Top 5 Aden Young Quotes of 2020

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“I’ve been writing for years and developing my own films and editing with a friend of mine in Australia.”

― Aden Young

“I myself don’t have Netflix. And recently, I was staying at a friend’s place who did, and I was feeling rather poorly one morning, and I sat down and watched the entire series of ‘The Killing,’ the American version of ‘The Killing’ in one day. I just got hooked. I thought, ‘Wow, I’ve never done this before.’”

― Aden Young

“In some ways, what I learned is that you can take a character and breathe with them, and it’s up to the audience to interpret rather than you putting moral stamp on the character.”

― Aden Young

“I have great, fond memories of Canada. I feel that one day my bones will more than likely end up there.”

― Aden Young

“It wasn’t until I was at 39 that I joined my first real hockey team. Which was great. I scored a couple of goals here and there, but I wasn’t the most graceful thing you’ve ever seen.”

― Aden Young
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