Top 11 Arena Quotes

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“Chris Martin has this voice that resonates through a whole arena.”

― Adam Rippon

“My work has social implications, it functions in a social arena.”

― Andres Serrano

“Politics are not my arena. Music is.”

― Aretha Franklin

“It’s extremely exciting to be part of a world premiere here at Arena.”

― Jayne Houdyshell

“There are a lot of actors out there who don’t have an arena to present their stuff.”

― Joe Penny

“I always say that the stand-up world is the arena of the unwell, and it is.”

― Johnny Vegas

“Broadway is a tough, tough arena for singing.”

― Julie Andrews

“My biggest dream is to headline an arena tour.”

― Kelsea Ballerini

“I was a player in the Arena League, I was building relationships with that internship.”

― Matt Nagy

“When the lights in the arena turn on, I’m Mickie James all the time.”

― Mickie James

“I do a medley of hymns in all of my sets, whether I’m in an arena, in a theater, in an amusement park.”

― Yolanda Adams
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