Top 9 Backstage Quotes

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“I sat backstage and had a beer with Richard Chamberlain, Paul Newman, and Princess Grace.”

― Christopher Atkins

“Supergroupies don’t have to hang around hotel corridors. When you are one, as I have been, you get invited backstage.”

― Germaine Greer

“I met Obama once, backstage at the Apollo in Harlem.”

― Glenn Ligon

“And I’d watch George C. Scott from backstage. He was one of my mentors.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“I was going out for absolutely everything that was in Backstage.”

― Rob Corddry

“I sing ‘Nessun Dorma’ when I warm up backstage.”

― Rob Halford

“I saw a lot of operas from backstage and watched a lot of rehearsals – my parents were singers.”

― Rosamund Pike

“What you don’t see backstage is what really controls the show.”

― Sarah Sutton

“I grew up around backstage, and that clinched it for me.”

― Zak Orth
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