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“I’m not auditioning to play convenience-store clerks. I don’t see any benefit in that.”

― Adhir Kalyan

“The benefit of appointing a hawkish central banker is the increased inflation-fighting credibility that such an appointment brings.”

― Ben Bernanke

“When you inject capital into the parent, it may or may not benefit the subsidiary.”

― Charles Dallara

“Bowls have become network-owned, commercial enterprises, in some cases, pitting average teams in money-losing bowls for the benefit of a few.”

― Charles E. Young

“I can’t think of a community that couldn’t benefit from communal thinking.”

― Christina Tosi

“I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.”

― Claudia Christian

“What is black empowerment when it seems to benefit not the vast majority but an elite that tends to be recycled?”

― Desmond Tutu

“Cyber espionage is very lucrative for economic benefit to a nation.”

― Dmitri Alperovitch

“Board meetings should not be for the benefit of the board. They should be for the benefit of the CEO and the senior team.”

― Fred Wilson

“Speaking Spanish isn’t a benefit in Hollywood.”

― Freddie Prinze, Jr.

“That which is so universal as death must be a benefit.”

― Friedrich Schiller

“Whenever a partnership is formed, there has to be a benefit to the partners; otherwise, they don’t form it.”

― G. Edward Griffin

“Great advertising, in and of itself, becomes a benefit of the product.”

― George Lois

“Governments should not be able to bulldoze a person’s home or business to benefit other individuals.”

― Henry Bonilla

“Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees. And both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.”

― Henry Clay

“Foreclosure is to no one’s benefit. I’ve heard estimates that mortgage investors lose 40 to 50 percent on their investment if it goes into foreclosure.”

― Henry Paulson

“Society exists for the benefit of its members, not the members for the benefit of society.”

― Herbert Spencer

“Many people could benefit from meditation.”

― Jim Yong Kim

“I did a benefit one night at Carnegie Hall with Bono and Lady Gaga and Rufus Wainwright.”

― Joel Grey

“I’ve always given presidents the benefit of the doubt on their nominees.”

― John McCain

“The Greek economy is improving, which should benefit the banking sector.”

― John Paulson

“U.S. corn exports to CAFTA countries will benefit from reduced tariffs and duty-free access for corn products.”

― John Shimkus

“I am keenly aware that I benefit from a wonderful tradition in the UK of designing and making.”

― Jonathan Ive

“To use for our exclusive benefit what is not ours is theft.”

― Jose Marti

“Our child benefit goes directly to the families who need it the most.”

― Justin Trudeau

“The errors in media polling rarely benefit a Republican.”

― Kellyanne Conway

“I benefit from a change of scenery; it’s always inspiring.”

― Kurt Vile

“The training comes to us with the benefit of what has gone before.”

― Linda M. Godwin

“Remember that our Spanish conquerors, for their own benefit, deliberately created an oppressed underclass whose collective psyche became rooted in passivity and underachievement.”

― Lionel Sosa

“I’m a benefit to the city. I’m not a detriment.”

― Manuel Moroun

“Higher ebook prices only benefit one group: publishers.”

― Michael A. Stackpole

“Girls, in particular, benefit from sports.”

― Michelle Kwan

“Often they benefit who suffer wrong.”

― Ovid

“The unambigious fact is that U.S. capitalism is a mechanism for looting the many for the benefit of the few.”

― Paul Craig Roberts

“MAVNI was never intended to be utilized for the benefit of illegal aliens.”

― Paul Gosar

“I do believe that international trade agreements benefit both nations, always.”

― Phil Knight

“When a Benefit is wrongly conferred, the author of the Benefit may often be said to injure.”

― Plato

“For every benefit you receive a tax is levied.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Increased funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program is a priority for the Bush Administration, and I am pleased that many families in North Carolina will benefit from this increase.”

― Richard Burr

“I have a problem with blogs – all the best writers benefit from edits.”

― Rick Moranis

“We should be more anxious that our afflictions should benefit us than that they should be speedily removed from us.”

― Robert Hall

“I’m not taking for granted being managed by Roc Nation. They have a lot of relations, and they have a reach that I clearly could benefit from.”

― Romeo Santos

“The dead should be judged like criminals, impartially, but they should be allowed the benefit of the doubt.”

― Samuel Butler

“Investing in girls can actually move the needle in communities… and can actually benefit boys, because girls are the mothers of boys.”

― Soledad O’Brien

“We’re too often told that our mistakes are ours alone, but victory is a shared benefit.”

― Stacey Abrams

“The historical evidence shows that shareholders usually greatly benefit from mergers.”

― Stephen Moore

“The masses don’t shed their blood for the benefit of a few individuals.”

― Stokely Carmichael

“There is a serious effort going on by private airlines such as Spicejet and Vistara to benefit from this dismemberment of Jet Airways.”

― Subramanian Swamy

“Yahoo would benefit from going private or becoming part of a larger corporation.”

― Susan Decker

“Illinois’ economy will benefit from the modernization of the power sector.”

― Tammy Duckworth

“I was at a benefit for some imprisoned students in the ’60s at San Francisco State, and there were lots of poets reading for the benefit: one was Elizabeth Bishop.”

― Thom Gunn

“There is the greatest practical benefit in making a few failures early in life.”

― Thomas Huxley

“At 9 years old, I did a lot of benefit concerts for my community.”

― Tiffany Darwish

“When women are empowered to contribute more fully, we all benefit.”

― Tina Smith

“We benefit tremendously from the E.U. Britain does very well in getting back E.U. money for the amount it puts in.”

― Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

“Much of our brainpower goes unused, and many people could benefit greatly from optimizing their mental assets.”

― Walter O’Brien

“It is one of the consolations of philosophy that the benefit of showing how to dispense with a concept does not hinge on dispensing with it.”

― Willard Van Orman Quine

“A government is for the benefit of all the people.”

― William Howard Taft

“My ranch William S. Hart Park is for the benefit of the American Public of every race and creed.”

― William S. Hart
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