I not moved out to L.A. and pursued acting and film, which is sad, really.”

― Amy Adams

“Acting is the most communicative thing I can imagine doing.”

― Amy Carlson

“I was new to acting before my role in ‘Madrasapattinam.’”

― Amy Jackson

“I was once so terrified of acting that I used to pretend I was ill to get out of drama.”

― Amy Jackson

“Acting is my passion, but I like hosting shows, too.”

― Amy Jackson

“Election security is national security, and we have to start acting like it.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“Well, what is acting but the study of human behavior? And that’s so fascinating to me.”

― Amy Smart

“When you’re acting, you’re a person. When you’re modeling, you’re a hanger.”

― Analeigh Tipton

“Although the odds are you’re not gonna get the acting job you go out for, it’s easier to successfully audition than it is to sit down for a few months and write a movie that’s going to actually sell.”

― Anders Holm

“I did my undergrad at Florida State, got a Bachelor’s, and then I got my Masters in Acting at NYU. So I’ve spent a lot of time in the classroom.”

― Andre Holland

“I studied acting in NYU’s graduate program, in which we covered everything from Ibsen and Chekov to August Wilson and David Mamet.”

― Andre Holland

“You’re not going to learn about acting on TV and in film. You’ll learn more in plays and in class.”

― Andrea Navedo

“Acting was always a secret desire of mine when I was growing up.”

― Andrea Navedo

“Initially, it was my dream to get into RADA. Then I got in. So it became my dream to show them I wasn’t half bad at acting.”

― Andrew Buchan

“I’ve been not only articulating the dissatisfaction with Albany, I’ve been acting on it. I’ve been very aggressive in bringing public integrity cases and public corruption cases and bringing cases against sitting legislators.”

― Andrew Cuomo

“It’s really hard to not get put in a box when you’re acting and get typecast.”

― Andrew-Lee Potts

“I love acting. I just love it. It’s in my bones.”

― Andrew Lincoln

“My acting chops are awful.”

― Andrew Luck

“I find any sort of acting that doesn’t have any humor in it is mind-numbingly boring. ‘Serious acting’ is the kind of acting that I don’t ever respond to.”

― Andrew Scott

“I find any sort of acting that doesn’t have any humor in it is mind-numbingly boring.”

― Andrew Scott

“’Serious acting’ is the kind of acting that I don’t ever respond to.”

― Andrew Scott

“I try to go out for everything. I go out for any acting stuff that comes up, and voice-over stuff.”

― Andy Kindler

“The whole chameleon thing about acting. That’s why I’m moving towards directing – it’s a much more healthy occupation.”

― Andy Serkis

“Acting is a sort of pressure cooker that allows the fizz to come out the top. God knows what I’d be like if I didn’t have that.”

― Andy Serkis

“I love acting and certainly won’t give it up, but it’s part of a bigger canvas for me now.”

― Andy Serkis

“For me, I’ve never drawn a distinction between live-action acting and performance-capture acting. It is purely a technology.”

― Andy Serkis

“What’s fantastic is that there’s a real growing appreciation for performance-capture technology as a tool for acting.”

― Andy Serkis

“You don’t really think about 3D when you’re acting. As a director, you do.”

― Andy Serkis

“America is living through the third economic revolution and our country doesn’t really have a plan on how to deal with it, and when it does – like the president sort of outlined when he first got here – we have a Congress who seem incapable of acting on it.”

― Andy Stern

“That’s acting for you. ‘White Queen’ has English playing Welsh and vice versa.”

― Aneurin Barnard

“Not taboo – it’s just that straight actors still risk their careers commercially and economically. They have to please the crowd – they’re movie stars; their image is their industry. It goes beyond acting.”

― Ang Lee

“My culture doesn’t regard acting highly.”

― Ang Lee

“I made a naive decision, and I joined the Navy. I figured I would use the G.I. Bill to pay for any college I wanted. I dreamed of going to Julliard to study music and acting.”

― Angelica Ross

“I prefer directing to acting. There is huge freedom that comes from being behind the camera. It brings a lot of responsibilities as well but is intensely rewarding.”

― Angelina Jolie

“I have found a love for acting, but I also would like to live abroad for awhile or definitely go to college someday.”

― Angourie Rice

“I don’t really know if I want to do acting as a career. I really don’t know what I want to do yet.”

― Angus T. Jones

“I went into acting because I wanted to be seen being someone else, not me!”

― Anita Dobson

“I’ve been acting for years. I always act surprised when Marco Rubio says something stupid.”

― Ann Coulter

“My greatest acting performance was pretending to enjoy the movie ‘Selma’.”

― Ann Coulter

“It was easy for me to leave acting for school, because I wasn’t really in it as an adolescent for fulfilling reasons.”

― Anna Chlumsky

“If you think about what acting is supposed to be, my job is to disappear.”

― Anna Deavere Smith

“A lot of acting techniques are very self-oriented.”

― Anna Deavere Smith

“I never imagined being able to make money from acting – and now I can.”

― Anna Faris

“Why do we go around acting as though everything was friendship and reliability when basically everything everywhere is full of sudden hate and ugliness?”

― Anna Freud

“I still don’t really think about acting that much. I just do it.”

― Anna Paquin

“None of the characters I’ve played are really like me. That would be boring. That wouldn’t be acting.”

― Anna Paquin

“I’ve always known I wanted to go into acting, but being a very proud teenager, I wasn’t ready to admit it until I felt like it was going to be possible.”

― Annabelle Wallis

“Even though technically the fundamentals of acting are always the same in every medium, what’s different is the size.”

― Annaleigh Ashford

“You know, I love acting.”

― Anne Archer

“I’ve honestly been really lucky. My only jobs have been babysitting and acting.”

― Anne Hathaway

“I don’t do so much acting work now, as there aren’t the parts except for ‘Tango’. So if I didn’t have the cabaret work, I don’t know what I would be doing.”

― Anne Reid

“Acting is not about being famous, it’s about exploring the human soul.”

― Annette Bening

“Getting all dressed up and putting on fancy clothes – all of that’s a great thing, but oddly, it doesn’t really have a lot to do with acting most of the time.”

― Annette Bening

“To me, I didn’t think of acting as being a young thing only.”

― Annette Bening

“When I started out in the industry, I felt the need to say ‘yes’ to everything. You wanted to be an actor, so you took acting jobs.”

― Annie Murphy

“I never felt fanboyish about acting, about actors, about movies. I’m a fanboy with music.”

― Ansel Elgort

“I never really did that well in school because I was so absorbed with doing acting.”

― Ansel Elgort

“For me, acting is play. It’s just play and it’s playing make believe really, really well.”

― Anson Mount

“I went to acting school. I went to college for acting.”

― Anthony Carrigan

“Knock wood, but I started acting professionally when I was 16, and I’ve always been able to support myself since then.”

― Anthony Edwards

“The art of acting is not to act. Once you show them more, what you show them, in fact is bad acting.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“Every time I try to retire, or even think of retiring from acting, my agent comes up with a script.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“I don’t know what acting is, but I enjoy it.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“The Welsh people have a talent for acting that one does not find in the English. The English lack heart.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“If the acting don’t work out, I’ll have a future in construction.”

― Anthony Mackie

“America has always accomplished far more acting as courageous frontiersmen than weak reactionaries.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“The better side of Wall Street is when it is acting as an efficient mechanism of capital formation and capital flow, which helps businesses invest.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“Denzel’s all about the work. He’s all about the acting. He’s an actor. He’ll tell you himself, ‘I’m not a movie star, celebrity, something else. I’m an actor.’ He steps on a set, that’s what he is, and that’s what he gives you. He gives his heart.”

― Antoine Fuqua

“There’s something happening in the world that didn’t happen before. We are acting like one big brain.”

― Antonio Banderas

“I always feel that art in general and acting in particular should make the audience a little uncomfortable, to slap them and wake them up.”

― Antonio Banderas

“The whole of my acting career is a bit of a mystery to me.”

― Antony Sher

“What drew me to acting in the first place was disguise.”

― Antony Sher

“Every time I’ve crossed to a new level of film acting, the film has been a breakthrough project.”

― Anupam Kher

“Acting has always been my passion and will remain so.”

― Anushka Sharma

“It is so common in middle-class families to consider modelling and acting not serious.”

― Anushka Sharma

“I treat my acting career with a lot of respect.”

― Anushka Sharma

“Acting is really a give-and-take; it’s a dance.”

― Anya Taylor-Joy

“My areas of expertise are acting, comedy, radio jockeying.”

― Aparshakti Khurana

“In terms of acting, I’ve been acting from a very young age. I’ve always loved it and wanted to have a career in acting or something to do with it.”

― April Pearson

“After joining theatre, I started thinking that acting in films was not half as challenging as theatre.”

― Arfi Lamba

“Before acting offers came by, I dabbled in theatre under the aegis of the late thespian Dinesh Thakur. He was instrumental in honing my acting skills.”

― Arfi Lamba

“I started acting because it was essentially the way I needed to survive and equalize my inner life.”

― Ari Graynor

“I started acting when I was seven, so I’ve read my share.”

― Ari Graynor

“Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way.”

― Aristotle

“Modeling is really silent acting.”

― Arizona Muse

“I went to acting school, and I polished my dancing, but I didn’t really learn how to fight.”

― Arjun Kapoor

“Emoting songs onscreen comes naturally to me since we do emote in the studio behind the mike as well. But acting in a full-length Bollywood film is a completely different ball game.”

― Armaan Malik

“I want to be in a more natural state while doing acting.”

― Armaan Malik

“I’ll be more interested in acting only when it has to do something with who I am in real life. More like playing a singer or musician on screen like in ‘Aashiqui’ or ‘Rockstar.’”

― Armaan Malik

“Acting is a total physical, emotional sensation.”

― Armand Assante

“My dream as a youngster was to be like Olivier. To be a great stage actor. To be a great Shakespearean actor. To me that is the Olympics of acting.”

― Armand Assante

“I like acting, but I like filmmaking better. I went to film school. I want to make films.”

― Art Alexakis

“Acting’s a job. I act to fill the fridge.”

― Art Malik

“Acting must be scaled down for the screen. A drawing room is a lot smaller than a theatre auditorium.”

― Arthur Lowe

“Acting in a stage play is like working the evening shift in an office.”

― Arthur Smith

“Acting is the most demanding, painful job in the world.”

― Arthur Smith

“When you have a book as material as it is, it’s a lot easier to create a character because you have so many resources to draw upon when acting.”

― Asa Butterfield

“Acting is not my forte.”

― Asha Bhosle

“Acting is in my genes, since my father late Pandit Dinanath Mangeshkar was an actor.”

― Asha Bhosle

“If we don’t put some acting in a dance song, no one would be able to dance on it.”

― Asha Bhosle

“In Jaipur, I did almost everything from regional theatre to Shakespeare’s plays. But when I shifted to Mumbai, I joined Anupam Kher’s academy, Actor Prepares,to hone my acting skills.”

― Ashish Sharma

“I was always passionate about acting.”

― Ashish Sharma

“I come from a theater background. I studied acting at NYU and also the Groundlings in L.A.”

― Ashley Bell

“I was acting before I did music, so it is an easier transition for me in my own mindset.”

― Ashley Thomas

“I started out doing the acting, and there was always an interest in music, and then the music just took off.”

― Ashley Thomas

“I had a chance to do acting again, and, I don’t know, this has always been my plan of what I wanted to do.”

― Ashley Thomas

“I was acting for years before the band, so I would like to get into that again.”

― Ashton Irwin

“I’m acting! And doing it for income! But it’s for something that I love, and that’s super rare.”

― Ashton Sanders

“It’s going to sound cliche, but I started acting as an emotional outlet.”

― Ashton Sanders

“I love great acting, as nerdy as that sounds.”

― Aubrey Plaza

“Christ does not save us by acting a parable of divine love; he acts the parable of divine love by saving us. That is the Christian faith.”

― Austin Farrer

“I’ve watched directors since my very first day of acting because I knew I wanted to direct.”

― Austin Nichols

“I’ve been acting since I was 7, and I always knew it was what I wanted to go into.”

― Autumn Reeser

“I have only one rule in acting – trust the director and give him heart and soul.”

― Ava Gardner

“I can’t not work – I love acting.”

― Ayda Field

“Acting is a plum gig, and then animation is an even more plum gig.”

― Aziz Ansari

“Acting is always hard.”

― Bae Suzy

“Acting to me is real life – I don’t act.”

― Bai Ling

“Real acting is about giving people an insight into a person, letting the audience in.”

― Baltasar Kormakur

“When I was younger and really interested in acting, I would look at all the women on TV, and even the ones who were supposed to be ‘geeks’ or ‘less attractive,’ they all looked similar because they were extremely attractive and their bodies were all a certain way.”

― Barbie Ferreira

“I’d started going to acting classes at 14, played ‘Medea’ at 15 and really wanted to be a classical actress.”

― Barbra Streisand

“I started going to acting school when I was 14, and I would always have my own take on things.”

― Barbra Streisand

“I just want to keep acting and better my craft and see how far it goes.”

― Barkhad Abdi

“Boxing isn’t a career. Acting is it for me. But they’re both very therapeutic.”

― Barry Keoghan

“With this acting and this lifestyle, your privacy does get taken a little.”

― Barry Keoghan

“Acting is not a thing where I’m from. Finishing school is a big thing. Not a lot of people finish school.”

― Barry Keoghan

“I got involved with an acting school and studied for a couple years. They used to have improv exercises that you would work on and you would do improvs.”

― Barry Levinson

“On March 12, 2004, acting attorney general James B. Comey and the Justice Department’s top leadership reached the brink of resignation over electronic surveillance orders that they believed to be illegal.”

― Barton Gellman

“You know, acting is very fascinating. But being an actress is not, because you become so concentrated on yourself.”

― Beatrice Wood

“Acting is an uncomfortable business because you have to make yourself vulnerable.”

― Beau Garrett

“When I was probably 5 or 6, my mother put me into an acting, singing, and dancing class.”

― Beau Mirchoff

“I don’t see my dancing or acting as two separate things. I don’t define them separately, so I can’t say one has helped the other, It’s all the same thing. More than anything I love being on stage and performing.”

― Bebe Neuwirth

“I have a degree in European history, which didn’t necessarily have any direct impact on my career, but I’m grateful I studied something other than acting in college.”

― Becki Newton

“I don’t feel like I properly started acting until I did my first play, ‘Tusk, Tusk.’”

― Bel Powley

“Martyrdom was the price of enthusiasm for acting.”

― Bela Lugosi

“In Hungary, acting is a career for which one fits himself as earnestly as one studies for a degree in medicine, law, or philosophy.”

― Bela Lugosi

“In Hungary acting is a profession. In America it is a decision.”

― Bela Lugosi

“I first started stage acting at the age of four when I joined a local Stagecoach group.”

― Bella Ramsey

“Acting lets you be in a place where no one’s judging you.”

― Bella Ramsey

“Acting isn’t a side thing – you have to live and breathe it.”

― Bella Thorne

“My movies are unadorned, they’re not particularly fancy, I think they’re kind of workmanlike in some ways, focusing on the writing and the acting.”

― Ben Affleck

“The crisis in Europe has affected the U.S. economy by acting as a drag on our exports, weighing on business and consumer confidence, and pressuring U.S. financial markets and institutions.”

― Ben Bernanke

“Working with Mrs. Clarke at The Gryphon School is when I really began to think of acting as a potential career.”

― Ben Hardy

“I left acting in the summer of 1988 because I was unhappy with a lot of the irresponsibility that was going on in the entertainment industry.”

― Ben Harney

“There’s so much crap talked about acting.”

― Ben Kingsley

“I don’t honestly think people know what acting is.”

― Ben Kingsley

“I’m very in love with the fact that the camera is revolted by acting and loves behaviour.”

― Ben Kingsley

“I think if I were to go back on stage I might be in great danger of acting.”

― Ben Kingsley

“Movie magic is movie magic and acting magic is acting magic.”

― Ben Kingsley

“The thing about acting is you have to wait to be asked to the dance.”

― Ben Mendelsohn

“Fifteen years old, out in the world, acting was all I had.”

― Ben Mendelsohn

“I think there’s a lot of mythos about what’s required in acting.”

― Ben Mendelsohn

“Acting and writing are the things I like doing. I don’t like presenting that much.”

― Ben Miller

“For me personally, I’m mostly focused on writing and acting right now.”

― Ben Savage

“All those little acting rules you get, one of the interesting ones is, ‘Play the opposite. Don’t play ‘victim.’”

― Ben Schnetzer

“The failure of The Cable Guy impacted my career. I had to start writing and acting again.”

― Ben Stiller

“The thing I love most about acting is that your capacity evolves as you evolve as a human being.”

― Ben Whishaw

“I have actual acting scars.”

― Benedict Cumberbatch

“I did a lot of acting at school and university, then I went to drama school. It was quite a normal route.”

― Benedict Cumberbatch

“I’ve always approached acting from a very workmanlike perspective.”

― Benjamin Bratt

“The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing.”

― Benjamin Franklin

“Will Smith’s acting reaffirms my belief in the American perfection.”

― Bennet Omalu

“The instinct of self-preservation in human society, acting almost subconsciously, as do all drives in the human mind, is rebelling against the constantly refined methods of annihilation and against the destruction of humanity.”

― Bertha von Suttner

“Acting is a mysterious process.”

― Bertie Carvel

“I came to musical theatre from straight acting, and a lot of my friends have a real prejudice about musical theatre – one I probably shared.”

― Bertie Carvel

“Then, when I was a senior in high school, I was kind of bereft and she put me in an acting class.”

― Beth Henley

“I still don’t know what I’m going to be. I love acting. I would love to be an English teacher. I would love to be a housewife and have a chateau in the South of France, I would love to be a singer that travels to cafes around different towns.”

― Bethany Joy Lenz

“Acting should be bigger than life. Scripts should be bigger than life. It should all be bigger than life.”

― Bette Davis

“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes creation.”

― Bette Davis

“I’m not an outstanding personality, and I’m certainly no beauty. Acting ability is all I’ve got to trade on.”

― Betty Field

“I’m in the acting business. That’s the ego business.”

― Betty White

“Still, it’s tough trying to combine my acting career with my college career.”

― Beverley Mitchell

“I think personal growth has much to do with acting ability.”

― Beverly D’Angelo

“I have always had a flair for acting; maybe that’s why I enjoyed casting so much.”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“I have realised what my pitch is, and I’m in this industry for the pure reason that I love acting.”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“Yes, I am a very greedy actor. I love acting, and I want to do all kinds of roles.”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“There are a lot of projects I want to do with producing and acting outside of wrestling.”

― Big Show

“I don’t have the acting skills my daughter has.”

― Bill Buckner

“I dream of acting with Kevin Costner. I would love to do a movie with him. Not something funny, but a dramatic role.”

― Bill Engvall

“It took me a few years to realize I might want to get into acting as a profession.”

― Bill Fagerbakke

“It’s really hard to run a business against somebody who is not acting as if it were in business.”

― Bill Gurley

“When you’re performing, you’re playing to the back row. With acting, you have to be more nuanced.”

― Bill Hader

“I moved out to L.A. to be a filmmaker or director. I didn’t even think about doing comedy or even acting. I wanted to be like Paul Thomas Anderson or Wes Anderson, but I wasn’t going to a lot of comedy.”

― Bill Hader

“There’s no mystique to acting. It’s only common sense – and a bit of courage.”

― Bill Hunter

“I always feel like there are a lot of different types of favourites. There are some that I look to for interesting things, some that I look to for acting things, others that I watch again and again.”

― Bill Pullman

“I always come back to acting.”

― Bill Pullman

“There is a bearing which comes from having a little bit of something withheld. In acting classes, they always say don’t reveal 100 percent: it’s much more interesting.”

― Bill Pullman

“I started acting when I was 9.”

― Bill Skarsgard

“I went to NYU, and my parents had a rule that I needed to major in something other than acting if I wanted to pursue acting after college.”

― Billie Lourd

“When I first started acting, everyone in my family did not want me to act.”

― Billie Lourd

“I really like acting but, just now, the more I read a script I find myself thinking I’d like to direct rather than act.”

― Billy Boyd

“Acting is an expression of imagination. No firsthand knowledge is necessary.”

― Billy Crudup

“Nobody is more truthful when he’s acting than De Niro.”

― Billy Crystal

“Acting, I started when I was six and a half years-old, on Broadway with Kurt Weill.”

― Billy Dee Williams

“One of my favourite games as a child was to dress up and improvise. Acting seemed obvious.”

― Billy Howle

“Acting is something I’m extremely passionate about.”

― Bindi Irwin

“I definitely still have my hand in acting. I don’t think I would be able to walk away from it. It’s my passion.”

― Blake McIver Ewing

“Acting is really only part of my life. I’m addicted to it.”

― Blythe Danner

“It was in high school that I first became interested in acting. We put on lots of plays.”

― Blythe Danner

“Maybe subconsciously I’ve kept activism separate from acting because it’s important to me in a more profound way.”

― Blythe Danner

“Faked enthusiasm is worse than bad acting – it is bad acting with the intent to deceive.”

― Bo Bennett

“I always think that a director who knows about the technical side, but cares about the acting performances and casting as well, is ahead of the game.”

― Bob Balaban

“There is no doubt that terrorists acting under the banner of Islam have declared war on us.”

― Bob Beckel

“I was acting when I was playing baseball.”

― Bob Uecker

“I had to study acting to basically educate myself.”

― Boris Kodjoe

“Sean Penn, for his acting as well as his writing and directing. There are so many actors I respect, but his reach is so wide.”

― Boyd Holbrook

“Theater mode is a different muscle. It’s sort of the same acting muscle, but it’s extended. Instead of a sprint with movies and television, it’s a marathon.”

― Brad Leland

“I was earning a living. I was getting into more acting, then ‘Coronation Street’ came along, and it was the chance of a lifetime.”

― Bradley Walsh

“I’m good at observing people, physical stuff, which leant itself to acting.”

― Bradley Walsh

“So I think it was to Bryan’s credit that he was able to let go of some of those things because you create these scenes and you think you become creative, even I, acting things, you become very creatively taken by it.”

― Brandon Routh

“Acting meant so much to me.”

― Brendan Coyle

“Forget acting. It’s all about rock ‘n’ roll.”

― Brendan Fraser

“I fell into music, but I just needed to find the right moment to jump into acting.”

― Brendon Urie

“I’m curious what the acting world is like; I’m so foreign to it that I’d be curious to see what that’s all about.”

― Brendon Urie

“Acting is acting.”

― Brent Spiner

“When I’m not acting, I’m at the beach. I like to spend a lot of time in the water, surfing.”

― Brenton Thwaites

“My acting’s very understated. I think my sad and happy don’t play that differently onscreen.”

― Bret McKenzie

“Listening is harder than just acting. Listening is the hardest part.”

― Brett Ratner

“Film acting is so different from theatre acting, and TV is about letting things pay off and not winning every scene.”

― Brian Gleeson

“Acting is probably what I’m best at, but there are certain stories kind of rattling around in my head that I like the idea of developing over time.”

― Brian Gleeson

“I loved the idea that acting was something you could develop into slowly; something you could study.”

― Brian J. Smith

“I try not to read acting books any more, but they set a high bar for me very early on.”

― Brian J. Smith

“When I was a first year student at Julliard, I wasn’t happy, not sure about this acting thing.”

― Brian J. Smith

“When I moved to Los Angeles, I thought, ‘Whatever hits, I’ll go that direction. If it’s music, fine; if it’s acting, fine.’”

― Brian Stokes Mitchell

“There’s a lot of risk involved in acting, and you can’t take the same kind of risks when you have a kid to feed.”

― Brian Stokes Mitchell

“I discovered that acting gave me this spark, this thing. Honestly, it was a way to survive.”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“My first acting gig was a skit for Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show.’ It was this Barbie commercial where I got to pour mud all over Barbie dolls and watch the heads pop off. It was so exciting, a lot of fun.”

― Brie Larson

“As much as I love acting, I just want to be a healthy person.”

― Brie Larson

“Acting isn’t like being an athlete. There’s no real quantifiable measure. It’s just a bunch of people feeling things.”

― Brie Larson

“I was just a cheap little starlet hardly acting at all in a very mediocre film.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“Vadim changed my mind about acting. Vadim was the only man who was certain I had something special to offer.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“Acting is very similar to modeling.”

― Brigitte Nielsen

“I think what’s so attractive about acting is that you get to live several lifetimes in one.”

― Brit Marling

“I love to continue acting. It’s my passion.”

― Britt Robertson

“Anyone that has a music career and an acting career I think is pretty fantastic.”

― Brittany Murphy

“I’ve never formally trained in acting, so I’m very instinctual and visceral with decisions.”

― Brittany Murphy

“I started in television as a youngster and was 14 when I started acting professionally.”

― Brooke Nevin

“I started acting professionally at age 19.”

― Bruce Boxleitner

“In Hitchcock’s eyes the movement was dramatic, not the acting. When he wanted the audience to be moved, he moved the camera. He was a subtle human being, and he was also the best director I have ever worked with.”

― Bruce Dern

“Acting is an art form. If you are not creating something that’s unusual and informative and at least has the possibility of being illuminating, then you are not into it as an art form.”

― Bruce Glover

“I suppose I’m an obsessive reader. If I could make a living reading the books I want to read and then telling people about them, I’d pick that over acting.”

― Bruce Harwood

“Did Anthony Hopkins really have to be a serial killer to be in ‘Silence of the Lambs?,’ I don’t think so, no. It’s called acting, people.”

― Bryan Batt

“I love acting because it’s empowering. It empowers me.”

― Bryan Cranston

“What I do is not go outside. My hobby is that I write, so if I’m not acting or being a mom, I’m writing.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“I’ve always been, with acting, very hesitant to get myself into situations where I would be accused of nepotism.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“I was studying acting, going to UCLA, selling real estate on the weekends.”

― Burt Ward

“I’m a fan of making films. Whether I’m on stage or in front of a camera, one of my first loves is performing for the people. I’d like to do more acting.”

― Busta Rhymes

“I always felt like I was stupid and couldn’t get anything right unless I was singing, dancing, or acting.”

― Cailee Spaeny

“The hardest part when I decided to move into acting was trusting I’d made the right decision.”

― Caitriona Balfe

“I have been acting since I was thirteen.”

― Caleb Landry Jones

“Before I became an actress, I was a cellist. I’ve been playing since I was 14, was in a lot of bands, and acting was more of a hobby.”

― Callie Hernandez

“When you can surprise yourself, you’re truly acting.”

― Cameron Britton

“Acting – you’re taking someone else’s visions and someone else’s inspirations, and it’s up to you to portray that to everyone watching the film.”

― Cameron Dallas

“The thing about being an actor is that you’re acting. It’s not that big of a deal of to play someone different from yourself.”

― Cameron Monaghan

“The reason I got into acting was not to explore myself. I was a reader, I didn’t care about acting. I got into it in college, but I had no interest really in that, in getting up in front of anybody.”

― Campbell Scott

“Modeling is great because I don’t have lines to memorize. But I find acting much more challenging – which is a good thing!”

― Candace Kita

“I have done so much: modeling, acting, singing, the calendar, the lingerie line, and there have been times where I have wanted to give up but I went for it.”

― Caprice Bourret

“I love acting. I do it as a hobby. If I was able to have that as a career… Hopefully the fashion thing is a stepping-stone. I was so worried when I started modeling that it would hinder my chances of acting.”

― Cara Delevingne

“I like fashion, but I love, love, love music and film; they are my two passions. I would love to pursue my acting and my love of music more than anything.”

― Cara Delevingne

“When I started acting, there were parts in English that I thought I just had to try it out and go to another country. I did a film in Ireland. It was my first film abroad.”

― Carice van Houten

“When we make decisions based on factors other than the available empirical evidence, we are less than objective, which means we are no longer acting as scientists.”

― Carl Hart

“My first love was acting. I went to Sidney Poitier films as a kid. I sat in the theater and dreamed of being an actor.”

― Carl Weathers

“For me, I never, never, from the moment I started acting, had a desire to be famous.”

― Carla Gugino

“A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.”

― Carlos Castaneda

“As an actress, my ultimate goal is to create a universal experience in my acting.”

― Carlson Young

“I really knew with every fiber of my being that acting was – for lack of a better word – my calling.”

― Carly Chaikin

“I didn’t really get comfortable until I got to UCLA, and I had to take an acting course because I was studying theater arts.”

― Carol Burnett

“Acting is pretty much my whole life.”

― Carol Kane

“I started acting young, and I was a dramatic actress.”

― Carol Kane

“There’s nothing obvious or predictable in acting. That’s what it means to be in this profession.”

― Carol Kane

“I’m attached to my land in Pantelleria as if I’d inherited it. Acting is my job, Pantelleria is my home.”

― Carole Bouquet

“I remember I was so crabby in my third trimester – I got gestational diabetes because I’d been acting like I was in a one-woman pie-eating contest.”

― Caroline Rhea

“Modelling asks you to be conscious of your outer self, but with acting, you have to let that go.”

― Carrie-Anne Moss

“When I was a kid, I didn’t know Canadians could be actors. I thought just Americans could get acting jobs.”

― Carrie-Anne Moss

“Acting engenders and harbours qualities that are best left way behind in adolescence.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I grew up in Georgia, and I started acting in plays when I was like eight years old, and I always memorized everyone’s parts, not just my own, and I always memorized everyone’s blocking. Whenever anyone wasn’t there, I would always jump in. I was very hands-on.”

― Carrie Preston

“Hollywood was a detour, although my mother was an aristocrat from Tokyo who ran away to join the theatre, so acting is in my genes.”

― Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

“Most of my acting jobs have resulted in a series of mortifying revelations spread over years and years following the shoot.”

― Casey Affleck

“Because of my background in theater and radio acting, I knew that I could make a living as an actor.”

― Casey Kasem

“It was only when I realized how actors have the power to move people that I decided to pursue acting as a career.”

― Cate Blanchett

“I started acting when I was about 18. I was a model for a couple of years before that.”

― Catherine Bell

“There’s a oneness to showing yourself to an audience. They feel that. It’s healthy. That’s what acting is all about.”

― Catherine Hicks

“Acting is very personal. I don’t want to be like anybody else. There are positions I would like to be in – like Meryl Streep’s, for instance.”

― Catherine Mary Stewart

“I love acting, and ultimately all my characters are very different, and each character I love in a different way.”

― Catherine Mary Stewart

“Every time I watched my acting on ‘Dynasty,’ I cringed. Creatively, I felt stifled.”

― Catherine Oxenberg

“I did do a local musical, ‘Bubblin’ Brown Sugar.’ I played the young Sweet Georgia Brown. I was 13 years old. After that, I just decided that I had to pick one thing, acting or singing, and concentrate on that.”

― CeCe Peniston

“I am greatly impressed with the BBC’s TV adaption of Charles Dickens’ ‘Bleak House.’ The costumes, the sets, the acting and the screenplay are all superb. Every episode is riveting.”

― Cecilia Dart-Thornton

“Through acting and film, I felt that my life had a sense to it. I felt I had a mission.”

― Cecilia Roth

“I’m a bit of a fraud, really, as I didn’t study acting at a drama school.”

― Celia Imrie

“Anyone who goes on the stage is a show-off, aren’t they? Acting’s weird.”

― Celia Imrie

“I went into acting because I’m easily bored. Acting seemed to give vent to a lot of different feelings.”

― Chad Everett

“When I was younger, all I wanted to do was be a singer, and then I got into a great acting class in New York and became obsessed with that.”

― Chaley Rose

“The whole reason I do what I do, both in music and acting, is to make people feel something, to really relate to what I do on a personal level.”

― Chandler Riggs

“Acting is awesome, but I’m really, really able to express myself creatively in music.”

― Chandler Riggs

“In acting, you can’t do things for the money. You’ve got to do a project because you like it.”

― Charity Shea

“I haven’t really focused so much on getting acting work.”

― Charlene Tilton

“The danger chiefly lies in acting well; no crime’s so great as daring to excel.”

― Charles Churchill

“Dancing came easy for me. Acting came hard.”

― Charles Durning

“That place that no one knows about – horrifying things we keep secret. A lot of that is released through acting.”

― Charles Durning

“Acting is ephemeral. You can’t hang it on a wall. You can’t throw it off. And you can’t bring it out of a closet. It’s there one night and it’s gone the next, at least with stage acting anyhow.”

― Charles Durning

“I don’t miss acting. I don’t even see movies. I don’t see plays. I don’t watch television.”

― Charles Grodin

“I didn’t go to film school, I went to acting school.”

― Charles S. Dutton

“In a work capacity I’m only interested in acting and producing.”

― Charlie Hunnam

“If I have a long period of time away from acting, I tend to write.”

― Charlie Hunnam

“I studied acting at Boston University. I was in the theater department there. Somewhere in there I decided that wasn’t what I was going to do and I went to the B.F.A. film program at N.Y.U.”

― Charlie Kaufman

“When I lived in Ojai, I did community theater, and I was intrigued by acting.”

― Charlie McDowell

“One thing helps the other. My stand-up helps my writing; my writing helps my stand-up; my stand-up helps my acting. They’re all interlocked.”

― Charlie Murphy

“I didn’t go to no school for acting. I learned it all by trial and error.”

― Charlie Murphy

“I want to direct films, ultimately. Hopefully I’ll have a fantastic career in acting and then go on to do that. That’s my dream; that’s the ultimate goal.”

― Charlie Rowe

“After the ‘Golden Compass,’ I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get another acting job.”

― Charlie Rowe

“Usually in a battle sequence when a bomb is going off, you forget you’re acting.”

― Charlie Sheen

“I think substitution is a huge part of acting, but I don’t personalise my work that much.”

― Charlize Theron

“What I am doing is not acting. I am playing myself.”

― Charlotte Rampling

“I really think that effective acting has to do literally with the movement of molecules.”

― Charlotte Whitton

“What acting offered me was the chance to be many other people.”

― Charlton Heston

“I get my exercise acting as a pallbearer to my friends who exercise.”

― Chauncey Depew

“You can act, or you can’t. I’m sure a lot of people who are serious about acting would disagree, but I’m not really worried about them.”

― Chelsea Handler

“A dubbing artiste does a lot of repair work for an artiste who doesn’t naturally speak the language they are acting in.”

― Chinmayi

“For basically two years, I took acting classes and found my own stride in L.A.”

― Chloe Bennet

“If acting doesn’t work out I’d love to produce, direct, or write.”

― Chloe Grace Moretz

“Music kept me sane between acting jobs.”

― Chris Carmack

“Once I started doing stand-up, everything fell into place. That was when I started acting more; I felt like I’d found my place in the business.”

― Chris D’Elia

“I was going to be in an acting school in London, and then I promptly got thrown out of an acting school in London. Well, it wasn’t that I got thrown out as much as I was not invited back, which is the same thing, just more polite.”

― Chris Eigeman

“After my first movie was released, my wife and I went Bouley. A fantastic meal. The whole thing, getting dressed up, acting very adult-y, a lot of fun.”

― Chris Eigeman

“It was always theater for me. But part of that came out of the fact that I was always acting out as a kid. I was the kid who didn’t play well with others.”

― Chris Eigeman

“If I’m acting at all, it’s going to be under Marvel contract, or I’m going to be directing. I can’t see myself pursuing acting strictly outside of what I’m contractually obligated to do.”

― Chris Evans

“If I wasn’t acting or doing stand-up, I would be in animation. Or if I had the discipline I might studies physics.”

― Chris Hardwick

“I like talking about acting. I’m comfortable talking about acting.”

― Chris Messina

“I was in a movie called ‘Before & After’ with Meryl Streep. I was edited out of the movie, but no one told me. I think I was 18 or 19 years old. I sat across from her and asked her every question about acting. I completely embarrassed myself.”

― Chris Messina

“I jumped into acting because it was fun. It was tougher when I had to take my fun seriously.”

― Chris Noth

“’Angus’ was my first real film, but I had been acting for about 3 threes before that as well.”

― Chris Owen

“My father calls acting ‘a state of permanent retirement with short spurts of work.’”

― Chris Pine

“I still assume that, any day, I’m going to be exposed as a fraud. That, like I once heard Gene Hackman say, the acting police are going to burst in and take away my card.”

― Chris Pine

“Acting should be an end in itself.”

― Chris Sarandon

“Michael Rooker is like the Merle Haggard of the acting world. Never a dull moment.”

― Chris Sullivan

“I was singing before I started acting. As a kid, I would always perform at the big family parties.”

― Chrissie Fit

“I start from scratch with each movie; I wipe the slate and I certainly don’t rely on some bag of acting tricks I’ve amassed over the years.”

― Christian Bale

“I find what I do for a living really funny. I mean, acting is kind of a hilarious thing for a grown man to call a job.”

― Christian Bale

“Musical theater is often seen as a lesser form of acting, although I don’t see it that way.”

― Christian Borle

“Juilliard is wonderful in that they don’t pick just one way of working. They give you a palette. There is method acting. There is a lot of attention to Shakespeare and verse.”

― Christian Camargo

“I got my first acting role because I was a singer.”

― Christian Kane

“The very first show I did was ‘Fame L.A.’ Everyone had talent… it was either dancing or acting or something like that. I was a singer, so I got my first role.”

― Christian Kane

“It is an accepted commonplace in psychology that the spiritual level of people acting as a crowd is far lower than the mean of each individual’s intelligence or morality.”

― Christian Lous Lange

“Do I have any potential as an actor? I don’t know. I’m still wondering. But acting has kind of taken over.”

― Christian McKay

“Originally I studied as a musician, a classical pianist. That was my career before I took up acting in my late 20s.”

― Christian McKay

“I moved here to California when I was 13 to pursue my acting career.”

― Christina Milian

“My father’s in the military, so we moved a lot. I was born in Jersey but grew up in Maryland until we moved to L.A. to pursue my acting career. Music came into it after that.”

― Christina Milian

“I was in musical theater when I first started, so there was always both acting and singing. But as far as getting a record deal, that took time. The majority of that time, I was acting.”

― Christina Milian

“From singing to acting to songwriting to mom to fashion designer! It’s been quite an evolution.”

― Christina Milian

“Everything, I think, about acting is based on imagination.”

― Christina Ricci

“When I’m acting in a film that I’m not producing, I stay to myself.”

― Christina Ricci

“Acting is like a high wire act. Your margin for error is very slim.”

― Christine Baranski

“I have been accused of acting out of partisan political motives.”

― Christine Blasey Ford

“There’s a Zen to acting, by being in the moment. That’s where the power is.”

― Christine Ebersole

“In 1998, the acting roles suddenly bottomed out. I was no longer getting scripts; even my agent stopped calling. When I finally got him on the phone to ask him what was going on, he paused, then said: ‘Well, Christine, you’re 45.’ I got rid of him.”

― Christine Ebersole

“If I could wave a magic wand and be anything, I’d be a really respected, really successful author. That’s a hard combination to get, though. I really enjoy acting, and it’s easier, frankly.”

― Christine Elise

“I am an actress and acting is my passion… period!”

― Christine Lahti

“When I was first starting out, if you were acting on television, it was a real stigma.”

― Christine Lahti

“You know, I don’t support esoteric approaches to acting.”

― Christoph Waltz

“For a while, I couldn’t decide whether or not I should pursue singing in the opera or acting. And I’m glad that I chose the latter because I wasn’t a very good singer.”

― Christoph Waltz

“Since I also act, sometimes I get over my resentment and commit to the pitch as an acting job.”

― Christopher Durang

“I love acting and really taking on another person, another life.”

― Christopher Gorham

“I’m not done with acting but do find my hands full with my current responsibilities. Soon, sometime soon.”

― Christopher Knight

“I grew up near New York, and there were a lot of summer stock theaters in the area. I started an apprenticing with some of the theaters. Not really acting in them – I did everything else: everything but act.”

― Christopher Lloyd

“I have three brothers and a sister. One older and three younger. My oldest brother Danny plays Hyde on ‘That ’70s Show,’ and my younger brother Jordan and my sister Allanah act as well, so we’re a bit of an acting family.”

― Christopher Masterson

“I didn’t get into acting to be a public service announcer or an advocate and yet, by virtue of this show and how we handle the subject matter that we’ve been given, that’s kind of how it’s evolved in certain ways.”

― Christopher Meloni

“’Superbad’ was my first movie, but I’ve been acting since I was seven.”

― Christopher Mintz-Plasse

“Acting and recording an album at the same time, that’s not my sport. I could write a movie when my attention was paid to that. But I’m good at one thing at a time.”

― Chuck Inglish

“Opponents criticize Trump for not acting presidential enough; all the while, Obama created and perpetuates the presidential code to demean, disdain and diminish others in light of esteeming himself.”

― Chuck Norris

“I have always enjoyed performing, but I think when I was in the fifth grade was when I discovered that I really loved acting.”

― Cindy Busby

“What I learned about acting is that you become the character, like I became ‘Timothy Green.’”

― CJ Adams

“When I was in college, the first thing we did in acting class was to observe an animal at the zoo and become that animal. So I picked a wallaby.”

― Claire Coffee

“Acting is the greatest answer to my loneliness that I have found.”

― Claire Danes

“When you really get it right in acting, it’s an act of empathy. You feel less distant from others, and that is really exciting.”

― Claire Danes

“Acting is a humiliating job, from start to finish.”

― Claire Danes

“I guess I stopped acting when I was 18 and didn’t pick it up again until I was 21. That wasn’t the plan, though. When I first started at Yale, the plan was to do a movie each summer.”

― Claire Danes

“I just think, in every acting choice that you make, you’ve got to go for the least obvious choice.”

― Claire Foy

“Acting is a whole boatload of fun, but I prefer to do it on my own terms.”

― Clara Mamet

“I’m always in the market for my acting.”

― Clarence Clemons

“When there wasn’t a lot of work, I wrote a screenplay, ‘What Lies Beneath,’ which got noticed and got me more acting jobs. As I got more jobs, I was able to make my own films. That ethos of making my own work has provided me with a lot of opportunities.”

― Clark Gregg

“Actually ninety-nine percent of my acting has nothing to do sci-fi or fantasy, I consider it a good part of my acting, and enjoy the roles I play.”

― Claudia Christian

“Anything I learned about the fine art of acting I learned from Hugo.”

― Cleo Moore

“We made one film called Thy Neighbor’s Wife in which I got flogged at the public whipping post for adultery. I did my best acting in that film, I guess.”

― Cleo Moore

“For me really good acting is about subtext.”

― Clive Owen

“I think there is a lot of overexplaining both in writing and acting. People don’t need to be hit on the head.”

― Clive Owen

“I hope to be acting until I am 90.”

― Clive Standen

“Acting-wise, I think I did well in ‘Kinatay.’ It wasn’t talkie, and the acting was intense.”

― Coco Martin

“Good acting is good acting, whether it’s on stage, on TV, or in films.”

― Cody Fern

“Acting was just outside of the realm of possibility for me. I grew up in L.A. and around Hollywood but I literally never, honestly, considered it.”

― Cody Horn

“My background with acting is deeply interwoven with my family life and my childhood. It’s a ‘Peter Pan’-like narrative, something that was golden but could also be a bit dubious.”

― Cole Sprouse

“Acting requires a great amount of empathy for real lived human experiences.”

― Cole Sprouse

“I took a break from acting for a little bit, came back, and didn’t know how it was going to be, but I had so much fun. I really had, like, a reinvention, a renewal.”

― Cole Sprouse

“I was having a dilemma whether I wanted to return to acting at all because I was coming from this sort of agency-less childhood career, and I’d never made the choice to go into acting.”

― Cole Sprouse

“Being on set is the thing I love the most, and a lot of the things that come alongside acting and entertainment are the things I despise, to be quite honest.”

― Cole Sprouse

“I sort of fell into acting.”

― Colin Donnell

“It’s weird to be recognised anywhere. The cost of living your dream, acting, is being recognised.”

― Colin Morgan

“Acting means nothing unless it’s truth. And honesty.”

― Colm Wilkinson

“I grew up in West Philly, and I took an acting class at Temple University there. Then, after school, I moved to San Francisco.”

― Colman Domingo

“I don’t know how I could have an acting career with this.”

― Connie Sellecca

“I didn’t start acting until after undergrad!”

― Conrad Ricamora

“At one point, I quit acting for a little bit to study psycholinguistics – somewhat a more practical career. It just didn’t feel right.”

― Constance Wu

“For as long as I can remember, my acting crush has been Meryl Streep.”

― Constance Zimmer

“Acting is all about timing. I mean, who has better timing than the MCs?”

― Coolio

“I’m very much looking forward to my 30-40 years of acting, and, as I get older, I’m really looking forward to some of the roles that are out there to play.”

― Corbin Bernsen

“My acting career began at age three and my parents got me into it. I was in a McDonald’s commercial.”

― Corey Feldman

“In LA, too many people want to go the quickest route from A to B. Method acting offers them that.”

― Corin Nemec

“I think acting and psychology are both looking at what makes human beings tick. I’ve always found that fascinating.”

― Courtney Gains

“Acting was my first love before music.”

― Crystal Bowersox

“Acting, producing, writing, directing – it’s all part of something that I believe I was born to be part of.”

― Crystal Lowe

“I think there’s something to be said for being physical in acting.”

― Crystal Reed

“I started working on stage as a dancer when I was four; by 14 or 15, I knew I wanted to study the craft of acting.”

― Cush Jumbo

“Acting is the most brotherly and sisterly profession in the world.”

― Cyril Cusack

“My sister Kathleen – one year older – was the school’s acting legend. Her thing was getting all the parts, even Tiresias. And I wasn’t going to mess with that.”

― D. B. Sweeney

“Now supposing I had the part of a young woman to give out, one that wanted some excellent acting. If I were to go to the stage for my actress I would have to take a matured woman, one who would act splendidly, but who would look too old for the requirements.”

― D. W. Griffith

“But it is a hard, it’s a hard profession teaching acting.”

― Dabney Coleman

“I have a theory about that, if you have to say something, if you have encourage for one second a prospective acting student – he should not go in to acting.”

― Dabney Coleman

“I think that you get something for your acting from almost anything you do.”

― Dabney Coleman

“Acting is my interest, but it opens up avenues.”

― Dacre Montgomery

“In terms of my actual acting, I don’t really like to to copy anyone or replicate anything that I’ve seen.”

― Dacre Montgomery

“I sort of got fooled into acting, actually. I never intended to do it.”

― Dakin Matthews

“The hardest part of acting is not when I’m acting, It’s when I’m not.”

― Dakota Goyo

“I want to keep acting. I’ll be acting probably until I get a lot older.”

― Dakota Goyo

“Of course, when I say that human nature is gentleness, it is not 100 percent so. Every human being has that nature, but there are many people acting against their nature, being false.”

― Dalai Lama

“I was way behind in my maturity. I was a 30-year-old acting like a 23-year-old. So when I was 21, I was probably acting like a 15-year-old.”

― Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“I want to make a clear distinction between people who take acting seriously and people who call themselves actors because they’ve been on reality TV or something.”

― Damian Lewis

“Acting can be a narrow and isolated experience, because you only examine your particular part.”

― Damian Lewis

“Got a degree in acting and actually double majored in musical theatre. And then I came straight to New York and started working.”

― Dan Amboyer

“When I’m not acting, I’m writing, building an inventory of scripts. Even if they sit on the shelf, I just keep stacking them up.”

― Dan Aykroyd

“I’ve made a kind of pact with myself where I said, It doesn’t matter what it is as long as I’m acting.”

― Dan Castellaneta

“It’s the weirdest thing. When you go into acting, you expect to be a huge star and to be recognized… It did happen, but not in the way you expect it to… In L.A., I’m just another character actor.”

― Dan Castellaneta

“Very few ideas are better than Catherine O’Hara’s ideas when it comes to acting.”

― Dan Levy

“John Goodman is like the Jackie Chan of acting. Any prop that you put in front of him, he’s going to take advantage of it in some peculiar way.”

― Dan Trachtenberg

“I’ve done a little directing, but I love acting more.”

― Danica McKellar

“Acting is my first love, and that’s my main career, it really is.”

― Danica McKellar

“I was born in San Diego, and we moved to Los Angeles when I was seven. A couple of years later, I started acting!”

― Danica McKellar

“I fell in love with acting. I thought, ‘This is what I want to do.’”

― Daniel Breaker

“Periodically over the years I’ve always taken periods of time away from acting.”

― Daniel Day-Lewis

“The number one rule of comedy acting is ‘don’t try to be funny.’ Act as seriously as possible.”

― Daniel J. Goor

“I haven’t given up on acting, but I’ve gone away from it for a while to concentrate on myself and the fans of ‘Star Wars.’”

― Daniel Logan

“The correct strategy in heads-up poker is based on identifying and acting upon your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.”

― Daniel Negreanu

“Dane DeHaan, certainly, is kind of the best friend I’ve made through acting, in terms of another actor. He’s fantastic.”

― Daniel Radcliffe

“After working on ‘Europa,’ I found it incredibly freeing to speak English in a film, so it kind of sparked an interest in me as an artist to improve my acting.”

― Daniel Wu

“My main goal, when I started acting, was to show as much versatility as possible because I like playing diverse roles.”

― Daniela Ruah

“Acting with your mom? It’s not something you get to do very often.”

― Daniela Ruah

“Growing up, I wasn’t sure about acting, but I knew I wanted to be part of the movie industry.”

― Daniella Alonso

“It wasn’t until I saw ‘The Color Purple’ on Broadway when I was 15 that I really solidified acting is what I want to do professionally.”

― Danielle Brooks

“If I weren’t acting, I’d study journalism because I love to write.”

― Danielle Campbell

“I kind of fell into acting.”

― Danielle Campbell

“I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and I started doing acting classes when I was in eighth grade.”

― Danielle Macdonald

“I love acting, and I’m going to continue doing that.”

― Danielle Macdonald

“I love to cook; I love to bake. It’s, like, my favorite thing besides acting.”

― Danielle Rose Russell

“Kylie and I were both taking piano lessons at the time and didn’t think of acting. A friend rang mum up and said, ‘How about bringing Kylie and Danielle in because they might be right for the part?’”

― Dannii Minogue

“I started as a director and just fell upon acting.”

― Danny Huston

“If I could make millions of dollars being a softball player, I would quit acting in a second.”

― Danny Masterson

“I was modeling since I was four and acting in commercials since I was five – this was when I was in New York. I then moved to LA when I was 16… but before that I had done a play on Broadway.”

― Danny Masterson

“Sometimes I wonder if I would’ve been more successful if I wasn’t acting and I concentrated on other things. But I love being on set. I love working with my 100 crew members.”

― Danny Masterson

“I text with my dad during every ‘Scandal’ episode. We talk story lines, acting, and fashion.”

― Darby Stanchfield

“Acting has always been my passion.”

― Dascha Polanco

“I think that the reason I became an actor, probably, underneath it, was that I spent my life acting normal.”

― Dash Mihok

“When I’m acting and I have to remember my lines and put my mind in concert with my body, I don’t tic.”

― Dash Mihok

“I think acting is therapeutic for me.”

― Dash Mihok

“The greatest acting really is spoken without words, or at least I like to think that.”

― Dash Mihok

“Honestly, I don’t aspire to be a huge movie star. I really just fell in love with acting… Everything I do on-screen is very subtle.”

― Dave Bautista

“’Smallville’ gig was another one of those things I got through WWE. At that point, I had absolutely no aspirations to pursue acting.”

― Dave Bautista

“Acting is about finding truth and finding the way to convey the truth.”

― Daveed Diggs

“I started acting at the University of Michigan in my sophomore year.”

― David Alan Grier

“I’ve always been passionate about acting. I haven’t been passionate about being famous.”

― David Alpay

“There is a growing frustration that the EU is seen as something that is done to people rather than acting on their behalf. And this is being intensified by the very solutions required to resolve the economic problems.”

― David Cameron

“I studied music formally. I was probably less formal about my study of acting than anything.”

― David Carradine

“I’m suspicious of the idea of architects acting like business executives, brand managers, or purveyors of luxury goods.”

― David Chipperfield

“I moved to New York in ’92 and got my graduate degree in acting from NYU – they have a great acting program. I graduated in ’95.”

― David Costabile

“One of the nice things about acting is that it allows you to open up to the other people within you.”

― David Duchovny

“I feel like I came to acting late in a way.”

― David Duchovny

“I mean, there’s chemistry in life and there’s acting chemistry. I’m not saying they’re the same thing, but they’re as mysterious.”

― David Duchovny

“I have recently started acting lessons in south France, and I intend to commence acting lessons at Rada.”

― David Ginola

“I stopped acting Romeo and just became Romeo.”

― David Hallberg

“If acting has any meaning, it is so that we can have greater empathy for other people.”

― David Harbour

“I do enjoy acting, but it is such a game. So for that reason, I don’t think I’ll ever leave London.”

― David Harewood

“’12 Angry Men’ has a truly great collection of actors giving fantastic performances. It’s an acting masterclass.”

― David Harewood

“Let’s just say I like acting, but not necessarily all the stuff that comes with it.”

― David Harewood

“I want to have the same success in my acting career as I did in my boxing career.”

― David Haye

“I quite like being mobbed. After all, it is extremely nice to be recognised. That’s what acting is all about – being recognised.”

― David Hemmings

“I was a very shy sort of person, and by acting different characters, I could immerse myself and make them do what, perhaps, I wouldn’t do.”

― David Jason

“I got a chance to act, and I have to say that acting is extremely fun and vital.”

― David Labrava

“Acting truly is a love of mine.”

― David Lambert

“I’ve moved into directing as well as acting, and it has taught me never to take casting personally.”

― David Morrissey

“When I discovered acting, I decided that’s what I wanted to do above everything else. It was the first time I was passionate about anything.”

― David Morrissey

“By the time I could have played football, I was already into acting and that’s what I wanted to do.”

― David Morse

“I’m acting for the pleasure of it.”

― David Morse

“With Sean Penn, he wants to be surprised. He doesn’t necessarily want what he’s written, although we’ll do what he’s written. He likes the danger of acting.”

― David Morse

“We lived and breathed acting.”

― David Naughton

“I’m one of a generation brought up on television whose acting is more ‘naturalistic’, whereas with some of the older generation it’s more heightened. But I think there’s room for both styles.”

― David Oyelowo

“My writing was liberated once I abandoned acting.”

― David Rabe

“I was going to say that writing is about disclosure and acting is about obfuscation, but that’s such a little lie. Both of them are about obfuscation and masking oneself.”

― David Rakoff

“I kind of drifted into acting through a series of coincidences.”

― David Thewlis

“I had grown up in a toy shop in Blackpool and then moved to London to do an acting course.”

― David Thewlis

“That’s what I like about acting. You don’t know where you’ll be in year.”

― David Walton

“I know that some actors take acting terribly seriously. I take it seriously in that if someone pays me to do it I know I have to deliver.”

― David Warner

“The Monkees changed my life but ruined my acting career.”

― Davy Jones

“Acting is my first love.”

― Dawn Wells

“Acting is a talent, but I like to see the whole picture.”

― D’Brickashaw Ferguson

“I might be the only guy in WWE who isn’t acting ever.”

― Dean Ambrose

“Acting and singing are integrally locked together.”

― Dean Butler

“Acting with Denzel is like playing tennis with someone that’s better than you. You either play better tennis or get blown off the court.”

― Dean Cain

“My bag is acting or getting into an amusing situation and then sharing my amusement.”

― Dean Jones

“I never had trouble getting an agent. I went out and got my first couple roles, and literally within six months I never had to have another job other than acting.”

― Dean Norris

“I want in 40 years to still be acting and to more than anything have longevity and not just be this huge flash in the pan and then disappear.”

― Debby Ryan

“I remember going to acting class, so certain that no one’s ever going to know my name.”

― Debby Ryan

“More than anything, acting helped me discover who I’m not. I’ve learned that I’m a girly girl, but not a prissy girl.”

― Debby Ryan

“T.V. acting is a great skill to have, and it’s nice to have that stability.”

― Debby Ryan

“I was born and raised in Queens and moved into the city as a young adult. Then I ended up acting and decided to run off to California.”

― Debi Mazar

“Acting is somewhat mysteriously taught. There are so many different methods and systems and processes for teaching acting because it will always be an elusive art-form.”

― Deborah Ann Woll

“I got my B.F.A. at Wayne State. Moved to L.A. and got my M.F.A. from Cal Arts in acting and just worked hard.”

― Deborah Joy Winans

“I love acting since I was little girl. I went to school for it; that’s all I worked on. That’s all I prepared for.”

― Deborah Joy Winans

“Acting and performing is part of who I am.”

― Debra Stephenson

“There is a class system in acting just like in anything else. Black females fall in a category below black male actors.”

― Debra Wilson

“Bad acting is the ultimate inconsideration.”

― Debra Winger

“Acting is very much an all-or-nothing job.”

― Deirdre O’Kane

“It wasn’t that I left acting; it’s just that I put it aside while I set about becoming a comic.”

― Deirdre O’Kane

“I don’t discriminate against straight or gay people in casting; I’m open to good acting.”

― Del Shores

“I tell stories, and I do it through writing, through acting, through my stand-up, and through directing. All the hats I wear – producing as well – ultimately, I am a storyteller.”

― Del Shores

“I definitely want to keep acting now. I’ve got all kinds of projects I want to do.”

― Demetrius Shipp, Jr.

“I don’t have a huge acting background at all.”

― Demetrius Shipp, Jr.

“Acting opened me up.”

― Demetrius Shipp, Jr.

“I entered this career having no background or connection to acting.”

― Demi Moore

“I wanted to give my actor a break. I wanted to live and to learn English. I wanted to be anything, a cabdriver, a busboy, anything to keep me away from acting for a while.”

― Demian Bichir

“There’s no doubt that I owe a lot to my training of stage acting.”

― Denis Lavant

“I studied acting in school and then, of course, couldn’t get an acting job.”

― Denis Leary

“Sometimes ‘great acting’ is just showing off – chewing up scenery and dialogue and other actors – the equivalent of a theatrical sugar rush.”

― Denis Leary

“Especially when it comes to something like the awards, I find it kind of baffling that ‘True Blood’ has been snubbed so many times given the incredible range of acting they have on there; I mean, incredible storytelling and the incredible production values.”

― Denis O’Hare

“Acting had become something I did and did well – but didn’t particularly enjoy.”

― Dennis Christopher

“There’s a whole catalogue of actors that never went to acting school.”

― Dennis Farina

“I think my high-school acting career lasted a day.”

― Dennis Farina

“Acting is just a way of making a living, the family is life.”

― Denzel Washington

“One good thing about acting in film is that it’s good therapy.”

― Denzel Washington

“You don’t know when you’re being watched. That’s one of the weird things about celebrity. It’s my least favorite part of acting, celebrity.”

― Denzel Washington

“I like talking. I like acting.”

― Denzel Washington

“As an actor, if you were to simplify what acting really is, it’s about letting go.”

― Derek Magyar

“I was the leading star in 1945. I slowed down my pace of acting assignments after I came into direction.”

― Dev Anand

“Everything motivates me to do my work. Has anyone seen me in any commercial or in anything that is not related to the films? No, because filmmaking and acting is my only work.”

― Dev Anand

“My favorite way of getting out of doing chores is by acting like I’m asleep. But it never works.”

― Devon Werkheiser

“I took up acting upon the insistence of my filmmaker father, Kasthuri Raja. But I am glad for it: sometimes one identifies one’s calling; sometimes it singles one out.”

― Dhanush

“I don’t mind acting in Hindi films, but the script has to suit me. It has to be a boy-next-door role because that’s the image I have in Tamil cinema.”

― Dhanush

“Acting while I’m singing just kind of happened because I’m a hambone at heart, I guess. And I’m a Gemini – I’ve got several personalities to access as an actor.”

― Diana DeGarmo

“You see, I’ve never really studied acting.”

― Diana Ross

“A lot of what I do outside acting is really just for me.”

― Diana Silvers

“Obviously, modeling and acting are very different. With acting, there’s just so much more to explore on an intellectual, emotional, and physical level, especially with ‘Ma.’”

― Diana Silvers

“My father said, If you want to do acting, you have to be successful, which is a silly thing to say.”

― Diane Cilento

“Yeah, to me, acting is very therapeutic. I get out a lot of anger and frustration.”

― Diane Kruger

“I do paint, and I wanted to actually be a painter. Sometimes I’ll whip out paints. It’s tough to find the motivation, but it’s also a solitary, lonely occupation. What I like about acting is that it is such a collaborative thing.”

― Dichen Lachman

“Acting is therapy. It keeps you in contact with your feelings.”

― Diego Luna

“Acting is about communicating, reacting, and sharing – and friendship is about all of those things, too.”

― Diego Luna

“Though acting offers would keep coming and going, and I would pick up only the ones that I find good, my hands are literally full with candles… I can’t think beyond them.”

― Dimple Kapadia

“It’s really so depressing to be still listed in the Social Register after all the acting I’ve done.”

― Dina Merrill

“I started acting as a way to support myself.”

― Dinah Manoff

“While making Genevieve, I learned there could be a lot more to a film than just acting in it.”

― Dinah Sheridan

“I got the opportunity, and I grabbed it, and slowly, I started finding a lot of interest in acting.”

― Disha Patani

“Modelling is completely different from acting. They are two skills that you can’t compare.”

― Disha Patani

“For me, acting is an art.”

― Disha Patani

“It was when I was on stage that I realized that acting could be such a brilliant job.”

― Domhnall Gleeson

“I’ve been interested in the writing/directing thing and really fell into acting by complete accident.”

― Domhnall Gleeson

“The whole idea with acting is that you take some risks. And if you take some risks, you’re really going to mess up sometimes. But it’s not OK to mess up a movie; it’s not OK to do that just so you can improve as an actor. But film-making takes a little bit of risk in every department.”

― Domhnall Gleeson

“One of the exciting and enjoyable aspects of acting is being in the environment with another actor.”

― Dominic Cooper

“Television is face acting, and film is eye acting.”

― Dominic Monaghan

“I love acting. I take it day by day. I would really love to produce my own stuff and other stuff.”

― Dominik Garcia-Lorido

“When I’m onstage, I’m acting.”

― Don Rickles

“But no, I love acting, it’s a wonderful job.”

― Donald Sutherland

“I don’t think I have one iota of cynicism about acting.”

― Donald Sutherland

“I enjoy politics, but if I had a third career – and I’ve had multiple careers – my third act would be acting.”

― Donna Brazile

“A lot of people don’t realize, when you are acting in a martial arts film, you’re not just performing martial arts. You’re not just performing martial arts. You’re actually acting as much as any other actor.”

― Donnie Yen

“Before my acting took off, I drove a truck for an inventory company throughout the northeast, but my favorite non-acting job was working in the box office at the Public Theater.”

― Dorian Missick

“For a time, I really thought acting was just impersonating. But impersonation is just big brush strokes, really. What makes acting different is empathy.”

― Douglas Hodge

“In England, I’ve had a more balanced career directing and acting. It can be quite difficult to juggle the two careers.”

― Douglas Hodge

“Method acting is a label I don’t really understand, because there’s a method to everybody’s acting.”

― Dougray Scott

“I don’t like acting things; I like feeling things.”

― Dougray Scott

“You couldn’t take football away from me, you couldn’t take acting away from me.”

― Dougray Scott

“Singing has been a passion of mine, equal to or greater than acting, ever since I was very small.”

― Dove Cameron

“When I’m acting, I just come up with people I’ve known, and I stick with it.”

― Dove Cameron

“I would love to do Broadway. That was my original aim, when I first started acting when I was 13. I wanted to do stage; I wanted to do musicals.”

― Dove Cameron

“I’d really like to do a movie, either as a producer or director. My ultimate fantasy would be to direct a movie and produce the entire soundtrack. I don’t really see myself acting.”

― Dr. Dre

“I love acting, but music is so much more rewarding because it’s more personal.”

― Drake Bell

“Music and acting kind of all goes together.”

― Drake Bell

“Going back to Georgiana Drew and John Drew, and my great-grandfather Maurice Barrymore, and it was such a sort of circus of odd, interesting people that loved acting.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I was shying away from acting for the longest time – because of having such big shoes to fill.”

― Dulquer Salmaan

“You can’t learn acting through any classes.”

― Dulquer Salmaan

“I don’t want to do acting as a chore or a job.”

― Dulquer Salmaan

“Growing up, I was on film sets occasionally, when my dad was acting, so I got to run around and do odd jobs on films like ‘Labyrinth’ and others… I seemed destined to make films.”

― Duncan Jones

“I think I was about 18 before I decided I wanted to pursue acting. I went to drama school in Western Australia when I was 19.”

― Dustin Clare

“I enjoyed working with Stephen Merchant. He was wonderful. I’ve been such a big fan of his acting.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“The thing I like a lot about acting is I’ll never learn enough. I’ll never know it inside and out.”

― Dylan O’Brien

“I just happened to step into acting. And now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.”

― Dylan O’Brien

“Yeah, I’ve only been acting since I was 18 out of high school.”

― Dylan O’Brien

“The thing is, it was never a decision for me to never return to acting.”

― Dylan Sprouse

“It is indeed hard for the strong to be just to the weak, but acting justly always has its rewards.”

― Eamon de Valera

“If you can’t get an acting job, then go backstage. Or take tickets.”

― Ed Asner

“I went into acting as psychotherapy, and it’s still a work in progress.”

― Ed Asner

“They say making laws is like making sausages. You shouldn’t watch. It’s the same for acting, especially for the actor who works unconsciously.”

― Ed Asner

“I love acting.”

― Ed Asner

“One of the first things I learned about acting was, the only person you compete against is yourself.”

― Ed Harris

“I had done some acting in high school. I was terrible.”

― Ed O’Neill

“Baking is my pastime. I just love creating things. But it’s not what I want to do for a living. Acting is what I want to do.”

― Ed Oxenbould

“I’m mad creative for acting.”

― Ed Skrein

“I don’t think I’m proud of anything in acting.”

― Eddie Albert

“I mean, sometimes… a comedian becomes an actor, and they just don’t deliver, because the bottom line of comedy is to be funny, and the bottom line of acting is to be truthful, and they get that mixed up sometimes, or don’t even notice that that’s the thing.”

― Eddie Izzard

“The trick to acting is not to show off, it’s to think the thoughts of the character.”

― Eddie Marsan

“I wasn’t one of the ones voted most likely to succeed when I was at drama school, but I persevered and concentrated on the acting rather than going to the right parties and getting the right agent. Eventually, after ten years, it paid off.”

― Eddie Marsan

“If I do a film and have to get naked, that tends to dictate how often I go to the gym. Acting in ‘Richard II’ on stage was a huge physical workout, so I ended up more toned than I normally am.”

― Eddie Redmayne

“It can be a miserable profession, acting, because you always want what you can’t have.”

― Eddie Redmayne

“Once the second season of ‘Haven’ rolled around, I really started to attack this acting thing and finally admitted, ‘OK, I’m an actor now. This is what I’m doing. This is my new career.’”

― Edge

“Obviously, being WWE Champion was my main goal in life, but when I started acting, the main thing I wanted to do was play a superhero or supervillain.”

― Edge

“I think that different actors go about their preparation differently, but when it comes to acting, I use my imagination.”

― Edi Gathegi

“I was able to support myself by acting alone about six years ago. Until then, I was just scraping by.”

― Edie Falco

“I wanted to act; that was my one goal. I wanted to devote all my time to acting and not waitressing or anything else.”

― Edie Falco

“Acting isn’t a singular profession, it is a collaborate profession.”

― Edie McClurg

“No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”

― Edmund Burke

“Over the years, I have worked professionally as a musician, photographer, and writer. I’ve been able to earn my living in other ways, but I always knew I’d come back to acting.”

― Edward Albert

“I was a kid who went to film school and fell into acting.”

― Edward Burns

“When I was a kid, the idea of why I wanted acting to be the thing I do for the rest of my life was different. It was, Oh yeah, I’ll get girls and be famous.”

― Edward Furlong

“And I’ve been acting for 39 years, so I define characters differently than I did in say Miami Vice.”

― Edward James Olmos

“There’s a lot of romanticisation of the intuitive actor and method acting and all kinds of notions about getting inside a character and coming out from there.”

― Edward Norton

“Israel is much more effective when the Israelis are convinced that we are on the moral high ground: that we are acting not just out of might, but also out of right.”

― Ehud Barak

“People assume I’m posh because I’m one of the acting dames. I grew up in Tottenham and didn’t used to speak like I do now.”

― Eileen Atkins

“Acting doesn’t bring anything to a text. On the contrary, it detracts from it.”

― Elaine Dundy

“I don’t have a great talent for explaining myself in acting because I can’t explain it.”

― Elaine Stritch

“I’m a good acting partner for me… when I don’t have anyone else, I do really well!”

― Elaine Stritch

“I’ve been acting a long time. I’ve been a member of SAG since 1982.”

― Elden Henson

“I’ve never been fired from an acting job.”

― Elden Henson

“At the age of 15 I began my singing lessons, and once I became a professional performer, I dove into acting.”

― Elena Roger

“The big secret in acting is listening to people.”

― Eli Wallach

“I’ve never lost my appetite for acting; it’s innovative and challenging.”

― Eli Wallach

“I never lost my appetite for acting.”

― Eli Wallach

“Everyone thinks acting is easy. It’s far from easy, but it’s the most gratifying thing I do.”

― Eli Wallach

“Acting… was the biggest charge I ever had. What other artist has it so good? Approval so quick?”

― Elia Kazan

“Very often the Group actor is a critic when he’s acting and an actor when he’s criticizing.”

― Elia Kazan

“Stylized acting and direction is to realistic acting and direction as poetry is to prose.”

― Elia Kazan

“The only thing I like about being an actress is acting.”

― Elizabeth Ashley

“My acting gives me my self-worth.”

― Elizabeth Banks

“I grew up learning ballet, and then I took up contemporary as I got older. I probably thought I was going to be a ballet dancer when I was younger, but at a certain age, I really was more interested in acting.”

― Elizabeth Debicki

“Dancing gives an innate physical awareness – it’s physical training. Acting feels like the same medium but just with words.”

― Elizabeth Debicki

“I’ve found acting on stage much more challenging than on screen.”

― Elizabeth McGovern

“And I’ve been taking acting classes since I was 7.”

― Elizabeth Olsen

“I find acting conservatories really important. I’ve gone to four different ones, and all of them provided totally different tools for me.”

― Elizabeth Olsen

“With acting, you might have a month of very intense work, but you’ve got a lot of downtime as well.”

― Elize Du Toit

“I’m very fortunate that I really like acting, but it’s not all I want to do. I love to sing. I love blues. I love jazz.”

― Ella Purnell

“What I use when I’m acting comes from what I learn about myself.”

― Ella Purnell

“I like acting; I like being lost in the creative process.”

― Ellar Coltrane

“I sort of make believe. That’s why I like acting. You can create or imagine anything.”

― Elle Fanning

“Acting and modeling have nothing to do with each other.”

― Elle Macpherson

“Acting is a matter of giving away secrets.”

― Ellen Barkin

“Acting is very physical, even when it doesn’t appear to be. It’s about the arc of your body’s language through a film.”

― Ellen Page

“Acting can be an amazingly cathartic thing – especially for young girls.”

― Ellen Pompeo

“Vary the pace… is one of the foundations of all good acting.”

― Ellen Terry

“I am not intimidated by puerile boys acting like pre-teens.”

― Ellen Ullman

“I just want to keep being creative, and I want to feel inspired by a role, and I want to keep acting.”

― Ellen Wong

“Acting, for me, was therapeutic. It was a way of expressing yourself.”

― Ellie Bamber

“In an ideal world, I’d like to carry on acting, but I don’t want it to interfere with my studies.”

― Ellie Kendrick

“The ultimate goal is to change Syria’s behaviour on a variety of issues – on its interference in Lebanese internal affairs, on its support for Palestinian terrorist groups that oppose the Palestinian Authority, on, most importantly, acting as a land bridge between Iran and Hezbollah, where Hezbollah gets all its arms.”

― Elliott Abrams

“I think acting is a work of imagination.”

― Elodie Yung

“We can list a bunch of actors who have embodied characters that aren’t their nationalities, and I think that’s the beauty of acting.”

― Elodie Yung

“Natalie Portman’s approach to acting demands that she wears her heart on her sleeve so explicitly, the heart becomes the whole garment – a crimson chemise with streaks of blue veins running across it.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“Stewart’s interest in serious acting gives her something in common with Theron – and, like Theron, some of her most provocative work has come through working with women.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“All of the press and stuff – that’s the scary stuff. The acting is what I got trained to do.”

― Emilia Clarke

“Drama school is fundamentally practical. I didn’t write any essays, so I came out with a BA honors degree in acting.”

― Emilia Clarke

“I grew up around horses, but acting and riding on camera is a whole different thing.”

― Emilia Clarke

“My parents never pressured me except to advise me against acting.”

― Emilia Fox

“I’ve never really had the confidence to sing in front of people; then, I got into acting.”

― Emily Atack

“When I moved to L.A. and joined East West Players, I started acting professionally.”

― Emily Kuroda

“I want to discover more things about acting.”

― Emily Mortimer

“Balancing school, acting, and a social life can be difficult.”

― Emily Osment

“I felt like the news business was a little rough for me and a little sleazy. So I glided right over into acting.”

― Emily Procter

“I signed with an acting agent first; I wasn’t really interested in signing with a modeling agent. But that same day, they said, ‘You should go over to Ford.’”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“I started acting when I was 5 or so. I just did acting for fun, not actually to be an actor.”

― Emma Kenney

“There is so much I’d love to do in this industry. I’m honestly interested in directing even a little more so than acting.”

― Emma Kenney

“I went from being totally unknown and never acting professionally to being in a major movie and being very famous. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have any time to work things out. It’s been pretty scary at times.”

― Emma Watson

“I started acting without any vocation. I continued out of love.”

― Emmanuelle Beart

“Acting is not glamorous. It’s not. Anybody who wants to get into acting for the glamour is in for a hard time.”

― Emmanuelle Chriqui

“In acting, you draw so much on your private life.”

― Emmanuelle Riva

“Acting makes you live plenty of lives.”

― Emmanuelle Riva

“My sister Mathilde is an actress, but more like a French Jennifer Aniston. She’s famous just in France. She’s very commercial and does big comedies. So, acting was part of my family, and that’s how I was raised.”

― Emmanuelle Seigner

“To me acting and singing are worlds apart.”

― Emmylou Harris

“My first two or three films, all I was trying to do was look cool. That’s all I knew acting was.”

― Emory Cohen

“Everyone’s inspired by Brando. When I started acting, my dad showed me ‘On the Waterfront,’ and I thought, ‘That’s the coolest guy I’ve ever seen.’”

― Emory Cohen

“Sometimes, I feel promoting a film is a more difficult task than acting!”

― Emraan Hashmi

“I’d make a lousy cop. I’d just wear it too close to my skin and wouldn’t survive. I’ll stick to acting.”

― Enrico Colantoni

“Acting aggressively will allow our youth to aspire for better-paid jobs and find alternatives to criminality.”

― Enrique Pena Nieto

“Each time you go to the same track you know whether you’re improving or whether you’re not… it’s not open to interpretation. It’s measurable – unlike acting.”

― Eric Bana

“I love playing other people’s work. I love acting.”

― Eric Bogosian

“I write my plays to create an excuse for full-tilt acting and performing.”

― Eric Bogosian

“Probably one of the most surreal moments of my career was acting in front of Notre Dame with a mime.”

― Eric McCormack

“I grew up in Vancouver and my father drove me to every single one of my acting lessons, auditions, and jobs.”

― Erica Cerra

“For the first six years of my career, I was relegated to those girl-next-door, sweet, cheerleader kind of roles, and it was really frustrating for me because you don’t have to do much acting.”

― Erika Christensen

“Scientology helps me in acting to focus on communication.”

― Erika Christensen

“I liked acting early on, and I really liked roles that were meaningful to me, and ‘Baywatch’ was.”

― Erika Eleniak

“I would love to work with the Coen brothers and Terrence Malick. I love both of their bodies of work so much, so I’m really interested in acting under their direction.”

― Erin Moriarty

“I was mainly a stage actor. I found film acting mechanical, because it was so technical – there was so much technique with the lamps and the movements of the camera.”

― Erland Josephson

“When I finally decided that my only hope was to go to college, I took an acting class, and once I walked onstage, I just knew I was home.”

― Ernie Hudson

“Once I committed to acting, this has been it.”

― Ernie Hudson

“I have a very broad-minded family. Acting is an art, and we understand that.”

― Esha Gupta

“Acting is embarrassing.”

― Essie Davis

“I learn the techniques and then take what I need. I have the Essie Davis technique of acting. I’m an instinctive actress.”

― Essie Davis

“I think acting is definitely the most fulfilling, because it’s the most challenging in my mind.”

― Estella Warren

“Acting is very start and stop.”

― Estelle Parsons

“There is some sadness for me now about acting because it used to be that there was a reverence for actors.”

― Estelle Parsons

“I want a TV series, I’m gonna do some acting jobs, I’m gonna do some Broadway jobs, everything!”

― Estelle

“If I do three movies in a year, I don’t feel like acting ever again.”

― Ethan Hawke

“I have no acting technique I act instinctively. That’s why I can’t play any role that isn’t based on something in my life.”

― Ethel Waters

“My mom was a soap opera queen in Mexico and Latin America. I started acting because of her.”

― Eugenio Derbez

“The great thing about acting is that you get to be a lot of different things in one lifetime. You get to explore different personalities and characters.”

― Eva Amurri

“I’m acting when I serve as a hostess, when I run my wig business. I was born to act, and life itself is the greatest part.”

― Eva Gabor

“Ever since I was a very little girl, I’ve dreamed of acting.”

― Eva Herzigova

“My acting is still being recognized for the fact that I wasn’t nominated.”

― Eva Longoria

“I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. I lived in Grand Blanc, Michigan for a year and that’s when I got involved in acting and took classes there. A manager who saw me at the agency I was at in Michigan wanted me to come out to L.A.”

― Evan Peters

“I started acting, when I was 15, in commercials and guest roles. I was definitely a working actor, so I was thankful for that. But I never had to work at a store, although I would have liked to.”

― Evan Peters

“I consider acting a day job – it’s not my dream; it’s not my be-all, end-all.”

― Evangeline Lilly

“There are so many reasons why, for me, writing is superior to acting. One of them is anonymity. Writers can live relatively normal lives.”

― Evangeline Lilly

“It wasn’t like a Maths test where I have to strain to get it right. I feel very close to Luna so acting her was just natural. And if I had got too nervous I’d have done terribly.”

― Evanna Lynch

“That’s the thing about acting – you can’t fake it.”

― Eve Hewson

“I came to acting as a sort of fluke. I really enjoy it, but I think I’m different from the people who dreamed about it.”

― Eve Plumb

“At school there was no acting to be had other than school plays which I did now and again.”

― Ewan McGregor

“From there I did a one year theatre acting course in Fife, and then three years of drama school in London.”

― Ewan McGregor

“I’ve never found acting that difficult.”

― Ewan McGregor

“I find that the acting’s getting easier – with experience, everything is more instinctual.”

― Ewan McGregor

“When I began acting, my biggest fear was whether the audience will appreciate the kind of films I do.”

― Fahadh Faasil

“My mom was a huge fan of ‘Dirty Dancing.’ I couldn’t quite get a break, and she was like, ‘Patrick Swayze was a dancer!’ And Fred Astaire. I started dancing, and it led me to acting. It helps with fighting or whatever choreography in general.”

― Falk Hentschel

“I enrolled in an acting workshop and my first acting role was on the TV soap opera ‘Melrose Place.’”

― Famke Janssen

“I had given up on acting because I would go for auditions every day, but nothing would happen.”

― Fatima Sana Shaikh

“When I was a kid, I didn’t know how I got into acting.”

― Fatima Sana Shaikh

“When I was growing up, I thought I was getting bored of acting, so I left that. Then after a few years, I started missing it. I left my studies mid-way, and I used to give lots of auditions.”

― Fatima Sana Shaikh

“After so many years of rejection, I felt acting would have to become a hobby rather than a full-time profession.”

― Fatima Sana Shaikh

“I was about to give up acting when I got the call about being short-listed for ‘Dangal.’”

― Fatima Sana Shaikh

“I have developed my own brand of acting, and fortunately, people like it.”

― Fawad Khan

“I stumbled into acting because a friend persuaded me to leave my 9 to 5 job and get into acting.”

― Fawad Khan

“I love acting. It is so much more real than life.”

― Fay Weldon

“Acting is different from mental gymnastics. You try to discover as much about the character as you can, but a large area is mysterious.”

― Faye Dunaway

“I always enjoyed acting. My aunt was actually an actress.”

― Felicia Day

“Emotional messiness is my reason for life. In acting, it’s so important.”

― Felicity Jones

“I did think that acting would be much more like being a pop star. Now I’m here, I can’t think of anything more different.”

― Felicity Jones

“To choose ways of not acting was ever the concern and scruple of my life.”

― Fernando Pessoa

“Our Revolution emerged where it was least expected by the empire, in a hemisphere where it was used to acting like an all-powerful master.”

― Fidel Castro

“I caught the acting bug from my dad.”

― Finn Wittrock

“I went to UCLA as pre-med. When I was there my freshman year, I auditioned for a play and got it, and I was so passionate. I just loved acting so much that I decided to switch majors and pursue acting.”

― Fiona Gubelmann

“Acting doesn’t have to be threadbare misery all the time.”

― Fiona Shaw

“The image of Ireland is projected as a male image in the acting world, similar to the way that the word of Ireland is male dominated.”

― Fionnula Flanagan

“With acting, I always feel conscious of what I’m doing.”

― Flea

“I was acting with all my childhood heroes: Meryl Streep, Saoirse Ronan, all of those amazing women.”

― Florence Pugh

“I do find acting cathartic.”

― Francesca Annis

“I was always going to be a dancer – I drifted into acting.”

― Francesca Annis

“I left acting school really hoping that I could be on a television show of some sort, working in movies in Hollywood.”

― Franchesca Ramsey

“But when I was seven or eight, I did my first little piece of acting.”

― Frank Langella

“You start acting in spite of your neuroses, not because of them.”

― Frank Langella

“There is no right in acting.”

― Frank Langella

“It’s a living, breathing thing, acting.”

― Frank Langella

“Mighty cultures never – are almost never conquered. They crumble from within. And frankly, I think that a lot of Americans are acting like spoiled brats because everything isn’t working out perfectly every time.”

― Frank Miller

“I work on television and I work in film, and the acting is two different things.”

― Frank Vincent

“I never was interested in acting, and I never became good at it.”

― Frankie Cosmos

“Because I’d grown up with this singular focus on sports, I just kind of did that with acting. That became an obsession. How am I going to make it? How am I going to figure that out?”

― Frankie Shaw

“Though I acted in hundreds of productions, appeared at the Guthrie Theatre and on Broadway in Amadeus, I discovered in my thirties that I didn’t really like stage acting. The presence of the audience, the eight shows a week and the possibility of a long run were all unnatural to me.”

― Fred Melamed

“As soon as it stops being fun, then I’ll stop acting.”

― Fred Savage

“Going to directing wasn’t a reaction away from acting as much as it was a move towards something I always wanted to do. Ever since I was a kid, I was interested in the camera and how it worked and why one director would place it in this part of the room and then another would place it in that part of the room.”

― Fred Savage

“I never got any advice in acting.”

― Fred Willard

“I guess I’m just a normal kid apart from the acting.”

― Freddie Highmore

“I don’t know if acting is genetic. Maybe it’s environmental.”

― Freddie Prinze, Jr.

“What attracted me to acting, from the start, was playing different characters. I’m not a massive fan of just playing myself on screen.”

― Freddie Stroma

“Acting. It’s the number one thing I love to do. That’s why when people ask me what else I’d love to do, I have no answer – this is all I ever wanted to do.”

― Freddie Stroma

“I came from the stage so it was a different kind of acting, or a different arena of acting, and I just loved to do it as a kid. It’s really gratifying to get to create these different characters and to get to create different voices and to get to wear different clothes.”

― Freddy Rodriguez

“I went to a very academic school that actually – when I got to the point of wanting to pursue acting, they just had no idea how to do that, because all of their contacts were very academic.”

― Freema Agyeman

“I really wanted to be a spy. I guess it’s a bit like acting, where you play a role.”

― Freya Tingley

“Acting was just something that came really naturally to me, and it was just something that I knew how to do.”

― Freya Tingley

“I knew my priority was acting, and school came second. If I had an audition and meetings, I did the school work later.”

― Freya Tingley

“I love sports – if I’m not acting, I’m probably doing sports.”

― Gabriel Basso

“And then, I suppose, there’s also a cinematic reality on top of that. Because it was extremely difficult to keep tabs on, it was quite confusing acting that.”

― Gabriel Byrne

“After studying art, I was a painter for a while and was asked to audition for a movie randomly. I hadn’t thought of acting before that.”

― Gabriella Wilde

“For me, acting is a long-term thing. I’m not in a hurry to make it. I have no desire to explode onto the film industry. I still want to be acting when I’m 60.”

― Gabriella Wilde

“Going into my 20s, I was uncertain, trying to figure out what my relationship to acting is.”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“Acting was something that I grew up just doing. I certainly never thought about it.”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“I started missing acting when I was in school, and I realized after being in the business after however many years that I was really interested in film.”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“I just had fun making the movies – just being on set – but I didn’t really care about the acting part.”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“’Crystal Fairy’ was one of the first movies I did after I recommitted to the idea of acting.”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“The nature of the human mind is such that unless it is stimulated by images of things acting upon it from without, all remembrance of them passes easily away.”

― Galileo Galilei

“I’d like to do more acting.”

― Garry Shandling

“I wouldn’t mind producing a movie with a music storyline, but acting in one is too close to home.”

― Garth Brooks

“I still have the desire to do the job of acting. It’s just a matter of whether I’ll be allowed to do the job of acting that remains to be seen. There are only so many brick walls that I’m willing to beat my head on.”

― Gary Coleman

“You’ve got to keep taking certain risks, because my priority is in acting, it’s not in movie stardom.”

― Gary Sinise

“I did some theater as a kid for fun. But it was really by chance that I landed into acting.”

― Gaspard Ulliel

“I started acting when I was seven, and I didn’t get my first role till I was nine. So for two years, I was just auditioning.”

― Gaten Matarazzo

“Making a pretty picture, an image, is a completely different thing from acting to camera.”

― Gemma Chan

“In theater, you’re playing characters. You believe you’re somebody else, and you’re acting.”

― Gene Simmons

“I love acting, especially if it’s a fantasy of some kind, where it’s not just realistic, it’s not naturalism.”

― Gene Wilder

“If this acting thing doesn’t work, I’d just put in my resume for I’m a really huge basketball fan… I’ll talk all sorts of trash.”

― Genesis Rodriguez

“I don’t like to intellectualize about my acting.”

― Genevieve Bujold

“I don’t like to intellectualize about my acting. I don’t sit around and study the pages of a script over and over again.”

― Genevieve Bujold

“I was the only one silly enough to carry it on to the professional level, but I would say most of my family – and my extended family – are storytellers. And really, that’s just what acting is.”

― Genevieve O’Reilly

“A lot of actors think they can’t be happy without the acting… But I think I couldn’t be happy with it anymore.”

― Genie Francis

“For me, acting was something I fell into.”

― Georg Stanford Brown

“Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

― George Burns

“When you’re writing, in theory, everybody is serving you. When you’re directing, you’re serving everybody – in the guise of acting like everybody’s serving you. But you’re really serving the materials. You’re serving the actors. You’re in charge, but it’s not free.”

― George C. Wolfe

“Directing is much more satisfying to me than acting.”

― George Clooney

“With every passing week, I get an opportunity to improve my acting because I get to do it day in, day out. So a lot of times, I compare it to being a professional athlete.”

― George Eads

“Over the years, I’ve gotten a little bit thick-skinned when it comes to the acting thing.”

― George Eads

“I feel like I have a lot of dedication to the acting profession.”

― George Eads

“Whenever I didn’t have a job, I studied acting, I sent out tapes, went on auditions.”

― George Eads

“Acting is nothing more or less than playing. The idea is to humanize life.”

― George Eliot

“I was an acting opera singer, and that’s one of the reasons I left opera.”

― George Gaynes

“Acting is all about creative ideas and sharing, so the more places those ideas come from, the better.”

― George MacKay

“Too many talented and supremely calculating politicians, including Nixon and Clinton, have destroyed their careers, or come close, by acting in ways that were obviously against their own interests.”

― George Packer

“Politics demands certain skills honed by experience, just as journalism does, just as acting does.”

― George Packer

“Acting is like roller skating. Once you know how to do it, it is neither stimulating nor exciting.”

― George Sanders

“When it comes to social consequences, they’ve got all different people acting in different ways, very difficult to even have a proper criterion of success. So, it’s a difficult task.”

― George Soros

“I was pursuing my acting career, but I was silent on the LGBT issue, the issue that was closest to me. I knew if I came out then, I’d have had to change careers.”

― George Takei

“The wonderful thing about acting is they’re always going to need old codgers!”

― George Takei

“Radio dramas have disappeared. What we do have now is books on tape, which I find wonderful. I’ve done some of those. Otherwise, radio acting is now gone.”

― George Takei

“I really love school, but I’d love to continue acting jobs if I can.”

― Georgie Henley

“I didn’t fall in love with acting until I did a few films. Now, I couldn’t live without it.”

― Geraldine Chaplin

“I was planning to go into architecture. But when I arrived, architecture was filled up. Acting was right next to it, so I signed up for acting instead.”

― Gilbert K. Chesterton

“When you’re shooting at 9 A.M. at a club, you have to use all of your acting skills.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“I’ve had weird, weird acting jobs. Low-budget filmmaking where you find yourself in really bizarre places.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“Acting by yourself is pretty darn hard, especially having to do physical comedy.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“I love acting, and I have no desire to direct.”

― Gina Bellman

“My mother always said I should have a back-up profession if the acting doesn’t work out.”

― Gina Bellman

“I went to college at NYU for acting, since acting was my dream from very young. I did a lot of hip-hop courses while I was there. I helped co-write a hip-hop production for the main stage of NYU, but I never touched rap.”

― Gina Rodriguez

“I was a salsa dancer for the majority of my life, from, like, 7 to 17, and did the World Salsa Congresses. I realized that I wanted to continue obviously to be a performer. But in my household, being an actor and jumping into acting is not really accepted.”

― Gina Rodriguez

“When I got out of college, I booked a movie called ‘Go for It!’ with Lionsgate, came out here, and I’ve been acting ever since – or trying, constantly trying.”

― Gina Rodriguez

“I was on ‘Junior Star Search’ when I was 10 years old, in the acting category. The adult version of ‘Star Search’ didn’t have an acting category, but for the kids, they had an acting category. It was the strangest thing. It was full blown 1980s, with big hair, mullets, and the whole deal.”

― Giovanni Ribisi

“I won’t say I’ve closed the door on acting.”

― Glen Hansard

“Rhythm and timing are so important in comedic acting.”

― Glenne Headly

“I have enjoyed acting very much, because I know it’s not for real!”

― Gloria Stuart

“I was watching TV, and there was a girl acting a fool. And I was like, ‘I could do that.’”

― GloZell

“Acting job can create a fantasy or stereotype for others. That’s why we try not to show our personal lives so much.”

― Gong Yoo

“Acting is my job.”

― Goran Visnjic

“If you’ve been associated and successful with a particular kind of acting for so many years, then it’s wise to continue in the same direction.”

― Govinda

“Ingrid Bergman made an enormous impression on me. I couldn’t imagine where that kind of acting talent came from.”

― Grace Kelly

“I have done hard jobs in the past, and acting isn’t one of them.”

― Graham McTavish

“I’ve been acting professionally since I was 24, and it’s the only job I’ve ever done.”

― Grant Show

“What do you call an electorate that seems prone to acting out irrationally, is full of inchoate rage, and is constantly throwing fits and tantrums? You call it teenaged.”

― Graydon Carter

“When I’m not acting, you’ll probably either find me playing a game or working on my YouTube channel.”

― Greg Austin

“In 2012, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, acting through its ambassador, Mari Carmen Aponte, threatened to withhold critical development aid unless El Salvador passed a major privatization law.”

― Greg Grandin

“I created, wrote, produced, and starred in my first-ever acting gig!”

― Greg Poehler

“Acting is not my primary drive in life, although I’d be a very unhealthy person without it.”

― Greg Wise

“I’d trained at the University of Washington and had a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting.”

― Gregg Henry

“Acting is such a strange thing, it’s different for everybody.”

― Gregory Smith

“The transition from tiny movies to less tiny movies to really big movies has been actually quite seamless in a lot of ways as far as my experience of acting in them.”

― Greta Gerwig

“I sometimes have to turn off the fan part of my brain when I’m acting; otherwise, it would be terrible.”

― Greta Gerwig

“That’s the wonderful thing about acting – you play a role. It’s about humanity, rather than labeling.”

― Gugu Mbatha-Raw

“As humans, we’ve all experienced some level of pain. Acting is just a matter of accessing and magnifying these emotions.”

― Gustaf Skarsgard

“I’m not an actor. Lord knows, I’d be acting if I were an actor. What you see is what you get.”

― Guy Fieri

“I only ever wanted to be a model. This acting thing – three years of drama school – is an accident!”

― Gwendoline Christie

“I never pursued acting with, like, auditions. If anything, I was given roles by people who knew me and liked what I did.”

― H. Jon Benjamin

“I went to my mum at about seven or eight and said I want to start acting, but the week before, I had said I wanted to do ballet. She said if I took acting classes for a full year, she would look further into it, and that’s how it started.”

― Hailee Steinfeld

“If acting doesn’t work out, I’m probably going to be a professional chef.”

― Haley Bennett

“There’s so much to learn about acting and performance in general… I mean, acting is a very complex art, and there are a lot more theories and methods and techniques to it than I think anybody would think.”

― Haley Joel Osment

“What I like least about acting is that when you’re only in one place, you’re missing the other part of life.”

― Haley Joel Osment

“I moved when I was 16. I had no clue what to expect in moving to L.A. I had no clue, really, about what acting was. I just knew that I wanted to do it.”

― Haley Lu Richardson

“I love acting, but I want to explore other things.”

― Hank Azaria

“One of the hardest things to do in acting is to stop thinking about yourself and stop being self-conscious.”

― Hannah Murray

“My mum is my biggest critic. She said I was good for the first film, but I can still be better, and I need to polish my acting skills.”

― Hansika Motwani

“I don’t laugh so much at jokes and premises as I do at a guy who goes onstage and starts twitching and acting funny.”

― Harland Williams

“Every one of the world’s dictatorships can and does claim to be acting in the name of the people.”

― Harold H. Greene

“Acting is all about big hair and funny props… All the great actors knew it. Olivier knew it, Brando knew it.”

― Harold Ramis

“Acting is what I do with who I am.”

― Harriet Walter

“I’m addicted to Altoids. I call them ‘acting pills.’”

― Harrison Ford

“My approach to acting is the ‘let’s pretend’ school of acting.”

― Harrison Ford

“Singing and acting are actually very similar things. Anyone can sing and anyone can be a film actor. All you have to do is learn.”

― Harry Dean Stanton

“I could have made it as a singer, but I went with acting – surrendered to it, in a way.”

― Harry Dean Stanton

“I thought there might be a career in acting because I had other friends doing it.”

― Harry Hadden-Paton

“I’m not as focused on my acting career as I have been in the past.”

― Harry Hamlin

“If I’m honest, the reason I got into acting is not the reason I’m still doing it, and if I’m still doing it in ten years’ time, I’m sure I’ll find something else.”

― Harry Lloyd

“You have to do real acting, not just do a voice.”

― Harry Shearer

“When it comes to acting, you really have to create movement which in some ways is dancing. And dancing, I feel is very important to act as well. I wouldn’t put one over the other.”

― Harry Shum, Jr.

“I learnt acting in Delhi from Barry John, who also taught Shah Rukh Khan.”

― Harshvardhan Rane

“As soon as I started writing, other writers stopped wanting me acting in their shows – maybe they thought I was going to rewrite them.”

― Harvey Fierstein

“I love this acting stuff.”

― Harvey Martin

“Acting like the person I’m supposed to be has always been the easiest thing for me.”

― Harvey Martin

“I suppose one of the things that interest me about acting is unpicking what makes people tick and why they do what they do and what it means to be human.”

― Hattie Morahan

“One of the things I find about acting is that the less the audience knows about the actor, the more they’re able to believe in him in the role.”

― Hayden Christensen

“I wish they taught green screen acting classes.”

― Hayden Christensen

“I’m a lazy creature when I’m not acting.”

― Hayley Mills

“Actors that don’t look like they’re acting and stories that are told well inspire me.”

― Hazel Keech

“When I’m not acting, I do like to take a year off at a time, at least if I can, just in order to keep acting exciting – otherwise I get bored very quickly.”

― Heath Ledger

“I never took an acting class, so I’ve made all my mistakes on film.”

― Heath Ledger

“When I first started acting, I was just crap.”

― Heath Ledger

“I have a lot of great distractions outside of acting.”

― Heath Ledger

“I love acting and I have a lot of fun.”

― Heath Ledger

“Acting is just something I always knew I wanted to do – acting and writing.”

― Heather Donahue

“From a very young age, I was singing and acting and performing for my family.”

― Heather Dubrow

“What I find most interesting about acting is transforming myself.”

― Helen McCrory

“They’re called ‘action scenes’ because they do the acting for you. You don’t have to act in action scenes. The action does it all for you. It’s great.”

― Helen Mirren

“I’ve been working every year since I started acting, and I got many awards before I won the Oscar for ‘The Queen.’”

― Helen Mirren

“When I came into the acting profession, it was quite hierarchical. You didn’t sit at the same table as the leading actor. Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir John Gielgud… these were very, very intimidating and powerful people.”

― Helen Mirren

“I never really wanted to grow up. I grew up really young. I moved out when I was 13 – that’s when I started acting.”

― Helena Bonham Carter

“Growing up in Sweden, I decided pretty early on that I wanted to go to acting school.”

― Helena Mattsson

“Acting on TV is ruled out. I admire those who do it, but I found it quite strenuous.”

― Hema Malini

“The hardest part of acting is not being guaranteed work. Every job could be your last.”

― Henry Cavill

“I’ve learned almost everything I know about acting from my dad.”

― Henry Hopper

“Making the visuals photo-realistic lets us do things we were never able to do before. The voice acting, the facial expressions, are all that much deeper.”

― Hideaki Itsuno

“I studied theater in college, and I absolutely knew that I loved acting, and I knew that I loved theater.”

― Hill Harper

“When I’m acting, that’s all I’m doing. When I’m not acting, I’m not thinking about acting. If I’m writing, I’m just writing.”

― Hill Harper

“Singing and composing come naturally to me, but acting does not. I have worked at it and attended several workshops to learn the craft.”

― Himesh Reshammiya

“I took a break from doing music to concentrate on acting.”

― Himesh Reshammiya

“I had never dreamt of acting.”

― Himesh Reshammiya

“To be able to analyze plays and novels is so relevant to acting.”

― Holliday Grainger

“I’d like to continue acting as long as I enjoy it.”

― Holliday Grainger

“I always had an acting crush on Philip Seymour Hoffman. He just wowed me all the time. He was just quietly so impressive and so private.”

― Holly Hunter

“This is one of the reasons I like to act – it’s because acting forces you into situations you don’t know.”

― Holly Hunter

“I don’t like being watched, and I don’t like being told what to do, so acting is a very poor professional choice.”

― Hong Chau

“When I did my first episode of ‘Xena,’ I told my parents this is the worst acting I’ve ever done.”

― Hudson Leick

“In my experience it’s not essential to get on with the person that you’re acting opposite.”

― Hugh Dancy

“And film acting is incredibly tedious, just by its nature. It’s incredibly, mind numbingly slow.”

― Hugh Grant

“I’m quite proud of some of the films I’ve done, but less for the acting than for the fact that they’re unpretentious and entertaining. I’m proud of having made unpretentious choices.”

― Hugh Grant

“I don’t do much acting anymore anyway, and not to work for 20th Century Fox is really the least of my worries.”

― Hugh Grant

“I slightly lost my enthusiasm for most acting, but I’ve done some little bits and pieces – curiosities.”

― Hugh Grant

“Acting is largely about putting on masks, and music is about removing them.”

― Hugh Laurie

“To me acting originally became an extension of game playing.”

― Hugo Weaving

“Acting is experience with something sweet behind it.”

― Humphrey Bogart

“To be honest, I am scared of acting, and moreover, I want to be perfect on the musical stage first.”

― Hyuna

“Have you imagined me acting in a TV drama? I have, when I was young.”

― Hyuna

“’Whatever it takes’ is my opinion of method acting and, indeed, any other kind of acting. Look at Brando and De Niro. But it’s not my cup of tea.”

― Ian Holm

“Until I came out, my acting was all about disguise, and thereafter it became about telling the truth.”

― Ian Mckellen

“I don’t make much distinction between being a stand-up comic and acting Shakespeare – in fact, unless you’re a good comedian, you’re never going to be able to play Hamlet properly.”

― Ian Mckellen

“Acting is a very big part of what human beings do. A dog is always a dog, but we’re always changing.”

― Ian Mckellen

“Acting’s boring.”

― Ian McShane

“As long as the cheques carry on coming in, and I’m enjoying my work, I shall continue acting.”

― Ian McShane

“Acting is great therapy – you get to do things you’d normally get arrested for.”

― Ian McShane

“We’re very sure to stay in character, to experience the Sharknado as though it was real. That’s what acting is.”

― Ian Ziering

“I definitely support cop acting more than cops, but all of them ain’t bad, just some of them.”

― Ice Cube

“So from an actor’s perspective, you really have no idea how you’re acting.”

― Ice T

“Whether it’s music or acting, that creativity all comes from the same source.”

― Idris Elba

“Acting is a career where you keep learning with every film you do.”

― Ileana D’Cruz

“I was only 18 years old when I started acting.”

― Ileana D’Cruz

“In high school, my goal was to be a writer for SNL, then I got into the acting.”

― Illeana Douglas

“If you took acting away from me, I’d stop breathing.”

― Ingrid Bergman

“We don’t have a culture of realistic acting in India.”

― Irrfan Khan

“Now we’ve gotten accustomed to reality shows where the goal is to see people acting foolish.”

― Isaac Brock

“Gravity must be caused by an Agent acting constantly according to certain laws, but whether this Agent be material or immaterial I have left to the consideration of my readers.”

― Isaac Newton

“I don’t really get nervous for auditions, because I just see them as mini acting classes. There’s no need to have an attachment to the outcome because it’s out of your hands after that.”

― Isabel Lucas

“Acting kind of chose me.”

― Isabel Lucas

“To be an icon is a big job – it’s beyond acting. And sometimes it pays, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

― Isabella Rossellini

“Acting is a way of living out one’s insanity.”

― Isabelle Huppert

“I’ve been acting since 2002, around about there.”

― Isaiah Mustafa

“I love acting. I love performing.”

― Isaiah Mustafa

“I’ve worked towards self-development as an aspiring artiste. I’ve been most passionate about dancing and acting, so I have followed it obsessively.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“My acting style changes according to the way a character is imagined.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“I haven’t studied acting formally, so my ‘university’ was watching a lot cinema.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“I have always been passionate about dancing and acting, and before I was passionate about it, I was fascinated by it.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“I’m not a method actor because it refers to a certain kind or technique of acting that I have studied about, and I know I’m not one of them.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“I feel that when it comes to acting, Shahid and I approach roles differently.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“You know, I didn’t get to go to university because I’ve been acting since I was a kid.”

― Isla Fisher

“If you can read, then you can recite Shakespeare. But that’s not acting.”

― Itzhak Perlman

“Everything I’ve ever learned about acting – and I went to theater school – was about playing what the character wants and throwing yourself fully into going after what the character wants.”

― J. August Richards

“I’ve been singing and writing songs only a little longer than acting. I really enjoy both.”

― J. D. Souther

“With the acting, it’s somebody else’s brainchild, and I’m just sort of helping flesh it out. There’s a special satisfaction to being the brains behind the operation.”

― Jack Black

“Whenever you’re in any acting role you are mortgaging your own character.”

― Jack Dee

“I’m less interested in how people are following each other and more interested in how they are following topics and tweets themselves. People are following more key words and concepts and more ideas and acting on those rather than individuals or organizations.”

― Jack Dorsey

“If I wasn’t acting, I would sail professionally. Nowhere specific, but I’d sail to Bermuda, South Africa, ya know, get paid to race in Regattas, I think that’d be pretty rad.”

― Jack Falahee

“I’ve been acting since age 8. I just stopped enjoying it as much as I used to.”

― Jack Gleeson

“Our leaders are acting like lemmings.”

― Jack Herer

“For 50 years, acting was the reason I got up in the morning.”

― Jack Klugman

“This acting was very hard work.”

― Jack Levine

“I do constantly get to change the way I look, which is sort of an old-school idea of acting.”

― Jack Lowden

“Just let the wardrobe do the acting.”

― Jack Nicholson

“Acting is everybody’s favorite second job.”

― Jack Nicholson

“Once I got started acting I loved it.”

― Jack Nicholson

“I’ve had my share of villains and played some fairly nasty characters. But I’ve been acting for so long. I started out as the girl next door. Now I’m the grandmother next door.”

― Jacki Weaver

“Well, I’ve been acting for 50 years now, professionally. I’ve been acting a lot longer. My mother reckons I was acting when I got out of the womb. But because I’ve been working in the theater, I’ve probably only done about 25 movies but I’ve done more than 100 plays.”

― Jacki Weaver

“Acting and singing are actually very similar because they’re both telling a story.”

― Jackie Evancho

“I never thought I would become an actor. When I started out, I never thought I would come so far. Acting was not my passion. When I experienced the highs of being an actor, I started liking it, and it gradually became my passion.”

― Jackie Shroff

“My first acting job was a Breck commercial.”

― Jaclyn Smith

“Music was something I chose that I came to as a kid, and acting was something that was suggested to me.”

― Jacob Anderson

“I grew up dancing my whole life, and I always kind of perceived that’s what I would do professionally. But when I caught the acting bug, I knew I needed to go with no turning back.”

― Jacob Artist

“At first, I didn’t really have a passion for acting.”

― Jacob Batalon

“My sister pursued acting, and one day, I was like, ‘Hey, I want to do acting, too’ – this was just in commercials – and then one day, I got an audition for my first movie, ‘Smurfs 2,’ and I did it.”

― Jacob Tremblay

“When I was little, I didn’t even know what acting was. But I was in commercials – baby toy commercials like Fisher-Price.”

― Jacob Tremblay

“I want to be a director, producer, and a writer. And an actor. So, like, all the things in acting, basically.”

― Jacob Tremblay

“I really feel that the talent I have is acting. Freedom and the possibility of play-that is what I like to have.”

― Jacqueline Bisset

“I’ve been acting since I was six years old, but not professionally.”

― Jacqueline Emerson

“I couldn’t believe it! I mean, I’d always dreamed of acting on the screen – my previous background was all theater – but I wasn’t sure if the opportunity would ever present itself. Not only was this acting for the screen, this was acting in ‘The Hunger Games!’ I knew that I had to give this audition my all.”

― Jacqueline Emerson

“Actresses cannot have any inhibitions while portraying bold characters. It is something that we learn on the first page of the book on acting.”

― Jacqueline Fernandez

“Tupac and I were just close friends because we had such an insatiable drive and passion for acting and entertainment.”

― Jada Pinkett Smith

“Perhaps I’ve been perceived more as a romantic comedy actor, but overall, I enjoy acting in any shape or form.”

― Jaime Camil

“I was 18 when I got my first acting job.”

― Jaime Winstone

“It’s true with fashion, acting, anything: Make sure it’s timeless, but at the same time, there’s got to be a little hint of risk.”

― Jake McDorman

“As far as I’m concerned, the best acting class is life.”

― Jake McLaughlin

“I love acting. I’m definitely working on all things acting.”

― Jake Paul

“I’m acting in a new show on NBC with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, which is definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

― Jameela Jamil

“I really want to do acting, and I don’t want to be typecast because of my tattoos.”

― James Arthur

“And to Shakespeare I owe my vision of the world as a theater, wherein all humans are acting out their parts.”

― James Broughton

“There’s nothing more boring than actors talking about acting.”

― James Caan

“I never did anything else. In college I switched majors every two weeks, and acting was the only thing that held my interest.”

― James Caan

“It was the desire to do the complete thing. I only took taking acting lessons because my whole thing, really, was to direct. But my first jobs were acting jobs.”

― James Coburn

“Losing my teeth didn’t impede my acting, but it was a constant worry and meant I was never completely relaxed.”

― James Cosmo

“When an actor plays a scene exactly the way a director orders, it isn’t acting. It’s following instructions. Anyone with the physical qualifications can do that.”

― James Dean

“Real acting is realistic no matter what the medium.”

― James Denton

“Acting is not about anything romantic, not even fantasy, although you do create fantasy.”

― James Earl Jones

“The acting in ‘Downton Abbey’ has been consistently excellent across the board.”

― James Frain

“I was kind of scared of failing at acting.”

― James Franco

“I was an English major at UCLA when I was 18, and then I left after a year to start acting. I was educating myself during that time.”

― James Franco

“I’m going to try to not let anyone put me in a box, and that certainly applies to the things I do outside of acting.”

― James Franco

“I used to read a lot about myself and the projects I was doing. When I was only acting, I wouldn’t read any reviews because I didn’t find them to be very helpful.”

― James Franco

“Reviews about film acting are very… tricky, because movies are such a collaborative thing.”

― James Franco

“I don’t have any theories about acting, and I don’t think about how to do it, except that an actor shouldn’t take himself too seriously, and shouldn’t try to make acting something it isn’t.”

― James Garner

“Acting is just common sense. It isn’t hard if you put yourself aside and just do what the writer wrote.”

― James Garner

“I’ve done a lot of casual work, and acting is a lot easier than laying carpets.”

― James Garner

“William Atherton has a very different acting style to Bonnie Bedelia; she has a very different style than Bruce Willis.”

― James Gray

“I have no interest whatsoever in pursuing acting or becoming a mogul. I love writing and directing; I see those two jobs as the most critical in the making of a film.”

― James Gray

“Sean Penn has announced his retirement from acting about 72 times.”

― James Gray

“I wouldn’t say that I’m very similar to the character of Nathan at all. Both of us have had very different upbringings and backgrounds. I have a competitive nature like the character of Nathan. That’s really easy to draw from when I’m acting; that’s probably the biggest similarity.”

― James Lafferty

“The foundation for film acting is stage acting.”

― James Lipton

“The difference – the fundamental difference between theater acting and film acting is that film acting is disjunctive.”

― James Lipton

“But it’s hard to sustain a successful acting career today.”

― James MacArthur

“I got into the acting business very young.”

― James MacArthur

“The boundary between real life and acting is hard to find.”

― James Mangold

“Both singing and acting are so rewarding that I couldn’t pick between the two.”

― James Maslow

“Acting is something you didn’t do in Ireland.”

― James Nesbitt

“Acting was a godsend. I found myself because I loved acting.”

― James Nesbitt

“I had the acting bug from a very early age.”

― James Norton

“I wanted to do a degree in something I was interested in before going into acting.”

― James Norton

“When I started acting, I used to read all the reviews.”

― James Purefoy

“It’s well done if you can do a part and not have the acting show.”

― James Stewart

“I always stayed for the first curtain call and people always said, ‘Who’s that?’ But this got me started in acting.”

― James Stewart

“At a young age, acting was so inspiring and exciting, because to me it was play – make-believe, pretend.”

― James Van Der Beek

“I just grew up loving acting and loving entertainment.”

― James Wolk

“By the time I got someone to take my head shot, I’d been acting for nine years!”

― James Wolk

“Every lawyer is an actor. The place where a lawyer’s acting ability shines most is certainly in the courtroom, but it works very well in the boardroom and in the office.”

― Jamey Sheridan

“Acting didn’t come and just clip me on the nose.”

― Jamey Sheridan

“The most interesting thing about acting is when you go to the dark places, that’s a lot of energy. When you go to the happiest places, it’s also a lot of energy.”

― Jamie Foxx

“It’s not that I’m retired; I just no longer accept acting work.”

― Jamie Lee Curtis

“I’ll probably do a lot of acting first, then go to singing, but I am going to definitely sing someday. So when I do start singing, buy my album!”

― Jamie Lynn Spears

“I secretly liked acting, but I wanted to play football. It was an enormous dream.”

― Jamie Sives

“I came into acting with that sort of dull, meet-with-triumph-and-disaster-the-same philosophy and it’s been the right one for me.”

― Jamie Sives

“Acting has been very useful to me.”

― Jane Asher

“I think if you’re half-hearted you shouldn’t go into acting.”

― Jane Badler

“Between 18 and 26 I acted professionally, on the stage and a little bit on television. Acting is okay, but it’s quite pressurized. Then I went to England – I wanted to reinvent myself.”

― Jane Campion

“About 10,000 years ago, males and females were acting equitably and were treating one another as equals, and then males took over the power, because they have physical power and physical strength.”

― Jane Elliot

“I would have given up acting in a minute. I didn’t like how it set me apart from other people.”

― Jane Fonda

“Auditioning is such an unnatural thing. You’re in a tiny little room with, like, seven people cramped together, acting to a casting director; just, none of it makes any sense.”

― Jane Levy

“In 2007, Lindsay Lohan seemed to be on top of the world, a bona fide star who had her pick of acting gigs. But it wasn’t long before the veneer cracked, and Lindsay’s life began to shatter.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“I find acting slightly nerve racking, but I like the challenge.”

― Jane Wiedlin

“Acting was always my first passion.”

― Janet Jackson

“In 2003, I had the pleasure of acting in three films.”

― Janine Turner

“Acting manifested as the primary focus over the years but now I am stirring the pot once again with my voice.”

― Janine Turner

“I’m trying to get an acting gig on ‘CSI’ or something like that, so we’ll see how that works out. I’m a singer, definitely not an actor, so I just follow directions.”

― Jason Aldean

“Acting is just playing the violin in an orchestra. Directing is being the conductor.”

― Jason Bateman

“The directing is something that is incredibly satisfying to me and challenging to me because it’s asking me to draw on everything I’ve been able to absorb over all these years of acting and having all this set experience.”

― Jason Bateman

“Ideally, that’s what you’ve got in an acting career is an equal number of dramas and comedies and an equal number of small films and big films.”

― Jason Bateman

“Well, I’m never happier than when I’m acting.”

― Jason Biggs

“I like to feel that something’s alive in acting, like something’s really going on.”

― Jason Dohring

“Running has been great for keeping me fit throughout my acting career.”

― Jason Flemyng

“’Ice Age’ felt like stage acting. You’d write a sequence, and sometimes you’d submit pages, but other times, I would actually perform it for the directors and producer in my office.”

― Jason Fuchs

“I started acting when I was really young. I knew I wanted to be in the industry in other ways. I knew that I wanted to do more than just act. I don’t know that I knew it was screenwriting, but I just knew that I wanted to be involved.”

― Jason Fuchs

“I’ve always been fairly confident in my acting.”

― Jason Gann

“Eventually, I want to be a creative producer that isn’t in things. The acting is more of a secondary thing for me now.”

― Jason Gann

“I could release myself into acting in a way that I was not released socially.”

― Jason Isaacs

“Acting is usually regarded as a wholly narcissistic pursuit but there really is a hunger in me to unravel the human condition.”

― Jason Isaacs

“When I started acting, I thought everything should be issue-based and that there should be a helpline at the end of every program.”

― Jason Isaacs

“I worked as a cook before starting acting.”

― Jason Mitchell

“To be honest, acting was something where I got a chance to be somebody else and forget about the situation I was in.”

― Jason Mitchell

“Technically, the green screen acting can be difficult because there’s something worse than a tennis ball on the end of a stick; it’s an Australian visual effects assistant running around a field with a cardboard dinosaur head on the end of a stick while wearing sandals.”

― Jason O’Mara

“Acting is a craft, and you need to study to be an actor.”

― Jason Ritter

“That’s what acting is: really make-believe.”

― Jason Robards

“All I know about acting is that I just have to keep on doing it.”

― Jason Robards

“I pick up a lot of stuff from them, but I don’t think there’s any great trick to acting.”

― Jason Statham

“The action-movie genre is a very difficult one to get satiated in terms of your acting bits.”

― Jason Statham

“It is the habit of every aggressor nation to claim that it is acting on the defensive.”

― Jawaharlal Nehru

“Long before I ever started acting, believe it or not, I always knew I wanted to be a director.”

― Jay Baruchel

“I think it’s hard for quieter, more introverted people to get into acting.”

― Jay Duplass

“I thought acting was showboating.”

― Jay Duplass

“In my short acting career, I’ve been in incredible relationships with incredible women.”

― Jay Duplass

“’The Empty Bank’ talks about really specific instances where I kind of make the wrong moves based off of money, and it also details instances where I was acting like I had money when I really didn’t have that much money.”

― Jay IDK

“When I changed my degree to acting, I almost gave my parents heart attacks.”

― Jayma Mays

“Trust the acting.”

― Jean-Marc Vallee

“Acting is a question of absorbing other people’s personalities and adding some of your own experience.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre

“Acting is happy agony.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre

“Making films is no longer a way of acting, it is a way of life.”

― Jeanne Moreau

“Sometimes I think of movie acting as advanced pretend.”

― Jeff Bridges

“The wonderful thing about acting is that you can use all of your talents and interests in your work.”

― Jeff Bridges

“I’d done about 10 movies before I decided I wanted to make acting the main thrust of my career.”

― Jeff Bridges

“That’s one of the things that’s great about acting. You can play all the different aspects of a human being.”

― Jeff Bridges

“My father, he really encouraged me to really get into acting. He loved it so much, and he taught all the basics.”

― Jeff Bridges

“Puberty was the main culprit in ending my acting career. I went from being kind of this chunky little kid to looking different, and I was really bummed because I loved acting.”

― Jeff Cohen

“Acting’s fine if the script’s written by Paddy Chayefsky and Martin Scorsese directs it, but unless you have something like that, I don’t really enjoy acting.”

― Jeff Garlin

“I would love to get into acting. I really enjoy acting – portraying other personalities and approaching different levels and whatnot – that would be awesome.”

― Jeff Hardy

“There’s something so arrogant about us creating robots that are more and more human-looking or acting. It’s like we’re playing God. Let’s create something that’s a reflection of us, but it’s inferior.”

― Jeff Lemire

“I gravitated to acting out of a mixture of instinct, naivete and opportunity.”

― Jeffrey Combs

“Acting is a hard profession. More than anything, it takes fortitude.”

― Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“I wasn’t very good at it, but I knew that I loved acting immediately.”

― Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“I love acting, but the star part is not my bag.”

― Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“I didn’t even know what a mark was, but I fell in love with acting.”

― Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“I loved the gentlemanly way they treated each other. It was unlike anything I was used to. I started helping them strike the set and, at 11, began taking acting classes privately.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“There’s a wonderful adage in acting that you’re stuck with the character, but the character is also stuck with you.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“Owning a bookstore was right up there with acting in life goals, but other than swaggering around the store, I’m not much use.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“For lack of any clearer idea, I just started acting one day. It had been in the back of my head for a while, but I think in some ways I was afraid to do it, and finally I just stepped up.”

― Jeffrey Wright

“I started acting when I was at Amherst my junior year, and my lacrosse career kind of started to flop sideways after that.”

― Jeffrey Wright

“I don’t have the passion for acting that actors might have.”

― Jemima Kirke

“Unless ‘Wii Fit’ stops acting like a mean girl, it’s over between us forever.”

― Jen Lancaster

“I am a competitive figure skater. I’ve been doing that for the same amount of time I’ve been doing acting. Ever since I was two.”

― Jenna Boyd

“I wanted to be a vet when I was little, so it never really dawned on me that acting was my career, it sort of chose me more than I chose it.”

― Jenna Ushkowitz

“Watching Bernadette Peters perform is like an acting class. She’s amazing.”

― Jenna Ushkowitz

“Realistically speaking, I don’t know how many more years I will want to be acting or will be invited to be.”

― Jennifer Aniston

“Yes, I made mistakes by rebelling, by acting out in confused ways.”

― Jennifer Capriati

“I love being physical and acting at the same time.”

― Jennifer Garner

“I fell completely in love with acting. I guess I was bitten.”

― Jennifer Grant

“I don’t remember ever not knowing about acting.”

― Jennifer Grey

“When I’m acting I don’t sing, and when I’m recording I’m not acting.”

― Jennifer Hudson

“I don’t know if this is why everything has worked so well and I’m not sure I’d recommend this kind of thinking to anyone else, but I’ve always known I’d be successful in acting. I have certainly worked for it.”

― Jennifer Lawrence

“Acting is just such an incredible art form.”

― Jennifer Lien

“Most of all, I really wanted to become a filmmaker, and I’ve used every acting experience to just turn it into film school.”

― Jeremy Davies

“Right now music is more my outlet than acting, but I’m waiting for that one satisfying role.”

― Jeremy London

“In college, I would just drop out of all my classes, and I would just be left with my acting classes.”

― Jeremy Luke

“I used to think acting was really difficult.”

― Jeremy Sisto

“I’ve always enjoyed the physical side of acting.”

― Jerome Flynn

“After all, as a taxpayer, if I’m acting as the insurer against losses, I should have the right to say what risks the insured can take.”

― Jerry A. Webman

“I’d always enjoyed acting, but modeling was so time-consuming – and lucrative – that I didn’t pursue it.”

― Jerry Hall

“Acting and modelling are good, but motherhood is what it’s all about.”

― Jerry Hall

“The basic essential of a great actor is that he loves himself in acting.”

― Jessamyn West

“In acting class, you’re trained to express yourself as much as you can.”

― Jesse Eisenberg

“I had great difficulty in school interacting with others, and I took refuge in the contrived setting of play acting, which is what I still do.”

― Jesse Eisenberg

“Acting forces me to socialise, which is good for me, I think.”

― Jesse Eisenberg

“In middle school, I played quarterback. I was at a tiny school, so you played offense and defense – I played linebacker, and in high school I stopped playing around my sophomore year because of my acting stuff.”

― Jesse Plemons

“I grew up half the time in a small town called Mart, Texas, and half the time in L.A., because I was acting.”

― Jesse Plemons

“I was trained classically in violin and voice, which led to musical theater. Then I left the music scene to chase acting, which is when ‘Neighbours’ came along. It was a fantastic playground for actors, and the cast around me taught me a lot.”

― Jesse Spencer

“I trained as a ballet dancer till I was 18, so I would really like to get back to it. I’d love it if there was a part that meant I could do both acting and ballet, as they’re both so close to my heart.”

― Jessica Brown Findlay

“The reason we like acting is connecting to other people.”

― Jessica Chastain

“I’ve done a lot of acting. I’m not saying I’m the greatest, but I’d love to act, I’d love to sing.”

― Jessica Hahn

“To stay interested in acting, I have to keep trying stuff I’ve never done before.”

― Jessica Lange

“Photography was a blessing because it filled my time. If I had to start over, I’d pursue photography – probably to the exclusion of acting.”

― Jessica Lange

“If I didn’t have children I’d be a much better actress. I wouldn’t be so distracted. I could pour 100 percent of my energies into it, to promote the investigation which acting is.”

― Jessica Lange

“If I had to start over, I’d pursue photography – probably to the exclusion of acting.”

― Jessica Lange

“I do love acting. But to work as a photojournalist would have been extraordinary.”

― Jessica Lange

“Acting is what I chose to do. It’s what I feel I need to do.”

― Jessica Pare

“My first acting experience was a non-speaking role as a robot. My costume was a cardboard box covered in tinfoil, but I was so shy I refused to go on stage.”

― Jessica Raine

“Whether it’s repro rights, violence against women, or just plain old vanilla sexism, most issues affecting women have one thing in common – they exist to keep women ‘in their place.’ To make sure that we’re acting ‘appropriately,’ whatever that means.”

― Jessica Valenti

“I started doing musicals, but the acting bug bit when I did a four-week Shakespeare workshop.”

― Jessie Buckley

“Getting a role in ‘Harry Potter’ was like winning the lottery. But no one deserves an acting job.”

― Jessie Cave

“Zhang is a friend of mine: he said forget about acting and just do normal things in the movie.”

― Jet Li

“Acting is something I love to do. I love to perform and I love the art, the craft of it.”

― Jill Bennett

“To be honest I never thought the acting thing would get off the ground.”

― Jill Hennessy

“The highs, the lows, the peaks, the valleys, whatever, it’s all going to go into the art, whether I’m singing or acting or whatever.”

― Jill Scott

“We really need a public-interest government that is not taking marching orders from the fossil-fuel industry and the banks and the war profiteers. We really need a government that is acting on our behalf.”

― Jill Stein

“It’s fatal to talk about acting. It sounds faintly ridiculous if you start analysing it.”

― Jim Broadbent

“Good acting is consistency of performance.”

― Jim Dale

“I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I’ve never planned on the acting and the stand-up feeding each other; they’ve always been separate desires.”

― Jim Gaffigan

“Further, by acting decisively in Iraq, the United States has sent very strong signals to other nations that have been or could be terrorist sympathizers.”

― Jim Gerlach

“I was very interested in theatre, mostly in stage design. I did a little bit of acting.”

― Jim Henson

“Corporations are created by the people, acting through their governments. We grant them corporate charters that confer certain legal rights and privileges, like the ability to enter into contracts, limited liability and perpetual life.”

― Jim McGovern

“When I first started out in Houston, it was theater or bust. And I loved it. I still love it. And then I went to undergraduate and graduate school for acting.”

― Jim Parsons

“Acting is acting, regardless of the medium.”

― Jim Sarbh

“I’ve been doing theatre for years, but film acting has broadened my horizon.”

― Jim Sarbh

“British actors come at acting from a slightly different angle. Because a lot of the films are cast out there, they are so used to the angle from which the Americans, and certainly the young guys from L.A., are coming at it, that I think it’s interesting for them to find these English actors who maybe approach acting from a different place.”

― Jim Sturgess

“I moved to Manchester to join a band and ended up getting into acting, and I moved back to London to become an actor and ended up joining a band.”

― Jim Sturgess

“To spend time with Ed Harris… he’s an acting hero of mine, so that’s a big deal for me.”

― Jim Sturgess

“I’ve learned enough times in life that saying something is completely different than acting upon it.”

― Jimmy Butler

“I think I knew acting was what I wanted to do. But I was from this small town and there was no place for an adult to recognise it.”

― Joan Allen

“As an actress I find the most enjoyable part of acting is really just to please the director. I just want to please my director.”

― Joan Chen

“Acting is actually private.”

― Joan Chen

“And I used to write novels and little stories and compositions and I – but I put them away because I started acting when I was 17. So there wasn’t much time.”

― Joan Collins

“I think acting has helped me come out of my shell because when I play a character, I can’t be self-conscious.”

― Joan Cusack

“I’ve done some acting and a lot of different things, but mostly it’s the music.”

― Joan Jett

“If you’re saying the same line 10 times and making it look like you just came up with it, that’s acting.”

― Joan Rivers

“I just love acting.”

― Joan Rivers

“Everyone forgets comedians are actors. There’s no question about it. A Robin Williams cannot say the same line every night for 40 weeks and make it sound fresh unless he’s doing an acting job.”

― Joan Rivers

“I did commercials since I was 16, and that’s kind of acting, depending on what you’re selling.”

― Joan Severance

“When I’m not involved in an acting job I try to run 10 miles a day.”

― Joan Van Ark

“If I didn’t have Chip Gaines in my life, I’d still be dreaming in my head – but not acting out on any of that, not living it out.”

― Joanna Gaines

“When I was trying to get into acting, to have been a model was about as low as you could get in the acting profession. But that wasn’t sexism, it was snobbery, which I knew and took very humbly.”

― Joanna Lumley

“That’s what acting is about – for me, at least – tackling different personas and characters.”

― Joanne Whalley

“For me, I guess I’m the acting equivalent of somebody that jumps off buildings and parachutes.”

― Joaquin Phoenix

“I just I don’t feel challenged by acting anymore. I don’t enjoy the process anymore.”

― Joaquin Phoenix

“I’m planning to have a career based on my acting skills rather than the size of my chest.”

― Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

“I don’t think talent or an instinct for acting is something you can teach.”

― Jodie Comer

“With acting, you have to just tell the truth in each moment.”

― Jodie Comer

“I don’t find acting and directing schizophrenic in any way. I find it completely easy to move between the two.”

― Jodie Foster

“When you’re a kid, you read about this glamorous acting world, but actually it’s really unglamorous.”

― Jodie Whittaker

“I was really interested in acting and thought secretly I could do it but didn’t tell anyone. It was a quite private thing that I wanted to do.”

― Joe Alwyn

“Acting was the only place that I ever felt like I belonged so went for it with everything I had.”

― Joe Manganiello

“Acting was my first love.”

― Joe Manganiello

“Twelve to 15 years of acting school, and I am being a bird.”

― Joe Pantoliano

“I’ve been building a future for myself outside of acting.”

― Joe Penny

“The only time I commit to conspiracy theories is when something way retarded happens. Like Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone.”

― Joe Rogan

“I like acting a lot, but it’s not something I get out of bed for every day.”

― Joe Russo

“I learn a lot as a director from acting in other people’s films and just in general.”

― Joe Swanberg

“I don’t take acting classes – I’m quite an autodidact. I prefer to learn from other actors by watching various movies. Evaluate my acting, spot the flaws and fix them.”

― Joe Taslim

“I really do want to act, I love acting, and I want to do it in the long run.”

― Joel Courtney

“There’s definitely a fascination with crime stories and stories of characters acting out against authority.”

― Joel Edgerton

“I learned so much by being an actor, and part of my sort-of development as a writer is big thanks to the scripts I read in my acting life.”

― Joel Edgerton

“I don’t call acting a real job, and writing is a hobby.”

― Joel Edgerton

“In philosophy, they talk a lot about humans being actual organic machines, and the idea of free will is something that we’ve made up. We actually don’t have free will. We’re acting according to our programming as organic mechanisms.”

― Joel Kinnaman

“Acting is what I’d always wanted to do; hosting ‘The Soup’ was more because of Greg Kinnear.”

― Joel McHale

“I did my acting performance in ‘Roger Rabbit.’ I think I did a voice-over also in ‘Osmosis Jones’ and I directed an episode of my show years ago, ‘Tales from the Crypt’ and that’s my endeavors in the non-producer oriented ranks.”

― Joel Silver

“I’ve done a couple of Broadway shows and sang before I did any acting.”

― Joely Fisher

“My older sisters were in acting, and of course, I wanted to be just like them!”

― Joey King

“When actors are being defensive and defending their position, that is when you get less than good acting.”

― John Boorman

“I’ve had plenty of lessons about film acting and theatre acting.”

― John Boyega

“It’s true that the skills required to be a conman are the same as those required for being an actor. Though those skills are in the service of something a bit more noble with acting, I hope.”

― John C. Reilly

“I like being employed, you know. That’s my favorite kind of acting.”

― John C. Reilly

“I’m in love with the entire industry and every aspect of performing and directing, even writing, and I love working with acting students.”

― John Callen

“Doing ‘Hedwig’ was so hard that I kind of burned out on acting.”

― John Cameron Mitchell

“I love actors, and I love good acting. I love what actors do when they’re good, and I’m a big acting fan.”

― John Carney

“When I started acting… the community was largely Chinese-American or Japanese-American, so even then I felt like a minority in the minority.”

― John Cho

“But then acting is all about faking. We’re all very good at faking things that we have no competence with.”

― John Cleese

“Acting may be how I’ve made my living, but music has always been my passion.”

― John Corbett

“I’m getting out of acting.”

― John Corbett

“I took an acting class at Cerritos Junior College and I did a handful of plays, maybe five or six plays.”

― John Corbett

“I really take acting seriously.”

― John Corbett

“I’ve loved acting since I can remember.”

― John David Washington

“Like acting, undercover detective work requires a lot of performance. There’s just more pressure because it’s life-or-death situations.”

― John David Washington

“I’m not going back to acting, and I’m not going to seek elective office.”

― John Gavin

“I seem to be very attracted to strong female personalities in acting and music.”

― John Grant

“I remember once when I told Lindsay Anderson at a party that acting was just a sophisticated way of playing cowboys and Indians he almost had a fit.”

― John Hurt

“The first thing you have to get used to in any kind of acting is the ability to make a fool of yourself. If you haven’t learnt how to make a fool of yourself, you shouldn’t be on the boards. That’s absolutely what it’s all about.”

― John Hurt

“Acting is an imaginative leap, really, isn’t it? And imaginations prosper in different circumstances.”

― John Hurt

“Reacting is so important to the craft of acting.”

― John Knoll

“I’m not trying to be the triple threat guy. I’m still working on this one threat; acting.”

― John Krasinski

“I had never taken acting at Brown to be the beginnings of a career. I always did it just for fun.”

― John Krasinski

“Good acting comes from finding the essence of a character.”

― John Larroquette

“Good acting is really excellent carpentry.”

― John Lithgow

“Acting scares me.”

― John Lurie

“My first acting class was taught by a little known playwright, David Mamet, who then cast me in my first play, opposite John Malkovich.”

― John Mahoney

“That’s how I learned how to act. I learned by doing it. I didn’t start acting until I was 37.”

― John Mahoney

“When did Jimmy Stewart not play Jimmy Stewart? When did John Wayne not play John Wayne? But that’s what we like about them. When you talk about acting, you really have to respond to somebody’s personality.”

― John Mellencamp

“The thing that I didn’t take into consideration is that acting, like wrestling, is a skill.”

― John Morrison

“I’d never been to acting school, so I never thought I’d get this far.”

― John Ratzenberger

“If some of us can get an Oscar for extolling that it’s hard out there for a pimp, why can’t others of us admonish: ‘Then quit acting like a pimp’?”

― John Ridley

“I like to act. I work for scale. I don’t have an acting agent. I’m in the book.”

― John Sayles

“Well, acting is cheap; I knew all these actors who weren’t in the Screen Actors Guild yet, and it happened that they were all just about thirty years old.”

― John Sayles

“People acting in their own self-interest is the fuel for all the discovery, innovation, and prosperity that powers the world.”

― John Stossel

“Acting is a mix of luck and choice. I got lucky.”

― John Travolta

“With some actors, you can tell when they’re acting all by themselves, no matter who else is in the screen.”

― John Travolta

“I was ashamed to admit I was hipped to the idea of acting. That’s why I started in with the props.”

― John Wayne

“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.”

― Johnny Depp

“I imagine that, for most people, acting isn’t something they think is a viable option, whereas for me, it was the most viable option. No adults around me knew how to do anything else.”

― Johnny Flynn

“Coal mining is tough. Acting is just tedious.”

― Johnny Knoxville

“Acting is something I always wanted to do and knew I could do.”

― Joie Lee

“I played baseball in college, and then I went to Russia to study acting and played some pro ball over there.”

― Jon Bernthal

“For actors, when you first get the project and you see that it’s a Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman-produced project, right away, from an acting standpoint, you go, ‘Wow. That’d be great to be part of that. What a career move that’d be.’”

― Jon Seda

“I started writing and acting in these little plays and then I was discovered by Dustin Hoffman. He got me my first audition for a film he was in, called ‘I Heart Huckabees.’”

― Jonah Hill

“All my friends were choosing university courses, but I had no interest in anything other than acting, so I applied to go to RADA.”

― Jonas Armstrong

“I think acting is a gift.”

― Jonathan Jackson

“I always loved acting, but when you get older and you’re going through adolescence, the roles are limited.”

― Jonathan Ke Quan

“It took a while to decide I wanted to do Hamlet. It wasn’t that I was daunted – I’d been acting professionally since my mid-20s and had some pretty big Shakespearean roles under my belt by that stage, at 32: Petruchio in ‘The Taming of the Shrew,’ Edgar in ‘King Lear,’ Antony, Richard III. But when it came to Hamlet, I hesitated.”

― Jonathan Pryce

“The hardest part about acting is realizing it doesn’t matter.”

― Jonathan Rhys Meyers

“I’ve always used music for my acting, and I do have a kind of a very personal play list that I create.”

― Jonathan Tucker

“Some kids are good at math, some kids can run, and acting was an interest of mine. Because I knew you could do it for a living I decided, that’s what I’m going to do.”

― Jonny Lee Miller

“I started acting professionally when I was about 17. I worked immediately, but a year into it, I did an independent film in Canada, and that started it all. It was proof that maybe I could do this as a career.”

― Jordan Gavaris

“I learned that the acting I really like is when the actors did a lot of bringing themselves, and where they’re at at the moment, to the character.”

― Jordan Gavaris

“I never went into acting to do film. I went into it to do theatre – classical roles.”

― Joseph Fiennes

“When I arrived at Columbia, I gave up acting and became interested in all things French. French poetry, French history, French literature.”

― Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“Ultimately, the idea of acting is to understand the people you’re playing, and then where they’re coming from is not so mystifying. You’ve got to detox a bit after, though.”

― Joseph Mawle

“I realized that acting was the thing I was still maybe the best at. Of the things I felt like I was good at, that was the thing that came the most naturally to me.”

― Joseph Mazzello

“Make acting seem real and as if it weren’t acting. Just make it real.”

― Joseph Mazzello

“Acting is something that I’ve always wanted to do and been interested in.”

― Josephine Langford

“It’s true to say that I’m a budding young actor. But I’d rather get my name out there because of my acting rather than who I’m being photographed with.”

― Josh Bowman

“British acting is undoubtedly based in text, and American acting relies more on behavior. That’s speaking very generally.”

― Josh Dallas

“When it comes to the acting stuff, I like to show up for a couple days and kind of be outrageous and silly, and go back to my day job.”

― Josh Groban

“I think having children in general is always very helpful for acting.”

― Josh Hamilton

“I never really considered acting as a career. I kind of fell into it. Originally, I wanted to be a painter.”

― Josh Hartnett

“People don’t want their actors acting like musicians.”

― Josh Homme

“Ever since I first started acting I’ve wanted to have a long career.”

― Josh Hutcherson

“Acting’s not therapy, but it can be therapeutic.”

― Josh Peck

“Acting on stage is still my favorite thing to do. And everyone who’s been in musicals knows that there is nothing more fun.”

― Josh Radnor

“I loved music before I stumbled onto acting.”

― Joshua Henry

“I started acting when I was, like, five in monologue competitions at this private elementary school.”

― Josie Loren

“I swear to formally assume the national executive powers as acting president.”

― Juan Guaido

“The beginning of my acting career was in London, England.”

― Juan Pablo Di Pace

“My first love is acting on stage. A sitcom is a hybrid of stage and film.”

― Judd Nelson

“My first paid acting job was a movie called Fandango. It also starred Kevin Costner.”

― Judd Nelson

“When we say gender is performed, we usually mean that we’ve taken on a role or we’re acting in some way and that our acting or our role playing is crucial to the gender that we are and the gender that we present to the world.”

― Judith Butler

“When I first started acting, and we would all sit down and talk about Shakespeare and how great it was. I thought well, I suppose it is.”

― Judy Davis

“I was lucky, and once I moved to L.A., I didn’t have to get another job besides acting. But I wouldn’t trade my previous jobs for anything.”

― Judy Greer

“I took ballet dancing forever, and there was a natural transition into acting.”

― Judy Greer

“Acting is a very limited form of expression and those who take it seriously are very limited people. I take it seriously.”

― Judy Holliday

“It’s tough when take 1 is technically okay and take 2 has better acting. Out here (Hollywood) they print the first one. That’s the one where we all hit the mark on the floor and who cares about the acting.”

― Judy Holliday

“I only know acting. But had I learnt singing earlier, I would have become a singer.”

― Juhi Chawla

“I was in the video for Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Sally’s Pigeons’ when I first started acting.”

― Julia Stiles

“The acting life can be quite scary, really.”

― Julian Barratt

“Acting, musicals, bringing out an album – not many people have done that. Anthony Newley, Barbra Streisand?”

― Julian Ovenden

“Actors have a magic gene within them – I think they’re the finest descendants of rogues and vagabonds – and it’s all too easily forgotten what the acting legacy is.”

― Julian Sands

“Acting has been gentrified. It’s become part of the bourgeoisie. But there was a time when it would be a great scandal if you announced you were going to be an actor.”

― Julian Sands

“Dancing and acting satisfy me in different ways.”

― Julianne Hough

“Frankly, acting doesn’t scare me because I really enjoy it.”

― Julianne Moore

“If I wasn’t acting, I would probably be working with children. I was a camp counselor growing up and I loved it.”

― Julianne Nicholson

“There were a couple of years where I was skating and acting at the same time.”

― Julie Benz

“I think for me it was a natural transition to move full time into acting rather than figure skating.”

― Julie Benz

“I think I’ve got something when I’m onscreen, but that’s nothing to do with acting or talent.”

― Julie Christie

“I love acting and I still want to do it, but I’ve such an instinct for directing, it’s something that comes naturally to me. It’s why I’m here on this planet.”

― Julie Delpy

“If the characters are acting true to themselves, then that chemistry and suspense will flow.”

― Julie Kenner

“The acting was first. As a teenager I was an actress; and then I came back as a singer.”

― Julie London

“If it’s an excellent script, I enjoy it tremendously, the acting part of it.”

― Julie London

“I never had any acting heroes. I never really went to the theatre.”

― Julie Walters

“I don’t want to give up acting – it’s what I am.”

― Julie Walters

“Acting is like peeling an onion. You have to peel away each layer to reveal another.”

― Juliette Binoche

“My only after-school job before I got into acting was babysitting. I had younger brothers and sisters.”

― Juliette Lewis

“Acting is me, but music is even more me. It’s everything.”

― Juliette Lewis

“I have so many passions outside of my passion for acting.”

― Jurnee Smollett-Bell

“When I first started acting in movies – as probably a lot of naive young actors do – I made a list of directors that I wanted to work with and sent it to my agent at the time.”

― Justin Bartha

“I didn’t go to acting school.”

― Justin Chatwin

“I didn’t become an actor to be famous. I genuinely love acting and never expected to make a penny at it.”

― Justin Chon

“’Y&R’ is the No. 1 show, and the acting company is exceptional.”

― Justin Hartley

“There are very few VR games with really strong characters and voice acting.”

― Justin Roiland

“I love the stage, I love the process of acting in theatre, but unfortunately, it doesn’t pay the bills.”

― Kabir Bedi

“I play guitar and sing when I’m not busy with school and acting.”

― Kaitlyn Dever

“I’ve never been in an acting class in my life.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“I think a lot of people, if they get the opportunity to do some acting, they think, ‘I might be a star.’”

― Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“We’re not one thing, as human beings, so any character that is written uni-dimensional, that’s just a shallow character with shallow writing and shallow acting.”

― Kari Matchett

“I was dancing when I was acting as well. Actors generally dance in performances like in an award function.”

― Karishma Tanna

“With acting, I didn’t get much from it.”

― Karl Pilkington

“My acting coach makes the impossible accessible.”

― Karolina Kurkova

“I hope to continue building my acting career and work more on projects that fulfill my artistic thirst.”

― Karolina Kurkova

“In between acting, I’m still going to be doing modeling and different ventures.”

― Karrueche Tran

“The audience has reacted well to my comic timing. But, I also have other aspects to my acting talent.”

― Kartik Aaryan

“’Baazigar’ was the movie which initiated my drift towards acting.”

― Kartik Aaryan

“It might sound odd, but filming a soap is closer to acting in a play than filming episodic television.”

― Kassie DePaiva

“I haven’t actually studied acting at all.”

― Kat Dennings

“Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, and he’s also a triple threat. He successfully crossed over from music into acting.”

― Kat Graham

“I hold theatre acting in such high esteem that it scares me.”

― Kate Bosworth

“This nation loves singing and loves acting.”

― Kate Smith

“So if I get pegged as a bikini girl, that’s fine, and that can still translate into acting or other areas. But, no, I don’t wanna be doing bikini shoots my whole life.”

― Kate Upton

“Acting was all I ever really wanted to do.”

― Kate Walsh

“As an adult and a parent, when I’m not acting, I’m not acting. I’m being a parent, and I’m on the school run, and I’m sewing labels onto socks. That’s what I’m doing.”

― Kate Winslet

“What I’ve learned about acting is that it needs to be mysterious. If you overthink how a beat needs to be played, it can trip you up.”

― Kate Winslet

“Acting is bloody scary.”

― Kate Winslet

“Music is extremely intuitive, which acting too in a different way.”

― Katey Sagal

“I didn’t actually begin professionally acting until I was 30.”

― Katey Sagal

“Acting is the perfect idiot’s profession.”

― Katharine Hepburn

“Acting is the most minor of gifts. After all, Shirley Temple could do it when she was four.”

― Katharine Hepburn

“The reason I haven’t had kids yet is because I was so focused on my acting career, hoping I could get something to break.”

― Katharine McPhee

“If my mum thinks I’m acting like a diva she’ll soon tell me off… She’ll cut me down to size!”

― Katherine Jenkins

“After doing ‘Doctor Who,’ I’m open-minded to doing more acting. Part of the reason you do a show like this is because it creates other opportunities you haven’t had before.”

― Katherine Jenkins

“I don’t really get a buzz from playing characters that are similar to me ’cause that’s not acting to me.”

― Katherine Kelly

“I loved music, acting, and drama, but these weren’t something I pursued until I was 19.”

― Katherine Langford

“I had my first screen-acting class in March 2015, and I was, like, 18, turning 19, so it’s a risk trying to get into acting when you’re that ‘old,’ in inverted commas.”

― Katherine Langford

“Acting is about enhancing your life, not representing something that’s missing.”

― Katherine Parkinson

“When I got to NYU, I immediately inquired about doing a double major in acting and photography.”

― Katherine Waterston

“All acting is nudity. It’s all vulnerable – and a little bit scary.”

― Katherine Waterston

“I got into acting classes. I didn’t want to just go by luck.”

― Kathrine Narducci

“I’ve never looked at acting like a job. It’s never been like that.”

― Kathryn Newton

“Because modeling is lucrative, I’m able to save up and be more particular about the acting roles I take.”

― Kathy Ireland

“I want to use things I learn about writing in my acting, and vice versa.”

― Katie Chang

“Hopefully I’ll be successful with the singing, but there are so many other things I want to do, like acting. I’ll do them one at a time first!”

― Katie Price

“I was at an acting academy for seven years prior to the trial.”

― Kato Kaelin

“I was always interested in fabric, clothes and designing. Maybe I would have been a designer by profession if I didn’t start acting.”

― Katrina Kaif

“I had no confidence as a child; I still really don’t. Acting is the only thing I’ve ever felt comfortable doing.”

― Kaya Scodelario

“Just acting on someone else’s set feels like a holiday, almost.”

― Kayvan Novak

“I hope to be still acting when I’m 70 on TV, film and theatre.”

― Keeley Hawes

“I always wanted to be an actress, but my parents were adamant that I complete my studies first before I take up acting.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“When I tell people that I am acting in Telugu, they ask me if I have to overact.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“Acting is really not what I’m interested in. I’m not an aspiring actor and you should be able to tell.”

― Keith Hernandez

“Whether it be in acting, music, or even in dancing, I only want to do things that I truly connect to, and with my music, it’s everything that I am.”

― Keke Palmer

“Learning method acting might mess me up.”

― Kellie Martin

“I’ve loved acting and dancing since I was a kid. Before anyone thought I was pretty or before I had a voluptuous figure, that was what I was going to do.”

― Kelly Brook

“Even though I hate acting, I love doing videos for my songs.”

― Kelly Clarkson

“I’d prefer to go under the radar and just do the acting without being famous for it.”

― Kelly Reilly

“Acting has always been such escapism for me.”

― Kelly Reilly

“There is a part of me that is not fulfilled by acting. It is a self-involved life; it can feel shallow, but not very often.”

― Kelly Reilly

“I became an actor, and because I had success as an actor, I became famous. I was acting for quite a while before I got famous; television made me famous. I guess that it’s television that is responsible for everybody’s desire to be famous.”

― Kelsey Grammer

“There was one thing I loved a little bit more than surfing – and that was acting.”

― Kelsey Grammer

“People in Los Angeles are more used to acting silly than other people.”

― Ken Hakuta

“Christians are increasingly being punished by the government for acting on their sincerely held religious beliefs about marriage that are based on the standard of Scripture.”

― Ken Ham

“The key to acting is less acting and just reacting.”

― Ken Marino

“’Death Of A Salesman’ is a great acting job.”

― Ken Stott

“I suppose that was my first bit of acting, the acquisition of an English accent. It was really just an attempt to be understood.”

― Kenneth Branagh

“For me, one of the lessons from 9/11 is that you have to give the organization context for how you’re acting, and you’ve got to communicate constantly, in this case particularly with all the changes that were occurring in the financial marketplace and in the economy.”

― Kenneth Chenault

“When I’m acting, I’m just worried about that piece of the pie, contributing to the whole. But when you’re directing, you… get the vision out of your head and on the stage.”

― Kenny Leon

“In terms of showing their emotions and acting on them, my women characters are a lot more advanced than the men.”

― Kent Haruf

“Anything that opens you up emotionally is going to impact your acting. Parenthood, becoming a mom, certainly does that.”

― Keri Russell

“Acting, for me, is not an end in itself. It’s more a means to asking the questions I’m obsessed with about life.”

― Kerry Bishe

“That’s what acting is – it’s about… having the courage to allow your audience into the private moments of your characters’ lives.”

― Kerry Washington

“I’ve been acting for 30 years. It’s a grind.”

― Kevin Connolly

“It’s a lot of work that goes into producing and directing and all those kinds of things. It doesn’t just happen. It’s a lotta work. It’s a lot more work than acting.”

― Kevin Connolly

“I really enjoy acting. I feel I’m getting better and better with each movie I make.”

― Kevin Dillon

“I like everything about acting.”

― Kevin Dillon

“I love being onstage, whether it’s dancing or acting – there’s just something about being onstage.”

― Kevin Federline

“I vowed I would never do a commercial, or a soap opera – both of which I did as soon as I left the Acting Company and was starving.”

― Kevin Kline

“I really just like acting. I’m not always aware of what is hip and what is popular and what is zeitgeist.”

― Kevin McKidd

“I have been taking classes and I’m familiar with stage, but I’m not as familiar with acting on camera.”

― Kevin Richardson

“I’ve been home-schooled since I was in the fifth grade, mainly because I had two brothers who were acting. We were from Kansas but moved out to Los Angeles.”

― Kevin Schmidt

“I have my writing and acting and producing and directing, and my younger brother has his music and his acting.”

― Kevin Schmidt

“When I was a little younger, I realized acting is a wonderful craft, and it’s wonderful when you are working.”

― Kevin Schmidt

“Anytime someone can beat the acting out of someone else, I think it’s a wonderful thing.”

― Kevin Spacey

“I did a play called Throne of Straw when I was 11, at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. It became really clear to me at that point that I enjoyed acting more than any other experience I was having.”

― Kiefer Sutherland

“Any day acting is an amazing day.”

― Kiernan Shipka

“I found acting tough; it takes a lot out of you if you have no technique.”

― Kiki Dee

“Acting? No, it is not for me. I would be terrible.”

― Kim Carnes

“I was very close to my father. At the age of ten I wanted to do plays, and my father was very encouraging. When I applied to different acting schools, he was right there and very supportive.”

― Kim Cattrall

“If I’m producing, I’m not acting, and it’s such a long road to get anything off the ground.”

― Kim Cattrall

“Acting is my first love. There are still so many characters inside of me that are waiting to come out.”

― Kim Fields

“Acting is a youthful profession.”

― Kirk Douglas

“I never did go back to acting class. I was too busy working.”

― Kirstie Alley

“I do want to do more acting! I love it. It’s so fun.”

― Kirstin Maldonado

“Lot of people know very early what they want, but I didn’t know I wanted acting.”

― Kirti Kulhari

“When I entered the film industry, I didn’t know anything about acting.”

― Kirti Kulhari

“I didn’t get into this for fame, I genuinely didn’t. I love acting, and I know that’s a cliche, but I didn’t, really, I was very naive when it came to the whole being recognized thing.”

― Kit Harington

“The ultimate acting is to destroy yourself.”

― Klaus Kinski

“My friends in Australia, they grew up with me acting, so they’re used to it.”

― Kodi Smit-McPhee

“My dad teaches me. He teaches me everything. He’s been acting for over 30 years, so he knows a lot.”

― Kodi Smit-McPhee

“Really, acting is like anything else. The more time you put in, the more you learn and the more you can give back to the industry.”

― Kris Holden-Ried

“I started acting when I was 13 in New York. Worked there for a couple years, then auditioned for a show there that was going to be filming here. Ended up coming out, getting the job and just staying.”

― Kristanna Loken

“Acting is what I’ve pursued since I was a child.”

― Kristanna Loken

“I did some musical theater and studied a little bit of acting as well.”

― Kristian Nairn

“My acting teacher used to say that people reveal themselves in their opposites.”

― Kristin Bauer van Straten

“Seeing The English Patient is wonderfully draining, but imagine acting in it for six months.”

― Kristin Scott Thomas

“I’ve always been this strong-willed person and I’ve always been in love with acting.”

― Kristy Swanson

“I actually moved from engineering to acting. I think what’s important is how talented and passionate you are.”

― Kriti Sanon

“The journey from engineering to acting just happened. I guess some things are meant to be.”

― Kriti Sanon

“I worked with my acting coach one-on-one for hours and hours, every single day for two months, before even setting foot on set or putting on Jessica Jones’s clothes.”

― Krysten Ritter

“My favorite acting books are Stella Adler’s ‘The Art of Acting’ and ‘Sanford Meisner on Acting.’”

― Krysten Ritter

“When I started out, I had no idea what I was doing. I was 16, and acting was a new, exciting thing. So, I took it on. It was an excuse to get away from college.”

― Krystle D’Souza

“One may assume that playing a transgender is different, but I’m simply playing a third gender. Why should it make my acting process any different?”

― Kubra Sait

“I plan to take time out and read, learn, and absorb more about acting.”

― Kubra Sait

“’Sacred Games’ has actually turned out to be the most challenging experience of my acting career.”

― Kubra Sait

“I didn’t think acting would be a lucrative career.”

― Kubra Sait

“I love acting, so I don’t feel that I have ever struggled.”

― Kubra Sait

“Believe it or not, I kind of went into professional wrestling so I could get an avenue into acting.”

― Kurt Angle

“I’m too busy acting like I’m not Naive. I’ve seen it all, I was here first.”

― Kurt Cobain

“As improvisers, we’re acting as composers in front of people.”

― Kurt Elling

“Acting is one of those things that anybody can do because no one can learn it, but only a few people can really do because it’s nothing you can learn.”

― Kurt Fuller

“I wasn’t really serious about acting – I was serious about baseball.”

― Kurt Russell

“Acting was something that just came along. But I made good money, so it wasn’t something I was just going to put aside and pretend it didn’t exist.”

― Kurt Russell

“I always treat all the jobs I do as an acting class.”

― Kyle Chandler

“My brother, Chris Massey from ‘Zoey 101’, was acting first at a young age. I just followed in my sibling’s footsteps.”

― Kyle Massey

“I’ve always wanted to do acting.”

― Kyle

“Soccer is my first love. I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old. I traveled the world doing it. I broke my leg when I was 16 or 17, and acting kind of filled the void.”

― Kyle Schmid

“I want to explore a lot of things, do acting here and there.”

― Kylie Jenner

“I’d definitely love to do more acting. My heart cries out for it; it’s such a deep longing.”

― Kylie Minogue

“One day, when I was 33, I shifted. I suddenly saw acting as a higher calling. I understood that my goal was to serve the play. And I realized if an actor can make audiences’ hearts resonate or make them question their values – that’s an important thing to do!”

― Laila Robins

“I love ‘Watch the Throne,’ because Kanye was acting so ratchet.”

― Lakeith Stanfield

“My singing led into acting, and that is how I discovered acting.”

― Lalaine

“If I wasn’t acting, I’d be teaching acting. That would be my easiest thing to fall back on is teaching it.”

― Lamorne Morris

“Cheryl’s artistically inclined. She draws and sketches, but I don’t know about acting.”

― Lana Turner

“I’m more interested in producing than acting.”

― Lance Bass

“I just think with acting, there’s not a time limit on it.”

― Lance Bass

“If you’re not acting, you’re not an actor.”

― Lance Henriksen

“I started acting almost on a whim to help my music career.”

― Lance Reddick

“I got it into my head that I was going to be starring in movies that I wrote, so that’s what I did. I stopped acting in all things, and I wrote my first script, which was optioned a week after I finished it.”

― Larry Bishop

“I was doing acting work at Fox – bit pieces with Greg Peck in The Gunfighter and things like that – and grew up more or less as a Fox contract player in about two years.”

― Larry Buchanan

“I sang when I was in primary school, and I did singing at Sylvia Young: no acting at all.”

― Lashana Lynch

“Acting is in your soul.”

― LaTanya Richardson

“I know it’s a stock answer, but besides acting, I’d love to produce and direct.”

― LaTanya Richardson

“But I’m not objective when I’m acting.”

― Laura Innes

“Acting wasn’t even in my world at all. My oldest sister worked at ‘Glamour’ magazine and said I should model, but I had no interest.”

― Laura Prepon

“The first acting I ever did was an Italian commercial. Once I did that, I said, ‘this acting thing is awesome.’”

― Laura Prepon

“I knew that I wanted to be an actor. Then it became about whether acting wanted me. So, I gave it a shot. It hasn’t worked out too bad, so far.”

― Laura San Giacomo

“Hollywood is something imagined… acting is something crafted.”

― Laura Vandervoort

“I’ve always been interested in acting – since I was a little girl.”

― Lauren Alaina

“Actors today go into TV, which I don’t consider has a lot to do with acting.”

― Lauren Bacall

“Acting is a life of rejection.”

― Lauren Bacall

“I came up around people who took acting seriously, who cared about acting, cared about the theater and, in the ’70s, made movies that said something that mattered. I came up with those people, and I was a kid. Their ethos and credo became mine.”

― Laurence Fishburne

“There are two main jobs in acting – the first one is to be a good actor, and the second one is to convince everyone that you’re a good actor.”

― Laurence Fox

“Acting can be a great job, but you do have to make up things to do when you’re not working.”

― Laurence Fox

“Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism. It is not quite the occupation of an adult.”

― Laurence Olivier

“Acting is the physical representation of a mental picture and the projection of an emotional concept.”

― Laurette Taylor

“I was too practical to major in theater. Acting – what was I going to do with acting? There was no future in it.”

― Laurie Metcalf

“My point here is I think international pressures of our acting unilaterally again are going to be such that the administration will say, well, we just can’t take this on now.”

― Lawrence Eagleburger

“Enforcing trade deals is spot on. Acting in the interest of American workers is correct. But large-scale tariffs are a terrible idea.”

― Lawrence Kudlow

“I was 17 when I auditioned for ‘Miss Saigon.’ I really grew up doing that show. I pretty much knew, almost a year into ‘Miss Saigon,’ that I was going to be a performer, that I was going to be singing and acting.”

― Lea Salonga

“Sitcoms are usually given short shrift by the acting profession, but it’s quite an amazing job.”

― Lea Thompson

“There’s a lot of things that are good in Scientology, because I wouldn’t have been in it. And that’s the thing: a lot of people trivialize this thing, like, ‘Oh, it’s Xenu, and it’s a volcano, and it’s jumping on couches and acting crazy.’ These people are victims. We’ve been victimized. We believed in something because it starts out very normal.”

― Leah Remini

“In Korea, I do different kinds of genres. So, like that, I would like to do a lot of good acting films.”

― Lee Byung-hun

“Most actors want the audience to like them, and that leads to bad acting.”

― Lee Daniels

“I definitely caught the acting bug, but that lasted for about two seconds when I found my way to L.A. and found that my talents were better suited behind the cameras.”

― Lee Daniels

“First of all, the leads aren’t the kind of acting work that I like. The parts that are meatier are not the ones that have to have a romance.”

― Lee Grant

“While acting in ‘W,’ my worries about the way I act settled down. I also discovered another side of myself. It was a turning point.”

― Lee Jong-suk

“Acting is a tough business, and the percentage of people who make it is very low – it’s about 1 percent.”

― Lee Majors

“Wardrobe is – in films, I could say it’s a good half of the acting. You get the right rags on, they’ll talk for you.”

― Lee Marvin

“With acting, the response is usually delayed and takes time, unlike with singing, from where I instantly get fans’ response.”

― Lee Min-ho

“Singing is also like acting, since I memorize my lines, and I sing with emotions, too.”

― Lee Min-ho

“I make movies for grownups. When Hollywood starts making them again, I’ll start acting in them again.”

― Lee Remick

“Before singing, I was acting. I was always more into acting than singing. It was the first thing I always wanted to do.”

― Lee Ryan

“I did a lot of stage plays and musicals, and my first proper acting job was on ‘Holby City’ when I was 15.”

― Lee Ryan

“Most of my acting has been for fantasy-based shows like ‘A Korean Odyssey.’ But for ‘Vagabond,’ it is totally different.”

― Lee Seung-gi

“I watched a lot of TV, and it clicked one day that these people were acting. It sounded like the most fun thing ever.”

― Leighton Meester

“I didn’t really like modeling; it was fun but I always wanted acting.”

― Leighton Meester

“My very first acting role was Tiny Tim in ‘A Christmas Carol.’”

― Leland Orser

“For my first acting job I played the role of Ensign Pulver in ‘Mr. Roberts’ at the Manitoba Theatre Centre.”

― Len Cariou

“I quit acting when I was 11 because I was cast as a bouncing ball in ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and I felt slighted and wounded.”

― Lena Dunham

“One day I was in school, and the next I was acting opposite Jeremy Irons. That’s how quickly it happened. I was in class and then working with Sir Anthony Hopkins.”

― Lena Headey

“Acting is a very strange job.”

― Lena Olin

“Bruce Lee only played himself. Chuck Norris is a martial artist that does acting. I want to be an actor that does martial arts.”

― Leo Howard

“I’ve been planted here to be a vessel for acting… That’s why I’m really taking any part, regardless of how complicated it’s going to be.”

― Leonardo DiCaprio

“Don’t think for a moment that I’m really like any of the characters I’ve played. I’m not. That’s why it’s called ‘acting’.”

― Leonardo DiCaprio

“When I get to my deathbed, I don’t want to take my last breath and say, Well, how glorious. I’ve left the world my acting credits. I won’t even think that.”

― Lesley-Anne Down

“I did a film once that I was killed in. It was a painful, horrifying day. It was a wonderful day from the standpoint of acting, but I was a wreck otherwise.”

― Leslie Easterbrook

“I would love to be producing movies, acting in more movies, and doing projects that are Oscar-worthy… have kids, be married, all that, being a normal human being as well, balancing it all out.”

― Letitia Wright

“I love theater – it’s where every actor should begin, the core of acting. But I feel that there’s something about film that’s captivating; it takes you to another , and you get to really be so connected with it.”

― Letitia Wright

“We come from Guyana; we don’t have an acting industry.”

― Letitia Wright

“I realised that acting is not my god.”

― Letitia Wright

“When I was a kid, I was into psychological thrillers. When I was 12, my favorite movie was ‘Thirteen.’ I just really liked movies that showed an extreme range in acting. That’s what made me want to become an actress.”

― Leven Rambin

“I wasn’t interested in being an actor per se, but I liked acting, and I liked seeing what people would do.”

― Liam Cunningham

“I still say I have no interest in being an actor – I just love acting.”

― Liam Cunningham

“I was an electrician, and I started acting as a hobby because I needed a distraction – I was bored! And only when I started did I think, ‘Sheesh, what have I gotten into?’ I had to go after it fully; I just had to.”

― Liam Cunningham

“I was so hungry when I started attempting acting. Not even to be a professional. Just to find out if I could act.”

― Liam Cunningham

“Acting is a tough business to break into.”

― Liam Hemsworth

“Acting is invigorating. But I don’t analyse it too much. It’s like a dog smelling where it’s going to do its toilet in the morning.”

― Liam Neeson

“Acting with creatures that aren’t there is kind like acting with an actor who refuses to come out of his trailer. You still have to go on and do the scene.”

― Liam Neeson

“The Irish Catholic side was married to the life of an actor and I found out acting could be a form of prayer.”

― Liam Neeson

“It’s best to keep acting real.”

― Liam Neeson

“I started theater when I was three, and I started doing professional acting when I was nine.”

― Liana Liberato

“Where else do you find great directors? Acting is one of the places.”

― Liev Schreiber

“Part of what I enjoy about the theatre and acting is that sense of history.”

― Liev Schreiber

“I was always curious about motivation and intention, and really, that’s a lot of what acting is.”

― Liev Schreiber

“I was always curious about motivation and intention, and really, that’s a lot of what acting is. I was a little bit different.”

― Liev Schreiber

“I want to go deep into fashion; I want to go maybe into acting. There’s a lot of stuff I would like to go into.”

― Lil Peep

“The biggest thing is we need to stop acting like racism don’t exist.”

― Lil Rel Howery

“Never get caught acting.”

― Lillian Gish

“I found my interest lapse in both acting and racing.”

― Lillie Langtry

“Acting is something I’ve done since I was six years old, performing for my mum and my family in the living room, and I do it because my heart’s in it.”

― Lily Cole

“I like acting impulsively, but I’m also extremely thoughtful about what I do. So, it’s not like someone would say ‘Don’t do something,’ and I’d automatically go, ‘I’m gonna do it anyway.’”

― Lily Collins

“I wanted to be a singer, but once I started acting, I felt so comfortable. Now, all I want to do is act.”

― Lily-Rose Depp

“I’d always wanted to try my hand at every bit of the acting field.”

― Linda Cardellini

“It was always acting, singing and dancing that I loved.”

― Linda Lavin

“It was acting, and WWE is the longest-running weekly episodic program in television. Sure, there are story lines that are better than others.”

― Linda McMahon

“I really enjoy singing and I really enjoy acting, but singing I’ve been doing since I was really young.”

― Lindsay Lohan

“When I was younger, I started taking singing lessons and dance and acting. I just started acting first because that’s how everything happened.”

― Lindsay Lohan

“Even though acting is my job, I do this because I love it, and when the love is gone, I’m not going to do it anymore.”

― Lindsay Mendez

“I started taking acting classes when I was twelve.”

― Lindsay Wagner

“I actually started acting because I couldn’t dance.”

― Lindsay Wagner

“I go to acting class, and in acting class, I’m not the girl that brings in romantic comedies; I’m the girl that wants to do ‘Girl Interrupted’ all the time.”

― Lindsey McKeon

“I ended up going to America for an acting workshop, and everything sort of kicked off from there.”

― Liv Hewson

“The thing is, acting is supposed to be fun – maybe not always in a way that’s lighthearted, but always in a way that’s satisfying.”

― Liv Hewson

“I was about 29 or 30, and I started writing monologues for myself. I felt I got more immediate encouragement from that than I ever had in acting.”

― Liz Tuccillo

“My first acting role as a kid was on ‘Freaks and Geeks.’”

― Lizzy Caplan

“I’ve got to see my movie to see how I’m acting, see what little things I can learn about my craft.”

― LL Cool J

“I got into acting to get my foot in the door for film-making.”

― Logan Lerman

“I really started acting when I was 12 when I was doing this television show called ‘Jack & Bobby.’”

― Logan Lerman

“My intention of making acting a career was about being onstage.”

― Logan Marshall-Green

“I started acting when I was 10, doing musical theater. I was a brunette at that time. I was always cast in all the exotic parts.”

― Loni Anderson

“Look up the definition of rejection in the dictionary, get really comfortable with it, and then maybe you can go into acting.”

― Loni Anderson

“I am acquainted with no immaterial sensuality so delightful as good acting.”

― Lord Byron

“I was very interested in acting as a kid. I loved to perform.”

― Lorelei Linklater

“I’m in control of things happening in my aviation career. And I’m not in my acting career.”

― Lorenzo Lamas

“I thought my acting career was going to just last forever – and I didn’t plan on it ending at 41, 42 years of age.”

― Lorenzo Lamas

“I think many actresses want to be famous and want to be the prettiest, and that wasn’t my trek. I was thinking, ‘I gotta get out of here… how do I get out of here?’ I like acting, but I like directing more.”

― Lori Petty

“The truth in acting is that we are all hired help. We are a commodity. There is no difference between being an actor and pork bellies.”

― Lorraine Bracco

“When I’m not acting, I’m playing golf. I’m pretty passionate about it.”

― Lucas Black

“I did a theater program the summer of my junior year, and that’s when I really fell in love with the craft of acting. It became more about the craft and less about being a working actor.”

― Lucas Hedges

“I’m a young actor and I haven’t learned everything there is about acting.”

― Lucas Neff

“Life’s like a play: it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.”

― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“I’ve been acting for a long time – I started when I was 12.”

― Lucy Boynton

“I think it makes such a huge difference when the director has acting experience as well because it just means that he not only has a view of the film as a whole and the intentions of the scene in terms of the audience, he also has an actor’s instinct of how to communicate something to us.”

― Lucy Boynton

“Whenever I start an acting job and talk to my fellow actors, and I tell them I am from Nottingham, they guess I’m from the Workshop, it’s so well known.”

― Lucy Carless

“Film is like sculpture, writing, acting, technical arts, all sorts of arts. And that’s why I wanted to do it for so long, because it would include so many places for attention.”

― Lucy Dacus

“I mostly did musicals and concerts when I was younger, and then I realized I don’t quite have the voice for it, so I went into acting, which I enjoy more.”

― Lucy Griffiths

“I grew up performing and singing. And acting, the idea of it just sort of fell into my lap. And I was a little hesitant at first, but I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll try it.’”

― Lucy Hale

“In my acting, I have tried to do this – to present to audiences a living creature in whom they can recognise themselves or someone they know.”

― Luise Rainer

“I am sensitive to life, and somehow acting comes to me. I can’t explain it.”

― Luise Rainer

“In all honesty, I should have given up this acting lark years ago.”

― Luke Evans

“The thing about me is I have a great little acting school. I teach about 125 students.”

― Luke Ford

“You have to learn to be fluid and go where you’re needed, when you’re needed. You’ve gotta be flexible. I think that’s what acting is.”

― Luke Hemsworth

“I don’t think I ever saw acting as an actual career until late.”

― Luke Hemsworth

“That’s why I enjoy acting: getting in the mind of someone else.”

― Luke Mably

“My job stays the same, whether we’re acting by candlelight, against a green screen, or on a stage somewhere. Which is just as well, because I really couldn’t do anything else.”

― Luke Perry

“There’s always a sense of newness with acting, because every role, you come to every role fresh.”

― Lupita Nyong’o

“I want to be uncomfortable – acting is uncomfortable.”

― Lupita Nyong’o

“There is something about acting that’s mysterious and magical because there is only so much I can do to prepare, and then I have to just let go and breathe and believe that it will come through.”

― Lupita Nyong’o

“You learn to act by acting. You only get so much from acting class. You have to put your act on stage.”

― Lynn Cohen

“I feel like this is the way I was meant to interact with acting. Which is as a director, and helping, working with actors to find their way. Facilitating their performances is so satisfying for me.”

― Lynn Shelton

“I’ve always said that acting found me. I didn’t really find it.”

― Macaulay Culkin

“I want to be acting until the day I die!”

― Mackenzie Foy

“I particularly want more acting. I’ve been auditioning a lot, and I definitely want to act.”

― Maddie Ziegler

“I moved to L.A. straight out of graduating my arts high school and worked three jobs to afford living while taking acting classes and auditioning often.”

― Madelaine Petsch

“I get my love of acting from my dad.”

― Madeline Brewer

“I’m not opposed to acting. I do like to act.”

― Madison Beer

“I’ve been acting since I was five, and I hope it’s something I can do forever. I love it.”

― Madison Pettis

“On a film, I was always acting. I was either changing my clothes really quickly and wiping off the lipstick and putting on the other lipstick and then working constantly, constantly.”

― Maggie Gyllenhaal

“When I started acting almost 50 years ago, it wasn’t about fame. It was about acting.”

― Maggie Smith

“I was going to try to get into the creative writing program at Berkeley; it’s just that the acting thing worked out.”

― Mahershala Ali

“Emotions should be real; one shouldn’t come across as acting.”

― Mahesh Babu

“After ‘Raees,’ I used to wonder how I’d feel working on another film and to do this and still enjoy it – I know now I like acting; I enjoy it.”

― Mahira Khan

“I am very excited about ‘Raees.’ But more than this, I am nervous, too. It feels like I am under pressure to show my acting skills.”

― Mahira Khan

“I’ve never been to acting classes or anything like that. Everything I do is quite instinctual.”

― Maia Mitchell

“Acting is such a crazy industry, but kite boarding keeps me grounded.”

― Maika Monroe

“I’m from Miami, I love it when we’re out in the heat. When it’s cold, I’m like, ‘I’m never acting again,’ because it’s too freezing.”

― Majandra Delfino

“My dad passed when I was 6. I found out when I was about 21 that my dad always said acting would be the making of me. Where he got that from, I have no idea.”

― Malachi Kirby

“I was acting before I had given my life to Christ. But the effect that God has had on my actual career itself is now completely different.”

― Malachi Kirby

“Acting has never excited me.”

― Malaika Arora Khan

“We aren’t, as human beings, very good at acting in our best interest.”

― Malcolm Gladwell

“I didn’t go into acting because I wanted to be a role model.”

― Malcolm-Jamal Warner

“I’m from a country where acting is taken very seriously; it’s a very serious profession.”

― Malcolm McDowell

“I took my acting very seriously. I did over 40 films, and naturally, some of them were called B-movies because the woman was at the top of the billing. Women couldn’t star in their own movies.”

― Mamie Van Doren

“I didn’t act in school. I didn’t study acting, either. I learned everything when I got to New York.”

― Manish Dayal

“It was a wonderful experience acting with Prasenjit Chatterjee, the reigning king of Kolkata’s film industry.”

― Manisha Koirala

“Once acting hit me, once that bug hit me, I just… took the jump and dove right in.”

― Manny Jacinto

“If I was to do anything besides acting, I would be a fireman or a beat cop. I’d do a regular job.”

― Manny Montana

“Acting is the most difficult job in the world.”

― Manoj Bajpayee

“If I were to talk to Lindsay Lohan, I’d encourage her to get the hell out of acting and into something soothing. Take up botany or something.”

― Mara Wilson

“My mother died when I was young, and I was filming all the time. I was all over the place. Acting was the one constant.”

― Mara Wilson

“I can’t take much pride in my childhood acting. It feels like it happened in another lifetime, and even then, it felt like a hobby.”

― Mara Wilson

“I started acting when I was three years old, so I was able to see the inside before seeing the wrapping; I wasn’t seeing, like, the way tabloids make people.”

― Marc-Andre Grondin

“I’m not into that method acting thing. I just turn up, say my lines and go home.”

― Marc Warren

“I couldn’t do an acting job just to be working. It really had to have some soul to it.”

― Marcia Cross

“In Hollywood, a lot of acting feels like grandstanding.”

― Marcia Gay Harden

“It’s not subtle or restrained. It’s not any of the things you like to think apply to your acting.”

― Margaret Hamilton

“I explored the arts in general; I took painting classes and sketching classes and acting classes and all sorts of different things.”

― Margaret Qualley

“I’d studied acting in New York when I left Pierre – that was the big thing that I did. I worked very hard at it, actually.”

― Margaret Trudeau

“Acting’s fun, but life’s more important.”

― Margot Kidder

“My mother’s family raised grains and crops. My father’s grew sugarcane and mangos. So I knew more about the basics of farming than of acting.”

― Margot Robbie

“It appears that Wall Street is not acting as a force for economic expansion, providing access to capital for companies that make things. Rather, it seems, Wall Street is using government bailouts to lever up.”

― Maria Cantwell

“I took acting and elocution lessons, to get rid of my Sicilian accent.”

― Maria Grazia Cucinotta

“The real exertion in the case of an opera singer lies not so much in her singing as in her acting of a role, for nearly every modern opera makes great dramatic and physical demands.”

― Maria Jeritza

“So most of my acting experience came in college when I was living away from them. I acted in various independent films, and I got some commercial work and stuff like that.”

― Maria Menounos

“I’m really excited, because the character, Jules, is a really awesome character. I’m really excited to be playing her, and overall, I’m really excited to be getting back to my acting roots.”

― Maria Menounos

“My plan B, if acting doesn’t work out, is to work with disabled children.”

― Maria Valverde

“There’s no trick of teaching acting. Either someone wants to do it and is gifted, or not.”

― Marian Seldes

“Acting takes so much energy.”

― Marian Seldes

“The better the acting is, the less visible the director and the less visible the actor.”

― Marianne Elliott

“I had a very embarrassing time acting extremely badly at university, which is when directing suddenly became so attractive.”

― Marianne Elliott

“Of course, in later years, I’d studied acting more than ever before – mostly with the late Stella Adler, who was marvelous! – but in my earlier years, I couldn’t afford to do this.”

― Marie Windsor

“So, I certainly subscribe to what Bette said about acting being very hard work.”

― Marie Windsor

“Everything is acting.”

― Marilyn Manson

“I enjoy acting when you really hit it right.”

― Marilyn Monroe

“I was always very creative. I was always into acting and dancing when I was younger.”

― Marina and the Diamonds

“I love doing scripted things. What little acting ability I have I am holding on with my hangnails.”

― Mario Cantone

“Italy has piled up huge public debt because the successive governments were too close to the life of ordinary citizens, too willing to please the requests of everybody, thereby acting against the interests of future generations.”

― Mario Monti

“Campaigning and acting aren’t compatible. That’s why Audrey Hepburn gave up acting. That’s why Angelina Jolie will give up. I’m not ready to stop yet.”

― Marion Cotillard

“For acting, if there’s a strong female role and there is that action element, for me that just feels really natural.”

― Marisa Miller

“With acting, it was really more of a general kind of experience of really just loving being in the theater.”

― Marisa Tomei

“Not to get overly psychological about this, but it’s probably why I became an actress in the first place: for that kind of freedom and refuge, as well as for the fact that I just love acting so much.”

― Marisa Tomei

“I kind of fell into acting. I was very lucky.”

― Mark Goddard

“Buying involves decision-making. It’s a performance activity, like sports or acting.”

― Mark Goulston

“Acting and the navy seem to balance each other out – I’ve not surrendered over to the complete process of the navy, nor have I surrendered to the ego-driven process of acting.”

― Mark Hadlow

“Acting in ‘Star Wars’ I felt like a raisin in a giant fruit salad, and I didn’t even know who the cantaloupes were.”

― Mark Hamill

“Literally, I think I’ve quit acting three or four times, only for a few days. Maybe for a few weeks.”

― Mark Ruffalo

“My belief about acting in one foot on a banana peel and the other one in the grave.”

― Mark Ruffalo

“I do readings at the public library. I just did a benefit scene night for my old acting teacher.”

― Mark Ruffalo

“Music is my wife, and acting is my girlfriend.”

― Mark Salling

“The idea of transformation – playing something I’m not – is the bit I enjoy most about acting.”

― Mark Strong

“Instantly when I’m acting, I kick into Frank Agnew face.”

― Mark Strong

“The only thing I don’t like about acting is that it takes so much time away from my family. Otherwise, I don’t have any complaints.”

― Mark Wahlberg

“Acting kind of pays my bills more than music does.”

― Marla Sokoloff

“I began acting on stage when I was 7 years old. My first role was as Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at Chicago’s Center on Deafness in Northbrook, Illinois.”

― Marlee Matlin

“Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It’s a bum’s life. Quitting acting, that’s the sign of maturity.”

― Marlon Brando

“Acting is the only thing I’m even vaguely good at and acting is something that I think I do know about.”

― Martin Freeman

“I think acting is all about the other people. Sounds like a worthy thing to say, but it’s true.”

― Martin Freeman

“I’m always interested with other actors in what their process is, and are they still interested in acting, as opposed to being a star.”

― Martin Freeman

“When I’m not acting, I’m usually sailing or camping or exploring or travelling or spending time in New Zealand.”

― Martin Henderson

“There is nothing I feel that connected or passionate about that would take me away from acting.”

― Martin Henderson

“You’d be surprised at how undemanding acting is.”

― Martin Mull

“If laws acting upon private interests can not always be avoided, they should be confined within the narrowest limits, and left wherever possible to the legislatures of the States.”

― Martin Van Buren

“The enemy resembles us. Therefore, he needs to be approached not as an assembly of ‘targets’ to be destroyed one by one; but as a living, intelligent entity capable of acting and reacting.”

― Martin Van Creveld

“I never rule anything out. I’m an entertainer. Be it presenting, singing, acting, I just do things I love.”

― Martine McCutcheon

“Facebook refuses to let Google index or display content from its site. Facebook has partnered with Bing to make its results more social. Is Facebook acting to leverage its dominance in social towards a dominance in search?”

― Marvin Ammori

“I like acting very much because I don’t get punched, and it’s not real.”

― Marvin Hagler

“Although it has been said by men of more wit than wisdom, and perhaps more malice than either, that women are naturally incapable of acting prudently, or that they are necessarily determined to folly, I must by no means grant it.”

― Mary Astell

“Suddenly, I realised: this was what I wanted to do. I didn’t know how to do it; I just knew acting felt right.”

― Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

“I used to go home at night and just shake, because I had no idea that’s what acting was gonna be.”

― Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

“I do need to be told when I’m going wrong. No one’s acting can be an exact, 100 percent science.”

― Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

“As a measure of acting skills, film can be very deceptive.”

― Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

“I’ve been performing since I came out of the womb. I’ve been dancing and singing since I was a toddler. Acting seemed like a natural progression from that.”

― Mary Elizabeth Winstead

“I always wanted to perform in some capacity since I was a kid – I was a ballerina, then a singer before acting.”

― Mary Elizabeth Winstead

“When I was in my freshman year at college I took some acting classes and found that I fell in love with it again.”

― Mary-Kate Olsen

“I was never challenged when it came to acting as a youngster. I sort of just did whatever was given to me without asking questions. I didn’t really understand why I enjoyed it or why I did it.”

― Mary-Kate Olsen

“It always surprised me that I was getting acting work.”

― Mary Lynn Rajskub

“I got into acting to avoid politics of any sort so I could remain in a fantasy world.”

― Mary Lynn Rajskub

“Let me put it this way. There is more to acting than just acting like somebody. I like to act in such a way that other people get some notion of what it’s like to be somebody.”

― Mary Steenburgen

“For me, acting has often been solitary. You’re all together, and then boom, you’re gone.”

― Mary Steenburgen

“Acting was far from my world. I rarely saw a play. I never met a real actress; they seemed unreal.”

― Mary Steenburgen

“I couldn’t imagine trying anything else besides acting. But I didn’t know that to make it meant I’d be on a movie screen.”

― Mary Steenburgen

“My personal opinions on any subject are really not relevant, not important, and to the extent that I might inject them, I am acting improperly as either a District Court judge or as an appellate court judge.”

― Maryanne Trump Barry

“Among other things, Marching Band forms state that if my kid starts acting like a li’l jerkface on a trip, Marching Band can call and command me to pick up my li’l jerkface.”

― MaryJanice Davidson

“Playing a superhero was an acting challenge for me. It was fun.”

― Masi Oka

“One of the reasons I took up acting was to learn to be more human, to get in touch with human emotions.”

― Masi Oka

“Arnaud Desplechin invented me as an actor. I never imagined I’d be acting in movies.”

― Mathieu Amalric

“As a kid, I was really into performing. I would do choruses, I would do musicals, whatever it was. And then, as a teenager, I got into an acting class at SUNY Purchase for gifted kids, and that really turned me on to material beyond musicals, Sam Shepard, and Christopher Durang plays.”

― Matisyahu

“I did some acting in college. But then everything stopped when I was a junior, in the fall of 2001, when I started becoming religious. Once I became a full-on Hasidic, I stopped everything. I stopped music. I stopped acting.”

― Matisyahu

“Improv acting is not just saying the lines but connecting with the other actor.”

― Matt Besser

“I always like being a director in terms of giving acting notes and punching up on the fly.”

― Matt Besser

“Acting is just about the script and the director giving you notes. In improv, it’s more about trusting that the group will carry you.”

― Matt Besser

“I’ve definitely had crazy acting teachers.”

― Matt Bomer

“I think what makes a good actor’s director is the same thing that makes a good director. Acting is just one of the trades necessary to make a movie.”

― Matt Damon

“I had acting teachers, and one of the things that was encouraged was to keep it fresh, to be spontaneous. That’s the magic of film often.”

― Matt Dillon

“Voice acting is very creative, especially ‘Star Wars’ voice acting, because there’s so much you have to imagine.”

― Matt Lanter

“From the first audition on stage, I knew I loved acting.”

― Matt Letscher

“Authentic discovery, when captured on camera, I think, is tremendous acting.”

― Matt Walsh

“I studied directing prior to acting and I’ve done music videos and documentaries and things that were sort of well-received.”

― Matthew Gray Gubler

“Character actors are becoming a thing of the past. They’re just going by the wayside. They’re just cutting through that caliber of acting.”

― Matthew Lillard

“I’ve suffered from an identity crisis my entire life. It’s why I went into acting.”

― Matthew Rhys

“I’ve realised that nobody’s going to die if I don’t get it right and that there are a number of things out there, beyond acting, that are very interesting and fulfilling.”

― Matthew Rhys

“With acting, there’s a certain amount of independence you have within the framework of the storytelling. When it’s done well, it’s a collaborative medium.”

― Maura Tierney

“Besides stray instances of acting in school and college, I hadn’t prepared myself to be an actor.”

― Mawra Hocane

“As far as my education goes, I’ve always felt that was my hobby instead of acting.”

― Mawra Hocane

“I like to do a lot of different things in acting.”

― Max Charles

“Early success is really scary. Especially in acting.”

― Max Greenfield

“I remember, when I started acting officially, I was unbelievably green. My first audition tapes were just horrendous.”

― Max Minghella

“I wanted to write in film or something like that. I thought acting was an embarrassing thing to say you wanted to do, especially when you’re young. It seemed really uncool.”

― Max Minghella

“I’ve always found that acting has been quite a hard thing to pre-manage because so much of it is spontaneous and the circumstances so uncontrolled.”

― Max Minghella

“As much as I appreciate acting and enjoy it, and like it, it wasn’t something where I grew up wanting to be a movie star.”

― Max Thieriot

“I take my fun very seriously, whether it’s playing the drums or acting in comedy bits. The need to be disciplined about it, and not take it lightly, and not be too casual, is something I take deeply to heart.”

― Max Weinberg

“It seems like a really fun way to make a living, but I’m truly terrible at acting.”

― Max Winkler

“I get very irate with actors when they talk about how distressing it all is. I mean, it’s only acting. Please.”

― Maxine Peake

“When I’m not acting, I don’t feel like an actor.”

― Maxine Peake

“I’m always an advocate of ‘acting is reacting,’ which can be difficult.”

― Maxine Peake

“I am an actor. I love acting, and I absolutely love what I do, but I don’t want it to be every waking hour.”

― Maxine Peake

“Pay in the acting world hasn’t kept up with inflation.”

― Maxine Peake

“Crying does not equal good acting.”

― Maxine Peake

“Eventually, I realized that there was only so much that I could put in the way of my happiness, and acting made me happier than anything else.”

― Maya Hawke

“To be honest, it’s considered very late to start acting at 11 and a half, for the industry. Most kids are doing it from toddlerhood on.”

― Mayim Bialik

“I started acting because I enjoyed school plays.”

― Mayim Bialik

“I started acting in junior high. I was in ‘Guys and Dolls.’ I was Stanley Kowalski. In my head, before coming to Hollywood, I thought, ‘I can play anything.’”

― Maz Jobrani

“I thought, ‘Oh, acting is going to be great – I get to play different parts.’ And then these auditions started coming up for terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, and I’m going, ‘Whoa, what’s this about?’”

― Maz Jobrani

“I took one acting class as an undergrad, and I loved it. I was in a very avant-garde play at UCLA about a closeted, married homosexual. I played his father.”

― Maz Jobrani

“I love to sing, but I really only love to do it when it goes along with acting, when it’s my character singing. I’d rather not do an album or tour.”

― Meaghan Jette Martin

“Acting is what I do. It’s not what I solely define myself as.”

― Meg Ryan

“Acting’s not my whole life. My children definitely come first.”

― Meg Tilly

“I started acting in my parents living room when I was five years old.”

― Megan Gallagher

“As for acting, I took drama lessons when I was in high school.”

― Megan Gallagher

“Nobody knows I sing. Even though I’ve done Broadway musicals. I would only pick it over acting because it’s such a pure form of emotional expression.”

― Megan Mullally

“People find it confusing I’m in a band, even though music was my main thing before acting.”

― Megan Mullally

“I trained in Toronto with a private acting teacher, who was wonderful, for years growing up.”

― Megan Park

“I had always been the theater nerd at Northwestern University. I knew I wanted to do acting, but I hated the idea of being this cliche – a girl from L.A. who decides to be an actress.”

― Meghan Markle

“When I did ‘Clockers,’ I didn’t even think about having a career in acting, I just thought, ‘Wow, this is cool. I get to do a little movie.’”

― Mekhi Phifer

“I like going in to different styles of acting and exploring stuff I haven’t done before.”

― Mel Gibson

“Acting is like lying. The art of lying well. I’m paid to tell elaborate lies.”

― Mel Gibson

“I got the acting bug back because I felt like all of a sudden maybe after all these years, maybe I might have something to offer again. I walked away from it after ‘Signs’ because I just felt I was a bit stale and it wasn’t ringing my bells, so I focused on directing, writing and producing.”

― Mel Gibson

“Give more acting roles to 48-year-old half-Lithuanians who just don’t want to be pigeon-holed as bakery presenters.”

― Mel Giedroyc

“A musical would be fantastic. The soundtrack would be great and I’d like to do acting.”

― Melanie Chisholm

“The interesting thing about acting is using all your own stuff and having some kind of personal catharsis while you’re working.”

― Melanie Lynskey

“Essentially, what I do on ‘Supergirl’ is I’m acting out comic vignettes. That is its own muscle to flex, and it is its own skill.”

― Melissa Benoist

“I learned the process of this kind of acting, how things run, how chaotic it can be, and what kind of different muscles you have to flex.”

― Melissa Benoist

“I hardly knew anything when I first arrived. I had to learn how to act as I went along. After about a year I got a grip on what acting was all about and it started coming straight from my heart; I wasn’t just saying the words any longer.”

― Melissa George

“I don’t think I’m great at acting. I think I’m great at directing.”

― Melissa Joan Hart

“That’s probably the biggest secret of acting: If the actor believes it themselves, they can make you believe it.”

― Melissa Leo

“The key to acting has much more to do with listening than with talking.”

― Melissa Leo

“I think this notion of acting and glamour is getting in everybody’s way.”

― Melissa Leo

“That’s what acting is. You’re not alone. It’s reacting. That’s what we do.”

― Melissa Leo

“Acting, it’s hit or miss. Make them laugh, make them cry; hopefully they have a little entertainment.”

― Melissa Leo

“Modeling is a lot of fun, but I prefer acting. It’s so much fun to get to play different characters and transform into someone else for a while.”

― Melissa Ordway

“One of the cruelest judgments sustained against me is that I have spoken out as a recovered alcoholic to stimulate my acting career.”

― Mercedes McCambridge

“I used to joke that if acting didn’t work out, poetry was my commonsense fallback.”

― Merritt Wever

“Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.”

― Meryl Streep

“I’m curious about other people. That’s the essence of my acting. I’m interested in what it would be like to be you.”

― Meryl Streep

“I have four to five months, tops, per year to give to my acting work.”

― Meryl Streep

“I need to go where people are serious about acting.”

― Meryl Streep

“Before I started acting, I’d never wear makeup.”

― Mia Goth

“Acting really suited me because I could connect as an actor to emotion.”

― Mia Wasikowska

“Everybody who is an actor has been acting since they were three.”

― Mia Wasikowska

“With both acting and ballet, often you can’t just choose when you do it, whereas a painter can go at his own pace.”

― Mia Wasikowska

“Acting I’ll do forever, but I want to produce and stuff as well.”

― Michael B. Jordan

“I never really considered acting as a career until I moved to New York.”

― Michael C. Hall

“It’s interesting to play a role where you don’t really have to preoccupy yourself with any need to convince yourself that you’re not acting.”

― Michael C. Hall

“My most useful acting tip came from my pal John Wayne. Talk low, talk slow, and don’t say too much.”

― Michael Caine

“Acting is such a weird job.”

― Michael Cera

“It’s not really an easier racket than acting is. For some reason, I guess it had – the rejection of an illustrator’s life is less penetrating than the rejection of an actor’s life. So I was able to manage that. But all the while, I still nursed that old dream of being an actor.”

― Michael Emerson

“My goal was for acting to become my main income. I would say to myself, ‘I’m good enough.’ That became my mantra.”

― Michael Fassbender

“Berries are the healthiest fruit, offering potential protection against cancer and heart disease, boosting the immune system and acting as a guard for the liver and brain.”

― Michael Greger

“For years, I kept the two separate: Michael Horse the artist and Michael Horse the actor. I like the acting, but I’m an artist; that’s my identity.”

― Michael Horse

“John Ventimiglia, who was on ‘The Sopranos,’ was in my first acting class and we have been friends since that time. Alec Baldwin was in my class back then, Sean Young and Andrew McCarthy.”

― Michael Imperioli

“One of my early money mistakes was getting fired from the first acting job I ever had. I was cast in a play as the lead, and I got fired three nights after the open.”

― Michael Imperioli

“I took acting lessons when I was 19, 20, and I had my writing.”

― Michael Ironside

“I had all the usual ambition growing up. I wanted to be a writer, a musician, a hockey player. I wanted to do something that wasn’t nine to five. Acting was the first thing I tried that clicked.”

― Michael J. Fox

“By the time I entered high school, I had forsaken academics altogether in favor of my burgeoning acting career.”

― Michael J. Fox

“Acting, I get to explore other people and other characters; with music, I get to express and explore myself.”

― Michael J. Willett

“Being Michael Jordan means acting the same as I always have.”

― Michael Jordan

“I really like to hear actors talk about acting, but I don’t really like hearing myself talk.”

― Michael Keaton

“In the beginning, I aspired just to make a comfortable living in acting. I still feel the same – it’s just that my standards have gone up, so my comfort level is higher as well.”

― Michael Kelly

“I studied political science, and when I fell into acting in college – it was just a total fluke that I became an actor. I ended up changing my degree and went for a double major and missed political science by two classes.”

― Michael Kelly

“I am not one of those actresses who loves acting.”

― Michael Learned

“Kids are a great excuse for you to stop acting like one.”

― Michael Madsen

“Before acting, I was always attracted to words, to literature – be they the words of Williams, Arthur Miller, Shakespeare or Moliere.”

― Michael Mando

“Film is something that came later into my life. I had a Jesuit education, and I consider acting and the theater as kind of a calling – a vocation.”

― Michael Moriarty

“I had a Jesuit education, and I consider acting and the theater as kind of a calling – a vocation.”

― Michael Moriarty

“Please don’t ask which I enjoy more – acting or hosting – because I love them equally.”

― Michael Palin

“I used to tour with this band. I was a drummer. I would tour a bunch for about 10 months out of the year and act for about two months. I would make what I needed from acting and would stretch it out.”

― Michael Pena

“When I did ‘Crash,’ to be honest with you, it was just another acting job. I just wanted to do as good as I possibly could.”

― Michael Pena

“I think I was drawn to acting just as a way of getting noticed.”

― Michael Rispoli

“I never went into acting to be able to scare everybody. If I’d wanted to frighten people, I could have joined the C.I.A.”

― Michael Shannon

“I’m always aware that there are, broadly speaking, two different ways to act: there is acting, and then there’s being, and I’m always more interested in that.”

― Michael Sheen

“The secret to acting is don’t act. Be you, with add-ons.”

― Michael Sheen

“I enjoy doing things that involve research because it’s part of what I enjoy about acting.”

― Michael Sheen

“Acting itself is quite scary. Some people say that actors are show-offs, very egotistical and all that kind of stuff, but it is quite scary.”

― Michael Sheen

“When I first started acting, I never thought I’d be on TV or film. I always wanted to be on stage.”

― Michael Socha

“I broke into acting doing Latino roles. I played a Latino casanova in ‘The Winner’ and a Latino character on ‘Hannah Montana.’”

― Michael Steger

“Before I pursued acting full-time, I had every intention of going into some form of law enforcement work.”

― Michael Trucco

“Police work was fascinating, and I didn’t imagine that acting was something a kid from San Mateo, California, could really pursue.”

― Michael Trucco

“Acting in TV as opposed to films is really difficult. What a film gets two months to do, we get eight days to do.”

― Michelle Borth

“I just enjoy acting, whatever area – theatre, film, television.”

― Michelle Dockery

“I was quite bright, but I didn’t do much with it, and I thought acting was dressing up and shouting for a living – which, of course, it isn’t.”

― Michelle Gomez

“I love acting, and I really am a group singer, and I’m not really a soloist.”

― Michelle Phillips

“All that celebrity stuff isn’t me. It’s just not acting.”

― Michelle Ryan

“Acting is not just impersonating your character.”

― Michelle Yeoh

“I just want to be a professional. I couldn’t live without acting.”

― Mickey Rooney

“I started out fighting before I was acting, actually, then got hurt and got into the acting.”

― Mickey Rourke

“I’m now learning how to distinguish when I’m acting and when I’m not acting – offstage as well as onstage.”

― Micky Dolenz

“I made an enjoyable living as a very young man, but I think as I became more comfortable and knowledgeable about myself and what I wanted, I moved into acting.”

― Miguel Ferrer

“Acting, really, is a lot of mental fatigue, emotional fatigue, concentration… it’s mentally draining.”

― Mike Colter

“Part of acting is always just being available emotionally and open to people.”

― Mike Colter

“There’s a joy in acting that’s not present in writing, but there’s a gratification in writing and creating that you can’t necessarily find in acting.”

― Mike O’Malley

“Acting is even stranger than I thought it would be.”

― Mike Patton

“I did game shows, I did interview shows, I did talk shows, I did commercials, I did acting. But all of that was a million years ago.”

― Mike Wallace

“I started as a writer; I started writing when I was little. The acting and directing was an outgrowth of my desire to tell stories.”

― Mike White

“My directing opportunities have been awesome, and my acting opportunities, some have been great and some have not.”

― Milana Vayntrub

“Absolutely, ‘Rabbit Hole’ gave me a nice first introduction into film acting.”

― Miles Teller

“I still think you shouldn’t use acting as therapy.”

― Miles Teller

“I really consider acting a high art.”

― Miles Teller

“I’ve not taken like acting lessons or anything but it doesn’t mean I don’t need to because I’m sure I do.”

― Miley Cyrus

“I’m kind of bipolar in my acting choices because I just want to do a little bit of everything.”

― Miley Cyrus

“I’d love to continue acting. Maybe start a business.”

― Millicent Simmonds

“I’ve been acting since I was 9, so not exactly a baby.”

― Millie Bobby Brown

“Acting is very sacred. Anyone who stands in front of a crew with the camera recording their emotions is a brave individual.”

― Milo Ventimiglia

“I moved to California not to pursue acting but to get out of Albuquerque.”

― Minka Kelly

“I was equally in love with singing and acting from an early age.”

― Minnie Driver

“The cognitive dissonance, the denial and cowardice that spare us painful truths and prevent us from acting in defense of innocent victims while allowing ‘beloved’ individuals to continue their heinous behavior must be jettisoned from the bottom of our souls.”

― Mira Sorvino

“Acting is what happens on the way.”

― Mira Sorvino

“I had started off, before I ever got an acting job, working at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Productions as a reader. I was always interested in that side of the camera.”

― Mira Sorvino

“Now that I’ve got some films under my belt, I have the courage of my convictions regarding acting. It gives me a leg to stand on.”

― Mira Sorvino

“There are all kinds of other things I could do, things I would probably like, but only acting would give me emotional fulfillment.”

― Mira Sorvino

“I want to go to college, and I want to keep acting and singing.”

― Miranda Cosgrove

“I’ve been acting for a while, but theater is pretty different. I’ve never been in a play.”

― Miranda Cosgrove

“It’s a career that’s enticing because you go on stage, for example, and people clap. You get that affirmation, but you can’t go into acting for that because it’s really your own self-belief that’s going to get you through.”

― Miranda Otto

“I grew up seeing a lot of theatre, and it was theatre that really seduced me into acting – not film or television.”

― Miranda Otto

“Acting is bluffing, pretending to be something.”

― Miranda Otto

“Acting is technically just lying, so I guess I’ve been acting since I was about 7.”

― Miranda Rae Mayo

“I would rather do many small roles on TV, stage or film than one blockbuster that made me rich but had no acting.”

― Miranda Richardson

“I’ve been in L.A., but I wasn’t acting. I didn’t know that I wanted to act, so I was in L.A. but working at a restaurant seven days a week and trying to figure out what I wanted to do and all that kind of stuff.”

― Mircea Monroe

“I grew up near the University of Michigan, so we’d sneak into college parties. That’s where my acting started – lying about the professors I supposedly had and what I was studying.”

― Mircea Monroe

“I may have a talent for acting, but I am incapable of doing anything else.”

― Miriam Margolyes

“Modeling is just one of those things that goes along with acting. When it’s offered, it’s hard to say no, because it’s fun.”

― Mischa Barton

“For me, to be perfectly honest, the part of my brain that was stimulated by directing was much more exciting than a typical day of acting.”

― Misha Collins

“Discipline is the quality that carries over from gymnastics to acting.”

― Mitch Gaylord

“I have never been to an acting school, and on the sets of ‘Karwaan,’ Irrfan was my acting school. By observing him, I learnt to improvise in the scenes along with focusing on the smallest of the details.”

― Mithila Palkar

“Acting on a digital platform is similar to the big screen.”

― Mithila Palkar

“I find a similarity between performing music onstage and acting – a reality of emotion.”

― Miyavi

“As much as we Egyptians treasure our military, acting alone it cannot provide the legitimacy to lay the foundations for democracy.”

― Mohamed ElBaradei

“I don’t get bored at all while acting.”

― Mohanlal

“Life is not about acting in films alone. There are so many things in life other than films and acting.”

― Mohanlal

“I use my hands a lot while acting.”

― Mohanlal

“Acting is only my profession.”

― Mohanlal

“Acting is my profession; I enact all roles with sincerity.”

― Mohanlal

“When I started acting, I did many films without even an idea of what the script was about. The film would start, and then we would discover what we were expected to do on the sets. Those days have changed.”

― Mohanlal

“If you have the opportunity to watch Nathan Fillion or Jim Carrey do a scene, it’s like getting a Ph.D. in acting.”

― Molly Quinn

“I get very competitive, mostly in acting though. When I’m going out for a role or something, that’s when I really get very territorial about things.”

― Molly Quinn

“In acting process, it’s very difficult to explain. It’s something very intimate, very private.”

― Monica Bellucci

“I think I’m more the method acting school.”

― Morena Baccarin

“Acting means living, it’s all I do and all I’m good at. If I weren’t getting paid well, I would still be acting in a small troupe somewhere.”

― Morgan Freeman

“My approach to acting is that I am totally intuitive. I read the script and I get it. If I don’t get it, I can’t do it.”

― Morgan Freeman

“You know how when you read a book and it becomes a movie, and it’s different than you pictured? In some ways, acting is a lot like that.”

― Morgan Saylor

“I did some theatre. I had some smaller roles in a couple TV shows and films. I used to think I did a lot of acting, but my ‘career’ started when I started ‘Homeland’.”

― Morgan Saylor

“I was never good at that Disney/Nickelodeon kind of acting. It’s not really my cup of tea.”

― Morgan Saylor

“I like making people feel things. Acting doesn’t seem like lying but like storytelling.”

― Morgan Saylor

“I don’t miss acting in films. I haven’t had that many good experiences with it. If I had, I probably would like it more.”

― Murray Head

“Ultimately, there is no entity called ‘government’; there are only people forming themselves into groups called ‘governments’ and acting in a ‘governmental’ manner.”

― Murray Rothbard

“I’m taking my time with the acting and learning as I go.”

― Mya

“I love acting and I have a need to do it, even when the business is down.”

― Nadine Velazquez

“I’ve made many career mistakes in the eight years that I’ve been acting. I did films that I never should have. I was young, inexperienced, and a bit reckless.”

― Naga Chaitanya

“I was 19 or 20 when I was confused whether to take up films as a career. At that juncture, I enrolled in an acting workshop and then eventually realised I was destined to be in films.”

― Naga Chaitanya

“I simply don’t want to enter the rat race. I like doing movies because I like acting and not because I want to reach the top.”

― Namrata Shirodkar

“I am making a conscious effort to ensure that my acting potential gets tapped in every project I do.”

― Namrata Shirodkar

“I have always wanted to be an actor. I was just five when I started acting.”

― Nana Patekar

“Acting was just a hobby; I never needed butter from it.”

― Nana Patekar

“I run a printing press from where I get my bread. If at all I get any butter, it comes from acting.”

― Nana Patekar

“Acting is just my hobby. When I don’t want to do it, I won’t do it.”

― Nana Patekar

“Acting was something I had to do.”

― Nancy Marchand

“A lot of what acting is paying attention.”

― Nancy Reagan

“Trash my acting and my films. But don’t gossip about my personal life.”

― Nani

“Acting is my world. Acting is my life.”

― Nani

“Dance is something which I like to do, but acting is my passion. I would like to do good and meaty roles.”

― Nargis Fakhri

“Don’t opt for acting as an escape from education.”

― Naseeruddin Shah

“Unfortunately, in our country, crying is mistaken for good acting.”

― Naseeruddin Shah

“Acting is fun, but directing is very stressful.”

― Naseeruddin Shah

“Acting is learnt, not taught.”

― Naseeruddin Shah

“Acting is no longer a taboo. The stigma has gone because people have realised that it’s a perfectly valid career choice.”

― Naseeruddin Shah

“I need both music and acting to even think about surviving life. I don’t have a choice.”

― Natalia Tena

“My role as Ewan McGregor’s girlfriend in the film ‘Incendiary’ ended up on the cutting-room floor, but at least I had two brilliant days of acting with Ewan.”

― Natalie Dormer

“I like acting for now. But after seeing Apollo 13, what I really want to do is to be an astronaut. I’m dying to go to a space camp next summer!”

― Natalie Portman

“Stardom is only a by-product of acting. I don’t think being a movie star is a good enough reason for existing.”

― Natalie Wood

“I think I have been very lucky as far as my acting career goes.”

― Natasha Henstridge

“I love acting. It’s what I do, not what I am.”

― Natasha Little

“I’m not someone who went to acting school – I was just out of the gate, doing it.”

― Natasha Lyonne

“I kinda lose my mind in ‘Fringe,’ or at least my character does. Whenever I’m acting, I tend to accidentally become unable to switch off the character. I’m a little bit of a method actor, but without really wanting to be.”

― Natassia Malthe

“I think chemistry and great acting go hand-in-hand.”

― Nate Parker

“For my first role, I had to audition five times. I’ve gotten a lot of no’s and rejections. But I just had to keep working hard. I took classes; I worked on my craft and continued to work with an acting coach and just didn’t give up on myself.”

― Naturi Naughton

“To me, singing and acting have always gone hand and hand.”

― Naturi Naughton

“I entered the acting world at a time when there was a higher demand for Middle Eastern actors in the post-9/11 world, and yeah, the roles weren’t great.”

― Nazanin Boniadi

“The Supreme Court is very capable of acting quickly when it needs to.”

― Neal Katyal

“Acting is probably the number one team sport in America as far as I’m concerned.”

― Neal McDonough

“Had I not been a model at the beginning of my career, probably acting would not have happened.”

― Neha Dhupia

“On hindsight, I feel I should have given more time to sports. But I really got bitten by the acting bug.”

― Neha Dhupia

“I will only take up acting if the offer is too good to refuse.”

― Neha Kakkar

“I think things through a lot, so I probably use my head more than my heart. That probably comes through in my acting.”

― Neil Patrick Harris

“I’ve noticed a pattern in stars that start acting out in public. Every one of them felt like they grew up without love.”

― Neil Strauss

“I’d always dabbled in acting.”

― Nelsan Ellis

“Acting is the only thing that makes me happy.”

― Nelsan Ellis

“My first film was with Cuba Gooding Jr, ‘The Fighting Temptations,’ and I had a little part here and there on little shows as guest stars. And I’ve taken acting classes.”

― NeNe Leakes

“After I did television, I just felt I didn’t have any more to give to the medium. And so I went back to the theatre and started directing and producing, and found I enjoyed it as much, if not more, than acting.”

― Ng Chin Han

“I couldn’t get an acting job to save my life when I moved to L.A.”

― Nia Vardalos

“It’s just coincidental that the acting took off first over everything else.”

― Nichelle Nichols

“It’s funny, when you become an actor and you’re successful, they don’t want to talk about acting any more. ‘Hey let’s talk about that stuff you were fired from.’”

― Nicholas Brendon

“I always wanted to be an actor, but with a speech impediment it’s kind of tough. I decided to roll the dice and take an acting class, which was very, very nerve-wracking… my stomach would just be in knots.”

― Nicholas Brendon

“The acting of the ’50s is really stylized, so you’re not really getting a lot of authentic, everyday characterization of people.”

― Nicholas D’Agosto

“I’d just like to carry on acting.”

― Nicholas Hoult

“A lot of child actors keep acting for the wrong reasons.”

― Nicholas Hoult

“And I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t had another job besides acting in the last five years.”

― Nicholas Lea

“You can be in an acting class all you want, but you don’t fully learn until you get off that stage and in front of a camera.”

― Nicholas Lea

“The idea of acting is something that absolutely repulses me. I just can’t do it. I’m terrible at it. I get roped into films every now and then, and it’s always a disaster.”

― Nick Cave

“I find acting tough, but sitting around chatting – that’s easy.”

― Nick Frost

“I think a lot of what you do in acting, and for the most part singing and dancing and everything, is trial and error. It’s all about just seeing what works, and if it does, to use it, and if not, to throw it away.”

― Nick Jonas

“A few nights ago I went to a Hollywood screening of a small independent film made by Sally Kirkland, an old friend of mine who also did terrific job acting in it. There were other actors in it and they were all terrific.”

― Nick Mancuso

“Acting is always therapeutic.”

― Nick Nolte

“Acting is a bit of a substitute for life.”

― Nick Nolte

“Superstore’ is, like, my fifth acting job.”

― Nico Santos

“When I moved to L.A., I had no intention of really pursuing acting. I wanted to focus on stand-up. It’s crazy to me that my acting career took off much faster than my stand-up career.”

― Nico Santos

“I was always about working. I like working. I don’t like being unemployed. I love acting.”

― Nicola Walker

“When the acting all dries up, I won’t be going there – either to the police force or to the church. I’ll have to think of something else!”

― Nicola Walker

“There wasn’t really anything I wanted to do other than acting, which is ridiculous because there were no actors in my family, and we didn’t know anything about acting.”

― Nicola Walker

“My husband is an actor, and we don’t talk about acting at home.”

― Nicola Walker

“My mother was a dancer, so I like to use the body as part of the instrument of acting.”

― Nicolas Cage

“Film acting is one of the only industries where you’re criticized for working hard. In any other industry, it’s considered a quality and something to behold.”

― Nicolas Cage

“Acting is like any other art form, in that you have the option to go very big or go very small.”

― Nicolas Cage

“The great difference between screen acting and theatre acting is that screen acting is about reacting – 75% of the time, great screen actors are great reactors.”

― Nicolas Roeg

“I wanted to be famous. I guess I thought acting would make me famous.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“I love acting, but it’s much more fun taking the kids to the zoo.”

― Nicole Kidman

“My acting and activism go hand-in-hand, and they really support one another.”

― Nicole Maines

“Many reality shows have failed because everyone’s acting.”

― Nigel Barker

“It is funny because, honestly, there isn’t much I got to do in ‘Kabir Singh’ in terms of acting, but many are appreciating what I have done.”

― Nikita Dutta

“Acting is the only thing I ever really wanted to do, and I’m really ill-prepared to do anything else.”

― Nikki Cox

“What I love about acting is that you are exposed to so many different things. Horse-riding, sailing, travelling to amazing places.”

― Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“Acting in ‘Game of Thrones’ is all consuming.”

― Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“Acting is emotionally draining, so I make it a point to not do anything when I am home.”

― Nithya Menen

“Acting was never planned.”

― Nithya Menen

“I think acting is my destiny. I did my first film when I was just eight. However, I never took that role seriously.”

― Nithya Menen

“I am not sure for how long I’ll stick to this industry. Acting is just a part of my nomadic life.”

― Nithya Menen

“I was eight years old when I was offered a film. And before I knew it, I was acting in Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movies.”

― Nithya Menen

“Had acting not taken off, I would’ve been glad to become a teacher.”

― Nithya Menen

“Acting is strenuous, both physically and mentally. But if you are passionate about it, nothing can be more exciting than acting.”

― Nivin Pauly

“I committed to acting. I believe if you fully commit to something, it’ll happen.”

― Noah Centineo

“My father was a writer and an acting teacher.”

― Noah Hathaway

“There’s the craft of acting, and then there’s a quality. There’s a quality that someone has.”

― Noah Hawley

“I went to a dentist for a toothache, and it turned out his kids were in an acting school. We talked about it, and I decided to enroll at the same school. I was 14. I guess you could say I just got lucky.”

― Nolan Gerard Funk

“Acting isn’t a sure thing. We’re not set to have jobs for the rest of lives, and fame is really fickle.”

― Nolan Gould

“Music is definitely something that I’d like to pursue. It’s probably, I mean, the acting and music are the two biggest things in my life.”

― Nolan Sotillo

“It’s hard; this business of acting is hard.”

― Noma Dumezweni

“I did fringe theatre for so many years, and then I got my first play at the RSC, which was an amazing feeling, but I was 30 and had started acting in my early twenties.”

― Noma Dumezweni

“I want to explore more sides of humanity and myself. That’s what acting is about.”

― Noomi Rapace

“If a show comes and the content is great, I would never say no to acting on TV.”

― Nora Fatehi

“My first love is acting, but dancing comes naturally to me.”

― Nora Fatehi

“I love film, and I would love to be a part of something that people universally love as a piece of film. Sure. Of course I would. And I would love to take acting lessons, and see that side of it someday. But I’m a musician.”

― Norah Jones

“I have an acting crush on Gene Hackman; I have an acting crush on Tommy Lee Jones. Gary Cooper. Jimmy Cagney. Michael Gambon. Simon Russell Beale.”

― Norbert Leo Butz

“I enjoyed acting and marveled that one could get paid for doing it.”

― Norman Fell

“I’m still insecure, but when I first started acting, I was really insecure. I glared at a lot of people. I assumed everyone hated me. Somehow that scowl has turned into an acting career.”

― Norman Reedus

“Acting is an emotion which has to be felt. Some feel it, some don’t!”

― Nushrat Bharucha

“When we don’t have all the details about our characters, we have to make it up to fill in all the details. So, for me, writing and acting go hand in hand.”

― Octavia Spencer

“I just went to an acting agency one day and just said, ‘I would like to act. Would you take me?’ And they took me.”

― Olga Kurylenko

“With modelling, you provide an image that is fake; with acting you have to provide an image that’s real.”

― Olga Kurylenko

“On the stage he was natural, simple, affecting, ‘Twas only when he was off, he was acting.”

― Oliver Goldsmith

“Acting gives me an adrenalin rush I don’t get from anything else.”

― Oliver Jackson-Cohen

“Acting is playing, and it is like being a big kid. Yeah, it’s great. You get paid.”

― Olivia Colman

“My dad’s an ex-policeman, and my mum is a sales representative, and they haven’t got the acting bug. Bless them.”

― Olivia Cooke

“I’m still really interested in acting, I love film so much. It’s definitely something I’m going to explore as well.”

― Olivia Culpo

“I fell in love with theater there, and after graduation I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.”

― Olivia Wilde

“I wanted to play a TV detective because it’s a rite of passage; I wanted to experience every area of acting. I haven’t done comedy or as much Shakespeare as I had intended.”

― Olivia Williams

“The big difference with Juliette and the others in that film is that she goes beyond acting.”

― Olivier Martinez

“Poetry has, in a way, been my bridge to my acting career.”

― Omari Hardwick

“Acting is the art of being and existing, and not being fake.”

― Omari Hardwick

“I loved being on stage, but I told myself that if I didn’t get into RADA, I wouldn’t pursue an acting career. I did get in, though, and that was that.”

― Oona Chaplin

“When I started acting professionally, it really felt like an extension of just playing around – it was all very organic.”

― Ophelia Lovibond

“Acting is about going into the space, and there are just some places that I’m not willing to go.”

― Oprah Winfrey

“The philosophy of Buddhism is connected to everything. So it probably does have some connection with acting, yes.”

― Orlando Bloom

“There is more good writing and good acting in any ten minutes of Twister than in, say, all of Citizen Kane.”

― Orson Scott Card

“I stopped acting when I was 19. The only time I acted again was during the war, when there were no other Nazis available.”

― Otto Preminger

“I mean, my music career and my acting career – if I want to do them to the extent that I eventually do want to get to, it’s going to be a bit of a balancing act. But I’m hoping they’ll just go hand in hand.”

― Paloma Faith

“I love to sing more than anything – more than acting, even.”

― Pam Dawber

“Maybe Trump isn’t a racist in private. But he’s sure acting like one in public. And his body language is corroborating the evidence.”

― Pamela Meyer

“I am still a villager who fell in love with acting.”

― Pankaj Tripathi

“Before trying my hand at acting, I use to cultivate my own land with my father.”

― Pankaj Tripathi

“I enjoy acting and just love to do my roles – big or small.”

― Pankaj Tripathi

“Acting is a really strange thing to do; it’s very strange.”

― Parker Posey

“That’s what I like about acting. When you’re preparing for a role, you do your research, and the bonus is you get to learn these skills. Now, it’s on to whatever the next thing is I have to learn.”

― Parminder Nagra

“I really identified with Jess, because my own dream was acting, which isn’t the most conventional profession.”

― Parminder Nagra

“My talent is universal, and acting is a craft that can be used anywhere, unless ethnicity comes into play, and then, looks matter.”

― Parvathy

“Acting is very anthropological for me. It makes me less judgmental.”

― Parvathy

“I’ve always felt a spiritual connection with acting. And I felt whole when I was onstage.”

― Patricia Heaton

“I used to be a dancer, and for me it was a really good combination of dance and acting.”

― Patricia Velasquez

“I worked with my dad for 15 years. I apprenticed under him and decided I wanted to become an architect. So I went to college for it and then the acting bug got me.”

― Patrick Duffy

“I had an agent in Salt Lake City, but acting was more like a hobby.”

― Patrick Fugit

“I fell in love with acting, just going to a lot of plays. My parents went to a lot of plays, and I went to a lot of schools that would get plays for kids.”

― Patrick J. Adams

“I went to acting school, but only for nine months. If you’re an actor, you know, don’t really need to learn how to do it.”

― Patrick Macnee

“I love acting.”

― Patrick Wilson

“Each song, you’re telling a story and acting.”

― Patti Page

“Beyond any role that I ever had, really early on as a stand-up, I would see actors decide to try it and they would bomb miserably. What I realized was that stand-up, acting and writing are all their own disciplines.”

― Patton Oswalt

“I started acting pretty young, so I haven’t had too many odd jobs. But I used to sell candy out of my locker in middle school.”

― Paul Dano

“When I’m not excited, it makes acting very hard for me.”

― Paul Dano

“When I’m not acting, I like to go home and be really normal. So I usually grow out my hair until I get the next part.”

― Paul Dano

“The better the acting is, the harder it is to see what the process is.”

― Paul Dano

“Every director should take an acting class.”

― Paul Feig

“In my years of acting, the one thing I was never able to do convincingly was to laugh on camera. Fake-laugh.”

― Paul Feig

“I’m glad I took the leap away from acting into going behind the camera because it’s much more satisfying – I love acting and I still do, but it’s much more satisfying to be able to make the stuff.”

― Paul Feig

“I couldn’t be happier to not be acting. I miss it, but I don’t miss the auditioning or trying to get work.”

― Paul Feig

“Acting can be a really silly thing. It’s like playing dress-up.”

― Paul Giamatti

“I definitely have a tendency to only see the blemishes of things, and see lots of things about my acting that I don’t like.”

― Paul Giamatti

“I don’t mind talking about acting. I don’t have anything interesting to say about it, but it’s interesting talking about it.”

― Paul Giamatti

“I was an English major at Yale, but I did do undergraduate theater there. And I went to the graduate school for acting.”

― Paul Giamatti

“Growing up, I didn’t know where I was headed, except to the grave or maybe to the gutter. I went through wanting to do a lot of things, but acting wasn’t one of them.”

― Paul Giamatti

“Strive to be authentic all the time. That’s sort of my philosophy on life, which applies to acting.”

― Paul Guilfoyle

“The worst acting is about imitation.”

― Paul Guilfoyle

“Acting is constant exploration.”

― Paul Guilfoyle

“I never felt Lee Strasberg could act, and I fail to see how someone who can’t act can teach acting.”

― Paul Henreid

“If a person is in front of a camera, they’re acting. It’s not possible to live in front of a camera.”

― Paul Morrissey

“Actors should be instinctive and spontaneous. If you think about acting, you’re not going to be good.”

― Paul Morrissey

“Acting isn’t really a creative profession. It’s an interpretative one.”

― Paul Newman

“I didn’t grow up wanting to be an actor, and I didn’t go to acting school.”

― Paul Schneider

“If I ever stop acting, I’d like to be the author of that decision.”

― Paul Schneider

“Acting is the hardest job in the entire world. By far. Harder than ditch digging.”

― Paul Thomas Anderson

“I’ve always really respected directors. As much as I was interested in acting, whenever I watched a film, it was always the directing that really stood out to me.”

― Paul Wesley

“What I love most is the art, is making art, acting and being on set, and being a part of the process of making a movie.”

― Paula Patton

“I don’t know, I don’t enjoy the business bit of it at all. Anything that’s not the acting. It’s all sort of like pulling teeth.”

― Paula Patton

“When I started performing, I decided that if in five years I couldn’t earn as much money acting as I could as a teacher, it would be unrealistic for me to continue on the stage.”

― Pauline Collins

“I go to an acting class every Sunday.”

― Paz de la Huerta

“There is no acting in a serial. You simply race through the reels.”

― Pearl White

“In acting class, I used to hide in the corner and pray the teacher wouldn’t call on me.”

― Peggy Lipton

“I find talking about acting very boring, having to come out with platitudes about how terribly nice everyone is. I would much rather just do it.”

― Penelope Wilton

“Acting attracts shy people and show-offs.”

― Penelope Wilton

“Movie stars are insecure like everyone else. That’s why they go into acting!”

― Penny Marshall

“I’ve always enjoyed acting, and there’s more than a degree of it involved in singing live on stage.”

― Pete Doherty

“It was a real sort of synergistic ‘Aha!’ moment when I started acting.”

― Pete Ploszek

“President Obama and a small team of senior national security officials were in the unusual position of acting as al-Awlaki’s jury, judges, and de facto executioners.”

― Peter Bergen

“I stopped acting a long time ago and my primary career has been producing-directing film.”

― Peter Billingsley

“I started acting in ‘The Sopranos’ around 1999 and 2000. I did that for six years. That was quite a job, and I loved it.”

― Peter Bogdanovich

“I never really think of acting and directing as being separate; they are just different expressions of the same thing.”

― Peter Capaldi

“When I was acting, I was always asking abut the mechanics of filmmaking. I decided I would learn what everyone on set was doing, so I would feel less threatened.”

― Peter Capaldi

“Even if I hadn’t been cast as Doctor Who, my acting would probably have been influenced by William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, and all of the other guys. Because those were the actors that I really watched every moment of, as opposed to Laurence Olivier.”

― Peter Capaldi

“Acting is the way I make my living.”

― Peter Coyote

“I do figure every angle of a guy I’m acting – but not consciously ’til afterward.”

― Peter Falk

“Acting is like golf: analysis leads to paralysis.”

― Peter Falk

“I love working with film, whether it’s the technical side, the acting side, or the musical side.”

― Peter Frampton

“If tough old Lefty Helen Mirren can warm towards the Crown after impersonating Her Majesty, who’s next? Since reigning and acting have so much in common, it’s surprising all actors aren’t fervent royalists.”

― Peter Hitchens

“Well, a deficit reflects an imbalance between spending and revenue, and so narrowing it requires acting on one, the other or both.”

― Peter Orszag

“Acting is just being a man. Being human. Not forcing it.”

― Peter O’Toole

“No one should ever know where conduct ends and acting begins. Conduct unbecoming. That’s what acting is.”

― Peter O’Toole

“If all the circumstances of acting are made to easy, then there’s no grain of sand to make the pearl.”

― Peter Sarsgaard

“To me, the most important thing in life is to be a human being. Second is acting.”

― Peter Stormare

“I started as a director very young and fell into acting.”

― Peter Stormare

“I started when I was four because I had asked my parents, I begged them, ‘Can I do acting? I really want to do this!’ and they let me do it, so that’s pretty much how I got started.”

― Peyton List

“Acting is my passion, and Chelsea FC is my hobby.”

― Phil Daniels

“My acting career began when I walked into a drama school class run by Anna Scher in Islington. Anna discovered a lot of people: Linda Robson, Pauline Quirke, Gary and Martin Kemp, and Dexter Fletcher were among my contemporaries.”

― Phil Daniels

“Acting is a tough industry. There are a lot of kids out there at drama schools and not a lot of money about, especially as the arts are being cut.”

― Phil Daniels

“I was 36, and I had decided to quit acting because it was so disappointing.”

― Phil Hartman

“I don’t get nervous when I’m directing a play. It’s not like acting.”

― Philip Seymour Hoffman

“I know some really great actors who are pretty judgmental people, pretty critical people. But they’re great actors. When they’re acting, that’s the craft.”

― Philip Seymour Hoffman

“Modeling teaches you to be completely conscious of the camera. Acting is being totally unconscious of it.”

― Phoebe Cates

“While complex acting roles are lacking for actresses, what’s even more rare are female directors.”

― Phoebe Robinson

“Acting’s not about nose jobs and liposuction. It’s about being truthful to what you’re doing.”

― Phylicia Rashad

“When I began to direct, I discovered that I was much more comfortable than I was acting.”

― Phyllida Lloyd

“Acting allows me to explore new worlds, to discover characters by delving into their lives, and ultimately to become someone else entirely.”

― Pierce Brosnan

“For me, acting is doing.”

― Pierce Brosnan

“Acting for the Indian audience is surely on my bucket list; it may take some time, though.”

― Pierce Brosnan

“I’m pretty tried-and-tested in the world of ‘suit acting.’”

― Pierce Brosnan

“Being an actor in Hollywood involves lots of things beyond acting. Charm really helps.”

― Pierce Brosnan

“Once I found acting and found that I could get away with it and make a living out of it, I was thrilled.”

― Pierce Brosnan

“I want to keep pushing those boundaries of acting.”

― Pilou Asbaek

“I started quite late. I didn’t know acting was a job.”

― Pilou Asbaek

“I dropped the script in the fireplace, called my agent and said, they can jail me, sue me, but I’m never acting again, unless I can do something worthwhile.”

― Piper Laurie

“I can only pay my electric bill for my last two years on my acting.”

― Piper Perabo

“I agree with Marjorie Rosen’s good psychological analysis of my acting ability.”

― Pola Negri

“I enjoy production more than acting, as one is involved in many aspects of film-making.”

― Pooja Bhatt

“I stopped acting, as I was not curious about it anymore. I was not passionate about acting.”

― Pooja Bhatt

“I became more part of the industry after quitting acting. I contribute greatly to the industry, as I bring in talent, provide money in the chain, and make it happen.”

― Pooja Bhatt

“We must be able to inspire. That’s my goal in acting.”

― Portia de Rossi

“I stumbled into acting and just loved it. I deferred law school-and I’m still deferred.”

― Portia de Rossi

“When I was building my career as a choreographer, acting just happened.”

― Prabhu Deva

“I have been into acting and direction, but choreography is my first love.”

― Prabhu Deva

“While I’m acting, I’m a professional, and then I don’t break into cold sweat for whatsoever reason.”

― Prabhu Deva

“Acting can truly take a toll on your nerves. I mean, we have to be larger than life. Worse, I’ve seen actors acting off the sets, too.”

― Preity Zinta

“I used to do school plays. I never really took any acting classes. I’m just a natural ham, I guess.”

― Queen Latifah

“There’s no one beating Mr. Bachchan when it comes to acting. He is outstanding. He is a phenomenal actor and a thorough gentleman. His natural skills at acting just bowled me over, and I’ve become an even bigger fan of his after working with him.”

― R. Madhavan

“After being signed for ‘Madras Cafe,’ I joined Jogi Singh’s acting classes, where I learned the basic nuances.”

― Raashi Khanna

“Acting was not on my radar ever, but after shooting my first film, I have realised that this is my calling.”

― Raashi Khanna

“Radha Krishna Sir, the director of ‘Jil,’ had seen ‘Madras Cafe’ and liked my acting in it. He wanted a performer and so got me on board.”

― Raashi Khanna

“I don’t have any acting or theatre background.”

― Raashi Khanna

“I did not choose acting as a career.”

― Raashi Khanna

“I learnt to keep my acting subtle.”

― Raashi Khanna

“I didn’t want to start acting like a cartoon.”

― Rachael Leigh Cook

“If this whole acting thing doesn’t work out, I’ll just get a talk show.”

― Rachael Leigh Cook

“But acting just sort of happened and I found that I loved it. It was such a challenge.”

― Rachael Leigh Cook

“I did some acting in high school, I knew I really liked it.”

― Rachel Dratch

“I graduated high school a year early and moved to Los Angeles to go to acting school, which is hilarious.”

― Rachel Hollis

“I’ve done teaching and things like that because if you’re acting, you’re becoming other human beings, and you need to have time to find who you are as well.”

― Rachel Miner

“Botox should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen. Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown?”

― Rachel Weisz

“When someone praises me for some speech uploaded on YouTube, I politely tell them I’ve been acting for many years.”

― Radha Ravi

“I did not come to Mumbai because I wanted to be a star. I came to Mumbai because I genuinely love acting, and it gives me a kick.”

― Radhika Apte

“Everyone’s amazed by the question that how did I succeed as an actor in the industry, which has Kamal Haasan? It’s because I grew as an actor watching Kamal’s acting.”

― Rajinikanth

“I grew as an actor just by watching Kamal Haasan acting. I had the good fortune of being able to observe Kamal Haasan from close quarters.”

― Rajinikanth

“Acting, for me, is giving to your co-actors.”

― Rajkummar Rao

“People claim that no good actors came out of FTII after Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi. What they don’t know is that the acting course was closed for 26 years and reopened only in 2004.”

― Rajkummar Rao

“I’m sure acting is a deeply neurotic thing to do.”

― Ralph Fiennes

“When strangers start acting like neighbors… communities are reinvigorated.”

― Ralph Nader

“Acting is merely the art of keeping a large group of people from coughing.”

― Ralph Richardson

“Acting is the ability to dream on cue.”

― Ralph Richardson

“The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing.”

― Ralph Richardson

“Any skill requires training. I took the corporate approach to acting and wanted to develop the necessary skills.”

― Rana Daggubati

“Putin must be punished for violating the Budapest Memorandum, and Russia must learn that the U.S. will isolate it if it insists on acting like a rogue nation.”

― Rand Paul

“Olivia Newton-John was our first choice to play Sandy, but she was nervous about acting, whether she would feel comfortable with us and could pull it off at all.”

― Randal Kleiser

“I fell in love with acting while I was a student at UCLA.”

― Randall Park

“Acting just didn’t seem like a viable option. I didn’t have any connections in the industry, and I had little support from my family. Also, there just weren’t a lot of Asian-Americans on TV or in the movies.”

― Randall Park

“I hope I get the chance to keep acting in great projects.”

― Randall Park

“I ended up going into the Master’s program for Asian-American studies at UCLA, in part because I was passionate about it, but also because I wanted to keep acting in the theater group that we founded.”

― Randall Park

“Early on, when I first started acting professionally, it was really important for me to get my parents on board, because they were so against it.”

― Randall Park

“I think ‘method acting’ is a widely abused term.”

― Randeep Hooda

“Over the years, I have realized that there’s more to a film’s fate than just good acting and a solid script. It needs to be marketed well. It’s the package that sells – the songs, action, actors, etc.”

― Randeep Hooda

“Acting’s more of a business for me now.”

― Randy Quaid

“I always wanted to be an actor ever since I was a little kid. I knew that I had to do something related to performing arts, and I enjoyed acting the most as it incorporated so many different art forms.”

― Ranveer Singh

“I just stick to my job, which is acting. Things like posters, publicity material, and promotions are entirely the film-maker’s prerogative. I don’t get into all of that.”

― Ranveer Singh

“I probably wouldn’t be acting if I didn’t grow up in Hollywood.”

― Rashida Jones

“In elementary and high school, I never considered acting as a profession.”

― Rashida Jones

“I find it scary to sing – scarier than acting actually.”

― Rashida Jones

“Instead of acting in court, I decided to act onstage.”

― Raul Julia

“Acting is in my blood.”

― Raveena Tandon

“I went to elementary like any other kid, but I was just always a little different. I had that sparkle, and everyone told my mom, ‘She needs to be on TV, acting.’”

― Raven Goodwin

“I definitely caught acting bug.”

― Ray Fisher

“I didn’t start acting until I was in college, which was in the 70’s.”

― Ray Liotta

“I didn’t study acting.”

― Ray Walston

“My greatest satisfaction in acting on television is to have the opportunity to communicate with the world.”

― Raymond Burr

“I fell into acting by going to a callback for J.C. Penney with my two older brothers when I was 4 1/2 years old. The casting director saw me and asked to bring me in the room with them. The three of us ended up booking the commercial!”

― Raymond Ochoa

“Everything I thought about acting and having a movie career has changed from what I thought when I started.”

― Rebecca De Mornay

“If I got too famous, I’d just quit acting, but I think it’s highly unlikely I’m going to get really famous.”

― Rebecca Hall

“Some of my acting heroes have built careers on playing characters who do horrendous things – they’re repellent and lovable. They’re not likable, but they’re lovable. I think Christine is one of those characters.”

― Rebecca Hall

“The Tunisian blogger and activist Sami Ben Gharbia has written passionately about how U.S. government involvement in grassroots digital spaces can endanger those who are already vulnerable to accusations by nasty regimes of acting as foreign agents.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“The sovereigns of the Internet are acting like they have a divine right to govern.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“I do acting for the awards… and cash money.”

― Rebel Wilson

“I caught malaria, and the medicines caused a hallucination. I dreamt I won an Oscar for acting. I know it sounds stupid, but it was so real, and I just knew then it would happen.”

― Rebel Wilson

“I never thought I’d be acting. It’s very accidental for me.”

― Reeve Carney

“The world is being destroyed by psychopaths, so of all the things to be concerned about – acting, it’s not really up there, is it?”

― Reg E. Cathey

“Children at certain ages have distinct actions, and boys at certain ages have a particular way of acting too.”

― Regina King

“Acting was a hobby for me when I started out, or maybe it was because there weren’t a lot of examples of me when I found an interest in this art form.”

― Regina King

“I never thought I could model, and I certainly never thought about acting. It’s just something that happened to me.”

― Rene Russo

“I think acting is something that came natural.”

― Rene Russo

“If this acting thing doesn’t work out, maybe I could be a blogger.”

― Retta

“I’ve always had a passion for acting, without really realising that that’s what I should be doing.”

― Rhys Darby

“I don’t sit around with other actors and talk about the pain and the magic of acting.”

― Rhys Ifans

“People say: ‘Oh, it’s only acting,’ but it’s not ever just acting. At least not with me.”

― Rhys Ifans

“I would also love to get into acting. I love being in front of the camera.”

― Rich Brian

“I’ve certainly had less practice at fatherhood than I have at acting, but in fatherhood, at least my failures are private!”

― Rich Sommer

“I was directing before I started doing ‘The IT Crowd.’ It wasn’t something that led on after acting I guess. I was sort of doing this stuff before acting.”

― Richard Ayoade

“I don’t have tremendous physical vitality since I had a neck operation, and I’m more aware than I used to be of the tedium of acting.”

― Richard Burton

“If you’re used to being a maverick, then people don’t get surprised when you start acting strangely.”

― Richard C. Armitage

“You know, to an extent, Method acting feels occasionally lazy.”

― Richard C. Armitage

“I’m less needy about needing to express myself through acting. I have many different lives outside of this that are extremely fulfilling.”

― Richard Gere

“When I started acting, it was really the way for me to be able to communicate.”

― Richard Gere

“To be with Derek Jacobi and Stellan Skarsgard, it’s a master class in acting every day.”

― Richard Madden

“There is nothing that living things do that cannot be understood from the point of view that they are made of atoms acting according to the laws of physics.”

― Richard P. Feynman

“Many Americans say they want to be organ donors, but they just don’t get around to acting on their intentions. Helping these potential good Samaritans overcome their inertia could prolong thousands of lives a year.”

― Richard Thaler

“I love acting.”

― Rick Springfield

“What’s the difference between tough love and acting like a jerk?”

― Ricki Lake

“I have an acting coach, a dialect coach, and just a great team around me.”

― Ricky Whittle

“My favourite compliment now is that people are talking about my acting, my craft – not my torso.”

― Ricky Whittle

“I had been taking acting classes on and off while I was modeling, so I always had a dream to be in a film.”

― Rila Fukushima

“My first love is acting, not directing.”

― Rishi Kapoor

“It’s my life – acting.”

― Rishi Kapoor

“The logic was, there weren’t too many female comedians, so I thought I might as well try a field that had fewer competitors than the field I was in, which was acting, singing and dancing.”

― Rita Rudner

“Acting has been my first passion, and turning a producer was a natural progression.”

― Riteish Deshmukh

“I think I have balanced hosting and acting pretty well.”

― Rithvik Dhanjani

“Compared to boxing, acting is more difficult. I have learnt martial arts and boxing since childhood. So, they were easier.”

― Ritika Singh

“My main goal for taking up acting as a profession was to show that sport or MMA teaches you life skills that can be applied to any profession in the world.”

― Ritika Singh

“I never thought of acting Bollywood. I have not seen many films.”

― Ritika Singh

“Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on.”

― River Phoenix

“Music is a hobby, because I’m not making any money out of it, but I put just as much conviction into that as I do into my acting.”

― River Phoenix

“This acting is going to leave my stain. Not just my mark, because you can wipe a mark off. But a stain: it’s going to take a whole lot to get that out, and that’s how I’m going to leave my stain on this world.”

― RJ Cyler

“I got into acting for the different scenarios and roles and meeting different people.”

― Rob James-Collier

“I love acting so much that I don’t want to give that up.”

― Rob Lowe

“Acting is fun. I especially like the action sequences. That’s what I do best.”

― Rob Van Dam

“Music runs through everything I do – I even think musically; even when I was acting, but, especially, when I am directing. Directing is very musical.”

― Robby Benson

“I was 16 when I was in a band, for about 10 minutes. I went off and did acting after that. So it was a wee moment for me when I sang.”

― Robert Carlyle

“Acting is a really insular thing.”

― Robert Carlyle

“Acting, the arts in general, is a magnet for the wounded of society.”

― Robert Carlyle

“When I was 15, 16, I studied with Stella Adler at the Conservatory of Acting, then I stopped again and went to the Actors Studio when I was 18.”

― Robert De Niro

“I know very little about acting. I’m just an incredibly gifted faker.”

― Robert Downey, Jr.

“Acting is the most wildly overpaid position imaginable.”

― Robert Downey, Jr.

“Acting is always a challenge.”

― Robert Downey, Jr.

“I’ll keep on acting ’til they wipe the drool. I like the business. I like to do different parts and diverse characters. I haven’t lost my enthusiasm yet!”

― Robert Duvall

“Some actors get by with behaving, not acting. You’ve got to sell the effect. I act more in the ‘Nightmare’ movies because it’s not like me. I’m acting, not reacting.”

― Robert Englund

“Acting has changed since the nineteen-forties.”

― Robert Gottlieb

“Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea.”

― Robert Half

“When Orson Welles was acting in ‘Compulsion,’ the director Richard Fleischer let him just take over and direct the courtroom scenes. To be able to see Welles – who knew more about directing than anyone – direct himself and the other actors, it was unbelievable and unforgettable.”

― Robert Osborne

“Acting is not being emotional, but being able to express emotion.”

― Robert Quillen

“Acting, when it is good, can be transformative.”

― Robert Rinder

“I did fine at school. Because of my acting work, I did miss all my mocks, which I was absolutely delighted about, and I spent about five months of my Leaving Cert year in Canada because I was doing ‘Young Blades’ there.”

― Robert Sheehan

“The last time I had a job that wasn’t an acting job was ’88, and I’m quite proud of that.”

― Robert Taylor

“Everything in Wagner’s work – the music, the acting, the staging – stemmed from the text. Everything served to interpret the text.”

― Robert Wilson

“To be in front of an audience and pretending, and to lie, this is the principle of acting.”

― Roberto Benigni

“In acting there’s two different things: You’re either pitching in a scene, or you’re catching.”

― Robin Tunney

“Acting is different from stand-up. It gives you this ability to enter into another character, to create another person.”

― Robin Williams

“Comedy is acting out optimism.”

― Robin Williams

“When I went home from Juilliard, I couldn’t find acting work.”

― Robin Williams

“I used to ask Sean questions about acting. He’s a brilliant actor, but I could never digest his information. I work primarily on an intuitive level.”

― Robin Wright

“I have the best agent, manager, publicist, acting coach, and lawyer. Without them, I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I’ve had.”

― Rochelle Aytes

“I’m the only one in the family who stumbled into acting.”

― Rocky Carroll

“Acting doesn’t suffice.”

― Rod Taylor

“Acting is something I love.”

― Rod Taylor

“In the world of acting, many are thin but few are talented.”

― Roger Ebert

“My acting range has always been something between the two extremes of ‘raises left eyebrow’ and ‘raises right eyebrow.’”

― Roger Moore

“The knighthood for my humanitarian work meant more than if it had been for my acting.”

― Roger Moore

“I think like an actor when I’m acting, and I think like a director when I’m directing.”

― Roger Rees

“I thought acting was just going on and remembering all of one’s lines.”

― Roger Rees

“It’s a vain craft, acting.”

― Roger Rees

“I really like acting in English.”

― Romain Duris

“I’ve always loved acting, and I do respect the craft.”

― Romeo Santos

“Well, I love acting, and I love acting quick.”

― Ron Perlman

“Acting is not about knowing all this stuff; it’s about character.”

― Ron Silver

“I kind of dwindled into acting.”

― Ron Silver

“I was playing a role and acting. But it was different than Spike Lee’s movie. Spike can say ‘cut’ and move to the next scene. But I was pretending to be a white supremacist, one of them. I had to act like them to make the ruse a success.”

― Ron Stallworth

“My sister started acting professionally when she was twelve, but I wanted to go to college first.”

― Rooney Mara

“Apart from acting and singing, there is a philanthropist inside me who craves to do something for the needy and less fortunate.”

― Roop Durgapal

“When I was little, acting opportunities were always proposed to me as ‘a favour.’”

― Rory Culkin

“I always loved acting – though what I did in my teens was probably more eclat than elan. But I wasn’t sure about doing it professionally.”

― Rory Kinnear

“Whites would accuse you of causing trouble when all you were doing was acting like a normal human being instead of cringing.”

― Rosa Parks

“Obviously, I love acting.”

― Rosa Salazar

“Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.”

― Rosalind Russell

“Acting is about communicating what it is like to be human: the pain, the laughs, the misery, the joy. I suppose I am searching to have it all.”

― Rosamund Pike

“Go learn the language. Go take some acting lessons. Start from zero like everybody else.”

― Roselyn Sanchez

“My acting technique is a combination of a lot of different ones. A lot of it is Meisner.”

― Ross Butler

“I like to go off the other actors in the scene, which kind of stinks when you’re acting with someone who’s not that great.”

― Ross Lynch

“I reject the idea that when young women make choices with which we disagree, they are acting without autonomy.”

― Roxane Gay

“Whether I’m acting, writing, or directing, I want to tell the truth about human beings, especially my folk.”

― Ruben Santiago-Hudson

“Acting is my life. It’s what I live and breathe.”

― Ruby Rose

“When I left drama school, my fear was that I’d get pigeon holed into comic acting and I did so much to counter it that I got stuck in the opposite.”

― Rufus Sewell

“As a person I’m perfectly vain, I’m just vainer as an actor about my ability. My acting vanity trumps my human vanity.”

― Rufus Sewell

“Yes, years of compromise and disappointment have added depth to my acting.”

― Rufus Sewell

“I drifted into acting, and I’ve drifted into my career, and I’ve never been guided by anything particularly concrete.”

― Rupert Graves

“I always wanted to go into acting.”

― Rupert Grint

“I always felt like acting was something I could just do if I wanted, which was wrong.”

― Rupert Penry-Jones

“For me, that is the craft of acting: literally creating something from nothing.”

― Russell Hornsby

“I think for comedians, acting is their natural progression. It’s all about progression.”

― Russell Peters

“If I hadn’t gone into acting, then I would have perhaps become an animator.”

― Russell Tovey

“I didn’t know anyone in my family who acted; no one in my immediate family did any acting.”

― Ruth Wilson

“If I’m still acting at 46, I’ll be surprised.”

― Ryan Gosling

“I’m glad acting sunk its teeth into me, because now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

― Ryan Kwanten

“A lot of producers cookie cut movies one after another, but I’ll be a little more careful, and have the opportunity to be, because I have the acting career to subsidize the producing.”

― Ryan Phillippe

“I never took acting classes, but I knew I could do it based on the skill with which I lied to my parents on a regular basis!”

― Ryan Reynolds

“Character acting is a much braver pursuit than a guy who runs around and intermittently clenches his jaw muscles.”

― Ryan Reynolds

“When life gave me tough situations, acting helped me cope with those situations.”

― S. Sreesanth

“I definitely want to continue acting and performing.”

― Sabrina Bryan

“My first inspiration for acting came from the first episode of ‘Hannah Montana.’ That’s when I knew I wanted to be a singer and an actress.”

― Sabrina Carpenter

“I was keen on dancing, and acting offers were coming in. I was ready to enter the industry, but my parents felt I had to get educated. I protested, but now, I see their logic.”

― Sai Pallavi

“I love acting but I also love writing, especially comedy.”

― Sally Hawkins

“When I started acting, I was told over and over again, ‘You’re no good.’ But I said to myself, ‘You’ve got to keep it up.’”

― Salma Hayek

“Producing is hell, writing is frustrating, acting is really satisfying, directing is heaven.”

― Salma Hayek

“What once was an expression of who I was – acting – also became my hiding place.”

― Salma Hayek

“I did a lot of student acting when I was young.”

― Salman Rushdie

“Acting was always my unscratched itch, when I was in college and even afterwards.”

― Salman Rushdie

“With acting, a lot of it has to come from that real, honest place.”

― Sam Esmail

“I realized that acting isn’t necessarily what I love, but it’s what I do. But I really do love filmmaking.”

― Sam Jaeger

“When I started in films, it never really occurred to me that I could make a career out of acting.”

― Sam Neill

“I understand acting and I understand actors. I don’t really understand the world of celebrity. That’s just bizarre. Those sorts of elements I’m at sea with.”

― Sam Neill

“It was just as well I found acting because I had no aptitude for anything else.”

― Sam Neill

“My parents made certain I had no illusions about acting. To them, it was always just a job.”

― Sam Robards

“I have a constant sort of melancholy approach to acting that fuels me. I want to do everything.”

― Sam Rockwell

“Anjelica Huston and Kelly MacDonald are both really special. Anjelica has such a fresh point of view about acting and doesn’t seem jaded at all. She seems more like a student and yet she is veteran actor who really brings it.”

― Sam Rockwell

“There are places where writing is acting and acting is writing. I’m not so interested in the divisions. I’m interested in the way things cross over.”

― Sam Shepard

“Careers don’t interest me. The only thing that interests me is continuing to be a poet on one level or another, whether acting or writing or directing.”

― Sam Shepard

“Hats look exactly the same. There’s no difference between The Writing Hat and The Acting Hat.”

― Sam Shepard

“I like to stretch my acting muscles.”

― Samantha Morton

“Acting is a sport – especially working with Mark Rylance. There is competition involved. I have to be muscular, challenging, get audiences on side. It’s extraordinary how Globe audiences join in – it’s like competing at an event – I love it.”

― Samuel Barnett

“I’d done some acting stuff when I was younger, around age nine.”

― Samuel Larsen

“I’ve downloaded the BBC’s ‘Cranford’ with Judi Dench because I like a bit of bonnet acting, and I can turn it on and off without worrying about whether I can follow what’s happening.”

― Sandi Toksvig

“Great acting may be a turn-on, but it won’t make me fantasize about the person for a week.”

― Sandra Bullock

“The acting thing is so beyond my control. Acting isn’t mine. You’re like a tiny piece in this big, corporate mechanism that needs chemistry and divine intervention.”

― Sandra Bullock

“Oh my God, I love doing acting.”

― Santigold

“Acting is my first focus, but at the core, I’m a storyteller, and however that comes out is fine with me.”

― Santino Fontana

“That’s what acting is. You’re pretending to be someone else.”

― Saoirse Ronan

“I like to get far away from myself when I’m acting.”

― Saoirse Ronan

“Acting was my after-school activity. I never planned on growing up and becoming an actor.”

― Sara Paxton

“My father was a television director and producer, working on documentaries and current affairs programmes including ‘Panorama,’ and I didn’t think he’d find acting a sensible option. But as soon as I’d finished my A-levels, I got on a train to Edinburgh, and that was it.”

― Sarah Alexander

“I started acting when I was really young. I came to the States and didn’t know anyone, and I spoke with a weird Irish accent.”

― Sarah Bolger

“I’ve always been very passionate about acting. I appeared in panto in the Everyman from the age of five.”

― Sarah Greene

“Acting, it’s very different. It’s obviously very different and a lot more difficult than the modeling world I came from.”

― Sarah Roemer

“I don’t really like ‘acting’ – I like things to feel as natural as possible.”

― Sarah Shahi

“When I came out to L. A., I got a part in an episode of ‘Star Trek: Voyager,’ and I hired an acting coach.”

― Sarah Silverman

“I’ve learnt that there’s acting for film, acting for theatre, and acting for an audition.”

― Sarah Snook

“You don’t take a job in acting at all expecting 25 years in and a pension.”

― Sarah Wayne Callies

“My early acting was ingenue stuff.”

― Sarita Choudhury

“I hadn’t really thought about doing any acting at all post-‘Center Stage.’”

― Sascha Radetsky

“I’m doing a little bit of acting, but I can’t really say it’s going to be a career or even that I’m really suited to it. It’s a whole other craft you have to study and be passionate about.”

― Sascha Radetsky

“When I graduated college I needed to make money while I was pursuing acting, so I read screenplays and made a living writing coverage on them for studios.”

― Sasha Alexander

“I actually wanted to be an exotic dancer, but that didn’t work out so I thought I’d take on acting.”

― Sasha Alexander

“When I’m on an adult set and I’m in a scene, I am myself. I’m not acting. I am playing to the camera, definitely, but I am myself.”

― Sasha Grey

“Acting… honestly, I’m so uncomfortable and so awkward that I could never think about setting foot in a theater room or acting class.”

― Sasha Lane

“Everything about acting was either the opposite of my personality or it just didn’t seem like something I wanted to be a part of.”

― Sasha Lane

“I went through this realization that acting, at its heart, is the ability to manipulate your own emotions.”

― Scarlett Johansson

“I went to film school at Columbia and did that for a couple years, and really thought I was going to be a filmmaker, and then I kind of drifted over to the acting side after that.”

― Scott Adsit

“I think it’s all the same animal for me. There are actors who sing, and there are actors who direct, and I also improvise. That’s one thing I do as part of my acting. I don’t really separate the two.”

― Scott Adsit

“Now my drug is writing or acting, being creative.”

― Scott Caan

“Acting gives you cosmic permission to take a trip in movies that lasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the film is finished.”

― Scott Glenn

“I knew that acting is like anything – you learn from doing it.”

― Scott Glenn

“Acting is what I dreamed about when I was doing those impressions as a kid. Even if I didn’t know it yet.”

― Scott Haze

“I’d like to settle down eventually, but acting is emotionally draining.”

― Scott Patterson

“Hugh Grant, who several times has announced that he was thinking of retiring from acting, has said that he suffers from panic attacks when the cameras start rolling.”

― Scott Stossel

“The minute I get a big head and start acting like the big man on campus, it’s all downhill from there.”

― Scotty McCreery

“My family thought the fascination with acting was just another fad.”

― Sean Bean

“I can’t imagine doing anything except acting.”

― Sean Bean

“I love acting, truly my favorite people are actors.”

― Sean Penn

“Craft comes into acting later rather than sooner. I was somebody who had to learn through a process – a natural actor doesn’t need to.”

― Sean Penn

“The thing that’s very close in the process is writing and acting, not directing. Directing’s very different.”

― Sean Penn

“My family was always supportive when I decided that I wanted to pursue this thing called acting.”

― Selenis Leyva

“I went through a period of pulling away from everything – acting, people – not sure if I would ever have a voice in this business.”

― Selma Blair

“I’ve always enjoyed acting. When we were younger, my sisters and I would put on plays for our parents.”

― Serena Williams

“I had been acting since I was seven years old, but I had a combination of things happen at about the same time. ‘Austin Powers’ came out on DVD, I got a series regular gig on ‘Buffy’ and ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ came out.”

― Seth Green

“Next to acting, being in the great outdoors is my biggest passion.”

― Seth Numrich

“I learned acting while doing my shows. I never joined any course or anything. I just jumped into acting. I learn from experience.”

― Shaheer Sheikh

“I used to be a model, but acting was never on my mind.”

― Shaheer Sheikh

“When I came to Mumbai, I had no experience in acting ’til I actually did it.”

― Shaheer Sheikh

“I’m not giving up acting, I’m definitely not going to stop.”

― Shane West

“I went to Los Angeles for acting, and I thought that’s where I wanted to go, and I found out that I didn’t belong there.”

― Shanice Williams

“In my 20s, when I was acting, I probably had a little bit of a personality crisis in the sense that everybody related to me as Bruce Lee’s daughter.”

― Shannon Lee

“I was about 15 when I decided that acting was what I wanted to pursue professionally.”

― Shannon Purser

“Such a big part of acting is getting your face out there and getting recognized.”

― Shannon Purser

“But I’ve always loved the whole costuming part of acting.”

― Shannon Purser

“With ‘Shameless,’ ‘Homeland’ and ‘American Horror Story,’ these are all shows that don’t follow a particular mold, and they are out-there. The acting is spectacular.”

― Shanola Hampton

“Singing and acting on a show is like theater; it doesn’t get any better.”

― Shanola Hampton

“I would love to do more acting; I really would love to do it, particularly character acting. I’m a character type of actor; I love situations where I’ve got a bit of room to improvise on the character.”

― Sharlto Copley

“The acting world is a humbling experience, I find.”

― Sharlto Copley

“I was the kid who liked making other people laugh, so maybe the comedy came before the acting.”

― Sharon Horgan

“I will entertain things that are entertaining and sound interesting and challenge me. But acting just doesn’t come second-nature to me.”

― Sharon Van Etten

“I think it’s a falsehood to think you can have some kind of plan. Acting isn’t like that, it’s more vocational, I think.”

― Shaun Evans

“I love acting.”

― Shaun White

“As soon as I get time, I really wanna dig down and do some acting.”

― Shawn Mendes

“I wanted to be an actor, like, so, so bad. I took acting classes, I auditioned for Disney, and then I realized how nervous I got with remembering lines.”

― Shawn Mendes

“I love acting. I would really love to act.”

― Shawn Mendes

“I loved entertainment and acting, performing. I just liked the stage and having the spotlight and stuff.”

― Shawn Mendes

“Acting is something I always wanted to try after wrestling, and I felt like this was a perfect fit.”

― Shawn Michaels

“Acting is a sport, like a game of tennis, and you and your opponent take turns setting the level of play.”

― Shawnee Smith

“Transparency is our hallmark, and government is acting on the roadmap of economic revolution.”

― Shehbaz Sharif

“Incidentally, I’m still looking for acting work, my first love.”

― Shelley Berman

“Acting in films hasn’t changed me. I feel exactly the same.”

― Shelley Duvall

“But most of what I’ve learned about acting – and a lot of what I’ve learned about life in the past seven years – was taught to me by Robert Altman.”

― Shelley Duvall

“Baseball player. Yeah, that was my dream before acting, or alongside acting.”

― Shemar Moore

“Acting is therapeutic.”

― Shemar Moore

“Actually, acting and hosting shows just happened on the way, and I will do it ’til it lasts and then concentrate on writing.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“I worried about whether acting in Bollywood was my cup of tea – whether I could live up to it. But I enjoyed the filmi jhatkas.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“I enjoy acting, and I would love to do a play in the future.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“I love acting, but I like a lot of other things as well.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“I make money not so much from acting but my travelogue.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“For acting, once I am doing a movie, I am fully into that. But I am not one to chase films. When it comes, it comes.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“I’m just some commoner trying to work in acting.”

― Sheridan Smith

“Literature is an easier way to study acting, because then you can take any kind of spin.”

― Shia LaBeouf

“No one can ban me or stop me from acting.”

― Shilpa Shinde

“I’m not going to do the story any service if my acting isn’t strong.”

― Shiri Appleby

“My acting career helped pull me through the rough times.”

― Shirley Knight

“I’ve led three lives: the acting part, wife and mother – which is a career – and international relations. I’m proud of my career, the first one, and I’m proud of the other two, too.”

― Shirley Temple

“Acting is something I’ve always loved and enjoyed.”

― Shraddha Kapoor

“When I was a musician, I had no intention of taking up acting.”

― Shruti Haasan

“I am a musician who started acting.”

― Shruti Haasan

“I don’t believe in method acting.”

― Shruti Haasan

“Mum has discreet spontaneity – she has an ease in front of the camera, which comes naturally – whereas dad is a kind of an acting ninja. He attacks you with his acting, which is overwhelming.”

― Shruti Haasan

“I’m not going to lie; having acting greats like Kamal Haasan and Sarika as parents has, in a sense, opened doors.”

― Shruti Haasan

“Working with Nawazudin Siddiqui was like an acting workshop. It helped me become a more confident person.”

― Shweta Tripathi

“I’m acting a lot when I’m writing for other people.”

― Sia

“I’m acting from my heart. The way how I feel is the way how I act.”

― Sibel Kekilli

“The thing I crave for the most is appreciation for my acting.”

― Sidharth Malhotra

“I am a soldier, convinced that I am acting on behalf of soldiers.”

― Siegfried Sassoon

“With acting, there is a level of anonymity which is conducive to your profession. There are examples of very public people who are on the cover of every celebrity magazine but can’t open a film.”

― Sienna Miller

“I’ve come to this conclusion: What makes a great actor is great need. A huge need of acting.”

― Simon Callow

“Surprise is a huge element in acting.”

― Simon Helberg

“As a child, acting just seemed like a natural extension of my love of play – and if you’ve forgotten how to play, you shouldn’t be an actor.”

― Simon McBurney

“Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating.”

― Simon Sinek

“More than in any other performing arts the lack of respect for acting seems to spring from the fact that every layman considers himself a valid critic.”

― Simone Weil

“I fell in love with the art of acting back when I was 10 years old, actually.”

― Sinqua Walls

“That’s what I love about acting and love and drama and art: that humanness we all share.”

― Sissy Spacek

“Rarely in film acting do you get to do a scene for very long.”

― Sissy Spacek

“I did drama at school, as a kid, but I ain’t been to, like, acting school or anything. I was in a couple of school plays.”

― Skepta

“My introduction to acting was through theatre, so I actually saw a couple of Broadway shows that made me want to be an actor.”

― Skylar Astin

“As I’ve gotten older, projects are more interesting and dynamic. My thinking and acting has evolved over the years.”

― Skyler Samuels

“It has been quite a journey from Miss India to modelling and acting.”

― Sobhita Dhulipala

“When I was a dancer, I was acting.”

― Sofia Boutella

“Acting isn’t for me. I don’t like being told what to do. I’m more interested in set design, more visually driven.”

― Sofia Coppola

“There is work, and there is pleasure; acting is pleasure.”

― Sofia Vassilieva

“When I first started out, all I thought about was my own acting.”

― Son Ye-jin

“I never had an acting lesson.”

― Sondra Locke

“The number one job of an actor is to be a character and never let the acting show.”

― Sondra Locke

“Regardless of the success of a drama or film, I will be satisfied if viewers say that my acting has progressed and has gained more depth.”

― Song Hye-kyo

“There are so many characters I want to play. I’m greedy about acting.”

― Song Joong-ki

“I might retire when acting becomes too hard on me physically, but I don’t want to give up easily. I really want to have a long-term acting career.”

― Song Joong-ki

“Between my two girls, Alia showed a natural flair for acting.”

― Soni Razdan

“My acting, writing, performance – keep me on my toes.”

― Soni Razdan

“I have done a lot of things apart from acting, probably because acting was not very consistent in my life.”

― Soni Razdan

“Ballet is something for which you need so much control and composure. And there’s an element to acting that is the complete opposite. You have to be able to completely let go and reveal everything about yourself. It’s about being very vulnerable.”

― Sonoya Mizuno

“Acting is my love.”

― Sonya Deville

“When I first started acting, I knew that you have to learn different skills for different roles.”

― Sophia Lillis

“I’m an actress. It’s my passion. It’s – I’ve always lived for acting.”

― Sophia Loren

“I got a record deal with Sony, and I really just put acting aside. But it’s a love.”

― Sophie B. Hawkins

“Even if I think in English, it’s more a language of acting than French.”

― Sophie Marceau

“I’m not from an acting family. I’m from a working class family.”

― Sophie Okonedo

“I would rather miss the mark acting well than win the day acting basely.”

― Sophocles

“A word does not frighten the man who, in acting, feels no fear.”

― Sophocles

“I’ve actually done three pilots for Disney. I met with the network when I was 16 years old and had just started acting. I would fly to Los Angeles to film pilots, then fly back to Dallas, where I grew up.”

― Spencer Boldman

“Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is.”

― Spencer Tracy

“Acting to me is always reacting.”

― Spencer Tracy

“I don’t like acting; not in front of the camera.”

― Spike Lee

“Acting has always been my passion.”

― Sridevi

“I think that Brad Pitt is definitely a hottie. And his acting is so great that it makes him even more sexy.”

― Stacy Keibler

“I like to use all of myself, and acting wasn’t doing that.”

― Stanley Tucci

“As a director, I also get to sit and watch actors and learn from them in a way that I don’t get to do when I’m just acting.”

― Stanley Tucci

“If you don’t want to be a slave, stop acting like a slave.”

― Stefan Molyneux

“I like working one-on-one with someone, and I think that to go to a school of acting isn’t really my thing.”

― Stella Maeve

“Modelling, for me, I find that it’s like acting.”

― Stella Maxwell

“There is no overacting, only untrue acting.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“Acting is such a strange, vague profession, but my kids know it’s hard labour.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“Some directors are interested in acting, and others are only interested in cranes and moving the camera.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“Most of my acting in general is about what’s going on in the head, and the lines are just something that comes out.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“I’m almost sometimes too subtle in my acting.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“I’m glad to see on a first-hand basis how both Andre Braugher and Andy Samberg work. They’re both pretty esteemed in both of their fields, respectively – comedy-slash-dramatic acting work.”

― Stephanie Beatriz

“My first paid acting gig in the States was playing a lizard-transforming, shape-shifting witch in ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’, I believe.”

― Stephanie Corneliussen

“You have to be very specific on the technical part of the acting.”

― Stephanie Corneliussen

“I started as a model in Mexico – I was traveling, but my base was in Mexico City. And then I studied acting for three years.”

― Stephanie Sigman

“We don’t have drama in public schools in France. I had never taking an acting class.”

― Stephanie Szostak

“When I first broke into the acting industry, I taught spinning classes to support myself.”

― Stephen Amell

“The essential meaning of perestroika for Gorbachev and his supporters was creating and acting on alternatives to failed and dangerous policies at home and abroad.”

― Stephen Cohen

“My mom kind of led me toward acting. She wanted to be an actress when she was younger. That made me interested in it when I was a kid, because she and I are very close.”

― Stephen Colbert

“If I wasn’t acting, I would be trying to break into acting.”

― Stephen Colletti

“Bit parts in Mediocre TV shows won’t develop your acting chops.”

― Stephen Collins

“I started acting before that when I was about 13 or 14.”

― Stephen Dorff

“I think acting is only one part of the piece of the movie. I’ts an important piece, but I’d like to be involved in all the other aspects of making movies.”

― Stephen Dorff

“In my early 20s, I was buying Kristofferson records. I loved his acting; then I found out all the songs he wrote. I loved the Highwaymen. I collected all that stuff.”

― Stephen Dorff

“I strongly believe we must move forward with these much-needed reforms to the Ex-Im Bank by acting on a five-year reauthorization bill.”

― Stephen Fincher

“Having been an actor and a writer for so long – 20 years or so – I felt that it would be daft to go to one’s grave without having directed. It’s a natural extension of writing and acting, and so I knew it would happen one day.”

― Stephen Fry

“I kind of figured if I couldn’t get a job as a dwarf, looking as I do, I should just give up acting.”

― Stephen Hunter

“For me, as an actor, just to keep acting and to keep being able to work and to do different roles and challenging roles, that’s something I’d love to do.”

― Stephen Hunter

“Science is not a heartless pursuit of objective information. It is a creative human activity, its geniuses acting more as artists than as information processors.”

― Stephen Jay Gould

“When you get older, you have to wrestle with what’s appropriate behavior a little bit more. Am I not acting too old or too young?”

― Stephen Malkmus

“Acting is way of making yourself exist.”

― Stephen Rea

“I didn’t want to be seen as just a guy on a list. I’m interested in good scripts, scripts that are about something, scripts that move your acting along.”

― Stephen Rea

“I’m enjoying it, but I still don’t know why I’m hooked on acting.”

― Stephen Rea

“We didn’t have a television, so I grew up with books. This isn’t to suggest I’m an intellectual, but I do read a lot because part of acting is an exploration of literature.”

― Stephen Rea

“Playing basketball is second nature to me; acting I found far more challenging.”

― Stephon Marbury

“Acting is definitely something I want to do after I finish playing basketball.”

― Stephon Marbury

“The work of acting, in and of itself, is something that is infinitely enjoyable.”

― Sterling K. Brown

“Music is my life – acting’s just a hobby.”

― Steve Burns

“Acting on a blue screen is awful.”

― Steve Burns

“It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I started acting.”

― Steve Buscemi

“I was going to buy a van and move to LA so I could secretly pursue acting without any of my friends knowing.”

― Steve Buscemi

“I’ve always been interested in character-driven pieces, and my approach to directing is through acting.”

― Steve Buscemi

“I’m not sure that acting is something for a grown man to be doing.”

― Steve McQueen

“Acting, at least for me, is very unreal, and when I’m doing it, I actually feel embarrassed.”

― Steve Vai

“I still really love acting. I find it really challenging. And I really love film; it’s a lot of fun.”

― Steve Zahn

“When I started studying acting, I was enamoured of actors who used movement to enhance the language.”

― Steven Berkoff

“If appeasing other nations means that we need to begin acting like them, you can count me out.”

― Steven Crowder

“Politics is a lot like acting. You have to be on all the time.”

― Steven Ford

“I just kind of fell into acting.”

― Steven Ford

“I did 10 years on ‘Sopranos,’ but the whole craft of acting is relatively new to me. I’m still learning that, and I’ll be learning that forever.”

― Steven Van Zandt

“I just love acting. Being in theater or being in television or film, I’m really living out my destiny.”

― Sufe Bradshaw

“Acting is something I’m interested in, and I’ll keep going to auditions, but modelling is my main job.”

― Suki Waterhouse

“When I was younger, acting, singing, and dancing was what it was all about.”

― Suki Waterhouse

“I think with modelling and acting these days, the lines are blurred. Everyone can do all sorts of things, so why do just one?”

― Suki Waterhouse

“I sort of look at acting like that: if you have no confines, you have everywhere to go.”

― Summer Phoenix

“I try and imagine myself in situations and figure out how I’d have reacted and responded to them, and then bring that insight into my acting. Much of acting is about borrowing from your real-life experiences.”

― Suriya

“Some of the joy in acting is switching it up: being able to do something that’s different than what you’ve been doing.”

― Susan Kelechi Watson

“Acting wasn’t what I wanted to do forever. I wanted a home, and I wanted children.”

― Susan Kohner

“When I am not acting or performing, I want to keep quiet and not to have a conversation.”

― Sushant Singh Rajput

“I remember when the results of the All India Engineering exams came out. I ranked 7th. I even got a scholarship. But it was during the sixth semester of my engineering course that I decided to call it quits and pursue acting seriously.”

― Sushant Singh Rajput

“I have always felt that acting in a film is very challenging in itself. But when it comes to performing live, I think that is more challenging.”

― Sushmita Sen

“There is life after acting.”

― Suzanne Crough

“Working with a great director is like getting a master class in acting.”

― Swoosie Kurtz

“And I taught acting for years, and without knowing it that was the real thing that started bending me toward directing.”

― Sydney Pollack

“I don’t care much about acting.”

― Sydney Pollack

“I feel no terror when I’m acting. There’s no tension. It’s just a part.”

― Sydney Pollack

“I actually began my career by convincing my parents to let me be an actress when I was 12 with a PowerPoint presentation describing acting and my goals.”

― Sydney Sweeney

“In acting, quite a lot of the time you’re not the first choice. Usually, you’re second or third. And it can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened. You get used to that.”

― Sylvester McCoy

“Quite often in acting, you have to play a certain part; you cannot speak as much as you want to speak.”

― Sylvester Stallone

“I don’t really know how to act that much. I’m quite good at comedy, but it’s mostly acting naturally.”

― T. J. Miller

“To be honest, I would never have imagined myself acting on a sitcom that I didn’t write.”

― T. J. Miller

“It helps me rejuvenate when I use my energy in different directions and then come back to acting.”

― Taapsee Pannu

“I can’t suddenly say that because I am acting opposite Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, and Varun Dhawan… I should get the same salary as theirs. Because I won’t get the audience to the theatres as much as they will.”

― Taapsee Pannu

“I didn’t have a list of dos and don’ts when I started acting, but one thing was very clear that I would only work in films which I would enjoy watching.”

― Taapsee Pannu

“If I had come out during my acting career in the 1950s, I would not have had a career.”

― Tab Hunter

“Unfortunately, there aren’t enough interesting acting roles in New Zealand to sustain a career.”

― Taika Waititi

“Acting is a form of confession.”

― Tallulah Bankhead

“Acting is a form of confusion.”

― Tallulah Bankhead

“Acting in an epic and a non-fictional film is a big challenge for actors, as they need to research extensively about the characters they are playing before stepping into their shoes.”

― Tamannaah

“It took many years of acting classes to get even remotely comfortable, but that’s OK. It helped me so much on a personal level, not to mention professionally.”

― Tamara Taylor

“I love acting so much that I have to have that as much as I have to have my time with my kid.”

― Tammy Blanchard

“When you’re acting, you’re escaping and hiding behind something. It’s cliched to say, but there’s a safety there.”

― Tamsin Egerton

“Acting is an aesthetic career, which is annoying.”

― Tamsin Egerton

“I’ve been acting since I could function. I got into acting to get attention as a child.”

― Tamsin Greig

“I’ve always been drawn to storytelling, and acting is the most immersive form of storytelling you can get involved with! You’re actually in the story when you’re acting.”

― Tamzin Merchant

“With acting, you have to depend on somebody else to decide if you are allowed to work. You can spend weeks and months when you are not acting at all.”

― Tana French

“Acting is easier than skating in a way and harder in other aspects. In skating, you get one chance, and with acting you get to do it over and over.”

― Tara Lipinski

“In general, I find that for videos the acting is more realistic.”

― Tara Strong

“Acting for me is very therapeutic. It’s my shrink.”

― Taraji P. Henson

“I love singing as much as I love acting.”

― Taron Egerton

“Even though it seems like there are a lot of parts, there is really tons of downtime in the acting world.”

― Taryn Manning

“With acting, I felt like I had a lot to prove because I didn’t study it; I didn’t work my way up in a traditional sense.”

― Tavi Gevinson

“A dream acting role would be Matt Damon in the Bourne series. I would love to do something like that!”

― Taylor Lautner

“I love the idea of metamorphosing and changing, the legalized insanity of acting.”

― Taylor Negron

“I think, as far as branching out with acting, it would take something really right on the mark to distract me from music, because music is everything to me.”

― Taylor Swift

“Acting doesn’t feel good. It’s not comfortable to feel all this stuff, it’s not.”

― Tea Leoni

“I suddenly discovered that acting made girls notice me.”

― Ted Lange

“Theater to me is acting but it’s more real on film.”

― Ted Shackelford

“I didn’t get here for my acting… but I love show business.”

― Ted Turner

“There’s acting, and then there’s auditioning; mastering auditioning is sort of the first thing an actor really needs to nail down when he or she wants to get a part.”

― Teddy Sears

“I’d always dreamt of acting but, in Adelaide, we don’t have exposure to the opportunities that make stardom a possibility.”

― Teresa Palmer

“I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my case, I sort of fell into acting.”

― Teresa Palmer

“I argued that I didn’t have any of the attributes to pose for cheesecake. I said I would have to make good on my acting ability, which was the only attribute I could offer.”

― Teresa Wright

“I was in an acting class taught by Eric Morris, and Jack Nicholson was in the class. He wrote the script for ‘Head’, so all of us in the class got little tiny parts in the movie.”

― Teri Garr

“I became disillusioned with dance when I was 16 and started focusing on acting.”

― Teri Polo

“My very first acting gig was in a movie for Russ Parr. He did this movie called ‘Love for Sale,’ and that was my first role in any film.”

― Terrence J

“I’ve always been singing, and acting was just something that happened.”

― Thalia

“With a recent birthday, I’ve been acting now for twenty years.”

― Thayer David

“I did my share of kid acting, like lots of us do. I even played King Herod when I was 6, but when I got to the end of my school period, that was it.”

― Theo James

“One should not evoke violence by acting fearful.”

― Theo Van Gogh

“By the fourth or fifth take, I had gotten over the ‘Oh my God, it’s a Stanley Kubrick movie’ and got around to doing a little bit of acting.”

― Thomas Gibson

“I kind of have a rededication in my life now to acting because I’m very fond of being in this movie.”

― Thomas Haden Church

“I had a really great experience so far with film acting. And most experiences from most actors, I’ve heard, are not like this. But I want a career that has many disciplines and many options.”

― Thomas Horn

“I moved with my mom to Los Angeles for her to pursue her acting career, and she got a job casting atmosphere in some independent films.”

― Thomas Ian Nicholas

“Acting is all about truth and honesty, and the sensitivity that’s capable of transporting you.”

― Thomas Kretschmann

“I wasn’t into acting when I was a kid. Maybe because I was shy or it didn’t occur to me.”

― Thomas McDonell

“After going to theater school, and then subsequently dropping out, I would say that when I first went to Chicago and learned long-form improv, that was a far better acting workshop than any acting school I’ve been to.”

― Thomas Middleditch

“I kind of fell into acting, but I have sung and trained since I was in the eighth grade.”

― Tia Carrere

“I really don’t have a career plan. I like being challenged and thrown around. But it’s only acting.”

― Tiffani Thiessen

“I want to take acting lessons first. But I’d love to find the right film, a ‘Breakfast Club’ kind of thing.”

― Tiffany Darwish

“After my 12th standard, I started preparing for the film industry. I’ve had no formal acting training.”

― Tiger Shroff

“I’ve always felt if my nose were more crooked, critics would focus more on my acting.”

― Tim Daly

“I love babies – I love being with them. As for acting with them, it’s kind of hard because they don’t know how to act.”

― Tim Daly

“Who would I be to be cowering to a bunch of gutless cowards acting like a bunch of tough guys online?”

― Tim Kennedy

“Acting requires emotional flexibility and demands, and directing is more cerebral and managerial and a tactical kind of thing.”

― Tim Matheson

“Acting’s just always been one of those things I’ve enjoyed.”

― Tim Minchin

“By early 1971, I had been acting professionally for 18 months – theatre work and my first telly, an episode of ‘Dr. Who.’”

― Tim Pigott-Smith

“You get money out of acting. You get gray hair out of directing. Actually, I get more of a rush from directing.”

― Tim Robbins

“I learned much more about acting from philosophy courses, psychology courses, history and anthropology than I ever learned in acting class.”

― Tim Robbins

“I ran spotlight. Swept up. Did box office. Ran the lighting board. But acting was the most fun.”

― Tim Robbins

“There’s nothing more boring than unintelligent actors, because all they have to talk about is themselves and acting. There have to be other things.”

― Tim Robbins

“I love acting, but it’s all just a bonus.”

― Tim Vine

“I was a pitcher, played third base, shortstop. I was good at all the positions and great at none. All it takes is a .111 lifetime batting average to make you go into acting.”

― Timothy Busfield

“I stopped acting because I had other passions I wanted to pursue.”

― Tina Yothers

“I have no complaints with the whole childhood acting thing, because I wanted to do it.”

― Tina Yothers

“Acting is definitely put at the back of my mind, if it’s there at all right now. It’s all entertainment.”

― Tina Yothers

“If I didn’t love acting, I would love to work at Google… if they’d have me. They have the coolest perks a workplace can have.”

― Tiya Sircar

“I have a huge acting crush on Gene Hackman. I just love watching him.”

― Toby Stephens

“Works of art should be stimulating. They should wake people up rather than acting like a sedative.”

― Tod Machover

“I’ve had so many jobs other than acting, it’s insane.”

― Todd Louiso

“But you’re right, I did think about acting more and then decided against it.”

― Todd Solondz

“I wrote a script. I actually enjoyed writing it more than acting. It’s about the Irish rebellion of 1920, which is a fascinating period and place for me.”

― Tom Berenger

“I came to acting quite late. I tried not to be an actor.”

― Tom Cullen

“One of the biggest heroes and influences of mine, especially acting and working in comedy, is Steve Coogan.”

― Tom Ellis

“I had to leave my three-year acting course at Guildhall a little early to start filming Chris Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk.’ It was an absolute dream come true.”

― Tom Glynn-Carney

“With any role, you’re extending yourself and acting out things that never happened to you.”

― Tom Hiddleston

“I love the acting community at Cambridge. It’s really quite committed and serious, since the days of Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen right through to Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie.”

― Tom Hiddleston

“When I was in ‘Billy,’ I always knew that I wanted to do something in performing. I always knew that I wanted to have a future in the performing arts. I had no idea that it was going to be acting in movies.”

― Tom Holland

“I always wanted to be a stuntman. If acting went well and I was able to take a year out, I might train and get on the stunt register, which gives you qualifications so you can do more of your own stunts.”

― Tom Holland

“I prefer to be flippant about acting, just in case I’m rubbish.”

― Tom Hollander

“I think I found that when I was doing a show on a regular basis and just acting constantly, that was when I was at my happiest.”

― Tom Hopper

“To me, acting doesn’t really feel that different, one job to another.”

― Tom Noonan

“I was a wayward kid, a rambunctious and angry teenager, but I found acting as a fifteen-year-old.”

― Tom Sizemore

“It’s just acting. I take acting seriously but up to a point.”

― Tom Sizemore

“A lot of acting, and I believe this, is either you can do it or you can’t.”

― Tom Sizemore

“I don’t have a general archetypal platonic shadow, ‘acting’ concept about it.”

― Tom Sturridge

“As children, my siblings and I were actively discouraged from acting. I have no memories of going on set with my parents – aside from ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’”

― Tom Sturridge

“I spend the majority of my life not acting.”

― Tom Sturridge

“The ‘Weston’ is actually my middle name. I hyphenated it because I really wasn’t willing to go out in the acting world as ‘Tom Jones,’ ’cause I’m Welsh as well, so the connotation is just ridiculous.”

― Tom Weston-Jones

“Acting for me is not that quid pro quo.”

― Tom Wilkinson

“I enjoy acting more and more than when I was 17.”

― Tommy Lee Jones

“I studied movies for many years, but I am professionally an actor because I, my background is actually a stage actor and acting.”

― Tommy Wiseau

“I kind of realized I could sing, so I played around with that for a while. And that led me to acting in itself, which I came more passionate about by the age of 15.”

― Toni Collette

“If I hadn’t had acting, I would probably have imploded.”

― Toni Collette

“The NCAA is acting like they can or are willing to self-police. It doesn’t appear that they are willing to do it to the degree that they should.”

― Tony Cardenas

“Even if a kid doesn’t go into acting or the arts like I did, some kids need that environment to find themselves and find what they love to do.”

― Tony Hale

“Being from Texas, acting or music isn’t really a thing to do.”

― Tony Oller

“Music is a big passion of mine, and to be able to do it on the side of acting would be amazing.”

― Tony Oller

“I’ve always enjoyed Acting. Acting is acting.”

― Tony Randall

“I never achieved my first goal in the National Actors Theatre, which is to have a permanent Acting Company.”

― Tony Randall

“I am going to branch out to acting and do more modeling.”

― Tori Bowie

“I started playing violin when I was six, so I thought I could be a professional. It wasn’t until I was 15 when I got into acting classes and realized this was what I wanted to do.”

― Torrey DeVitto

“I’m not acting, but I am acting.”

― Tracey Gold

“’Killer Joe’ was originally written in 1991 and first produced in ’93 at the Next Theater’s Lab – a 40 seat black box theater in Evanston, Illinois – back when I was getting started. I was just 25 and I had been acting for awhile, but it was my first play and the one that really got me noticed, especially by Steppenwolf.”

― Tracy Letts

“Comedians are the monkeys of acting. When you go to the zoo, everybody loves the monkey exhibit.”

― Tracy Morgan

“Acting wasn’t some long-held dream, and it still isn’t, really. I’m just trying to make some money and pay the bills.”

― Travis Fimmel

“I love being an idiot, and acting lets you be an idiot.”

― Travis Fimmel

“I want to be the Denzel of acting and the Michael Jackson of music.”

― Trevor Jackson

“Some of my biggest complaints about acting in television were that I was always wearing a tight dress or pencil skirt, and I was always wearing heels.”

― Trieste Kelly Dunn

“I was a 2-year-old baby on something, but it’s not like I had lines. But I actually had my first lines when I was 4. And then I finished school, and I went to USC for their BFA program in acting.”

― Troian Bellisario

“I grew up around acting, but it was never thought of as a career.”

― Troy Garity

“I want to go back into acting again.”

― Tulisa

“It’s just weird because videos games let you be something that you’re not; so does acting, but it puts you in, like, a real-situation-type thing or something totally different.”

― Ty Simpkins

“Acting is about acting, not about being a movie star.”

― Tyler Christopher

“The acting thing is the side benefit of becoming a little bit well known with my music.”

― Tyler Hilton

“I got started acting by going to auditions that my mom found in the entertainment section of our local news paper. Then, I got a manager and started going out on more auditions.”

― Tyler James Williams

“What I love most about acting is being able to play different types of personalities without being considered crazy.”

― Tyler James Williams

“Acting is all I know; being on a set is all I know.”

― Tyler Posey

“I always liked acting, but it was not that I was dying to become an actress. It just happened, and I am enjoying it.”

― Urmila Matondkar

“I never went to school. I never went to acting school because I was so scared.”

― Ursula Andress

“I have a very schoolish approach to acting. I like to do my homework, know more about the character, and study it. It’s all about the craft.”

― Urvashi Rautela

“I love acting.”

― Urvashi Rautela

“I think, by and large, the level of acting is mediocre. When I go to the theatre, I get so angry. I don’t go.”

― Uta Hagen

“I moved to New York – I attended NYU, did a BFA in Acting at NYU. I was really into hip-hop, so I started battling, like ‘8 Mile.’ I used to rap battle.”

― Utkarsh Ambudkar

“Acting is very immediate.”

― Val Kilmer

“It’s the persona that makes you a leading actor. A leading actor has something extra that’s fun to watch. But it isn’t usually about acting.”

― Val Kilmer

“I’ve never been that comfortable talking about myself or about acting.”

― Val Kilmer

“I’ve learned so many things from directors in my acting career. There are even some things I’ve learned that I didn’t want to do. There are those directors who’ve really made me shine and others who’ve made me opaque.”

― Valeria Golino

“I booked my first series when I was 13. Acting kind of took control because I was just going from part to part at that point.”

― Vanessa Morgan

“I acted with Albie at Stratford-on-Avon in the 1959 season. We in the acting company tended to hang out at the pub known as the Dirty Duck.”

― Vanessa Redgrave

“I wanted to be performer; like, I used to dance at weddings. I felt acting was my calling, and that is something I wanted to do.”

― Varun Dhawan

“I am always excited to be an actor. If I wasn’t, I would be acting, and the audience wouldn’t watch me.”

― Varun Dhawan

“I used to be very shy, and when I joined Satyanand sir’s acting school, I used to be afraid to talk in front of everyone. But I learnt so much from Satyanand sir.”

― Varun Tej

“No TV, no acting for me. I’m kind of a more behind-the-scenes kind of woman even though what I do is very public. I’m really low-key and I don’t need to be the center of attention.”

― Venus Williams

“Be where the acting is. I live in Houston. Dallas is 4 1/2 hours away. I let them know there’s no difference.”

― Vic Mignogna

“Acting between action and cut is temporary. The result is permanent.”

― Vicky Kaushal

“It was like putting your foot into a pond and knowing that I wanted to dive into this. It wasn’t even just acting. It was this medium, film. I had to explore it.”

― Vicky Krieps

“I didn’t know what acting school was, so I went onto the computer and typed ‘acting school.’ I found one in Berlin, and I found ones in Vienna, Zurich, and London. I went to all of those places to audition. You were supposed to have two monologues, and I only had one.”

― Vicky Krieps

“I believe that acting in any medium is the same thing, it’s discovering the truth in where you are.”

― Victor Garber

“I’m very serious about acting.”

― Victor Garber

“I took acting five times as seriously as anyone else. I just couldn’t show it.”

― Victor Mature

“I was an okay singer. I was an okay dancer. But acting? Never could do it.”

― Victoria Beckham

“I’ve never been in the music industry, only acting.”

― Victoria Jackson

“I came to acting in a very circuitous way.”

― Victoria Pratt

“Acting is not my favourite thing. I don’t like wearing costumes and wigs.”

― Victoria Wood

“I prefer the smaller acting than big histrionics. It’s about reacting and looks, which is often underestimated.”

― Viggo Mortensen

“My father came to Hyderabad to become an actor, took an acting course, and realised he was camera conscious.”

― Vijay Deverakonda

“I love acting. I had a backup option in writing or direction. But I have gone on to become an actor.”

― Vijay Deverakonda

“Acting and directing are two separate disciplines that rarely mix.”

― Vijay Sethupathi

“I was out with my friends when a casting agent came up and asked me if I was interested in acting.”

― Vikrant Massey

“Unfortunately, my dancing skills never came to the fore, as I got involved in acting on television, where an actor doesn’t get too many opportunities to dance.”

― Vikrant Massey

“I will continue to do TV so long as I get to prove my acting prowess.”

― Vikrant Massey

“Most of my confidence came from being with ladies, because I certainly wasn’t getting any acting jobs.”

― Vin Diesel

“His acting remains forever fixed in a time that never dates.”

― Vincent Canby

“I have learned that acting is not about beauty.”

― Vincent Cassel

“Acting is such a feminine process: you have to become the desire of others. I’m OK with this, and so is Gerard Depardieu. In many ways, he’s very feminine.”

― Vincent Cassel

“I took a route of acting, rather than starmaking, so it cost me a lot financially.”

― Vincent D’Onofrio

“The thing about Marvel is that they’re not – they’re into real acting. They’re looking for artists that are willing to take chances and are willing to create characters. Even if that character has been around for years and years in comic books, they still are depending on us to create something and take it somewhere else.”

― Vincent D’Onofrio

“When you’re acting, it should be the most important thing that’s going on. But when you’re not, leave it alone.”

― Vincent D’Onofrio

“Acting takes a lot of practice, but so does auditioning.”

― Vincent Rodriguez III

“Upon graduating from my acting program at The Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts in Santa Maria, CA, I went to my first tap audition. It was for the 1st national equity tour of ’42nd Street.’”

― Vincent Rodriguez III

“I like to say that I didn’t choose acting – acting chose me.”

― Ving Rhames

“Since I graduated college, all I have ever done for a living was acting.”

― Ving Rhames

“I was more interested in playing sports than acting. I didn’t take acting too seriously until the end of my junior year.”

― Ving Rhames

“I would love a recurring role on ‘90210.’ I would say yes to just about any role in acting that doesn’t tarnish my image.”

― Vinny Guadagnino

“Egos are an occupational hazard in acting, but I don’t have much of one, and my husband doesn’t have much of one, so it’s good.”

― Viola Davis

“Acting came from growing up in dysfunction. I mean, a lot of great times, but a lot of dysfunction.”

― Viola Davis

“Acting is not that far from mental disease: An actor works on splitting his character into others. It is like a kind of schizophrenia.”

― Vittorio Gassman

“I concentrate on acting while my dad handles the business side of my career.”

― Vivek Oberoi

“I love acting in Tamil cinema. I have decided quite consciously to do at least one good film every year in Tamil.”

― Vivek Oberoi

“I don’t know what that Method is. Acting is life, to me, and should be.”

― Vivien Leigh

“I don’t get acting jobs because of my looks.”

― W. H. Auden

“I didn’t choose acting. The universe did.”

― Waris Ahluwalia

“There’s so much we can’t express in our day-to-day interaction with people because it’s considered inappropriate. And acting is all about being inappropriate.”

― Wentworth Miller

“Acting was something I needed like air. It wasn’t something I could walk away from.”

― Wentworth Miller

“I live to experience different things. Part of what I love about acting is to live the lives of others.”

― Wes Bentley

“I tried bull-riding… I wasn’t good at all: I don’t think I ever got eight seconds anywhere. But then, after that, I discovered acting through community theater.”

― Wes Studi

“The art of acting is to be other than what you are.”

― Whoopi Goldberg

“I started acting as a teenager, but it wasn’t until I moved to New York when I was 20 that I made any kind of commitment.”

― Will Arnett

“The political machine triumphs because it is a united minority acting against a divided majority.”

― Will Durant

“It’s funny: the older I get, the more I can pick out when people are acting.”

― Will Forte

“When I was a kid, I always thought that acting was going to be the way to go.”

― Will Oldham

“Acting is my career and activism is my passionate hobby. But acting is my livelihood.”

― William Baldwin

“I have a temper, and it can flare from time to time, but as I’ve gotten older and more experienced, I think I use it in a controlled way. Oftentimes, I’m acting.”

― William Bratton

“Man is a make-believe animal: he is never so truly himself as when he is acting a part.”

― William Hazlitt

“I didn’t study interviews. I studied acting.”

― William Hurt

“I’m coming from the notion that acting is an art. It is not a business. It is about building characters, not about selling personalities.”

― William Hurt

“Don’t even think of acting as a profession unless not doing it would cause you to sicken and waste away.”

― William Lucking

“Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage.”

― William S. Burroughs

“One of the joys about acting is researching.”

― William Sanderson

“Acting is easier – writing is more creative. The lazy man vies with the industrious.”

― William Shatner

“I think the acting satisfies the need and desire for approval.”

― William Shatner

“If someone criticizes my acting, they may be right.”

― William Shatner

“A multitude of causes unknown to former times are now acting with a combined force to blunt the discriminating powers of the mind, and unfitting it for all voluntary exertion to reduce it to a state of almost savage torpor.”

― William Wordsworth

“I realized later how much my acting experience influenced my writing and how it helped me to write for other actors.”

― Winnie Holzman

“I was inspired by lots of people, certainly in acting and in writing and stuff, but I never wanted to be somebody else.”

― Winona Ryder

“When I’m acting well, it’s the most exhilarating experience. When I’m bad, it’s miserable.”

― Winona Ryder

“I never was disillusioned with acting because I love acting.”

― Woody Harrelson

“Acting was something fun that my dad did, but baseball is what he really wanted to do.”

― Wyatt Russell

“Acting was what everybody thought I should do, and at 15, when you love something so much, it’s like – ‘That’s not what I do. That’s what they do.’”

― Wyatt Russell

“Acting was always in the back of my head.”

― Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

“I really love acting, but I also really want to be a historian, so it’s really confusing.”

― Yara Shahidi

“Having life experiences outside of acting is something my family has always made sure happens.”

― Yara Shahidi

“I don’t consider myself just a rapper or just a singer. I’m a music producer, lyricist. I’m a poet as well, and acting is also a part of big entertainment.”

― Yo Yo Honey Singh

“I think acting is the most difficult one among all the performing arts.”

― Yo Yo Honey Singh

“Most acting is very melodramatic. It’s not what you see in people.”

― Yorgos Lanthimos

“Personally, the first year when I started making enough money just from acting – by that, I mean not doing anything else but acting – was around 2003.”

― Yuri Lowenthal

“Every time you’re on stage, you’re acting.”

― Yvonne Orji

“It’s only in acting where I’ve heard in auditions, ‘Can you black it up a little bit? Can you make her a little bit more urban?’ And it’s just like, ‘What?’ I don’t even know the word for that.”

― Yvonne Orji

“I try to keep my private life private and the acting stuff separate.”

― Yvonne Strahovski

“Acting is equal parts talent and perseverance.”

― Zach McGowan

“I don’t miss acting at all.”

― Zachery Ty Bryan

“Only a dynamic and strategically-minded America, together with a unifying Europe, can jointly promote a larger and more vital West, one capable of acting as a responsible partner to the rising and increasingly assertive East.”

― Zbigniew Brzezinski

“I would say that ‘Shake It Up’ was a chance for me to do two things I really love: acting and dancing.”

― Zendaya

“Absolutely not, because in acting I’ve found a domain that suits me perfectly. And that is so utterly rare.”

― Zhang Ziyi

“I stepped away from stunts and into acting right around when stunt people started getting put into motion-capture stuff.”

― Zoe Bell

“With acting, it’s my job to be emotionally vulnerable and accessible.”

― Zoe Bell

“It’s not easy, acting.”

― Zoe Bell

“If I ever feel that acting is just soul-sucking and I don’t want to do it anymore, I could stop.”

― Zoe Kazan

“First acting gig was playing a victim in ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ The night the show aired, they caught the killer!”

― Zoe McLellan

“When I first started pursuing acting professionally out of college, it was very much in my head that there would be comparisons with potentially both of my parents, and I found that pretty intimidating.”

― Zoe Perry
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