Top 13 Bound Quotes

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“’I’ is bound to have an impact on my career.”

― Amy Jackson

“By ratifying the Convention, governments become legally bound to implement the rights therein.”

― Carol Bellamy

“The master’s irresponsible power has no such bound.”

― Fanny Kemble

“Agricultural husbandry essentially maintains the balance of bound nitrogen.”

― Fritz Haber

“Four personalities are bound to clash.”

― John Deacon

“A poem is bound by language, but a poetics is not.”

― Joshua Cohen

“Everything is temporary. Everything is bound to end.”

― Keren Ann

“After Bound, we were offered a lot of lesbian thrillers.”

― Lilly Wachowski

“You are bound to pick up influences.”

― Morrissey

“What supposedly bound that Commonwealth together was a mysterious shared identity – Britishness.”

― Richard Flanagan

“I don’t go to premieres, unless I’m contractually bound to.”

― Steve Coogan

“I am not bound to please thee with my answer.”

― William Shakespeare

“The rigid cause themselves to be broken; the pliable cause themselves to be bound.”

― Xun Kuang
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