Top 12 Affects Quotes

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“Landscape affects you.”

― Bernard Sumner

“Poverty affects people of all races.”

― Bill Bennett

“A lot affects the outcome. It boils down to scheduling and the commitment of the network.”

― David Ogden Stiers

“Failure affects me hard.”

― Fahadh Faasil

“Everything we do affects other people.”

― Luke Ford

“I have osteoarthritis, which especially affects my knees.”

― Malcolm Boyd

“As with wine, geography affects the flavor. Oysters are usually named for a locale.”

― Mark Kurlansky

“Every role affects you.”

― Melissa Benoist

“Music is real. It affects people; it’s real.”

― Prince

“What happens in one region affects people across the world.”

― Reuven Rivlin

“The interference of Iran affects us all.”

― Saad Hariri

“I’m a songwriter. Everything affects me.”

― Taylor Swift
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