Top 14 Assets Quotes

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“One of the great responsibilities that I have is to manage my assets wisely, so that they create value.”

― Alice Walton

“Good debt accrues assets that generate positive returns and externalities.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“We have the right assets for a fast-growing digital business.”

― Bernard Ebbers

“Overpaying the banks for their toxic assets could contribute capital, but that may not be politically feasible or attractive.”

― Edmund Phelps

“My instinct is probably one of the strongest assets I’ve got, workwise.”

― Gina McKee

“I always like to refer managers in corporate America as the renters of the corporate assets, not the owners.”

― Henry Kravis

“Provision was also made for the distribution of Germany’s foreign assets among the Allies.”

― James F. Byrnes

“Assets are cold.”

― John Kluge

“It’s interesting that Swiss banks also hide their assets from the Swiss by using offshore bank structuring.”

― Julian Assange

“Groupon has some interesting assets.”

― Matt Cohler

“I have spent my career making a difference with underperforming assets.”

― Michael Heisley

“Most people are under exposed to global assets, including foreign stocks, bonds and currencies.”

― Mohamed El-Erian

“A country’s assets reside in the tinkerers, the hobbyists, and the risk-takers.”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“My hair and my accent are sort of my main assets.”

― Xavier Samuel
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