Top 325 Bridge Quotes

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“One of the dreams of Zionism was to be a bridge. Instead, we are creating exclusion between the East and the West instead of creating bridges; we are contributing to the conflict between East and West by our stupid desire to have more.”

― A. B. Yehoshua

“The qubit acts as a bridge between the microscopic and the macroscopic worlds.”

― Aaron D. O’Connell

“I have a new show now called ‘The Bridge,’ where I play a guy who’s a real-life guy. My character’s based on the life of a guy named Craig Bromell who was a cop for 12 years and then became head of the police association, so basically the president of the union for 85,000 cops.”

― Aaron Douglas

“I remember going up and doing ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ with Paul Simon, Santana playing up there with us.”

― Aaron Neville

“Happiness statistics may be most valuable in smaller, local discussions. Understanding how different sorts of programs affect the well-being of citizens would be enormously helpful to a mayor choosing between building a new bridge or offering a tax cut.”

― Adam Davidson

“In 1996, President Clinton put together a detailed agenda called ‘A Bridge to the 21st Century’ that told voters why, in his words, ‘rehire him’ for another four years. That’s the right way for an incumbent president to run for re-election.”

― Al From

“Oscar Wilde said the rich and the poor are equal – they can both sleep under the bridge. Right? Do they have a right? You’re damn right they have a right!”

― Al Lewis

“The thing I’d really like to see is the old London Bridge, with all the old buildings around it like Shakespeare’s Globe. I’d like to walk along that. Don’t worry, I won’t get drunk and fall in.”

― Alan Davies

“The sad reality is that there are no purely domestic issues in Israel. Issues that would be dealt with by municipalities in other countries – such as how to deal with a dangerous bridge or how to resolve conflicts between religious and secular bus riders – become major international issues when they occur in Israel.”

― Alan Dershowitz

“In the early days, it was enough for Imgur to have a team that was focused on building product and engineering. But I realized early on if we were going to be successful, we needed someone who would be a bridge between the company and community.”

― Alan Schaaf

“Surrealism was necessary – essential, even – in the 1920s to bridge the gap between rationalism and the subconscious. It started something important. But by the early ’60s, it had become petit-bourgeois; it was too intellectual and romantic, and had ground to a halt. It had become respectable.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“In Ghazalia, Mr. Hussein showed his contempt for the majority Shiites in ways large and small. He refused to allow them even one mosque, while the Sunnis had nearly a dozen. To worship, the Shiites had to cross an inconveniently located bridge over the sewage canal to Shula.”

― Alex Berenson

“With 950 reporters and 79 bureaus, Bloomberg competes to break news with Dow Jones, Reuters and Bridge News along with newspaper Web sites, dozens of smaller Internet sites, and even gossipy chat rooms.”

― Alex Berenson

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”

― Alex Haley

“When I played in goal at Stamford Bridge, I realised that’s not my best position.”

― Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

“I save my dreams and hopes for my kids. When I’m making a wish under a bridge or tunnel, it’s always for them.”

― Alison Sweeney

“The views from Waterloo Bridge are amazing – you can see so much of London.”

― Amelia Warner

“Winter makes a bridge between one year and another and, in this case, one century and the next.”

― Andy Goldsworthy

“Theosophy tries to bridge the gulf between Buddhism and Christianity by pointing to the fundamental spiritual truths on which both religions are built, and by winning people to regard the Buddha and the Christ as fellow-laborers, and not as rivals.”

― Annie Besant

“There is no such thing as a Democratic or Republican road, bridge, port, airfield or rail system.”

― Anthony Foxx

“The I-495 bridge over the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware, is tilting.”

― Anthony Foxx

“Should l go on playing bridge and dining, going in the same old monotonous circle? It’s easy that way, but it’s a sort of suicide, too.”

― Antoinette Perry

“I want to figure out how we put California and America back on track – how we bridge this partisan divide that is so polarizing.”

― Antonio Villaraigosa

“It is very good to bridge the gaps between Indian and international cinema.”

― Anurag Kashyap

“If I gravitate toward someone, I bridge the gap between us somehow, and I accidentally maybe start seeing the world through their eyes.”

― Arca

“I have not taken a position on that nuclear option. My view is I’m not going to do anything until I come to that bridge. I’m not going to jump off the bridge until I come to it.”

― Arlen Specter

“There are three things I look for in a story – it has to be a thriller; I cannot see myself writing literary fiction or a saga! There has to be a historical connection; otherwise, the adrenalin will not flow. And I will try to bridge the gap between ‘Rozabal’ and ‘Chanakya’.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference.”

― Audre Lorde

“I did ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ when I was around 6 years old, but for my first movie, I was 5.”

― Bailee Madison

“I come from nowhere Brooklyn, New York. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These days Williamsburg is kind of a hip area, but when I grew up there, the taxi drivers wouldn’t even go over the bridge, it was so dangerous.”

― Barry Manilow

“If you’re in a car crash, you’re mostly involved in trying to not go off the bridge, and later on you say, ‘Oh my God!’”

― Ben Bernanke

“Social networking technology didn’t really exist until 2004-2005. I had the idea to use this technology to bridge this gap between a general interest in addressing social issues and the practical action.”

― Ben Rattray

“Khan let Polo be his eyes and ears. He was the first one to build a bridge between East and West.”

― Benedict Wong

“I sometimes use a girl singer the way Henny Youngman uses his violin – as a bridge between one laugh and the next.”

― Benny Hill

“We can’t cross that bridge until we come to it, but I always like to lay down a pontoon ahead of time.”

― Bernard Baruch

“We of the modern age are a bridge between the old human and the new one. We still have the mentality of the old human – a slave mentality, like the Children of Israel in Egypt: too controlled, full of fear.”

― Bernard Werber

“My mother’s father taught English literature. When I was about ten or eleven, I could recite Macaulay’s ‘Lays of Ancient Rome.’ While other kids were playing pedestrian war games, I’d be Horatius keeping the bridge.”

― Bernie Taupin

“Feminism – the word – can give us a handle, a rallying point, a common ground, and help us build a bridge. Why not claim the gift of the word as a place to begin?”

― Betty Buckley

“The Federal Highway Administration has allowed states to take advantage of a loophole in federal regulations, delaying bridge inspections to every four years instead of the two years normally required.”

― Bill Dedman

“Federal regulations forbid delaying inspections for fracture-critical bridges like the fallen Minneapolis bridge – the kind with a lack of redundancy in design, so that a single failure in a load-bearing part can cause the entire bridge to collapse.”

― Bill Dedman

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

― Bill Gates

“Playing bridge is a pretty old fashioned thing in a way that I really like.”

― Bill Gates

“Beyond highways and roads, we need more money for mass transit, intercity passenger rail and freight rail. We have a long way to go to bridge the funding gaps.”

― Bill Lipinski

“’Coriolanus’ deals with the birth of democracy. And that has been fascinating because I’ve been talking about politics so much because of ‘Borgen.’ It’s a nice bridge.”

― Birgitte Hjort Sorensen

“I don’t know what it is to love the way they love-they would jump off a bridge for me. I can’t do that. I can only say, I owe you.”

― Bobby Darin

“I had spent so many years on ‘Law & Order: UK’ being a downtrodden detective standing on Hammersmith Bridge at six o’clock in the morning, being rained and snowed on, and I thought, ‘I’ll have a bit of a change of direction in my career and go and do ‘SunTrap’ in Gran Canaria.’”

― Bradley Walsh

“You can write anything you want on paper, like blowing up the bridge on the River Kwai, but when you actually have to do that as a director, it’s not the same. Ninety percent of directing is not creative – it’s putting the theoretical into the practical world.”

― Brian Helgeland

“The biggest emotion in creation is the bridge to optimism.”

― Brian May

“I’m very excited to work with everybody on ‘The Bridge’ – the cast, the writing staff, the executive producers – the show is really good. I’m very lucky to be a part of it.”

― Brian Van Holt

“Your spoken voice is a part of it – not a big part of it, but it’s something. It puts people at ease, and once again kind of reaches out and makes a bridge for what’s otherwise difficult music.”

― Bruce Springsteen

“We need to bridge the gap between the medical libraries and the hospital rooms; take the information out there already, add to it, focus it, harness it – and bring it to the patient who was just diagnosed today.”

― Bruce Vento

“I played tennis at underneath – Brooklyn Bridge? Manhattan Bridge? Williamsburg Bridge? There are courts on the Manhattan side.”

― Callum Turner

“Many people have the heart to give back, but a lot don’t know how to. I try to be the bridge for those people – whether that means getting them involved in one of my campaigns or inspiring them by showing them a blueprint of how to get others engaged.”

― Cameron Boyce

“My goal is to bridge the gap between social media and traditional media.”

― Cameron Dallas

“Grounded in the natural philosophy of the Middle Ages, alchemy formed a bridge: on the one hand into the past, to Gnosticism, and on the other into the future, to the modern psychology of the unconscious.”

― Carl Jung

“I’d love to be animated. I’ve always wanted to jump off of a bridge and not be hurt, like Bugs Bunny.”

― Carrot Top

“It is crucial to bridge the critical gap between manpower availability and employability by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for all to grow and prosper.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“I’m learning English at the moment. I can say ‘Big Ben’, ‘Hello Rodney’, ‘Tower Bridge’ and ‘Loo’.”

― Cher

“I’ll do shoes for the lady who lunches, but it would be, like, a really nasty lunch, talking about men. But where I draw the line, what I absolutely won’t do, is the lady who plays bridge in the afternoon!”

― Christian Louboutin

“Today we stand on a bridge leading from the territorial state to the world community. Politically, we are still governed by the concept of the territorial state; economically and technically, we live under the auspices of worldwide communications and worldwide markets.”

― Christian Lous Lange

“Nothing could be lovelier than running across the Golden Gate Bridge in the middle of the fog.”

― Christina Tosi

“With a documentary, you can cut away, you can do jump cuts, cut to a photograph at any point to bridge two scenes.”

― Christopher Guest

“I was the kid who stared out the window. I fantasized myself on the deck of pirate ships – Cussler at the bridge.”

― Clive Cussler

“Brazil hates me. Oh, big deal. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and walk over it.”

― Colby Covington

“You know, I do speak the Queens English. It’s just the wrong Queens that’s all. It’s over the 59th Street Bridge. It’s not over the Atlantic Ocean.”

― Cyndi Lauper

“My relationship to food is that of an acrophobe to a bridge. Unease masks a desire to jump.”

― Dana Goodyear

“When I was 26, I founded Peaceworks as a food company that brought together Israelis, Arabs, Turks, and others in conflict regions to make and sell various food products from the Middle East. That economic cooperation helped bridge divides and cultivate mutual understanding among neighbors.”

― Daniel Lubetzky

“Sometimes, if you aren’t sure about something, you just have to jump off the bridge and grow your wings on the way down.”

― Danielle Steel

“I try to bridge the gap between police and local communities.”

― Danny K. Davis

“One of the things I wanted to do with my own books was bridge the gap between ‘Goosebumps’ and adult horror.”

― Darren Shan

“When someone builds a bridge, he uses engineers who have been certified as knowing what they are doing. Yet when someone builds you a software program, he has no similar certification, even though your safety may be just as dependent upon that software working as it is upon the bridge supporting your weight.”

― Dave Parnas

“I’ve created a bridge between European electronic culture and urban American culture, and I’ve worked with established brands.”

― David Guetta

“If the purpose of the stumpy little NFT theatre under Waterloo Bridge is not to acquaint young audiences with Ozu, with Ophuels, with D. W. Griffith and with Agnes Varda, then what exactly does it exist for?”

― David Hare

“Stand outside De Eland, on the Berenstraat Bridge over the Prinsengracht, and you see what real Amsterdam life is like.”

― David Hewson

“In London, the home of the quick deal is that outer ring of the seven circles of hell, Tottenham Court Road, where, as a rule, finding something with an advertised price is as likely as spotting a mermaid under Vauxhall Bridge.”

― David Hewson

“People are so helpful. People will stop what they’re doing to show you something, to walk with you through a section of the town, or explain how a suspension bridge really works.”

― David McCullough

“The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn.”

― David Russell

“Speech, not violence, is how we will bridge the divides between us.”

― Deeyah Khan

“My first paying gig was a play called ‘The Voice of the Prairie’ at a theater that no longer exists in Chicago called Wisdom Bridge. I played a fast-talking radio huckster – a salesman of crystal sets in the 1920s – and I actually won an award. Look at that! And then promptly didn’t get hired for a year.”

― Denis O’Hare

“When all is said and done, we exist only in relation to the world, and our senses evolved as scouts who bridge that divide and provide volumes of information, warnings and rewards.”

― Diane Ackerman

“I remember perfectly my first trip to New York, when I was on the bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan, when I saw the skyscrapers. It was like an incredible dream.”

― Diego Della Valle

“My whammy system is set up so I can yank the bar up as well as do dive-bombs with it. This means that if I accidentally push down on the bridge with my palm, my strings go sharp and sound out of tune. I make sure this never happens by never resting my hand on the bridge when muting. I always do my muting just in front of the bridge.”

― Dimebag Darrell

“Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.”

― Don Henley

“I grew up at 16 years old driving trucks across the George Washington Bridge.”

― Don Sherwood

“The bridge to Coronado Island off San Diego was built because the mob had a hotel there and needed a way to get people out there.”

― Don Winslow

“If I was the governor of New Jersey, the George Washington Bridge would not have been shut.”

― Donald Trump

“One thing ‘not right’ on the 50th anniversary of the Selma marches is the sad fact that the Edmund Pettus Bridge hasn’t been renamed the John Lewis Bridge.”

― Douglas Brinkley

“The Edmund Pettus Bridge – which in 2013 was declared a National Historic Landmark – isn’t symbolic of the Civil War in a meaningful way. It is, however, the modern-day battlefield where the voting rights movement was born.”

― Douglas Brinkley

“If money is not maintained, it can collapse like a bridge along Interstate 5 and fixing it, even with determined politicians, will take ages, during which time God only knows how much human damage will occur.”

― Douglas Coupland

“I was such a big ‘Dirty Dozen,’ ‘Where Eagles Dare,’ ‘A Bridge Too Far’ – all those kinds of movies I loved.”

― Duncan Jones

“Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.”

― Earl Nightingale

“I destroyed a lot of guitars trying to get them to do what I wanted, but I learned something from every guitar I tore apart, and discovered even more things. Things like if the string is not straight from the bridge saddle to the nut, you’re going to have friction.”

― Eddie Van Halen

“There has always been this feeling among the religious public of, ‘Why can’t we all unite?’ Shas, UTJ, Jewish Home… But, of course, the differences between the political parties in practice are too big to bridge.”

― Eli Yishai

“Denial is huge for any alcoholic, especially for a functioning alcoholic, because I – you know, I’m not living under a bridge. I haven’t been arrested.”

― Elizabeth Vargas

“On the question of marriage, as in all other respects, Lutheranism is a compromise, a bridge between two logical views of the universe: the Catholic-Christian and the Individualistic Monist. And bridges are made to go over, not to stand upon.”

― Ellen Key

“The ultimate goal is to change Syria’s behaviour on a variety of issues – on its interference in Lebanese internal affairs, on its support for Palestinian terrorist groups that oppose the Palestinian Authority, on, most importantly, acting as a land bridge between Iran and Hezbollah, where Hezbollah gets all its arms.”

― Elliott Abrams

“My opinion is it’s a bridge too far to go to fully autonomous cars.”

― Elon Musk

“Pishevar, co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, is a powerful figure in the Valley and a bridge to establishment figures on both coasts. He cultivated a relationship with Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick and publicly came to his defense when he was ousted as chief executive officer and sued by another investor.”

― Emily Chang

“I have to spend my time worrying about poor families at the expense of helping businesses, or vice versa. To me, I really see that’s the bridge I need to build.”

― Eric Garcetti

“If I can make an impact, I want to help some kids and bridge the gap between soccer and celebrity in America.”

― Ethan Zohn

“In China, inaugurations are frequent affairs, though they have nothing to do with presidents. A news cycle rarely passes without some fanfare over the inaugural ride on a new subway line or the inaugural trip across an unusually large bridge.”

― Evan Osnos

“I don’t mind being the voice of the New Oakland to maintain the integrity and edge of it. Old Oakland and New Oakland is one and the same. It’s connected. I aspire to be the bridge between both.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“Rio was a period of my life, and then, poof, I’m gone. I was very young living here, just kind of floating. New York was a foundation for everything I do today. Rio was the bridge.”

― Francisco Costa

“France is the bridge between northern Europe and southern Europe. I refuse any division. If Europe has been reunified, it’s not for it to then fall into egotism or ‘each for one’s own’. Our duty is to set common rules around the principles of responsibility and solidarity.”

― Francois Hollande

“Starting in my teens, I was always standing on the corner near our apartment singing harmony with friends. We’d also go to the park and sing under the bridge near the lake for the echo. When it was cold out, we’d stand in the little heated lobby in the project’s administration building, where my mom paid the rent each month.”

― Frankie Valli

“What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“As kids, we have all handled shot guns. From there on, there is no transition. It stays in the toy box. The idea is to get the transition and bridge the gap between the toy box and the shooting range.”

― Gagan Narang

“I found a place under a bridge in Goa where you could have fresh crab and beer. It was nothing complicated, but delicious.”

― Gemma Chan

“Praise the bridge that carried you over.”

― George Colman

“He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass if he would ever reach heaven; for everyone has need to be forgiven.”

― George Herbert

“I first started going to Chelsea games in the mid-Nineties when I lived off the North End Road, ten minutes’ walk from Stamford Bridge.”

― George Osborne

“They’re building a bridge over the Potomac for all the white liberals fleeing to Virginia.”

― George Wallace

“I love to shop vintage clothes; in London, I usually go to Relic and Alfie’s Market. I usually brunch around London Bridge, where I live.”

― Georgia May Jagger

“How can we bridge the gap between… African-American males and white cops?”

― GloZell

“I’m just going to crumble like a wreck. I’ll go home, become an alcoholic and maybe! jump of a bridge.”

― Gordon Strachan

“We are neither anti-urban nor pro-rural. We know there is a gap between urban and rural areas; we are only trying to bridge it.”

― H. D. Kumaraswamy

“I see a curator as a catalyst, generator and motivator – a sparring partner, accompanying the artist while they build a show, and a bridge builder, creating a bridge to the public.”

― Hans-Ulrich Obrist

“Alex Poots has always made a bridge between highly experimental and the mainstream.”

― Hans-Ulrich Obrist

“Ages ago, my girlfriend had this little park near her house, with a bridge running over a stream… and I set up all these candles on the bridge. But when I called her and told her she said it was too dark and she wasn’t coming out.”

― Harry Styles

“And inasmuch as the bridge is a symbol of all such poetry as I am interested in writing it is my present fancy that a year from now I’ll be more contented working in an office than ever before.”

― Hart Crane

“The fact that The Bridge contains folk lore and other material suitable to the epic form need not therefore prove its failure as a long lyric poem, with interrelated sections.”

― Hart Crane

“Your primary presumption that The Bridge was proffered as an epic has no substantial foundation. You know quite well that I doubt that our present stage of cultural development is so ordered yet as to provide the means or method for such an organic manifestation as that.”

― Hart Crane

“This first-generation narrative keeps happening over and over and over again, whether it was Irish or Jewish or our community, South Asians, Japanese-Americans, Mexican-Americans. We’ve all gone through this sort of bridge, and it will continue to happen.”

― Hasan Minhaj

“The statesman’s duty is to bridge the gap between his nation’s experience and his vision.”

― Henry Kissinger

“Fortunately, in President Obama, the child of an African and an American, we finally have a leader who is uniquely positioned to bridge the great reparations divide.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“Everything we do is designed, whether we’re producing a magazine, a website, or a bridge. Design is really the creative invention that designs everything.”

― Henry Petroski

“Typically, highway bridges have about 50 years. But over in England, they have iron bridges approaching 250 years. In France, there are Roman aqueducts that are approaching 2,000 years old. So a bridge can last a very long time if it’s built properly in the first place and then maintained properly.”

― Henry Petroski

“For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by things large and small. I wanted to know what made my watch tick, my radio play, and my house stand. I wanted to know who invented the bottle cap and who designed the bridge. I guess from early on I wanted to be an engineer.”

― Henry Petroski

“I’m not gonna try to defend, or undo what’s been done. All I could say about whatever’s been done, it’s been done, and it’s water under the bridge. I have no regrets of my life.”

― Ike Turner

“I read every country’s perspective on an issue. I also play many games like Bridge, Scrabble and Sudoku online.”

― Indra Nooyi

“I’m from New York. My grandparents were settlers of Long Island City. When they came here, there was no bridge, and they had to hire a boat across the river. They had a farm, and my grandmother had to go once a week to Manhattan to buy provisions – very primitive.”

― Iris Apfel

“I spend several years trying to get inside the brain and heart of my subjects, listening to the interior monologues in their letters, and when I have to bridge the chasms between the factual evidence, I try to make an intuitive leap through the eyes and motivation of the person I’m writing about.”

― Irving Stone

“I had no idea what those cords were in the bridge of ‘Prisoner In Disguise’ when I wrote them. I had to go over to Don Gorman, the piano player, and ask what in the world I was playing.”

― J. D. Souther

“Whether I’m speaking to conservative or liberal audiences, I don’t find that people are close-minded about the things I say. I’m still optimistic that we can bridge a divide between these various bubbles. But I do think that it requires a little bit of effort.”

― J. D. Vance

“Doing the show was like painting the George Washington Bridge. As soon as you finished one end, you started right in on the other.”

― Jack Paar

“Trent Bridge, 2013, is my favourite Test. An Ashes opener and England won a thriller by 14 runs. I managed to take ten wickets, which helps.”

― James Anderson

“Information theory began as a bridge from mathematics to electrical engineering and from there to computing.”

― James Gleick

“There is but little room for doubt that Egypt led the way in the creation of the earliest known group of civilizations which arose on both sides of the land bridge between Africa and Eurasia in the fourth millennium B.C.”

― James Henry Breasted

“Lawyers (are) operators of the toll bridge across which anyone in search of justice has to pass.”

― Jane Bryant Quinn

“Words build a bridge between the imaginations of writer and reader, creating something unique between them.”

― Jane Lindskold

“We simply must find ways both to bridge the differences that still seem to divide us and focus on the things that we share.”

― Janet Reno

“Airbnb is a much more effective protest than shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge.”

― Jason Calacanis

“The year after I graduated from high school, they came to shoot ‘Mr. and Mrs. Bridge’ in Kansas City.”

― Jason Wiles

“Congress passes bills that appropriate money. Congress says, ‘We’re building this bridge or funding that defense project, and they cost this much.’”

― Jay Carney

“Some incubators, like Y Combinator and TechStars, were started by successful entrepreneurs wishing to help the next generation learn from their experiences. Other programs, such as Viterbi Startup Garage and Austin Technology Incubator, were created by universities to help young entrepreneurs bridge the knowledge gap from student to funded company.”

― Jay Samit

“I wanted to create a bridge between experimental music and pop.”

― Jean-Michel Jarre

“I wanted to find a bridge between Musique Concrete, electro-acoustic music, and proper rock music.”

― Jean-Michel Jarre

“Naming a bridge after Dr. King was the right thing to do.”

― Jesse White

“Staying true to our goals, Question Bridge as a company and as a project is not singularly about black males. One of the things I’m so excited about Question Bridge is that my vision goes far beyond black males.”

― Jesse Williams

“I was raised with a father who really believed in the bridge between all Africans around the world.”

― Jidenna

“Everything that Traffic ever did, I’d give Steve a complete lyric, titled, written out with the verse, the bridge, the shape and rhyme and then Steve had to figure out how the meter of the words would fit musically.”

― Jim Capaldi

“You’re assisting the audience to understand; you’re giving them a bridge or an access. And if you don’t give them that, if you keep it more abstract, it’s almost more pure. It’s a cooler thing.”

― Jim Henson

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

― Jim Rohn

“In the end, punk inevitably burned itself out and acted as a bridge across which the New Romantics could sashay in their chiffon and glossy hair.”

― Jo Brand

“Most blues guitar players don’t concentrate on singing and melodies. And forget about the bridge – the bridge doesn’t exist. They go straight for the solo.”

― Joe Bonamassa

“I didn’t know who she was, but I knew she was hungry, so I started handing out $100 bills and called the office and told them to bring me a bunch more. Then I had my cousin’s store deliver a bunch of smoked ham and turkeys. I mean, these people are hungry and living under a bridge.”

― Joe Jamail

“Engineering is the art of managing scarcity – it’s easy to design and build a massive bridge that will last forever if cost is not an issue. Similarly, to build a new company, you must manage scarce resources.”

― Joe Lonsdale

“As a youngster, I travelled every year across the sea to Tiree. On occasion, we ventured to Skye on the Kyleakin-Kyle of Lochalsh ferry, where there is now a bridge.”

― Johann Lamont

“We will burn that bridge when we come to it.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“CRATEL is a center with a two-fold mission – to explore technology as an expressive element and to use technology to bridge gaps between diverse groups of people.”

― John Harrison

“If it hadn’t been for that march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Bloody Sunday, there would be no Barack Obama as President of the United States of America.”

― John Lewis

“I play duplicate bridge and I play golf and I go swimming once in a while.”

― John Paul Stevens

“Our job as actors is to invent the things that bridge ourselves with the characters, so you have to build something if it’s not there – you try and learn what makes people behave in a certain way.”

― Johnny Flynn

“I have always viewed my role as a sort of ambassador or bridge between groups to help provide a dialog.”

― Joichi Ito

“I’ve crossed every bridge to become a Premier League goalkeeper, I think I’m going in the right direction and I think I’m mature as a goalkeeper.”

― Jordan Pickford

“If you publish a scientific paper it is very hard to start a nationwide debate about something. If you do this in a movie, you can start a debate. We like to create a bridge between those two worlds – film and science.”

― Jose Padilha

“The mechanics of love imply some sort of bridge between the sensual and the spiritual, sometimes to the point of deification; the notion of an afterlife is implicit not only in our couplings, but also in our separations.”

― Joseph Brodsky

“At times when you’re adapting a book into a movie, you have to take certain creative liberties to bridge the gap between the two forms of media.”

― Josh Hutcherson

“Just after writing those we were called up to defend a new position on the left, where the terrible storming of the bridge over the Antietam took place.”

― Joshua Chamberlain

“It is not good to cross the bridge before you get to it.”

― Judi Dench

“The arts bridge cultures; they’re good for the economy, and they’re good for fostering empathy and decency.”

― Julie Andrews

“For better or worse, we have to bridge this divide between developing cars that drive by the book and cars that drive how you and I drive.”

― Karl Iagnemma

“Ivanka’s work is never-ending. Whether it’s meeting with workers looking to bridge a skills gap, visiting female engineers building innovative robotics, speaking to leaders around the world about the importance of female entrepreneurship and much more, Ivanka has been quietly racking up long-term successes for the country.”

― Katie Pavlich

“It is expensive to give plays subtitles, especially for a short run, so most new dramas rarely cross the transcontinental bridge.”

― Katori Hall

“I used to listen to my music on the bus. It was one of my favourite things, to look out the window and over at the Jacques Cartier Bridge and Parc Jean-Drapeau.”

― Kaytranada

“We need a strong farm bill that gives assistance to farmers during times of drought, creates markets for local goods, protects our environment, and helps struggling families bridge the gap between hard times and a full dinner table.”

― Keith Ellison

“I have made all my films for my children with the exception of my first film because my oldest daughter wasn’t born when I was making the film about the Brooklyn Bridge.”

― Ken Burns

“I’m only as good as my last word, my last hook, my last bridge.”

― Kendrick Lamar

“I feel at home in Scotland and go back whenever I can. I’ve played the Edinburgh Festival twice, and I get the train across the Forth Bridge to Lochgelly, just to see it.”

― Kenneth Cranham

“Every decently-made object, from a house to a lamp post to a bridge, spoon or egg cup, is not just a piece of ‘stuff’ but a physical embodiment of human energy, testimony to the magical ability of our species to take raw materials and turn them into things of use, value and beauty.”

― Kevin McCloud

“But which is the stone that supports the bridge?”

― Kublai Khan

“We want to bridge the digital gap to provide broadband access to 100 per cent of our educational institutions and to make it widely available to all people.”

― Laura Chinchilla

“The thing about praising beauty is that good looks are an unforgiving task- master, a Forth Bridge of a maintenance job. The passing years present their accounts. Younger models become available.”

― Laurie Graham

“Back in the early days like for the Temptations, Supremes and Four Tops, artist development was alive in record companies. Every artist had a moment to develop the record visually. When the web took over and camera phones, it stripped the artists of the power to figure it out. So there’s a need to bridge that gap and that’s my job.”

― Laurieann Gibson

“To me the notion that Palestinians are actually Jews is, I think, quite revelatory and very radical and a possible bridge that has been ignored, I think, in this entire controversy and there’s ample evidence to support it.”

― Lawrence Wright

“I discovered that I, a writer of what is known as creative nonfiction, could do the research and bridge the gap in my books and lectures through true storytelling. This is not ‘dumbing down’ or writing for eighth graders. It is writing for readers across cultures, age barriers, social and political landscapes.”

― Lee Gutkind

“When I was seven and we lived in New York, I ran away. I took my dog and started out across the Brooklyn Bridge… I didn’t get very far… It’s rather difficult to run away in your mother’s high heels.”

― Lee Radziwill

“I’m involved in quite a few ministries as a bridge builder, trying to match generous givers and donors to other ministries. Based on my past, I’m also involved in mainly the prison ministry. I go to jails and prisons and share my story, trying to give them some hope.”

― Lex Luger

“I’m happy to see the United States and China cooperating more and more with movies. The entertainment industry in China is developing very fast. I hope there can be a bridge for actors to work in both places.”

― Li Bingbing

“I walk into the office at Southwark Bridge every morning, and I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

― Lionel Barber

“I’m an avid bridge player. I usually go to the local bridge club three or four times a week. I’ve always been a game-player, and I think bridge is one of the greatest games ever invented. It’s too bad that not many young people play it any more.”

― Louis Sachar

“I write in the mornings, two or three hours every day, and then at least four times a week I play in a duplicate game at a bridge club. I try to go to tournaments three, four, or five times a year.”

― Louis Sachar

“’The Cardturner,’ while it has bridge in it, you certainly don’t need to know how to play bridge to read it. It’s basically a book about relationships – between Alton and his great-uncle, and Alton and his friends, and how it changes his life.”

― Louis Sachar

“I am of the bridge generation that remembers life before social media permeated everything but cannot imagine life without it now.”

― Luvvie Ajayi

“I am the bridge between the East and the West. I don’t want to abandon one for the other.”

― M.I.A.

“If I was to play any song for anybody asking, ‘What is metal about?’ I’d just play ‘Master of Puppets.’ The progressions and the bridge are brilliant.”

― M. Shadows

“What I do is I’m trying to bridge the gap between yoga and fitness.”

― Mandy Ingber

“All those who are around me are the bridge to my success, so they are all important.”

― Manny Pacquiao

“You can’t build another bridge that’s so close to ours. It’s stupid.”

― Manuel Moroun

“Obama has built his public image around his ability to bridge divisions – racial, ideological or generational. And that was his reputation, even at Harvard Law School, where he was the first black president of the ‘Law Review.’”

― Mara Liasson

“All my writing is about the recognition that there is no single reality. But the beauty of it is that you nevertheless go on, walking towards utopia, which may not exist, on a bridge which might end before you reach the other side.”

― Marguerite Young

“I learned a great deal doing Brooklyn Bridge. I was able to take a giant step into the terrible reality that was then. We saw the cattle cars that took folks away. Just knowing it was real, it would be impossible not to feel.”

― Marion Ross

“I think any advocate who is effective has fully acquainted himself or herself with the legislator they are going to meet. Know what committees they are on, what issues they are interested in, all in an effort to build a bridge for communicating with them.”

― Mark Shields

“I can’t bear the thought of retirement, and I haven’t prepared myself for it. I don’t play bridge, and I don’t play golf. I do play tennis, but you can’t do that every day of the week.”

― Mary Berry

“For people who deal with anxiety or depression or can’t be in large social groups cognitively, emotionally, or even physically, phones help bridge the gap.”

― Mary H.K. Choi

“Fluency is the developmental process that connects decoding with everything we know about words to make the meaning of the text come to life. Fluency is a wonderful bridge to comprehension and to a life-long love of reading.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“Reading is a bridge to thought.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“In bridge clubs and in councils of state, the passions are the same.”

― Mason Cooley

“I approached Red Square three times, trying to find somewhere to land, before discovering a wide bridge nearby. I landed there and taxied into Red Square.”

― Mathias Rust

“I am seeking for the bridge which leans from the visible to the invisible through reality.”

― Max Beckmann

“Bridge the gap with closed minds though careful dissection of ideas and solid presentation of fact.”

― Maximillian Degenerez

“I rarely saw my Grandma Markle, as she hailed from New Hampshire and spent much of her life in Pennsylvania and Florida. To bridge that gap, she would always send scrapbooks, care packages, and boxes of treats made from family recipes.”

― Meghan Markle

“I used to bicycle to work across the George Washington Bridge, but my wife told me it wasn’t professional.”

― Mehmet Oz

“At 10 A.M. on the Friday after the election in 2010, David Cameron’s team met in his room at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza Hotel. Cameron was clear that, unable to form a majority government, they had to begin talks with the Lib Dems about forming a coalition. But in a rare example of strategic discord, George Osborne disagreed.”

― Michael Ashcroft

“I’m a ‘tweener,’ man! I couldn’t march with Dr. King and them. And I’m too old to be a hip-hopper. But I’ve been granted honorary status in each generation… I see my tongue as a bridge over which ideas can travel back and forth.”

― Michael Eric Dyson

“I did quite a lot of the arranging, fitting different sections together, tempo changes, all sorts of things like that. I actually acted as a bridge between Robert and Ian. Not so much composing, rather presenting musical ideas at each rehearsal.”

― Michael Giles

“I want to be the bridge to the next generation.”

― Michael Jordan

“I don’t know about you, but I can tell when someone’s lying. They can’t look you in the eye – they look you in the bridge of your nose.”

― Michael Musto

“I just like to talk to people. I don’t know how to bridge the gap between getting to know someone and then schmoozing and sort of working contacts and business connections.”

― Michael Rady

“I hope I can help Chelsea win many trophies during my time at Stamford Bridge.”

― Michy Batshuayi

“I’ve got one of those over-stuffed leather chairs from the Pottery Barn. It faces north. I live in San Francisco, so there’s the Golden Gate Bridge off to the left, and there’s Alcatraz off to the right, and I’ve got a pile of pulp fiction next to me, and there’s usually a decent bottle of red wine next to the fireplace.”

― Mike Rowe

“Somehow, magically, I’ve become an electronic musician, and I have a recording studio that looks like the bridge of the Enterprise.”

― Moby

“I think I’ve gradually learned to become more of a frontman than I was initially. I mean, when I first started, especially playing with Alter Bridge, you know, I really considered myself more a guitar player who sang.”

― Myles Kennedy

“Because Slash is such a well-known performer all over the world, it definitely helped with the awareness of Alter Bridge. People come up to me and say that they saw me playing with Slash, and it turned them on to the other things I do.”

― Myles Kennedy

“I really enjoy the moments with Alter Bridge where I can step out and play lead and have fun.”

― Myles Kennedy

“I really related to that experience of being what we call the ‘bridge generation’ and always trying to navigate your more traditional growing-up experiences with wanting the latest Air Jordans or whatever it is: Trying to explain to your parents why, and they just, like, don’t get it.”

― Nahnatchka Khan

“Bangalore now wants a person who doesn’t only play politics. Bangalore needs a problem solver, and I am a problem solver. I will be the bridge between Bangalore and the Centre.”

― Nandan Nilekani

“I want to act, if I can, as a bridge for people who read ‘Shock Doctrine’ or ‘No Logo’. People who are sitting out for whatever reasons.”

― Naomi Klein

“Generally, I love being part of a project that imparts a positive message, is somehow educational or enlightening, helps to bridge differences, or inspires viewers in some way.”

― Nazanin Boniadi

“Years ago I had a house in Sussex, it was like Arcadia, with an old Victorian bridge, a pond and the Downs.”

― Nicolas Roeg

“My slightly scary moment while travelling was when I decided to run across the Golden Gate Bridge in California. The weather was unbearably cold, and by the time I got to the bridge, it was already 8 P.M. I had about an hour to run across and come back, as the gate would shut by 9.”

― Nikita Dutta

“Events like Hurricane Katrina and the Minnesota bridge collapse suggest a national infrastructure that has suffered from lack of tending.”

― Nina Easton

“What I loved about my partnership with ‘Quarterly’ was the fact that it bridges the online world with the real world. Sometimes we see these two worlds as separate entities, and to be able to establish a bridge is very exciting.”

― Nina Garcia

“I respect the Forces… but civil services also have a contribution to make. They are there to bridge administration with Forces. They are critical, and I give credit to them. I don’t claim to have done miracles in bridging it, but I have just said the two lines can go parallel.”

― Nirmala Sitharaman

“Bringing back stamp collecting and bringing back bridge seems like a pretty good way to fight the modern world.”

― Noah Hawley

“I’m not planning to jump off a bridge with no bungee.”

― Norah Jones

“Poland is the natural bridge between East and West.”

― Norman Davies

“Jesus is the only way because the Bible says it to be true. Why? Because only He can bridge the gap between God and man; there’s no other way.”

― Norman Geisler

“I have always aspired to be the type of role model who can bridge the deaf and hearing communities.”

― Nyle DiMarco

“I didn’t want to be a slave to any passion anymore. I gave up card playing altogether, even bridge and gambling – more or less. It took me a few years to get out of it.”

― Omar Sharif

“I’d rather be playing bridge than making a bad movie.”

― Omar Sharif

“Poetry has, in a way, been my bridge to my acting career.”

― Omari Hardwick

“Legolas in ‘Lord Of The Rings’ was sent as a bridge from his people into the world of dwarves and humans and wizards and everything else.”

― Orlando Bloom

“A politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it.”

― Oscar Levant

“Everybody in America who didn’t come over the Bering Strait ice bridge stole his land from somebody else.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“There can be a fundamental gulf of gracelessness in a human heart which neither our love nor our courage can bridge.”

― Patrick Campbell

“During my time we had two chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, at different times of course, on the bridge, both of whom asked my permission to sit on the captain’s chair.”

― Patrick Stewart

“Spring and fall in New York are the best seasons here to get out and about. I like the little park in Dumbo between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge. I like Prospect Park.”

― Paul Dano

“When we came into the studio I became more and more me, making the tracks and choosing the musicians, partly because a great deal of the time during Bridge, Artie wasn’t there.”

― Paul Simon

“I think the International Space Station is providing a key bridge from us living on Earth to going somewhere into deep space.”

― Peggy Whitson

“I just have an open mind – that’s the way I live my life, just crossing the bridge when I come to it.”

― Percelle Ascott

“His head was boiled, impaled upon a pole and raised above London Bridge. So ended the life of Thomas More, one of the few Londoners upon whom sainthood has been conferred and the first English layman to be beatified as a martyr.”

― Peter Ackroyd

“If you hug to yourself any resentment against anybody else, you destroy the bridge by which God would come to you.”

― Peter Marshall

“Notre Dame and Sydney – that was nothing. Notre Dame doesn’t have a police station; it is not 1,000 or so feet high. It was a public structure, very easy to access. And Sydney Harbour Bridge was half-and-half: a bridge, in the middle of the night. The World Trade Center was the end of the world. Electronic devices, police dogs.”

― Philippe Petit

“I did a walk in 1973 illegally in the northern side of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.”

― Philippe Petit

“Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom.”

― Phyllis Theroux

“I usually dislike second books in series. The only second installment I ever loved was ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ and I think that was wonderful because it evolved the characters while not seeming like a bridge.”

― Pierce Brown

“No one wants to walk across a crowd-sourced bridge.”

― Priyamvada Natarajan

“Indeed, one of the least-talked-about dangers of our ever-expanding entitlement culture is that it threatens the viability of these necessary programs for those who genuinely need and use them as a bridge to a better life.”

― Rachel Campos-Duffy

“Southwest Detroit has been through hell (excuse my directness) with Matty Moroun, his Bridge Company, and all his fancy-named subsidiaries. From blighted homes that my boys have to walk by to allowing his trucks to rumble down our residential streets, passing our parks, schools, and homes – we have had it.”

― Rashida Tlaib

“Jesus said, ‘Greater things of these you shall do…’ Become a peace builder, a bridge builder, not a destroyer, and the way you do that is through friendships and relationships, and through authentic character.”

― Ravi Zacharias

“Rock pools, so-named because they have been hammered out of rocks at the ocean’s edge, are one of Sydney’s defining characteristics, along with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, though not as well known.”

― Raymond Bonner

“It’s not for the president to determine the arrangements between Israel and the Palestinians, and the Arab world, but to be the bridge between opinions and to facilitate dialogue and understanding.”

― Reuven Rivlin

“The relationship between the Jews and Arabs is necessary to help build a bridge between Israelis and Palestinians.”

― Reuven Rivlin

“Ancients knew that you need guidance, patronage and protection as you move from one place or state to another, whenever you cross a bridge. You had better know what you are doing when you leave one group or place to join another.”

― Richard Rohr

“The government employs scientists of many varieties in technical capacities, from estimating the environmental toxicity of a chemical to the structural soundness of a bridge. But when it comes to forming policies, these scientists and, especially, behavioral scientists are rarely at the table with the lawyers and the economists.”

― Richard Thaler

“If you don’t have a great chorus, write a good bridge first. I often do that and find I write good bridges.”

― Rick Nielsen

“I love writing songs. One of the toughest things is structure; it just works when you use verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge. And as soon as you become aware of that formula, you start to have a bad conscience when you write with that particular structure.”

― Rivers Cuomo

“To apply spin with security, you must learn to make a snug bridge with your forefinger looped over the cue. When you hit the cueball, follow straight through; don’t let your cue rise in the air after impact.”

― Robert Byrne

“Good composition is like a suspension bridge – each line adds strength and takes none away.”

― Robert Henri

“The artificial heart is very effective as a bridge to transplant, but the number of people that can be saved with human hearts is limited. A perfect artificial heart could save many more patients.”

― Robert Jarvik

“I have a number of places on my wish list, including Antarctica, the Norwegian fjords, and the Amazon. I have a passion for wilderness, and Siberia is on my list – however, that may be a bridge too far.”

― Robert Powell

“This whole phenomenon of the diversion of organizations from their purposes and ideals does not seem very serious when the scum rise to the top in the bridge club or the offices of a small magazine publisher.”

― Robert Shea

“I consider myself to have been the bridge between the shotgun and the binoculars in bird watching. Before I came along, the primary way to observe birds was to shoot them and stuff them.”

― Roger Tory Peterson

“There are two kinds of comics; there are the ones who build bridges, and then there are the people who walk across the bridges as though they built them. The bridge builders are few and far between.”

― Ron White

“We were constantly traveling between Malaysia and Singapore, which is connected by a bridge at the southernmost end of Malaysia. In fact, when I was a child, I had to go between countries twice a day to go to school, because I was living in Malaysia at the time but attending primary school in Singapore.”

― Ronny Chieng

“Most Scots might be able to identify six vegetables – but only two MSPs. There are parts of Scotland where you rarely get more than 40% turnout at the polls. There’s a big disconnect there, and I think comedians bridge that gap.”

― Rory Bremner

“A portal is a transitionary device of sight or sound that functions as a sort of third gravitating body between the this and the that, pulling us toward itself, allowing us to bridge into the unknown from the known.”

― Roy H. Williams

“It was amazing to be playing at Stamford Bridge with the stadium full.”

― Ruben Loftus-Cheek

“I come from a fragmented society. A country proud to serve as a bridge between Europe and Asia yet unable to bridge its own differences.”

― Safak Pavey

“I first encountered Bradbury’s writing when I was pretty young. He’s a great bridge author between young-adult fiction and literature.”

― Sam Weller

“As a child, I always remember our home, which was a flat just on the Barnes side of Hammersmith Bridge in London, buzzing with actors such as Patrick McGee and Peter Bowles. We were a family who were always on the go.”

― Samantha Bond

“The Master of Ceremonies in ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ is a wonderful man, if I do say so myself. I talk about all the characters in the third person. But, he is a really congenial… just a good stand-up guy, who happens to be Pakistani-American. He’s been here for years.”

― Sarah Jones

“I like songs that have lots of different parts in them, an intro, an outro and a bridge.”

― Sean Lennon

“Everyone should walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I did it three days in a row because it was one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had. The view is breathtaking.”

― Seann William Scott

“There’s something about using the cinematic device as a tool to connect with dimensions of the world that you don’t know too well, you’re not too familiar with. It’s like a creating a bridge, or a spaceship to travel to the unknown.”

― Sebastian Lelio

“I learned that a long walk and calm conversation are an incredible combination if you want to build a bridge.”

― Seth Godin

“According to ‘Star Trek’ mythos, Starfleet Command – operational headquarters for a flotilla of craft that keep the cosmic peace – is located in San Francisco’s Presidio, in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge (still carrying traffic, even in the 23rd century).”

― Seth Shostak

“I now talk to different cultures, and I hope that I can bridge those gaps and differences between us. It’s an adventure, a dream… I feel like I’m on an anthropological mission.”

― Shakira

“I do heavy weight deadlift squats, shoulder presses, push-ups, and I can pull up my own body weight. And I do an ab workout just about every night. It’s 200 reps of five different exercises four times right before bed: a plank with hip twists, side bridge dips, a walking mountain climber, bicycles and leg lift.”

― Shalita Grant

“Malaysians talk with Mauritians, Arabs with Australians, South Africans with Sri Lankans, and Iranians with Indonesians. The Indian Ocean serves as both a sea separating them and a bridge linking them together.”

― Shashi Tharoor

“People don’t realize that I’m really funny and I’m an excellent bridge player.”

― Sheryl Crow

“All we have is the knowledge passed on to us by our elders, experiences we inculcate and hardly negate. But to bridge the generation gap, one needs to adapt to the new while retaining the goodness of the old.”

― Sonali Bendre

“Turkey can be a bridge to regimes and actions the United States can’t reach. Turkey can talk to people the United States can’t talk to.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“Whenever I work with different artists, I expand as a song writer, as a producer, and I always want to try and find the bridge between my world and their world.”

― Steve Aoki

“I came to San Antonio, and it’s known for the River Walk. So I was just doing some sightseeing, I looked at the bridge and I thought, ‘Man, if I do a flip off this bridge, that would be super-cool.’ I don’t recommend anybody jump off that bridge.”

― Steve-O

“I was on this bridge overlooking the carpet… I think it went all the way back to Oregon.”

― Steven Cojocaru

“George is a radio announcer, and when he walks under a bridge… you can’t hear him talk.”

― Steven Wright

“I just can’t sit down and write three verses and a chorus and a bridge anymore. It just don’t find it inspiring.”

― Sturgill Simpson

“Telling your story is transformative. For both the storyteller and their audience, a new bridge to understanding is created.”

― Susan Burton

“Our North East region will prosper when it is better connected to South East Asia, and when the North East becomes our bridge to South East Asia, we will be closer to realising our hopes for India and ASEAN ties.”

― Sushma Swaraj

“We saw firsthand how a collapsed bridge in Skagit County impacted our local economy, which is why we must fix our infrastructure now before it’s more expensive to maintain in the future.”

― Suzan DelBene

“National service can bridge the gap between the social challenges we face and the resources needed to overcome them.”

― Tae Yoo

“Some people say hybrid vehicles such as the Prius are only a bridge to the future … but we think it could be a long bridge and a very sturdy one. There are many more gains we can achieve with hybrids.”

― Takeshi Uchiyamada

“Ryan is my bridge to the past, to memories that lose some of their sting when he recounts them.”

― Tatum O’Neal

“My guilty pleasure is I like to watch a lot of HGTV. I really like watching design shows about houses, like extreme homes. Like buying a bridge and turning it into a house or something like that. I really am interested in home design or something like that… architecture.”

― Taylor Schilling

“When I was 11, I was invited to be a ballboy at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea played Liverpool. I was a Liverpool fan, so I was gutted that they lost 2-0. Afterwards, I was introduced to the players – I found it terrifying.”

― Theo Walcott

“He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven.”

― Thomas Fuller

“When I heard of the ‘garden bridge’ idea, it seemed so clear and powerful, the notion of using nature to scale down an enormous piece of potentially wind-swept exposed link. That’s what struck me – not treating the bridge just as a link, but as a place.”

― Thomas Heatherwick

“There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.”

― Thornton Wilder

“Narcissism and self-deception are survival mechanisms without which many of us might just jump off a bridge.”

― Todd Solondz

“Since my education, I’ve done quite untraditional things. There are very few Etonians who went to Rada. And far fewer Etonians – certainly when I was there – went to Cambridge. I don’t know whether it’s the same now. Most people I knew went to Oxford, because it seemed more of an easy bridge.”

― Tom Hiddleston

“Only when the oil and gas industry has taken full account of, and responsibility for, the impacts of exploring for and extracting fossil fuels can we engage in a serious and worthy evaluation of whether fracking can indeed provide a bridge to a sustainable energy future.”

― Tom Steyer

“I was brought onboard to strengthen the bridge between Spotify and the music community.”

― Troy Carter

“I hate the idea that talking security is Likud and right wing, and talking about peace is left wing and Labor and Kadima. The whole idea is to find a way to bridge: to find a way to have security and peace together.”

― Tzipi Livni

“I have quite a good card sense. My grandmother taught me to play bridge, so I had a reasonable sense of the cards and how they work.”

― Victoria Coren Mitchell

“It’s a wonderful feeling being a bridge to the past and unite generations.”

― Vin Scully

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be a bridge to the past and to unite generations. The sport of baseball does that, and I am just a part of it.”

― Vin Scully

“I’m someone who takes on information quite well, so there’s maybe a path into management. But I see what successful managers have to go through to get to that level – it’s a completely different ball game – so I think I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.”

― Vincent Kompany

“Al Jazeera is the opinion of other opinion, independent. Al Jazeera is diverse, reflection of the collective mind of the nations and cultures and civilizations that we report from and we report to, bridge of dialogue. This is what Al Jazeera is all about. Al Jazeera is a mission.”

― Wadah Khanfar

“I know Ornette was playing violin sometimes – that was his bridge into the classical world, to break up that whole pecking order.”

― Wayne Shorter

“Whether it’s federal highway funds for the Thruway or Tappan Zee bridge project or the corrupt Cornhusker deal, Senator Gillibrand is willing to sell out our hardworking families. She has failed to address the problem that taxpayers in New York send much more to Washington that we get back.”

― Wendy Long

“I’m one of those people who when I go over a bridge, I want to jump. It’s just this intense tickle in the back of my throat. It’s like I’m on the verge the whole time I’m walking over that bridge, and I’m not going to get a release until I jump.”

― Willem Dafoe

“Scientists are people who build the Brooklyn Bridge and then buy it.”

― William F. Buckley, Jr.

“Fashion is a pay-to-play game; this is an industry. At a certain point, you must bridge a gap where you are supporting the reviewer, the publication, and that is very real.”

― Zac Posen
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