Top 714 Animals Quotes

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“Animals play a big part in my life, on tour or at home.”

― Aaron Carter

“I’ve always been passionate about animals.”

― Aaron Ramsey

“Too often, animal-rights supporters seem to care about animals to the exclusion of people.”

― Adam Cohen

“The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals.”

― Adam Smith

“Back before I entered primary school, I liked to draw, even though I was a brat. I especially liked animals and vehicles, and I drew that sort of thing constantly.”

― Akira Toriyama

“We’re highly social animals – I’m told by scientists that what makes us different from other animals is an acute social awareness, which is what has made us so successful.”

― Alan Alda

“As I say, the Animals had a particular concept of themselves as a band. There was an anarchic spirit in it, which was being flattened by commercial designs, attitudes, and needs.”

― Alan Price

“The Animals were a very separate and dissonant group at the time. We came from different backgrounds, different areas – we didn’t even come from the same town, basically.”

― Alan Price

“Chinese civilisation is so systematic that wild animals have been abolished on principle.”

― Aleister Crowley

“Men are rather reasoning than reasonable animals, for the most part governed by the impulse of passion.”

― Alexander Hamilton

“We are civilized human beings, but we’re all animals deep down, and that creates a certain friction in all of us.”

― Alexander Skarsgard

“Man can acquire accomplishments or he can become an animal, whichever he wants. God makes the animals, man makes himself.”

― Alfred North Whitehead

“In all works on Natural History, we constantly find details of the marvellous adaptation of animals to their food, their habits, and the localities in which they are found.”

― Alfred Russel Wallace

“It has been generally the custom of writers on natural history to take the habits and instincts of animals as the fixed point, and to consider their structure and organization as specially adapted to be in accordance with them.”

― Alfred Russel Wallace

“People’s hearts are like wild animals. They attach their selves to those that love and train them.”

― Ali ibn Abi Talib

“I’m very touched on a deep level by cruelty to animals.”

― Ali MacGraw

“Doctors are human animals. They want to be loved, they are tribal, they instinctually favor stories over scientific evidence, they make mistakes, and even small gifts make them susceptible to being biased.”

― Alice Dreger

“I don’t want food that comes from animals that are caged up and fed antibiotics. I am really suspicious of that kind of production of meat and poultry.”

― Alice Waters

“When I was 8 years old, my brother was making the noises of the animals I was eating, so I decided to go vegetarian. Then I would give up because I was 8.”

― Alicia Silverstone

“Any abuse of animals is the same as abuse of men, women, or children.”

― Alison Goldfrapp

“I think that there are many aspects to the relationship between humans and animals. But briefly, humans appear to have always been fascinated by them from the time of cave paintings and before.”

― Alison Goldfrapp

“Animals are certainly more sophisticated than we used to think. And we shouldn’t lump together animals as a group. Crows and chimps and dogs are all highly intelligent in very different ways.”

― Alison Gopnik

“If I could stomach the awful part of being a veterinarian, which involves sticking your hand up animals’ behinds, I would be a vet.”

― Allison Janney

“Say no to circuses that exploit and abuse animals.”

― Ally Brooke

“I couldn’t imagine a home without animals.”

― Amanda Burton

“Fork: An instrument used chiefly for the purpose of putting dead animals into the mouth.”

― Ambrose Bierce

“I have always brought home stray animals – everything from squirrels to wild rabbits to foxes and turtles.”

― Amy Weber

“When people are thinking, we are quite inventive animals.”

― Andre Geim

“Every literary culture has among its first bearings the ‘blether’ of animals who seek to make sense of human existence.”

― Andrew O’Hagan

“What separates humans from other animals is our empathy. With the possible exception of bonobos, we are the most empathetic animal on the planet.”

― Andy Dunn

“We’re not the prettiest bunch of animals in the world.”

― Angus Young

“Animals are completely grounded in their root chakra.”

― Annaleigh Ashford

“We’re not just polluting a river and killing a couple of top predator animals; we’re eradicating the krill, the necessary algae. We’re dismantling the insect and amphibian worlds. We’re going for the building blocks.”

― Anohni

“I don’t like to see animals in pain. That was very uncomfortable to me. I don’t like factory farming. I’m not an advocate for the meat industry.”

― Anthony Bourdain

“We will admit that, out of the mud or sand which is found on the seashore or the beds of our rivers, at low water, shellfish or testaceous animals come forth, but it does not from thence by any means follow that they are produced without any regular course of generation.”

― Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

“If we now plainly perceive that the passage of the blood from the arteries into the veins of the tadpole is not performed in any other than those vessels, which are so minute as only to admit the passage of a single globule at a time, we may conclude that the same is performed in like manner in our own bodies and in those of other animals.”

― Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

“I have often endeavoured to view the circulation of the blood in terrestrial animals, but without success, by reason that no parts of their bodies were sufficiently transparent.”

― Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

“I have lately examined water, in which beaten pepper was steeped, and found two sorts of animals for shape, and each of those sorts to contain greater and smaller kinds: the greater I supposed the elder, the less the younger.”

― Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

“I like animals.”

― Ariel Sharon

“Some kinds of animals burrow in the ground; others do not. Some animals are nocturnal, as the owl and the bat; others use the hours of daylight. There are tame animals and wild animals. Man and the mule are always tame; the leopard and the wolf are invariably wild, and others, as the elephant, are easily tamed.”

― Aristotle

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.”

― Aristotle

“Some animals utter a loud cry. Some are silent, and others have a voice, which in some cases may be expressed by a word; in others, it cannot. There are also noisy animals and silent animals, musical and unmusical kinds, but they are mostly noisy about the breeding season.”

― Aristotle

“We, as a people, we have a strong need to categorize everything. We put labels on everything and it’s a totally understandable need because we are animals and we need to understand order and where to fit in.”

― Armin van Buuren

“I’m allergic to molds, cigarette smoke, smog and dust and animals’ hair.”

― Arnel Pineda

“Many years ago it was taught that plants and animals were composed of different materials: plants, of a chemical substance of three elements,- carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; animals of one of four elements, nitrogen being added to the other three.”

― Asa Gray

“It was always understood that plants and animals, though completely contrasted in their higher representatives, approached each other very closely in their lower and simpler forms. But they were believed not to blend.”

― Asa Gray

“I was always into animals and animal protection, ever since I was growing up.”

― Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

“I love pet animals, but I don’t have any.”

― Asin

“The circulatory system of man and the vertebrate animals can be considered as made up of a small number of organs or subordinate systems, which are easy to recognize anatomically, and the functions of which are on the whole quite distinct.”

― August Krogh

“For a large number of problems, there will be some animal of choice, or a few such animals, on which it can be most conveniently studied.”

― August Krogh

“I really want a pet, and I really love animals.”

― Aurora

“I am opposed to the military use of animals. I am also opposed to the military use of men.”

― B. F. Skinner

“If humans evolved in a tiny area of Africa, they only saw plants and animals within a 100-kilometre radius for a million years. When they began to migrate, there would have been different animals and plants – and potentially a lot of allergy issues.”

― Barry Marshall

“Making lasting gifts for animals in our estate plans is perhaps the single most important thing we can do to ensure animals have the strongest possible voice for their protection.”

― Bea Arthur

“I have held healthy respects of bears along with assorted crocodiles, snakes and lots of other animals. You know, bears are dangerous, you have to be super careful.”

― Bear Grylls

“Stage and film are just two wildly different animals. Why compare the two?”

― Bebe Neuwirth

“I am a fosterer of animals.”

― Bellamy Young

“I used to go badger-watching as a boy, and it’s brilliant fun – they’re incredibly active animals, and the cubs are very funny to watch.”

― Ben Miller

“Lots of people talk to animals… Not very many listen, though… That’s the problem.”

― Benjamin Hoff

“Working on behalf of companion animals is so important. We start to realize how healing they are.”

― Bernadette Peters

“My own hobbies are rather quiet. I like to read and do needlework, and I love animals.”

― Betsy Byars

“Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.”

― Betty White

“I’m in the middle of my sixth book, which is about animals at the Los Angeles Zoo.”

― Betty White

“Burning carbon-based substances like oil, gas, and especially coal, produces billions of tons of extra carbon dioxide each year. Methane gas from cows and pigs and other animals on our large farms ends up in the atmosphere as well, trapping more of the sun’s energy as heat.”

― Bill Nye

“I never do the cute thing with animals; they are interesting shapes. I just use their profile. Because German shepherds are so easily recognizable, they would fall outside my purview.”

― Billy Al Bengston

“It’s about keeping animals in our environment. They can’t be on somebody’s purse or shoes or something.”

― Bindi Irwin

“If you treat animals how you want to be treated, you’re a lot better off.”

― Bindi Irwin

“I’m going to be doing exactly what I’m doing now – teaching people about animals.”

― Bindi Irwin

“I’ll always feel most comfortable in khaki surrounded by animals, but it is really fun to try different styles.”

― Bindi Irwin

“They’re one of – crocs and snakes are two of my favorite animals. They’re so good.”

― Bindi Irwin

“Both my wife and I have a lot of compassion for animals in general.”

― Biz Stone

“I looked about me once again, and suddenly the dancing horses without number changed into animals of every kind and into all the fowls that are, and these fled back to the four quarters of the world from whence the horses came, and vanished.”

― Black Elk

“’Political Animals’ was before its time: a little darker, a little edgier. The audience wasn’t ready for it.”

― Bonnie Hammer

“Pet stores just sell their animals.”

― Booboo Stewart

“I’ve gotten stopped for reckless eyeballing, for staring too hard. These officers think they’re Tarzan and this is a jungle, that all the animals need to be tamed.”

― Boots Riley

“The hardest thing about being on the road is not being with my animals.”

― Brandi Carlile

“Special-purpose dogs have been a critical component for police and military work in the current war on terror. These dogs are some of the bravest animals on the planet.”

― Brandon Webb

“One of the mistakes I made was thinking chickens and penguins could sing, just like all the other animals in the ‘Muppets.’ But it turns out those animals are not allowed to sing words.”

― Bret McKenzie

“New England waters are some of my favorite – they are some of the richest waters because they are temperate waters and nutrient-rich, and therefore provide food for so many animals, from giant whales to sharks to everything else.”

― Brian Skerry

“I only want to protect animals from barbarous, cruel, inhuman and backward rituals.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“We have abolished the death penalty for humans, so why should it continue for animals?”

― Brigitte Bardot

“China once again disgusts the world, portraying the image of a cruel, perverted people devoid of any feelings towards animals.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“I stopped making films to look after animals.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“All of my causes, including the most radical, are motivated by the defense of animals.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“My favourite animals are dogs.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“I’m homesick all the time. I miss my animals. I miss my family. I miss my friends.”

― Brittany Howard

“Animals… don’t have a sense of time. You just have to do things over and over with animals until they happen to do it right because they don’t really know what you want.”

― Bruce Greenwood

“All too often, academic departments defend their territory with the passion of cornered animals, though with far less justification.”

― Bruce Jackson

“With land-roaming animals, I’ve just read so much about the sophistication of their emotional lives and their intelligence and the way they process information that betrays a greater intelligence.”

― Bryan Fuller

“I love Banana Boat’s brand. They don’t test on animals; they’re natural. Their kids’ products are amazing.”

― Busy Philipps

“’Zootopia’ features such a large and diverse range of characters – one of our biggest casts ever for a Disney Animation film. We needed talented actors who could help bring these animals to life.”

― Byron Howard

“Anthropomorphic animals, when taken out of narrative into actual visibility, always turn into buffoonery or nightmare.”

― C. S. Lewis

“Humans are amphibians – half spirit and half animal. As spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time.”

― C. S. Lewis

“Man has done a lot to make himself dangerous and animals get the worst of all of it. But then, man too is an animal.”

― Captain Beefheart

“I have no neighbours other than animals and Joshua Trees.”

― Captain Beefheart

“We see the moon, don’t we? So it’s our eye. Animals see us, don’t they? So we’re their animals.”

― Captain Beefheart

“We are in a far better position to observe instincts in animals or in primitives than in ourselves. This is due to the fact that we have grown accustomed to scrutinizing our own actions and to seeking rational explanations for them.”

― Carl Jung

“A lot of people, quite frankly, think intense attachments to animals are weird and suspect, the domain of people who can’t quite handle attachments to humans.”

― Caroline Knapp

“Whether animals admit it or not, they and I communicate.”

― Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

“I love pets and I love animals, and I just got a new puppy, a new rescue named Peanut. She’s a tiny little Chihuahua mix.”

― Carrie Ann Inaba

“I don’t need that much to live – we don’t need that much to have a wonderful life. I learned that from animals.”

― Carrie Ann Inaba

“Animals were my pets, and the thought of eating my pets freaked me out.”

― Carrie Underwood

“Never work with kids or animals.”

― Cat Deeley

“In my house, there is an old Chinese cabinet full of little figurines on two shelves. They are for my daughter, to tell stories. We have told hours and hours or stories using these figures. There are all kinds of people, children and adults, and all kinds of animals – elephants, tigers, snakes.”

― Caterina Fake

“I like all these little animals that run and eat and hide all the time. I like their faces, They seem to be scared and curious at the same time.”

― Catherine Deneuve

“We’re the only species who follow unstable leaders. This is true – it has little to do with America – around the world, pack leaders are unstable. Animals don’t follow that.”

― Cesar Millan

“The greatest form of expression – or, at least, the most common that we have as human beings, what separates us from the animals – is speaking: the ability to communicate.”

― Chael Sonnen

“The proportion between the velocity with which men or animals move, and the weights they carry, is a matter of considerable importance, particularly in military affairs.”

― Charles Babbage

“Animals, whom we have made our slaves, we do not like to consider our equal.”

― Charles Darwin

“Even if it had not been possible to reproduce the disease in animals and consequently to verify the hypothesis, this simple observation would have been sufficient to demonstrate the way in which the disease was propagated.”

― Charles Jules Henry Nicole

“I was less successful in my attempts to effect preventive vaccination against typhus by using the virus and in trying to produce large quantities of serum using large animals.”

― Charles Jules Henry Nicole

“My first attempts to transmit typhus to laboratory animals, including the smaller species of monkeys, had failed, as had those of my predecessors, for reasons which I can easily supply today.”

― Charles Jules Henry Nicole

“Living animals are too eccentric in their movements, and the law of gravitation usually draws me from my seat upon them to a lower level; therefore, I am not an inveterate lover of horseback.”

― Charles Spurgeon

“Humans are something very different from animals, and the numbers required to get cloning to work in animals are completely prohibitory with humans.”

― Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

“I trust people who look like animals.”

― Christine and the Queens

“The older I get, the more individuality I find in animals and the less I find in humans.”

― Chuck Jones

“Early experiences convinced me that animals can and do have quite distinct personalities.”

― Chuck Jones

“The innocence of childhood is like the innocence of a lot of animals.”

― Clint Eastwood

“It must be the Brit in me, because I like animals.”

― Clint Eastwood

“It’s just extremely difficult to shoot with five dogs. They’re great, and the people who handle them are amazing. But they’re animals.”

― Cobie Smulders

“There’s something really interesting about how human beings just want to see animals tear each other apart, maybe because we can’t do it.”

― Colin Trevorrow

“Towns are suffering from all these things, we should unite until we are all satisfied, man cannot be killing each other as if we were animals, as if we had no culture; that is a lack of culture.”

― Compay Segundo

“The only animals that we test on are the two of us and our kids.”

― Connie Sellecca

“RNA interference has proven to be a quite reliable mechanism for turning genes off in a whole variety of different plants and animals.”

― Craig Mello

“I think with ‘Chunky Rice,’ it felt novel to me to give this emo twist on these funny animals.”

― Craig Thompson

“One of the things about genetics that has become clearer as we’ve done genomes – as we’ve worked our way through the evolutionary tree, including humans – is that we’re probably much more genetic animals than we want to confess we are.”

― Craig Venter

“Most people don’t realize it, because they’re invisible, but microbes make up about a half of the Earth’s biomass, whereas all animals only make up about one one-thousandth of all the biomass.”

― Craig Venter

“Animals are companions on this planet, not necessarily our feedbags.”

― D. A. Pennebaker

“One of the things we found out as we filmed with people who dealt with chimps, and with all animals, and it’s really incredible, is their levels of intelligence that we don’t recognize right away.”

― D. A. Pennebaker

“In Los Angeles, you drive around, and you’re coming back from a club or something, and all of a sudden, you’ll encounter a coyote. And they’re very lean, hungry-looking animals.”

― Dan Gilroy

“The undisturbed coastal plain is home to a wide variety of plants and animals and is the only wilderness sanctuary in North America that protects a complete range of the arctic ecosystem.”

― Dan Lipinski

“I have a strong affinity for animals.”

― Dana Ashbrook

“Basically, the reason I’m vegan is because when I was about 16 or 17 years old, I began to understand that we don’t need to contribute to the killing and exploitation of animals to feed our bodies correctly.”

― Daniel Johns

“I personally like the idea of shellfish aquaculture. These are animals that stay quiet, they stay where you put them, and they clean up the water.”

― Daniel Pauly

“Werewolves are much more common animals than you might think.”

― Daniel Pinkwater

“There are some four million different kinds of animals and plants in the world. Four million different solutions to the problems of staying alive.”

― David Attenborough

“The only way to save a rhinoceros is to save the environment in which it lives, because there’s a mutual dependency between it and millions of other species of both animals and plants.”

― David Attenborough

“Steve Irwin did wonderful conservation work but I was uncomfortable about some of his stunts. Even if animals aren’t aware that you are not treating them with respect, the viewers are.”

― David Attenborough

“I’ve been bitten by a python. Not a very big one. I was being silly, saying: ‘Oh, it’s not poisonous…’ Then, wallop! But you have fear around animals.”

― David Attenborough

“The press are animals, and they need to be treated that way.”

― David Brock

“I love animals and I love working with them because they don’t lie.”

― David Duchovny

“The amazing thing about the sea is that it is perhaps the last truly unexplored frontier; most oceanographers estimate that only about ninety-five per cent of the sea has been studied. Meanwhile, the oceans are believed to contain more animals than exist on land, a majority of which have never been discovered.”

― David Grann

“I love animals and their behavior. I watch cat videos all the time.”

― David Lowery

“When I was a kid, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, my stuffed animals – they were real. There is the tremendous suspension of disbelief that you have as a child. It’s harder as an adult.”

― David Lowery

“The tabloids are like animals, with their own behavioural patterns. There’s no point in complaining about them, any more than complaining that lions might eat you.”

― David Mellor

“Humans are not the fastest or the strongest animals on the planet, but when it comes to survival, we have had the unique advantage of being clever.”

― David Perlmutter

“I have no problem with animals, I just like people more.”

― David Rakoff

“I knew that alpaca wool, with its cashmere-soft weave, had been transformed into cuddly knick-knacks ranging from pillows to teddy bears. But through selective breeding over the past 6,000 years, alpacas have so diverged from their llama cousins as to become quite different animals.”

― David Roberts

“My parents were both writers – they would type their manuscripts sitting side by side on the veranda of our house near Watford – so I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be a bluegrass singer, an architect, a landscape gardener, or to do something with animals.”

― Deborah Moggach

“Having travelled to some 20 African countries, I find myself, like so many other visitors to Africa before me, intoxicated with the continent. And I am not referring to the animals, as much as I have been enthralled by them during safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Rather, I am referring to the African peoples.”

― Dennis Prager

“Two of the many areas of conflict between Judeo-Christian values and leftism concern the separation between the holy and the profane and the separation between humans and animals.”

― Dennis Prager

“Horseracing and ranch horses are two different animals. You’re getting race horses out and running and running them. It can be really problematic. A thoroughbred’s very delicate.”

― Dennis Quaid

“If you don’t have imagination, you stop being human; animals don’t have imagination; Alzheimer’s is the death of imagination.”

― Devdutt Pattanaik

“Just as our ancient ancestors drew animals on cave walls and carved animals from wood and bone, we decorate our homes with animal prints and motifs, give our children stuffed animals to clutch, cartoon animals to watch, animal stories to read.”

― Diane Ackerman

“We’re losing biodiversity globally at an alarming rate, and we need a cornucopia of different plants and animals, for the planet’s health and our own.”

― Diane Ackerman

“Though not a natural world by any means, more like a collection of living dioramas, a zoo exists in its own time zone, somewhere between the seasonal sense of animals and our madly ticking watch time.”

― Diane Ackerman

“What a lonely species we are, searching for signals of life from other galaxies, adopting companion animals, visiting parks and zoos to commune with other beasts. In the process, we discover our shared identity.”

― Diane Ackerman

“I always felt people should live with animals.”

― Dick Dale

“The only honest reaction and true loyalty that we get is from our animals.”

― Dick Van Patten

“Man is the most intelligent of the animals – and the most silly.”

― Diogenes

“When I go on holiday, I go to places that have animals I’m interested in.”

― Dominic Monaghan

“Everybody thinks people who promote PETA don’t eat meat, but I think animals were made to be eaten.”

― Dominique Swain

“I just don’t think animals should be slaughtered for their fur.”

― Dominique Swain

“I do not believe you can work with animals – certainly you cannot train them – without deciding that if humans have souls, dogs do, too.”

― Donald McCaig

“Well I do find the beauty in animals. I find beauty everywhere. I find beauty in my garden.”

― Doris Day

“I’ve just always loved animals.”

― Doris Day

“We moved to a place where we felt the children could have as normal an upbringing as possible. Los Angeles was not it. We live in a place with clean air and animals.”

― Doug Davidson

“Animals interest me more than anything else.”

― Douglas Brinkley

“Animals shouldn’t suffer for the sake of beauty.”

― Drea De Matteo

“I’m proud to join Cruelty Free International in calling on the United States to end cosmetics testing on animals.”

― Drea De Matteo

“I did have a 1977 Barbie, but I was more into stuffed animals than dolls.”

― Dylan Lauren

“When you get into the whole field of exploring, probably 90 percent of the kinds of organisms, plants, animals and especially microorganisms and tiny invertebrate animals are unknown. Then you realize that we live on a relatively unexplored plan.”

― E. O. Wilson

“Having my animals or my children with me exorcises that feeling of not being wanted.”

― Eartha Kitt

“Animals in the wild are lean, and I think we should be too.”

― Eddie Izzard

“I have yet to see one completely unspoiled star, except for the animals – like Lassie.”

― Edith Head

“For my Ph.D. thesis, I was measuring the electrical activity that triggers light emission from a bioluminescent dinoflagellate. As I was nearing the completion of my degree, my major professor wrote a grant for an instrument for measuring the color of very dim light flashes from bioluminescent animals.”

― Edith Widder

“I have made hundreds of dives in submersibles, with each dive holding the promise of seeing an organism or a behavior that no one has ever seen before. But I have always wondered about the animals and behaviors that we’re not seeing because our bright lights and loud thrusters scare them away.”

― Edith Widder

“I loved anything to do with animals from a very early age.”

― Edith Widder

“We are seeing the cells of plants and animals more and more clearly as chemical factories, where the various products are manufactured in separate workshops.”

― Eduard Buchner

“First there was the theatre of people and animals, then of people and the devil. Now we need the theatre of people and people.”

― Edward Bond

“Like all animals, human beings have always taken what they want from nature. But we are the rogue species. We are unique in our ability to use resources on a scale and at a speed that our fellow species can’t.”

― Edward Burtynsky

“Animals are stylized characters in a kind of old saga – stylized because even the most acute of them have little leeway as they play out their parts.”

― Edward Hoagland

“Psychology is the science of the intellects, characters and behavior of animals including man.”

― Edward Thorndike

“Human folk are as a matter of fact eager to find intelligence in animals.”

― Edward Thorndike

“From the lowest animals of which we can affirm intelligence up to man this type of intellect is found.”

― Edward Thorndike

“Amongst the minds of animals that of man leads, not as a demigod from another planet, but as a king from the same race.”

― Edward Thorndike

“For origin and development of human faculty we must look to these processes of association in lower animals.”

― Edward Thorndike

“When we have relationships with animals, we often make up who they are.”

― Eileen Myles

“I guess in general, people tend to not eat the cute animals.”

― Elayne Boosler

“I personally cannot tell you how many times we rescuers put our names on animals to come to us as soon as they are eligible for release, only to find they have been senselessly killed by overzealous pound workers.”

― Elayne Boosler

“Disease is not the prerogative of man and the domestic animals, so it was quite natural to see if the lower animals, with very simple organizations, showed pathological phenomena, and if so, infection, cure and immunity could be observed among them.”

― Elie Metchnikoff

“Inflammation as understood in man and the higher animals is a phenomenon that almost always results from the intervention of some pathogenic microbe.”

― Elie Metchnikoff

“Cruelty to men and to the lower animals as well, which would have passed unnoticed a century ago, now shocks the sensibilities and is regarded as wicked and degrading.”

― Elihu Root

“People in general romanticize nature, and they make it out to be something that it isn’t because humans are so awful. And yes, we are absolutely screwing up this planet, but that is only because we have the capabilities to do so. Animals are not better than us. They are not nicer than us.”

― Elise Andrew

“I spent my first 4 years living in the tiny town of Snug, by the sea near Hobart. Curious about animals, I would pick up ants in our backyard and jellyfish on the beach.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“Perhaps arising from a fascination with animals, biology seemed the most interesting of sciences to me as a child.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“Animals need to understand other species, if only to prey on them or escape from them.”

― Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

“When I write about animals, I use anthropological techniques and the language you would use for a person. You don’t have to anthropomorphize animals, just acknowledge their individuality.”

― Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

“When I go home, I play with my baby dolls and strollers and stuffed animals, pretend like they’re real dogs.”

― Elle Fanning

“The Indians could not undertake any widespread cultivation of the plains not only because they lacked iron tools but also because they had no draft animals.”

― Ellsworth Huntington

“It’s been argued that of all the animals humans have domesticated, the horse is the most important to our history. For thousands of years, horses were our most reliable mode of transportation.”

― Elton Gallegly

“From the physical point of view, a man is nothing more than a system of cells, or from the mental point of view, than a system of representations; in either case, he differs only in degree from animals.”

― Emile Durkheim

“I fancy all the Disney princes, obviously. I also fancy some objects and animals that are in Disney films, like the French Candlestick from ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and I used to be slightly jealous of the feather duster that he used to slightly get off with.”

― Emily Atack

“For me, it always has to be about health. That’s why I’m a vegan. Well, I don’t even do that for my health entirely, I do it for animals.”

― Emily Deschanel

“We’re animals. A body is a body.”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“I’m very passionate about animals.”

― Emma Caulfield

“I really love animals and enjoy working with them.”

― Emma Watson

“I like animals, I really do, but some animals are just meant to be eaten.”

― Emmanuelle Vaugier

“My wife and I started a program called Bears Without Borders. We raise money and hire local artisans to make stuffed animals and distribute them in their communities.”

― Erez Lieberman Aiden

“From my personal point of view, the Animals are dead. They killed themselves.”

― Eric Burdon

“Animals often strike us as passionate machines.”

― Eric Hoffer

“The earth is a great big orphanage for most animals.”

― Eric Roberts

“We consider all our animals to be our kids.”

― Eric Roberts

“But if you love animals for all the right reasons- and that’s just love and affection- then you’re going to go after animals who need you.”

― Eric Roberts

“The musician is perhaps the most modest of animals, but he is also the proudest. It is he who invented the sublime art of ruining poetry.”

― Erik Satie

“If you love animals, please don’t eat them.”

― Esha Gupta

“The white man’s blood and bones have begotten this bronze race, and bequeathed to it in some degree qualities, tendencies, capabilities, such as are the inheritance of the highest order of human animals.”

― Fanny Kemble

“When eyes were first developed in animals, suddenly animal life becomes proactive.”

― Fei-Fei Li

“All the animals I’ve painted always have a relationship with man. I have been told that part of the knowledge of the human anatomy comes from animals.”

― Fernando Botero

“We are political animals, as, not without reason, affirmed Aristotle, who perhaps influenced humanity’s thinking more than any other ancient philosopher through his almost 200 treatises, according to reports, of which only 31 have been preserved.”

― Fidel Castro

“I wish that the circuses that were around now felt like they did then. They’re not quite as elegant or as magical as they used to be. There was something about the old tent shows, the Big Top, the canvas, the lights, the sawdust, the hay and the animals that’s just missing now. Now, it’s all urbanized and maybe a little garish.”

― Francis Lawrence

“We were in all four men with eight animals; for besides the spare horses led by Shaw and myself, an additional mule was driven along with us as a reserve in case of accident.”

― Francis Parkman

“You can tell all you need to about a society from how it treats animals and beaches.”

― Frank Deford

“Normally I play dads, good guys, and little animals.”

― Frank Welker

“I am personally not against keeping animals at zoos, as they serve a huge educational purpose, but treating them well and with respect seems the least we could do, and with ‘we’ I mean not just zoo staff, but most certainly also the public.”

― Frans de Waal

“Most exotic animals are not particularly interested in people, which makes it hard to provoke them. Human-rearing gets them used to and sometimes imprinted on humans, which makes them potentially dangerous.”

― Frans de Waal

“There is little evidence that other animals judge the appropriateness of actions that do not directly affect themselves.”

― Frans de Waal

“In Africa, we have the bush meat trade, which means that, on a very large scale, animals are being killed in the forests and sold in the cities as a luxury food.”

― Frans de Waal

“We need to separate the process of evolution – which is, indeed, a self-serving process – and the actual motivations of animals.”

― Frans de Waal

“Closeness to animals creates the desire to understand them, and not just a little piece of them, but the whole animal. It makes us wonder what goes on in their heads even though we fully realize that the answer can only be approximated.”

― Frans de Waal

“Experiments with animals have long been handicapped by our anthropocentric attitude: We often test them in ways that work fine with humans but not so well with other species.”

― Frans de Waal

“Popular culture bombards us with examples of animals being humanized for all sorts of purposes, ranging from education to entertainment to satire to propaganda. Walt Disney, for example, made us forget that Mickey is a mouse, and Donald a duck. George Orwell laid a cover of human societal ills over a population of livestock.”

― Frans de Waal

“Future benefits rarely figure in the minds of animals.”

― Frans de Waal

“Without a notion of the transcendental, human beings would, indeed, be animals; however, only fools can be convinced of it, and only degenerates need such a conviction.”

― Franz Grillparzer

“The method of estimating the potency of insulin solutions is based on the effect that insulin produces upon the blood sugar of normal animals.”

― Frederick Banting

“The important thing is that we now have the tools to sequence all kinds of animals and plants and microbes – as well as humans. It is not important that we didn’t actually finish the human sequence yet.”

― Freeman Dyson

“The difference between humans and wild animals is that humans pray before they commit murder.”

― Friedrich Durrenmatt

“Actually, I don’t like dogs. I’m from Morocco, and people there don’t like animals.”

― Gad Elmaleh

“Animals use a broad range of strategies to advertise themselves in the mating market. In some instances, visual cues highlight a morphological feature – for example, the peacock’s tail.”

― Gad Saad

“Predators make it much more difficult to find consensus. It’s a lot easier to agree about birds and plants than about animals that endanger people and livestock.”

― Gale Norton

“The ‘M*A*S*H’ cast loves each other with unconditional love; our domestic animals love us with unconditional love.”

― Gary Burghoff

“There is increasing social concern about our use of nonhumans for experiments, food, clothing and entertainment. This concern about animals reflects both our own moral development as a civilization and our recognition that the differences between humans and animals are, for the most part, differences of degree and not of kind.”

― Gary L. Francione

“Because animals are property, we consider as ‘humane treatment’ that we would regard as torture if it were inflicted on humans.”

― Gary L. Francione

“We do not need to eat animals, wear animals, or use animals for entertainment purposes, and our only defense of these uses is our pleasure, amusement, and convenience.”

― Gary L. Francione

“There is no moral distinction between fur and other materials made from animals, such as leather, which also is the result of the suffering and death of sentient beings.”

― Gary L. Francione

“We do not think clearly about our moral obligations to animals.”

― Gary L. Francione

“Most of the time, those who use animals in experiments justify that use by pointing to alleged benefits to human and animal health and the supposed necessity of using animals to obtain those benefits.”

― Gary L. Francione

“I was just different. When the other kids gravitated to football or basketball, I went fishing and skating. I was into trapping animals, pheasants and squirrels. Not only was I trapper, I was a taxidermist.”

― Gene Pitney

“To err is human also in so far as animals seldom or never err, or at least only the cleverest of them do so.”

― Georg C. Lichtenberg

“Ever since ‘Lassie’ and ‘Old Yeller’, I won’t watch animal movies. Animals in movies always die.”

― George A. Romero

“I had rather be an oyster than a man, the most stupid and senseless of animals.”

― George Berkeley

“Human beings are the only animals of which I am thoroughly and cravenly afraid.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered animals, how can we expect any ideal living conditions on this earth?”

― George Bernard Shaw

“Animals are my friends… and I don’t eat my friends.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

― George Eliot

“Part of my plan was not only to introduce all useful animals that I possibly could into this part of Australia, but also the most valuable plants of every description.”

― George Grey

“I would argue that we’re not limited by actual DNA. You can re-create the ancient DNA by looking at the genomes of existing animals.”

― George M. Church

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

― George Orwell

“Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.”

― George Orwell

“Secondly, the nature of the revolutions which have altered the surface of the earth must have had a more decisive effect on the terrestrial quadrupeds than on the marine animals.”

― Georges Cuvier

“Hence the same instant which killed the animals froze the country where they lived. This event was sudden, instantaneous, without any gradual development.”

― Georges Cuvier

“I want to be an entrepreneur too; I like the business side of things. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet or a tightrope walker. But I have no sense of balance and I can’t bear animals dying, so I abandoned both ideas.”

― Georgia May Jagger

“When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet or a tightrope walker. But I have no sense of balance, and I can’t bear animals dying, so I abandoned both ideas.”

― Georgia May Jagger

“I would like to do all kinds of things: photography and art and designing; I want to help do charity things for animals and things like that.”

― Georgia May Jagger

“I went camping in the Maasai Mara and we moved site every night. I had no idea how spectacular it would be, how removed from ordinary life, or how many animals we would see.”

― Georgina Chapman

“Sticking wires into the brain is obviously rather crude. It’s hard to do in animals that run around, and there is a physical limit to the number of wires that can be inserted simultaneously.”

― Gero Miesenbock

“The thing that differentiates man from animals is money.”

― Gertrude Stein

“Man is an exception, whatever else he is. If he is not the image of God, then he is a disease of the dust. If it is not true that a divine being fell, then we can only say that one of the animals went entirely off its head.”

― Gilbert K. Chesterton

“Animals. They’re nice, aren’t they? They’re good things, animals.”

― Giles Deacon

“I started reading and learned that we don’t need any of it – meat, dairy products. We get everything we need without those things – except maybe B12, but there’s this whole controversy that maybe we’re only getting B12 because the animals are being fed B12 supplements.”

― Ginnifer Goodwin

“By the time I was six, I made an important discovery that I get along much better with animals than humans.”

― Glenn Gould

“I collect stuffed animals, and toy stores make me happy.”

― Grace Slick

“Animals are the best actors. They never lie, they’re always present, and they listen. That’s a lot more than a lot of actors can say for themselves.”

― Graham Phillips

“I have scripts that I’ve only shown to animals… and they passed on them.”

― Greg Mottola

“There are so many animals in shelters that need homes. Rather than going to a breeder and buying a dog, or a puppy mill or anything like that, I’ve always been a big fan of adoption.”

― Gus Kenworthy

“I don’t eat four-legged animals, but I eat birds, I eat cheese, I eat dessert. I eat everything.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow

“It is much easier to show compassion to animals. They are never wicked.”

― Haile Selassie

“If man was the relative of animals, then animals were the relatives of man, and in degrees bearers of that inwardness of which man, the most advanced of their kin, is conscious in himself.”

― Hans Jonas

“Human beings are just animals who will just eat and take advantage of any source of energy until it runs out, and then there’ll be catastrophe.”

― Harry Kroto

“I love animals, all animals – apart from cats. I’m a little bit scared of cats.”

― Harry Redknapp

“Fashion is supposed to be fun, but killing animals for fashion is definitely not fun.”

― Harshvardhan Rane

“Like most animals, we’re wired to associate height with power.”

― Helen Fisher

“We’re not very dangerous animals; we don’t have a horn like a rhino or quills like a porcupine.”

― Helen Fisher

“As social animals, we need to exchange juicy tales about someone – to connect with one another. For millions of years our forebears must have sat around the campfire, whispering about everyone they knew.”

― Helen Fisher

“I laughed when Steven Spielberg said that cloning extinct animals was inevitable. But I’m not laughing anymore, at least about mammoths. This is going to happen. It’s just a matter of working out the details.”

― Hendrik Poinar

“What differentiates us from animals is the fact that we can listen to other people’s dreams, fears, joys, sorrows, desires and defeats – and they in turn can listen to ours.”

― Henning Mankell

“The hemorrhages in vitamin K deficiency develop in this way that minute vascular lesions caused by minor mechanical trauma are not closed by rapid clotting, as is the case in normal animals.”

― Henrik Dam

“It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals; let them make their experiments on journalists and politicians.”

― Henrik Ibsen

“I have removed the spleen from a dog, from cats, and rabbits. In all cases, the animals survived the operation and did not appear to be in the least affected by the absence of the organ.”

― Henry Gray

“Besides alligators, the only animals to be feared are the poisonous serpents. These are certainly common enough in the forest, but no fatal accident happened during the whole time of my residence.”

― Henry Walter Bates

“The Hulk is not basically violent, but only reacts violently when a threat is perceived. He has a certain passion for life. He is drawn towards kids and animals and the downtrodden.”

― Herb Trimpe

“Morality, as has often been pointed out, is antecedent to religion-it even exists in a rudimentary form among animals.”

― Herbert Read

“The behavior of men to the lower animals, and their behavior to each other, bear a constant relationship.”

― Herbert Spencer

“My relaxation has always been my animals – going to the dog park with them, going to the beach.”

― Hilary Swank

“Nature makes only dumb animals. We owe the fools to society.”

― Honore de Balzac

“While both plants and animals awaken via distinct changes in metabolic functioning, most plants prefer to err on the side of caution, waiting for hints of full-on summer before they bloom.”

― Hope Jahren

“I love animals.”

― Hopsin

“Pray to Christ for me that the animals will be the means of making me a sacrificial victim for God.”

― Ignatius of Antioch

“My music is best understood by children and animals.”

― Igor Stravinsky

“Since we can’t count on the meat, egg, and dairy industries to protect animals from the most egregious forms of cruelty, what can we, as consumers, do? Opting out of paying someone to allow animals to die in a barn fire or at the slaughterhouse seems pretty reasonable.”

― Ingrid Newkirk

“Cows are gentle, interesting animals.”

― Ingrid Newkirk

“There’s nothing humane about the flesh of animals who have had one or two or even three improvements made in their singularly rotten lives on today’s factory farms.”

― Ingrid Newkirk

“Animals aren’t any better equipped to survive an emergency than humans are. Few people missed the fact that after Hurricane Katrina, people died because buses and emergency shelters wouldn’t allow their animals.”

― Ingrid Newkirk

“At PETA, we often say that the issue of how animals are treated isn’t just about them; it’s about us, how we behave.”

― Ingrid Newkirk

“To me, it is one world, and the non-human animals bear the brunt of oppression and suffering.”

― Ingrid Newkirk

“People often say that humans have always eaten animals, as if this is a justification for continuing the practice. According to this logic, we should not try to prevent people from murdering other people, since this has also been done since the earliest of times.”

― Isaac Bashevis Singer

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved animals and been fascinated with them.”

― Isabella Rossellini

“Animals are everywhere. Some are more romantic, like tigers and elephants and chimpanzees, and some are less romantic, like earthworms, but they are just as interesting.”

― Isabella Rossellini

“I’d like this to become my principal activity: to make films about animals. Of course it’s always interesting to model, but it depends who you are working with. I will continue to make acting, too, but I’m old – I’m getting tired of it.”

― Isabella Rossellini

“Our success was mainly due to the fact that we stimulated the nerves of animals that easily stood on their own feet and were not subjected to any painful stimulus either during or immediately before stimulation of their nerves.”

― Ivan Pavlov

“Strictly speaking, my interest is not in legal rights for animals but in a change of heart towards animals.”

― J. M. Coetzee

“Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.”

― Jack Hanna

“I’ve been out all over the world tranquilizing animals.”

― Jack Hanna

“I love dogs, horses and generally all animals.”

― Jacqueline Winspear

“We must plant the sea and herd its animals using the sea as farmers instead of hunters. That is what civilization is all about – farming replacing hunting.”

― Jacques Yves Cousteau

“Man, of all the animals, is probably the only one to regard himself as a great delicacy.”

― Jacques Yves Cousteau

“I might get some more animals or something, but I’m done with the kids. I got a boy, I got a girl, and I got an older boy. I’m straight.”

― Jada Pinkett Smith

“Human beings are social animals; we devote a significant portion of our brain just to dealing with interactions with other humans.”

― Jamais Cascio

“The attitude we have towards our personal pets as opposed to the animals that suffer under the factory farm is hypocritical and delusional.”

― James Cromwell

“The health of the planet is at stake, because the cruelty and the waste that accompanies the slaughter of billions of animals each year literally infects us all. We could consume healthy plant-based food produced at almost infinitely less cost. What does that say, really, about us and what we’re doing… to animals and to ourselves?”

― James Cromwell

“Studying cows, pigs and chickens can help an actor develop his character. There are a lot of things I learned from animals. One was that they couldn’t hiss or boo me.”

― James Dean

“I could do terrible things to people who dump unwanted animals by the roadside.”

― James Herriot

“I am very fussy; I am very detailed; I nag a lot. So in a sense, I am like Mr. Ping. I am temperamental, I am emotional, I’m fussy, and I’m very exact. And I want people to not fail; I want them to execute – all those things Mr. Ping wants in other people. Or animals.”

― James Hong

“The human young must learn to perceive these affordances, in some degree at least, but the young of some animals do not have time to learn the ones that are crucial for survival.”

― James J. Gibson

“Starvation and disease are the original weapons of mass destruction. When you burn fields and kill animals, people are left vulnerable.”

― James Nachtwey

“The problem with experiments has always been that human beings make the decisions on whether or not the animals have benefitted from the treatment.”

― James Randi

“Animals are a continuous source of inspiration and wonder to me. I would love to play a dog.”

― James Ransone

“In conditions of uncertainty, humans, like other animals, herd together for protection.”

― James Surowiecki

“Animals are not cute. They are disturbing. Pigs do eat their young. Actually, I hate pigs. I just happen to have some who are friends of mine.”

― Jamie Wyeth

“I mostly paint animals I’m familiar with, but I did a series of paintings of ravens, so I read everything about them.”

― Jamie Wyeth

“Really, if you get to know pigs, they’re very moody. They’re not sweet little animals at all. That’s what I like about them. They get depressed; they get into these snits. They’re carnivorous.”

― Jamie Wyeth

“I like some animals more than some people, some people more than some animals.”

― Jane Goodall

“Most Africans don’t get to see these wild animals at all. Once they see and learn about them, they are much more likely to become involved in protecting the environment.”

― Jane Goodall

“I’m always pushing for human responsibility. Given that chimpanzees and many other animals are sentient and sapient, then we should treat them with respect.”

― Jane Goodall

“I was brought up to understand Darwin’s theory of evolution. I spent hours and hours in the Natural History Museum in London looking at the descriptions of how different kinds of animals had evolved, looking at the sequence of fossil bones looking gradually more and more and more and more like the modern fossil.”

― Jane Goodall

“What does animal welfare have to do with food safety? The animals are the food! They are living in their own excrement, developing horrific sores, stressed out, and, therefore, more vulnerable to illness and disease.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“Bolivia recently did what every country should do – banned the use of animals in circuses.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“Meat production is one of the leading causes of climate change because of the destruction of the rainforest for grazing lands, the massive amounts of methane produced by farm animals and the huge amounts of water, grain and other resources required to feed animals.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“Using animals for entertainment is big business, plain and simple.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“Thousands of years ago, humans domesticated every possible large wild mammal species fulfilling all those criteria and worth domesticating, with the result that there have been no valuable additions of domestic animals in recent times, despite the efforts of modern science.”

― Jared Diamond

“Native Americans had only stone and wooden weapons and no animals that could be ridden. Those military advantages repeatedly enabled troops of a few dozen mounted Spaniards to defeat Indian armies numbering in the thousands.”

― Jared Diamond

“Although native Africans domesticated some plants in the Sahel and in Ethiopia and in tropical West Africa, they acquired valuable domestic animals only later, from the north.”

― Jared Diamond

“There are always the kids who just love animals. Unfortunately, though, people have become afraid of the outdoors.”

― Jean Craighead George

“I would just watch the animals, and their stories would roll out when I wrote.”

― Jean Craighead George

“It’s tough to work with kids. Kids are animals!”

― Jean-Marc Vallee

“There’s that rule, don’t work with kids and animals. There’s a reason for that!”

― Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“When animals age, some humans see them as less valuable, less important and less entertaining.”

― Jenna Morasca

“Please be nice, be kind to stray animals, dogs, and adopt them.”

― Jennifer Winget

“Even if I wrote a song about math or animals or whatever, there would still be the question, ‘Why did you write about that? And what does it say about you?’”

― Jens Lekman

“If a horse doesn’t want to do something, you’re not going to make him do it. They’re incredibly powerful animals.”

― Jeremy Irvine

“When we seed millions of acres of land with these plants, what happens to foraging birds, to insects, to microbes, to the other animals, when they come in contact and digest plants that are producing materials ranging from plastics to vaccines to pharmaceutical products?”

― Jeremy Rifkin

“In their sympathies, children feel nearer animals than adults.”

― Jessamyn West

“I was a part of that Beanie Babies generation. I had, like, 400 of them… OK, maybe not that many, but I had a lot of little stuffed animals that I liked to make talk. I was a big dork, and I still am.”

― Jessica Stroup

“I was raised in a strict Southern household in Lexington, South Carolina, and I remember sneaking off to watch ‘Pet Cemetery’ as a kid. After seeing those animals reincarnate, I screamed and couldn’t sleep for weeks, but watched it again and again.”

― Jessica Stroup

“We are domesticated animals, revolving in a cage which we have built for ourselves – with its contentions, wranglings, its impossible political leaders, its gurus who exploit our self-conceit and their own with great refinement or rather crudely.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

“No one would bring their horse into a studio, because they don’t want to bring their prized animals into an environment where they wouldn’t be comfortable or where they might panic and hurt themselves.”

― Jill Greenberg

“I’m fascinated by animals and couldn’t live without Dewy, my Boston bulldog.”

― Jillian Hervey

“They are the most fascinating, intelligent, resourceful, adaptable animals I have ever seen. Grizzlies are a real symbol of true wildness.”

― Jim Cole

“Most of what you see now emphasizes animals being dangerous to humans.”

― Jim Fowler

“I try to only eat animals that are vegan. I’m probably the opposite of a vegan.”

― Jim Gaffigan

“You’re a good example of why some animals eat their young.”

― Jim Samuels

“I am a voice for innocent animals who are being neglected and dumped by the millions at shelters.”

― Joanna Krupa

“For me, animals are not that much different from human beings.”

― Joanna Krupa

“The voiceless and most defenseless ones are the animals, so most of my attention goes to them.”

― Joanna Krupa

“Giraffes are fairytale animals, almost heraldic – as if from the land of fables. They have extremely beautiful faces, huge eyes, very sensitive nostrils and oh, blue tongues!”

― Joanna Lumley

“There’s no particular evidence that any of the lower mammals or any of the other animals have any interest in aesthetics at all. But Homo sapiens does, always has and always will.”

― Jock Sturges

“Researching ‘Lone Wolf,’ I was amazed at how thoughtful and intelligent these animals are. There has never been a documented attack against a human by a wolf that wasn’t provoked by the human.”

― Jodi Picoult

“I feel like Americans don’t really have any idea of what’s going on in the world, especially us Africans. I feel like when they think about Africans, they think about just us running around with lions and tigers and all those other animals.”

― Joel Embiid

“The cycle of life is death, decomposition and regeneration, and a person who wants to stop killing animals is actually anti-life because it’s only in death that life can be regenerated.”

― Joel Salatin

“The industrial food system is so cruel and so horrific in its treatment of animals. It never asks the question: ‘Should a pig be allowed to express its pig-ness?’”

― Joel Salatin

“I love my house. I love my family. I love my animals.”

― Joey King

“It takes a true encounter to realise that real animals, wild animals, have all but passed from our lives.”

― John Burnside

“I just want to reflect the respect I have for animals.”

― John Catsimatidis

“If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?”

― John Cleese

“Lions, wolves, and vultures don’t live together in herds, droves or flocks. Of all animals of prey, man is the only sociable one. Every one of us preys upon his neighbor, and yet we herd together.”

― John Gay

“I left my frogs, which I had grown, with my supervisor, who had moved to Geneva, and he and a technician grew them up. So by 1962, they were adults, and one could publish a paper to say that these animals, derived from nuclear transfer, really were absolutely normal. So it took a little time to get through.”

― John Gurdon

“Most animals are built to withstand one bad year.”

― John Hunter

“I don’t believe in pets. I like animals to be wild and free.”

― John Lydon

“We’re all animals.”

― John Malkovich

“It is an incontrovertible fact that if we want to make progress in basic areas of medicine and biology, we are going to have to use animals.”

― John O’Keefe

“We are the first to ever publicly advertise we don’t test on animals.”

― John Paul DeJoria

“Comedians and impressionists used to be two different showbiz animals entirely, but now there’s no such thing as a comedian who doesn’t do impressions.”

― John Podhoretz

“There are good reasons why natural selection has become widely accepted as an explanation of evolutionary development. When applied to mammals and other large animals, it fits perfectly. But we cannot assume that all evolutionary steps arise from selection, particularly when looking at smaller animals.”

― John Tyler Bonner

“Any object, whether animate or inanimate, will have a size. Airplanes, boats, or musical string instruments vary in size just like animals and plants, and in all cases, their size and their material construction are totally different matters even though they affect one another.”

― John Tyler Bonner

“I’m afraid of animals.”

― JoJo

“It is what makes us human, what distinguishes us from other animals. We can be aware of being aware.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn

“Dogs and other animals – goats, donkeys, cows, a grumpy rooster – continue to change my writing life.”

― Jon Katz

“They’re the last human beings susceptible to human shame. Politicians are the only people left for whom, occasionally, shame hurts them. Everyone else, we’ve sort of done away with it as a concept, and we’re hurtling through space like animals, basically.”

― Jon Lovett

“There is an overabundance of rational reasons to say no to factory-farmed meat: It is the No. 1 cause of global warming, it systematically forces tens of billions of animals to suffer in ways that would be illegal if they were dogs, it is a decisive factor in the development of swine and avian flus, and so on.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

“Most sorts of diversion in men, children and other animals, are in imitation of fighting.”

― Jonathan Swift

“Family is family. I grew up in a household where all the four-legged animals were as important as the two-legged animals.”

― Jordan Fisher

“I love very much to draw animals.”

― Josef Albers

“Animals, in their generation, are wiser than the sons of men; but their wisdom is confined to a few particulars, and lies in a very narrow compass.”

― Joseph Addison

“The words ‘fairy tales’ must accordingly be taken to include tales in which occurs something ‘fairy,’ something extraordinary – fairies, giants, dwarfs, speaking animals.”

― Joseph Jacobs

“By exercising your stomach muscles, you wring out the body, you don’t catch colds, you don’t get cancer, you don’t get hernias. Do animals get hernias? Do animals go on diets?”

― Joseph Pilates

“In ‘We Were the Mulvaneys,’ animals are almost as important as people. I wanted to show the tenderness in our relationships with cats, dogs, and horses. Especially cats.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“Always wanted to be an actress or work with animals and now I get to do both.”

― Julia Barr

“I grew up in a home where animals were ever-present and often dominated our lives. There were always horses, dogs, and cats, as well as a revolving infirmary of injured wildlife being nursed by my sister the aspiring vet.”

― Julia Glass

“Being able and willing to complain is what makes us rational and moral animals, capable of seeing and articulating the difference between how things are and how they should be.”

― Julian Baggini

“I couldn’t watch Tom and Jerry. The cruelty was too much. I had all these strange images, of tiny animals, all mixed up.”

― Julie Walters

“I’m keeping myself busy with hobbies and sport. I have my animals and a huge garden.”

― Jupp Heynckes

“Someone once pointed out that there are quite a lot of animals in my books, and I’m sure that is something to do with ‘The Wind in the Willows.’ I must have picked up a rather anthropomorphic view of them.”

― Justin Cartwright

“I think we have a real obligation when we do have animals in captivity to understand their needs and to care for them as well as we can.”

― K. A. Applegate

“I don’t have many hobbies outside of skating. But I do read, watch TV, play with my animals, and try to hang out with my friends every now and then.”

― Kaetlyn Osmond

“I love animals, and I feel more of a connection to animals than people.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“I dread shooting with animals. I hope I never get a script with snakes.”

― Kangana Ranaut

“In 1255, Louis IX of France presented an elephant to Henry III of England to add to the menagerie of exotic animals he kept in the Tower of London.”

― Karen Maitland

“I’d say the best is when I was in Africa, I saw a hippo in a house. Someone had a pet hippo. And they’re meant to be one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, and they had one that was sort of just wandering in and out of their house, just sort of roaming about.”

― Karl Pilkington

“We should all love animals.”

― Karl Pilkington

“I’ve always viewed makeup as the gateway drug to animal activism. It really doesn’t require any sacrificing or changing anything other than just replacing products that were once used to torture animals with ones that perform just as well and are cruelty-free.”

― Kat Von D

“I think that sometimes we open our hearts a little more easily to animals than we do to each other.”

― Kate DiCamillo

“My first songs were about animals and shoes. I wrote one song about PF Flyers, and one to my fish.”

― Kate Micucci

“I love animals, and I was always attracted to the idea of being a zoo veterinarian or a veterinarian with the circus.”

― Kay Redfield Jamison

“The information that is passed from person to person and from generation to generation is the primary factor that gives humans a competitive advantage over other animals.”

― Keith Henson

“I had a ton of animals; I had a goat growing up, a bunch of rabbits, a vegetable garden.”

― Kelli Williams

“I accredit animals for keeping me going when times were bad.”

― Kelly Bishop

“Fans of the hit HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper’ are well aware that its stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, live on a farm in Waco, Texas. Nearly every episode features some kind of montage of their four kids romping outside with various kinds of farm animals, from pigs to horses to goats.”

― Kelly Evans

“We humans have a tendency to see ourselves as completely different from other animals, and the way in which large segments of the public continue to reject the theory of evolution is just one symptom of that malaise.”

― Kenneth R. Miller

“I’m interested in raw land and trees and fresh air and rivers and lots of animals around them.”

― Kent McCord

“We’re all animals, but we’re a different sort of animal. Maybe they’re better than us. They’re more loyal. They’re more pure. They’re more simple. They’re not neurotic. Well, there are some neurotic dogs.”

― Kevin Kline

“I’m a real pushover for animals.”

― Kevin Kline

“I became a vegetarian after I became aware of factory farming and slaughterhouses and the torture and inhumane handling of all these animals.”

― Kevin Nealon

“I can’t wait to have kids one day. I want to have kids and a farm with lots of animals on a lake.”

― Kirsten Dunst

“Working with animals is always going to be tough because the animal doesn’t know it’s an actor.”

― Kit Harington

“Practically all animals which move fast in a homogeneous medium have found means of giving their body a streamlined shape, thereby reducing friction to a minimum.”

― Konrad Lorenz

“I probably shouldn’t say this about all animals, but at least the farm animals that I’ve hung out with, and even when I go to the zoo usually, they’re like a blank slate. I guess that’s why I like them. They’re puppets, and you can imagine them being anything you want.”

― Kristen Schaal

“GMOs are linked to digestive problems, among other things. Antibiotics and growth hormone are other additives being excessively pumped into the animals we are eating, which means we’re then consuming these excess antibiotics and hormones. And some processed foods actually contain toxic chemicals, often used to prevent spoilage and enhance flavor.”

― Kristin Cavallari

“I go on Wikipedia and alter pages of animals with fake facts that I’ve made up about those animals.”

― Kurt Braunohler

“We ended up moving out to Texas. We live outside of Austin. We’ve got a couple horses, we’ve got three miniature donkeys, we’ve got four dogs. Miniature donkeys are very warm, loving animals.”

― Kyle Chandler

“Working with animals forces an actor to work harder because you have to be quick when it comes to improvisation, and you can’t break character – at all.”

― Kyle Massey

“I have a passion for animals and spend a lot of my spare time working with various organizations here in Toronto.”

― Lara Jean Chorostecki

“Wild animals would not stay in a country where there were so many people. Pa did not like to stay, either. He liked a country where the wild animals lived without being afraid.”

― Laura Ingalls Wilder

“There the wild animals wandered and fed as though they were in a pasture that stretched much farther than a man could see, and there were no settlers. Only Indians lived there.”

― Laura Ingalls Wilder

“I’m definitely an animal lover, and I stand up for all animals’ rights.”

― Laura Mennell

“Millions of animals are euthanized every year because shelters can’t find homes for them. Buying animals from pet stores also tends to support puppy and cat mills, many of which have deplorable conditions for animals, which shouldn’t be tolerated.”

― Laura Mennell

“The harming of animals for any reason is shameful, but torturing them for mere vanity is senseless. Slaughtering animals for their fur or harming them for cosmetic purposes is disgusting and not worth the perfect shade of lipstick.”

― Laura Mennell

“I love animals, always have, and it seemed natural to help the ASPCA. Animals have no voice of their own, so we have to be that voice.”

― Laurell K. Hamilton

“I think humans are migratory animals.”

― Lawrence Osborne

“One of the reasons I like living in Bangkok is that, although it’s a megacity, it’s very saturated with nature – the vast and brooding skies, the sudden storms and rains, the vegetation and even the animals that abound.”

― Lawrence Osborne

“I have such a passion because I adore animals so much.”

― Lea Michele

“For the animals, they came from the University in Uppsala and all different kinds of clinics here.”

― Lennart Nilsson

“I have found that, in the composition of the human body as compared with the bodies of animals, the organs of sense are duller and coarser. Thus, it is composed of less ingenious instruments, and of spaces less capacious for receiving the faculties of sense.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

“The ‘here’ of Watts is pastel houses with window gratings in curly patterns. ‘Here’ is yard sales with bins full of stuffed animals and used water guns. Here is Crips turf.”

― Leslie Jamison

“Only the most acute and active animals are capable of boredom. – A theme for a great poet would be God’s boredom on the seventh day of creation.”

― Lewis Cass

“Animals have genes for altruism, and those genes have been selected in the evolution of many creatures because of the advantage they confer for the continuing survival of the species.”

― Lewis Thomas

“The animals are right here, right in front of us. And how we treat these companions is a test.”

― Linda Blair

“My animals are a really important part of my life.”

― Lisa Scottoline

“Like the herd animals we are, we sniff warily at the strange one among us.”

― Loren Eiseley

“Animals are thinking, feeling creatures. They’re sensitive.”

― Loretta Swit

“I just can’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved with animals and wildlife.”

― Loretta Swit

“I never really thought it out. I just woke up one day, and I was involved in all these projects. They just seemed to involve animals.”

― Loretta Swit

“When I was a kid, I used to imagine animals running under my bed. I told my dad, and he solved the problem quickly. He cut the legs off the bed.”

― Lou Brock

“God looks after children, animals and idiots.”

― Lou Holtz

“Far too often animals are put to sleep when they could be saved through proper care and nursing.”

― Louis Leakey

“I am more proud of what distinguishes man from the animals than of what he has in common with them.”

― Louis MacNeice

“Funnily enough, the most danger I felt was when I did a story about exotic animals kept as pets in America.”

― Louis Theroux

“Hunting really divides people in Britain. We keep pets, and we name our animals, but we’re not too worried about industrial hunting practices.”

― Louis Theroux

“When I went to D.C., I thought I would have an incredible platform to help animals. But I realized very quickly that there were huge limits to what I could do.”

― Louise Linton

“You ask why I’m fascinated by the human figure? As a human animal, I am interested in some of my fellow animals: in their minds and bodies.”

― Lucian Freud

“I wanted to go into the tropics and save animals – and write, of course.”

― Lydia Millet

“I found myself compelled – like this weird, shameful compulsion – to draw cute animals.”

― Lynda Barry

“My main issue is sustainability of the Earth, and protection of those animals and people who dwell here.”

― Lynda Resnick

“All of us from fertile egg to embryo to corpse, are exactly that: warm, wet, furry animals compelled by the sexuality of our forefathers and foremothers to be, either directly or indirectly, our own exciting and excitable, provocative and provocable selves.”

― Lynn Margulis

“I love shooting guns. Not at people or animals, but I love shooting blanks!”

― Maggie Q

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

“Our expression and our words never coincide, which is why the animals don’t understand us.”

― Malcolm de Chazal

“Turns out, I couldn’t catch them – or even get close to them. I realized that sharks are amazing, beautiful animals who have absolutely no interest in checking me out.”

― Malin Akerman

“I love animals, but I don’t think I can have pets.”

― Maneet Chauhan

“Being socially responsible is one of Gucci’s core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals.”

― Marco Bizzarri

“I love animals.”

― Margaret Cho

“Elephants are social, thoughtful animals. They live in communities and – I have to say it – in matriarchal societies. They bear no grudge, but they remember well.”

― Margrethe Vestager

“So for me, anything that has to do with animals, and I’m a happy camper.”

― Maria Menounos

“The hand is, in the highest degree, a human characteristic. It is man’s organ of grasp and of the sense of touch, while in animals these two functions are relegated to the mouth.”

― Maria Montessori

“Horses are wild animals, essentially, and they’re not there to do what humans want them to – they can be browbeaten or cajoled or trained, but they don’t hear English; they’re not obedient most of the time.”

― Marianne Elliott

“In a few generations more, there will probably be no room at all allowed for animals on the earth: no need of them, no toleration of them.”

― Marie Louise

“The way animals were and are abused appalls me to this very day.”

― Marie Windsor

“It isn’t true that convicts live like animals: animals have more room to move around.”

― Mario Vargas Llosa

“I’ve always had a repulsion going in a place where animals are in captivity.”

― Marion Cotillard

“The realm of making microbudget stuff will always be totally in our control. Most of the time, we just pay for those out of pocket. Then there is stuff that’s too expensive for us to pay for, and we want partners on, like ‘Togetherness’ and ‘Animals’ and some of our original Netflix movies.”

― Mark Duplass

“Elephants love to play around. They are very intelligent animals. They have a strong bond, at times stretching to several decades, with their mahouts.”

― Mark Shand

“The only meat I eat is from animals I’ve killed myself.”

― Mark Zuckerberg

“Of course I would love to have another track as big as ‘Animals,’ but ‘Animals’ became big also because of luck, the timing, and hype.”

― Martin Garrix

“Guetta, in general, what he did for the entire industry, same as Tiesto, same as Daft Punk, they paved the way for us. If Guetta didn’t exist, ‘Animals’ would have never been played on the radio. Because of people like him and Avicii. But mainly Guetta.”

― Martin Garrix

“Pigs prefer to wallow in clean mud, but if nothing else is available, they will frequently wallow in their own urine, giving rise to the notion that they are dirty animals.”

― Marvin Harris

“Peter’s fear of the animals which were shown him was probably not a directly conditioned fear.”

― Mary C. Jones

“The things that are really important to me are my man, my animals and my books. I don’t need anything else.”

― Mary Crosby

“I love using my imagination. I love writing about animals.”

― Mary Pope Osborne

“Animals’ taste systems are specialized for the niche they occupy in the environment. That includes us. As hunters and foragers of the dry savannah, our earliest forebears evolved a taste for important but scarce nutrients: salt and high-energy fats and sugars. That, in a nutshell, explains the widespread popularity of junk food.”

― Mary Roach

“Without civilization, we would not turn into animals, but vegetables.”

― Mason Cooley

“I like animals.”

― Matthew Broderick

“If I wasn’t acting, I would own a farm. Not like growing crops but maybe have a few animals like cows, and maybe an alpaca or a llama. I would chop wood all day. I would make a living doing that; it’s, like, an idealistic scenario for me. It’s very contrary to my upbringing, but maybe that’s the appeal to it.”

― Matthew Daddario

“The paparazzi is kind of crazy here in L.A., but it’s nothing like it is in London. They are animals over there, it’s insane.”

― Matthew Morrison

“Zoos have always fascinated me. What child hasn’t wondered what would happen if all the animals escaped from the zoo? Or what would happen if they got caught in an enclosure?”

― Matthew Reilly

“Factory farming came about from a moral race to the bottom, with corporations vying against each other to produce more and bigger animals with less care at lower cost.”

― Matthew Scully

“To the factory farmer, in contrast to the traditional farmer with his sense of honor and obligation, the animals are ‘production units,’ and accorded all the sympathy that term suggests.”

― Matthew Scully

“We’re animals. We’re violent. We’re criminal.”

― Maurice Sendak

“Stuffed animals are sad and scary; they have humorous and tragic qualities.”

― Maurizio Cattelan

“Man is an individual. The animals, plants and minerals are divided into species. They are not individualized in the same sense that man is.”

― Max Heindel

“Just as I never liked bumper stickers – even though I do brake for animals, and if I had a kid, she would definitely be an honor student – I don’t like the idea of expressing my views through social-media-controlled rainbow-or-anything-else-ification.”

― Meghan Daum

“Campaigns are weird animals and innately bring out bizarre road stories.”

― Meghan McCain

“My work always comes from the same source – from movement. It doesn’t necessarily come from an outside idea, though the source can be something small or large that I’ve seen, often birds or other animals. The seeing can then provoke the imagining.”

― Merce Cunningham

“I love children. I’d prefer to be around children much more than adults, actually. And I like animals, too. I’m just really into beings who are at ease with themselves.”

― Meshell Ndegeocello

“Sick animals can lead to sick people.”

― Michael Greger

“The benefits of a healthier diet are far-reaching because they also equate to fewer animals being bred into inhumane factory farm conditions and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.”

― Michael Greger

“Scientists suggest that the link between consuming poultry and cancer spread may be due to carcinogens in cooked meat. For unknown reasons, these carcinogens build up more in the muscles of chickens and turkeys than in those of other animals.”

― Michael Greger

“High levels of stress can lead to weakened immunity, rendering animals much more susceptible to disease. This makes the average poultry factory farm a hotbed for outbreaks of avian flu.”

― Michael Greger

“Zoos are becoming facsimiles – or perhaps caricatures – of how animals once were in their natural habitat. If the right policies toward nature were pursued, we would need no zoos at all.”

― Michael J. Fox

“Now that I know how supermarket meat is made, I regard eating it as a somewhat risky proposition. I know how those animals live and what’s on their hides when they go to slaughter, so I don’t buy industrial meat.”

― Michael Pollan

“The case for exploiting animals for food, clothing and entertainment often relies on our superior intelligence, language and self-awareness: the rights of the superior being trump those of the inferior.”

― Michael Shermer

“The history of agriculture is the history of humans breeding seeds and animals to produce traits we want in our crops and livestock.”

― Michael Specter

“’Meat’ is a vague term and can be used to refer to many parts of an animal, including internal organs and skin. For the most part, the meat we eat consists of muscle tissue taken from farm animals, whether it’s a sirloin steak, which is cut from the rear of a cow, or a pork chop, taken from flesh near the spine of a pig.”

― Michael Specter

“We’re in ‘Jurassic Park’ territory. If we go to the zoo in the future, we’ll have zoos for extinct animals.”

― Michio Kaku

“We lavish on animals the love we are afraid to show to people. They might not return it; or worse, they might.”

― Mignon McLaughlin

“We cannot even predict what kinds of emergent properties would appear when animals begin interacting as part of a brain-net. In theory, you could imagine that a combination of brains could provide solutions that individual brains cannot achieve by themselves.”

― Miguel Nicolelis

“Humans are vulnerable, messy little animals and that’s normal. And all I want to do is make a space for that in my films.”

― Mike Mills

“I think that animals aren’t less intelligent than humans, they’re just of a different intelligence. We have five million smell-sensitive cells in our nose, they have two hundred and fifty million – they can smell emotion. They can smell different types of emotion, they just have another type of intelligence.”

― Mike Mills

“I love animals, but I don’t really like riding animals. Like, I don’t love being on a horse – it’s just not my thing.”

― Miley Cyrus

“The more you learn about animals and animal rights – it’s an intriguing, fascinating world.”

― Mona Simpson

“I think that now that we are seeing multimedia types of productions with videos and pictures and human beings performing the acts that animals used to perform, such as in Cirque du Soleil and other traveling troops, there is no need to parade animals around anymore in cages for personal gratification.”

― Montel Williams

“As long as man eats animals how can cruelty to animals be removed.”

― Morarji Desai

“If you love animals, obviously it doesn’t make sense to hurt them.”

― Morrissey

“We resemble computers intellectually and animals emotionally.”

― Mother Angelica

“My older six are animals.”

― Nadya Suleman

“I have always loved animals since I was very young.”

― Nafisa Joseph

“Fair treatment of human beings and animals in many different realms strikes a chord with me.”

― Nargis Fakhri

“There is no kind way to rip the skin off animals’ backs. Anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the torture and gruesome deaths of millions of animals each year.”

― Natalie Imbruglia

“Saving animals is as simple as choosing synthetic alternatives instead of real fur.”

― Natalie Imbruglia

“In Yellowstone National Park, there are more ‘do not feed the animals’ signs than there are animals you might wish to feed.”

― Natalie Jeremijenko

“I would love to be working in a hospital or in a completely different realm, working with or exploring the lives of animals.”

― Nathan Chen

“The features of globalization have huge consequences on pandemics. It just connects us so much more closely… And as a consequence, every one of these viruses that passes from animals to humans has the capacity to infect all of us.”

― Nathan Wolfe

“Swine flu is not an anomaly. We know that swine flu – like the vast majority of new outbreaks – comes from animals. We should be monitoring those animals and the humans that come into contact with them, so we can catch these viruses early, before they infect major cities and spread throughout the world.”

― Nathan Wolfe

“There are commonalities among all the pandemics that occur, and we can learn from them. One commonality is that they all come from animals. And the other commonality is that we wait too long.”

― Nathan Wolfe

“It’s part of our pop culture to give animals human personalities and talents.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“I grew up with lots of animals and I related more to them than I did to people. I feel a lot of empathy for them.”

― Neko Case

“As I listened, it occurred to me that interest in and affection for the animals that share the planet with us may be a more unifying force than any other.”

― Nick Clooney

“Respect and affection for animals, particularly those who share our homes, recognize no geographic borders.”

― Nick Clooney

“There are so many ingredients that are contained in ‘The Wall’ that were not necessarily contained in other Pink Floyd records, particularly following on from ‘Animals,’ which was very spare and sparse. Production on it was much more massive, the complexity of the recording was much more intense.”

― Nick Mason

“We’re social animals. We’ve got to get along together. It’s in our nature. We’re hardwired that way.”

― Nick Nolte

“I always wanted to be a zoologist. I’m fascinated with animals. I wanted to be a zookeeper.”

― Nigel Barker

“Animals, until you have kids of your own, animals are your kids.”

― Nikki Reed

“Acting was not on my agenda. It just happened by chance. I always wanted to be involved in wildlife protection or maybe surrounded by kids. I love animals and children.”

― Nithya Menen

“I love animals so much.”

― Noah Cyrus

“Because I love all animals so much, people should realize they don’t have to cut into something to learn about it.”

― Noah Cyrus

“It’s perfectly obvious that there is some genetic factor that distinguishes humans from other animals and that it is language-specific. The theory of that genetic component, whatever it turns out to be, is what is called universal grammar.”

― Noam Chomsky

“I came to join the Experience by going for an audition for Eric Burdon who was just forming the New Animals at that point, after the original Animals had broken up.”

― Noel Redding

“Whatever life may really be, it is to us an abstraction: for the word is a generalised term to signify that which is common to all animals and plants, and which is not directly operative in the inorganic world.”

― Oliver Joseph Lodge

“I love all animals. I’m such an animal lover.”

― Orianthi

“There are many things I love in this world. Music, acting, and animals are at the top of that list.”

― Orlando Brown

“Humans are the only animals that have children on purpose with the exception of guppies, who like to eat theirs.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“I stuff animals I find; I do roadkill. They’re strangely fun to have. They’re like easy-to-control pets.”

― Padgett Powell

“Confining marine animals to tanks and separating them from their families and their natural surroundings, just so people can watch them swim in endless circles, teaches us far more about humans than it does about animals – and the lesson is not a flattering one.”

― Pamela Anderson

“First I wanted to be a veterinarian. And then I realized you had to give them shots to put them to sleep, so I decided I’d just buy a bunch of animals and have them in my house instead.”

― Paris Hilton

“It’s been my dream to have four babies by 30. I look after animals, so I’d have a lot to give my kids.”

― Paris Hilton

“Humans are animals of habit – they convince themselves they can’t change. And that premise is wrong.”

― Patrick Pichette

“Humans regard animals as worthy of protection only when they are on the verge of extinction.”

― Paul Craig Roberts

“I love looking after animals. I find it very enjoyable.”

― Paul O’Grady

“I go in the butchers and there’s not a lot of meat I can eat these days, with having all the animals.”

― Paul O’Grady

“I love long-range rifle shooting. I like anything that deals with precision. I also find that with archery. On my ranch, I have my own range with 3-D targets of animals and hay bales from different distances.”

― Paul Walker

“Whales are killed today to supply the limited demand for whale meat or to be used in pet foods or as fodder for fur-bearing animals used in the fur trade.”

― Paul Watson

“I couldn’t date someone who didn’t like dogs. There are exceptions to the rule, but I find that if someone doesn’t like animals, I am a little suspicious of them.”

― Penn Badgley

“Fifty percent of the weight of the soybean is protein. And what a protein! No other protein that we’ve known comes so nearly to the basic protein of animals and humans as soybean protein.”

― Percy Julian

“I have always been against cruelty to animals and remain so.”

― Peter Baynham

“Each year, billions of animals are subjected to cruelty on factory farms, feed lots, and slaughterhouses. The brutality that these animals endure would be grounds for felony cruelty charges if inflicted upon our cats and dogs.”

― Peter Dinklage

“Animals used for food are treated like unfeeling machinery.”

― Peter Dinklage

“It is hard working with animals, I’ve got to say.”

― Peter Dinklage

“Loss is universal. I’ve lost grandparents that I dearly adored, lost animals that were like brothers to me. Many of us have gone through terrible breakups.”

― Peter Heller

“The producers of ‘The Hobbit’ take the welfare of all animals very seriously and have always pursued the highest standard of care for animals in their charge.”

― Peter Jackson

“Over 55% of all shots using animals in ‘The Hobbit’ are in fact computer generated; this includes horses, ponies, rabbits, hedgehogs, birds, deer, elk, mice, wild boars and wolves.”

― Peter Jackson

“I have never really been fond of animals. I certainly wasn’t an ‘animal lover’ when I became involved in the movement. I just came to be persuaded that animals should be treated as independent sentient beings, not as means to human ends.”

― Peter Singer

“Attempts to defend amusement parks and circuses on the grounds that they ‘educate’ people about animals should not be taken seriously. Such enterprises are part of the commercial entertainment industry. The most important lesson they teach impressionable young minds is that it is acceptable to keep animals in captivity for human amusement.”

― Peter Singer

“You shouldn’t say ‘animals’ to distinguish between humans and non-humans. We are all animals.”

― Peter Singer

“All the arguments to prove man’s superiority cannot shatter this hard fact: in suffering the animals are our equals.”

― Peter Singer

“Animals, or at least those who are conscious and capable of suffering or enjoying their lives, are not things for us to use in whatever way we find convenient.”

― Peter Singer

“There is no doubt that there is a huge difference between human and nonhuman animals. But what we are overlooking is the fact that nonhuman animals are conscious beings, that they can suffer.”

― Peter Singer

“In most of the world, it is accepted that if animals are to be killed for food, they should be killed without suffering.”

― Peter Singer

“If we are concerned about the exploitation of human workers in countries with low standards of worker protection, we should also be concerned about the treatment of even more defenceless non-human animals.”

― Peter Singer

“Grain that is used to feed animals that end up on our tables as turkeys and hams could have gone to feed starving people.”

― Peter Singer

“Some people are uncomfortable with the idea that humans belong to the same class of animals as cats and cows and raccoons. They’re like the people who become successful and then don’t want to be reminded of the old neighborhood.”

― Phil Donahue

“Drinking when we are not thirsty and making love at all seasons, madam: that is all there is to distinguish us from other animals.”

― Pierre Beaumarchais

“I’m very involved with PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals – and Greenpeace and a lot of women’s shelter and clothing giveaways.”

― Pink

“At any rate, we can see that they are given into our care, that we cannot just do whatever we want with them. Animals, too, are God’s creatures.”

― Pope Benedict XVI

“When I need to cry, I think of very sad things, mostly about animals.”

― Quvenzhane Wallis

“Humanity evolves when we realise that animals have the same rights to the Earth as we do.”

― Radhanath Swami

“I’ve always been fascinated by the way that children and animals suffer stoically in a way that I don’t think adults do.”

― Rebecca Miller

“All animals exhibit innate behaviors in response to specific sensory stimuli that are likely to result from the activation of developmentally programmed circuits.”

― Richard Axel

“We’re one of the only animals in the world that don’t really think of ourselves as animals, but we are animals, and we must respect our fellow animals.”

― Richard Branson

“I urge you to ask yourself just how honorable it is to preside over the abuse and suffering of animals.”

― Richard Pryor

“As children, we did not have toys. We invented characters and animals; we invented stories.”

― Rithy Panh

“It’s funny what actors take issue with. Some won’t do parts where animals are in jeopardy; some won’t ever play anyone remotely unlikable – ‘Heroes only, please.’ Some won’t do violence. I have no such qualms.”

― Rob Lowe

“Animals outline their territories with their excretions, humans outline their territories by ink excretions on paper.”

― Robert Anton Wilson

“Of course, animals have to be killed for food or to prevent their doing injury to others or to property. But such killing is too often carried out without regard to the pain inflicted.”

― Robert Baden-Powell

“It struck me what we should be trying to do was pluck the egg from the ovary and fertilise it in the laboratory. We could do this in animals increasingly… this was the way to go in the human species.”

― Robert Edwards

“What is it that distinguishes you and me from the lower animals – from the beasts? More, I say, than anything else, human sympathy – human sympathy.”

― Robert Green Ingersoll

“Our instinctual understanding of reality is the same as most other animals.”

― Robert Lanza

“Cirque du Soleil distinguished itself by being a circus with no animals. Before then, circus was partly about showing how man can tame other species.”

― Robert Lepage

“Zimbabwe has lots of safaris, but very few are African. Most are white-owned. In our region, we have the most safaris and animals. Our people cannot keep suffering.”

― Robert Mugabe

“Just as predatory animals follow a similar general design and behave in similar ways, so organizations, especially those in competition with one another, must follow certain design principles if they are to succeed and prevail.”

― Robert Shea

“You can now modify the genes of large animals, and the largest animal we are concerned with is the human.”

― Robert Winston

“My own field, the prevention of genetic disorders in babies, has been possible only because of humane work on animals.”

― Robert Winston

“For humans and animals alike, truly vigorous, wholehearted, spontaneous play is something of a biological frill.”

― Robin Marantz Henig

“For actors in Hollywood, it’s very straightforward. We’re well-paid animals in a zoo.”

― Robin Wright

“Camels are wonderful animals. Witty, intelligent and sensitive.”

― Robyn Davidson

“I know at last what distinguishes man from animals; financial worries.”

― Romain Rolland

“Often and often afterwards, the beloved Aunt would ask me why I had never told anyone how I was being treated. Children tell little more than animals, for what comes to them they accept as eternally established.”

― Rudyard Kipling

“I was watching a Storyville documentary called ‘Blackfish’ about killer whales in captivity. I was emotionally drained by the end. It revealed a real behind-the-scenes truth on what we do with animals.”

― Rupert Evans

“I try to do things that I think are helpful to the environment, to the animals, and to the planet.”

― Russell Simmons

“I try to keep a positive intention and use whatever resources I have to benefit others. I try to create businesses that I think are not hurtful. I try to do things that I think are helpful to the environment, to the animals, and to the planet.”

― Russell Simmons

“I think it’s part of the DNA of human beings. We are a cooking animal. What differentiates us from all the other animals is that we cook and they don’t.”

― Ruth Reichl

“It was through cooking food and sharing it with each other that our ancestors learned how to become social animals.”

― Ruth Reichl

“Among irrational animals the love of the offspring and of the parents for each other is extraordinary because God, who created them, compensated for the deficiency of reason by the superiority of their senses.”

― Saint Basil

“Before I had my child, animals were my life. I slept with four dogs in my bed.”

― Salma Hayek

“I want medical experiments on animals stopped. They don’t do anything, and they don’t work.”

― Sam Simon

“Through PETA, we rescue animals in roadside zoos and circuses. They are some of the most abused animals in the country.”

― Sam Simon

“It’s one of the oldest theatrical adages: never work with children or animals.”

― Samantha Bond

“Brute animals have the vowel sounds; man only can utter consonants.”

― Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“We had a small farm growing up. It was my grandfather’s farm, and we didn’t torture the animals, and we didn’t feed them stuff we wouldn’t eat.”

― Sandra Lerner

“I want PETA to do something to stop the killing of animals.”

― Sangram Singh

“I became a vegetarian at age 13 because I was into animal issues and felt like it was kinder not to eat animals.”

― Sara Gilbert

“I think there is just a vein of humanity that really loves animals and really loves to read about them.”

― Sara Gruen

“Sharks are really serious animals. They’ve been around longer than dinosaurs. They’re basically prehistoric killing machines, and that’s terrifying and fascinating, at the same time.”

― Sara Paxton

“If you can kill animals, the same attitude can kill human beings. The mentality is the same which exploits nature and which creates wars.”

― Satish Kumar

“We are animals, born from the land with the other species. Since we’ve been living in cities, we’ve become more and more stupid, not smarter. What made us survive all these hundreds of thousands of years is our spirituality; the link to our land.”

― Sebastiao Salgado

“I love animals so much.”

― Shanice Williams

“Animals mean everything to me. We have to be their voice and protectors.”

― Shannon Elizabeth

“People are animals, man.”

― Shawn Crahan

“Teach your children how to behave with animals. Adopt a pet. Don’t go buy one. Please. That’s a sin. Let’s get these puppy mills out of business.”

― Shelley Morrison

“I’m such a weirdo. I’m animal-mad, so my ideal date would probably be something involving going to see animals.”

― Sheridan Smith

“Animals weren’t put on this earth to entertain us.”

― Sheryl Lee

“What’s cool is when you’re able to give your audience imagination and you don’t have to cage them in like animals.”

― Shia LaBeouf

“I have resigned from the human race. Look at the way we treat animals.”

― Spike Milligan

“Traditional academic science describes human beings as highly developed animals and biological thinking machines. We appear to be Newtonian objects made of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and organs.”

― Stanislav Grof

“Animals are very easy to love and be friends with.”

― Stefanie Powers

“We have captured a luxury and richness with our fur-free fur, which is proof to the fashion industry that killing animals for the sake of fashion is unnecessary.”

― Stella McCartney

“The most talented investors are animals solely focused on winning.”

― Stephanie Ruhle

“We are not animals. We are not a product of what has happened to us in our past. We have the power of choice.”

― Stephen Covey

“I studied marine biology, even taught marine science before I got into animation, so I had an interest in that field and those animals.”

― Stephen Hillenburg

“So much of today’s food is based on the exploitation of animals and the environment. Yes, it’s cheap, but at what cost?”

― Steve Ells

“I thought we were going to get customers excited by telling them there were no antibiotics in our meat or no growth hormones used to raise the animals or no RBGH in our cheese or sour cream. Well, that’s not a very appetizing message.”

― Steve Ells

“The only animals I’m not comfortable with are parrots, but I’m learning as I go. I’m getting better and better at ’em. I really am.”

― Steve Irwin

“Abuse yourself all you want – just leave animals out of it. Don’t wear fur.”

― Steve-O

“I don’t want any more concentration camps for animals that are cruelly treated, force-fed to fatten themselves up for our consumption.”

― Steve Wynn

“Fiddling with the genetic identities of domesticated plants and animals ever since we had become human. We are the fiddlingest animal the world has ever seen.”

― Sue Hubbell

“Crickets are immaculately clean, harmless animals.”

― Sue Hubbell

“States should pass laws making it illegal to own or trade wild animals; the phony ‘educational’ permits that many private owners have used to skirt those laws should be eliminated.”

― Susan Orlean

“Keeping animals, I have learned, is all about water. Who even knew chickens drank water? I didn’t, but they do, and a lot.”

― Susan Orlean

“My brother acquired his first gun when he was very young, from a recently-fled drug dealer’s residence. Now, he lived in a rural orange-grove area, and he shot at coyotes who killed his animals and at drug runners who used the groves for transport. Sometimes he joked that he only shot what moved.”

― Susan Straight

“Humans are very imaginative animals.”

― Susumu Tonegawa

“You can’t really call yourself an environmentalist if you’re still consuming animals. You just can’t.”

― Suzy Amis

“Kindness to animals seems to me to be one of the most rudimentary lessons of all.”

― Suzy Shuster

“Nearly all of the major kinds of life, divisions of life, phyla of animals, occur in the sea. Only about half of them can make it to land or freshwater.”

― Sylvia Earle

“I’m just kind of fascinated by how we can deny that we are animals and what our impact on the other animals is like, and how quixotic we can be in trying to assess what we’ve done in trying to correct it.”

― T. C. Boyle

“After I recovered from ‘Lioness’, I wanted to write something about animals because I really like mythical creatures, especially dragons. At 12, I was one of those semi-recluses who did better with animals than people. Out of that, came the character, Daine, who could communicate with animals.”

― Tamora Pierce

“I’m a real animal lover. I adore animals of all shapes and sizes.”

― Tamsin Egerton

“I like animals because they are not consciously cruel and don’t betray each other.”

― Taylor Caldwell

“I’ve always written about animals. I’m still trying to process why that is.”

― Tea Obreht

“You should always carry string, according to my archaeologist father, because then you could at least make a trap to catch animals to survive. According to my grandmother, it was clean underwear.”

― Ted Danson

“Can’t cook. Can’t, I dunno, do paperwork. I don’t know, what else can’t we do? I’m not to be trusted with other people’s animals.”

― Ted Dwane

“A lot of animals are finding themselves in positions where their habitats are being destroyed.”

― Teddy Geiger

“I had the best of both worlds when I was a kid. I’d spend a quiet week with my mum, then I’d go to my dad’s property in the Adelaide Hills, where there were all these kids and animals running around.”

― Teresa Palmer

“Our message, without preaching, is how to treat wildlife and to have empathy for all animals.”

― Terri Irwin

“Steve was so wonderful to bring wildlife into our living rooms and let us see that animals we used to be afraid of are so important.”

― Terri Irwin

“You can’t just go and collect animals from the wild. It’s totally illegal.”

― Terri Irwin

“In a way, Strandbeests have turned into migration animals, and the step counter gives them an idea of where they are. While counting their steps, they know more or less where they are between Kijkduin and Scheveningen.”

― Theo Jansen

“The leg system of the beach animals works because of a combination of certain lengths of tubes. Because of the proportion of lengths, the animals walk smoothly. You could say that this range of numbers is their genetic code.”

― Theo Jansen

“Nothing can be more obvious than that all animals were created solely and exclusively for the use of man.”

― Thomas Love Peacock

“The main peculiarity which distinguishes man from other animals is the means of his support-the power which he possesses of very greatly increasing these means.”

― Thomas Malthus

“Animals do not admire each other. A horse does not admire its companion.”

― Thomas Mann

“The best thing about animals is that they don’t talk much.”

― Thornton Wilder

“Had I not stepped into the saddle in the first place, entire cultures, histories, and most importantly, profound connections with people and animals whom I now counted as my friends would have otherwise passed by, invisible.”

― Tim Cope

“When I see someone wearing fur, I just want to sit them down in front of one of PETA’s videos and show them just how badly animals suffer for this supposed fabric that no one needs.”

― Tim Howard

“The belief that ‘animals’ are superior or inferior to humans because they live in an eternal now is untrue, because no being lives in a now.”

― Timothy Morton

“After a lifetime of listening to every Floyd album pretty much all the time – they’re etched – ‘Animals’ is the one I can listen to again and again.”

― Timothy Morton

“Everyone agrees that animals should not be exposed to unnecessary pain. But neither should scientists be hamstrung by the requirement to use anesthesia in every animal experiment that might cause pain.”

― Timothy Noah

“In Tennessee where I grew up, there were animals, farms, wagons, mules.”

― Tina Turner

“If people could be as honest as animals, what a different world it would be.”

― Tippi Hedren

“Federal legislation is urgently needed to stop this insanity of wild animals in captivity.”

― Tippi Hedren

“I’ve always had a fascination for animals. I loved watching them, and even then I thought of them as beings rather than pets. I call it a birth affect!”

― Tippi Hedren

“If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat?”

― Tom Snyder

“Fear changes everything. We’re animals, and when we get afraid we act like animals. I’m not exempt from that.”

― Tony Gilroy

“Not only does virtual dissection save animals, it also saves schools money and helps the environment by sparing the use of toxic chemicals typically used to embalm animals.”

― Torrey DeVitto

“When I became aware of how inhumane it is to test on animals, I made a commitment not to buy anything that was.”

― Torrey DeVitto

“I dressed up as a veterinarian for a Halloween costume party. I had the lab coat. I got a couple of stuffed animals for patients and put bandages on them.”

― Tracy Chapman

“I love animals, but I don’t want to talk to them. I’d rather be able to talk to other people on other continents and understand them.”

― Tracy Morgan

“My husband says I like animals more than I like people. I take that as the compliment he means it as.”

― Tricia Helfer

“Heartless though it may seem to some, among the least harmful things to eat are sustainably culled wild animals. In the absence of natural predators, deer populations in parts of Britain have reached such dense numbers that the woodlands they browse fail to regenerate.”

― Tristram Stuart

“According to the ‘food waste pyramid,’ ensuring that food is eaten by people is the top priority. Failing that, the next best thing is to feed it to farm animals.”

― Tristram Stuart

“In Kenya, where there isn’t the luxury of feeding grains to animals, livestock yield more calories than they consume because they are fattened on grass and agricultural by-products inedible to humans.”

― Tristram Stuart

“As human pastoralists discovered 8,000 years ago, raising animals can be an efficient way of harnessing otherwise unusable resources such as grass.”

― Tristram Stuart

“I’m very emotional about my animals.”

― Trudie Styler

“Animals shouldn’t be mistreated.”

― Tucker Carlson

“Human beings are religious animals.”

― Umberto Eco

“Killing animals and eating meat have been significant components of human evolution that had a synergistic relationship with other key attributes that have made us human, with larger brains, smaller guts, bipedalism, and language.”

― Vaclav Smil

“Meat is undoubtedly an environmentally expensive food. Large animals have inherently low efficiency of converting feed to muscle, and only modern broilers can be produced with less than two units of feed per unit of meat.”

― Vaclav Smil

“Animals can adapt to problems and make inventions, but often no faster than natural selection can do its work – the world acts as its own simulator in the case of natural selection.”

― Vernor Vinge

“I don’t eat animals. I rescue strays and take injured pigeons to the wildlife rehab. I carry spiders and wasps outside in a cup covered with a 3×5 card. It would only follow that I’d take pause when contemplating the abrupt and apparently brutal ending of a tiny human being’s life, or even a potential human being’s life.”

― Victoria Moran

“I’ve always been very fond of animals.”

― Victoria Pendleton

“I always compare human beings to animals. It’s a nice way to figure out who they are.”

― Vincent Cassel

“Anyone who hates children and animals can’t be all bad.”

― W. C. Fields

“The countenances of children, like those of animals, are masks, not faces, for they have not yet developed a significant profile of their own.”

― W. H. Auden

“Animation is different from other parts. Its language is the language of caricature. Our most difficult job was to develop the cartoon’s unnatural but seemingly natural anatomy for humans and animals.”

― Walt Disney

“Biology will relate every human gene to the genes of other animals and bacteria, to this great chain of being.”

― Walter Gilbert

“As people’s lifestyles have improved, they’ve become more and more sensitive toward animals. It’s becoming a universal value, like Western classical music.”

― Wang Shi

“The thing about animals is that they don’t judge you. They accept you the way you are.”

― Wendy O. Williams

“Unfortunately, I’m allergic to all animals and even some people.”

― Wentworth Miller

“The ways in which people treat animals will be reflected in how people relate to one another.”

― William Greider

“Animal-rights advocates remind us of this admonition: The ways in which people treat animals will be reflected in how people relate to one another.”

― William Greider

“Animals of all classes, old and young, shrink with instinctive fear from any strange object approaching them.”

― William Henry Hudson

“Everything I do is to support my passion, and that is the rescuing of animals!”

― William McNamara

“The desire to take medicine is perhaps the greatest feature which distinguishes man from animals.”

― William Osler

“I like using animals because they help suspend my reader’s disbelief. We have certain ideas about dentists. We don’t have many ideas about rhinoceros dentists.”

― Yann Martel

“When the first humans reached Australia about 45,000 years ago, they quickly drove to extinction 90% of its large animals. This was the first significant impact that Homo sapiens had on the planet’s ecosystem. It was not the last.”

― Yuval Noah Harari

“Animals are the main victims of history, and the treatment of domesticated animals in industrial farms is perhaps the worst crime in history.”

― Yuval Noah Harari

“I’m vegan, though not completely religious about it. While writing ‘Sapiens,’ I became familiar with how we treat animals in the meat and dairy industries. I was so horrified that I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

― Yuval Noah Harari

“I get along very well with animals and children. I dig them, I get them.”

― Zoe Saldana
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