Top 14 Artistic Quotes

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“I have no goal to have artistic credibility.”

― Andy Biersack

“When I get an artistic itch, I have to scratch it.”

― Bonnie McKee

“My No. 1 artistic inspiration in theater is Brian Stokes Mitchell.”

― Brandon Victor Dixon

“My artistic spirit is not nurtured by blogospheres.”

― Danai Gurira

“Artistic development is a thing of the past, sadly.”

― David Coverdale

“Preserve my artistic creativity and ennoble my artistic fame.”

― Giacomo Meyerbeer

“Artistic temperament is the disease that afflicts amateurs.”

― Gilbert K. Chesterton

“I’m not artistic nor am I all that creative.”

― Henry Rollins

“I think it’s great when girls are artistic.”

― Henry Thomas

“Ryan Reynolds is an artistic man.”

― Julian Dennison

“The artistic world is one of high nuance.”

― Melvin Van Peebles

“I think it’s important to widen my artistic repertoire.”

― Son Ye-jin

“I don’t have actors in my family, but everyone is pretty artistic.”

― Timothy Simons

“I look at everything in an artistic way.”

― Tony Curtis
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