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When Just Asking Solves A Problem

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I was having a problem with a technical task for a year. To be specific, I didn’t give my hand on it as the technology in it changed a lot and I was avoiding it.

Though, that specific tasks making me money every single month but all are going down because of my laziness of giving my hands on it.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a try and failed because of the technology involved changed so much that there has been a long learning curve raised.

I have a couple of friends who are doing those and in fact, I taught one of them these tasks before. He is still on that industry but I ignored him to ask eventually.

3 days ago, I made the attempt again.

I asked that friend to come on Skype and fix everything else live over Teamviewer so that I can watch it, screencast it and apply.

And you know what? It worked!

I just spent 45 minutes over Team viewer and Skype and all the problems I am facing for last 1 year; is gone!

Last night I spent quite a bit of time in that task and I see everything is so easy.

But this exact same task seemed too much difficult for me and I literally started doing this for a long time.

I am wondering now, what if I asked that friend to help me before? I could’ve improved that system and that task a lot in the last 6 months.

Just a mere “Asking” could have solved all of my problems at its initial stage.

However, this seems very good learning for me.

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There is a lot of stuff I need to get done but I am delaying because I don’t have that capability to conduct them as they require. But I can easily outreach to my friends or known people who are expert in those specific tasks and help me beat those obstacles.


Now you guys can follow this exact same formula.

If you are stuck in any tasks or projects or things to do; just seek people who can help you.

There is no shy in asking for help.

If you get a refusal, just move on. There is nothing to lose.

Sometimes, getting help from Google or YouTube is not enough as you might think them a little bit complicated. But when you talk face to face with your friends or known people; things will feel like super easy!

And this is exactly what happened to me!

Are you down mentally? – Share the reasons with your friend or colleagues or any people you trust out there.

Are you stuck with a specific technical task? – Ask your friends to help you. Who knows, someone might be glad to help you back.

Are you in dilemma about what to choose? – Ask your dearest one or any friend and talk about it. You will be surprised to see how easy that is to pick the right one.

Going out but where to? – Wait a minute, think and try to remember any people who might be going there before you and take some tips.

Need to accomplish something? – Find an expert on that sector and reach out for help. Gurus love to help others.

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Problems about anything? – Talk to your friends or family members about it. Things should be okay.

You see what? – you just need to talk.

You just need to share the issue with the right people.

Things must be get done.

Problems must be solved.

Just talk & ask.

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