Top 1876 Brain Quotes

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“Brain power improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise. And there is no doubt that a large proportion of the female population, from school days to late middle age, now have very complicated lives indeed.”

― A. N. Wilson

“In our world of sleek flesh and collagen, Botox and liposuction, what we most fear is the dissolution of the body-mind, the death of the brain.”

― A. S. Byatt

“I think my characters with my fingers, I think my characters with my guts. But when I say I think them, that is what I do, I feel them with the sympathetic neurons and I work out with my brain what it is that I am trying to write about, or I can’t do it.”

― A. S. Byatt

“I’m quite interested in my own mental processes, simply because I’m a failed scientist, and because I’m interested in how the brain and the mind works, and I like to avoid easy descriptions.”

― A. S. Byatt

“We are a country that lacks riches. The Jewish brain, that’s what we have. Everything that we’ve had and will have in this country is the direct and clear product of higher education. If we harm this system, we will drastically decline and cease to exist.”

― Aaron Ciechanover

“We are paying the price for living longer, collecting degenerative diseases along the way. Cancer is only one. Others are heart and brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons.”

― Aaron Ciechanover

“There are so many songs in my heart and in my brain. I wake up at 2 in the morning, and I have to get up and sing them. There are so many of them, it’s ridiculous.”

― Aaron Neville

“I’m not the type of guy to go so deep with the concept songs, but there’s deep thought in everything. Maybe it’s not just a repetitive hook telling you what the song is about – you have to use your brain a little bit.”

― Action Bronson

“That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal, as time will show.”

― Ada Lovelace

“I have my hopes, & very distinct ones, too, of one day getting cerebral phenomena such that I can put them into mathematical equations: in short, a law or laws for the mutual actions of the molecules of the brain (equivalent to the law of gravitation for the planetary & sideral world).”

― Ada Lovelace

“Antidepressants are very good, but it’s a clinical cosh, really. Sometimes you have to be knocked out, just to stop; when you’re in that state all you want to do is just sleep, and rest your body and your brain.”

― Adam Ant

“The brain isn’t like the heart. They learned how to transplant a heart. The brain is more complex.”

― Adam Ant

“I’m not a good rapper. For whatever reason, my brain does not work that way. I just do the beginning, like, ‘Yeah, yeah! Ha ha! Woo! What up? Come on! Get at me!’ I’m Captain Hook.”

― Adam DeVine

“Even on your hiatus, you feel like you need to keep the character in the back of your brain.”

― Adam Driver

“With brain and body, it’s great if you have a connection between the two, but when separated, that leads to a lot of conflict.”

― Adam Driver

“I had saved a few hundred photos of dodo skeletons into my ‘Creative Projects’ folder – it’s a repository for my brain, everything that I could possibly be interested in. Any time I have an Internet connection, there’s a sluice of stuff moving into there, everything from beautiful rings to cockpit photos.”

― Adam Savage

“Every little interaction I had with Scorsese is forever tattooed on my brain.”

― Adam Scott

“I get so nervous on stage I can’t help but talk. I try. I try telling my brain: stop sending words to the mouth. But I get nervous and turn into my grandma. Behind the eyes it’s pure fear. I find it difficult to believe I’m going to be able to deliver.”

― Adele

“You need to have a lot of human judgment involved in the financial industry in terms of risk management, in terms of investment decisions, and things that really allow us to blend the best of technology and the human brain.”

― Adena Friedman

“When looking at the brain, it is important to go beyond its structure to its function. This is because often in cognitive disorders, the structure of the brain is intact, but its function is compromised.”

― Aditi Shankardass

“Abnormalities in brain function have traditionally been detected using electroencephalography (EEG), which involves the measurement of the ongoing electrical activity generated by the brain.”

― Aditi Shankardass

“When I was 10 years old, a cousin of mine took me on a tour of his medical school. And as a special treat, he took me to the pathology lab and took a real human brain out of the jar and placed it in my hands. And there it was, the seat of human consciousness, the powerhouse of the human body, sitting in my hands.”

― Aditi Shankardass

“To diagnose and treat a brain disorder accurately, it would be necessary to look at the brain directly. Looking at behavior alone can miss a vital piece of the puzzle and provide an incomplete, or even a misleading, picture of the child’s problems.”

― Aditi Shankardass

“Everybody kind of understands, Oh yeah you take drugs and it does something to your brain and then you can’t stop. It’s easier to describe that shame, that horrible feeling of not being able to control your own life.”

― Aimee Mann

“To relax, I love sitting back and turning my brain off and watching TV.”

― Aja Naomi King

“The United States is a big country but unfortunately it seems it has the brain of a little bird not befitting the greatness of the country.”

― Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

“I have an old brain but a terrific memory.”

― Al Lewis

“When it comes down to it, I’m thinking about football all the time. When I’m on the golf course, I’m thinking about it. It’s never out of your brain.”

― Al Michaels

“One of the strengths of the U.K. is its ability to attract very highly talented people from all over the places, but also their ability to send English people outside. So they’re very brain circulation-oriented, and I do hope, even with Brexit, they will keep this asset they have.”

― Alain Dehaze

“The idea that the brain is not fully formed until you are almost 30 years old has already been introduced, and the Supreme Court already has based two rulings on it.”

― Alan Alda

“NI love watching science fiction because I feel like when it’s done well, it’s not just monsters, but philosophy. Really good science fiction like, ‘2001,’ for example, or the first ‘Matrix.’ But it takes someone who’s got a brain and thinks in order to do really good science fiction.”

― Alan Arkin

“I have a very serious censorship office inside my head; it censors things that I could tell you that you would never forget, and I don’t want to be the person to stick that in your brain.”

― Alan Furst

“Let me put it this way: I don’t plan to retire. What would I do, become a brain surgeon? I mean, a brain surgeon can retire and write novels, but a novelist can’t retire and do brain surgery – or at least he better not.”

― Alan Furst

“I tell public audiences, don’t go to a podiatrist for brain surgery; don’t go to an astronomer for planetary science.”

― Alan Stern

“We are not interested in the fact that the brain has the consistency of cold porridge.”

― Alan Turing

“No, I’m not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I’m after is just a mediocre brain, something like the President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.”

― Alan Turing

“How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself anything less than a god.”

― Alan Watts

“If you paint, write, do mosaics, knit – if it’s solving that part of your brain saying, ‘I need to do this,’ you’ve won.”

― Albert Brooks

“I don’t think the goal is, ‘How big a star did you ever become?’ I think the goal is, ‘Were you able to express yourself?’ And if you’re able to say yes, in any field, you’ve won. If you paint, write, do mosaics, knit – if it’s solving that part of your brain saying, ‘I need to do this,’ you’ve won.”

― Albert Brooks

“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.”

― Albert Einstein

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.”

― Albert Einstein

“To work with the hands or brain, according to our requirements and our capacities, to do that which lies before us to do, is more honorable than rank and title.”

― Albert Pike

“Here we stand in the middle of this new world with our primitive brain, attuned to the simple cave life, with terrific forces at our disposal, which we are clever enough to release, but whose consequences we cannot comprehend.”

― Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

“I tweet 15 times a day to keep my brain stimulated.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“My ideal audience is on the young side, eager to mutate and move to a higher level of consciousness. I want my images to turn the viewer’s brain into what it is: a flying carpet.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Revolutions are of no us;, it is necessary to work on transforming the brain: on sowing a different knowledge/awareness, on creating a new conscience, that is like a magic box full of brains.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“I cannot live or write without music. It stimulates the normally dormant parts of my brain that come in handy when constructing fiction.”

― Aleksandar Hemon

“I think all teenagers feel a lot of things at once; everything’s going crazy in our brain.”

― Alessia Cara

“You only have one brain. There’s no replacement surgery for that.”

― Alex Smith

“People used to think that more population was bad for growth. In this view, people are stomachs – they eat, leaving less for everyone else. But once we realize the importance of ideas in the economy, people become brain – they innovate, creating more for everyone else.”

― Alex Tabarrok

“My brain is a big cluster of stuff. It moves quickly and loses focus quickly, so I need many projects to keep me stimulated – it’s a luxury to be able to do lots of different things: style, write, present, DJ or just consult. It can’t be any other way; I think I would shrivel up and fall asleep forever.”

― Alexa Chung

“Growing up in a family of doctors, I wanted to be a brain surgeon for a while. But ultimately, I get most excited about creating things, which is why I decided to become an entrepreneur.”

― Alexa Von Tobel

“A brain of feathers, and a heart of lead.”

― Alexander Pope

“Lulled in the countless chambers of the brain, our thoughts are linked by many a hidden chain; awake but one, and in, what myriads rise!”

― Alexander Pope

“I’m not a great student, so I don’t know that I would have been a great detective. Part of my brain sort of works that way, like wanting to figure out puzzles and figure out what happened and why people do the things they do and who they are and how it happened.”

― Alexandra Daddario

“He was thinking alone, and seriously racking his brain to find a direction for this single force four times multiplied, with which he did not doubt, as with the lever for which Archimedes sought, they should succeed in moving the world, when some one tapped gently at his door.”

― Alexandre Dumas

“I think we’re all fascinated and a little mystified by how the brain works. One of the most mysterious of the physical sciences is neurological science.”

― Alexis Denisof

“And if thought and emotion can persist in this way so long after the brain that sent them forth has crumpled into dust, how vitally important it must be to control their very birth in the heart, and guard them with the keenest possible restraint.”

― Algernon Blackwood

“Sadly, I haven’t had a brain cell since I had children.”

― Ali Hewson

“That’s like making fun of a maniac because his brain isn’t completely right, because he isn’t in the norm.”

― Alice Cooper

“Purposefully exposing young people to increased risks of major brain problems – even death – for sport is surely even more ethically complicated than sending young people into this same neurological danger zone as soldiers.”

― Alice Dreger

“I really don’t mind what people assume about me. I really think that my brain is my private thing. I don’t need the approval of people. I don’t need people to think I’m intelligent. And I’m not that intelligent.”

― Alice Eve

“I wake up very early in the morning. I like to start in the dark, and I never work at night, because my brain is evaporated by 4 P.M.”

― Alice Sebold

“Writing this book feels like a completely different activity from writing my comic strip because it’s about real life. I feel like I’m using a part of my brain that’s been dormant until now.”

― Alison Bechdel

“The brain is highly structured, but it is also extremely flexible. It’s not a blank slate, but it isn’t written in stone, either.”

― Alison Gopnik

“The brain knows the real secret of seduction, more effective than even music and martinis. Just keep whispering, ‘Gee, you are really special’ to that sack of water and protein that is a body, and you can get it to do practically anything.”

― Alison Gopnik

“I actually got into music because of art and because of skateboarding: All those graphics and punk bands and fanzines – they were glued together in my brain.”

― Alison Mosshart

“Kids don’t eat fast. They take their time; they talk and laugh. Sometimes it’s really annoying, because you’re like, ‘Come on, it’s bedtime!’ But try it: You’ll fill up before you know it, because it takes 20 minutes for your brain to know your stomach is full.”

― Alison Sweeney

“The software program for motherhood is impossible to fully download into the male brain. You give them two tasks and they’re like, ‘I have to change the baby and get the dry cleaning?’”

― Allison Pearson

“When you start early, and you’re writing for free, there’s a lot of producers that will take advantage of you… It is seared in my brain forever.”

― Allison Schroeder

“Whenever I’ve done a sketch in which I’m asked to play a mom, my brain goes to Minnesota. It makes the character seem matronly, warm, the kind of person that takes care of you and brings you Campbell’s soup when you’re sick. It’s a great shortcut.”

― Allison Tolman

“As many know, brain injury comes in many forms. The two most prevalent brain injuries – stroke and trauma – affect more than 2.2 million Americans, and these numbers are expected to grow.”

― Allyson Schwartz

“In school, I studied psychology, linguistics, neuroscience. I understand that there is a real lack of respect for the brain.”

― Aloe Blacc

“I go to the Korean spa when the kids go to bed. It’s like I turn my brain off.”

― Amanda de Cadenet

“I’m very anti-antidepressants. It’s not the chemicals of my brain that’s a problem; it’s reality. I don’t think tricking my brain into reinterpreting reality is going to help.”

― Amanda Knox

“My brain doesn’t work in a typical linear fashion: my brain is vibrant and fast and bright and on 10,000 all the time.”

― Amanda Seales

“Oh yeah, I think about kids all the time. I feel like the next person I commit to, that’s going to be the guy who I’m going to have kids with. That’s in my crazy female brain. So that’s why I’m like, ‘I can’t commit.’”

― Amanda Seyfried

“If you can be funny, it means you’re intelligent. Your brain is working fast.”

― Amber Valletta

“Brain: an apparatus with which we think we think.”

― Ambrose Bierce

“What I most want you to understand is that your body is continuously and convincingly sending messages to your brain, and you get to control the content of those messages.”

― Amy Cuddy

“Wasting brain power ruminating about things you can’t control drains mental energy quickly. The more you think about problems you can’t solve, the less energy you’ll have leftover for more productive endeavors.”

― Amy Morin

“As a player, you get to the stage where you realise that you are not 25 anymore – and can’t play the way you used to. The intelligent players adapt – and Steven Gerrard has the ability to do that. He is an excellent passer of the ball, possesses an intelligent football brain, and has great vision.”

― Andrea Pirlo

“I don’t want technology to take me so far that I don’t have to use my brain anymore. It’s like GPS taking over and losing your internal compass. It’s always got to be tactile, still organic.”

― Andrew Bird

“This is probably an asset that my wife hates, where you compartmentalize. Most times, I think it’s an asset, where you can just sort of feel like you chop off one part of your brain to do the next thing that you’ve got to do.”

― Andrew Gillum

“In my own life, I found that whenever I wasn’t sure what to do next, I would go and learn a lot, read a lot, talk to experts. I don’t know how the human brain works, but it’s almost magical: when you read enough or talk to enough experts, when you have enough inputs, new ideas start appearing. This seems to happen for a lot of people that I know.”

― Andrew Ng

“As the founding lead of the Google Brain team, former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and now overall lead of Baidu’s AI team of some 1,200 people, I’ve been privileged to nurture many of the world’s leading AI groups and have built many AI products that are used by hundreds of millions of people.”

― Andrew Ng

“A single neuron in the brain is an incredibly complex machine that even today we don’t understand. A single ‘neuron’ in a neural network is an incredibly simple mathematical function that captures a minuscule fraction of the complexity of a biological neuron.”

― Andrew Ng

“Google Brain, which I led, was arguably the single biggest force for turning Google into a great A.I. company. I’m pretty sure I led the team that transformed Baidu as well. So one thing that really excites me is the potential for other companies to become great A.I. companies.”

― Andrew Ng

“With the Google Brain project, we made the decision to build deep learning processes on top of Google’s existing infrastructure.”

― Andrew Ng

“It’s important to say that depression has biological underpinnings, and that while medications do not seem to create irreversible changes in the brain, repeated depressive episodes do.”

― Andrew Solomon

“I loathe having a fragile brain and knowing as I make any plan that I should provide for the possibility that my mind may betray me at short notice.”

― Andrew Solomon

“You can magically alter your life if you believe hard enough and then take actual physical action in the world outside your brain to make it happen.”

― Andrew W.K.

“Just because someone signed up for something or takes advice or has managers or works in entertainment or show business with other people doesn’t mean they don’t have a brain, okay? It doesn’t mean that they’re not a real person.”

― Andrew W.K.

“It is more important to eat some carbohydrates at breakfast, because the brain needs fuel right away, and carbohydrate is the best source.”

― Andrew Weil

“The world is beset by many problems, but in my opinion, this hijacking of our brain’s reward centers by electronic media is potentially one of the most destructive.”

― Andrew Weil

“I couldn’t sleep for nights on end, as my brain felt like there were thoughts colliding within it; I obsessed over small details, from saving pennies and polishing each one of them to washing my clothing over and over in the washing machine.”

― Andy Behrman

“At an Antifa event meant to resist ‘fascist violence,’ I – a gay journalist of color – was beaten so badly that I was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage.”

― Andy Ngo

“I met Jack Bruce, one of my heroes, in a studio while doing some recording. England had just beat Scotland in a big football match and I saw Jack trying to break into this refrigerator in the lounge, drunk out of his brain, and I didn’t know what to say.”

― Andy Partridge

“Terry said he had this new kid and his wife didn’t want to live in England. He wanted to tour. He hated being in the studio. Terry liked seeing various bars the world over and getting smashed out of his brain. He was a sort of latent Keith Moon.”

― Andy Partridge

“Some people are born with a brain that has this weird, magical mathematical thing that makes them an amazing jazz musician.”

― Andy Richter

“Go and experience life the way that someone else might experience it. Maybe you’ll find meaning in a different corner of your brain. The fact that it changed doesn’t negate the fact that it ever mattered.”

― Angel Olsen

“I’m always doing something. I never shut my brain off. I always have something going on.”

― Angelina Jolie

“Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.”

― Angus T. Jones

“If you know what you do well and stick to that, I think you can appeal to the different generations. You can strike a chord with them. I’ve got the brain of a teenager anyway.”

― Angus Young

“When we deal with death, the pupils will always be fixed and dilated, which indicates that there is no longer brain activity or response.”

― Ann Hood

“Kids are fabulous, but when you’re home all day with an infant that can’t talk, your brain starts to kind of melt, and I thought, ‘I have to do something, or my brain is just going to liquefy.’”

― Ann Leckie

“Kids’ brains are developing. Their heads are a larger part of their body, and their necks are not as strong as adults’ necks. So kids may be at a greater risk of head and brain injuries than adults.”

― Ann McKee

“I definitely agree about the future of youth football being flag. There’s just more and more evidence that the youth brain is particularly susceptible to the injury – thin necks, big heads. They’re not as coordinated; they’re not as skillful. For many reasons, I think the wave of the future is flag football for youth.”

― Ann McKee

“Subconcussive injuries are brain injuries on top of unrecovered brain injuries.”

― Ann McKee

“I do love the way the brain looks. I love the way it’s shaped.”

― Ann McKee

“I run a number of different brain banks.”

― Ann McKee

“I have a lot of college football players in my Brain Bank with CTE.”

― Ann McKee

“I think it’s important that, as a matter of course, the brain and spinal column were removed from this cow, and that would be the material that would cause concern in terms of human health. And therefore we’re confident in the safety of the food supply.”

― Ann Veneman

“It’s been studied to the point where we know that the impact on humans would be from consuming the most infected parts of the cow; that is, the brain and the spinal cord.”

― Ann Veneman

“It is an old error of man to forget to put quotation marks where he borrows from a woman’s brain!”

― Anna Garlin Spencer

“I don’t have to listen to the Gospel on Sunday to know the stories of the New Testament. They inform so much of what I write that they’re practically like a news scrim that goes through my brain 24/7.”

― Anna Quindlen

“I am interested in levels of brain discourse. How articulate are the voices in your head? You know, there’s a different voice for the phone, and a different voice if you’re talking in bed. When you’re starting off with a narrator, it’s interesting to think, where is their voice coming from, what part of their brain?”

― Anne Enright

“I’ve had to learn not to read all the bad comments, or if you do, try and not take it into your soul, body, brain, and heart.”

― Anne-Marie

“You have to get it in your brain that you don’t belong to yourself as an actor, but that you belong to the director who creates the character.”

― Anne Parillaud

“Who should have spent their money on a brain implant?”

― Anne Robinson

“It’s not just professional athletes and soldiers who are at risk from traumatic brain injury. More than 1.7 million people a year sustain a traumatic brain injury, and about 50,000 of them die each year, according the Centers for Disease Control. There are both emotional and financial costs from these injuries.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“It’s worth knowing more about the complicated environmental and genetic factors that could explain why traumatic brain injuries lead to long-term disabilities in some people and not in others.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“As the heat of the coal differs from the coal itself, so do memory, perception, judgment, emotion, and will, differ from the brain which is the instrument of thought.”

― Annie Besant

“We learn much during our sleep, and the knowledge thus gained slowly filters into the physical brain, and is occasionally impressed upon it as a vivid and illuminative dream.”

― Annie Besant

“I want to see you use your brain. Get the job done efficiently. I want to see an intelligent operator at work. And apart from that, to stay on my good side, just do as you’re told.”

― Ant Middleton

“My brain and body and nervous system, they see a plane ride, a long plane trip, as an opportunity to sleep with nothing coming in, nothing to do. I just go offline the minute I’m on the plane.”

― Anthony Bourdain

“I couldn’t say I ever dreamt of becoming a composer, a pianist, or anything else for that matter. I have the kind of brain where nothing is set in stone.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“We have a Boesendorfer piano that I play every day. It keeps my brain and my fingers active.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“I wanted to be a writer, but at the time, I spent my days working a retail job, my nights sleeping in my childhood bedroom, and while I had written short stories here and there, I didn’t know how to write good fiction anymore than I knew how to perform good brain surgery.”

― Anthony Marra

“Everything’s always got to be character-based. We know we can’t, if we’re sitting in the editing room, watch the sequence for more than 20 seconds without a character having a point of view or moving the action forward; my brain just shuts down, or I start thinking about my laundry.”

― Anthony Russo

“Unfortunately, my dad had a brain tumor, and my father-in-law passed away from leukemia, so I spend a lot of time on those two causes. I also tend to support military charities like Warrior Gateway, which helps guys transition from combat back into civilian life.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“There’s something happening in the world that didn’t happen before. We are acting like one big brain.”

― Antonio Banderas

“When you deal with something like compassion for physical pain, which we know is very, very old in evolution – we can find evidence for it in nonhuman species – the brain processes it at a faster speed. Compassion for mental pain took many seconds longer.”

― Antonio Damasio

“Why do we have a brain in the first place? Not to write books, articles, or plays; not to do science or play music. Brains develop because they are an expedient way of managing life in a body.”

― Antonio Damasio

“Interestingly enough, not all feelings result from the body’s reaction to external stimuli. Sometimes changes are purely simulated in the brain maps.”

― Antonio Damasio

“When we talk about emotion, we really talk about a collection of behaviors that are produced by the brain. You can look at a person in the throes of an emotion and observe changes in the face, in the body posture, in the coloration of the skin and so on.”

― Antonio Damasio

“There is no such thing as a disembodied mind. The mind is implanted in the brain, and the brain is implanted in the body.”

― Antonio Damasio

“In day-to-day life, our brain sends lots of signals. In acting, there are no signals. You have to believe in what you are trying to portray.”

― Anupam Kher

“I started working with brain sensing tech in labs over a decade ago and was immediately fascinated by the potential to help people peer into the workings and behaviors of their own minds.”

― Ariel Garten

“I beat a brain tumor.”

― Arlen Specter

“To the artist is sometimes granted a sudden, transient insight which serves in this matter for experience. A flash, and where previously the brain held a dead fact, the soul grasps a living truth! At moments we are all artists.”

― Arnold Bennett

“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”

― Arnold H. Glasow

“Ideas not coupled with action never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied.”

― Arnold H. Glasow

“I think a firm grip helps you control the club and prevents it from turning in your hands. Another thing about feel is, if you make a change in your grip, it takes time for your brain to adapt.”

― Arnold Palmer

“I’m lucky: I’ve got great photogenic eyes. You’re up and running if you’ve got that and one brain cell to attach it to.”

― Art Malik

“I became comfortable with what I knew would be the process of trying to pick up the pieces of brain that were in the rubble and tried to make some mosaic out of the pieces and that that would be the trajectory.”

― Art Spiegelman

“And so while the great ones depart to their dinner, the secretary stays, growing thinner and thinner, racking his brain to record and report what he thinks that they think that they ought to have thought.”

― Arthur Bryant

“I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose.”

― Arthur Conan Doyle

“A man should keep his little brain attic stocked with all the furniture that he is likely to use, and the rest he can put away in the lumber-room of his library, where he can get it if he wants it.”

― Arthur Conan Doyle

“I saw that all beings are fated to happiness: action is not life, but a way of wasting some force, an enervation. Morality is the weakness of the brain.”

― Arthur Rimbaud

“Morality is the weakness of the brain.”

― Arthur Rimbaud

“The brain may be regarded as a kind of parasite of the organism, a pensioner, as it were, who dwells with the body.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer

“As perfume doth remain In the folds where it hath lain, So the thought of you, remaining Deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me: all things leave me: You remain.”

― Arthur Symons

“There is a gap between the heart and brain – that is where the soundbox lies. Some sing from their heart; others use their brain.”

― Asha Bhosle

“I’m a versatile player, can play in numerous positions, and I have a good football brain, even if it is getting older.”

― Ashley Young

“As you get older, you start to read the game more, and as your brain starts working more, and as you get a good footballing brain, your legs start slowing down!”

― Ashley Young

“I had the brain for football, but I didn’t have the height. So I started using my brain to overcome those weaknesses and discovered football isn’t just about size or power: it’s about what’s up there. That was the making of me.”

― Ashley Young

“It’s up to me to use my brain, be clever, find the pockets of space, and get on the ball.”

― Ashley Young

“Vin Diesel is the best kisser in the world, better than anyone else I’ve ever had. The most attractive thing about Vin is his brain. That’s his most attractive muscle.”

― Asia Argento

“The damage that the human body can survive these days is as awesome as it is horrible: crushing, burning, bombing, a burst blood vessel in the brain, a ruptured colon, a massive heart attack, rampaging infection. These conditions had once been uniformly fatal.”

― Atul Gawande

“I’m totally an anxious mess all the time. There’s a constant dialogue going on in my brain, and it’s just reminding me of all the failures that I have had, and all of the things I need to do, and all of the things I’m not doing good enough.”

― Aubrey Plaza

“Listening to ‘Raising Sand’ was one of those turning points in my life that really made something click in my brain.”

― Aubrie Sellers

“I was always bad with money, and I think most artistes are like that. They don’t use both sides of the brain.”

― Ayushmann Khurrana

“I was on ‘SVU’ for 11 years. I developed a muscle in my brain that could memorize things much more easily than people who don’t do it every day. I got used to the language, and some of it got to be repetitive language, so you build your vocabulary.”

― B. D. Wong

“Every human is so layered. And ‘Brain,’ that theme is about – I’m just such a sensitive person, and I can pick up people’s energies.”

― Banks

“The creative part of your brain needs to be stimulated. Sometimes you get blocked in the thing you do, because there’s so much pressure to do it.”

― Bat for Lashes

“You just have to re-wire your brain when you’re shifting from the stage to the screen or the silver screen or the HD flat screen.”

― Beau Willimon

“Anxiety is a kind of fuel that activates the fight-or-flight part of the brain in me. It makes sure that a velociraptor isn’t around the corner and that you do as much as you possibly can to survive. Because Hollywood has a lot in common with ‘Jurassic Park’ and its primeval-dinosaur universe.”

― Ben Affleck

“Evolutionary psychologists suggest that humans experienced evolutionary benefits from brain developments that included aversion to loss and risk and from instincts for cooperation that helped strengthen communities.”

― Ben Bernanke

“You need an incredible amount of self-confidence to go digging around in someone’s brain.”

― Ben Carson

“You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to be a valuable person. You become valuable because of the knowledge that you have. And that doesn’t mean you won’t fail sometimes. The important thing is to keep trying.”

― Ben Carson

“There is a tendency of people to try to make you believe only a few people are smart. As a brain surgeon, I know better than that.”

― Ben Carson

“When I look at the human brain I’m still in awe of it.”

― Ben Carson

“Economics is not brain surgery.”

― Ben Carson

“Don’t let anyone turn you into a slave. You’re a slave if you let the media tell you that sports and entertainment are more important than developing your brain.”

― Ben Carson

“I know very well that to admit to loving Bright Eyes is to admit to having an overgrown brain region devoted to self-pity, sentimentality, regret, and a handful of other not very appealing emotional states.”

― Ben Dolnick

“I’m a Hollywood writer, so I put on my sports jacket and take off my brain.”

― Ben Hecht

“There is no cure for prions. They are a protein-based disease that, among other things, targets and transforms your brain. The symptoms reveal themselves differently in each host, and you might go months or you might go years before you realize you’re infected.”

― Benjamin Percy

“As a physician, I’m somewhat an advocate of patients. How come, before Mike Webster, no NFL player was told or knew that there was an intrinsic risk of brain damage from playing football?”

― Bennet Omalu

“Chronic means long term. Traumatic means associated with trauma. Encephalopathy means a bad brain.”

― Bennet Omalu

“Yes, the concept that blunt-force trauma of the head causes brain damage is a generally accepted principle of medicine. That is why I was so appalled by the NFL doctors who were denying my work.”

― Bennet Omalu

“All the NFL players I have examined pathologically, I have not seen one that did not have changes in their brain system with brain damage.”

― Bennet Omalu

“A child who plays a game of football for one season without any documented concussion – several months after that season, if you subject his brain to sophisticated psychological testing and radiological testing, functional MRIs, there is evidence of brain damage.”

― Bennet Omalu

“When I read Mike Webster’s file before I began his autopsy, I knew he was more than a 50-year-old heart attack victim. His file and the television reports of the death of the former Pittsburgh Steelers center described a long, steep fall into bizarre behavior. I suspected he suffered from some sort of brain disorder.”

― Bennet Omalu

“I’m a comedian. You have to understand that my brain doesn’t work like a politician’s brain.”

― Beppe Grillo

“Only as you do know yourself can your brain serve you as a sharp and efficient tool. Know your own failings, passions, and prejudices so you can separate them from what you see.”

― Bernard Baruch

“I respond well to what I read of Immanuel Kant’s idea that the world as we see it is absolutely a function of the way our brain works. In the modern parlance, it’s an evolved machine that we carry with us.”

― Bernard Beckett

“The Idea enters the brain from the outside. It rearranges the furniture to make it more to its liking. It finds other Ideas already in residence, and picks fights or forms alliances. The alliances build new structures, to defend themselves against intruders.”

― Bernard Beckett

“If you have a therapist who agrees with your every word, then your brain isn’t getting proper exercise.”

― Beth Ditto

“I think it’s so important to keep learning and keep your brain active.”

― Beverley Mitchell

“I’m always trying to find brain food and indulge in knowledge that’s gonna be useful.”

― Big Boi

“When he’s around, I try to pick his brain and just try to listen to what he thinks about what I’m doing and what other people are doing because he’s The Undertaker.”

― Big Cass

“You cannot drive the car if you do not have a driver’s license. You cannot do brain surgery if you are not a brain surgeon. You cannot even do a massage if you don’t have a license.”

― Bikram Choudhury

“You use the body as a medium to bring the mind back to the brain. Perfect married between body and mind. Then, you can knock the door to the spirit.”

― Bikram Choudhury

“I’m about to turn 60, and most of my memories reside in the brain of my wife.”

― Bill Atkinson

“Physically my brain is in great shape. My motor functions are fine, but I think going through the whole ordeal… coming pretty close to death, may have affected my priorities.”

― Bill Berry

“When you tell an Iowan a joke, you can see a kind of race going on between his brain and his expression.”

― Bill Bryson

“I get migraines a lot. I get them when I’m stressed out. My brain freezes, and I just try to get through that.”

― Bill Hader

“You have two hemispheres in your brain – a left and a right side. The left side controls the right side of your body and right controls the left half. It’s a fact. Therefore, left-handers are the only people in their right minds.”

― Bill Lee

“As life expectancy extends beyond 80 years in some parts of the world, more people are struggling with brain diseases. For older people, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other conditions become a major impediment to quality of life.”

― Bill Maris

“As computer intelligence gets better, what will be possible when we interface our brains with computers? It might sound scary, but early evidence suggests otherwise: interfacing brains with machines can be helpful in treating traumatic brain injury, repairing spinal cord damage, and countless other applications.”

― Bill Maris

“I’m interested in the ideas that sound a little crazy, such as radical life extension, curing cancer, being able to create a simulation of the human brain and map every neuron.”

― Bill Maris

“Texting is addicting. Once you get emotionally involved with constant outside stimulation assaulting your brain, it is hard to stop looking at your machine every two minutes. Without rapid fire words appearing on a screen, you feel bored, not part of the action.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“The human brain is probably one of the most complex single objects on the face of the earth; I think it is, quite honestly.”

― Bill Viola

“I’d love to go to art school. I’d love to learn how to draw. I’d love to be fluent in Spanish. I’d like to be a brain surgeon.”

― Billie Joe Armstrong

“Stealing home is one of the most sensational plays in baseball. If the run thus scored is the winning tally, the play is, of course, all the more thrilling. It is a play that requires a lot of quick thinking to bring about a successful completion. The chap who has slow moving feet and a slower moving brain had better never try to steal home.”

― Billy Evans

“In the traditional modernist planning that created the suburbs, you put residential buildings in suburban neighborhoods, office spaces into brain parks and retail in shopping malls. But you fail to exploit the possibility of symbiosis or synthesis that way.”

― Bjarke Ingels

“It’s also a more personal medium. It seems to go directly to one’s brain. There are no pictures to distract.”

― Bob Edwards

“Even though you really don’t feel like you’re motivated to go to the gym, remember how good you felt after the last time you went. Keep that in the forefront of your brain.”

― Bob Harper

“One time I happened to use the word ‘denigrate’ onstage, and it didn’t get any reaction. So as I continued my act, the left side of my brain was fast-forwarding to see if I had any other big words coming up.”

― Bob Newhart

“I have nine compartments in my brain, and four of them don’t stop.”

― Bob Saget

“I basically hit the deck running as soon as I wake up and don’t turn my brain off till long after the lights are out.”

― Bonnie Hammer

“Every time I started going in the direction of thinking how it might turn out, I started to just turn my brain around and not go there, because I think the surest way to guarantee that you won’t win is to assume that you will.”

― Brad Bird

“It’s time to focus on what I care about and not let the noise take over my brain.”

― Brad Feld

“Remember that you are not a damsel in distress, waiting for some prince to rescue you. Forget that prince. With your brain and your resourcefulness, you can rescue yourself.”

― Brad Meltzer

“John Wells let me write a couple of West Wings, which was an incredible gift. I loved it once I got past the brain injury part of it, and so I’m working on a couple of things that are far from fruition, but what I want to pursue.”

― Bradley Whitford

“Misogyny is at the reptilian brain stem of a lot of right-wing politics.”

― Bradley Whitford

“Let me be accurate in everything, for though you and I have seen some strange things together, you may at the first think that I, Van Helsing, am mad. That the many horrors and the so long strain on nerves has at the last turn my brain.”

― Bram Stoker

“You hear it in your brain. Whatever makes sense. Some songs work well as quartet songs, sometimes they don’t.”

― Branford Marsalis

“Replacing human vision is more than just a tool: we need to understand how that affects the brain.”

― Brendan Iribe

“You put on this set of goggles, and within seconds, your brain is convinced you’re now in a different, virtual environment. You’re somewhere else, and that somewhere else may be a video game, it may be in a real-time movie, a museum exhibit, or a medical surgical training app.”

― Brendan Iribe

“Even if you overcome a tremendous challenge and feel the personal victory, it’s simply not powerful enough. It may activate your left brain, which says, ‘I have achieved,’ but it will not activate your more social right brain, which desperately desires to say, ‘Look, Ma, I did it!’”

― Brendon Burchard

“A brain hemorrhage puts it all in a deeper perspective. I’m one of those guys hit by lightning. I see the big picture. Everything is in perspective now. Let’s just say I’m the kind of guy who knows how to enjoy the moment.”

― Bret Michaels

“The basis of computer work is predicated on the idea that only the brain makes decisions and only the index finger does the work.”

― Brian Eno

“Software options proliferate extremely easily – too easily, in fact – because too many options create tools that can’t ever be used intuitively. Intuitive actions confine the detail work to a dedicated part of the brain, leaving the rest of one’s mind free to respond with attention and sensitivity to the changing texture of the moment.”

― Brian Eno

“Even when I wasn’t doing much ‘science for the public’ stuff, I found that four or five hours of intense work in physics was all my brain could take on a given day.”

― Brian Greene

“But there’s a little guy who sits astride my brain with a whip, and if I’m away from the machine for more than a couple of hours during the day, this little guy’s lashing away.”

― Brian Lumley

“I just want to be able to play as fast as my brain goes, and my brain doesn’t go all that fast.”

― Brian May

“I can’t tell you how many people have asked me to show them Stray Cat Strut and that little diminished run on the C. I guess my brain is wired backwards. I don’t know what possessed me to do that, but I did.”

― Brian Setzer

“The connections in the brain fade away unless used. We know that early stimulation of children leads to higher cognitive scores.”

― Brian Sutton-Smith

“For some reason, chewing gum for me gets my brain going.”

― Brie Larson

“If you’re in somebody’s head for 12 hours a day for four weeks, it’s like your brain actually wires itself to start thinking that way.”

― Brie Larson

“When you eliminate all stimuli, your brain is like, ‘Finally, we’ve got some space! I want to talk with you about something!’”

― Brie Larson

“Your brain is so lovely and so willing to please. It wants to help so much.”

― Brie Larson

“I just really like learning. I have to keep using my brain; otherwise, I get depressed.”

― Brie Larson

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had John Michael Higgins in my brain in the funny department.”

― Briga Heelan

“I wasn’t actually very naturally good at economics. My brain doesn’t work very well, in terms of mathematics.”

― Brit Marling

“I had a husband who, I’m convinced, was an undiagnosed manic depressive. He didn’t treat me as if I had a brain – I was just this beautiful little doll he could show off.”

― Britt Ekland

“I’m a huge fan of dystopian films. I collect them in my brain.”

― Brittany Howard

“Ideas are all around you – everything gives you ideas. But the real source is the part of your brain that dreams.”

― Bruce Coville

“The first six years of a child’s life, it is like a tape recorder is on. Everything it sees, smells, touches, experiences in any way, whatever it hears, is being downloaded into the brain before the consciousness of the child is even made apparent.”

― Bruce Lipton

“If the brain expects that a treatment will work, it sends healing chemicals into the bloodstream, which facilitates that. And the opposite is equally true and equally powerful: When the brain expects that a therapy will not work, it doesn’t. It’s called the ‘nocebo’ effect.”

― Bruce Lipton

“I like working, and my brain sort of keeps going whether I like it or not.”

― Bryan Fuller

“I watch people get older and lose their intellectual acuity; you lose that sharpness, that cleanness, that brain that you worked so hard on and that you were gifted with and lose the gifts that were given.”

― Bryce Courtenay

“At some point, we’re going to have to get to the point where, before you play football, I’m going to test you at some stage in your life to determine if you’re susceptible to concussions. We need a test that shows us that your brain is situated a certain way that puts you at risk. If you are susceptible, don’t play football.”

― Bud Grant

“Quick as lightning Wild Bill pulled his revolver. The stranger fell dead, shot through the brain.”

― Buffalo Bill

“Oh, he’s magic. Faulkner has opened passages in my brain. You do things you’d never expect.”

― Butch Trucks

“If you are dyslexic, your eyes work fine, your brain works fine, but there is a little short circuit in the wire that goes between the eye and the brain. Reading is not a fluid process.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“When the time comes for your brain to process the information, the second word comes up faster than the first one. So when it’s in your head, all of a sudden, it comes out backwards and you think of the word backwards.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“I’m a fairly ascetic person. And I do most of my writing at night. You don’t get distracted, your brain goes into what you are writing about, into the world you’re writing about, rather than into the world you’re in.”

― Caleb Carr

“I was the first to advocate the Web. But I am very troubled by this thing that every kid must have a laptop computer. The kids are totally in the computer age. There’s a whole new brain operation that’s being moulded by the computer.”

― Camille Paglia

“I’ve started doing yoga and meditation, but I’m not very good at that kind of thing and turning my brain off.”

― Cara Delevingne

“The thinnest I’ve ever been was after I had my appendix out, during the London run of The Seagull. I went down to 112 pounds and realized my brain doesn’t work when I’m that thin, so I can’t do my job. That’s why, when I came out here, I never had that whole Hollywood pressure thing.”

― Carey Mulligan

“The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous.”

― Carl Sagan

“Some songs are just like tattoos for your brain… you hear them and they’re affixed to you.”

― Carlos Santana

“As a writer, I always think about who my prototype actors are, in my brain. It’s helpful, as a writer, to think about that.”

― Carlton Cuse

“I exercise every day. I don’t get up and have a cup of coffee anymore, I get up and move to get blood to my brain.”

― Carmen Dell’Orefice

“Children love this idea that their brain is like a muscle that gets stronger as they use it.”

― Carol S. Dweck

“Sometimes I get a lyric, and the lyric, you know, comes off the page, and goes into my brain and comes out with a melody. Other times, I may create a melody first.”

― Carole King

“Sitting next to Olivia Newton-John, I was like, ‘Do not sing one song from Grease.’ That’s all I was telling my brain at all times: ‘Do not sing Hopelessly Devoted. Don’t do it.’”

― Caroline Rhea

“I would love to be able to have a brain that just captures everything.”

― Carrie Preston

“If someone suddenly lost their director the day before shooting and wanted me to step in, I’d be willing to. But I’d do brain surgery the same way. I’m always up for something new.”

― Carter Burwell

“I can’t get to the point where my brain is mush and I can barely talk, because my son’s life depends on my health.”

― Cat Zingano

“I want to see a connected and progressive future for Australia, where we harness our greatest natural resources: sun, wind, and brain power.”

― Cate Blanchett

“I’m married, which means that instead of occasionally wondering about men from afar, I actually live with one and can be constantly astounded by the strange male brain.”

― Cathy Guisewite

“My insurance provider probably wouldn’t allow me to go into a mosh pit anymore. My brain is insured by Lloyd’s of London, you know what I’m saying?”

― CeeLo Green

“Golf is a search for perfection, for balance. It’s about meditation and concentration. You have to use hand and brain.”

― Celine Dion

“My brain can form thoughts that come out through my mouth. The problem is sometimes I stumble the words because I speak five different languages – we know all that – so the thing is, I like to speak the language that everybody speaks all around the world, that the WWE Universe loves… that’s the language of wrestling that I do in the ring.”

― Cesaro

“Fifty million Americans have dementia and other brain illnesses. To gather together the minds that exist and see how we can tackle these ailments together, that is the work that is in front of us: to have a map of the human brain, an understanding of the roadways, and an understanding of the traffic on the roadways.”

― Chaka Fattah

“Your brain will eventually enjoy exercise for exercise sake, right; endorphins and endocannabinoids will create a sense of reward, but it doesn’t know that at first.”

― Charles Duhigg

“The discovery of the habit loop is important because it reveals a basic truth: When a habit emerges, the brain stops fully participating in decision making. It stops working so hard, or diverts focus to other tasks.”

― Charles Duhigg

“Our brain is essentially programmed to enjoy carbohydrates because they give us a sense of fullness and a rush of pleasure. When people go on low-carb diets, they start to almost subconsciously experience distress from eating carbohydrates.”

― Charles Duhigg

“That’s a different side of the brain going into the studio, as opposed to doing a live show, obviously.”

― Charles Kelley

“Life and consciousness are the two great mysteries. Actually, their substrates are the inanimate. And how do you get from neurons shooting around in the brain to the thought that pops up in your head and mine? There’s something deeply mysterious about that. And if you’re not struck by the mystery, I think you haven’t thought about it.”

― Charles Krauthammer

“Most talk about ‘super-geniuses’ is nonsense. I have found that when ‘stars’ drop out, successors are usually at hand to fill their places, and the successors are merely men who have learned by application and self-discipline to get full production from an average, normal brain.”

― Charles M. Schwab

“I actually think it doesn’t even matter what age you are or what sex – though that does play into it sometimes – you always have to fight in any kind of creative world because nobody knows your own brain and your own creative ideas better than you do.”

― Charli XCX

“I feel like I can be six different people in one day sometimes. Which is fun but also really strange in my own brain.”

― Charli XCX

“I still maintain the fact that when I write songs, I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t think about it pragmatically. I say what’s in my brain, and sometimes it’s great, and sometimes it’s terrible.”

― Charli XCX

“I want my music, whether it’s sung by other people or sung by myself, to affect the way the Top 40 radio sounds. I want to heavily influence it with things that have come directly from my brain.”

― Charli XCX

“I’m extremely neurotic; it’s the way my brain is built.”

― Charlie Brooker

“My brain knows best-before dates are a con; my panicky gut treats them like a nuclear countdown.”

― Charlie Brooker

“I have a different constitution. I have a different brain; I have a different heart; I got tiger blood, man.”

― Charlie Sheen

“I’m different. I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man. Dying’s for fools, dying’s for amateurs.”

― Charlie Sheen

“From my big beautiful warlock brain, welcome to ‘Sheen’s Korner’ … You’re either in my corner, or you’re with the trolls.”

― Charlie Sheen

“Duh! So, we’re asking you now, what are some of your favorite lines that this warlock brain produced?”

― Charlie Sheen

“You can’t process me with a normal brain.”

― Charlie Sheen

“It’s not an act. I love it. It’s totally original. People go, ‘What’s going on with this guy? Why does he sound so weird? What is going on in his brain. I don’t know. Just one day I suddenly woke up with a new brain.”

― Charlie Sheen

“My brain is here for the picking, and a lot of people are calling me to see what I think about their business, and I’m brutally honest with them.”

― Charlie Shrem

“There is no female mind. The brain is not an organ of sex. As well speak of a female liver.”

― Charlotte Perkins Gilman

“There’s a gender in your brain and a gender in your body. For 99 percent of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, they’re mismatched. That’s all it is. It’s not complicated, it’s not a neurosis. It’s a mix-up. It’s a birth defect, like a cleft palate.”

― Chaz Bono

“I’m not good with sci-fi stuff. I’ll be in it, as long as I can see what I’m dealing with and know it’s fake. As soon as I watch it on TV, though, my brain registers it as ‘Everything’s real!’”

― Chelan Simmons

“There’s great value to knitting or digging up your garden or chopping up vegetables for soup, because you’re taking some time away from turning the pages, answering your emails, talking to people on the phone, and you’re letting your brain process whatever is stuck up in there.”

― Chellie Pingree

“I’ve got an overactive, analytical brain. I get frustrated, impatient, angry with myself. I swear at myself a lot.”

― Cherie Lunghi

“I went to see ‘The Piano’ with Holly Hunter when I was in a Paula Vogel play, and I was just gone. I couldn’t focus at all. It took that creative part of my brain with it so absolutely.”

― Cherry Jones

“Art, to me, is the interpretation of the impression which nature makes upon the eye and brain.”

― Childe Hassam

“The intersection of psychology and business is typically seen as being as congested, stressful, and emotionally barren as a peak commute traffic day on the L.A. freeways. But, thankfully, we live in an era in which neuroscientists are teaching us about the malleability of our brain and the emotionally contagious nature of our workplaces.”

― Chip Conley

“When people get into that fight-or-flight place, then they move away from the creative centers of their brain.”

― Chip Conley

“People don’t realize how much control they do have. The more you can show them this control, the easier it is to tap back into the creative side of the brain that allows people to see possibilities and options.”

― Chip Conley

“It’s a strange thing, but you get this click in your brain; the wonderful feeling that the entirety of a character is suddenly available and accessible to you.”

― Chiwetel Ejiofor

“I’ve always been fascinated by dreams – they seem like such intriguing evidence of the brain’s obsession with narrative as a form of sense-making. But because dreaming is an unconscious process, we have little control over the stories we tell, so they can be fraught with anxiety, vulnerability, and exposure.”

― Chloe Benjamin

“Identity is as absurd and contradictory, I think – and certainly as mutable – as the human brain.”

― Chloe Benjamin

“The act of riding a bicycle isn’t causing brain trauma. Yeah, you could fall, but that’s if something goes wrong. Everything could go right in football, and it’s still dangerous.”

― Chris Borland

“I think I’m connected to this issue in some capacity, football and brain damage. So carving out a way to address it tactfully is important to me no matter what I go on to do.”

― Chris Borland

“It would be ill-advised to compare war and a sport, but I don’t think the brain knows the difference. With post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries in blasts with veterans, we see a very similar and somewhat unique issue with repetitive brain injuries in football.”

― Chris Borland

“Football is an elective. It’s a game. It’s make-believe. And to think that people have brain damage from some made-up game.”

― Chris Borland

“The point is that when I see a sunset or a waterfall or something, for a split second it’s so great, because for a little bit I’m out of my brain, and it’s got nothing to do with me. I’m not trying to figure it out, you know what I mean? And I wonder if I can somehow find a way to maintain that mind stillness.”

― Chris Evans

“I almost think of nerd brains as rattlesnake venom; like, you can milk it. You can milk the pulpy venom out of the nerd brain and use it for good if you want to.”

― Chris Hardwick

“Cocoa boosts brain serotonin. Almost every single antidepressant aims at either enhancing serotonin or keeping it in the brain longer. Chocolate or cocoa does that very well.”

― Chris Kilham

“In virtual reality, we’re placing the viewer inside a moment or a story… made possible by sound and visual technology that’s actually tricking the brain into believing it’s somewhere else.”

― Chris Milk

“Your head is a stereo input. The density and cartilage of your ears embed certain extra characteristics into stereo sound sources. Your brain decodes that and gives you sound plus conscious directions.”

― Chris Milk

“Work takes up a lot of my brain space. So when I work, it’s one thing. I don’t have a lot of time to think about dating.”

― Chris Pine

“The theory of isolation of certain tasks in certain hemispheres of the brain suggests I shouldn’t even be able to speak, never mind write.”

― Chris Van Allsburg

“Working out is incredibly boring. I swear it’s true that the bigger your muscles get, the fewer brain cells you have.”

― Christian Bale

“The brain is such an incredible computer.”

― Christina Applegate

“I’m tough, I’m pushy, I’m really loud. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about it. But we only have so much brain capacity, so if I’m spending part of my brain thinking about how I’m acting, A, I’m not spending all of my brain doing, and B, I’m not actually in that moment.”

― Christine Quinn

“We believe that people will use real-time fMRI feedback to hone cognitive strategies that will increase activation of brain regions.”

― Christopher deCharms

“People have wanted to look inside the human mind, the human brain, for thousands of years.”

― Christopher deCharms

“My father worked in a scientific lab where he designed and built glass instruments. He was regarded as brilliant at his job and once constructed a human brain in glass just to show off his skills.”

― Christopher Fowler

“When you play a videogame, you could be a completely different person than you are in the real world, certain aspects of the way your brain works can be leveraged for something you could never do in the real world.”

― Christopher Nolan

“If you could access 90 percent of your brain, you’d be Charles Xavier.”

― Christopher Priest

“How you use your voice is really important, and it’s really driven by context more than anything else, and your tone of voice will immediately begin to impact somebody’s mood and immediately how their brain functions.”

― Christopher Voss

“Anything you can do to stay organized and free up the creative side of your brain is a good thing.”

― Chuck Hogan

“Fashion and style is just that. Fashion and style. It’s not brain surgery.”

― Cindy Crawford

“I think cinema is linked to literature by a lot of social ways. Our brains are full of literature – my brain is.”

― Claire Denis

“Sport develops your brain. It helps your learning. It’s not an add-on at the end of the day.”

― Clare Balding

“Sports commentating is the answer for a restless brain like mine. I can never get bored because there is an infinite amount to know.”

― Clare Balding

“But if God wanted us to think with our wombs, why did he give us a brain.”

― Clare Boothe Luce

“Obviously, our children, who have been playing with their computers since the age of five or six, don’t have quite the same brain as those who were brought up on wooden or metal toys, whose brains are certainly atrophied by comparison.”

― Claude Vorilhon

“I really like Jon Snow in quite an unhealthy way – he’s got a jaunty tie and a fast brain.”

― Claudia Winkleman

“I would not hesitate to say I was addicted to the Internet in the first two years. It can be addictive, and things not taken in moderation have negative effects. But the alarmism around ‘Facebook is changing our brains’ strikes me as a kind of historical trick. Because we now know from brain science that everything changes our brains.”

― Clay Shirky

“The world is a nested space, and so we have our brain as a person, and people are members of teams, and teams are part of business units, and business units are parts of corporations, and corporations are part of industries, which are part of economies.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“I think I’m still trying to find my feet as an actor. And I know it ain’t brain surgery, but it confuses me and it comes between me and my sleep a lot.”

― Colin Farrell

“My brain is a pretty intense, wacky place, and that’s kind of where Miranda lives. But that’s why I like the rest of my life and my stuff to be more clean, white, and simple without a lot of clutter.”

― Colleen Ballinger

“In a prime-time address, President Bush said he backed limited federal funding for stem cell research. That’s right, the President said, this is a quote, the research could help cure brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and whatever it is I have.”

― Conan O’Brien

“Sometimes, cameras can’t capture a scene like your brain does. But the use of apps can help get it just a little closer to reality.”

― Connor Franta

“It’s good to make your brain work more than your body.”

― Conor McGregor

“You might be tough, but you can only be so tough for so long, you know what I mean? The brain can only take so much damage. The body can only take so much damage.”

― Conor McGregor

“A ContraPoints video is never going to be framed as ‘I’m so offended by this idea.’ It’s not, ‘I’m so intimidated by my opponent’s big, masculine brain.’ It’s more, ‘I’m bored of you, and also, you’re a dum-dum.’”

― ContraPoints

“I think having musical training as a child was really, really important. I studied piano as a child. Piano is a great instrument to understand musical theory on. I think I have that in my brain somewhere.”

― Corin Tucker

“I’ve always had this fascination with the brain. I’m not really much of a religious person, but like anybody, you are at least fascinated by what some call a soul – what I would call the brain – and who we are and how we work.”

― Craig Mazin

“I prepare for a shoot by saturating my brain with images that have different moods or expressions.”

― Craig McDean

“The thing that makes you a good ‘Caraoke Showdown’ singer is you gotta have some knowledge of these songs. You gotta be ready to attack. You gotta shut your brain off and just go.”

― Craig Robinson

“Vice President Biden had recently launched the ‘Cancer Moonshots’, a campaign to finally eradicate cancer across humanity. He had lost his eldest son, Beau, in 2015, to brain cancer, and the ESPYs gave him a platform to raise awareness.”

― Craig Sager

“When assumptions were made that I was going to bail out there was a little part of my brain that thought ‘I am going to do to prove them wrong’. In the end that wouldn’t be coming from my heart and doing what was right.”

― Craig Stevens

“I’ve always been fascinated with adrenaline; it’s saved my life more than once, and it’s caused me to need it to save my life more than once. One of the most fascinating responses in human evolution, adrenaline sharpens your brain; it sharpens your responses.”

― Craig Venter

“A lot of the demonstrations that I do, when I get inside people’s minds, is understanding human behavior and understanding how people think and getting their patterns down so I know how to create the illusion that I get inside their brain.”

― Criss Angel

“You need to put easy, nice, tranquil thoughts in your head before you go to bed. You know what I do? I read metaphysical books. The good stuff stays in your brain once you go under.”

― Cristina Saralegui

“Men and women are different. I don’t think men grow a brain until 26 or even 30. Girls mature a lot quicker.”

― Cyndi Lauper

“Ageing is very exciting. But if I didn’t work on ageing, I’d want to work on the brain. There are really cool techniques you can use now. And bioinformatics. The methods you can use for comparing large data sets – that’s so powerful.”

― Cynthia Kenyon

“Theater is where you go to find out something new that you don’t know. It goes through somebody’s brain and comes out in a comprehensible way that is beautiful, that’s really interesting.”

― D. A. Pennebaker

“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.”

― Dalai Lama

“Generally speaking, if a human being never shows anger, then I think something’s wrong. He’s not right in the brain.”

― Dalai Lama

“I have always had this view about the modern education system: we pay attention to brain development, but the development of warmheartedness we take for granted.”

― Dalai Lama

“You have to understand that PTSD has to be an event that you experience, a very traumatic event. And actually, there is evidence that brain chemistry changes during this event in certain individuals where it’s imprinted indelibly forever and there’s an emotion associated with this which triggers the condition.”

― Dale Archer

“It’s called a pen. It’s like a printer, hooked straight to my brain.”

― Dale Dauten

“Something in a writer’s brain needs to watch everything with a detached, amoral eye.”

― Damon Galgut

“For the last three years, I’ve been working on ‘Bromst,’ and that’s all that encompassed my brain. And now that it’s out, it will change the way that I think musically.”

― Dan Deacon

“My brain doesn’t like to be quiet.”

― Dan Fogler

“When I’m writing, I’m trying to access my subconscious and turn off my conscious brain. I use my conscious for research, but when I’m actually writing, I’m trying to get into a place where I’m tapping into the deeper, darker elements of what’s going on.”

― Dan Gilroy

“QLA is not about filling your brain with information – it is starting a fire within your heart and soul!”

― Dan Pena

“I’m interested in doing everything and anything that I can to squeeze that creativity out of my brain. I guess I’m sort of a performance rat.”

― Dane Cook

“Math is like going to the gym for your brain. It sharpens your mind.”

― Danica McKellar

“My message is: You don’t have to give up being popular, fun, or fashionable in order to be smart; they can go hand and hand. Doing math is a great way to exercise your brain; being smart is going to make you more powerful in life.”

― Danica McKellar

“I love acting. Acting is a true love of mine, acting and math. Although they are both creative, they use very different sides of your brain. And I love both. Acting is my first love, and that’s my main career, it really is.”

― Danica McKellar

“There’s no reason to stereotype yourself. Doing math is like going to the gym – it’s a workout for your brain and it makes you smarter.”

― Danica McKellar

“When I got to college, I was intending to study film. But I found that my brain was feeling mushy, so I took a few math classes. I started doing really well at them, and solving equations was this, like, drug rush.”

― Danica McKellar

“I have music in my brain all the time, all sorts.”

― Daniel Barenboim

“My brain is – essentially, you take any college football player in the country, because I have had multiple, multiple concussions. I had 10 documented concussions, four post-concussion seizures and so, but, with that said, my brain is no worse than your average college football player’s brain, right?”

― Daniel Bryan

“The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searching for a suitable rock or hunk of coral to cling to and make its home for life. For this task, it has a rudimentary nervous system. When it finds its spot and takes root, it doesn’t need its brain anymore so it eats it!”

― Daniel Dennett

“One of the primary reasons why the human brain has evolved to look so far into the future is so that we can take actions in the present that will bring us to a better future rather than a worse one.”

― Daniel Goldstein

“Whenever we feel stressed out, that’s a signal that our brain is pumping out stress hormones. If sustained over months and years, those hormones can ruin our health and make us a nervous wreck.”

― Daniel Goleman

“The social brain is in its natural habitat when we’re talking with someone face-to-face in real time.”

― Daniel Goleman

“There is zero correlation between IQ and emotional empathy… They’re controlled by different parts of the brain.”

― Daniel Goleman

“The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.”

― Daniel Goleman

“Brain studies of mental workouts in which you sustain a single, chosen focus show that the more you detach from what’s distracting you and refocus on what you should be paying attention to, the stronger this brain circuitry becomes.”

― Daniel Goleman

“Motivation aside, if people get better at these life skills, everyone benefits: The brain doesn’t distinguish between being a more empathic manager and a more empathic father.”

― Daniel Goleman

“What’s important now are the characteristics of the brain’s right hemisphere: artistry, empathy, inventiveness, big-picture thinking. These skills have become first among equals in a whole range of business fields.”

― Daniel H. Pink

“In many professions, what used to matter most were abilities associated with the left side of the brain: linear, sequential, spreadsheet kind of faculties. Those still matter, but they’re not enough.”

― Daniel H. Pink

“The state-of-the-art techniques really allowed us to make maps of how Sting’s brain organizes music. That’s important because at the heart of great musicianship is the ability to manipulate in one’s mind rich representation of the desired soundscape.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Healthy breaks can hit the reset button in your brain, restoring some of the glucose and other metabolic nutrients used up with deep thought. A healthy break is one in which you allow your brain to rest, to loosen its grip on your thoughts.”

― Daniel Levitin

“That daydreaming mode turns out to be restorative. It’s like hitting the reset button in your brain. And you don’t get in that daydreaming mode typically by texting and Facebooking. You get in it by disengaging.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Multitasking creates a dopamine-addiction feedback loop, effectively rewarding the brain for losing focus and for constantly searching for external stimulation.”

― Daniel Levitin

“The conscious mind can only pay attention to about four things at once. If you’ve got these nagging voices in your head telling you to remember to pick up the laundry and call so-and-so, they’re competing in your brain for neural resources with the stuff you’re actually trying to do, like getting your work done.”

― Daniel Levitin

“I think we’ve debunked the myth of talent. It doesn’t appear that there’s anything like a music gene or center in the brain that Stevie Wonder has that nobody else has.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Through studies of music and the brain, we’ve learned to map out specific areas involved in emotion, timing, and perception – and production of sequences. They’ve told us how the brain deals with patterns and how it completes them when there’s misinformation.”

― Daniel Levitin

“We’ve learned that musical ability is actually not one ability but a set of abilities, a dozen or more. Through brain damage, you can lose one component and not necessarily lose the others. You can lose rhythm and retain pitch, for example, that kind of thing.”

― Daniel Levitin

“I think of the brain as a computational device: It has a bunch of little components that perform calculations on some small aspect of the problem, and another part of the brain has to stitch it all together, like a tapestry or a quilt.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Brain extenders are anything that get information out of our heads and into the physical world: calendars, key hooks by the front door, note pads, ‘to do’ lists.”

― Daniel Levitin

“What it turns out is that we think we’re multitasking, but we’re not. The brain is sequential tasking: we flit from one thought to the next very, very rapidly, giving us the illusion that what we’re doing is doing all these things at once.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Information overload refers to the notion that we’re trying to take in more than the brain can handle.”

― Daniel Levitin

“If you’re making a bunch of little decisions – like, do I read this email now or later? Do I file it? Do I forward it? Do I have to get more information? Do I put it in the spam folder? – that’s a handful of decisions right there, and you haven’t done anything meaningful. It puts us into a brain state of decision fatigue.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Because you’ve been exposed to Western tonal music, you know after a certain chord sequence what the next possibilities are. Your brain has compiled a statistical map of which ones are most likely and least likely. If the song keeps hitting the most likely notes, you’ll get bored, and if it’s always the least likely ones, you’ll get irritated.”

― Daniel Levitin

“There’s an ancient connection between movement and music. Most languages don’t make a distinction between the words ‘music’ and ‘dance.’ And we can see that in the brain. When people are lying perfectly still but listening to music, the neurons in the motor cortex are firing.”

― Daniel Levitin

“The left brain is responsible for making order out of chaos, for making sense of things in the world that don’t always add up. To do this, it often makes up stories, fantastic confabulations in some cases, just to be able to explain what we’re experiencing.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Maybe instead of asking political candidates to submit tax returns, we really should be asking to see their brain scans.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Music can be thought of as a type of perceptual illusion in which our brain imposes structure and order on a sequence of sounds. Just how this structure leads us to experience emotional reactions is part of the mystery of music.”

― Daniel Levitin

“If you aren’t taking regular breaks every couple of hours, your brain won’t benefit from that extra cup of coffee.”

― Daniel Levitin

“I became interested in structure when I was in graduate school. How is it that the brain perceives structure in a sometimes disorganized and chaotic world? How and why do we categorize things? Why can things be categorized in so many different ways, all of which can seem equally valid?”

― Daniel Levitin

“I’m a simple country neuroscientist, not an expert on democracy, but I do know something about how the brain works and how opinion-reinforcing bubbles can distort the picture of reality we build from the information we encounter on a daily basis.”

― Daniel Levitin

“If you’re studying from a book and trying to listen in on a conversation at the same time, those are two separate projects, each started and maintained by distinct circuits in the brain. Pay more attention to one for a moment and you’re automatically paying less attention to the other.”

― Daniel Levitin

“As soon as you hear a proposition, the creative brain in humans assumes for the moment that it’s true, and starts trying to find evidence. It’s what computer scientists in the old days used to call ‘Fifo:’ first in, first out. The first piece of information that gets in has a privileged position, even if it’s misinformation.”

― Daniel Levitin

“The human brain long ago evolved a mechanism for rewarding us when we encountered new information: a little shot of dopamine in the brain each time we learned something new. Across evolutionary history, compulsively seeking information was adaptive behavior.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Every status update you read on Facebook, every tweet or text message you get from a friend, is competing for resources in your brain with important things like whether to put your savings in stocks or bonds, where you left your passport, or how best to reconcile with a close friend you just had an argument with.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Neurons are living cells with a metabolism. And they need glucose in order to function. Glucose is the fuel of the brain, just like gasoline is the fuel of your car.”

― Daniel Levitin

“Singing and dancing have been shown to modulate brain chemistry, specifically levels of dopamine, the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter.”

― Daniel Levitin

“I am most challenged by playing cash games against the world’s top players. These games force me to think several moves in advance, like in a game of chess. And though I also find tournaments fun to play, they just don’t provide the constant brain buzz that cash game players crave.”

― Daniel Negreanu

“The early development of the human brain is extremely important for setting the table, if you will, for potential future accomplishment.”

― Dannel Malloy

“Union Square Cafe is all soul, not brain.”

― Danny Meyer

“Conception, my boy, fundamental brain work, is what makes all the difference in art.”

― Dante Gabriel Rossetti

“We have a large amount of data that shows playing fast-paced games improves hand-eye co-ordination, the ability to focus on the task at hand, and your ability to make decisions, as gaming improves your brain’s allocation of resources.”

― Daphne Bavelier

“Normally, improving contrast sensitivity means using glasses or surgery to correct the eye. But we’ve found that action video games train the brain to process visual information more efficiently and improve vision.”

― Daphne Bavelier

“Studies of social games, puzzle games, and brain-training games have shown they have little effect on the brain despite often being marketed as improving memory and reaction speeds.”

― Daphne Bavelier

“When people play action games, they’re changing the brain’s pathway responsible for visual processing. These games push the human visual system to the limits, and the brain adapts to it.”

― Daphne Bavelier

“I spend a lot of time upside down. It increases the blood flow to the brain, so it really helps your creativity.”

― Daphne Guinness

“I definitely learned never to fall in love in high school because it just takes over your brain.”

― Daren Kagasoff

“I ran into an extraordinary doctor. He got up inside my head and figured out how my brain processed things, what my core values were, what my inner dialogue was.”

― Darrell Hammond

“A friend of mine had died, and I went for an audition. It was weird and cathartic: the producer was very excited about the piece, but my brain wasn’t working, and it all seemed really pointless and fickle. I told them I didn’t want to be there any more, and left. It was the most terrifying and empowering audition experience I’ve had.”

― Darren Boyd

“The nuclear generator of brain sludge is television.”

― Dave Barry

“To be rapping in a musical on Broadway is just – that sentence doesn’t make any sense in my brain.”

― Daveed Diggs

“There’s no reason for somebody who’s good at writing rap to be good at freestyling. They’re different parts of your brain. You can develop both skills. I’m a much better writer.”

― Daveed Diggs

“To relax, I do yoga and meditate and do little math problems, and it’s fun to check that part of your brain off and turn on a different part.”

― David Alpay

“A script is so word-heavy, after trying to communicate so much verbally, I think you need a different outlet to give the verbal centre of your brain a chance to cool off.”

― David Alpay

“When we talk about stem cells, we are actually talking about a complicated series of things, including adult stem cells which are largely cells devoted to replacing individual tissues like blood elements or liver or even the brain.”

― David Baltimore

“Everyone’s been so quick to say that I’m really thick or I haven’t got a brain. People will think whatever they want to think.”

― David Beckham

“When you’re on tour with the band, it’s a different mentality. You don’t sightsee because you’re making sure you can do the show. But in musicals, I don’t have to sing or play: I just have to use my brain, and the rest of the time, I’m free.”

― David Bryan

“A musical is really one of the most complicated beasts. It’s a play, and there’s music… and there’s dancing… it’s unbelievably satisfying to get something up out of your brain onto a piece of paper … and start the process and then see it on the stage.”

― David Bryan

“Usually for the tour, there’s about 80 songs in our brain.”

― David Bryan

“I think the existence of zombies would contradict certain laws of nature in our world. It seems to be a law of nature, in our world, that when you get a brain of a certain character you get consciousness going along with it.”

― David Chalmers

“I sat there in awe that some guy overseas, trying to protect our interests, was using a silly comedy as a survival tool. My brain had an explosion. I was really moved by that.”

― David Denman

“The brain is the only kind of object capable of understanding that the cosmos is even there, or why there are infinitely many prime numbers, or that apples fall because of the curvature of space-time, or that obeying its own inborn instincts can be morally wrong, or that it itself exists.”

― David Deutsch

“Your brain is built of cells called neurons and glia – hundreds of billions of them. Each one of these cells is as complicated as a city.”

― David Eagleman

“A typical neuron makes about ten thousand connections to neighboring neurons. Given the billions of neurons, this means there are as many connections in a single cubic centimeter of brain tissue as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy.”

― David Eagleman

“In the entire history of the human species, every tool we’ve invented has been to expand muscle power. All except one. The integrated circuit, the computer. That lets us use our brain power.”

― David Gerrold

“Because many squid have brain nerve fibres that are hundreds of times thicker than those of humans, neuroscientists have long used them for research. These nerve fibres have led to so many breakthroughs in the study of neurons that many scientists joke that the squid should receive a Nobel Prize.”

― David Grann

“Exercise your brain and body, keep engaged with work and friends, and feed your brain with a healthy, plant-based diet – as well as knowledge.”

― David H. Murdock

“Talking about smart thinking, The British-made ‘Brain Training Podcast’ is a brief daily workout for the mind that could easily get addictive.”

― David Hepworth

“What a peculiar privilege has this little agitation of the brain which we call ‘thought’.”

― David Hume

“I think I went into poli-sci because I knew there was a stage, plus I thought I wanted to help people, and I realized in poli-sci that if you want to be a politician you’re either born into it, or you’ve got an amazing brain, which those are rare – and I don’t have one.”

― David Koechner

“Increase your consumption of healthful fats like extra virgin olive oil, avocado, grass-fed beef, wild fish, coconut oil, nuts and seeds. At the same time, keep in mind that modified fats like hydrogenated or trans fats are the worst choices for brain health.”

― David Perlmutter

“Throughout our lifetimes, we are constantly regenerating new brain cells in the hippocampus, a process called neurogenesis. New stem cells are constantly being born in the hippocampus that ultimately differentiate into fully functional neurons.”

― David Perlmutter

“Two forms of fat that are vitally important for brain health are cholesterol and saturated fat.”

― David Perlmutter

“Our ancestors relied upon their advanced brains to survive during times of food shortage, and fortunately, the human brain is able to utilize body fat as an extremely efficient fuel to sustain function when glucose-providing food is unavailable.”

― David Perlmutter

“The story of gluten as it relates to the brain throws a wide net, so much more encompassing than the inflammation of a small section of the small intestine that characterizes celiac disease.”

― David Perlmutter

“Carbohydrates, whether derived from gluten-containing foods or other sources, including fruit, sweetened beverages, and starchy vegetables, are dangerous as they relate to brain health in and of themselves.”

― David Perlmutter

“The best diet for overall health, and specifically for heart, brain, and cancer risk reduction, is a diet that’s aggressively low in carbohydrates with an abundance of healthful fat, and this is the central theme of ‘Grain Brain.’”

― David Perlmutter

“Carbs are devastating for the brain.”

― David Perlmutter

“Fat is your friend. The brain thrives on a fat-rich, low-carbohydrate diet.”

― David Perlmutter

“Saturated fat is a fundamental building block for brain cells. It’s certainly interesting to consider that one of the richest sources of saturated fat in nature is human breast milk.”

― David Perlmutter

“Parkinson’s is described as a progressive idiopathic neurodegenerative disorder, a brain disease that will worsen with time for which no cause has as yet been identified.”

― David Perlmutter

“Strokes are categorized as either bleeding into the brain or a blockage in blood supply, known as an ischemic stroke. The latter are overwhelmingly more common, compromising about 87 percent of all stroke events.”

― David Perlmutter

“The human brain is at particularly high risk for damage by free radicals because of its high degree of metabolism compared to other tissues, while lacking the levels of antioxidant protection found elsewhere in the body.”

― David Perlmutter

“Bad things happen. And the human brain is especially adept at making sure that we keep track of these events. This is an adaptive mechanism important for survival.”

― David Perlmutter

“When we are exposed to a real or perceived threatening situation, powerful things happen in the brain to memorialize aspects of the event, including all manner of associated circumstances like where, when and how it occurred.”

― David Perlmutter

“It was difficult to step away. I’ve always been an athlete. And to give that up was extremely daunting. The looming factor of brain damage, to me, was too strong.”

― David Robinson

“The human brain must continue to frame the problems for the electronic machine to solve.”

― David Sarnoff

“He’s thinking more with his heart than with his brain.”

― David Smith

“The human brain had a vast memory storage. It made us curious and very creative. Those were the characteristics that gave us an advantage – curiosity, creativity and memory. And that brain did something very special. It invented an idea called ‘the future.’”

― David Suzuki

“The human brain now holds the key to our future. We have to recall the image of the planet from outer space: a single entity in which air, water, and continents are interconnected. That is our home.”

― David Suzuki

“Humans are distinguished from other species by a massive brain that enables us to imagine a future and influence it by what we do in the present. By using experience, knowledge and insight, our ancestors recognized they could anticipate dangers and opportunities and take steps to exploit advantages and avoid hazards.”

― David Suzuki

“Humans are an infant species, a mere 150,000 years old. But, armed with a massive brain, we’ve not only survived, we’ve used our wits to adapt to and flourish in habitats as varied as deserts, Arctic tundra, tropical rainforests, wetlands and high mountain ranges.”

― David Suzuki

“My existence is fuller of other people’s experiences than my own. If they cut open my brain, these are what I would retain most.”

― David Tang

“It hadn’t really percolated through my brain that I was going to see real, live TV from the surface of the Moon, and boy, oh, boy, had that Saturn V launch been exciting! And then, there it was – late at night, sitting up, watching, and there was Neil Armstrong actually standing on the surface of the Moon.”

― David Weber

“The reason I’m drawn to it is – both the off road racing and the motorcycles on the track – it takes a lot for me to quiet my brain and anything that requires 100% of my attention and focus I find very soothing and that is the closest I get to being content.”

― Dax Shepard

“You’re always going to get comparisons. Everybody comes out and says, ‘He’s the next so and so,’ or, ‘He reminds me of so and so.’ I have so many influences and stuff in my brain, who knows what’s going to pop in and come out.”

― Dean Ambrose

“The movie business is not something that can come from the brain. It really comes from the soul and the heart.”

― Dean Devlin

“As you get older, the physical abilities decrease, which is particularly frustrating because your brain gets so good! So as you are becoming less technically or physically able, younger dancers are emerging who need the space to perform.”

― Deborah Bull

“Photography forces one out into the world, interacting with people and the environment. It flexes all those right brain, spatially-adept muscles.”

― Deborah Copaken Kogan

“An illustration I use to get people to understand it is this: I’ll ask major corporate audiences: Why don’t you just take all your traditional beliefs about organizations, and apply them to the neurons in your brain?”

― Dee Hock

“Our minds influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences everything; perception, cognition, thoughts and feelings, personal relationships; they’re all a projection of you.”

― Deepak Chopra

“No matter how closely you examine the water, glucose, and electrolyte salts in the human brain, you can’t find the point where these molecules became conscious.”

― Deepak Chopra

“To think is to practice brain chemistry.”

― Deepak Chopra

“Your conscious brain cannot multitask. If I’m speaking to you and checking my I-Phone at the same time, I’m doing neither. This is why our society is frazzled; this misconception that we can consciously do more than one thing at a time effectively.”

― Deepak Chopra

“From a scientist’s perspective, to understand everything that you need to know about human beings, you only have to tinker with all the mechanical parts of genes and the brain until there are no more secrets left.”

― Deepak Chopra

“Before a brain can register a thought, a mind must think it… every step of the way is mind over matter… We override our brains all the time.”

― Deepak Chopra

“I have a card catalogue in my brain of every lyric of every sappy love song ever written.”

― Delilah

“I do not like getting hit. I can take a hit, but I don’t want to damage my brain if I don’t have to.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“I’m not saying being a comedian is brain surgery, but it is definitely – it’s like being a carpenter. You learn how to make tables and chairs. You have to have the right tools, and you have to know how to put the thing together, right?”

― Denis Leary

“The tin man vs. the straw man. The candidate with a brain but without a heart against the president with a heart but without a brain. That’s how many Latin Americans are viewing the race between John Kerry and George W. Bush.”

― Denise Dresser

“Because I write prose, when I sat down to write a comic, it feels like my brain’s working differently. It actually feels like different bits of my head are springing into action.”

― Denise Mina

“Much as I loved doing ‘The Big Breakfast,’ it almost became automatic. I need something to keep my brain ticking over, something that I have to concentrate on.”

― Denise Van Outen

“Working keeps me young. Anything that exercises the brain like learning lines.”

― Diana Rigg

“I think one of things is that all fantasy it seems to me works the way your brain basically works. This is perhaps a startling concept, but I think it’s true.”

― Diana Wynne Jones

“All relationships change the brain – but most important are the intimate bonds that foster or fail us, altering the delicate circuits that shape memories, emotions and that ultimate souvenir, the self.”

― Diane Ackerman

“Brain scans show synchrony between the brains of mother and child; but what they can’t show is the internal bond that belongs to neither alone, a fusion in which the self feels so permeable it doesn’t matter whose body is whose.”

― Diane Ackerman

“As the most social apes, we inhabit a mirror-world in which every important relationship, whether with spouse, friend or child, shapes the brain, which in turn shapes our relationships.”

― Diane Ackerman

“As a person, when I was seven or eight, my dad would try very hard to tutor me through school because I had learning difficulties or whatever. I would wish that they could just plant a chip in my brain so that I would know everything and not have to study.”

― Dichen Lachman

“The authority of depression is horrifying. I felt like my brain was busted and that I could never feel good again. I really thought that I was never gonna heal.”

― Dick Cavett

“It’s a tribute to the human brain that anyone is able to function out there on television in a talk situation that is entirely artificial.”

― Dick Cavett

“The brain process that results in a joke materializing where no joke was before remains a mystery. I’m not aware of any scholarly, scientific or neurological studies on the subject.”

― Dick Cavett

“Does anything show the complexity of the miraculous brain more than that weird curiosity, the sleep-protection dream?”

― Dick Cavett

“In the fast-changing, information-filled world of the Internet, you never know what you might find. Maybe you’ll discover a great price on an airline ticket, or maybe you’ll come across that quote you’ve been racking your brain for.”

― Dick Durbin

“It’s actually amazing because you go so far into another side of your brain when you’re studying something completely different, and I loved it.”

― Dido Armstrong

“When I cook, my brain stops completely.”

― Dino De Laurentiis

“I’m very interested in how the brain works and the different personality types. I get my friends to do personality tests, and I see what type they resemble.”

― Divock Origi

“My brain kind of rolls pretty fast when I’m conscious. It’s constantly looking for stuff to do. Like if I’m in my house and I’m hanging out, I tend to be listening to music whilst watching a film whilst sending e-mails.”

― Dominic Monaghan

“I understand what’s it like to work all week and on Friday night just want to go and leave your brain at the door, buy some popcorn and be thrilled by something.”

― Don Cheadle

“Being gay doesn’t take your brain away or exclude me from having the same attributes as anyone else.”

― Don Lemon

“I have a store full of thousands and thousands of images in my brain. I’ve got this terrible feeling I’m like some abattoir boss: I know death; I know the cut pieces of the human body.”

― Don McCullin

“The human brain can soften as a result of incessant listening to music with an intent to commit prose.”

― Donal Henahan

“No man’s brain is so dull, and no man’s eye so blind, that they cannot catch food for dreams.”

― Donald G. Mitchell

“We – we need strength, we need energy, we need quickness and we need brain in this country to turn it around.”

― Donald Trump

“I was working in corporate Canada and I was doing all right. But I was burnt out… Long hours, a lot of clients. I just wanted to get away. Track and field was sort of like the elimination thing. I just wanted to go and do something. Exercise my brain and my body and kind of gravitate to that.”

― Donovan Bailey

“I don’t always want to read serious fiction. But when I read fiction that’s not serious, I don’t want to read brain candy. Entertain me, for God’s sake.”

― Dorothea Benton Frank

“My office has two buildings that function like the right and left sides of the brain. There’s a room where everything is being edited for an upcoming project, but you can pull out of that into a tranquil space to work in a different, more solitary medium. It’s an architectural unfolding of the process instead of just one chaotic structure.”

― Doug Aitken

“There’s a fraudulent root element of comedy in that we say things night after night as though they are rolling effortlessly from the brain and off the tongue, when in fact they are crafted over weeks and months and years.”

― Doug Stanhope

“Working out the social politics of who you can trust and why is, quite literally, what a very large part of our brain has evolved to do.”

― Douglas Adams

“The important thing is to write when your brain is at its best. Work edits or do outside reading with the rest of the day.”

― Douglas Brunt

“Three hours of creating is taxing on any brain, and you should stop there. Some days, you may stop without any words at all. It’s much easier to write new stuff the next day than to go through painful deletions of a day’s worth of crap you already wrote.”

― Douglas Brunt

“Fashionable people can opt out of the fashion stream, but a stylish person never becomes unstylish unless they hit their head on a rock and suffer brain damage.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Try not thinking of peeling an orange. Try not imagining the juice running down your fingers, the soft inner part of the peel. The smell. Try and you can’t. The brain doesn’t process negatives.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Where does personality end and brain damage begin?”

― Douglas Coupland

“I’ve never really seen too much difference between writing or making visual art or designing furniture or clothing. It’s still my brain – I’m just using different parts of it for different things.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Your brain forms roughly 10,000 new cells every day, but unless they hook up to preexisting cells with strong memories, they die. Serves them right.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Brain research tells us that only twenty percent of human beings have a sense of irony, which means that eighty percent of the world takes everything at face value.”

― Douglas Coupland

“I miss my pre-Internet brain, but that doesn’t help anything. We can only go forward.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Much of what we now consider ‘personality’ will be explained away as structural and chemical functions of the brain.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Mediums change you by their very existence. They do this on fundamental levels because they force you to favour certain parts of your brain over others.”

― Douglas Coupland

“It’s fun to sentimentalize the 20th-century lifestyle and the 20th-century brain, but it helps nobody, it makes you look ancient, there’s no going back, and you’d be miserable if you did.”

― Douglas Coupland

“You can imagine a soul as being a detailed, elaborate pattern that exists very clearly in one brain. When a person dies, the original is no longer around. But there are other versions of it in other people’s brains. It’s a less detailed copy, it’s coarse-grained.”

― Douglas Hofstadter

“Like most early enthusiasts, I always thought the way the Internet encouraged multitasking made users less vulnerable to manipulation, while simultaneously exploiting even more of our brain’s capacity than before. Apparently not.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“We’re not that far from being able to plant images, memories, and emotional states directly into the brain.”

― Douglas Trumbull

“My mother is a poet/novelist, and my father was a pianist and cook. Both artists who colored my personality and brain in ways I’m still discovering!”

― Dove Cameron

“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.”

― Dr. Seuss

“I just have a thing in my brain that when I’m about to do something that’s genuine or authentic, I think of it in song form. I’ll be like, ‘Yo, this is a human emotion that no one talks about.’”

― Drake

“I’m not as athletic as some guys, so I have to counter that with a tremendous brain that thinks the game.”

― Draymond Green

“I personally battled with my own body image for years. I used to tell myself, You can’t wear anything sleeveless or strapless. And all of a sudden I was like, What if I just didn’t send such negative messages to my brain and said, wear it and enjoy it? And now I’m more comfortable in clothes than ever.”

― Drew Barrymore

“Movement and physics: These are the fundamentals of animation. You don’t notice that stuff if it’s done well, but if fabric or liquid or hair moves weird, your brain is like, ‘Wait, that’s not real.’”

― Duke Johnson

“My brain never turns off of songwriting. Every conversation, everything I see, I’m just kind of like a sponge and I soak it up.”

― Dustin Lynch

“I’m a laid-back guy, but my brain is always wrapped up in music.”

― Dustin Lynch

“The physical part was one thing. Whatever – I broke my face; that’ll heal. The mental aspect was the biggest shock to the system. You just don’t know how to experience stuff like that. You don’t have any control over it, either. It’s just how your body and brain reacts to something like that happening.”

― Dylan O’Brien

“Somewhere along the line the rhythms and tonalities of music elided in my brain with the sounds that words make and the rhythm that sentences have.”

― E. L. Doctorow

“If we ever find out how the brain works, with all its complexity, then we will be able to build a machine that has consciousness. And if that happens, that is a road to planetary disaster because everything we’ve thought about ourselves, since the Bronze Age, the Bible, all of that will be gone.”

― E. L. Doctorow

“Our brain is mapping the world. Often that map is distorted, but it’s a map with constant immediate sensory input.”

― E. O. Wilson

“An individual ant, even though it has a brain about a millionth of a size of a human being’s, can learn a maze; the kind we use is a simple rat maze in a laboratory. They can learn it about one-half as fast as a rat.”

― E. O. Wilson

“Dr. Einstein was not successful in school, but he found something in the air from his own imagination and his own brain power, and look what he did.”

― Eartha Kitt

“Our spirit is not dependent on the brain or body. It is eternal, and no one has one sentence worth of hard evidence that it isn’t.”

― Eben Alexander

“I understand what happens to the brain when people are near death, and I had always believed there were good scientific explanations for the heavenly out-of-body journeys described by those who narrowly escaped death.”

― Eben Alexander

“I don’t know where I got the idea for ‘The Great Thumbprint Drawing Book’; I just told my brain to think of a book, and it did.”

― Ed Emberley

“My brain is good, but my body is deteriorating. I probably have another two or three years. Or I can pass tomorrow, but it doesn’t make a difference to me.”

― Ed Koch

“The more one listens to ordinary conversations the more apparent it becomes that the reasoning faculties of the brain take little part in the direction of the vocal organs.”

― Edgar Rice Burroughs

“My hand does the work and I don’t have to think; in fact, were I to think, it would stop the flow. It’s like a dam in the brain that bursts.”

― Edna O’Brien

“Most couples manage to cooperate on child raising – for us, our brain project is our third child, so nothing different, really.”

― Edvard Moser

“I was interested in big unknowns, and the brain is one of the biggest, so building tools that allow us to regard the brain as a big electrical circuit appealed to me.”

― Edward Boyden

“It’s not even known how many kinds of cells there are in the brain. If you were looking for a periodic table of the brain, there is no such thing. I really like to think of the brain as a computer.”

― Edward Boyden

“What I’m really interested in is this idea of a ‘brain co-processor’ – a device that can record from, and deliver information to, so many points in the brain, with a computational infrastructure in between – a computer that can process the information and compute exactly what needs to be restored.”

― Edward Boyden

“Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.”

― Edward de Bono

“People seem to have trouble with the imagination. They can’t believe that you can just pull things out of your brain like that.”

― Edward P. Jones

“The dog, on the other hand, has few or no ideas because his brain acts in coarse fashion and because there are few connections with each single process.”

― Edward Thorndike

“Traditionally, the treatment for a concussion has been to stare at a wall and wait for your brain to heal itself. Don’t watch TV, don’t read a book, don’t look at your phone, and definitely don’t train. It’s a torturous protocol for an athlete.”

― Elana Meyers

“There’s a popular concept of ‘intelligence’ as book smarts, like calculus or chess, as opposed to, say, social skills. So people say that ‘it takes more than intelligence to succeed in human society.’ But social skills reside in the brain, not the kidneys.”

― Eliezer Yudkowsky

“Anguish over the loss of a loved one or feelings of helplessness have complex roots. But in the end, they make you feel bad because they adjust your brain’s chemistry. Happiness and its opposite are both electro-chemical reactions; those reactions are temporary and ineffable and could even have hidden benefits.”

― Eliot Schrefer

“In 2009, I fractured my skull in a freak accident at an L.A. restaurant. I suffered a seizure and was rushed into hospital. I was so out of it that I refused to let them scan my brain. My dad rushed to my bedside and talked me into having the CAT scan – he told me that I might die if I didn’t go through with it.”

― Eliot Sumner

“I love libraries, as anyone who has a brain does.”

― Elizabeth Berg

“Researchers have found that the brain definitely sends nerves directly to organs of the immune system and not just to the heart and the lower gut. In that way, too, the brain is influencing the body.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“When scientists get old, they get interested in the brain, and I’m a little bit afraid I’m falling into that.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“Fantasy is toxic: the private cruelty and the world war both have their start in the heated brain.”

― Elizabeth Bowen

“Sometimes I have a nervous breakdown over my suitcase – over socks – because your brain just goes, ‘I just can’t pack again. I can’t.’ You’re looking at your suitcase going, ‘I’m in five countries in two weeks, and it’s four different seasons.’ That’s when my brain melts.”

― Elizabeth Debicki

“I actually feel that the different kinds of stories come out of different parts of my brain.”

― Elizabeth Moon

“Because of the power of neuroplasticity, you can, in fact, reframe your world and rewire your brain so that you are more objective. You have the power to see things as they are so that you can respond thoughtfully, deliberately, and effectively to everything you experience.”

― Elizabeth Thornton

“The key to transforming mental models is to interrupt the automatic responses that are driven by the old model and respond differently based on the new model. Each time you are able to do this, you are actually loosening the old circuit and creating new neural connections in your brain, often referred to as self-directed neuroplasticity.”

― Elizabeth Thornton

“You cannot turn your brain off or stop your thoughts, but you can try while meditating not to become too invested in them. This is called transcendental meditation, which is the kind I practice.”

― Elizabeth Vargas

“I prize my seamstress, I value my copyist; but my cook, who knows well how to prepare the food to sustain life, and nourish brain, bone, and muscle, fills the most important place among the helpers in my family.”

― Ellen G. White

“Brains don’t really smell, but what’s amazing about the brain is that it’s almost like scrambled eggs or soft tofu, almost like a gel. The brain controls so much of what we do, but you could put your finger right through it.”

― Ellen Pompeo

“I read a lot of nonfiction – especially books about the brain.”

― Ellen Pompeo

“The brain is plastic, continuously changing its organization.”

― Ellen Ullman

“Human thinking can skip over a great deal, leap over small misunderstandings, can contain ifs and buts in untroubled corners of the mind. But the machine has no corners. Despite all the attempts to see the computer as a brain, the machine has no foreground or background.”

― Ellen Ullman

“My experience is that when one is in psychosis, you’re on a mission and nothing is going to stop you. At some level your brain is telling you you probably shouldn’t be doing this, but you’re on a mission.”

― Elyn Saks

“You are going in one second the length of a football field. That means you brain is receiving information from your body what the car is doing physically, bumping, balance, performance.”

― Emerson Fittipaldi

“I find that a lot of the good acting comes out when you’re physically being pushed: your brain turns off and just deals with the situation at hand. You get to a point where you’re exhausted at the end of the day, but I quite like that.”

― Emilia Clarke

“I literally can’t get anywhere now without the map on my phone. I used to use an A-Z when I first came to London, and now I really struggle because there’s no dot to show where I am. And I think that part of my brain doesn’t work any more.”

― Emily Berrington

“The brain is wider than the sky.”

― Emily Dickinson

“I’ve only half-admitted I’m a professional. I know I am, I’ve paid my dues, but one of the things I could do better when I’m acting is to really be rigorous and to think I know how to do it. To use my brain.”

― Emily Mortimer

“Far from ‘rotting my brain,’ as I was often told would happen, TV helped me feel less alone at a time when I spent so much time alone.”

― Emily V. Gordon

“My brain puts baths in the same category as yoga: it’d be ‘nice’ to relax for an hour, but I just want a 10-minute, high-impact workout; get in, get out. Showers are my cardio.”

― Emily Weiss

“A lot of my rhymes are just to get chuckles out of people. Anybody with half a brain is going to be able to tell when I’m joking and when I’m serious.”

― Eminem

“I feel like Mills and Boon saved my life. It was a way of not living. I read a lot of other books as well, but they were definitely the best for just switching my brain off, not having to deal with reality.”

― Emma Healey

“I never walk into the studio and say, I’m going to write a song called… ‘X’ or called ‘Slow Me Down.’ I write a ton of lyrics, often the title is somewhere in those 10 pages of… I call it brain vomit. It’s kind of like whatever comes out of my head and I’m unabashedly just writing it down.”

― Emmy Rossum

“The world intrudes in my brain daily. Since my brain is dripping with all kinds of stuff that’s out there in the world, that I can’t seem to be able to shut out, it has to end up being in my work as well.”

― Eric Bogosian

“A brain scan may reveal the neural signs of anxiety, but a Kokoschka painting, or a Schiele self-portrait, reveals what an anxiety state really feels like. Both perspectives are necessary if we are to fully grasp the nature of the mind, yet they are rarely brought together.”

― Eric Kandel

“The brain is a complex biological organ possessing immense computational capability: it constructs our sensory experience, regulates our thoughts and emotions, and controls our actions.”

― Eric Kandel

“I was interested in the nature of human mental processes, which is what got me interested in psychoanalysis. And it became clear to me after a while that mental processes come from the brain, and in order to understand them, you need to be a biologist of the brain.”

― Eric Kandel

“One of the ultimate challenges for biology is to understand the brain’s processing of unconscious and conscious perception, emotion, and empathy.”

― Eric Kandel

“My scratching I don’t really think communicates to intelligent life forms. Anyone with more than one brain cell would think Kid Koala music is completely retarded.”

― Eric San

“Our brain starts a long degenerative arc beginning around age 40.”

― Eric Topol

“As a composer, I know that all sorts of sounds I hear are making their way into my brain and soul and later sneak into my music.”

― Eric Whitacre

“Where is Hollywood located? Chiefly between the ears. In that part of the American brain lately vacated by God.”

― Erica Jong

“I like to call it nighttime brain: the way your mind seems to function on a different frequency than it does during daylight hours – which can be good or bad but also can lead to unexpected epiphanies or experiences that wouldn’t be the same at any other time of day.”

― Erin Morgenstern

“It’s helpful for me to get ideas – the physical action of painting. Sometimes it frees up your writer brain. It’s nice for me now that the writing has become a serious career that painting can become more like a hobby.”

― Erin Morgenstern

“Sometimes I write what I can’t paint, and I paint what I can’t write. I use a different part of the brain.”

― Erin Morgenstern

“I have a theory about the human mind. A brain is a lot like a computer. It will only take so many facts, and then it will go on overload and blow up.”

― Erma Bombeck

“Cultivate the frontal portion of her brain as much as that of man is cultivated, and she will stand his equal at least. Even now, where her mind has been called out at all, her intellect is as bright, as capacious, and as powerful as his.”

― Ernestine Rose

“You can’t change who you are, but you can change what you have in your head, you can refresh what you’re thinking about, you can put some fresh air in your brain.”

― Ernesto Bertarelli

“For anyone with half a brain they can see that this play is about the human condition.”

― Estelle Parsons

“I actually wanted to be an astronaut, but I don’t have a mathematical brain.”

― Eva Amurri

“Put simply, behavioural economics argues that human beings’ decision-taking is guided by the evolutionary baggage which we bring with us to the present day. Evolution has made us rational to a point, but not perfectly so. It has given us emotions, for example, which programme us to override our rational brain and act more instinctively.”

― Evan Davis

“Even though disciplined sleeping habits and the adrenalin of live radio ensures that we are very awake while on duty, there is evidence of a phenomenon called circadian desynchronosis which causes one’s brain to function slowly at those times of day when it thinks it should be asleep, regardless how wide awake the body is.”

― Evan Davis

“In the pie chart of my brain growing up, there’s a huge slice for ‘Ghostbusters.’”

― Evan Goldberg

“If one day a TV series comes into my head, and that is what I want to write, I’ll write it. It just depends what story is in my brain at the time.”

― Evangeline Lilly

“I am really quite fascinated by echo-locating bats and dolphins and have always wondered how sound affects the unconscious brain.”

― Evelyn Glennie

“There is physical evidence of the body’s response to doing good. Endorphins are released in the brain when you do something for someone else. Doing good really feels good.”

― Evelyn Lauder

“Some people say video games rot your brain, but I think they work different muscles that maybe you don’t normally use.”

― Ezra Koenig

“I speak four languages and read a great deal, so I do as much working out on the brain as I do on the body.”

― Fabio Lanzoni

“A fascinating reaction of the human brain when we fail to meet a goal is that it tells us to throw caution to the wind and make things even worse, which ultimately leads to us giving up.”

― Fabrizio Moreira

“R. Kelly is different – music is always going through his brain. I remember we’d be having a conversation, and he’d choose a word I said and write a whole song to it.”

― Fantasia Barrino

“God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.”

― Farrah Fawcett

“In ‘Clockwork Orange,’ you’re there with your eyes, watching all those things, your brain goes off, ahh, exposes you to so many things, and at the end of the day, it’s just like a roller coaster. Why do you jump in a roller coaster? You want a thrill.”

― Fede Alvarez

“Just like the brain consists of billions of highly connected neurons, a basic operating unit in a neural network is a neuron-like node. It takes input from other nodes and sends output to others.”

― Fei-Fei Li

“It’s only because I feel like such a philistine spending all that time in hair and makeup that I started to knit. I used to spend that time studying Italian and French. Then after I had two kids, my brain turned to mush and I took up knitting.”

― Felicity Huffman

“Brain cells are normally not sensitive to light. So by introducing light-sensitive proteins into specific types of neurons, we can now selectively control that specific type of neuron by shining light in the brain.”

― Feng Zhang

“Football doesn’t depend just on your brain. It’s not like on a computer. It depends on your body, too, and sometimes you are tired. Sometimes the opponent closes the space very well and marks you very well. Football depends on many things, not just on you.”

― Fernandinho

“If I’m going to draw something, I don’t know the day before what I’m going to draw. It’s just very much an interpretation of how I’m feeling that day and what I think is the coolest thing in my brain at that very moment.”

― Finn Balor

“When a pregnancy begins, those cells begin their mitosis, and during the first three months, everything from limbs to organs to the brain and neurological system is being developed, and I never realized that would consume so much energy: it drains every bit of energy you have, and your hormonal status is changed dramatically!”

― Floor Jansen

“Dementia is, after all, a symptom of organic brain damage. It is a condition, a disorder of the central nervous system, brought about in my case by a viral assault on brain tissue. When the assault wiped out certain intellectual processes, it also affected emotional processes.”

― Floyd Skloot

“I used to be able to think. My brain’s circuits were all connected, and I had spark, a quickness of mind that let me function well in the world.”

― Floyd Skloot

“A new laboratory technique, positron emission tomography, uses radioactively labeled oxygen or glucose that essentially lights up specific and different areas of the brain being activated when a person speaks words or sees words or hears words, revealing the organic location for areas of behavioral malfunction.”

― Floyd Skloot

“For me, I actually come from an electronic dance music background: house music, electro house, trance music, even. When I was coming out of school, basically, I discovered Brain Fever, Flying Lotus, J Dilla and all that. That was when I got excited about hip-hop and when the Flume project started.”

― Flume

“I’m just trying to work out how to write music now, because I’ve never had the opportunity where my number-one priority is writing music. I don’t know how my brain works yet.”

― Flume

“It’s a contract of connection to be in the same space and watch and listen to stories and be caught in them. When you’re in a theater, your brain expands because somebody in the theater may do something or respond to something that you wouldn’t have.”

― Forest Whitaker

“Getting toxic lead out of gasoline, the oil industry shouted, would cost a dollar a gallon. It turned out to cost just a penny a gallon to protect hundreds of thousands of kids from lead-induced brain damage.”

― Frances Beinecke

“The brain is the most complicated organ in the universe. We have learned a lot about other human organs. We know how the heart pumps and how the kidney does what it does. To a certain degree, we have read the letters of the human genome. But the brain has 100 billion neurons. Each one of those has about 10,000 connections.”

― Francis Collins

“For delightfully quirky descriptions of bizarre neurological syndromes that teach us a lot about how the brain works, there is no match for Oliver Sacks.”

― Francis Collins

“I’m enormously interested to see where neuroscience can take us in understanding these complexities of the human brain and how it works, but I do think there may be limits in terms of what science can tell us about what does good and evil mean anyway, and what are those concepts about?”

― Francis Collins

“I never thought make-up was like brain surgery.”

― Francois Nars

“Working on fashion shows, you work with the designer and try to read his brain – what was in the creative process, what images did he have in his head?”

― Francois Nars

“My fingers are not as fast as my brain – which isn’t that much to type home about anyway.”

― Frank Lane

“A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart.”

― Frank Lloyd Wright

“From morning when I wake up until I go to sleep, I am working. I go to bed and I want to switch off, but the brain doesn’t switch off.”

― Frank Lowy

“Trump and Yanukovych have shared the same political brain: an operative named Paul Manafort.”

― Franklin Foer

“Very ancient parts of the brain are involved in moral decision making.”

― Frans de Waal

“I have a problem with sweets. I have an inability to eat a just little bit. It’s almost like I can’t even enjoy chocolate anymore – I have to stuff it into my brain, cram it into my ears.”

― Fred Armisen

“That’s your best friend and your worst enemy – your own brain.”

― Fred Durst

“I think everyone has a door in their brain that says, ‘Do not exit here.’ If you go past it, you’ll find all the dumb thoughts in there, all the stupid things that shouldn’t be said. I’ve probably gone there more than anyone should in a given lifetime.”

― Fred Willard

“I really enjoyed my degree, for me it was the best course you can do. To be able to study the brain and nervous system and the mind with a scientific approach is just incredible! Its philosophical, psychological and biological, three very interesting areas to me.”

― Freddie Stroma

“Most architects think in drawings, or did think in drawings; today, they think on the computer monitor. I always tried to think three dimensionally. The interior eye of the brain should be not flat but three dimensional so that everything is an object in space. We are not living in a two-dimensional world.”

― Frei Otto

“The most important part of the body is the brain. Of my face, I like the eyebrows and eyes. Aside from that, I like nothing. My head is too small.”

― Frida Kahlo

“You cannot make a social-conscious picture in which you say that the intermediary between the hand and the brain is the heart. I mean, that’s a fairy tale – definitely.”

― Fritz Lang

“I soon became convinced… that all the theorizing would be empty brain exercise and therefore a waste of time unless one first ascertained what the population of the universe really consists of.”

― Fritz Zwicky

“Music therapy was so important in the early stages of my recovery because it can help retrain different parts of your brain to form language centers in areas where they weren’t before you were injured.”

― Gabrielle Giffords

“I think that cognitive scientists would support the view that our visual system does not directly represent what is out there in the world and that our brain constructs a lot of the imagery that we believe we are seeing.”

― Galen Rowell

“I like to talk on the cell when I do interviews. That way, I double my chances of getting brain cancer: from the cell phone, and from the questions.”

― Garry Shandling

“We like to crystallize something in the audience’s brain that makes them say, ‘Hey I really want to watch that. I’m really interested in it.’”

― Gary Goetzman

“You know those little snow globes that you shake up? I always thought my brain was sort of like that. You know, where you just give it a shake and watch what comes out and shake it again. It’s like that.”

― Gary Larson

“He’s a threat to win until his brain turns to tapioca.”

― Gary McCord

“Good fiction makes me turn off all the other parts of my brain, so that I become quiet and submissive, entirely at the mercy of the work at hand.”

― Gary Shteyngart

“In India, you need to look intense to be classified a good cricketing brain.”

― Gautam Gambhir

“When you think of things like medicine, people who have lost limbs now have a chance to have a limb replaced that is connected to the brain that they can actually control with their mind. That’s amazing.”

― Gemma Chan

“My brain subconsciously limits itself to panel compositions that my hand can actually draw.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“The human body is not the person. Identity is the way the brain operates; it’s memories, it’s sensory input and output. The mind is the person.”

― Genesis P-Orridge

“I’m not a man trapped in a woman’s body. I’m a brain trapped in a human body.”

― Genesis P-Orridge

“The brain sure as hell doesn’t work by somebody programming in rules.”

― Geoffrey Hinton

“The brain has about ten thousand parameters for every second of experience. We do not really have much experience about how systems like that work or how to make them be so good at finding structure in data.”

― Geoffrey Hinton

“I have always been convinced that the only way to get artificial intelligence to work is to do the computation in a way similar to the human brain. That is the goal I have been pursuing. We are making progress, though we still have lots to learn about how the brain actually works.”

― Geoffrey Hinton

“In the brain, you have connections between the neurons called synapses, and they can change. All your knowledge is stored in those synapses.”

― Geoffrey Hinton

“I get very excited when we discover a way of making neural networks better – and when that’s closely related to how the brain works.”

― Geoffrey Hinton

“I’m so envious of certain actors that have that natural facility to hear a cadence and the rhythm of an accent, that it goes into their brain and just comes out. Chameleon voices.”

― Geoffrey Rush

“With CG, I can do more and be sillier. In ‘Diary,’ there’s a scene where they hit a guy with acid, and the camera is never off him, and you see it gradually eat through his skull and get all the way through his brain. That’s fun, too.”

― George A. Romero

“I’ve never had a zombie eat a brain! I don’t know where that comes from. Who says zombies eat brains?”

― George A. Romero

“If you got maggots in your brain, everything you think is gonna be rotten.”

― George Clinton

“Phrenology taught us that the mind thinks by means of the brain, is liable to become fatigued by too long attention, as the locomotive muscles are by too much walking; and I therefore proposed to them to take a brief rest.”

― George Combe

“I have a form of Parkinson’s disease, which I don’t like. My legs don’t move when my brain tells them to. It’s very frustrating.”

― George H. W. Bush

“The human brain is a wonderful organ. It starts to work as soon as you are born and doesn’t stop until you get up to deliver a speech.”

― George Jessel

“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.”

― George Jessel

“Truly, learning appears to be a reverse geometric progression with experiences at one hour, one day, one month or one year dramatically more influential and formative than later experiences. As has often been quoted, 85% of brain development takes place by age 3, and yet we spend only 4% of our educational dollars by that point.”

― George Kaiser

“The ultimate creative capacity of the brain may be, for all practical purposes, infinite.”

― George Leonard

“We know that there is a connection between our feelings and our brain.”

― George M. Church

“If we can come up with a way of backing up my brain into another that I have in my back-pack, we’ll do it. People talk themselves out of things very easily. Things that they think are a million years away, or never, are actually four years away.”

― George M. Church

“It is a great thing to have a big brain, a fertile imagination, grand ideals, but the man with these, bereft of a good backbone, is sure to serve no useful end.”

― George Matthew Adams

“There’s a science to brain development. The brains of teenage boys are crowded with impulse and adrenaline. By the time they hit their 20s, their brains are dominated by conscience and reason.”

― George Pelecanos

“The most important tribute any human being can pay to a poem or a piece of prose he or she really loves is to learn it by heart. Not by brain, by heart; the expression is vital.”

― George Steiner

“In music one must think with the heart and feel with the brain.”

― George Szell

“I proposed abolishing boxing because it was bad for the brain, but boxers were generally so decent that I loved being around the gyms.”

― George Vecsey

“Big government is indeed big, and like another big creature, the sauropod dinosaur, government has a primitive nervous system: The fact of an injury to the tail could take nearly a minute to be communicated to the sauropod brain.”

― George Will

“Football is entertainment in which the audience is expected to delight in gladiatorial action that a growing portion of the audience knows may cause the players degenerative brain disease.”

― George Will

“Your brain develops depending on your individual history. What has gone on in your own brain and its consciousness over your lifetime is not repeatable, ever – not with identical twins, not even with conjoined twins.”

― Gerald Edelman

“Many cognitive psychologists see the brain as a computer. But every single brain is absolutely individual, both in its development and in the way it encounters the world.”

― Gerald Edelman

“Each brain is exposed to different circumstances. It’s very likely that your brain is unique in the history of the universe.”

― Gerald Edelman

“I think that an artist is a bit like a computer. He receives information from the world around him and from his past and from his own experiences. And it all goes into the brain.”

― Gerald Scarfe

“You can’t be two people in your brain, one rock dude and a dad – there’s something in the middle of them, and that’s really what you are and that’s going to make you the best dad – not when you try to be one or the other.”

― Gerard Way

“For the longest time, neuroscientists were forced to be passive observers of brain activity.”

― Gero Miesenbock

“Sticking wires into the brain is obviously rather crude. It’s hard to do in animals that run around, and there is a physical limit to the number of wires that can be inserted simultaneously.”

― Gero Miesenbock

“There is a lovable quality about the actual tools. One feels so kindly to the thing that enables the hand to obey the brain. Moreover, one feels a good deal of respect for it; without it the brain and the hand would be helpless.”

― Gertrude Jekyll

“I wanted to be a brain surgeon, but I had a bad habit of dropping things.”

― Gilbert Gottfried

“I love a good worst-case scenario. My brain just kind of works that way. I like that idea of how much a person can get away with, and why.”

― Gillian Flynn

“Boy, you know, it’s amazing how your brain can turn into a sieve, and you can literally forget episodes that you have shot.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“The moments before I fall asleep are when my list of things to do attacks my brain.”

― Ginger Zee

“Sneakers are a new era. Anyone can feel new with a new pair of shoes. They make you feel contemporary. It’s fun because I’m not a young designer, and it opens my brain. Hip-hop isn’t just for the U.S. Everyone loves it.”

― Giuseppe Zanotti

“I’ve often asked myself, how much information can the brain actually hold? There’ll probably come a day when you’re able to download it; that’s what you have to do when the machine’s full.”

― Glen Campbell

“Our imagination just needs space. It’s all it needs, that moment where you just sort of stare into the distance where your brain gets to sort of somehow rise up.”

― Glen Hansard

“Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative.”

― Glenn Beck

“When I was talking to strangers over the Internet in the 1990s, there would be a much more intense connection because they’re disembodied, so it’s just your brain and your soul interacting with this other person, and it just frees you up in this incredibly empowering way.”

― Glenn Greenwald

“When I was detoxing from social media, I realized that I was thinking in status updates. It seemed I had trained my brain to translate everything I experienced throughout the day into 140 characters or less.”

― Glennon Doyle Melton

“What I’ve learned is that unless it’s an emergency, like a fire or brain surgery, hierarchy is not necessary and may be damaging. If you have a hierarchy, you’re repeating the strengths and weaknesses of one person without allowing for the accumulative strength of a group.”

― Gloria Steinem

“Feminism began to dawn on my brain belatedly in life.”

― Gloria Steinem

“I want to know where joy lives. I’d interview scientists, religious leaders and heads of state. I’d want to find out exactly what makes people happy. I’d want to look into the biology, the chemistry of the human brain.”

― Goldie Hawn

“Attention for children is so much about input, and the brain can only filter so much – I don’t know how many millions of messages that come through the brain, and we can only filter so much through it.”

― Goldie Hawn

“You don’t meditate once and suddenly your life turns around. What it does is it lets you train your brain to be able to become more stable in an action-oriented way.”

― Goldie Hawn

“Meditation helps people balance and calibrate their left-right brain.”

― Goldie Hawn

“If you’re going to train your body, it would be a really good thing to also train your brain.”

― Goldie Hawn

“We haven’t given our brain the ability to actually analyze something clearly and appropriately before we speak and before we take action.”

― Goldie Hawn

“If you have a negative thought – ‘I can’t stand my boss’ – it perpetuates a negative worldview. But if you supplant each negative thought with three positive ones, you begin to restructure your brain.”

― Goldie Hawn

“People talk about the brain weakening as it ages. Mine feels stronger.”

― Goldie Hawn

“When the brain is silent, the executive function, which is this part of the brain that makes decisions, can work much better. So when you get quiet, you make better decisions. You’re also more rested – you’re not as reactive.”

― Goldie Hawn

“Familiarize yourself with the parts of your brain and their function.”

― Goldie Hawn

“You can only be independently creative for so long until your brain burns out.”

― Grace Helbig

“My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane.”

― Graham Greene

“The pen is very quick for getting stuff from your brain to the page. I can do hieroglyphics in the margin. There are days when I really enjoy the flow of ink. I mean, nice pen, ink straight on to the page.”

― Graham Swift

“Where past generations had film cameras, scrapbooks, notebooks, and that part of the brain which stores memories, we now have a smartphone app for every conceivable recording need.”

― Graydon Carter

“Water-boarding can result in damage to the lungs and the brain, as well as long-term psychological trauma.”

― Graydon Carter

“Kids are different from adults. They are not as developed as far as brain science, controlling impulses, and maturity, and fall prey to all kinds of pressures.”

― Greg Boyle

“I realize Twitter can be good, providing a video game of creativity for your brain.”

― Greg Gutfeld

“I do give a great deal of forethought and zone in on character and all sorts of things like that. Never before have I just stuffed something away in the back cupboard of my brain because it was just such a crazy concept.”

― Greg Kinnear

“Working is not instantly rewarding. It’s a long process, and it’s much easier to just feed whatever dopamine cycles exist in your brain in instant gratification ways. I get it; I do it.”

― Greta Gerwig

“I sometimes have to turn off the fan part of my brain when I’m acting; otherwise, it would be terrible.”

― Greta Gerwig

“With a theatre audience there’s always the additional sense of a sustained challenge of which I’m acutely aware and for which you need to have the tools ready – your voice, physicality, brain.”

― Greta Scacchi

“I’ve got the brain of a four year old. I’ll bet he was glad to be rid of it.”

― Groucho Marx

“I’ve had knee trouble, and I worry about my shoulder, but I think my weakest link is my head. A helmet can only do so much, and I have seen the effects of brain injuries. That is a big fear. I think everyone’s weakest link is their brain because it’s their most fragile link.”

― Gus Kenworthy

“The planet will adapt to anything. Maybe we should start to use the heart and the brain that we’ve been given to organize ourselves. Because if we keep screwing up things, we may be just passing by in the history of the planet.”

― Guy Laliberte

“Like some high official, you have to tell your brain: ‘Do it. Come on. I have to do it.’”

― Haile Gebrselassie

“Transsexualism is far less common than homosexuality, and the research is in its infancy. Scattered studies have looked at brain activity, finger size, familial recurrence, and birth order.”

― Hanna Rosin

“I’m always trying to find the balance between diet and fitness that will make my brain function at its optimum. What I discovered works for me is no refined sugars, processed foods, wheat, and dairy – that’s when I’m functioning at my best.”

― Hannah Bronfman

“My brain is just so busy. I’m inattentive; I’m a daydreamer: the space cadet kind.”

― Hannah Gadsby

“We see in the electroencephalogram a concomitant phenomenon of the continuous nerve processes which take place in the brain, exactly as the electrocardiogram represents a concomitant phenomenon of the contractions of the individual segments of the heart.”

― Hans Berger

“I decided I was going to play Cleopatra as someone with a brain. She’s kept Egypt, this tiny country, in a balance of power with the almighty Roman empire, and she’s done it through force of personality.”

― Harriet Walter

“I haven’t got an old man’s brain. I have got a sharp mind and enjoy doing what I do.”

― Harry Redknapp

“Give your subconscious a chance to work by turning your brain off from time to time. Don’t focus on work or solving problems constantly.”

― Harvey Mackay

“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”

― Harvey Milk

“As a Muslim, I like to watch Fox News for the same reason I like to play ‘Call of Duty.’ Sometimes, I like to turn my brain off and watch strangers insult my family and heritage.”

― Hasan Minhaj

“Kids only learn that the stove is hot when they put their finger on and they burn it. This, unfortunately, is the limitation of our precious brain.”

― Hasso Plattner

“Africa touches me. At night, there’s this thought in your brain that a million years ago we started here.”

― Hasso Plattner

“It seems like everything that we see perceived in the brain before we actually use our own eyes, that everything we see is coming through computers or machines and then is being input in our brain cells. So that really worries me.”

― Hayao Miyazaki

“If I had my way everyone would have a psychiatrist. When the brain is sick and you must throw up, you do it by being purged in a psychiatrist’s office.”

― Hedy Lamarr

“It doesn’t take a brain surgeon… or a cardiologist… or a pediatrician… or even a policy wonk to figure out that a penny’s worth of preventive care is worth many dollars of sick care.”

― Heidi Murkoff

“When you look at the brain regions associated with picking up data from the body, a huge amount of the brain is devoted to picking up information from the lips and tongue.”

― Helen Fisher

“Blushing is thought to be linked to increased levels of norepinephrine in the brain, which may be associated with romantic feelings. It signals that we are interested and excited, which is attractive to men.”

― Helen Fisher

“When you massage someone, the levels of oxytocin go up in the brain, and oxytocin is one of the chemicals that drives attachment.”

― Helen Fisher

“There are cognitive processes and limbic reactions associated with basic emotions. And you can change brain chemistry, but you’re still not going to change memories and experiences in a human being.”

― Helen Fisher

“There were real reasons that you were attracted to somebody originally. The brain doesn’t pick willy-nilly. Unless you part ways hating each other for some reason, that mechanism could get triggered again. You can literally fall in love again.”

― Helen Fisher

“Any kind of novelty or excitement drives up dopamine in the brain, and dopamine is associated with romantic love.”

― Helen Fisher

“From my studies of genetics and neuroscience I have come to believe that people fall into four broad personality types – each influenced by a different brain chemical: I call them the Explorer, Builder, Director, and Negotiator.”

― Helen Fisher

“Experiences shape the brain, but the brain shapes the way we view experiences, too.”

― Helen Fisher

“The human brain is built to compare; it’s Darwinian to consider an alternative when one presents itself.”

― Helen Fisher

“The brain was not built to walk into a bar, where you know nobody, and start a conversation. That’s not the way humanity has courted.”

― Helen Fisher

“I shall be found with ‘Indians’ engraved on my brain when I am dead. A fire has been kindled within me, which will never go out.”

― Helen Hunt Jackson

“I think I have more of a director’s brain than an actor’s brain, in a way.”

― Helen Hunt

“Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle.”

― Helen Keller

“In modelling, there is no point in trying to prove you have a brain, so why even bother? I’d sooner save the energy for something more meaningful.”

― Helena Christensen

“By silencing the mind, we can experience real peace. As long as various kinds of thoughts agitate the brain, we don’t experience 100 percent peace.”

― Henepola Gunaratana

“The brain does not manufacture thoughts unless we stimulate it with habitual verbalizing. When we train ourselves by constant practice to stop verbalizing, the brain can experience things as they are.”

― Henepola Gunaratana

“I didn’t know it, but my father had a brain tumour. Everything happened very fast. Within a year, he was gone. Because I was so young, I didn’t completely understand the concept of death.”

― Henrikh Mkhitaryan

“Everybody agrees that the brain is a remarkable machine. It’s capable of generating an enormous number of phenomena, some of them very obvious and some of them less obvious. But I think that in the end there are going to be some very basic explanations for many things: emotions, awareness, consciousness, attention, perception, recognition.”

― Henry Markram

“A meticulous virtual copy of the human brain would enable basic research on brain cells and circuits or computer-based drug trials.”

― Henry Markram

“I was always interested in curing the brain.”

― Henry Markram

“We cannot experimentally map out the brain. It’s just too big. In a piece of the brain the size of a pinhead there are 3,000 pathways like a city with 3,000 streets.”

― Henry Markram

“The brain builds a version of the universe and projects this version of the universe like a bubble all around us. So I can say with some certainty, ‘I think therefore I am.’ But I cannot say, ‘You think therefore you are,’ because you are within my perceptual bubble.”

― Henry Markram

“Today, you have neuroscientists working on a genetic, behavioural or cognitive level, and then you have informaticians, chemists and mathematicians. They all have their own understanding of how the brain functions and is structured. How do you get them all around the same table?”

― Henry Markram

“All evidence indicates that the neuron does not reset. The synapses do not reset. They are always different. They’re changing every millisecond. Your brain today is very, very different from what it was when you were 10 years old, and yet you may have profound memories from when you were 10.”

― Henry Markram

“Literally thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the NFL by retired players, many of whom say that information on brain injury in football was withheld from them.”

― Henry Rollins

“Rush Limbaugh makes money getting simpleminded people to feel good about their intellectually undernourished brain spasms. He’s very good at it, and I scarcely believe a fraction of what he says.”

― Henry Rollins

“Toil is man’s allotment; toil of brain, or toil of hands, or a grief that’s more than either, the grief and sin of idleness.”

― Herman Melville

“I try to read for pleasure whenever I can – it’s a great way just to shut it off for a while so your brain doesn’t get fried.”

― Hillary Clinton

“’Doctor Who’ rewrites your brain because at first when you watch it, you think, ‘That doesn’t make sense.’”

― Holly Black

“My lab is the place where I put my brain out on my fingers.”

― Hope Jahren

“The brain is so intricate. It can do so many things, and people sleep on it. It’s not just a piece of meat in there – it can do so much.”

― Hopsin

“If God is real, and he did give a piece of Himself to us, it is our brain.”

― Hopsin

“I believe that the brain has evolved over millions of years to be responsive to different kinds of content in the world. Language content, musical content, spatial content, numerical content, etc.”

― Howard Gardner

“On the basis of research in several disciplines, including the study of how human capacities are represented in the brain, I developed the idea that each of us has a number of relatively independent mental faculties, which can be termed our ‘multiple intelligences.’”

― Howard Gardner

“I had never really acted before, so I really didn’t know what I was doing. The casting director for ‘Euphoria’ set me up with an acting coach in New York, and he completely flipped my world around. The way you learn to utilize your brain and your emotions really freaked me out.”

― Hunter Schafer

“Beauty school gave me brain damage.”

― Hunx

“I trained in medicine after pursuing an academic career in the humanities, mainly because of my interest in the relationship between mind and body, and between mind and brain.”

― Iain McGilchrist

“I’m not one for Sudoku or crosswords – the thing that fires my little brain is doing tour budgets.”

― Ian Anderson

“Brain science will be the most popular science of the early twenty-first century.”

― Ian Hacking

“The walking wounded, impaired in life and dissected in death, were our primary clues to where and how parts of the brain work.”

― Ian Hacking

“I have the attention span of a mosquito from multitasking and all the things that have affected my poor little brain.”

― Ian Somerhalder

“One person I find fascinating is J.Crew’s Mickey Drexler. I would love to get into that brain and see how it works.”

― Imran Amed

“There are a lot of men who like women with a brain.”

― India Arie

“Just because you get to a certain number doesn’t mean you have to roll up into a ball and wait for the grim reaper. We were put on this earth to do something! If you stop using your brain, at any age, it is going to stop working. It’s like if you stop using your hand, it will atrophy. I think doing nothing is a curse.”

― Iris Apfel

“The one thing we do know is that the chemical imbalance theory – the theory that people get depressed when they don’t have enough serotonin in their brain – we know that that’s wrong.”

― Irving Kirsch

“I spend several years trying to get inside the brain and heart of my subjects, listening to the interior monologues in their letters, and when I have to bridge the chasms between the factual evidence, I try to make an intuitive leap through the eyes and motivation of the person I’m writing about.”

― Irving Stone

“Initially, I thought problems on how the brain works to be the most interesting. But it was necessary to be practical and concentrate on less obscure matters when I entered Washington State College. Besides, there were no courses given in neurobiology.”

― Irwin Rose

“A lot of people, when they say ‘forgive and forget,’ they think you completely wash your brain out and forget everything. That is not the concept. What I think is you forgive and you forget so you can transform your experiences, not necessarily forget them but transform them, so that they don’t haunt you or handicap you or kill you.”

― Ishmael Beah

“If people would know how little brain is ruling the world, they would die of fear.”

― Ivo Andric

“I knew all of the childhood prayers I uttered on my knees at the side of my bed. Many years of Sunday-school attendance had etched certain Psalms and rote prayers into the fibers of my brain. However, somewhere deep inside of me, I had the secret belief that I did not know how to pray, and that frightened me.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

“I’ve had jokes stolen a thousand times. But if you can do it better than me, you can have it. I’ve had jokes stolen from me in the club when I’m next on stage. And my brain will start to turn, and the gears will start turning, and I’ll go onstage and create a whole new bit.”

― J. B. Smoove

“Air warfare is a shot through the brain, not a hacking to pieces of the enemy’s body.”

― J. F. C. Fuller

“Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”

― J. K. Rowling

“Writing and cafes are strongly linked in my brain.”

― J. K. Rowling

“I think that we are already making steps toward mapping out the brain so we can identify the chemical patterns that create and store memory.”

― J. Michael Straczynski

“We know that if memory is destroyed in one part of the brain, it can be sometimes re-created on a different part of the brain. And once we can unravel that amino chain of chemicals that is responsible for memory, I see no reason why we can’t unlock it and, essentially, wipe out what’s there.”

― J. Michael Straczynski

“A story is a story is a story. The only difference is in the techniques you bring to bear. There are always limitations on what you can and can’t do. But I enjoy that. Just like when you write a sonnet or haiku, there are rules you have to abide by. And to me, playing within the rules is the fun part. It keeps the brain fresh.”

― J. Michael Straczynski

“Build your self-esteem by recalling all the ways you have succeeded, and your brain will be filled with images of you making your achievements happen again and again. Give yourself permission to toot your own horn, and don’t wait for anyone to praise you.”

― Jack Canfield

“My eyes, my brain seek out escape routes wherever I am sent.”

― Jack Henry Abbott

“All of a sudden, those few pages of script that he had shown me with the weird images I could visualize all of that in my brain, and I knew that there was this mad little genius at work here and I really wanted to do the film.”

― Jack Nance

“I went through my entire athletic life as a basketball player with only minimal physical setbacks, the worst being a couple of brain concussions, one in a college game in 1948, the other in 1954 while playing in the Eastern League, from which I recovered without permanent damage.”

― Jack Ramsay

“I need all of my songs while I’m writing them, because I need to get the stuff out of my body and out of my brain. I write out of necessity, not because I want to be a pop star.”

― Jacob Anderson

“I don’t think I have a very novelistic brain. I like to read, but I don’t know if I could ever write a novel.”

― Jacob Anderson

“More than anything, acting was more like a confidence thing. I love words – I love English – but I don’t have a hugely academic brain, so I enjoyed it because it was a bit of a respite. I don’t think I really had a sense I would actually be a musician or an actor; I just wanted to be around that.”

― Jacob Anderson

“Seven is more than a lucky number or a famous baseball player’s uniform. It’s the brain’s natural shepherd, herding vast amounts of information into manageable chunks.”

― Jacqueline Leo

“We see chemistry, how the atoms are arranged in the molecules, how the disease changes the arrangement. Perhaps we will find which drug disentangles the aggregates that make a brain senile. Many of us are interested in such things.”

― Jacques Dubochet

“I have an overactive brain, and as a result of that, I can really get in my own mind. So I like to try and exercise it to the point of exhaustion.”

― Jake Gyllenhaal

“Subconsciously – I didn’t know it then, I realize it today when I know a little bit more about the mind and the brain – I fought like I didn’t deserve to live.”

― Jake LaMotta

“Human beings are social animals; we devote a significant portion of our brain just to dealing with interactions with other humans.”

― Jamais Cascio

“Don’t expect to be able to upload your cat’s brain into your Roomba any time soon.”

― Jamais Cascio

“Happiness is just a positive perception from our brain. Some days, you will be unhappy. Our brain is a tool we use. It’s not who we are.”

― James Altucher

“The reality is: when you’re slouched over, not only are you not using the full potential of your brain, but you look untrustworthy.”

― James Altucher

“The more I can get into my brain the more I can produce on the field.”

― James Anderson

“Some guys say beauty is only skin deep. But when you walk into a party, you don’t see somebody’s brain. The initial contact has to be the sniffing.”

― James Caan

“I’m sort of a Walter Mitty. I got fewer brain cells than most people, so when I got friendly with cowboys, I started rodeoing. When I was calf-roping, there was something about the dirt that made me feel clean.”

― James Caan

“My passion is creating and marketing. That’s what I’m really, really good at, and that’s what I find the most stimulating for my brain to work on, so that’s what I really, really want to do as opposed to product creation.”

― James Charles

“If someone’s liver doesn’t work, we blame it on the genes; if someone’s brain doesn’t work properly, we blame the school. It’s actually more humane to think of the condition as genetic. For instance, you don’t want to say that someone is born unpleasant, but sometimes that might be true.”

― James D. Watson

“Type ‘What is th’ and faster than you can find the ‘e’ Google is sending choices back at you: ‘What is the cloud?’ ‘What is the mean?’ ‘What is the American dream?’ ‘What is the illuminati?’ Google is trying to read your mind. Only it’s not your mind. It’s the World Brain.”

― James Gleick

“I am loath to suggest ‘Visitor Q’ to anyone, because you’ve got to have a warped brain to even understand or appreciate it a little bit. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have been blessed with a warped brain, and I really dug it.”

― James Gunn

“The majority of my life is ‘Guardians,’ but being able to clean my brain a little bit by doing something totally different like ‘Belko’ was incredibly helpful to the creative process.”

― James Gunn

“I think any carmaker that had a brain and was looking very long-term would think about ‘Personalised Transport Solutions’ – which may not be a car.”

― James May

“Brain surgery is a fairly aggressive process. There’s a lot to get through. There’s the beautiful, delicate shaving first, which is really lovely. There’s a wonderful ceremony of putting all the covers on, so only the little bit you’re operating on is revealed. But once they make the incision and tear the skin back, the drill comes out.”

― James Nesbitt

“People love watching medical dramas – they also love watching documentaries about the workings of the brain.”

― James Nesbitt

“Although surgeons know how to deal with bits of the brain, they don’t really know how it works.”

― James Nesbitt

“Brain surgeons are dealing with the very last thread of life, and they have to be very confident, but I think they tend to remember their failures rather than their successes, and that must be very hard. Who do you share that failure with? That’s why their personal lives are often disastrous.”

― James Nesbitt

“I try to avoid Politico to spare myself psoriasis of the brain but so many journalists cite it that I’m forced to be aware of it no matter how big a moat I build.”

― James Wolcott

“Running is very therapeutic for me. I tend to have a louder brain, so when my mind is moving, I go for a run. It’s very calming.”

― James Wolk

“I find that short stories are almost like palate cleansers or brain cleansers.”

― Jami Attenberg

“When you can stand over the clouds and watch them roll through the mountains below you, it shifts absolutely everything in your brain.”

― Jamie Chung

“It’s fun to use your brain.”

― Jamie Hyneman

“I like bringing my poet brain and sensibility to lyrics I write.”

― Jamila Woods

“Certainly the first true humans were unique by virtue of their large brains. It was because the human brain is so large when compared with that of a chimpanzee that paleontologists for years hunted for a half-ape, half-human skeleton that would provide a fossil link between the human and the ape.”

― Jane Goodall

“It has actually been suggested that warfare may have been the principle evolutionary pressure that created the huge gap between the human brain and that of our closest living relatives, the anthropoid apes. Whole groups of hominids with inferior brains could not win wars and were therefore exterminated.”

― Jane Goodall

“I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, but ‘Gray Matter’ is a more subtle, mature expression of that – looking at the powers of the brain and more delicate evidence of the extraordinary.”

― Jane Jensen

“I’m always thinking about whatever game I’m working on. My brain works subconsciously on design pretty much every hour I’m awake.”

― Jane McGonigal

“Romantic love came under attack, first from the Freudians and then from the neuroscientists, who said that being in love was a chemical reaction in the brain. Marriage is no longer seen as a lifetime commitment.”

― Jane Ridley

“Anything that activates the joy center in the brain makes you happy, and therefore protects you. Oddly enough, that’s what they do in ‘Harry Potter’: The nurse gives the kids chocolates when they’ve been near the Dementors!”

― Jane Siberry

“Advertisers and marketers should be looking to bring new experiences to different parts of the brain. It’s a more profound idea than just dropping a billboard into a video game.”

― Jaron Lanier

“Advertisers are not thinking radically enough – they look for technology to lead instead of trying the neuroscience approach and thinking about what parts of the brain haven’t been activated before. These new experiences bring new capabilities to the brain.”

― Jaron Lanier

“Also, because people like to multitask, in a way if you’ve got a bit of music on in the background and the lyrical content is making you want to listen to it, then that would probably put you off the texting you wanted to do. I think people like things that just make that right kind of noise, but leave your brain free to do something else.”

― Jarvis Cocker

“Guess in my brain I have a figurative ‘man card’ that’s got certain punches that need to be punched.”

― Jason Babin

“I wouldn’t be creatively satisfied if all we did were sequels, but in the same breath, I’ll say that I wouldn’t be creatively satisfied if everything was an original. It’s good to use the different parts of my brain. Very different rules apply.”

― Jason Blum

“I’m raised to actually think, to use my brain.”

― Jason Momoa

“I recently read that it’s the left brain that does all that calculating, and the right brain that does the poetry. Somehow I’ve veered way towards the left. I’ve been doing it for years. Maybe I do art to balance it out.”

― Jason Mraz

“The people who know me do not ask me about the next book or how it’s going. They ask, ‘Jason, are you sleeping?’ because they know my brain will not shut down.”

― Jason Reynolds

“Like any good RPG, ‘Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning’ is adept at digging its claws into that part of your brain that just loves accomplishing things.”

― Jason Schreier

“The ability to sympathize with those around us seems crucial to our survival, and it’s connected to the mirroring functions of the brain.”

― Jay Parini

“All of imagination – everything that we think, we feel, we sense – comes through the human brain. And once we create new patterns in this brain, once we shape the brain in a new way, it never returns to its original shape.”

― Jay S. Walker

“I’m the youngest of four siblings and the baby of the family. My family just treated me like anyone else growing up. They taught me that everyone has a special and unique trait about them, and that mine is that I have a girl brain and a boy body.”

― Jazz Jennings

“Sometimes people who want to understand Haiti from a political perspective may be missing part of the picture. They also need to look at Haiti from a psychological perspective. Most of the elite suffer from psychogenic amnesia. That means it’s not organic amnesia, such as damage caused by brain injury. It’s just a matter of psychology.”

― Jean-Bertrand Aristide

“I’m big on setting goals, but I also think that if you have too many lofty ambitions and set goals for everything, you can sabotage your efforts by overextending your brain.”

― Jean Chatzky

“I’m cooking 42 years, and I didn’t know bananas are good for my brain.”

― Jean-Georges Vongerichten

“The brain is suspended in a kind of thick jelly inside the skull, and a helmet can’t keep it from sloshing around. If you hit your head hard enough, the brain goes bashing against the walls of the skull.”

― Jeanne Marie Laskas

“In the early 16th century the Italian physician Jacopo Berengario da Carpi, a pioneer in the science of anatomy, came up with the idea that perhaps ‘brain commotion’ was caused by the thrust of the soft structure of the brain against the solid case of the skull.”

― Jeanne Marie Laskas

“If chronic bashing of the head could destroy a boxer’s brain, couldn’t it also destroy a football player’s brain? Surely someone in the history of football had thought to look for dementia pugilistica. Unlike boxers, football players wear helmets, but a helmet can’t fully protect the head from damaging impact.”

― Jeanne Marie Laskas

“It’s the subconcussive hits, the constant bam, bam, bam that linemen like Suh give and receive. Those are the hits scientists say cause the lasting damage to the brain, the kind of injuries that made guys like Mike Webster, Terry Long, and so many others go crazy. The subconcussive hits – every single play.”

― Jeanne Marie Laskas

“Omalu first found the tau ‘threads’ in the brain of former Steeler Mike Webster in 2002 and published his findings in 2005, in the journal ‘Neurosurgery.’”

― Jeanne Marie Laskas

“I get lost in my right brain, especially in creative things.”

― Jeff Ament

“The human brain is an incredible pattern-matching machine.”

― Jeff Bezos

“I don’t know why my brain has kept all the words to the Gilligan’s Island theme song and has deleted everything about triangles.”

― Jeff Foxworthy

“When you get to your third millionth frequent flyer mile, I think something snaps in your brain.”

― Jeff Foxworthy

“Our bodies are hanging along for the ride, but my brain is talking to your brain. And if we want to understand who we are and how we feel and perceive, we really understand what brains are.”

― Jeff Hawkins

“Prediction is not just one of the things your brain does. It is the primary function of the neo-cortex, and the foundation of intelligence.”

― Jeff Hawkins

“My songs pretty much revolve in my brain most of the time – usually, whatever’s coming next.”

― Jeff Mangum

“I’ll be honest: ‘Badlands’ changed my life: it really did rewire my brain as to how film can operate.”

― Jeff Nichols

“My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were all funny, and I felt that energy, that delivery, that timing, that sarcasm. All that stuff seeped into my brain.”

― Jeff Ross

“Even when I don’t think I’m writing, I’m writing. There’s some part of my brain geared toward making songs up, and I know it’s collecting things and I know when I get a moment to be by myself, that’s when they come out.”

― Jeff Tweedy

“In any complex organism, brain formation and function must be controlled in part by genes.”

― Jeffrey C. Hall

“The mind of the polyglot is a very particular thing, and scientists are only beginning to look closely at how acquiring a second language influences learning, behavior and the very structure of the brain itself.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“There’s no such thing as downtime for your brain.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“The brain sits snugly inside the skull, but it’s not a completely flush fit – there is still a layer of fluid between bone and soft tissue that serves as a natural shock absorber. Some shocks, however, can’t be absorbed, and when the head gets clobbered too hard, the brain can twist or torque or rattle around inside its skeletal casing.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“Scarily, football helmets, which do a fine job of protecting against scalp laceration and skull fracture, do little to prevent concussions and may even exacerbate them, since even as the brain is rattling around inside the skull, the head is rattling around inside the helmet.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“I’ve never been a big fan of subtle art. I like art that gets deep into my head and starts my brain spinning with new ideas and inspiration and my whole body is full of energy.”

― Jello Biafra

“Healthy foods are great, but it’s important to keep your body active. Your muscles only get stronger and build more endurance for everyday things if you’re moving and get the blood pumping. Exercising stimulates certain brain chemicals and can put you in a better mood!”

― Jenna Ushkowitz

“Invention and memory are so close together in the place they occupy in my brain.”

― Jennifer Egan

“When something is coming off of a Neve board and being laid down on tape, it’s like a warm blanket for the brain. When you’re working in a digital form, it’s so harsh; it’s almost painful. Your ears get more fatigued if you’re mixing all day.”

― Jenny Lewis

“I had some friends that went to this hypnotist to stop smoking, and I kind of love things that seem magical. And I liked that it was in Santa Monica, and I had to go near the ocean to get my brain washed out or whatever. So I went there. And I went on a Thursday, and I got hypnotized.”

― Jenny Slate

“The provocation with Holmes is the fact that he’s described by Doyle as a man without a heart – all brain… and that’s very difficult to play, or even indicate.”

― Jeremy Brett

“The market is incredibly inefficient and capable on rare occasions of being utterly dysfunctional. And people have a really hard time getting their brain around that fact. They want to believe that it’s approximately efficient almost all the time, and it simply isn’t true.”

― Jeremy Grantham

“Market timing, by the way, is a tag some buy-and-hold investors use to put down anything that involves using your brain. These are the same people who like to watch the locomotive coming and get run down in the name of discipline.”

― Jeremy Grantham

“I don’t think anybody came into the movie business to be unoriginal and plagiarising and not having an original idea in their brain.”

― Jeremy Thomas

“I don’t like the idea of being a human being, existing, talking to my friends, and having these real human conversations, and then getting to work on a sitcom and turning that part of my brain off.”

― Jerrod Carmichael

“I was never really sure what I wanted to do – I’m in awe of these people who knew at age 10 or 12 they wanted to be a brain surgeon, and they did it, and they still are.”

― Jerry Doyle

“There’s all that brain work involved, remembering all those lines in a script. I find I have to eat a lot of fish, late – but not too late – in the afternoon. Doing theatre, you need to be like an athlete in training.”

― Jerry Hall

“Do everyday things in a new way to get the brain thinking in new ways.”

― Jesse Itzler

“When your brain tells you are done, you are only 40% done.”

― Jesse Itzler

“I’m not squeamish at all. As a child I dragged a dead squirrel home on my skateboard and cut it open and tried to look at its brain.”

― Jessica Biel

“I sometimes go to a movie and eat my popcorn and turn my brain off. I love those movies. But the movies I like to be in, for the most part, are the ones that challenge you.”

― Jessica Chastain

“I’m definitely incredibly attracted to the aesthetic of what is typically deemed goth stuff, but. A lot of my experience growing up was in being around that kind of thing, and it’s just what sinks into a person’s brain.”

― Jhonen Vasquez

“The inbox is always open in my brain, and anyone can get in any time and access me. Turning it off is taking back control. I decide who gets in. It’s about emotional privacy, having a self.”

― Jill Soloway

“It was always important to me to make sure Pooh came across as much more than a bear of very little brain. There is an innate wisdom there somewhere.”

― Jim Broadbent

“We pretend that the brain is binary, like a computer. But it’s not. It’s completely holographic.”

― Jim Harrison

“I just think meditation is so important because it gives you a chance to see what’s going on in your brain.”

― Jim James

“Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.”

― Jim Mattis

“There are a lot of times when I walk into a room and forget why I walked in there. I’m going through some studies right now, and I am going to do a brain scan.”

― Jim McMahon

“Sometimes, even when you aren’t shooting, 25 percent of your brain is still with your character.”

― Jim Sarbh

“I don’t really like filling my brain with a lot of stuff.”

― Jim Thome

“What happens when corn and wheat prices rise is that we see real increases in malnutrition and under-nutrition. And when children are malnourished, their brain development actually slows down and is affected. So this is not just a short-term impact.”

― Jim Yong Kim

“I’m taking special treatments for the cancer in my brain and in my liver. Part of the liver was removed, and they did the treatment on four places in my brain with radiation. And now I’m taking a long-term medicine that stimulates my own immune system to fight against cancer.”

― Jimmy Carter

“Researches at Yale found a connection between brain cancer and work environment. The No. 1 most dangerous job for developing brain cancer? Plutonium hat model.”

― Jimmy Fallon

“I eat with a different lady every night. The deal is, I pay, they drive. That way, they can’t get on the bevvy and start giving you brain damage.”

― Jimmy Savile

“I believe that if your brain has to get to grips with complicated words, then you won’t get Alzheimer’s. I’m sure it’s not true, but I do believe it.”

― Jo Brand

“In most sports, your brain and your body will cooperate… But in rock climbing, it is the other way around. Your brain doesn’t see the point in climbing upwards. Your brain will tell you to keep as low as possible, to cling to the wall and not get any higher. You have to have your brain persuading your body to do the right movements.”

― Jo Nesbo

“I think I have a heavily compartmentalized brain, which means that certain routines are simply running without me realizing it.”

― Joachim Frank

“I like to remember phone numbers because it keeps your brain active. If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

― Joan Collins

“You hear things about certain people. When you hear someone was mean to a limo driver or a wardrobe lady, or someone was rotten to a fan, somewhere in your brain it gets stuck.”

― Joan Rivers

“I would like to pick Rihanna’s brain. I love her style and what she does.”

― Joan Smalls

“I don’t lose my temper. I used to, but I realised I would probably die of a brain hemorrhage. So I’ve governed myself not to mind about things. I have no road rage or anything like that. Because it’s life-shortening. And also, there’s no need for it; it uses up energy.”

― Joanna Lumley

“Why do you want to get a good workout early in the morning? Well, because it sends more oxygen to your brain; it releases endorphins. It puts you in a state of mind where you can crush things, which is where you want to be.”

― Jocko Willink

“I remember every defeat I suffered as an amateur. They were rare enough to be burned into my brain, and that’s why I can’t bear the thought of losing.”

― Joe Calzaghe

“I obviously love ‘The Grey’; that was a pleasure to make. It was also very difficult. Listen, I love ‘Smokin’ Aces.’ That was a lot of fun to make. Completely different part of your brain, I guess. Some would argue the part that they don’t want you to use.”

― Joe Carnahan

“You start chasing a ball and your brain immediately commands your body to ‘Run forward, bend, scoop up the ball, peg it to the infield,’ then your body says, ‘Who me?’”

― Joe DiMaggio

“Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book.”

― Joe Frazier

“I like my friends to be the hitters. The pitchers, they all have the same brain as I do. The hitters see the game from a different perspective.”

― Joe Mays

“I’ve been some through some things medically. I’ve seen some things on my brain. But I’ve had some treatment – and I’ve improved.”

― Joe Namath

“Making a movie like ‘Felony’ is hard work because you’re really putting your own ideas on the screen. You can’t hide behind some other person’s script; you’re saying, ‘This is my brain, and I want you to know what I think’.’”

― Joel Edgerton

“Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that we must get from our diets because our bodies cannot make them; they are crucial for early brain development, and there is much evidence that they promote cardiovascular health and cognitive function.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“There’s a lot of neuroscience now raising the question, ‘Is all the intelligence in the human body in the brain?’, and they’re finding out that, no, it’s not like that. The body has intelligence itself, and we’re much more of an organic creature in that way.”

― Joel Kinnaman

“I couldn’t read the way that other students read, so I would just cheat, which, in my silly brain, I was like, ‘This is a skill that I’m developing – how to just get around everything!’”

― Joel McHale

“All creation requires a scientific brain.”

― Johan Renck

“The home phone is relatively cheap, incredibly reliable, and – if you buy the right phone – will work for years without replacement. Oh, and far as I can tell, a home phone won’t give you brain cancer. In a perfect world, the hard line should have become a platform for building out an entire app ecosystem for the home. And yet… it didn’t.”

― John Battelle

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

― John C. Crosby

“I like how pure the expression is in music. You can go straight to the heart of an audience rather than through their brain.”

― John C. Reilly

“I love card games, and I’ve always loved board games and stuff like that as a kid, and I think it’s that part of your brain that’s engaged in con movies. It’s like this ‘Who’s outsmarting whom?’”

― John C. Reilly

“Man’s mind is like a store of idolatry and superstition; so much so that if a man believes his own mind it is certain that he will forsake God and forge some idol in his own brain.”

― John Calvin

“I want to see someone like Bobby ‘The Brain’ jumping around in his weasel suit with the rhinestones. Guys who are animated like that make the best translation to TV and to videogames.”

― John Cena

“When the news broke that John McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer, the outpouring of well wishes all hailed his toughness.”

― John Dickerson

“In reality, everyone is good in bed. Close eyes. Shutdown brain. Pause as necessary. Restart brain. Open eyes. What’s there to not be good at? Bed is the one place where laziness is rewarded.”

― John Dobbin

“Happily, there’s a reversal of the brain drain occurring in Ghana now. We’re seeing a lot of – actually in Africa – we’re seeing a lot of African professionals, you know, returning to the continent to contribute their quota.”

― John Dramani Mahama

“I decided, as a medical student, to devote myself to a study of the brain.”

― John Eccles

“Brain research is the ultimate problem confronting man.”

― John Eccles

“To the extent that we have a better understanding of the brain, we will have a richer appreciation of ourselves, of our fellow men and of society and, in fact, of the whole world and its problems.”

― John Eccles

“I can explain my body and my brain, but there’s something more. I can’t explain my own existence – what makes me a unique human being.”

― John Eccles

“My dad had the greatest admiration for MacArthur when they were working together in Washington before the Philippines. And Dad used to talk with absolute awe about MacArthur’s brain.”

― John Eisenhower

“I suppose my ideal brain food is learning languages.”

― John Grant

“Your brain is cooked when you write hard for three or four hours.”

― John Grisham

“I think that I cannot immediately see the route by which we should really understand memory and the workings of the brain.”

― John Gurdon

“I have a lot of cultural references that have amassed in my brain like shrapnel over the years that are meaningful to me.”

― John Hodgman

“Exciting discoveries in neuroscience are allowing us to fit educational methods to new understandings of how the brain develops.”

― John Katzman

“I write non-fiction quicker, and I write it on a computer. Fiction I write longhand, and that helps make it clear that it comes from a slightly different part of the brain, I think.”

― John Lanchester

“When I first retired, I had short-term memory loss, and I started reading about neuroplasticity in the brain, about how the brain can regenerate itself, and I don’t know if it can or not.”

― John Layfield

“When I write, my brain moves faster than my hands so I’m always trying to picture things.”

― John Lydon

“I love discordancy. It makes people ill at ease and wakes up a part of their brain that’s normally asleep.”

― John Lydon

“You’re not going to eliminate concussions. Anytime you hit your head, you have a chance of getting a concussion, in any sport, too. I think we have to learn more about it. Part of it is rules, part of it is equipment, part of it is medical studies, knowing more about the brain.”

― John Madden

“Hopefully people can see my music is tethered to my brain.”

― John Mayer

“I think we can win it if my brain holds out.”

― John McGraw

“I do what I do merrily out of curiosity because I want to know how the brain works. That will get me up early in the morning and keep me going all day long.”

― John O’Keefe

“Cognitive neuroscience is entering an exciting era in which new technologies and ideas are making it possible to study the neural basis of cognition, perception, memory and emotion at the level of networks of interacting neurons, the level at which we believe many of the important operations of the brain take place.”

― John O’Keefe

“We will move from looking at correlations between brain activity and behaviour to studying how the brain causes mental states and behaviour.”

― John O’Keefe

“It turns out that this part of the brain is one of the first areas that’s attacked by Alzheimer’s disease. So we can now use some of the basic understanding of this part of the brain to ask the simple question, ‘What is going wrong with these special cells in the hippocampus at the very earliest stages?’”

― John O’Keefe

“I have always heard that you need to give yourself a long time to unplug when you do a sabbatical. I unplugged so fast I was a little concerned that I was losing brain capacity.”

― John Ortberg

“I think the reason that I like so many different games is because I like the way my brain works when I’m playing games. It’s more fun.”

― John Romero

“My brain doesn’t have enough time to play around like that. To get limber enough to have a nightmare.”

― John Wozniak

“It can no longer be an afterthought in a child’s development that the analytical side is not of equal to the creative side. That the creative side can be pushed aside and we just push the analytical side. Especially with the development of a child’s brain at the elementary levels.”

― Johnathon Schaech

“I don’t know if I can relax. Relax, I can’t do. My brain, on idle, is a bad thing. I just get weird. I mean, not weird. I get, I get antsy.”

― Johnny Depp

“I try and stay in my right brain as much as I can, but my left takes over.”

― Johnny Flynn

“I can’t remember a ‘best gig,’ and my brain doesn’t work in absolute terms like that.”

― Johnny Flynn

“For me, some things, like, I just don’t want to know what they are before I eat them. Like, if you’re going to start feeding me, like, sexual organs of animals, or, like, a monkey’s brain or something – I’ll eat it. Just don’t tell me what it is until after I’ve finished it.”

― Johnny Iuzzini

“I find my best writing time is actually 6 A.M., before the detritus of the day – the fish fingers and the school uniform and dogs and bills – have had a chance to clog up my brain. I can usually get 500 words done before 7 A.M. But it is difficult, and the Internet, and social networking, are terrible timesucks.”

― Jojo Moyes

“If we’re given a number of circumstances to deal with, the brain goes into this mode of trying to find a solution, and it’s amazing how good we are at it.”

― Jon Brion

“There’s a lot of real estate in our brain dedicated to facial recognition and to physics. That takes a lot of processing power out of our brain.”

― Jon Favreau

“Medical attention is medical attention, whether it’s for your elbow or for your teeth or for your brain. And it’s important.”

― Jon Hamm

“How can you not be a feminist if you have a brain in your head? If you’re not a feminist, then you’re a problem.”

― Jon Krakauer

“When I was finishing ‘Now You See Me 2,’ I remember thinking about exploring the Asian-American identity side of my brain.”

― Jon M. Chu

“Even if you have a brain predisposed to liberalism, you might end up with some conservative friends or find inspiring conservative role models who could be very influential on you, and that could send you down a different track in life.”

― Jonathan Haidt

“Vitello tonnato is a classic dish from Italy’s Piedmont region that, frankly, sounds patently insane: veal slices dressed in a creamy sauce made from canned tuna and capers. The brain may say no, but the mouth disagrees.”

― Jonathan Miles

“Books, the children of the brain.”

― Jonathan Swift

“I love working out, but I need my brain to be someplace else as my body does the work.”

― Jordana Brewster

“Children need to move to develop their brain; it’s a natural urge. That’s why boys will run after a ball and play soccer despite how many video games are available to them, and they can’t help themselves from building with Lego bricks as well. They want to be creating something that’s uniquely their own.”

― Jorgen Vig Knudstorp

“Our brain, our body, craves fat. We cannot help it. That’s why a kid will eat a hot dog quicker than a piece of broccoli.”

― Jose Andres

“What originates everything are the emotions, the feelings, what we call soul. Then the brain commands these feelings to the voice. The voice is just the vehicle; it’s the very last step in the chain.”

― Jose Carreras

“How do you make RoboCop? How do you slowly bring a guy to be a robot? How do you actually take humanity out of someone and how do you program a brain, so to speak, and how does that affect an individual?”

― Jose Padilha

“When you have the chance to present yourself vocally, you realize a kind of brand develops around that vocal, and you start to see the public consciousness of you is only about one half of your brain.”

― Josh Groban

“Art and music is part of what it means to be a human being. And if you’re neglecting that, you’re basically ignoring a huge side of the brain and a huge side of what it means to be human.”

― Joshua Bell

“I know how to deal with jet lag, and I know just how much rest I need and when I need to take naps. When you walk on stage, you need your brain working at its highest and most fully-functioning, so it’s not always easy, but I sort of figure it out.”

― Joshua Bell

“For me, the desire exists less to get myself a degree than to just go and have the whole college experience, and throw myself into the brain pool and see if I can swim.”

― Joshua Jackson

“Uma Thurman is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She has those wicked eyes – it looks like there is such a brain behind those eyes.”

― Joshua Jackson

“His music was direct from his heart and brain in the purest form possible.”

― Joshua Logan

“I like to read, especially nonfiction. I love learning, so I study languages, cook, learn basic HTML, and enjoy other activities that stimulate communication and the dark recesses of my musician’s brain.”

― Joshua Roman

“The thing with the comics is that you have license to go down every alley your brain can think of.”

― Joss Whedon

“When I’m talking about a product, before it was a product, it was in my brain. So if I have an inspiration, I will literally get up in the middle of the night, and I’ll dream about my customer… I don’t feel like it’s selling. I feel like it’s talking about my children.”

― Joy Mangano

“I’ll see somebody struggling with something, and it doesn’t matter if it’s ironing or mopping or traveling, my brain just starts to percolate.”

― Joy Mangano

“Let’s detox our cluttered academic brain. That’s what the poet does. People call it daydreaming, detoxing our minds and taking care of that clutter. It’s being able to let in call letters from the poetry universe.”

― Juan Felipe Herrera

“I have five, six, seven things I do before those lines are in my brain. I say them like I’m a robot; I sing them. I put a pencil in my mouth, and I say them. I cook. I play with a cushion and say them – so they really are inside of me.”

― Juan Pablo Di Pace

“We all have times when we go home at night and pull out our hair and feel misunderstood and lonely and like we’re falling. I think the brain is such that there is always going to be something missing.”

― Jude Law

“I thought that the 40s was a tough decade, because it’s when you finally figure out that you’re not immortal, when you really start seeing that certain options are closed to you forever: You’re not going to be a brain surgeon; you’re not going to be a ballerina.”

― Judith Viorst

“Number one – and I want you to emblaze this on your brain – you only have one chance to make a first impression.”

― Judy Sheindlin

“As the mother of a grown son with a traumatic brain injury, I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of finding out how to repair even a small part of the damage that changed his life.”

― Judy Woodruff

“Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.”

― Jules Renard

“Socialism must come down from the brain and reach the heart.”

― Jules Renard

“It is certain that the inanimate objects by which you are surrounded have a direct action on the brain.”

― Jules Verne

“If I get writer’s block – this is going to sound funny – I take a shower. Something about the water feels like I’m cleaning my brain as well as my body.”

― Julia Michaels

“I was reluctant to join Twitter. My biggest concern was, I don’t want these thoughts that pop into my brain to be immediately broadcast. There’s a danger in that. And also – who cares?”

― Julia Stiles

“We’re not doing brain surgery. We’re not saving lives… Even if you’re doing Shakespeare, it’s still entertainment. We’re just entertaining people. We’re just doing the stuff that comes on in between the ads.”

― Julia Stiles

“Science Fiction will never run out of things to wonder about until the human race ceases to use its brain.”

― Julian May

“Sound in a space affects us profoundly. It changes our heart rate, breathing, hormone secretion, brain waves. It affects our emotions and our cognition.”

― Julian Treasure

“I never realized it until I watched an interview, but sometimes my brain stutters between thoughts, and for some reason it comes out as an ‘ummmm.’ I’m hoping it’s because I’m so smart, and there’s just too much information to process, but it’s more than likely just because it’s a small processor.”

― Justin Baldoni

“I’m crazy, I’m nuts. Just the way my brain works. I’m not normal. I think differently.”

― Justin Bieber

“’Game of Thrones’ is a good one to binge-watch, except you realize at the end of every episode that you’ve been holding your breath for, like, 30 minutes, which is probably not good for your brain.”

― Justin Hartley

“I would probably struggle a bit more with a really dramatic serious-intent story. You have to really bring it. My brain is so comically wired, though.”

― Justin Roiland

“The human brain is a product of natural selection. In the face of scarcity, our hominid great-great-uncles were unable to compete against our sapient great-great-grandparents’ abilities to build more elaborate mental models and orchestrate their bodies’ movements in more sophisticated ways.”

― Justin Rosenstein

“Asana and complementary services are bringing the evolved team brain to the entire world. In great companies like Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, Foursquare, and LinkedIn, people already add information to and extract insight from these systems much the same way our hands and brain exchange signals.”

― Justin Rosenstein

“With computer science, I had to go through that uncomfortable process of my brain establishing a hash table, if you will – the coders will get that – for this new information, because I didn’t have one. So I had to establish a brand-new file system from scratch.”

― Justine Bateman

“When something comes to my brain, I don’t ignore it. You never know what it’s going to turn into.”

― Kacey Musgraves

“Of course I get angry, but I want to use my brain a little bit and not just smash things.”

― Kacey Musgraves

“Dr. Louis Bush Swisher died from the complications of a brain aneurysm that burst without warning one sunny Sunday morning less than 40 years ago.”

― Kara Swisher

“The lesion is in the area of my brain that is responsible for motor function, so I have continual chronic pain in my left arm from elbow to fingertips and the right side of my body from my ear to my breast area.”

― Karen Duffy

“I recognized that I needed to re-train my brain to stop eating like I wanted to punish myself or punish someone else. I needed to re-learn how to eat like I loved myself, and want to nourish and support myself.”

― Karen Salmansohn

“I’m a huge fan of meditation. I know lots of people assume meditation to be some Buddhist mumbo-jumbo, but it’s been scientifically documented to create therapeutic changes in the brain.”

― Karen Salmansohn

“I’m a big believer in the power of visualizations. And so are neuroscientists. Numerous studies have proven how merely imagining positive circumstances sends blood flowing from negative brain regions to positive ones.”

― Karen Salmansohn

“I always try to block out an hour or so a day to read. Being a writer is a job, and reading helps train my brain in the right direction.”

― Karin Slaughter

“The brain is a muscle, and I’m a kind of body-builder.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“I think I rely on my talent more than my brain sometimes.”

― Katarina Johnson-Thompson

“I feel like my brain is more geared towards a novel than it is to a movie.”

― Kate Beckinsale

“I think there’s a part of my brain where food, language, and memory all intersect, and it’s really powerful. I think I’m not alone in this.”

― Kate Christensen

“I definitely want people to laugh because I don’t think there’s a better feeling – I think it’s just so fabulous to laugh. I don’t mind if people think, either. I think the brain is a very sexy organ.”

― Kate Clinton

“For an impression, I just find that I can do a lot of the people I love without much research, because I’ve already watched hours and hours of them on video and it seeped into my brain while I wasn’t thinking about it.”

― Kate McKinnon

“If I had my druthers, I would be a brain in a jar, with a burlap skirt around the cart I’m on – I don’t attend to my physical being much.”

― Kate McKinnon

“Modeling can be a bit brain damaging. Starting my own brand was what I needed to do. I only model if there are such good jobs that you don’t want to say no to. All that dressing up makes me say, ‘What do I want to wear?’ and, ‘What do I want to do with Topshop?’ It all kind of leads into the other things.”

― Kate Moss

“God, my brain really goes to mush when I’m pregnant.”

― Kate Winslet

“I think that women like to use different parts of their brain and their hands. And I think that cooking allows you to do that.”

― Kathleen Flinn

“I was like, ‘I want to start a blog to get my ideas out and keep my brain working so in five years I’m not an idiot.’”

― Katie Nolan

“I’m so interested in the brain. I read true crime.”

― Katie Price

“Scientists have made extraordinary advances in understanding the brain and its disorders.”

― Kay Redfield Jamison

“People don’t realise how dyslexia affects your confidence and how brutal it can be. People think you’re dumb, and you know you’re not. it’s just how your brain works.”

― Kaya Scodelario

“I would like to invest more of my brain space in understanding the history of my city, because whenever I learn about the history of Detroit, it’s always so fascinating, from a little kind of beaver-trading post to the place where automobiles were manufactured.”

― Keegan-Michael Key

“My brain kind of works in steps. I have to go through things and then process them and then write about them. I have to understand them first.”

― Kehlani

“With brain hacking experiments, I’ve hacked into Morgan Freeman’s brain. He was the most famous and the most nerve wracking because I got really awestruck when I met him, and the moment I was introduced to him, he challenged me there and then to hack his brain.”

― Keith Barry

“I love reading about new advances in my industry. I love feeding my brain.”

― Keith Barry

“We all go to the gym, and we’re thinking about how we look and what we’re eating, but our brain is a muscle, and you have to train it!”

― Keith Barry

“Cult recruiting methods based on dosing victims with the brain chemicals released during capture bonding would make cults even more of a problem than they are now.”

― Keith Henson

“Attention is the way social primates measure status. It is highly rewarding because it causes the release of brain chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins.”

― Keith Henson

“Action leads to Attention. that in the short-term releases Rewarding brain chemicals and in the long term improves reproductive success.”

― Keith Henson

“The drug or cult has major if not exclusive sources of brain rewards.”

― Keith Henson

“Yes, I’ve been trepanned. That’s quite an interesting experience, especially for my brain surgeon, who saw my thoughts flying around in my brain.”

― Keith Richards

“It felt like a series of coincidences and luck that I ended up getting the part in ‘Trainspotting,’ but it’s been an incredible journey since then. Every now and then, I sit and really think about it, and it blows my mind. I have to stop because I don’t want my brain to implode.”

― Kelly Macdonald

“I properly enjoy what I do, but I know it’s not brain surgery. I don’t take myself too seriously.”

― Kelly Macdonald

“Most women say ‘Please speak to me from the waist up: my brain, my eyes.’”

― Kellyanne Conway

“Writing a song is much like being an author. Yes, we all have tools to write (everyone has a brain I hope!), but that doesn’t all of a sudden make us best selling authors.”

― Ken Hill

“When you make a decision, you need facts. If those facts are in your brain, they’re at your fingertips. If they’re all in Google somewhere, you may not make the right decision on the spur of the moment.”

― Ken Jennings

“Even before you understand them, your brain is drawn to maps.”

― Ken Jennings

“Sure I have a cell-phone, so I don’t have to remember everyone’s number anymore, but that really wasn’t a core part of my brain.”

― Ken Jennings

“The hardest thing in golf is trying to two-putt when you have to, because your brain isn’t wired that way. You’re accustomed to trying to make putts, and when you change that mind-set, your brain short-circuits, especially under pressure.”

― Ken Venturi

“I actually work better within restrictions. When you leave everything wide open, things tend to get a little convoluted. So when you give me those restrictions and I start to use my brain creatively to work around those, that’s when things get interesting.”

― Kenny Omega

“I’m lucky that my best strength as a wrestler has always been my brain.”

― Kenny Omega

“As naturally athletic as I’m gifted to be, where certain things came easily, I always rely on my brain first.”

― Kenny Omega

“Something different happens to my brain when I put pen to paper: the pace of writing or drawing slows you down and gives you more time for thoughts to come in.”

― Keri Smith

“I greatly enjoyed working as a freelance journalist, because it gets you out of the house, and it gets you talking to people, but it wasn’t satisfying all of my cravings, and I knew that I needed to work with the other side of my brain – the darker, murkier side!”

― Kevin Barry

“You forget everything that happened with the first one. Like, at first, I was like, ‘How do I swaddle a baby again? Can I hold her like this?’ It’s like your brain is kind of melting. When you’re in the hospital, you’re like, ‘They really shouldn’t let us go home yet.’”

― Kevin Jonas

“And they discovered something very interesting: when it comes to walking, most of the ant’s thinking and decision-making is not in its brain at all. It’s distributed. It’s in its legs.”

― Kevin Kelly

“My brain has a weird way of turning pressure into other things. I make a point to myself of shrugging it off – of going the other way and doing something for myself, wanting to do something better. For example, I know that I could have made ‘Lonerism 2.0’ in a day, but it wouldn’t have satisfied me.”

― Kevin Parker

“I’ve always liked pop music. I love what it does to my brain, and I’ve shut it out for a long time.”

― Kevin Parker

“I focus on consumer Internet. Sometimes it’s a working prototype; sometimes it’s an idea on a napkin. I don’t do a ton of deals a year, and I really like working with startups – it’s the only way I can invest. It fits my ADD brain.”

― Kevin Rose

“With all the lines I have to learn for TV scripts, I don’t think I have any problems with forgetfulness – that’s brain exercise enough for me.”

― Kevin Whately

“You can’t argue that hip-hop rots away the moral character of kids or rots their brain and still see middle-class white kids going to college who are listening to hip-hop. Going on to become healthy adults listening to hip-hop.”

― Killer Mike

“I’ll leave a store if I hate the music. If it’s just, like, techno, I feel like my brain is going to explode.”

― Kim Gordon

“I think different games have a different chemical release in your brain as far as reward goes. I like making puzzle games, just because I know I’m kinda good at it, and they really are superfun to work on.”

― Kim Swift

“Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs.”

― King James I

“I have used movies to go to sleep at night. You flip from channel to channel to channel and see just enough to make your brain mushy and go to sleep.”

― Kip Thorne

“I could play everything but could never take a lead. My brain just doesn’t work like that.”

― Kip Winger

“Nobody programmes the brain, yet it keeps learning. India shouldn’t miss the emerging age of brain-inspired computing.”

― Kris Gopalakrishnan

“I feel like an old boxer. The brain’s gone, but I can still move around.”

― Kris Kristofferson

“I encourage girls to lean in, use your brain, get in there, get in the conversation.”

― Krysten Ritter

“I’m sort of missing that part of my brain where I look at anything as a challenge. I always have.”

― Krysten Ritter

“It’s funny because I’m so used to acting in English that any time I have these moments where I have to speak Russian, it definitely takes a different part of my brain to pull it off, but it’s always nice and fun.”

― Ksenia Solo

“Think about when you were 12 or 13. The stuff I watched was awful! I tried to watch a ‘He-Man’ cartoon recently, and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I just had, like, a small brain. I was stupid.”

― Kumail Nanjiani

“No offense to Boston, but I was glad to get out of there. I think it’s just because I’m from Philly. Honestly, the blue collar side of each are pretty similar in ways, but something about the makeup of your brain, Philly versus Boston. It’s a lot different, in weird ways.”

― Kurt Vile

“I was taught that the human brain was the crowning glory of evolution so far, but I think it’s a very poor scheme for survival.”

― Kurt Vonnegut

“I can’t give you a brain, but I can give you a diploma.”

― L. Frank Baum

“There is no mistaking the dismay on the face of a writer who has just heard that his brain child is a deformed idiot.”

― L. Sprague de Camp

“The main thing I’ve learned is that we all have to learn to work with – and appreciate – the brain we’ve been given, and not waste time wishing things were easier.”

― Laini Taylor

“Filmmaking is a huge privilege; it’s not brain surgery. It’s art, and art is supposed to be an enjoyable process, and it is an enjoyable experience for me.”

― Lake Bell

“F2 cars have downforce; they’re quick. But it’s difficult for your brain and eyes to keep up with everything that’s going on once you’re in an F1 car. You get used to it and you learn to stay calm, because if you react too quickly the opposite will happen. Being more relaxed is when it becomes more natural and controlled.”

― Lando Norris

“In college I was so mad I wasn’t playing. The two guys in front of me were Billy Volek and David Carr, but I just realized that was a blessing in disguise, that I was so bad and I never played, so my brain’s good.”

― Lane Kiffin

“When I announced the development of Perl 6, I said it was going to be a community design. I designed Perl, myself. It’s limited by my own brain power. So I wanted Perl 6 to be a community design.”

― Larry Wall

“I was thinking on the rollers today that, before a race, if I could just pick my brain up and put it on the side of the track for four minutes, it would be perfect.”

― Laura Trott

“I guess I’m fortunate in that two things I always wanted to do, since I was 16, were play music and get into news media. I’m very lucky to have two things that can engage my brain at once.”

― Lauren Mayberry

“When someone speaks to an introvert, her brain responds with a high level of activity. It is as if several lights start flashing on a control panel.”

― Laurie Helgoe

“Any one thing can get in the way of you and your brain being comfortable and being inspired. It’s the difference between a really big song and a song that never existed.”

― Lauv

“By his own admission, Carson’s remarkable hand-eye coordination allowed him to soar as a surgeon, and he used that success to build a lucrative reputation as a purveyor of advice for young and old. His book for young people is titled ‘You Have a Brain.’”

― Lawrence M. Krauss

“I don’t think any drug that can cause brain damage, failing kidneys, hardening arteries, pain, and suffering should be made available.”

― Layne Staley

“When the headache persisted, I checked myself into an emergency room. When the doctor used the term ‘brain tumour’, I feared the worst. My whole world shrank around me.”

― Leander Paes

“I realized that if I were a 23-year-old girl getting married, and I wasn’t struggling with it, that would likely mean that something was either massively wrong with me or that my brain is made up of delicately wrapped almonds that serve perfectly as party favors.”

― Leandra Medine

“I really love the category on the site called Brain Massage.”

― Leandra Medine

“I spent all my time on my movies worried that people were eating and that the schedule was being kept, so to have experts in those areas giving me the brain space as a writer and director is huge.”

― Lena Dunham

“Genetics is crude, but neuroscience goes directly to work on the brain, and the mind follows.”

― Leon Kass

“I never did think I had brain damage.”

― Leon Spinks

“Our subliminal mental processes operate outside awareness because they arise in these portions of our mind that are inaccessible to our conscious self; their inaccessibility is due to the architecture of the brain rather than because they have been subject to Freudian motivational forces like repression.”

― Leonard Mlodinow

“Touch seems to be such an important tool for enhancing social cooperation and affiliation that we have evolved a special physical route along which those subliminal feelings of social connection travel from skin to brain.”

― Leonard Mlodinow

“Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

“Each form of Alzheimer’s disease should perturb different brain networks and so influence the concentration of different proteins that can be measured in the blood.”

― Leroy Hood

“It’s not really possible to open ‘The Casual Vacancy’ without a lot of expectations both high and low crashing around in your brain and distorting your vision. There’s no point pretending they’re not there.”

― Lev Grossman

“Whenever I get the sort of fancy pants idea that I’m doing anything other than pure expression things start to go wrong. When I get too premeditated, things start to go wrong. I just shut that part of my brain off.”

― Lev Yilmaz

“Every time I use an app, part of my brain dies! We’ll get to the point where we go to bed and wonder: ‘Did I have a thought today?’ You’ll have to go to your ‘Thought’ app!”

― Lewis Black

“In the cold, all the blood rushes to your core to protect your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and brain. When you leave the water, the blood rushes back to your arms and legs, absorbs that freezing cold, and brings it back to the heart.”

― Lewis Gordon Pugh

“I won’t compare ants and people, but ants give us a useful model of how single members of a community can become so organized that they end up resembling, in effect, one big collective brain. Our own exploding population and communication technology are leading us that way.”

― Lewis Thomas

“We’re as clever as we think we are, but we’ll be a lot cleverer when we learn to use not just one brain but to pool huge numbers of brains. We’re at a level technologically where we can share information and think collectively about our problems. We do it in science all the time – there’s no reason why we can’t do it in other endeavors.”

― Lewis Thomas

“I thought I wanted to be a brain surgeon until I realized all the schooling it required. I didn’t like school very much so I had to come up with something else.”

― Lexa Doig

“I can’t really walk well. The muscles don’t get the electronic signals from my brain, not that there’s anything wrong with the muscles themselves. It’s just my brain.”

― Linda Ronstadt

“I have a little Nintendo DS, and I play these brain games that are supposed to stimulate your mind.”

― Lindsey Vonn

“By learning about my body and making small, subtle changes, I find out what I enjoy and what is effective. I’m always finessing: adjusting my diet and my workouts. You have to figure out which exercises are fun and interesting and stimulate your brain – or else you’ll never keep at them.”

― Lisa Edelstein

“Aging is one of the most visual diseases on the planet and includes things that we all know like wrinkles and grey hair, but also brain atrophy, muscle wasting and organ damage.”

― Liz Parrish

“I will never be good at the oboe. No matter what happens, I will never be good at it because I just don’t have that much time on my hands. I don’t have the gift of going back to being a child and having my brain develop around this instrument.”

― Lola Kirke

“Everything one reads is nourishment of some sort – good food or junk food – and one assumes it all goes in and has its way with your brain cells.”

― Lorrie Moore

“I just write… I follow the melodies that I can’t forget/the ones that pop up in my brain the most.”

― Lou Barlow

“I went in for an operation to remove a brain tumor.”

― Lou Gramm

“For the next three plus years, I really was not in creative shape. That part of my brain was not functioning.”

― Lou Gramm

“Swarm intelligence is like a brain of brains.”

― Louis B. Rosenberg

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.”

― Louis Nizer

“I like to work; I like to be creative. I work in the entertainment industry where work may come up, and it may not, so I wanted to do something proactive. I’ve got a brain; I don’t want to just sit at home – I want to do as much as I can.”

― Louise Nurding

“I’ve reached the point where people text me randomly for favors, like, ‘Hey can I pick your brain?’ People I haven’t talked to in years are asking for favors. It’s like, ‘Wow people really got some nerve.’”

― Luvvie Ajayi

“Smell is stimulating. It stirs things up and makes us nostalgic – a wonderful word which literally means ‘ache for home’ – which serves to inspire new circuits in the brain.”

― Lyall Watson

“If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn’t.”

― Lyall Watson

“Smell was our first sense. It is even possible that being able to smell was the stimulus that took a primitive fish and turned a small lump of olfactory tissue on its nerve cord into a brain. We think because we smelled.”

― Lyall Watson

“I wrote ‘Ruined’ and ‘Vera Stark’ at the same time. That’s just how my brain functions – when I’m dwelling someplace very heavy, I need a release.”

― Lynn Nottage

“There is something in my brain that said if I get Halestorm to a point where people are actually listening to what I have to say, I might as well put out positivity and be that empowering figure that I would have wanted in a rock star.”

― Lzzy Hale

“Before MS moved in on me, I’d worked for seven years as a city lawyer, as the editor of a literary magazine, and before the age of 20, I’d also worked as a cadet journalist and as an assistant director in both film and TV. And then, after the lesions of MS, both on my spine and in my brain, I was the opposite of bionic.”

― M. J. Hyland

“In the bathroom, having taken my make-up off and opened my eyes, I always think there’s a ghost behind me. It feels like there’s a weird presence. Maybe it’s my brain reacting to me without make-up.”

― Mabel

“I think the biggest thing is knowing that those thoughts of panic are probably going to go into your brain, and just accepting it… So that’s been the biggest thing. Not fighting it and trying to think I’m going to have the perfect mentality the entire time. That’s not going to happen.”

― Madison Keys

“I don’t really have an aversion to watching myself. I think I’ve been doing it for long enough that I have a system of separating it in my brain from my egotistical neuroses for the most part.”

― Mae Whitman

“I met a woman who went through a very difficult personal crisis, and she was really bed-ridden for a long time, and ‘Friends’ got her through. I met a woman who had a brain injury while living in Europe, and ‘Friends’ got her through.”

― Maggie Wheeler

“I love doing crosswords, it’s so important to keep the brain going.”

― Magnus Magnusson

“Non-violence, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

“There is an incompatibility between being glamorous, young and a woman and using my brain. The official version is there is no discrimination, and talent dominates, but that is not the case.”

― Maiwenn

“I am the way I am. If you like me because I’m glamorous, so be it. If you like me, because I speak well or I have a brain and opinion, so be it.”

― Malaika Arora Khan

“Let’s not get too precious about it: actors are not heart surgeons or brain surgeons. We are just entertaining people.”

― Malcolm McDowell

“My best asset is my brain. Without my brain, I don’t think the rest of me would be too hot.”

― Mamie Van Doren

“The forward bend really relaxes the nervous system and brings blood flow back to the brain.”

― Mandy Ingber

“The individual – man as a man, man as a brain, if you like – interests me more than what he makes because I’ve noticed that most artists only repeat themselves.”

― Marcel Duchamp

“Programmers work in bursts of productivity. Then, they let the brain rest and get back into it. A lot about the office world is not a great fit for me.”

― Marco Arment

“The notion of a writer sitting in a library doing research isn’t what I want. The research I love doing isn’t found in a book. It’s what it feels like to rappel down the side of a building; to train with a SWAT team; to hold a human brain in your hands; or to dive for pirate treasure. Those are things I’ve done to research my stories.”

― Marcus Sakey

“I don’t know if this is the flat-out strangest, but I’ll never forget handling a human brain. It had been sliced into sections for autopsy, each about an inch thick, and felt like pork tenderloin. I swear to god, my first thought was that if you were to dust it with chipotle and cinnamon and saute it in butter, it would probably be delicious.”

― Marcus Sakey

“Communications technology changes possibilities for communication, but that doesn’t mean it changes the inherited structure of the brain. So you may think that you’re addicted to online reading, but as soon as it isn’t available anymore, your brain will pretty immediately adjust to other forms of reading. It’s a habit like all habits.”

― Margaret Atwood

“On overnight flights, I have trained myself to get to sleep almost instantly after takeoff. I always listen to the same audiobook on my iPod so my brain knows, regardless of time zone, that that voice means it’s time for bed.”

― Margaret Heffernan

“I think I, like a lot of people, have that type of brain where I find it interesting or fulfilling to worry about something.”

― Maria Bamford

“If critics have problems with my personal life, it’s their problem. Anybody with half a brain would realize that it’s the charts that count.”

― Mariah Carey

“Children under five are the poorest age group in America, and one in four infants, toddlers and preschoolers are poor during the years of greatest brain development.”

― Marian Wright Edelman

“I’ve got quite a good brain and all that, which I’ve never had to use in singing at all.”

― Marianne Faithfull

“When I’m working on a novel, I generally do write every day, but in between those marathons, I take breaks. My brain needs time to recharge.”

― Marie Brennan

“Fantasy and science fiction are where my brain lives.”

― Marie Lu

“Research has shown that even small amounts of processed food alter the chemical balance in our brain and cause negative mood swings along with noticeable dips ill energy.”

― Marilu Henner

“Healthful whole foods improve our brain function as well.”

― Marilu Henner

“The brain’s calculations do not require our conscious effort, only our attention and our openness to let the information through. Although the brain absorbs universes of information, little is admitted into normal consciousness.”

― Marilyn Ferguson

“I’ve been playing hand-held video games since 1995. Its my way of training my brain.”

― Marilyn Minter

“Hollywood infected my brain and I really valued the wrong things in life, but I changed dramatically.”

― Marina and the Diamonds

“I have to use other things to help my tennis, like my brain. But I believe that, even when your muscles are not so fast, with the brain and with concentration you can compensate.”

― Marion Bartoli

“I find that protein wakes up my brain and gets me ready for the rest of my day.”

― Marisa Tomei

“One of the interesting applications of symbolic systems is artificial intelligence, and I spent some time thinking about how to create a brain that operates the way ours does.”

― Marissa Mayer

“I have my dark side. You have your dark side. From the second that we have a brain, there are things that are not right – we are human beings with all these illusions and complexes and everything. That’s attractive to me.”

― Marjane Satrapi

“I don’t think that I have ever been rebellious. The thing is that I don’t believe in people – what people tell me. I have to accept it in my own brain first. I don’t listen to anyone, never.”

― Marjane Satrapi

“My fridge is full of super foods to keep my brain operating at maximum efficiency!”

― Mark Frost

“The amygdala is like a point guard in the emotional part of your middle brain. When it is overwhelmed, it hijacks you away from being able to access your upper rational brain and think and assess what to do. It essentially disables your ability to think.”

― Mark Goulston

“My brain is fine.”

― Mark Hunt

“I’ve been training jiu-jitsu for a while. It just didn’t really click in my brain. Maybe sometimes I get a bit lazy. By the time I realize I’m in trouble, I’m already caught. You can’t really think about it. You’ve got to just react as it happens.”

― Mark Hunt

“In the 21st century our tastes buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry.”

― Mark Hyman

“Tricking your brain into thinking you are getting something sweet plays dirty tricks on your metabolism.”

― Mark Hyman

“Calories from protein affect your brain, your appetite control center, so you are more satiated and satisfied.”

― Mark Hyman

“I think people choose to be offended by things as a way of bonding, as a hobby. They embed some piece of information into their brain without thinking it through because it’s easier.”

― Mark Kozelek

“I’ve been thinking about the record since I reached the fifty plateau. But you think about it and then you let it go because you can’t waste many brain cells on hours thinking about it.”

― Mark McGwire

“Of course I get drunk, my brain is only the size of a walnut.”

― Mark McKinney

“After the brain tumor happened, I realized I love acting, I’ve always loved it, I may never get a chance to do it again.”

― Mark Ruffalo

“I woke up one morning with the knowledge that I had a brain tumor. It wasn’t so much that I dreamt I had a brain tumor; it was like someone just poured the knowledge into my head. It wasn’t like an image; it was just like knowing. It was so weird, which is why I paid attention.”

― Mark Ruffalo

“When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.”

― Mark Twain

“One has to understand the functioning of the normal brain before studying the badly malfunctioning brain.”

― Mark Walport

“Sacred play is anything that takes you into that right hemisphere of your brain. It turns out that this move away from left to the right hemisphere, that sense of expansiveness and everything, can be accomplished through unusual rhythmic action, or any action that requires so much attention away from words that you cannot think in words.”

― Martha Beck

“Basic human contact – the meeting of eyes, the exchanging of words – is to the psyche what oxygen is to the brain. If you’re feeling abandoned by the world, interact with anyone you can.”

― Martha Beck

“When your entire brain is active, that means you are taking everything in through all sense perception. Your entire memory bank and your instincts are in play, so you make much quicker and more intelligent choices.”

― Martha Beck

“I think sometimes less is more. I don’t think it helps to overdo exercising – I think you need to do it to keep your body healthy and fit, but there is a fine line between, you know, healthy and obsession. You have to build your foundation first. Your brain has to sort of connect to your body.”

― Martha Hunt

“There’s a brain chemistry – the floatiness and the disassociation and all the things that came with starving – I became addicted to.”

― Marti Noxon

“Mankind, his brain has embraced so many amazing things, and yet we’re still beating each other over the heads with clubs, excepting the bullets now, one bullet can wipe out an entire city.”

― Martin Landau

“Having children is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain.”

― Martin Mull

“From the growth of the Internet through to the mapping of the human genome and our understanding of the human brain, the more we understand, the more there seems to be for us to explore.”

― Martin Rees

“I was in the orphanage in New Orleans until I was almost a year old. I don’t think I ever got held by my mama, so that was completely and utterly traumatic. I think it was trauma from the first breath, and I think I’ve spent my whole life trying to heal from that trauma. So it shaped my brain.”

― Mary Gauthier

“If there was a button that I could push that would agog my brain to the level that I felt first seeing ‘Avatar’ in its entirety and another one for food pellets, I would die of starvation.”

― Mary H.K. Choi

“After my neurosurgery, part of my brain was missing, and I had to deal with that. It wasn’t the grey matter, but it was the gooey part dead center that makes key hormones and neurotransmitters.”

― Mary Lou Jepsen

“My system uses the speed of components in cameras and cell phones to get four inches of depth through the brain.”

― Mary Lou Jepsen

“’24’ is a pretty serious show – there isn’t a lot of improv that is happening. Having said that, I do play around with the delivery. A lot of the humor comes from playing a character who is very furious and really up in her own brain and in a serious situation. That is humorous to me.”

― Mary Lynn Rajskub

“Precisely at the moment when an athletic career is most on the line and fan perceptions of a Herculean, supra-human performance are highest, an athlete’s brain may be at its most vulnerable.”

― Mary Pilon

“It seems odd to think of tasting without any perceptive experience, but you are doing it right now. Humans have taste receptor cells in the gut, the voice box, the upper esophagus. But only the tongue’s receptors report to the brain.”

― Mary Roach

“I’ve never been able to write a movie script. I respect that skill so much, but it’s not been the way my brain works.”

― Mary Steenburgen

“In common with many who have a brain injury, I initially lost my confidence and felt very vulnerable, as if a protective layer of skin had been stripped away.”

― Maryam D’Abo

“The challenge of directing and interviewing helped me with confidence, and I learnt so much. If I hadn’t had the brain hemorrhage, I might never have done it.”

― Maryam D’Abo

“After many years of research on how the human brain learns to read, I came to an unsettlingly simple conclusion: We humans were never born to read.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“There are no genes or areas in the brain devoted uniquely to reading. Rather, our ability to read represents our brain’s protean capacity to learn something outside our repertoire by creating new circuits that connect existing circuits in a different way.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“There’s an old rule in neuroscience that does not alter with age: use it or lose it. It is a very hopeful principle when applied to critical thought in the reading brain because it implies choice.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“We humans invented literacy, which means it doesn’t come for free with our genes like speech and vision. Every brain has to learn it afresh.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“Learning to read, for the brain, is a lot like an amateur ringmaster first learning how to organise a three-ring circus. He wants to begin individually and then synchronise all the performances. It only happens after all the separate acts are learned and practised long and well.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“We human beings were never born to read; we invented reading and then had to teach it to every new generation. Each new reader comes to reading with a ‘fresh’ brain – one that is programmed to speak, see, and think, but not to read.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“After we become literate, we literally ‘think differently’ about language: images of brain activation between literate and nonliterate humans bear this out.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“As work in neurosciences indicates, the acquisition of literacy necessitated a new circuit in our species’ brain more than 6,000 years ago. That circuit evolved from a very simple mechanism for decoding basic information, like the number of goats in one’s herd, to the present, highly elaborated reading brain.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“We have to move into the 21st century, but we should do so with great care to build a ‘bi-literate’ brain that has the circuitry for ‘deep reading’ skills and, at the same time, is adept with technology.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“The attention span of children may be one of the main reasons why an immersion in on-screen reading is so engaging, and it may also be why digital reading may ultimately prove antithetical to the long-in-development, reflective nature of the expert reading brain as we know it.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“I am an apologist for the reading brain. It represents a miracle that springs from the brain’s unique capacity to rearrange itself to learn something new.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“The brain is plastic its whole life span.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“The brain is constantly adapting.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“As a cognitive neuroscientist and scholar of reading, I am particularly concerned with the plight of the reading brain as it encounters this technologically rich society.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“Children need to have both time to think and the motivation to think for themselves, to develop an expert reading brain, before the digital mode dominates their reading. The immediacy and volume of information should not be confused with true knowledge.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“Reading requires the brain to rearrange its original parts to learn something new.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“The act of learning to read added an entirely new circuit to our hominid brain’s repertoire. The long developmental process of learning to read deeply changed the very structure of that circuit’s connections, which rewired the brain, which transformed the nature of human thought.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“Reading or written language is a cultural invention that necessitated totally new connections among structures in the human brain underlying language, perception, cognition, and, over time, our emotions.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“When we have any function, whether it’s language or vision or cognitive functions like memory, we aren’t dealing with a straight line to the brain that says ‘This is what I do.’ The brain builds a network of connections, a network of neurons that have a particular role in that function.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“People usually compare the computer to the head of the human being. I would say that hardware is the bone of the head, the skull. The semiconductor is the brain within the head. The software is the wisdom. And data is the knowledge.”

― Masayoshi Son

“It struck me deep in my mind. Some day, the chip is going to surpass mankind’s brain.”

― Masayoshi Son

“Often, when people don’t do so well in a monologue at UCB, it’s because they’re racking their brain so hard to be funny that they’re just not honest and don’t just tell a true story, which is what we want.”

― Matt Besser

“The same regions of the brain light up when someone touches their smartphone as when they touch a family member or a pet.”

― Matt Cohler

“Success is not something I’ve wrapped my brain around. If people go to those movies, then yes, that’s true, big-time success. If not, it’s much ado about nothing.”

― Matt Damon

“Neuroscience is a baby science, a mere century old, and our scientific understanding of the brain is nowhere near where we’d like it to be. We know more about the moons of Jupiter than what is inside of our skulls.”

― Matt Haig

“Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two but can’t remember what they are.”

― Matt Lauer

“Whenever I’m driving through an area of a town, and it gets really foggy, my brain immediately starts having anxiety because of ‘Silent Hill.’”

― Matthew Mercer

“The core of the consulting business is going in and essentially making yourself indispensible by eating the brain of the organization, meaning that the consultants go in and assume key functions in the organization.”

― Matthew Stewart

“You should not actually stay in bed for very long awake, because your brain is this remarkably associative device, and it quickly learns that the bed is about being awake. So you should go to another room – a room that’s dim. Just read a book – no screens, no phones – and, only when you’re sleepy, return to the bed.”

― Matthew Walker

“You’re trying to sleep off a debt that you’ve lumbered your brain and body with during the week, and wouldn’t it be lovely if sleep worked like that? Sadly, it doesn’t. Sleep is not like the bank, so you can’t accumulate a debt and then try and pay it off at a later point in time.”

― Matthew Walker

“We know that efficiency and effectiveness are increased when you’re getting sufficient sleep, and it will take you longer to do the same thing on an underslept brain, which means you end up having to stay awake longer. So goes the vicious cycle.”

― Matthew Walker

“Dream sleep provides a fascinating neurochemical soothing balm. It is during dream sleep and only during dream sleep when our brain shuts off a stress-related neurochemical called noradrenalin.”

― Matthew Walker

“It’s not clear whether the brain actually is designed to have nightmares or whether this is actually the process going awry.”

― Matthew Walker

“Alcohol is a class of drugs that we call ‘the sedatives.’ And what you’re doing is just knocking your brain out. You’re not putting it into natural sleep.”

― Matthew Walker

“Neuroscience has proven that similar areas of the brain are activated both in the person who suffers and in the one who feels empathy. Thus, empathic suffering is a true experience of suffering.”

― Matthieu Ricard

“I just think there is a part of your brain that is supposed to be afraid of getting old, even if you’re not really.”

― Maura Tierney

“I work more with my stomach than my brain.”

― Maurizio Cattelan

“When passion has wrecked the body in one life, it is stamped upon the seed atom. In the next descent to rebirth, it is therefore impossible for him to gather sound material with which to build a brain of stable construction.”

― Max Heindel

“I used to want to be a lawyer, but I didn’t want to have half my brain sucked out.”

― Max Walker

“Independence is a heady draught, and if you drink it in your youth, it can have the same effect on the brain as young wine does. It does not matter that its taste is not always appealing. It is addictive and with each drink you want more.”

― Maya Angelou

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

― Maya Angelou

“You have to have conviction and completely question everything and anything you do. No matter how much you study, no matter how much you know, the side of your brain that has the smarts won’t necessarily help you in making art.”

― Maya Lin

“I never have, but I would love to pick R. Kelly’s brain.”

― Mayer Hawthorne

“I’m pretty convinced there’s a chemical reality to who I am, regarding my brain, that makes me kind of a strange guy.”

― McG

“There’s no doubt that there’s certain songs and arrangements of music that release a chemical reaction in my brain. This sounds a little goofy, but I really believe that. It’s such a euphoric experience that I sort of want to chase that experience as often as possible.”

― McG

“I wrote ‘Science For Her!’ because I found normal, manly science textbooks to be too intense for my small size-0 brain, and I found normal science textbooks to have covers too heavy for my dainty size-0/size-2-with-bloat hands.”

― Megan Amram

“I’ve always zoomed through life in a vain attempt to keep up with my sprinting brain. If I have to choose between doing something quickly and doing it right, I often select the speedier option.”

― Megan McCafferty

“Our minds are mysterious; our conscious brain is like a ship on a sea that is obscure to us.”

― Meghan O’Rourke

“Hermione Granger is the mix of brain and heart that I’ve always wanted to be.”

― Melanie Scrofano

“I learned a lot more about transgender people. It’s not a choice, but a physiological condition that has to do with the size of the hypothalamus part of the brain.”

― Mercedes Ruehl

“Two people making a beat is really like one person making a beat. But you have another person’s brain. So what might sound good to you, they could flip it a different way. It’s really a collaborative effort, really.”

― Metro Boomin

“When you’re writing, you’re only a brain and some fingers, but drumming, you’re involving all four limbs, and you’re hearing stuff and you’re converting your ideas into physical motions, getting physical feedback from things you are touching – it’s pretty cool. It’s a really a nice contrast to writing.”

― Michael Azerrad

“Even though, theoretically, being a composer and being a songwriter are the same thing, in my brain, they are completely different. When I am in my composing mode, I go into my studio and turn that part of my brain on like a faucet. And when I finish, I turn it off. But with songwriting, that process is much more elusive.”

― Michael Bacon

“Great ideas are very much ‘of the moment,’ and endlessly mulling them over just takes up too much of your brain space and might block your next great idea. Act on it, give it away, or move on.”

― Michael Bastian

“If you’re only using 10 percent of your brain, you don’t even know that you’re using 10 percent of your brain. If you’re only using 10 percent of something, that means you don’t know the rest of the 90!”

― Michael Beasley

“I used to paint pictures – what happened was, I used to draw and paint pictures. And some of my friends would be, like, ‘Yo, you should put that on a T-shirt,’ because that’s where their brain would go.”

― Michael Che

“There’s so many mysteries related to how flies are able to make their way through the world. I’d certainly like to know a lot more about how their brain works. I’d certainly like to know a lot more about just how they’re put together. I mean, these animals are basically, topologically, spheres. They don’t have bones as we do, of course.”

― Michael Dickinson

“A fly with a brain the size of a salt grain has the behavioral repertoire nearly as complex as a much larger animal such as a mouse. That’s a super-interesting problem from an engineering perspective.”

― Michael Dickinson

“It is literally the case that learning languages makes you smarter. The neural networks in the brain strengthen as a result of language learning.”

― Michael Gove

“Berries are the healthiest fruit, offering potential protection against cancer and heart disease, boosting the immune system and acting as a guard for the liver and brain.”

― Michael Greger

“Women with a higher intake of berries appeared to have delayed cognitive aging by 2.5 years. So it’s like your brain is 2.5 years younger if you’re eating berries.”

― Michael Greger

“Cholesterol – which you get from eating too much of the wrong kind of fat – doesn’t just help clog arteries in the brain, it may also help to seed the amyloid plaques that riddle the brain tissue of Alzheimer’s victims.”

― Michael Greger

“So, what is a stroke? In about 90 per cent of strokes, it’s the result of blood flow to part of the brain getting cut off, depriving it of oxygen and killing off the part fed by the clogged artery.”

― Michael Greger

“A small minority of strokes are hemorrhagic strokes, which are caused by bleeding into the brain when a blood vessel bursts.”

― Michael Greger

“Soul development depends on attachment and bonding. Every brain and body is genetically wired to develop itself, but the full soul development of brain and body depends on each child receiving the care of between two and five completely bonded caregivers.”

― Michael Gurian

“Classrooms keep getting set up more and more around the verbal and less around the kinesthetic and active. They are increasingly becoming environments that favour the girls’ brain.”

― Michael Gurian

“Teenagers blithely skip off to uncertain futures, while their parents sit weeping curbside in the Volvo, because the adolescent brain isn’t yet formed enough to recognize and evaluate risk.”

― Michael J. Fox

“High energy creates more energy, more energy, more energy. It kicks off synapses, I guess. It opens up your brain and you think of one thing after another thing, after another. You can really open yourself up comedically, which is fun.”

― Michael Keaton

“There’s a particular sensitivity required to be an artist, and a certain vulnerability, perhaps, and also, somewhere between, you’re in your body a lot, too. It’s much more physical than one would imagine because I think it’s the body where the imagination lives somehow. I do feel the imagination isn’t just in the brain up there.”

― Michael Leunig

“I’m not a lawyer, thank God. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. I’ve never had the brain power for it. I was not the kind of guy who could learn case law.”

― Michael McKean

“Your brain – every brain – is a work in progress. It is ‘plastic.’ From the day we’re born to the day we die, it continuously revises and remodels, improving or slowly declining, as a function of how we use it.”

― Michael Merzenich

“If a brain is exercised properly, anyone can grow intelligence, at any age, and potentially by a lot. Or you can just let your brain idle – and watch it slowly, inexorably, go to seed like a sedentary body.”

― Michael Merzenich

“My brain power depends on my retained mastery of analyzing in detail what’s happening in my world and in my mind and body. I must continue to practice to retain my constructive and analytic powers. The goal is to be a master of my environment.”

― Michael Merzenich

“Juggling is a conversation with the stick, the body, the brain.”

― Michael Moschen

“The biggest hits – be they Coca-Cola or Doritos – owe their success to complex formulas that pique the taste buds enough to be alluring but don’t have a distinct, overriding single flavor that tells the brain to stop eating.”

― Michael Moss

“When in my writing lair, I have no access to the Web. Otherwise, I’m like one of those lab rats on too much sugar. To compile my Google searches would be to see my sludgy, allusive brain at work.”

― Michael Paterniti

“The idea of a pseudonym had been flitting around my brain for a long time, along with its cognate, disappearance. In the 1980s, I published some poems under a pen name in a literary magazine to see what it would feel like. It was fun. It was even a little thrilling.”

― Michael Redhill

“The actual atoms and molecules that make up my brain and body today are not the same ones that I was born with on September 8, 1954, a half-century ago this month.”

― Michael Shermer

“If caught early, Lyme is easily treated with antibiotics. But activists, and many researchers, have long contended that tens of thousands of people remain unaware that they have been infected – sometimes for years, during which the bacterium can spread to the heart, nervous system, and brain.”

― Michael Specter

“We are inhabited by as many as ten thousand bacterial species; these cells outnumber those which we consider our own by ten to one, and weigh, all told, about three pounds – the same as our brain.”

― Michael Specter

“’Moesha’ is very strong in my brain. The black women on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ are very strong in my brain.”

― Michaela Coel

“It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others.”

― Michel de Montaigne

“All these gadgets, the phone and the computer, they expose the inside of your brain in a way that’s bad.”

― Michel Gondry

“The great advantage of a novel is you can put in whatever comes into your head – it has the same shape as the human brain.”

― Michel Houellebecq

“When I sing, I have a sense of peace, I feel like my brain turns off, and I become the core person of who I am – the essence of me. I feel connected to whatever is out there. It’s almost like I leave my body and get to watch.”

― Michelle Branch

“I want to be inside Nic Pizzolatto’s brain.”

― Michelle Monaghan

“Have you ever held a snake? They are so strong. You can see why there are so many myths about them: they are unlike any other creature. It’s extraordinary how that little brain can keep everything moving in different directions.”

― Michelle Paver

“I want to make the world real. I have to be able to believe that it could happen. I can’t put Pegasus in my stories because horses can’t fly. It’s just a quirk in my brain.”

― Michelle Paver

“The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.”

― Michio Kaku

“Now, we used to think the brain was like a computer. But now, we realize that’s not true. There’s no programming of the brain. There’s no Windows. And we think the brain is more like a large corporation. Because think of the unconscious mind. In a corporation, you have subdivisions which operate independently of the main office.”

― Michio Kaku

“In the future, the Internet might become a ‘brain net’ where we send memories, feelings and sensations.”

― Michio Kaku

“No one knows when a robot will approach human intelligence, but I suspect it will be late in the 21st century. Will they be dangerous? Possibly. So I suggest we put a chip in their brain to shut them off if they have murderous thoughts.”

― Michio Kaku

“Sometimes I think if I had the same body and the same natural ability and someone else’s brain, who knows how good a player I might have been.”

― Mickey Mantle

“From reading too much, and sleeping too little, his brain dried up on him and he lost his judgment.”

― Miguel de Cervantes

“There are several patients – there are thousands of patients, tens of thousands of patients, that carry either a stimulator in the brain or in the periphery, in the inner ear, to restore neurological functions or to control diseases like Parkinson’s disease.”

― Miguel Nicolelis

“With its billions of interconnected neurons, whose interactions change from millisecond to millisecond, the human brain is an archetypal complex system.”

― Miguel Nicolelis

“Even two of humanity’s most intimate possessions – a sense of self and a body image – are fluid, highly modifiable creations of the brain’s mischievous deployment of electricity and a handful of chemicals. They both can change or be changed on less than a second’s notice.”

― Miguel Nicolelis

“The brain needs to have a story; it needs to have a logical screenplay telling where we’re coming from and what we’re going to.”

― Miguel Nicolelis

“Eventually, brain implants will become as common as heart implants. I have no doubt about that.”

― Miguel Nicolelis

“It’s the first time an exoskeleton has been controlled by brain activity and offered feedback to the patients. Doing a demonstration in a stadium is something very much outside our routine in robotics. It’s never been done before.”

― Miguel Nicolelis

“In my view, while the single neuron is the basic anatomical and information processing-signaling unit of the brain, it is not capable of generating behaviors and, ultimately, thinking. Instead, the true functional unit of the central nervous system is a population of neurons, or neural ensembles or cell assemblies.”

― Miguel Nicolelis

“You have to have the brain to conceptualize technique and apply it to your body.”

― Mikaela Shiffrin

“Dopamine is a chemical released in your brain and your body when you sleep that paralyzes your body so you don’t act out your dreams.”

― Mike Birbiglia

“It’s interesting how sleepwalking in a certain way becomes an accumulation of your outside stimuli that’s actually there and what’s happening in your brain.”

― Mike Birbiglia

“The list of fun and easily-fixed brain diseases is very short.”

― Mike Birbiglia

“I wanted to create this dialogue between music and visual art and vice versa. No matter what part of the spectrum they fill, whether it’s visual, music, or whatever, artists are interested in other art forms. Your brain is already kind of firing in that way.”

― Mike D

“There’s some things that you learn as you’re shooting, and as you’re editing that are key, because when you start you don’t have the brain that can finish it. You don’t really know what it is, and that’s the key job; figuring out what you actually have, not what you’re dreaming of having.”

― Mike Mills

“I try to catch them right on the tip of his nose, because I try to punch the bone into the brain.”

― Mike Tyson

“Listen, I am such a nerd. I’m not one of those girls that goes, ‘Ha, ha, hee, hee. I’m a nerd.’ No, no, no – my brain mentality is the same as a 12-year-old little boy. The video games that I play, the things that I like to watch – I’m a Trekkie.”

― Mila Kunis

“The AT&T commercials are the most fun acting opportunity that anyone could ask for. That being said, directing exercises a part of my brain that is really fun that I don’t get to try out as an actor.”

― Milana Vayntrub

“TV rots your brain.”

― Milly Shapiro

“Skating becomes more important to me every year. It’s obviously harder as age takes a toll on the body and the brain, and I think because of that, competing becomes much more difficult. That’s why those who stick around are always so appreciative of others’ skating because we know how much work goes into it.”

― Mirai Nagasu

“I’m not saying writing comedy’s brain surgery, but there is a certain pressure to it. It’s the equivalent of doing homework that’s going to end up on national television.”

― Miranda Hart

“I’m that person who says, ‘No matter what the problem is, there’s a solution.’ That’s the way my brain is wired. If someone says to me, ‘Well, that’s not possible. It can’t happen,’ I say, ‘Yes it is. I’m going to sit here and show you that it can.’”

― Miranda Kerr

“As your career goes on, you get to flex your brain a little more and play characters that are stronger and more intelligent.”

― Miranda Otto

“You do remember things that people say in movies. You remember particular lines and things that are funny. But, you also remember really strong images. Images have a way of bypassing your brain and hitting you emotionally.”

― Miranda Otto

“A writer is always, always searching, even against her will, against all her better instincts, for the thread of a story. Everything is fodder. Everything is fuel. You can feel it coming on like the tingling of a sore throat. The brain never stops struggling to reshape every experience and feeling into a coherent narrative.”

― Miriam Toews

“’Cue for Treason,’ by Geoffrey Trease, radicalized my young girl brain and made me want to be a gender-bending, sonnet-writing anarchist. It really made something roar to life inside of me.”

― Miriam Toews

“For me, to be perfectly honest, the part of my brain that was stimulated by directing was much more exciting than a typical day of acting.”

― Misha Collins

“When you are creating to the magnitude that I try to create, your brain is like a computer, and you need to refresh.”

― Missy Elliott

“My imagination is so far out there already. People couldn’t imagine what goes on in my brain.”

― Missy Elliott

“I wish my name was Brian because maybe sometimes people would misspell my name and call me Brain. That’s like a free compliment and you don’t even gotta be smart to notice it.”

― Mitch Hedberg

“Ponzi and all of his successors tap into a fundamental part of human nature. One part of our brain tells us this is too good to be true. The other side tells us this is too good to miss. The key to any con is getting a mark to tip to the too-good-to-miss side.”

― Mitchell Zuckoff

“I think my real influences are out of my control, which are the things that entered my brain when I was a kid growing up.”

― Mitski

“The brain drain from Africa has been reversed.”

― Mo Ibrahim

“I believe that to get what you want as a woman is to use your brain, to have a job, and to not need someone or have to make decisions based on that.”

― Molly Bloom

“I like Beryl Bainbridge a great deal, and she is a writer who absolutely demands to be read a second, third, and fourth time. I admire her great courage in leaving so much unsaid and asking the reader to really engage her brain.”

― Monica Ali

“I never sit down and write. I just sorta let things form in my brain.”

― Mose Allison

“I’m proud to be an actor. See, as an actor, you live longer. Football players, the brain and all that stuff, ooh-eee, that’s not good.”

― Mr. T

“No boxer in the history of boxing has had Parkinson’s. There’s no injury in my brain that suggests that the illness came from boxing.”

― Muhammad Ali

“It’s the way the human brain works: when enough events occur in a pattern, we stop thinking and go into macro mode.”

― N. K. Jemisin

“I am interested in the way that we look at a given landscape and take possession of it in our blood and brain. None of us lives apart from the land entirely; such an isolation is unimaginable.”

― N. Scott Momaday

“Emotional life grows out of an area of the brain called the limbic system, specifically the amygdala, whence come delight and disgust and fear and anger.”

― Nancy Gibbs

“When you’re in your twenties, your brain hasn’t even finished baking, and your hormones are giving you all kinds of direction of which ways to go.”

― Nancy Wilson

“I’ve got the brain for systems and a head for figures.”

― Naomi Alderman

“You need to train your brain to be positive.”

― Nargis Fakhri

“It’s a writer’s or director’s role to be cerebral, whereas for an actor it should be a visceral, gut thing. When the action starts, it’s best to turn the brain off and let it become an instinctual thing.”

― Natalie Dormer

“A lot of boys in my poker circle are mathematicians who play on probability. I don’t have that kind of brain, so I rely on instinct. But I recently found out that poker and cards in general go way back in my family gene pool.”

― Natalie Dormer

“The only time I can’t sleep is on a plane, when I am literally keeping it in the air with my brain.”

― Natalie Massenet

“Some of the best writing I’ve done, whether I’m shooting a story or thinking of a script, I write it in my head as I’m running. Running literally jogs my brain.”

― Natalie Morales

“I’m the kind of writer that, once I get into writing mode in my brain, I’m non-stop.”

― Natalie Prass

“I’m very kinesthetic, and when you’re that way, you just feel it in your body. I know that other actors think with the logical part of their brain, but I wear my character inside my body, even when I’m away from the set.”

― Natassia Malthe

“The truth is, I don’t sketch much at all. I have a very visual/spatial brain that retains a lot of information about maps, directions, positioning, and details, so I usually prefer working out those issues on the page itself.”

― Nate Powell

“Everything is so much clearer once a world is framed. Maybe it sounds crazy, but with writing, it’s infinity that is limiting and the limited that allows for the truly infinite. Once all those elements are in place in a story, the brain is truly freed up to imagine without end.”

― Nathan Englander

“Your brain forms a story and, if you’re lucky, there’s a line where the story takes over the brain. You don’t even know what you have.”

― Nathan Englander

“My brain is like a hard drive. Once you start adding new information, you start cutting off old information.”

― Nathan Fillion

“My own philanthropic efforts have always included an educational element, whether it’s expanding opportunities to educate a promising mind or extending the brain’s ability to learn.”

― Naveen Jain

“The U.S. has spent billions of dollars on educating and supporting teachers or developing curricula but no resources are applied to ‘improving the brain’ that a student brings to the classroom.”

― Naveen Jain

“Neuroplasticity research showed that the brain changes its very structure with each different activity it performs, perfecting its circuits so it is better suited to the task at hand.”

― Naveen Jain

“Just as physical exercise is a well-known and well-accepted means to improve health for anyone, regardless of age or background, so can the brain be put ‘into shape’ for optimal learning.”

― Naveen Jain

“Experts are able to identify patterns related to a specific problem relevant to their area of knowledge. But because nonexperts lack that base of knowledge, they are forced to rely more on their brain’s ability for abstraction rather than specificity.”

― Naveen Jain

“Mimicking the intricacies of the human brain, a neuro-inspired computer would work in a fashion similar to the way neurons and synapses communicate. It could potentially learn or develop memory.”

― Nayef Al-Rodhan

“Everything we do, every thought we’ve ever had, is produced by the human brain. But exactly how it operates remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries, and it seems the more we probe its secrets, the more surprises we find.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“We think scientific literacy flows out of how many science facts can you recite rather than how was your brain wired for thinking. And it’s the brain wiring that I’m more interested in rather than the facts that come out of the curriculum or the lesson plan that’s been proposed.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“It turns out our brain is sensitive, maybe too sensitive, to motion. It’s a survival mechanism.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“I love CG – it’s a great tool. I just don’t think you should use it to replace reality; you should use it to augment and enhance. Do matte paintings, do composites, do replications, stuff like that, but you’re taking something real and working with that as opposed to trying to fake it from scratch. The human brain can tell the difference.”

― Neil Marshall

“In the hierarchy of instruments, if you’re a harpist, you’re considered someone with a brain much more than if you’re a singer.”

― Nellie McKay

“The real point of me isn’t that I’m good looking. It’s that I’m clever. I’ve got a brain! I would rather be called a highly intelligent historian than a gorgeous pouting one.”

― Niall Ferguson

“What constrains or enables the capacity of human beings to work in groups is not so much the technology, but rather the capacity of the human brain to have and monitor social interactions.”

― Nicholas A. Christakis

“My brain is just always going and going and going.”

― Nicholas Brendon

“I always like to keep busy, otherwise my brain starts ticking.”

― Nicholas Hoult

“If I wanted a circus ringmaster, I’d hire Trump. If I wanted advice on brain surgery or hospital management, I’d turn to Carson. Fiorina would make an articulate television pundit. But for president?”

― Nicholas Kristof

“Individual storytelling is incredibly powerful. We as journalists know intuitively what scientists of the brain are discovering through brain scans, which is that emotional stories tend to open the portals, and that once there’s a connection made, people are more open to rational arguments.”

― Nicholas Kristof

“You know how the best story angles often spring from that thought you have on reading an article or watching a show – that thought you have before the responsible journalist in you comes up with something boring. I usually recommend people get in touch with their deep ‘reptilian brain.’”

― Nick Denton

“Being a parent is weird. It changes people in subtle and unsubtle ways. In my case, it awoke a kind of manic sentinel in my brain. Anything in the house that might be a threat to the kids or to my wife gets terminated – food, sharp edges, poor wiring.”

― Nick Harkaway

“I usually need to read emails to actually wake up. I’ll read these and Twitter, and my brain will start to get going about what a narcissistic monster I am. I read on Twitter who is talking about me. I’ll also start making jokes for the day based on what I read on Twitter.”

― Nick Kroll

“We truly have an ancient part of the brain that was about survival when we were prey but we seem to have gone past prey. We eat everything and nothing eats us.”

― Nick Nolte

“I can’t get any satiation. My brain is wired in such a way that I – in my research, I probably have a lack of D1 and D2 receptor sites. These are dopamine receptor sites, and satiation is a process that involves a cascade.”

― Nick Nolte

“With some CGI, I think the brain slightly perceives that things aren’t real. There’s no gravity, the light’s not quite real, the shadows aren’t quite real.”

― Nick Park

“To be a carpenter or a builder or a home inspector, you have to have that kind of visual brain where you can sort of imagine something taken apart.”

― Nick Petrie

“It still baffles my brain that I actually get to portray a character on American television that’s this gay, femme-y Filipino guy.”

― Nico Santos

“Sometimes my brain is saying, ‘Go wild on food,’ and I’ll want to pig out, but I’ll tell myself, ‘No.’ You either want to win or you don’t.”

― Nicola Adams

“My brain has so many qualities that do not work with social media. I’m an overthinker, I’m overly private, and those two personality traits just do not work when it comes to Instagram.”

― Nikita Dutta

“I’m just a believer in keeping all of the creative brain cells moving and working even when you’re not working because the inevitable loneliness and boring drought in the actor’s world, it can eat you alive.”

― Nikki Reed

“Everywhere else in the day, my brain is in a thousand different places, but when I’m working out, I can only focus on the pain.”

― Nina Agdal

“Your heart and your instincts are far more reliable than your brain. When you follow your heart, you can be sure you won’t regret it later. Even if you calculate your every move, it’s not like life ever goes according to plan.”

― Nithya Menen

“I’m actually pretty scientifically interested. I have a lot of friends who are doctors, so the idea of the virus and the synapses in the brain and how the nervous system works was actually all pretty familiar to me.”

― Noah Emmerich

“There’s a degree to which music bypasses our rational brain and accesses our emotional core in a way that’s really visceral and allows you to make a strong impression on people without necessary delivering information.”

― Noah Hawley

“The thing we don’t want to do is overstate the benefits, but there is all kinds of proof that exercise, both physical and mental, increases brain activity.”

― Nolan Bushnell

“Learning ballroom dancing is great for your brain. But it only works for three to six months. After that, you’ve got all the benefit you can get, and so you have to move on to yoga, and then Tai Chi, and then bridge, always keeping on the steep part of the learning curve.”

― Nolan Bushnell

“I have now been married to my third husband for more than 20 years. But when you’ve had children with someone you’re divorced from, divorce defines everything; it’s the lurking fact, a slice of anger in the pie of your brain.”

― Nora Ephron

“A song will keep going round in my brain and keep me awake.”

― Norah Jones

“When I fish, I stop thinking about anything else. But truth be told, if you want to declare victories, I can tell you the fish have won a lot more than I have. It’s interesting that something with a brain the size of a fish’s can outsmart us humans, who think we are el supremo.”

― Norman Schwarzkopf

“It is certainly safe, in view of the movement to the right of intellectuals and political thinkers, to pronounce the brain death of socialism.”

― Norman Tebbit

“Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain, With grammar, and nonsense, and learning, Good liquor, I stoutly maintain, Gives genius a better discerning.”

― Oliver Goldsmith

“With any hallucinations, if you can do functional brain imagery while they’re going on, you will find that the parts of the brain usually involved in seeing or hearing – in perception – have become super active by themselves. And this is an autonomous activity; this does not happen with imagination.”

― Oliver Sacks

“In general, people are afraid to acknowledge hallucinations because they immediately see them as a sign of something awful happening to the brain, whereas in most cases they’re not.”

― Oliver Sacks

“To be honest, I wasn’t a sci-fi geek at all. But I do love a good sci-fi film, especially one that can really take you away. And I read some reality-bending novels growing up, like stuff by Vonngeut, so I already had one part my brain open to the unnatural and unusual, and it’s generally fun to venture into that world and film in it.”

― Olivia Thirlby

“The way I miss my daughter Esme is to worry about her. It is not a pleasurable longing. It contorts my body and scrambles my brain, makes me stop breathing, clench my jaw and my fists, it makes me frown, and makes me blind and deaf, in fact entirely without sensory perception.”

― Olivia Williams

“Economize in other things if you must, wear threadbare clothes if necessary, but never cheat your body or brain by the quality and quantity of your food. Poor, cheap food which produces low vitality and inferior brain force is the worst kind of economy.”

― Orison Swett Marden

“What is this? It’s music to get a brain seizure by.”

― Ozzy Osbourne

“The minute somebody joins a committee… they immediately suffer from committee brain. They become wildly over-enthusiastic, over-optimistic, over-pessimistic. Committees turn people into idiots, and politics is a committee.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.”

― Pablo Picasso

“My little circle of friends know how twisted my brain is. I’m constantly reading and people always think, ‘Ah, we didn’t know that about you’, but that’s part of my charm.”

― Pamela Anderson

“In the Nineties, there was all this new research into brain development, with evidence saying poor kids fall behind in school because no one is talking to them at home, no one is reading to them. And middle-class parents seized on this research.”

― Pamela Druckerman

“After all my probing into the human brain, I should still be aware of mysteries and come up with them myself.”

― Pamela Stephenson

“I played soccer my whole life. I’m kind of a heavier person, and whenever you kick and punt, no matter how limited an activity it is, my brain and shoulders are going to be OK because I didn’t play a tough guy position, but my knees took a lot of wear and tear from the kicking.”

― Pat McAfee

“I have a brain and a uterus and I use both.”

― Patricia Schroeder

“Batman doesn’t have any superpowers. He has to use his brain and his courage. That’s what always appealed to me.”

― Patrick Leahy

“I’m on the Sensa diet. It’s a little magic powder based on Dr. Hirsh’s clinical trials and studies and it basically signals the brain that you’re full through smellology.”

― Patti Stanger

“No amount of therapy will take care of a chemical imbalance of the brain.”

― Patty Duke

“The brain is the most complex, challenging scientific puzzle we have ever tried to decode.”

― Paul Allen

“The brain is one of the richest green fields of science. There’s so much yet to be discovered.”

― Paul Allen

“There’s a long history of artificial intelligence programs that try to mimic what the brain is doing, but they’ve all fallen short.”

― Paul Allen

“Computers are really, basically, computing elements and a lot of memory. They are pretty easy to understand, as compared to the brain, which was designed by evolution.”

― Paul Allen

“I’m trying to do some things with my brain institute to understand more about the impact of concussion on brain tissue, because we have some scientists over there who are really good at looking at brain tissue and the effects of things on brain tissue.”

― Paul Allen

“The human brain works in, so far, mysterious and wondrous ways that are completely different than the ways that computers calculate. Things like appetite or emotion, how do those function in the brain?”

― Paul Allen

“The brain was designed by evolution, so each part of it is optimized for what it does, and it’s incredibly, incredibly complex.”

― Paul Allen

“As someone who was basically a software engineer for many years, I became fascinated with how the brain functions and is put together and works in such a different fashion than computers do.”

― Paul Allen

“I just try to stuff my brain with everything that I can read on what is going on in science at a very high level, and sometimes I see connections of what might need to be done.”

― Paul Allen

“No one knows the complete function of sleep. Is it to reset the brain or give it more of a rest period? Is it for cleaning the brain of all the garbage protein? For me, talking about these things as a non-biologist is fascinating.”

― Paul Allen

“Nobody really knows what it would take to create something that is self-aware or has a personality. I guess I could imagine a day when perhaps, if we can understand how it works in the human brain, which is unbelievably complicated, it could be possible.”

― Paul Allen

“I first got interested in the brain through computers.”

― Paul Allen

“One of the things I’ve come to appreciate about the brain is the importance of location. It’s not just a set of interchangeable parts that you can swap in and out.”

― Paul Allen

“There are so many intricacies to our brain that won’t be understood unless we start to look at the system as a whole. All these different details don’t operate in isolation.”

― Paul Allen

“As a programmer, you’re working with very simple structures compared to the brain. So I was always fascinated by how the brain works.”

― Paul Allen

“The brain has this amazing level of almost fractal complexity to it. When you start looking at any part of it in detail, you realize that it’s much more complex than you thought.”

― Paul Allen

“We know a certain amount about neurons. You can do fMRI and watch parts of the brain light up. But what happens in the middle is poorly understood.”

― Paul Allen

“What people don’t realize is the human body and the brain are so well designed to do – by millions of years of evolution – what we do.”

― Paul Allen

“The thing you realize when you get into studying neuroscience, even a little bit, is that everything is connected to everything else. So it’s as if the brain is trying to use everything at its disposal – what it is seeing, what it is hearing, what is the temperature, past experience.”

― Paul Allen

“As an ex-programmer, I’m still just curious about how the brain functions, how that flow of information really happens.”

― Paul Allen

“Moore’s Law-based technology is so much easier than neuroscience. The brain works in such a different way from the way a computer does.”

― Paul Allen

“I find the function of the brain incredibly fascinating, and it’s like trying to crack the toughest, most complicated problem there is.”

― Paul Allen

“Vulcan Inc. is a unique organization that unites commercial, philanthropic, research, policy, and technology innovation. Our goals are ambitious – from saving Africa’s elephants to unlocking the secrets of the human brain to building sustainable communities and opening up access to space.”

― Paul Allen

“Natural selection shaped the human brain to be drawn toward aspects of nature that enhance our survival and reproduction, like verdant landscapes and docile creatures. There is no payoff to getting the warm fuzzies in the presence of rats, snakes, mosquitoes, cockroaches, herpes simplex and the rabies virus.”

― Paul Bloom

“Some scholars argue that although the brain might contain neural subsystems, or modules, specialized for tasks like recognizing faces and understanding language, it also contains a part that constitutes a person, a self: the chief executive of all the subsystems.”

― Paul Bloom

“Modern science tells us that the conscious self arises from a purely physical brain. We do not have immaterial souls.”

― Paul Bloom

“My brain is open.”

― Paul Erdos

“With ‘Duplicity’, I was a little bit like, ‘This isn’t that hard of a movie.’ This isn’t like some huge brain trust of a movie. You gotta be a little bit awake to follow the plot, but it’s really just a kind of light entertainment. It’s like those Cary Grant movies, which are not meant to be anything other than diverting. In a nice way.”

― Paul Giamatti

“In terms of the brain, you can in a crude way think of the human brain as a computer.”

― Paul Greengard

“I’m sure our brains are working unconsciously. When you have a creative thought, it’s parts of the brain talking to each other without your awareness.”

― Paul Greengard

“I have sat with countless patients and families to discuss grim prognoses: It’s one of the most important jobs physicians have. It’s easier when the patient is 94, in the last stages of dementia, and has a severe brain bleed. For young people like me – I am 36 – given a diagnosis of cancer, there aren’t many words.”

― Paul Kalanithi

“While all doctors treat diseases, neurosurgeons’ work is the crucible of identity. Every operation on the brain is, by necessity, a manipulation of the substance of our selves.”

― Paul Kalanithi

“Before operating on a patient’s brain… I must first understand his mind: his identity, his values, what makes his life worth living, and what devastation makes it reasonable to let that life end.”

― Paul Kalanithi

“We have a lot of black Anglo-Saxons. Their skin is black, but their brain is white. When I get real mad at them, I call them ‘graham crackers.’”

― Paul Mooney

“I remember doing this little physical gesture of holding up my foot and having my foot wave around while I held my ankle. It got a big laugh, and when people started laughing, it dumped some chemicals on my brain. It just felt so good.”

― Paul Rust

“I think I have a superior brain and an inferior stature, if you really want to get brutal about it.”

― Paul Simon

“Mushrooms have many helpful nutrients, including beta glucans for immune enhancement, ergothioneines for antioxidative potentiation, nerve growth stimulators for helping brain function, and antimicrobial compounds for limiting viruses.”

― Paul Stamets

“The great thing about doing art shows is you get to meet the people who are interested in your art, and I think that when you’re purchasing a piece of art it’s a tremendous bonus to get to meet the artist because you get a chance to pick their brain a bit and find out first hand what the piece is about for the artist.”

― Paul Stanley

“I’m not ashamed to say I love television. I put the TV on, and my brain switches off, and I just sit there for a few hours.”

― Pauline Gedge

“When I was 5 years old, I saw people dancing in my head. In college, I would choreograph for the cultural shows, and in my notes, I would actually create formations of people. It was how my whole brain worked.”

― Payal Kadakia

“There is a part of your brain that has to stop when you’re acting. You have to be in the moment and dare to fly. Words can’t be on your mind.”

― Penelope Cruz

“One of the things that Teller and I are obsessed with, one of the reasons that we’re in magic, is the difference between fantasy and reality. That is the subject that, if you have a brain in your head, is always dealt with in magic. The smarter the tricks you’re doing, the more that’ s an important thing.”

― Penn Jillette

“My brain never stops thinking about basketball, and even when I’m asleep, I’m thinking about basketball. I love it; I love the Xs and Os and the preparation of it.”

― Penny Hardaway

“I feel kind of limited and locked into my body and brain – I’m not super into it all the time.”

― Perfume Genius

“I am a comedian. My brain is critical – it’s overthinking – but you can find ways to turn it down and realize that’s not who you really are.”

― Pete Holmes

“Doctors tell me I have the body of a thirty year old. I know I have the brain of a fifteen year old. If you’ve got both, you can play baseball.”

― Pete Rose

“In the past, my brain would never stop. Now I’m a father; the world no longer revolves around me. When I’m with Bronx, he’s got my complete attention. He’s the only thing that occupies my thoughts.”

― Pete Wentz

“I hate the Internet. It’s full of rubbish. I’m on it all the time, watching terrible, useless things and ossifying my brain.”

― Peter Capaldi

“The thing you don’t realise is that every time you head the ball, your brain shakes. Every single time. Have you ever headed a ball badly and seen stars for a couple of seconds? That’s your brain shaking. Let’s be honest: that can’t be healthy, can it?”

― Peter Crouch

“The reason we care so much about what happens to the likes of Lady Gaga is not because her shenanigans will ever impact our lives; rather because our brain doesn’t realize there’s a difference between rock stars we know about and relatives we know.”

― Peter Diamandis

“I’ve talked to a lot of artists – painters, writers, musicians – many of whom have had great ideas on trains. The only explanation I have is all that stuff is coming at you while you’re relaxed, so somehow it kicks you into hyperspace in terms of brain function.”

― Peter Gabriel

“It takes a very strong brain to resist the absolutes, the myths that the media and the politicians peddle – the idea that if you are too kind, where does it all end? That not to help someone is somehow a good idea.”

― Peter Mullan

“Almost everybody accepts that some people can be killed. ‘The concept of ‘brain death’ – the belief that people on respirators can legitimately be killed – shows that.”

― Peter Singer

“Use your brain, not your endurance.”

― Peter Thomson

“In outward show so splendid and so vain; ’tis but a gilded block without a brain.”

― Phaedrus

“I did try to write in Iraq, and I failed. I think you just don’t have the brain space for it.”

― Phil Klay

“We’re told that when we remember, the same parts of our brain light up as when we experienced the event we’re remembering. Your brain lives through it again.”

― Phil Klay

“When a child knows that he or she is dyslexic, that it’s the way their brain is programmed, and it’s not their fault, that makes all the difference in the world.”

― Philip Schultz

“This moment where we think we rest, when the brain is floating, you know, in sleep, is actually a moment where I could be very creative in a very strange, uncontrolled way.”

― Philippe Petit

“Metaphorically speaking, of course, if I put a problem behind my pillow and fall asleep, very often because my brain went to sleep with that idea or the problem alive, very often in the middle of the night I wake up, and I wake up with a solution or with a direction of solution.”

― Philippe Petit

“You’re able to get into somebody’s brain through song.”

― Phillipa Soo

“Let’s be real: dads get a bad rap in the media. We’re talking Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ninja Rap’ bad. More often than not, they’re either pop lockin’ Soul Train-style after learning they aren’t the father, or they’re selfish man-children who have more toys than brain cells.”

― Phoebe Robinson

“A lady is smarter than a gentleman, maybe, she can sew a fine seam, she can have a baby, she can use her intuition instead of her brain, but she can’t fold a paper in a crowded train.”

― Phyllis McGinley

“Intuition enlightens and so links up with pure thought. They together become an intelligence which is not simply of the brain, which does not calculate, but feels and thinks.”

― Piet Mondrian

“It is now possible to quantify people’s levels of happiness pretty accurately by asking them, by observation, and by measuring electrical activity in the brain, in degrees from terrible pain to sublime joy.”

― Polly Toynbee

“If Rajamouli is the brain and heart of ‘Baahubali,’ the producers are its skeleton, holding everything together, and the fans are the blood. Rajamouli deserves all the laurels, but he’s so modest that he diverts all of it towards his team.”

― Prabhas

“I live with romance in my brain. I’m a true-blue Cancerian like that.”

― Priyanka Chopra

“I definitely have family on the brain.”

― Rachel Bilson

“Why does my brain insist on counting the steps every time I walk up a flight of stairs? I just can’t help myself. There’s something about my mind that always wants to keep counting.”

― Rachel Nichols

“The brain is muscle. If you don’t exercise it, it will get slow.”

― Rachel Riley

“When you’re out shopping, try to calculate the discount of something in the sales, or work out how much a bill in a restaurant will come to. Your brain is just like any other muscle – you have to train it to make it work faster.”

― Rachel Riley

“Filming ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ has made me realise I’m missing the part of my brain that warns me about danger because – even though the tasks are terrifying – I find it really exciting.”

― Rachel Riley

“I like being known for being good at maths and having a brain. If I’ve been asked to do something but it’s not relevant to me, I don’t do it. I’d feel a bit of an idiot just turning up in a dress.”

― Rachel Riley

“There’s no such thing as a ‘maths brain.’ Anyone can be numerate; it’s just a matter of confidence. There are so many opportunities to improve your skills during everyday life, doing even a little a day can make maths feel more familiar and less scary.”

― Rachel Riley

“I want to keep running. I don’t ever want this journey to finish. And for that to happen, you can’t put too much of your brain in doing things and can’t connect too many dots because, anyway, there is no guarantee of anything.”

― Rajkummar Rao

“If you desire to be pure, have firm faith, and slowly go on with your devotional practices without wasting your energy in useless scriptural discussions and arguments. Your little brain will otherwise be muddled.”

― Ramakrishna

“Who am I? Not the body, because it is decaying; not the mind, because the brain will decay with the body; not the personality, nor the emotions, for these also will vanish with death.”

― Ramana Maharshi

“The final frontier of the digital technology is integrating into your own brain.”

― Ramez Naam

“I’ve always been fascinated by the brain. I wrote a lot about brain-tech in my first non-fiction book, ‘More Than Human.’ So when I decided to write science fiction, that was the technology I gravitated towards.”

― Ramez Naam

“We are cyborgs already. If you learn to read, it causes permanent changes to the structure of your brain for your entire life.”

― Ramez Naam

“I truly believe that God has given us few brain cells, and you have to direct them to the right things that make you happy.”

― Ranbir Kapoor

“Jake ‘The Snake,’ getting the chance to talk to him all day and just picking his brain – you know, he has his demons, but he’s an intelligent person, and he knows the business like no other.”

― Randy Orton

“I don’t think I ever watched a movie without being totally immersed in the story. But at the same time, I had to keep some distance from it. I had to question what the narrative was trying to tell me or was injecting in my brain.”

― Raoul Peck

“You can binge a TV series or watch a reality show, and they’re not innocent. They take a lot of room in your brain, and you don’t have any space left for your own thoughts. They give you a scripted reality. It’s an ideological tool.”

― Raoul Peck

“I’d taken the bull by the horns by liberating myself and creating a career. It took guts – it was scary and chancy – but they discounted me as empty-headed: some little piece of fluff without any brain that happened to come along.”

― Raquel Welch

“The Blue Brain project expects to have a full human-scale simulation of the cerebral cortex by 2018. I think that’s a little optimistic, actually, but I do make the case that by 2029 we will have very detailed models and simulations of all the different brain regions.”

― Ray Kurzweil

“Supercomputers will achieve one human brain capacity by 2010, and personal computers will do so by about 2020.”

― Ray Kurzweil

“The human brain is a funny thing: it’s very susceptible to tempo and melody. You put the right words to it, and it becomes very influential.”

― Ray Stevens

“I still like complete sentences that are grammatically correct without spelling errors. I don’t always achieve this, and it is irksome to read a message I have sent and discover errors. I know I often leave out words in e-mail, not by choice, but because of the way my brain works.”

― Ray Tomlinson

“I’ve been listening to ‘Chapo Trap House’ – they’re quite radical. Every time I listen to it, my brain feels opened up.”

― Rebecca Hall

“Thinking about quantum physics is like unraveling your brain and putting it back together again upside down. Much like studying Kabbalah.”

― Rebecca Pidgeon

“On Sunday, I think the most important thing for me is to just turn my brain off. The idea of not trying is the key, because that’s where you’re relaxed enough to let your brain make new connections.”

― Rebecca Stead

“If you see someone in the kitchen that has good hands and a quick brain, then you need that person to be in the front of everything.”

― Rene Redzepi

“I do think that I’m a big believer in having an idea or having ideas and just tucking them away in the back of your brain. Even if you aren’t consciously thinking of them, I think they simmer. You’re working on them, even if you don’t know you’re working on them, and I think having something in your head for a while is a valuable thing.”

― Rian Johnson

“I do not have a brain that I long for in dealing with matters of which I am ignorant – that don’t come within my ken and a rationale, a reason, an argument and so on – and I can’t do that, and I’m not in that bracket at all.”

― Richard Attenborough

“It’s quite similar to guitar solos, only with programming you have to use your brain. The most important thing is that it should have some emotional effect on me, rather than just, ‘Oh, that’s really clever.’”

― Richard D. James

“Every night of our lives, we dream, and our brain concocts visions which are, at least until we wake up, highly convincing. Most of us have had experiences which are verging on hallucination. It shows the power of the brain to knock up illusions.”

― Richard Dawkins

“My thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings are all in my brain. My brain is going to rot.”

― Richard Dawkins

“I mean I think that when you’ve got a big brain, when you find yourself planted in a world with a brain big enough to understand quite a lot of what you see around you, but not everything, you naturally fall to thinking about the deep mysteries. Where do we come from? Where does the world come from? Where does the universe come from?”

― Richard Dawkins

“The very large brain that humans have, plus the things that go along with it – language, art, science – seemed to have evolved only once. The eye, by contrast, independently evolved 40 times. So, if you were to ‘replay’ evolution, the eye would almost certainly appear again, whereas the big brain probably wouldn’t.”

― Richard Dawkins

“The first thing I became interested in in terms of ‘Brain Storm’ was neuroscience, and that is like saying you’re interested in the universe. So ultimately I knew if I was going to handle this in a fictional format, I would have to take a subsection of neuroscience, and that turned out to be the use of neuroscience in criminal courts.”

― Richard Dooling

“Even 31 sounds quite old to me, because my brain is probably still in a state of adolescent delinquency.”

― Richard E. Grant

“Smell is the shortest synaptic leap in the brain to our memory, and I’m amazed that people don’t sniff everything.”

― Richard E. Grant

“I had a Tourette’s period. And obsessive compulsive disorder. Things would get in my brain that I couldn’t get out of my brain.”

― Richard Ford

“I had post-traumatic amnesia, five-second memory, it happens as a result of brain injury.”

― Richard Hammond

“For somebody who has injured their brain, every single thing they say and think will be the subject of their own questioning.”

― Richard Hammond

“I damaged all the complicated bits of the brain to do with processing and emotional control. I was prey to every single emotion that swept over me and I couldn’t deal with it. I had to re-learn things from scratch.”

― Richard Hammond

“There’s one point where I play the piano upside down. When I first did that, I hit my head and it really hurt. But people were laughing, so we’ve kept it in ever since. I probably have severe brain damage.”

― Richard Hyung-ki Joo

“My humor is channeling everything through my brain. For example, when I talk about something, it’s how Richard Lewis feels about it. I’m a storyteller. I do a lot of free association.”

― Richard Lewis

“I had to write about realistic circumstances. That’s the way my brain works. And I think that gave me a sort of place in the field.”

― Richard Matheson

“All the different ways we know the world all come from the brain, and they all depend on each other to make sense.”

― Richard Powers

“On radio, I loved Noel Edmonds’s Radio 1 breakfast show – and Tony Blackburn. I can still hear those bloody jingles deep in my brain.”

― Richard Quest

“Truthfully, everyone knows how to eat right. They know the difference between oatmeal and a jelly cream doughnut. They know how to walk. Everyone has this in their brain. When I started, we didn’t have all this knowledge.”

― Richard Simmons

“My mantra is: put your brain into gear and if you can add to what’s on the screen then do it, otherwise shut up.”

― Richie Benaud

“I always say this to people: ‘If Shaq can be in the NBA for 19 years and dominate for 19 years using his body, why can’t I be in the music industry for 50 years using my brain when my brain is way stronger than anyone’s body?’ I have to have a successful record company, more hit records. I want to dominate the game.”

― Rico Love

“Sometimes I find I’m wearing a divided, split brain in terms of drama and humor.”

― Ridley Scott

“That’s when we decided to stop in ’66. Everyone thought we toured for years, you know, but we didn’t. I joined in ’62, and we’d finished touring in ’66 to go into the studio where we could hear each other… and create any fantasy that came out of anybody’s brain.”

― Ringo Starr

“It is imperfection – not perfection – that is the end result of the program written into that formidably complex engine that is the human brain, and of the influences exerted upon us by the environment and whoever takes care of us during the long years of our physical, psychological and intellectual development.”

― Rita Levi-Montalcini

“Progress depends on our brain. The most important part of our brain, that which is neocortical, must be used to help others and not just to make discoveries.”

― Rita Levi-Montalcini

“I write with my left hand even though I’m right-handed, I walk backwards in a very safe place – anything that engages your brain.”

― Rita Moreno

“When you engage your brain, it just keeps getting fatter and richer and wonderful.”

― Rita Moreno

“’Puzzlejuice’ will get your brain juices flowing as try to juggle both falling boxes and a growing list of letters to create words from. There are power ups to unlock and massive explosions that will shake your mobile device to its very core if you are quick enough with your fingers and your thoughts.”

― Rob Manuel

“It strikes me that these days, clubs don’t even want players who can truly play any more; they just want athletes, quick guys who don’t have a football brain, can just run and run; some of them, Jesus. I can never imagine acting like that.”

― Robbie Fowler

“Vertigo, it was thought at the time, could only be caused by a disease of the cerebellum. He observed this kind of patient for years and saw absolutely no symptoms of brain disease.”

― Robert Barany

“The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon. You can always do it better, find the exact word, the apt phrase, the leaping simile.”

― Robert Cormier

“Every man should be the intellectual proprietor of himself, honest with himself, and intellectually hospitable; and upon every brain, reason should be enthroned as king.”

― Robert Green Ingersoll

“You cannot change the conclusion of the brain by torture, nor by social ostracism. But I will tell you what you can do by these and what you have done. You can make hypocrites by the million.”

― Robert Green Ingersoll

“Every meal should end with something sweet. Maybe it’s jelly on toast at breakfast, or a small piece of chocolate at dinner – but it always helps my brain bring a close to the meal.”

― Robert Irvine

“We absolutely do some of the best science in the world in Canada, across a broad spectrum of disciplines: quantum computing in Waterloo, paleontology in Alberta, neuroscience at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health in Vancouver, and many more.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“People who are more isolated than they want to be from others find that they are less happy, their health declines earlier in midlife, their brain functioning declines sooner, and they live shorter lives than people who are not lonely.”

― Robert J. Waldinger

“The idea of going to school and getting a job is the most destructive one in your brain.”

― Robert Kiyosaki

“Space and time, not proteins and neurons, hold the answer to the problem of consciousness. When we consider the nerve impulses entering the brain, we realize that they are not woven together automatically, any more than the information is inside a computer.”

― Robert Lanza

“One of the happy consequences of my brain is that I rarely sleep.”

― Robert Rinder

“We live longer and healthier lives than ever before. Animal research has improved the treatment of infections, helped with immunisation, improved cancer treatment and had a big impact on managing heart disease, brain disorders, arthritis and transplantation.”

― Robert Winston

“While nobody has identified any gene for religion, there are certainly some candidate genes that may influence human personality and confer a tendency to religious feelings. Some of the genes likely to be involved are those which control levels of different chemicals called neurotransmitters in the brain.”

― Robert Winston

“If the heart stops for more than two minutes, you have massive brain death. There are only two minutes between our conscious world and zero. That’s how fragile our consciousness is.”

― Robin Gibb

“I hadn’t accepted he was seriously ill. The idea that someone so close to you couldn’t wake up was utterly incomprehensible. Then the doctor came in… Maurice had no brain left. There wasn’t any activity at all.”

― Robin Gibb

“As the brain matures, one thing that happens is the pruning of the synapses. Synaptic pruning does not occur willy-nilly; it depends largely on how any one brain pathway is used.”

― Robin Marantz Henig

“The human brain has evolved the capacity to impose a narrative, complete with chronology and cause-and-effect logic, on whatever it encounters, no matter how apparently random.”

― Robin Marantz Henig

“Baking and coding involve using the same parts of your brain and a lot of the same skills, like being able to follow directions or create directions in a very systematic way.”

― Robin Sloan

“I had always wanted to become a neurologist, which is one of the most demanding vocations in medicine. Where do you stop, after all, with the brain? How does it function? What are its limits? The work seems unending.”

― Roger Bannister

“If I don’t get enough sleep, my brain gets fatigued, and the voice suffers. If I’m doing some retail work and trying to read and record legal copy, I start sounding like I had a few too many the night before.”

― Roger Craig Smith

“Nothing is easy in cricket. Maybe when you watch it on TV, it looks easy. But it is not. You have to use your brain and time the ball.”

― Rohit Sharma

“I am not someone like A. B. de Villiers, Gayle, or Dhoni. I don’t have that much power. I have to use my brain to manipulate the field and stick to my strength, which is to hit through the lines.”

― Rohit Sharma

“The way my brain processes information is quite odd. I mean, I have Attention Deficit Disorder and another learning disability I can’t even spell. I don’t even have a high school diploma. I’m smart, but you can’t prove it on paper.”

― Ron White

“You can teach somebody how to be a brain surgeon, but you cannot teach them how to walk on a stage and make people laugh.”

― Ron White

“My brain is like a cross between a colander and a Lazy Susan – thin, slow, and it leaks.”

― Ron White

“With Magic Leap, your brain doesn’t distinguish what’s real and what’s Magic Leap. Because as far as your brain’s concerned, it is real.”

― Rony Abovitz

“I have late onset ADHD. I take on too much and end up spinning plates, but it’s entertaining, and it helps you make quick connections if you’re a comedian, if you have a brain that can dance around too much.”

― Rory Bremner

“There are a lot of actors out there who are able to engage with something in themselves which isn’t necessarily their brain. But personally I find it very intellectually satisfying: doing your research and then burrowing as deeply into character as you can. I’m a naturally inquisitive person, too, and acting does feed into that.”

― Rory Kinnear

“There comes a point when you have to be more than an actor, and doing something else that means a lot to me has actually made me a stronger actor. It’s stimulated something else in my brain and heart.”

― Rory O’Malley

“Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain and spinal cord disorders, diabetes, cancer, at least 58 diseases could potentially be cured through stem cell research, diseases that touch every family in America and in the world.”

― Rosa DeLauro

“Some social scientists say that in-group/out-group biases are hard-wired into the human brain. Even without overt prejudice, it is cognitively convenient for people to sort items into categories and respond based on what is usually associated with those categories: a form of statistical discrimination, playing the odds.”

― Rosabeth Moss Kanter

“Cheap labor is not going to be the way we compete in the United States. It’s going to be brain power.”

― Rosabeth Moss Kanter

“My mother watched her loving husband look at her with blankness or contempt and sometimes hatred. And yet dementia is classed as a social condition, so that the state is not required to pay for long-term residential care. Calling it what it is – brain damage – is too expensive.”

― Rose George

“I use language to pierce the brain. If I spoke like everybody else spoke, it would just dull everything.”

― Rose McGowan

“We are not born with effective vision. The human infant has to learn how to see. The eyes gather information, they transmit it to the brain, but the brain doesn’t know how to process it yet. We learn how to see in a way that’s very similar to the way we learn how to speak. It takes a couple of years.”

― Rosemary Mahoney

“If God truly wanted me to stop, all He’d have to do is have one doctor at the Mayo Clinic find something wrong with my brain. Just one little CAT scan showing any sign of trauma or damage, and I’d be done.”

― Roy Jones Jr.

“If spiritual science is to do the same for spirit that natural science has done for nature, it must investigate quite differently from the latter. It must find ways and means of penetrating into the sphere of the spiritual, a domain which cannot be perceived with outer physical senses nor apprehended with the intellect which is bound to the brain.”

― Rudolf Steiner

“By immersing ourselves with our consciousness in a supersensible world, we now learn a new kind of thinking, a new life of mental pictures, one that is not dependent on the nervous system in the way ordinary thinking is. We know that previously we have had to make use of our nervous system, but now we no longer need our brain.”

― Rudolf Steiner

“I may not lead the most dramatic life, but in my brain it’s ‘War and Peace’ everyday.”

― Rufus Wainwright

“I enjoyed having a reputation as being wild, but these days I try not to worry about what people think in the privacy of their own brain or what they write in the bizarre publicity of their own newspapers, because all of those things are meaningless.”

― Russell Brand

“I don’t use my brain about the creative thing. From a business standpoint, I instinctively do things: when I get something right, it’s never because I use my brain.”

― Russell Simmons

“Marty was an extraordinary person. Of all the boys I had dated, he was the only one who really cared that I had a brain. And he was always – well, making me feel that I was better than I thought I was.”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“Stories about race and identity pique my interest for obvious reasons. That’s in my body, my brain, my history, my memories – it’s all part of my toolbox as an actor.”

― Ruth Negga

“When it comes to losing with United, I feel solely responsible for it. I can’t help it. My brain will work like mad after a defeat. I want to know where I have made the wrong decisions, how I could have changed things for this fantastic club.”

― Ruud van Nistelrooy

“There’s something messed up with my brain.”

― Ryan Gosling

“I took the ‘Seinfeld’ tour of New York once – and if I think about it too hard, my brain explodes.”

― Ryan Holiday

“Melody is the single most important thing to any song, period. I don’t care what anybody says, it trumps everything. Not because that’s my opinion but because I think it’s actually indisputable fact. The human brain retains melody easier than it retains words. It’s that simple.”

― Ryan Tedder

“You can open up a centenarian’s brain, and you’ll see some areas that look like that of a 50-year-old or of a 110-year-old. You can have variation in the basic process of aging, called senescence, in different parts of the same body.”

― S. Jay Olshansky

“Rather than saying, ‘I can’t do this,’ ‘Sesame Street’ encourages us to say, ‘I can’t do this… yet!’ That one word changes everything. It emphasizes that your capability isn’t fixed. It highlights the reality that our brain is like a muscle.”

― Sal Khan

“I grew up with plenty of smart people. They would beat me at chess; they could solve brain teasers before I could, but then they would struggle in algebra. These were incredibly smart people who simply did not have the foundation in math that I had.”

― Sal Khan

“Human experience depends on everything that can influence states of the human brain, ranging from changes in our genome to changes in the global economy.”

― Sam Harris

“The more understanding we have about what’s going on in our own brain will just make us more capable in our own jobs, in telling our kids we love them, and living a fulfilling life.”

― Sam Jaeger

“The idea of critical windows extends beyond just vision, of course: almost every system in the brain has a critical window when it needs to experience certain stimuli, or it won’t get wired up properly. The most obvious example is language: if you don’t learn a language early on, it’s nigh impossible to become truly fluent.”

― Sam Kean

“I was reading this story about these people who suffered from brain injuries, and then their behavior changed kind of drastically afterward, and I just said to myself, ‘There’s no way that that can possibly be true.’”

― Sam Kean

“Brain surgery couldn’t happen without the patient’s own active voice to guide the work. The patient is part of the surgical team here, perhaps the most important part, and above all, that’s what makes neurosurgery different.”

― Sam Kean

“We really should be grateful to the people who participate in research and allow certain details to be published about themselves. Because if they didn’t, we wouldn’t have nearly the understanding of the brain that we do.”

― Sam Kean

“In a vague way, I always knew neurosurgery was different – more delicate, more difficult, more demanding. After all, we say things like, ‘I’m no brain surgeon,’ for a reason.”

― Sam Kean

“Although it’s the hub of the nervous system and the ultimate terminus of every nerve, the brain itself lacks enervation and therefore cannot feel pain.”

― Sam Kean

“The brain, which is plastic when young, must be exposed to certain sights early in life, or it will remain blind to those sights forever.”

― Sam Kean

“The amygdala is one of those brain structures that a lot of people know a little bit about, and there’s a definite tendency to conflate the amygdala and the fear response itself – as if the amygdala, and the amygdala alone, ’causes’ fear.”

― Sam Kean

“What I find fascinating is the idea that we all have a physical brain, but we also have this mental part, and we have to figure out how they work together.”

― Sam Kean

“The hippocampus helps record both types of memories initially, and it helps retain them for the medium term. The hippocampus also helps us access old personal memories in long-term storage in other parts of the brain.”

― Sam Kean

“All I know is that I operate by going out to each of them and trying to learn the territory in which they operate. My language to each of them has to suit their brain.”

― Sam Mendes

“When I wake up, I’ll go through emails on my iPhone – the junk email. At that point, my brain isn’t usually awake enough to handle anything more than that.”

― Sam Trammell

“I like being part of a big company’s executive team. It’s fun to stretch other parts of my brain, considering questions like, ‘How should we think of acquisitions?’ I get to be privy to things that would never come up at a small company.”

― Sam Yagan

“I am never not thinking about stories. ‘The Bone Season’ is 90% of my brain – 10% is interacting with the rest of the world.”

― Samantha Shannon

“Money is the last enemy that shall never be subdued. While there is flesh there is money or the want of money, but money is always on the brain so long as there is a brain in reasonable order.”

― Samuel Butler

“What I think is if the world is in some difficulty – about climate change, about economics – then we had better make sure that 100 per cent of every brain available on the planet is working at full pelt to try to sort these things out.”

― Sandi Toksvig

“I pick up inspiration from everywhere and it all manages to keep stored in my brain somewhere.”

― Santigold

“For me, writing for younger audiences and writing for adults uses two different halves of my brain.”

― Sara Shepard

“Doctors say there’s no such thing as chemo brain, but ask any chemo patient.”

― Sarah Addison Allen

“I don’t really go on diets because when I go on a diet, my brain stops working. I mean, really, that’s all I think about: what I can eat, what I can’t eat. I sort of decided that’s not what I want to do with my time on this planet. It’s not it.”

― Sarah Dunn

“Over the years, I’ve lived in a variety of places, including America, but I was born and raised in the Lake District, in Cumbria. Growing up in that rural, sodden, mountainous county has shaped my brain, perhaps even my temperament.”

― Sarah Hall

“I prefer to be covered. I don’t wear a lot of low-cut things. I’d rather keep the attention to my brain, my face.”

― Sarah Hay

“It’s happening: Lou Dobbs’ dream come true and Silicon Valley’s worst nightmare. We’re already seeing the reverse brain drain as smart immigrants take their U.S. educations and experience building companies and creating technology back to their home countries.”

― Sarah Lacy

“Your work isn’t just to learn and say the lines. Your work is to figure out what the chatter in your brain is, that’s going on under the lines. It doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking or not speaking because your mind is working the way your character’s mind would work.”

― Sarah Wayne Callies

“Since being on television, I have felt that my brain is degenerating.”

― Sayed Kashua

“One way to compensate for a tiny brain is to pretend to be dead.”

― Scott Adams

“’Orthodoxy’ is the seminal book of ideas in my life. That book I’ve read more than any other book. It’s the spinal column that leads up to my brain and informs the way I think. Flannery O’Connor is my favorite American writer.”

― Scott Derrickson

“What I always want is to have several little ‘aha’ moments where your brain is very happy.”

― Scott Kim

“Every suggested idea produces a corresponding physical reaction. Every idea constantly repeated ends by being engraved upon the brain, provoking the act which corresponds to that idea.”

― Scott Reed

“To begin with, you must realize that any idea accepted by the brain is automatically transformed into an action of some sort. It may take seconds or minutes or longer – but ideas always produce a reaction of some sort.”

― Scott Reed

“I transplanted my brain into ‘HQ’ and that’s where the dark corners of my mind got exposed: Pop culture, ’90s baseball, ‘Simpsons,’ ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Mr. Show,’ Phish, Grateful Dead.”

― Scott Rogowsky

“I have a tough time turning my brain off, to be honest.”

― Scott Speedman

“To say that my anxiety is reducible to the ions in my amygdala is as limiting as saying that my personality or my soul is reducible to the molecules that make up my brain cells or to the genes that underwrote them.”

― Scott Stossel

“Ninety percent of the research comes first. I mostly blunder around reading stuff and talking to smart people until an idea batters or oozes its way through to my narrative brain.”

― Scott Westerfeld

“The amount of sensory material stored up or stored down in the brain’s and the body’s systems is inestimable. It’s like a culture at the bottom of a jar, although it doesn’t grow, I think, or help anything else to grow unless you find a way to reach it and touch it.”

― Seamus Heaney

“When you turn up in Leicester Square and there are 5,000 people screaming your name and holding placards, that’s just weird. It’s hard to find a place for it in your brain that makes any sense. I’m not really comfortable in that sort of situation.”

― Sean Biggerstaff

“I’m an actor – it’s not brain surgery. If I do my job right, people won’t ask for their money back.”

― Sean Connery

“I like to have books around to give me ideas-to get the verbal part of my brain to start working.”

― Sean Lennon

“I would say that I probably remember football stuff… but it’s not like you see it once and then it’s just there. I go back and watch film, watch plays, and, in my brain, I probably only have room for so much.”

― Sean McVay

“The Hart Foundation versus The Brain Busters, if you can find that match, it is fantastic.”

― Sean Waltman

“If you get an infection, you get a fever; the fever is your body dealing with the infection. If you get traumatized, your mind and your brain have a reaction to that trauma. If you’re not dreaming about it, something’s probably wrong.”

― Sebastian Junger

“Film is a game of projections upon projections, and the projected image on the screen is a game of light and shadows. There is nothing there; it is the brain that is decoding those things. The film doesn’t have any decipherable kind of meaning if it’s not seen.”

― Sebastian Lelio

“The brain is behind the really big questions we have. Who am I, what is my identity? What is that based on? If memories are encoded in connectomes, your personality might be in your connectome. If that’s the case, that’s the basis of your uniqueness as a person.”

― Sebastian Seung

“Ask not what the brain can do for the computer. Ask what the computer can do for the brain.”

― Sebastian Seung

“To find better means of fixing the brain, we first need to achieve something more fundamental. We must understand how it works.”

― Sebastian Seung

“If we can map the retina, that will help us understand how it functions in vision, as well as devise new ways of repairing its malfunctions. And if we can really figure out the retina, perhaps we will have a shot at figuring out the vastly more complicated brain.”

― Sebastian Seung

“I’m tremendously optimistic about the future of my discipline, yet understanding the brain is so difficult that we neuroscientists need help.”

― Sebastian Seung

“There are many ways in which genes influence the brain.”

― Sebastian Seung

“The biggest invention of modern time is the book. The book is a digital medium; book text is written in a different form and replicable. What it really does is it allows us to replicate cultural information, scientific technology, and information out of the human brain.”

― Sebastian Thrun

“As a college student, what really interested me was the human brain and human intelligence.”

― Sebastian Thrun

“We want Google to be the third half of your brain.”

― Sergey Brin

“I think that true horror is accomplished by slowly getting into your brain. The old way is much more scary.”

― Sergio Aragones

“I have 40 years of unpublished material, the ones they don’t pick, and the reason I don’t redraw them or use them again is that I like to use my brain every day and come up with new jokes.”

― Sergio Aragones

“What makes me happy is just keeping my brain challenged and stimulated and on its toes.”

― Seth MacFarlane

“It’s very hard to get inside Donald Trump’s brain, and I don’t want to try.”

― Seth Meyers

“Everything you see is filtered through your visual system (imperfect) and your brain (also imperfect, despite what your mom told you). Witness testimony is the worst kind of evidence in science.”

― Seth Shostak

“Heads are a good deal, and I think they would be a common feature. It’s hard to think of species that don’t have heads, although there are some. It’s good to have a head because it puts some of the sensory organs – eyes, ears, whiskers or whatever – next to the CPU, the brain.”

― Seth Shostak

“By 2020, most home computers will have the computing power of a human brain. That doesn’t mean that they are brains, but it means that in terms of raw processing, they can process bits as fast as a brain can. So the question is, how far behind that is the development of a machine that’s as smart as we are?”

― Seth Shostak

“Humans have existed only for the last 0.001 percent of cosmic time. All of which says that – unless the Homo sapiens brain is the one-and-only instance of cogitating machinery – nearly all the intelligence that’s out there is beyond our level. And that intelligence is more than just a little bit beyond.”

― Seth Shostak

“If the cosmos isn’t finite, then far, far away, floating duplicates of your brain – with all its experiences, thoughts, and emotions – are occasionally (and temporarily) thrown together by the random combining of atoms. Such ‘Boltzmann brains,’ as they’re called, are a disturbing consequence of an unlimited universe.”

― Seth Shostak

“Making records is not brain surgery.”

― Shaggy

“My brain, I believe, is the most beautiful part of my body.”

― Shakira

“If you do not use a muscle or any part of the body, it tends to become atrophic. So is the case with the brain. The more you use it, the better it becomes.”

― Shakuntala Devi

“I love the percussion. It’s a right brain, left brain thing. There are different beats, but cooperating together. It’s your whole body doing it, you’re doing the snare drum and the high top with your hands and the bass drum with your foot. You’re this whole motion machine.”

― Shalom Harlow

“I don’t want my body to be a distraction from my talent or my brain.”

― Shania Twain

“There are plenty of skills I’ve learned from playing video games. It’s more interactive than watching TV, because there are problems to solve as you’re using your brain.”

― Shaun White

“When people exercise, we talk about endorphins, but endorphins are just short-term. The reason why exercise is valuable is it trains your brain to believe, ‘My behavior matters,’ which is optimism.”

― Shawn Achor

“To be truly engaged at work, your brain needs periodic breaks to gain fresh perspective and energy.”

― Shawn Achor

“The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain.”

― Shawn Achor

“You have to train your brain to be positive just like you work out your body.”

― Shawn Achor

“Scientifically, happiness is a choice. It is a choice about where your single processor brain will devote its finite resources as you process the world.”

― Shawn Achor

“For me, meditation’s hard because I feel like I have developed ‘cultural attention-deficit disorder,’ where, because we have so much stimulation, I feel like I have trouble focusing on things for very long. So when I try to meditate, my brain gets so scattered.”

― Shawn Achor

“There’s a reason for Art Garfunkel’s oddly shaped hair. It hides a very big brain.”

― Shawn Amos

“Technology challenges us to look at our human values. We can try to use technology to cure Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, which would be a blessing, but that blessing is not a reason to move from artificial brain enhancement to artificial intimacy.”

― Sherry Turkle

“Where the despair of loneliness and poverty haunts every hour, the optimism to embark on new projects cannot find a place to alight on the brain’s cortex. Poverty itself is an enormous obstacle to an enlightened and enlightening – not to say healthy – old age.”

― Sherwin B. Nuland

“When I’m doing theatre, I feel like my life’s on hold. Even though you might go out for a coffee, or go and see a film, your brain is still there, pulling you back to it.”

― Shirley Henderson

“Of course I’m schooled in the old school method: taking what I think the director wants, then reworking it through my own brain and heart.”

― Shirley MacLaine

“I wanted to be the first girl in my class to get married. From the seventh grade on, I used to write in my yearbook under each senior’s picture, ‘married’ or ‘engaged.’ I had marriage on the brain.”

― Shirley Temple

“I’m really freaked out by time. How, for instance, what I did last week is not real in the sense that it’s happened. It’s just a memory that’s filed away in my brain.”

― Shura

“I don’t watch the kind of cinema where people say, ‘Leave your brain at home,’ and watch.”

― Shweta Tripathi

“Melody is pure intuition. I don’t use any thinking brain when I do that. That’s totally in the zone.”

― Sia

“When the brain gets lost, it doesn’t stop working. It tries to makes sense of things. It begins to speculate and guess, and that’s when things open up. That’s exciting.”

― Simon McBurney

“The brain constantly assures us, reassures us, that we are in control. But the closer you look, the more questions you have about it.”

― Simon McBurney

“When we can communicate from the inside out, we’re talking directly to the part of the brain that controls behavior, and then we allow people to rationalize it with the tangible things we say and do. This is where gut decisions come from.”

― Simon Sinek

“I think most people are inherently interested in how their brain works, in what makes them tick.”

― Simon Sinek

“Libraries are the ultimate restaurants for brain food. I sleep better knowing there are libraries. I would take a bullet for a librarian.”

― Simon Van Booy

“All human states are organic brain states – happiness, sadness, fear, lust, dreaming, doing math problems and writing novels – and our brains are not static.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“I have not been diagnosed with epilepsy. I did have an MRI of the brain, and they found no abnormalities in my brain. Now, there are people with epilepsy who have completely normal MRI’s, too. I just think also, you know, epileptic seizures can be triggered by emotional stress, by all kinds of things, lights.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“Both depression and anxiety disorders, for example, are repeatedly described in the media as ‘chemical imbalances in the brain,’ as if spontaneous neural events with no relation to anything outside a person’s brain cause depression and anxiety.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“Many scholars working in the humanities have already shown interest in brain research. For years, contemporary theory in the humanities has left the body and biology out of their discussions.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“It’s thought that about 96% of us have visual imagery, and there’s a very tiny minority in the population, some of whom are normal, some of whom have brain lesions, who cannot produce visual imagery.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“Neurobiological research has shown that in people with chronic PTSD, both stress hormone secretion and areas of the brain connected to memory function, such as the hippocampus, appear to be affected, although exactly how and why remains controversial.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“We live in a culture that is much happier talking about organic brain disease than about psychic illness because the former suggests that something that is physically wrong in a brain is wholly unrelated to that person’s upbringing or experiences in the world, but that is not necessarily true.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“The brain is an immensely complex organ, and many mysteries remain. Exactly how brain and mind or soma and psyche are related is one of them.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“I found myself fascinated by neuroscience, attended a monthly lecture on brain science at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, and was invited to become a member of a discussion group devoted to a new field: neuropsychoanalysis.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“I bought myself a rubber brain, familiarized myself with its many parts, listened intently, and read more. In fact, I read obsessively, as my husband has told me repeatedly. He has even suggested that my rapacious reading resembles an addiction.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“Everything in New York seems to merit preserving. If it’s not historical, it’s personal. If it’s not personal, it’s cultural. But you can’t. You can’t save everything. You just have to pack it up in your brain and take it with you when you go.”

― Sloane Crosley

“Sadly, you can’t just pretend that you haven’t seen the creepy things that people have said about you. It’s something that gets in your brain.”

― Soccer Mommy

“I read anything and everything. Comfort food for my brain is fantasy fiction or science fiction.”

― Sonali Bendre

“I think the sexiest thing on anybody is intelligence. I respect somebody who has a brain and wants to use it more than a pretty face and status.”

― Sophia Bush

“I can’t cook. I don’t have the right brain for it, somehow. I can’t walk into a room and tidy it up. I get distracted. I pick up one thing and I start looking at it. And my cooking is truly heinous.”

― Sophie Kinsella

“What good is speed if the brain has oozed out on the way.”

― St. Jerome

“I try to take moments to get brain food – I read, I listen to talk radio – and fill my own self with learning.”

― Stacy Brown-Philpot

“Recently a study proved that working from a larger, less cluttered computer screen increases concentration. I could have told them that. And yes, I write first drafts with a mechanical pencil and a yellow legal pad. There’s good reason for this primitive behavior: I am a crackerjack typist. My hand moves far more quickly than my brain.”

― Stacy Schiff

“There is an urgent need for a radical revision of our current concepts of the nature of consciousness and its relationship to matter and the brain.”

― Stanislav Grof

“According to materialistic science, any memory requires a material substrate, such as the neuronal network in the brain or the DNA molecules of the genes.”

― Stanislav Grof

“Neuroscience is by far the most exciting branch of science because the brain is the most fascinating object in the universe. Every human brain is different – the brain makes each human unique and defines who he or she is.”

― Stanley B. Prusiner

“My brain goes in just one direction. The Future. I don’t worry about the present. By the time you talk about the present, it’s gone.”

― Stefano Pessina

“I explain at the parties that I believe knitting is a transformative and intriguing act that can change the life and brain of the person doing it, and that knitting is a perfect metaphor for life and insight into some better ways through it.”

― Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

“When I get time off, my brain is just, that’s it. I sit. I veg. People will think that I’m upset or not happy, but I’m just exhausted. I’m just zoned out.”

― Stephen Amell

“My father was all brain and little heart.”

― Stephen Fry

“I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”

― Stephen Hawking

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.”

― Stephen Hawking

“We must develop as quickly as possible technologies that make possible a direct connection between brain and computer, so that artificial brains contribute to human intelligence rather than opposing it.”

― Stephen Hawking

“There is a real danger that computers will develop intelligence and take over. We urgently need to develop direct connections to the brain so that computers can add to human intelligence rather than be in opposition.”

― Stephen Hawking

“I think the brain is essentially a computer and consciousness is like a computer program. It will cease to run when the computer is turned off. Theoretically, it could be re-created on a neural network, but that would be very difficult, as it would require all one’s memories.”

― Stephen Hawking

“What is consciousness? Our brain simulates reality. So, our everyday experiences are a form of dreaming, which is to say, they are mental models, simulations, not the things they appear to be.”

― Stephen LaBerge

“Memory works according to meaning, and when something is important to you, the Google in your brain brings it forward all of a sudden.”

― Stephen Tobolowsky

“Extending our lives, extending our creativity, opening up the mysteries of the brain. All those things that are really exciting – that’s kind of the basis of ‘Neon Future,’ and that’s why I interviewed Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey.”

― Steve Aoki

“I’m a morning person because I learned to write my novels while still practicing law. I would get to the office at 6:30 a.m. and write until other people arrived, around 9. Now I still do that. I start at 6:30 or 7, and I’ll write until 11, then take an hour off, then work until about 2 p.m. By then my brain has had enough.”

― Steve Berry

“When I look at someone’s face, there’s something in my brain that just clicks – that breaks down their face into the elements that go into a caricature. It might be like the way a chef tastes a dish and can break down into elements what went into it.”

― Steve Breen

“A healthy body means a healthy mind. You get your heart rate up, and you get the blood flowing through your body to your brain. Look at Albert Einstein. He rode a bicycle. He was also an early student of Jazzercise. You never saw Einstein lift his shirt, but he had a six-pack under there.”

― Steve Carell

“Children are very smart, in their own stupid way. A child’s brain is like a sponge, and you know how smart sponges are.”

― Steve Carell

“I’m a Top 40 record guy. I remember the hits and don’t remember the flops. Something in my brain blocks them out.”

― Steve Cropper

“I have been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It’s a terminal disease with an average lifespan of two to five years post-diagnosis, and scientists don’t know what causes it. ALS prevents your brain from talking to your muscles. As a result, muscles die. As a result, every 90 minutes people die. I am a person.”

― Steve Gleason

“The use of the wearable computer changes with each person. When this device is your way of seeing, or a seeing aid, it’s how you see the world. When you use it as a memory aid, it is your brain.”

― Steve Mann

“Virtual-reality researchers have long struggled to eliminate effects that distort the brain’s normal processing of visual information, and when these effects arise in equipment that augments or mediates the real world, they can be that much more disturbing.”

― Steve Mann

“After watching my poor mother being sometimes neglected by my father, it was almost tattooed on my brain that I would never cause hardship or despair to a partner.”

― Steven Berkoff

“Vivid images are like a beautiful melody that speaks to you on an emotional level. It bypasses your logic centers and even your intellect and goes to a different part of the brain.”

― Steven Bochco

“Implanting a microchip inside the brain to augment its mental powers has long been a science fiction trope.”

― Steven Levy

“Every year, I come to TED prepared to roll my eyes a lot at the beginning, but knowing that at some point in the intellectual marathon, my brain will buckle to the cascade of ideas and bend to the painstakingly rehearsed presentations.”

― Steven Levy

“It’s likely that taboo words are stored in the right hemisphere of the brain. Massive left hemisphere strokes or the entire surgical removal of the left hemisphere can leave people with no articulate speech other than the ability to swear, spout cliches and song lyrics.”

― Steven Pinker

“Why do people believe that there are dangerous implications of the idea that the mind is a product of the brain, that the brain is organized in part by the genome, and that the genome was shaped by natural selection?”

― Steven Pinker

“But the newest research is showing that many properties of the brain are genetically organized, and don’t depend on information coming in from the senses.”

― Steven Pinker

“Consciousness surely does not depend on language. Babies, many animals, and patients robbed of speech by brain damage are not insensate robots; they have reactions like ours that indicate that someone’s home.”

― Steven Pinker

“Consciousness turns out to consist of a maelstrom of events distributed across the brain. These events compete for attention, and as one process outshouts the others, the brain rationalizes the outcome after the fact and concocts the impression that a single self was in charge all along.”

― Steven Pinker

“Of course, genes can’t pull the levers of our behavior directly. But they affect the wiring and workings of the brain, and the brain is the seat of our drives, temperaments and patterns of thought.”

― Steven Pinker

“No one knows what the nongenetic causes of individuality are. Perhaps people are shaped by modifications of genes that take place after conception, or by haphazard fluctuations in the chemical soup in the womb or the wiring up of the brain or the expression of the genes themselves.”

― Steven Pinker

“All our behaviours are a result of neurophysiological activity in the brain. There is no reason to believe there is any magic going on.”

― Steven Pinker

“The brain is not a bag of traits. It’s startlingly complex. There are few or no single genes with a consistent effect on the mind.”

― Steven Pinker

“The reason I’m not a neurobiologist but a cognitive psychologist is that I think looking at brain tissue is often the wrong level of analysis. You have to look at a higher level of organization.”

― Steven Pinker

“You can’t hear a word and just hear it as raw sound; it always evokes an associated meaning and emotion in the brain.”

― Steven Pinker

“All our behaviours are a result of neurophysiological activity in the brain.”

― Steven Pinker

“I don’t think there was a thunderclap or a divine spark that suddenly made one species smart. You can see, in our ancestors, there was a gradual expansion of the brain; there was an expansion of the complexity of tools.”

― Steven Pinker

“One of the advantages of something like Slack is that I tap on the app icon, and it’s just the people at my company and just the people I work with. There’s a strong boundary there which aids in comprehension. It’s one less molecule of glucose in my brain to manage it all.”

― Stewart Butterfield

“It is necessary to relax your muscles when you can. Relaxing your brain is fatal.”

― Stirling Moss

“I prefer the word ‘musician.’ I’m a musician and a composer. I have a problem with the word ‘artist.’ I don’t know if it’s the same in English, but words like ‘artist’ and ‘star’ put people on a pedestal, which is not really good for my brain.”

― Stromae

“Schools still operate as if all knowledge is contained in books, and as if the salient points in books must be stored in each human brain – to be used when needed. The political and financial powers controlling schools decide what these salient points are.”

― Sugata Mitra

“It is a common fact that we see light flashes in a dark environment while living up here, and this experiment is essentially trying to detect how we humans detect these flashes – not sure if these are visual, if they are some type of radiation maybe sensed by some other part of the brain.”

― Sunita Williams

“I enjoyed working with Vikram Kumar, as he is an amazing director who is full of ideas, and he tells me that he has different compartments in his brain in which he places different story ideas and works on them simultaneously.”

― Suriya

“I was slightly brain damaged at birth, and I want people like me to see that they shouldn’t let a disability get in the way. I want to raise awareness – I want to turn my disability into ability.”

― Susan Boyle

“Only a reader can become a writer. Develop a lively intellect and the ability to become interested in anything, no matter how mundane it might seem at first. Look for the story. Develop an eye for detail. Feed your mind and your brain: learn as much as you can about everything you can.”

― Susan Campbell Bartoletti

“We separate problems with the brain into neurological and psychiatric, and it’s because it’s stigmatised still. Mental illness is still stigmatised. Imagine if we treated people with cancer like that. Just because your personality changes and your behaviour changes, all of a sudden you are put in a different category.”

― Susannah Cahalan

“The true story of how my husband, Stephen, and I exchanged our first ‘I love you’s’ – chronicled in my 2012 memoir ‘Brain on Fire’ – occurred deep in a hallucinatory psychotic episode outside a crowded Maplewood, NJ, restaurant.”

― Susannah Cahalan

“My own medical history during my hospital stay was readily available to me through literally thousands of pages of medical records that outlined everything from my ‘bowel releasing’ schedule to the minute details of my brain biopsy procedure.”

― Susannah Cahalan

“When ‘Brain on Fire’ premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2016, I fixated on inconsequential things like what dress I would wear and how much weight I wanted to lose. I lost my perspective.”

― Susannah Cahalan

“The brain is the black box: the final frontier.”

― Susannah Cahalan

“The brain is probably the most mysterious subject there is.”

― Susumu Tonegawa

“The brain is hugely complicated, and because it is so complicated, it requires multidisciplinary research.”

― Susumu Tonegawa

“Independent of what is happening around you in the outside world, humans constantly have internal activity in the brain.”

― Susumu Tonegawa

“Our study showed that the false memory and the genuine memory are based on very similar, almost identical, brain mechanisms. It is difficult for the false memory bearer to distinguish between them.”

― Susumu Tonegawa

“I think people respond to dystopian stories because they’re ways of acting out anxieties that we have and fears that we have about the future. So much media’s coming at you over the Internet, your brain gets overloaded. You don’t know what to do with it. And one thing you can do with it is read a story.”

― Suzanne Collins

“When the brain perceives you are no longer reproductive because your hormones are out of balance, it tries to get rid of you, and it usually activates the cancers in perimenopause.”

― Suzanne Somers

“I’m totally active. I am just this side of hyper. I jog and go to the gym every day. When I’m on the computer, I’m reading, I’m writing, I’m never quiet. My brain is very rarely not engaged. Every now and again I will fall asleep under the parasol in the sun, but that’s a rarity.”

― Suzi Quatro

“I’m one of those rare breed of rock n’ rollers with a brain, probably because the brain’s still intact.”

― Suzi Quatro

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

― Swami Vivekananda

“I was an avid reader as a child. I am losing that habit now, as my brain congeals into cabbage from wearing too many heels and too much foundation.”

― Swara Bhaskar

“The fact that three-fifths of an octopus’ neurons are not in their brain, but in their arms, suggests that each arm has a mind of its own.”

― Sy Montgomery

“Knowledge fills a large brain; it merely inflates a small one.”

― Sydney J. Harris

“There’s still a part of me that believes what was great about ‘Doctor Who’ in the early days was that you had a superhero who didn’t wear his underpants on the outside of his trousers, who used his brain rather than his brawn.”

― Sylvester McCoy

“When I was a kid, my mother used to feed me mashed-potato sandwiches, brussel sprout sandwiches; my brain cells were starving from lack of food. I’ll eat anything. I’ll eat dirt.”

― Sylvester Stallone

“Your brain is triggered to produce.”

― Sylvester Stallone

“I have things I watch in my downtime – I love ‘Scandal.’ I don’t write political romance, so there’s not a direct relation there. But it’s something I do just to turn off the brain for a little bit, and just to relax and recharge.”

― Sylvia Day

“When you start, you have no brain; you are a kid. It’s fine. But then I started to be scared. I was scared of judgment – not as a dancer, but as a person – and I was really uncomfortable with people. And it lasted for a very long time.”

― Sylvie Guillem

“When you are young, you can do anything, everything, and nothing at the same time. You don’t have that kind of judgment; you just eat… like teenagers that need to feed. After a while, you know exactly what you are looking for, that sense of analysis comes to you when you start to use your brain.”

― Sylvie Guillem

“I am not much of a trained actor. I have to get my brain and heart to go deep inside the situation, and then, probably, I can start acting. It takes me a little while to get out of it.”

― Taapsee Pannu

“The human brain has an amazing ability for pattern recognition, sometimes even better than a computer.”

― Tabetha S. Boyajian

“When I draw something, the brain and the hands work together.”

― Tadao Ando

“Every day, I have new ideas. It makes my brain tired, so I spend time taking care of company quality, finding new artists, and taking care of the young artists.”

― Takashi Murakami

“I don’t always enjoy curating, but I do believe it’s part of my job. It’s a good exercise for my brain, like warming up. Just focusing on my work would be so depressing! For me, curating is necessary – it’s like physical training.”

― Takashi Murakami

“If I have 1% of my dad’s brain, I’ll be happy. He’s so quick.”

― Tamara Ecclestone

“The brain is the cornerstone of virtually every facet of our lives. I wish we knew more.”

― Tan Le

“Our understanding of the human brain can be dramatically accelerated if we collect and share research data on an exponentially wider scale.”

― Tan Le

“Freediving is by far and away the toughest sport mentally. You are underwater for up to seven minutes, and a lot of thoughts go through your brain, and you need to be completely calm and relaxed. In any other sport, you use increased adrenalin, but in freediving, you have to drop the heart rate down to 20 beats per minute.”

― Tanc Sade

“If I don’t like someone and I start reading their stuff, it seems like my brain will just automatically start criticizing everything that’s there. It’s really hard to read a book without having all this outside information telling you what to think about it.”

― Tao Lin

“The ‘army camp’ that coordinates the agencies of our brain is vulnerable, both in itself and from within. In effect, he who can know and master its functioning and psychology from outside can become twice its master.”

― Tariq Ramadan

“Every day, I kind of have in my brain a few slots of what I want to do. Like school, sleep, homework, ‘Rookie,’ hanging out with friends, mindless relaxation time, and then trying to do my own creative things.”

― Tavi Gevinson

“As an author, I had spent years writing my stories on my own in a quiet room. My ideas traveled from my brain to my fingers, executed exactly as I saw fit, never veering from my own intent. TV simply doesn’t work that way.”

― Taylor Jenkins Reid

“I am constantly distracted by my own brain when I’ve completed a paragraph, realized I don’t know what comes next, and start opening a browser tab without even realizing it.”

― Taylor Jenkins Reid

“When I hit a block, regardless of what I am writing, what the subject matter is, or what’s going on in the plot, I go back and I read Pablo Neruda’s poetry. I don’t actually speak Spanish, so I read it translation. But I always go back to Neruda. I don’t know why, but it calms me, calms my brain.”

― Tea Obreht

“As long as my brain and heart are working, I’m good.”

― Tech N9ne

“The pressure isn’t on my brain, but on my mouth. I realized Sam Malone said very little, he spoke in little sentences. Which is much more comfortable for me for some reason.”

― Ted Danson

“Autism is a neurological disorder. It’s not caused by bad parenting. It’s caused by, you know, abnormal development in the brain. The emotional circuits in the brain are abnormal. And there also are differences in the white matter, which is the brain’s computer cables that hook up the different brain departments.”

― Temple Grandin

“I’m a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker. My brain is like Google Images.”

― Temple Grandin

“I think that autistic brains tend to be specialized brains. Autistic people tend to be less social. It takes a ton of processor space in the brain to have all the social circuits.”

― Temple Grandin

“They drilled a hole in my head and wrapped a coil around my brain so it wouldn’t bleed anymore.”

― Teri Garr

“And right now I may just be living inside the heart of the body, and I one day hope to move to the brain.”

― Terrence Howard

“When you’re clinically depressed the serotonin in your brain is out of balance and probably always will be out of balance. So I take medication to get that proper balance back. I’ll probably have to be on it the rest of my life.”

― Terry Bradshaw

“It’s obvious that my brain isn’t what it used to be.”

― Terry Bradshaw

“I got tested to see what condition my brain is in. And it’s not in real good shape.”

― Terry Bradshaw

“I’m learning how to prevent my brain from getting worse than it is after suffering a career worth of concussions playing football.”

― Terry Bradshaw

“I know three people who have got better after a brain tumour. I haven’t heard of anyone who’s got better from Alzheimer’s.”

― Terry Pratchett

“I am active in brain storming with our people, our strategists, in Thailand.”

― Thaksin Shinawatra

“I think it keeps your brain moving faster, singing in another language.”

― Thalia

“If I let my brain follow its path unfettered, it would be kinda ugly.”

― Theo Epstein

“The Strandbeest is a self-replicating meme, a brain virus. It infects the student’s brain. In fact, the Strandbeest abuse students for their reproduction. For two years, this reproduction fell into a flow acceleration. Now, 3D printers produce walking mini Strandbeests.”

― Theo Jansen

“I think he’s informing himself, reaching out and getting ideas and information and advice. I haven’t the slightest doubt that internally taking shape in that marvelous brain of his is a philosophy of foreign affairs. But it would be premature to say that one is fully formed.”

― Theodore C. Sorensen

“I’m a private person by nature. I live in my brain half the time, not the world, and I’m not a natural negotiator. But I’ve learned to negotiate.”

― Thom Mayne

“The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.”

― Thomas A. Edison

“If a man cannot do brain work without stimulants of any kind, he had better turn to hand work it is an indication on Nature’s part that she did not mean him to be a head worker.”

― Thomas Huxley

“America is immature as a nation, and part of the reason why ‘Hung’ is a hit show is because it deals with that immature side of the male brain where we are kind of comparing ourselves to the rest of the world.”

― Thomas Jane

“I don’t think anyone can do any character that doesn’t have at least some ounce of themselves in it. You are who you are, and your brain is drawing on things that you’ve experienced.”

― Thomas Middleditch

“This wretched brain gave way, and I became a wreck at random driven, without one glimpse of reason or heaven.”

― Thomas Moore

“Unlike the heart or kidney, which have a small, defined set of cell types, we still do not have a taxonomy of neurons, and neuroscientists still argue whether specific types of neurons are unique to humans. But there is no disputing that neurons are only about 10 percent of the cells in the human brain.”

― Thomas R. Insel

“Neuroscientists talk a lot about brain circuits. In fact, the word ‘circuit’ is probably misleading. We do not know where most circuits begin and end. And unlike an electrical circuit, brain connections are heavily reciprocal and recursive, so that a direction of information flow can be inferred but sometimes not proven.”

― Thomas R. Insel

“Most of our brain cells are glial cells, once thought to be mere support cells, but now understood as having a critical role in brain function. Glial cells in the human brain are markedly different from glial cells in other brains, suggesting that they may be important in the evolution of brain function.”

― Thomas R. Insel

“My philosophy is really based on humility. I don’t think we know enough to fix either diagnostics or therapeutics. The future of psychiatry is clinical neuroscience, based on a much deeper understanding of the brain.”

― Thomas R. Insel

“When we talk about the brain, it is anything but unidimensional or simplistic or reductionistic.”

― Thomas R. Insel

“We have to remain humble about our understanding of the brain, because even our most powerful tools remain pretty blunt instruments for decoding the brain. In fact, we still do not know how to decipher the basic language of how the brain works.”

― Thomas R. Insel

“I’m a voyeur. I say that with no embarrassment. If I could have a superpower, being invisible would be it, no question. I’m fascinated by human behavior; observing people and seeing how much story gets told without a lot of dialogue, and how much our brain fills in.”

― Thomas Schlamme

“Manchester United could have any goalkeeper in the world. I was a 23-year-old kid from New Jersey who, from an early age, had to cope with Tourette’s Syndrome, a brain disorder that can trigger speech and facial tics, vocal outbursts and obsessive compulsive behavior.”

― Tim Howard

“We are dealing with the best-educated generation in history. But they’ve got a brain dressed up with nowhere to go.”

― Timothy Leary

“From my first published paper in 1946, my obsession has been to objectify inner experiences, to demystify the software of human existence. How? By relating changes in external behavior, systematically and lawfully, to changes in the brain.”

― Timothy Leary

“Current psychological priesthoods ignore the fact that the profession of psychology was originated by Gustav Theodor Fechner, a physicist who recognized that the key to understanding human nature was the relationship between external stimuli and the brain.”

― Timothy Leary

“Psychologism holds that logical assertions are percolations of brains. Thus logic is a set of rules for how healthy brains operate. Aside from the infinite regress of a brain determining whether a brain is healthy, we have the infinite regress of the idea ‘All concepts are brain percolations’ being itself a brain percolation, on its own terms.”

― Timothy Morton

“When I was going to school in, like, ’84 to ’88, you didn’t have cell phones. There was no e-mail, if you can wrap your brain around that.”

― Tina Fey

“Mental communication without verbalization… all space is made up of waves and we are constantly sending and receiving messages from our brain.”

― Tina Louise

“I had to learn a lot about myself during the situation with my brain tumor.”

― Tionne Watkins

“I’ve been through a lot with sickle-cell, but my recovery from the brain tumor was the hardest thing.”

― Tionne Watkins

“My message is to forget about dichotomies. The ‘Brain Opera’ is an opera, even if it does not tell a story in the usual way. It is a psychological journey with voice – so I do consider it an opera.”

― Tod Machover

“I’m tired of trying to get other people to see into my brain. I’m done.”

― Todd McFarlane

“It’s a frustrating game because the situations so drastically change at different times over the course of the week, the game, the season. It feels like brain surgery at times.”

― Tom Brady

“I think I’ve really stepped outside the box in the way I try to train, eat, hydrate, the cognitive brain games I play on a daily or weekly basis to try to build up some durability within my body, within my brain, to be able to go out there and play at a high level at age 38.”

― Tom Brady

“I spoke at TED Global 2010 about the ways that video games engage the brain, and in particular, the idea of reward structures: how a challenge or task can be broken down and presented to make it as engaging as possible.”

― Tom Chatfield

“Geometric shapes hold an energy pattern, and scientists did some experiments which say certain geometric shapes can affect matter around them. It’s simply because when a human looks at a shape, they instantly receive energy from their brain.”

― Tom DeLonge

“The Zika virus invades and disrupts the development of the fetal brain, but the effects on the brains of infants and young children are unknown.”

― Tom Frieden

“I love the incredible variety of demands directing makes on you, from the entrepreneur to the hustler to the deal-maker to the writer; to directing actors and the camera and working with music, sound, marketing and promotion. It uses so many sides of your brain.”

― Tom Hooper

“There’s always a part of my brain saying: ‘Stop getting comfortable. Don’t relax.’ Because I find it difficult to write when I’m happy. I have to go out there and get battered up and bruised to write anything. I have to feel something.”

― Tom Odell

“Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.”

― Tom Robbins

“If little else, the brain is an educational toy.”

― Tom Robbins

“My brain cells are dying in their trillions.”

― Tom Stoppard

“Young kids are doing the same thing I did, but they’re doing it differently. They don’t do brain surgery the way they used to do it either.”

― Tom T. Hall

“No machines will ever truly fully figure the brain out, because the brain’s performance is constantly altered or else constrained by this inanimate, rogue artifact you can’t control, namely, speech.”

― Tom Wolfe

“What is it about animation, graphics, illustrations, that create meaning? And this is an important question to ask and answer because the more we understand how the brain creates meaning, the better we can communicate, and, I also think, the better we can think and collaborate together.”

― Tom Wujec

“When you hit a groove, it’s not you; it’s the spirit world. The spirits whisper the ideas in your brain and prod you along. They’re the ones that are really happy.”

― Tommy Chong

“In England, you pass from A to B, and it goes to B, but in Barcelona, you have to go to D and then to F, and it really works your brain.”

― Toni Duggan

“I had a headache for four days after the first Haye fight. I didn’t tell anyone, I just went to bed and thought it would go. But for four days it remained. Then I got my brain scan before the second fight, and I was worried when I went for it.”

― Tony Bellew

“Mind mapping is a technique based on memory and creativity and comprehension and understanding, so when the student or a child uses the mind map, they are using their brain in the way their brain was designed to be used, and so the mind helps them in all learning and cognitive skills. It simply helps them in what the brain does naturally.”

― Tony Buzan

“I’m delighted the world is becoming more mentally literate. A few decades ago, if you mentioned the word ‘brain,’ no one was interested. Now, nearly every magazine on the planet is featuring the brain. One of my original goals, on one level, was to make myself unnecessary.”

― Tony Buzan

“I used to take formal notes in lines of blue, and underline the key words in red, and I realised I needed only the key words and the idea. Then to bring in connections, I drew arrows and put in images and codes. It was a picture outside my head of what was inside my head – ‘mind map’ is the language my brain spoke.”

― Tony Buzan

“Children are trained to think linearly instead of imaginatively; they are taught to read slowly and carefully, and are discouraged from daydreaming. They are trained to reduce the use and capacity of their brain.”

― Tony Buzan

“I get ideas from everywhere: movies, books, movies, nature – it comes into my brain, it sits there for a while, and it starts coming back out.”

― Tony DiTerlizzi

“An ultimate joint challenge for the biological and the computational sciences is the understanding of the mechanisms of the human brain, and its relationship with the human mind.”

― Tony Hoare

“A single human brain has about a hundred million nerve cells… and a computer program that throws light on the mind/brain problem will have to incorporate the deepest insights of biologists, nerve scientists, psychologists, physiologists, linguists, social scientists, and even philosophers.”

― Tony Hoare

“I broke my leg is all I did. I didn’t break my brain.”

― Tony Stewart

“Fortunately I own a vintage brain, and I am alive and well in the 21st century, still making records, still working at an intense pace and most of all, still having fun doing it.”

― Tony Visconti

“I’ve got to start using my brain more – I’ve got to be more ethereal and more enlightened.”

― Tracey Emin

“My writing routine is: get son off to school and sit down at 8 A.M. I read what I wrote the day before, and then write longhand, into a notebook. I prefer paper and pen because it feels closer to my brain.”

― Tracy Chevalier

“Anyone who takes the craft of songwriting seriously I radiate towards. Spending time with Daryl Hall was a dream come true. I picked his brain a lot because Hall And Oats is timeless.”

― Travie McCoy

“Chewing gum actually lowers your cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for stress. But chewing gum doesn’t just reduce stress, it also makes you more alert and improves your performance in memory-oriented tasks. It does so by increasing the blood flow to your brain and alerting your senses.”

― Travis Bradberry

“Confident people tend to challenge themselves and compete, even when their efforts yield small victories. Small victories build new androgen receptors in the areas of the brain responsible for reward and motivation.”

― Travis Bradberry

“I’ve been misunderstood when it comes to women. I’ve got a big heart and a little brain. But I love women being women; there’s something about their skin. I do love strong, independent women, but they are definitely complicated.”

― Travis Fimmel

“I think that the important thing to consider here – Hubert Humphrey said that a society is measured by how he treats those in the dawn of life, those in the shadows of life, and those in the twilight of life. And it is true that Terri Schiavo lives among us in the shadows of life, but she is not brain dead. She feels pain.”

― Trent Franks

“I’ve learned to recognize, a lot of it forced through the process of recovery, that I’m wired wrong in certain ways; the chemical balance of my brain is off in terms of depression a little bit.”

― Trent Reznor

“Recently, I went up to Casino Rama to see Martin Short’s show, just to see how he put it all together. And after the show, I went backstage and picked his brain to find out why he did certain things.”

― Trish Stratus

“When your back is against the wall, your brain has to function at a high level.”

― Troy Carter

“I’ve always had problems with my brain, so a lot of the songs are about issues I have with paranoia or freak-outs. ‘When My Head Explodes’ is about being on stage, having people look at you and expecting you to perform, then literally your head explodes.”

― Ty Segall

“What do you spend $200 million on, with a film? I can’t wrap my brain around that one.”

― Tyler Perry

“Rampage Jackson came to the UFC with a brain. He came to the UFC with a huge following from being in Asia with Pride. He was a personality before he came to the UFC. You don’t see them putting marketing money behind him to blow him up.”

― Tyron Woodley

“I like nicotine because it excites my brain and helps me work.”

― Umberto Eco

“The same parts of my brain get as excited as when I study bio or read a novel and write a paper on it.”

― Utada Hikaru

“I like to build a character, trying to stretch my imagination as far to the walls of my brain as I can to come up with something that feels truthful and feels real – as close to the skin as I can get it.”

― Uzo Aduba

“Mine’s called leptomeningeal carcinomatosis. It’s incurable. It’s terminal. And it’s in a tiny space – a huge area all around the brain and up and down the spine. But it’s small area where the spinal fluid is. It’s microscopic. You can’t see it. It isn’t lumps that they can say, ‘Oh we can zap that.’”

― Valerie Harper

“The disease I have is quite a rare cancer, and it is located in a limited area – a very widespread area, but narrow. So a lot can happen if the cancer starts getting really aggressive, pressing on parts of the brain and causing me to lose either my speech or my ability to think, etc.”

― Valerie Harper

“I have cancer. It’s in my brain… What are you gonna do about it?”

― Valerie Harper

“I think it’s so important to feed your brain you know. Sometimes you’ve just got to read.”

― Vanessa Brown

“My songs are a direct route into my brain and my heart.”

― Vanessa Carlton

“With acting, when you’re reading a script, you’re regurgitating someone else’s words. There’s a whole part of your brain that’s off duty.”

― Vanessa Lachey

“I had internal bleeding with blood clots on the brain. I was completely blind and deaf. I had a heart attack and a stroke.”

― Vanity

“When you have a spinal or brain injury, or any kind of devastating illness, you kind of fall through the cracks in a sense. Your world implodes, and no one is really there to help pick up the pieces.”

― Victoria Arlen

“When I was at school, I was forced to play lacrosse, a game in which tiny, rock-hard missiles fly at your head, and you must catch them with a stick to avoid a brain haemorrhage. I was regularly punished for not taking part more wholeheartedly.”

― Victoria Coren Mitchell

“The Highway Code can’t be that difficult to understand, and yet my brain seems to treat it as a set of nuclear fission instructions in Old Japanese.”

― Victoria Coren Mitchell

“When you play piano, your left hand and right hand are synced. Your brain basically has a clock, so that the right hand knows that 0.3 seconds after I hit this key, I need to hit that one. And the right hand knows not to hit keys that the left hand is playing, so the hands do not collide.”

― Vijay Kumar

“Remember that politics, colonialism, imperialism and war also originate in the human brain.”

― Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

“The brain abhors discrepancies.”

― Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

“Lofty questions about the mind are fascinating to ask, philosophers have been asking them for three millennia both in India where I am from and here in the West – but it is only in the brain that we can eventually hope to find the answers.”

― Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

“If you’re a thinking person, the liver is interesting, but nothing is more intriguing than the brain.”

― Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

“The adage that fact is stranger than fiction seems to be especially true for the workings of the brain.”

― Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

“People often ask how I got interested in the brain; my rhetorical answer is: ‘How can anyone NOT be interested in it?’ Everything you call ‘human nature’ and consciousness arises from it.”

― Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

“My brain- the older I get, it holds even less. There’s not the capacity I would wish there to be.”

― Vince Gilligan

“Anybody with a sharp brain and a mic can become a comedian, but there’s a need to move beyond it. The audience wants to witness the marriage of theatre, comedy and something more.”

― Vir Das

“Take Tom Sachs as an artist. His brain is more brilliant than anything, so of course, anything he puts out over a ten-year period is going to continue to be super relevant. But if you look at some artists, they have one good idea, but unless you know where it’s coming from, it’s not going to be lasting.”

― Virgil Abloh

“My own brain is to me the most unaccountable of machinery – always buzzing, humming, soaring roaring diving, and then buried in mud. And why? What’s this passion for?”

― Virginia Woolf

“It’s amazing what your brain can do when all your senses are heightened.”

― Viv Albertine

“Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.”

― Vladimir Putin

“I dislike society because conversation exhausts my brain more than silent thought – again, I cannot hold my water long enough for a prolonged conversation.”

― W. H. Davies

“I don’t project no image. I just act like myself. I write about how I feel, the emotional stage I’m in at the time. So I write from the heart. I never write from my mind. My brain, I mean.”

― Waka Flocka Flame

“I believe every editor should stand to edit. That’s just my particular soapbox. Some things are so delicate and depend on such fine, delicate work. One frame in one direction or another can make such a difference and it is, in that, like brain surgery.”

― Walter Murch

“My left brain has gradually ‘eaten’ the right-brain capabilities away.”

― Walter O’Brien

“I am extremely left brain dominant, probably 95%-5%. The feeling side of my brain is not really strong.”

― Walter O’Brien

“It must be born in mind that one does not see directly – as is the case in the exploration of the surface of the brain – where the electrodes are attacking.”

― Walter Rudolf Hess

“Exact information about the functional significance of the deep sections of the brain is only obtained by working through the brain histologically in serial section.”

― Walter Rudolf Hess

“If you believe that your thoughts originate inside your brain, do you also believe that television shows are made inside your television set?”

― Warren Ellis

“While girls average a healthy five hours a week on video games, boys average 13. The problem? The brain chemistry of video games stimulates feel-good dopamine that builds motivation to win in a fantasy while starving the parts of the brain focused on real-world motivation.”

― Warren Farrell

“I think hopefully we’ve got enough brain cells left to decide if our music is really worth something.”

― Will Champion

“Aristotle was famous for knowing everything. He taught that the brain exists merely to cool the blood and is not involved in the process of thinking. This is true only of certain persons.”

― Will Cuppy

“A lot of people have gotten into comedy because of certain influences in their lives or events that were painful, and I really have wracked my brain to figure it out. I pretty much have had a normal childhood. Maybe it was too normal.”

― Will Ferrell

“Invention flags, his brain goes muddy, and black despair succeeds brown study.”

― William Congreve

“If this humor be the safety of our race, then it is due largely to the infusion into the American people of the Irish brain.”

― William Howard Taft

“I can be a bit of a science geek. I tend more towards reading about brain science, neuroscience.”

― William Mapother

“The purpose of technology is not to confuse the brain but to serve the body.”

― William S. Burroughs

“I was one who liked to work with my hands as well as my brain.”

― William Standish Knowles

“I studied the Bible and philosophy in college, and I think in a certain sense that’s the kind of stuff that still makes my brain work.”

― Win Butler

“I am literally just a human. I have the same brain as you; there’s a skeleton under my skin just like yours.”

― Winnie Harlow

“It’s great concentrating so hard you feel your brain will explode.”

― Winona Ryder

“I don’t think I will stop learning about football. There are certain parts we will never understand, like what happens in the brain of a player or makes a team fear.”

― Xabi Alonso

“I think that we get so distracted with our smartphones… It takes your body and your brain time to switch between tasks. If we can focus on what we’re doing, we’ll be more productive at that task.”

― Yael Cohen

“Practicing is not only playing your instrument, either by yourself or rehearsing with others – it also includes imagining yourself practicing. Your brain forms the same neural connections and muscle memory whether you are imagining the task or actually doing it.”

― Yo-Yo Ma

“The Lyme disease had so severely affected my brain functioning that it was extremely hard for me to think, form sentences, and stay focused.”

― Yolanda Hadid

“Even though I struggle with severe diminished brain function, I take 100 percent responsibility for every word that comes out of my mouth and gladly admit to my mistakes.”

― Yolanda Hadid

“As soon as my brain starts working on reading a book, my dreams get a little more exciting, and music comes a little more naturally for me.”

― Yung Lean

“Story was that human civilization started to develop with first social network. Emerged where population concentration was high. Helped propel to where we are now. Facebook is next step of creating a huge human brain to embrace hundreds of million, possibly billions of people.”

― Yuri Milner

“The widespread assumption is that somehow, the brain produces the mind; somehow millions of neurons fire signals at one another create or produce consciousness… but we have no idea how or why this happens. I’m afraid that in many cases, people in the tech world fail to understand that.”

― Yuval Noah Harari

“Sometimes my arm wants to throw a hard fastball, but my brain doesn’t want to throw it that hard.”

― Zack Greinke

“That’s the thing about fiction writers: what seems alarming or particular or perverse about them is simply the shape of their brain – they cannot be otherwise.”

― Zadie Smith

“All novels attempt to cut neural routes through the brain, to convince us that down this road the true future of the novel lies.”

― Zadie Smith

“At age three, if you have a still-growing brain, it’s a human behavior. In chimps, by age three, the brain is formed over 90 percent. That’s why they can cope with their environment very easily after birth – faster than us, anyway. But in humans, we continue to grow our brains. That’s why we need care from our parents.”

― Zeresenay Alemseged
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