Top 360 Buy Quotes

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“I no longer buy papers or tabloids or magazines or read blogs. I used to.”

― Adele

“I wanted total control and leadership. I wanted to buy the horses and choose the players.”

― Adolfo Cambiaso

“I buy so much stuff from charity shops.”

― Aisling Bea

“Consider what kind of car you get. Buy cars and other products that have the least impact environmentally.”

― Al Gore

“If I’m a great artisan of the kitchen, it’s because I don’t buy my sauces.”

― Alain Ducasse

“I’m not a great shopper but I do buy a lot of books. I’m the publishers’ friend – I buy a hundred books a year and read four.”

― Alan Davies

“The lower spreads mean lower costs for investors, because Nasdaq investors generally do not trade directly with one another. Instead, they usually buy and sell from market-makers, brokerage firms that flip shares between buyers and sellers and keep the spread for themselves.”

― Alex Berenson

“Wal-Mart does not do big mergers, though it will buy much smaller competitors in so-called ‘tuck-in acquisitions.’”

― Alex Berenson

“Short sellers sell stock they have borrowed, hoping to buy it back later when its price has fallen.”

― Alex Berenson

“Investors have been too willing to buy stocks with strong reported earnings, even if they do not understand how the earnings are produced.”

― Alex Berenson

“Corporate executives often buy or sell shares in their companies, and stocks rarely rise or fall significantly when those transactions are reported.”

― Alex Berenson

“Americans will not buy irregular-looking or oddly shaped vegetables!”

― Alex Guarnaschelli

“Being in a band didn’t buy me my beans on toast!”

― Alex Kapranos

“I really like jackets and tend to buy them to the detriment of my need of all the other items.”

― Ali Smith

“Buy foods from nearby farms and have that food served in the cafeteria.”

― Alice Waters

“I buy records – vinyl. I have a record player at home.”

― Amber Heard

“What we buy, and pay for, is part of ourselves.”

― Amelia Barr

“I would prefer a public option that would be a competitive option that would allow people to buy into a Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, which is a series of private plans.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“It is illegal for foreign entities to buy political ads in the United States. But that didn’t stop the purchase of thousands of political ads on Facebook, paid for – in rubles – by foreigners.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“We can help families buy their homes and invest in their educations.”

― Ana Patricia Botin

“Usually, I make such small-budget films that I can’t afford to buy weather.”

― Andrea Arnold

“Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape. In seduction, the rapist often bothers to buy a bottle of wine.”

― Andrea Dworkin

“A lot of players try to buy penalties, and sometimes defenders can’t do a lot about it.”

― Andrew Robertson

“I would be amazed if Oracle does not buy NetSuite.”

― Aneel Bhusri

“I buy my produce at the local farmer’s market, which is actually cheaper than shopping at the grocery store.”

― Anna Getty

“I buy the best fabrics from small mills in Italy. That is the basis for my clothes.”

― Anouska Hempel

“For every new thing that I buy, I have to throw something out.”

― Antoni Porowski

“For you to even enquire about one player, he is expensive. You go to buy a right-back, a left-back, or a central defender, and he is expensive.”

― Antonio Conte

“I did buy an electric guitar while shooting ‘Split.’”

― Anya Taylor-Joy

“If I’m hunting down gifts, I like to buy locally.”

― Arabella Weir

“The kind of money English clubs have available to spend is unbelievable. They buy everything they can.”

― Arjen Robben

“To buy books would be a good thing if we also could buy the time to read them.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer

“Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer

“Why buy sanitary napkins from multinationals when we can make them at home and generate employment?”

― Arunachalam Muruganantham

“I have a soul the devil wouldn’t buy.”

― Ashley McBryde

“A home-made friend wears longer than one you buy in the market.”

― Austin O’Malley

“I don’t have a favourite designer. If I like the piece, I don’t really care if it’s any particular brand – I’ll buy!”

― Barbara Palvin

“Eminem knows that Republicans buy songs – his songs – too. His message to them is to stop buying.”

― Bari Weiss

“It’s cheaper to buy a house and finance it than it is to rent in many markets.”

― Barry Sternlicht

“The Federal Reserve can only buy Treasuries and agencies, and moreover quantitative easing typically involves buying longer-term Treasuries and agencies in terms of bills, for example.”

― Ben Bernanke

“This is a shameful thing to say, but I’ve never really got that ‘grown-up’ mind-set. I have to buy forks? Why?”

― Ben Miller

“If there’s a recession, I’d buy stocks. That’s when you make money: when markets are spooked.”

― Ben Stein

“Buy what thou hast no need of and ere long thou shalt sell thy necessities.”

― Benjamin Franklin

“Don’t try to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. It can’t be done except by liars.”

― Bernard Baruch

“There were times when I couldn’t even buy a loaf of bread.”

― Big Narstie

“Who decides what’s in Windows? The customers who buy it.”

― Bill Gates

“If you’re a terrorist, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.”

― Bill Nelson

“Life’s a pitch, then you buy.”

― Billy Mays

“I’m no editor, no artisan, no expert. And certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear, or eat.”

― Blake Lively

“Banks hold deposits and savings entrusted to them by individuals, by businesses, by governments and by central banks. They put that money to work, helping people to buy homes, for example, or lending to businesses to invest in expansion.”

― Bob Diamond

“Money can’t buy life.”

― Bob Marley

“I don’t believe that, with the click of a mouse, you should be able to buy unlimited amounts of ammunition.”

― Bob Menendez

“I’m not trying to make a speech on CD because who wants to buy that?”

― Boots Riley

“I like to buy books at airports sometimes.”

― Borns

“Before I had a steady job, I was broke, and I didn’t have any money to buy anything, so I would illegally download stuff.”

― Brendon Urie

“I pay my rent and my bills and I buy food and toys for my dog and that’s it.”

― Bria Vinaite

“I never read tabloids, I never buy books or go on Perez Hilton, and I never ever watch the news.”

― Brooke Hogan

“I don’t know the figures, but Hollywood must buy 100 rights for every movie that actually gets made.”

― Bryan Burrough

“Like manchurian candidates, we have been made into manchurian consumers, who subconsciously buy when we are triggered by our brand masters.”

― Bryant H. McGill

“I buy companies for strategic reasons and operate them.”

― Carlos Slim

“I don’t believe you can buy or sell ‘cool.’”

― Carolyn See

“Nothing exists if a store doesn’t buy it and you’re not able to get it.”

― Carrie Donovan

“People simply shouldn’t buy puppies without a breeding certificate.”

― Celia Hammond

“Most shoppers don’t buy everything they need at one store.”

― Charles Duhigg

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy mortgages from banks and other lenders, providing those financial institutions with capital to make new loans.”

― Charles Duhigg

“I’m getting so old, I don’t even buy green bananas anymore.”

― Chi Chi Rodriguez

“My mom won’t let me buy high-fashion stuff unless it’s TK Maxx or a birthday occasion.”

― Chloe Grace Moretz

“There are works of fiction which seek to explain jihadi terrorists as the militant wing of Amnesty International. I don’t buy that.”

― Chris Morris

“I buy Dries van Noten shoes. I love his clothes, too.”

― Christian Louboutin

“I’d rather buy clothes than buy a bed.”

― Christian Siriano

“Mormons aren’t gonna buy my album but, you know, what are you gonna do?”

― Christina Aguilera

“Toy companies aren’t interested in ideology, they want to sell toys. If they would sell a toy that both boys and girls would buy, it doubles profits.”

― Christina Hoff Sommers

“People don’t buy from clowns.”

― Claude C. Hopkins

“If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.”

― Clint Eastwood

“After the Dirk Pitt books became best-sellers, I could afford to buy the more exotic examples of classic autos.”

― Clive Cussler

“I don’t like having debts. I don’t like buying anything that I can’t buy in cash.”

― CM Punk

“Charm is an intangible. Chutzpah, charm, charisma, that kind of thing, you can’t buy it. You either have it or you don’t.”

― Colm Feore

“I used to buy records in high school. Mainly dancehall: Super Cat, Buju Banton.”

― Damian Marley

“I buy thousands of books a year.”

― Dave Pelzer

“Most of the things we buy are wants. And we call them needs, but they’re wants.”

― Dave Ramsey

“We would buy more magazines if they are category leaders. We like to acquire earnings potential.”

― David Carey

“What you can’t buy is the loyalty that comes through our dedicated crewmembers.”

― David Neeleman

“Our people get profit-sharing checks. I got a report the other day that says that 84 percent of our people participate in our stock purchase program, where they can buy stock at a 15 percent discount.”

― David Neeleman

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.”

― David Ogilvy

“I could buy an island. I could buy a private jet – but I have NetJets.”

― David Tepper

“I would make my mom buy me the toy doctor kit.”

― Debi Thomas

“I buy very little of what’s sold to me in the church. Very, very little.”

― Delilah

“That rule about having to act one’s age? I just don’t buy it.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“I am the most loyal player money can buy.”

― Don Sutton

“I don’t want my album coming out with a ‘G’ rating. Nobody would buy it.”

― Donny Osmond

“Don’t sell your soul to buy peanuts for the monkeys.”

― Dorothy Salisbury Davis

“To buy happiness is to sell soul.”

― Douglas Horton

“I read comics and stuff. I buy a lot of comics, a lot of films and boxsets.”

― Ed Gamble

“My mum always used to buy a record every Friday.”

― Elton John

“I really like beef jerky. If we go to a gas station, I have to buy beef jerky.”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“I don’t really buy designer stuff. I have a few nice things, but I don’t really have the occasion to wear couture too often.”

― Emma Watson

“You can’t buy time or save it, common idioms notwithstanding. You can only spend it.”

― Eric Zorn

“The easier things are to buy, the more we consume.”

― Erik Qualman

“I will buy any creme, cosmetic, or elixir from a woman with a European accent.”

― Erma Bombeck

“I buy the market through index funds. Since I’m getting older, I buy TIPS.”

― Eugene Fama

“I have refused to buy a car for the reasons of sustainability.”

― Fatih Birol

“What do wealthy people do with their money? They can only buy so many cars, houses, and steak dinners. So we either give it away or invest it.”

― Foster Friess

“I buy books, I have shelves of books. I love to read.”

― Frances McDormand

“My mission is not to forbid French art. If the quality is there, I buy; if the quality isn’t there, I don’t.”

― Francois Pinault

“We buy into the computer, and everything that comes from the computer, we believe to be the truth.”

― Frank Abagnale

“We sometime didn’t get enough to buy oats for our horses. Most banks had very little money in them.”

― Frank James

“The ability to easily buy and sell Bitcoin has been a really key factor in accelerating Bitcoin adoption.”

― Fred Ehrsam

“Money cannot buy happiness.”

― Frida Lyngstad

“I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights. I don’t think you should infringe on the type of weapon somebody should buy or the number of rounds in a high-capacity magazine.”

― Gabriel E. Gomez

“When kids my age were picking up toy cars, I used to buy toy guns.”

― Gagan Narang

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.”

― Garth Brooks

“Everyone could use instructions on every aspect of cooking: pantry, storage, refrigeration, cooking, what to buy. Everyone that I come into contact with could use help.”

― Geoffrey Zakarian

“A friend you have to buy won’t be worth what you pay for him.”

― George Dennison Prentice

“I have a fantastic relationship with money. I use it to buy my freedom.”

― Gianni Versace

“Anybody that pays attention to hate really is wasting their time. I don’t subscribe. I don’t buy in.”

― Guy Fieri

“People are interested in people. They buy biographies; they don’t buy studies of presidencies.”

― H. W. Brands

“I’ve been blessed to have enough to buy organic and have a house in Tahoe.”

― Hannah Teter

“Almost the first thing I did when I became ill was to buy a truly good television set.”

― Harold Brodkey

“I buy a lot of books I’ve found via the Internet, whose existences I’d otherwise never have known about.”

― Heidi Julavits

“What’s the use of happiness? It can’t buy you money.”

― Henny Youngman

“You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it.”

― Henny Youngman

“Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“But once you buy a company, you are married. You are married to that company.”

― Henry Kravis

“Culture is intangible. It’s spiritual. You can’t buy it.”

― Herb Kelleher

“I still don’t buy the idea that I’m a ‘sex symbol.’”

― Hope Solo

“Money can’t buy happiness.”

― Howard Hughes

“Don’t buy preground coffee.”

― Howard Schultz

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

― Hunter S. Thompson

“We’ve been touring ever since we were able to afford to buy a van, and I don’t think we’ll ever stop until something falls off or is irreparable.”

― Ian Gillan

“I keep on 5 to 10 pounds above my jeans weight, as the ultimate no-filler-needed refresher, and buy a size up on jeans.”

― Iman

“E-books are preferable to paper; they can be delivered instantly. In many cases, they’re cheaper; you can buy them with the press of a button.”

― J. A. Konrath

“Boredom is a fearsome prospect. There’s a limit to the number of cars and microwaves you can buy. What do you do then?”

― J. G. Ballard

“I buy when other people are selling.”

― J. Paul Getty

“People buy products if they’re better.”

― James Dyson

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy happier.”

― James Gunn

“I’m not soppy-romantic. I don’t buy Valentine’s cards or any of that cheesy crap.”

― James May

“It doesn’t do Costco any good if nobody can afford to buy anything.”

― James Sinegal

“We hear lots of stories where grandparents go to a store and buy a smartphone so they can keep in touch with kids and grandkids.”

― Jan Koum

“It’s fun to buy make-up online. It’s even more fun to go into a store and buy it.”

― Jane Lauder

“I buy records from all across the board. I get kind of a hybrid of influences in my own music.”

― Jason Mraz

“When I got to the NBA, I got a Macbook, and the first thing I did was buy Logic.”

― JaVale McGee

“CDs are not as good as vinyl, and you buy one in the supermarket along with the yoghurt.”

― Jean-Michel Jarre

“Money doesn’t buy happiness. But happiness isn’t everything.”

― Jean Seberg

“You buy a movie, you should get it anywhere you want it. You pay for a network, you should have that anywhere you want. Same thing with a magazine.”

― Jeff Bewkes

“The strong arm of government should not force Americans to buy health-care products that they have reasoned objections to.”

― Jeff Fortenberry

“Nobody can buy Jeff Greene. Nobody ever has. Nobody ever will.”

― Jeff Greene

“People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.”

― Jeffrey Gitomer

“The Openbucks Gift Card Payment Network taps into a whole new market of consumers that either by choice or due to limited resources may not have been able to previously buy goods online.”

― Jerry Yang

“The most frustrating thing is that I want to always buy the best thing, the thing that does the most stuff.”

― Jerry Zucker

“I’m an extremist. If I go to a sneaker store, I buy 20 pairs of sneakers, not one.”

― Jesse Itzler

“Art is fun to buy.”

― Jessica Jackley

“I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft.”

― Jim Allchin

“I rarely read or buy a book because of a review.”

― Jim Harrison

“I don’t buy comics anymore, for the most part. I eat my lunch off of them.”

― Jim Lee

“I would just say there is one misperception of our veterans, and that is they are somehow damaged goods. I don’t buy it.”

― Jim Mattis

“The military can buy our diplomats some time.”

― Jim Mattis

“When we did Beats, we had to begin again. Nobody at Best Buy knew who we were.”

― Jimmy Iovine

“The album’s not dead for me; I still buy vinyl albums.”

― Jimmy Page

“I don’t buy into you’re on the slag heap when you’re 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 or whatever.”

― Joan Collins

“There’s only one thing money won’t buy, and that is poverty.”

― Joe E. Lewis

“If there’s more employment, people buy more.”

― Joe Kaeser

“Get in your kitchens, buy unprocessed foods, turn off the TV, and prepare your own foods. This is liberating.”

― Joel Salatin

“If the audience sees and feels things are real, then they buy it.”

― Joel Silver

“I don’t buy into the idea that an Irish writer should write about Ireland, or a gay writer should write about being gay.”

― John Boyne

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.”

― John C. Maxwell

“I think it’s ridiculous to try to sell records to teenagers, because teenagers don’t buy my records. And there ain’t that many teenagers out there in the marketplace.”

― John Mellencamp

“If you rent, the rent goes up every year. But if you buy a 30-year mortgage, the cost is fixed.”

― John Paulson

“We believe the 36, nearly 40, billion pound discount given for a right to buy houses took a million houses out of the public housing sector which is desperately needed for rent.”

― John Prescott

“If the people buying the pizza are happy, they’ll probably buy the pizza again.”

― John Schnatter

“Wealthy men, too, like several of those in our neighborhood, had so many slaves that they were compelled to buy other plantations on which to employ them.”

― John Sergeant Wise

“Henry Ford was right. A prosperous economy requires that workers be able to buy the products that they produce. This is as true in a global economy as a national one.”

― John Sweeney

“Every time I have a hit, I buy a Rolls.”

― John Tavener

“We realized we had high-volume marketplace as a platform. Anyone can come in and buy with a subscription.”

― Jon Oringer

“Everywhere I go, I buy something. I probably have an issue with shopping.”

― Jonathan Anderson

“You don’t buy a Picasso because you love the frame.”

― Joss Whedon

“Sometimes with artists, I want to hear a few things before I buy the whole album.”

― Juicy J

“I still buy CDs and DVDs, but generally for more obscure material.”

― Julian Ovenden

“I collect clothes – they keep building and building. I buy them instead of having them washed.”

― Juliette Lewis

“I went into a Whole Foods to buy chewable vitamin C and got tackled by, like, 15 girls who watch ‘Empire.’”

― Jussie Smollett

“I buy clothes that have repeat value.”

― Kajal Aggarwal

“Often, men forget to buy their grooming supplies.”

― Karamo Brown

“I buy food and gasoline – that’s it.”

― Kat Dennings

“Throughout the 19th century, Britain bought cheaply from the countries of the empire and compelled subject countries to buy our goods at high prices.”

― Kate Williams

“I absolutely believe that President Obama was born in the United States. I don’t buy into the claims that he wasn’t.”

― Ken Cuccinelli

“Other people might buy a Rolls-Royce. I’d rather encourage people to be creative.”

― Ken Hakuta

“In the 1970s, I used to buy opals and moonstones at the Queen Victoria Market, which were seen as old-fashioned and too heavy at the time.”

― Kerry Greenwood

“The world has changed. It’s not enough to simply buy American; we have to sell American, sell our products and goods and services throughout this world.”

― Kevin Brady

“You can’t go to the store and buy ‘the Engagement Platform.’”

― Kevin Lynch

“I don’t want anything that I buy to have done any harm to anyone or anything.”

― Kevin McCloud

“Money doesn’t buy class.”

― Kiana Tom

“Buy, buy, buy, buy! They want to grab you and trap you and turn you into little Elizabeth Hurleys.”

― Kristin Scott Thomas

“If I ever buy a house and redo the bathroom, I’m putting urinals in there.”

― Lamorne Morris

“Money can’t buy wins.”

― Lance Stroll

“I’ve got five or six unpublished stories kicking around looking for somebody to buy them.”

― Larry Niven

“Central banks need to be able to buy bonds if there are short-term malfunctions of the markets. But buying bonds without differentiation and without limits would be very problematic.”

― Lars Feld

“I don’t buy into this idea that pop has to be frivolous or vacuous, and we’ve never subscribed to that.”

― Lauren Mayberry

“I was in a band when I was 15. We were a glam band. Then I couldn’t afford to buy makeup. At the time that was the thing.”

― Layne Staley

“A likely source for terrorists seeking to buy or steal nuclear materials is the former Soviet Union.”

― Lee H. Hamilton

“When I buy something, I do so with the intention of keeping it forever.”

― Lee Radziwill

“My mom was very religious. She might have let me buy records, but I assumed that she wouldn’t.”

― Leon Bridges

“I love that works of art are printed so that anyone can buy them. The variety of what they put on little postcards astounds me.”

― Leonard Lauder

“I hope to buy brands and businesses globally.”

― Li Shufu

“Unless you’re really interested in sleaze, you should not buy ‘Newsweek.’”

― Liz Trotta

“I don’t particularly buy into all the nutrition fads and that sort of thing.”

― Lizzie Armitstead

“I’m so old, I don’t buy green bananas any more.”

― Lou Holtz

“All an agent is going to do is buy things for a player, damage his eligibility, and make the player dependent on them.”

― Lou Holtz

“I thought always Manchester United can buy every player because they have a lot of power.”

― Louis van Gaal

“The thing to do is to buy and sell.”

― Lucio Tan

“I abhor a hoe. I am fond of flowers but not of dirt, and had rather buy them than cultivate them.”

― Lyman Abbott

“I’ve graced almost every stage in N.Y., from Webster Hall to Gramercy Theater to Best Buy.”

― Machine Gun Kelly

“I’ve seen a lot of people buy my books and then fall asleep on the plane soon afterwards.”

― Maeve Binchy

“I don’t even have time to buy clothes.”

― Mahira Khan

“I will shop at Asos or Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is probably where I buy most of my stuff from. I mix and match from different places.”

― Malcolm Jenkins

“The streets buy records, but they don’t really buy records in incredible numbers.”

― Mannie Fresh

“I would rather buy Indian equities than the S&P 500.”

― Marc Faber

“I’d rather buy something that is relatively depressed than something that is relatively high.”

― Marc Faber

“I never buy magazines, I never even buy books.”

― Marc Newson

“Buy locally where possible, but if you can’t get the very best locally, don’t buy locally. Buy it from where it is best.”

― Marco Pierre White

“People buy into my agenda. I don’t buy into anyone’s agenda.”

― Marco Rubio

“On Jan. 1, 2012, I resolved to not buy anything from Amazon for a year.”

― Maria Semple

“It’s shocking to me that it’s easier to buy a gun at Wal-Mart than it is to buy my record.”

― Marilyn Manson

“I have a nest egg, and I don’t buy above my means.”

― Mariska Hargitay

“If I could afford it, I’d buy 1,000 acres and put my house right dead-center.”

― Mark Fuhrman

“I don’t stream or buy CDs… pretty much everything I buy, I do it on iTunes.”

― Mark Hoppus

“We have the best government that money can buy.”

― Mark Twain

“Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.”

― Mark Twain

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

― Mark Twain

“I’m a big believer that if you buy a comic, you ought to own it.”

― Mark Waid

“A lot of TV people buy more than one of an item, in case they spot or stain it, but I don’t like buying duplicates – it’s wasteful.”

― Martha Stewart

“After all, an overvalued dollar gives us the ability to buy foreign goods at lower prices. And the existing volume of exports brings more yen and euros than they would if the dollar were more competitive.”

― Martin Feldstein

“I buy DVDs. I don’t really buy CDs unless they’re for other people.”

― Martin Freeman

“I was also interested in chemistry, but my parents were not willing to buy me a chemistry set.”

― Martin Lewis Perl

“I don’t buy fancy things. I donated $2 million to Wu-Tang. I got a mixtape in return. It was a wonderful investment.”

― Martin Shkreli

“Money can’t buy poverty.”

― Marty Feldman

“D.C. is one my largest audiences. They buy tons of records of mine in Washington, D.C.”

― Marvin Sapp

“I buy soy sauce and flavor it five different ways: with sake, mirin, sugar, kombu and bonito flakes. I use them on lots of dishes at home.”

― Masaharu Morimoto

“I’m the die-hard that still goes out to buy records.”

― Matt Skiba

“I tried to buy the script of ‘Hancock.’ I loved it. The script was far darker and edgier than the movie.”

― Matthew Vaughn

“Buy old masters. They fetch a better price than old mistresses.”

― Max Aitken

“I come from the operations side of the business, and I buy companies to operate them, not to flip them.”

― Michael Heisley

“The philosophy to ‘buy and hold’ is a philosophy that I use to manage funds.”

― Michael Lee-Chin

“It started twelve and went on until twelve. I never had to buy a drink all day!”

― Michael Owen Bruce

“I’ll use any excuse to buy a new backpack.”

― Michael Potts

“Units were coming to combat with DCGS because it was their tool kit, so to speak, but they basically had it boxed up and parked in a corner. They were using off-the-shelf stuff they were having to buy prior to coming into the theater.”

― Michael T. Flynn

“Don’t judge. I used to buy underwear because I didn’t do my laundry.”

― Michelle Obama

“If you tried to sell Mike Birbiglia as a concept, no one would buy it.”

― Mike Birbiglia

“The Constitution does not demand that you or I buy anything.”

― Mike Conaway

“I don’t buy that there’s nothing we can do to stop criminals and the mentally ill from killing if they want to.”

― Mike Quigley

“I make paintings, try to get others to look at them and hopefully buy them.”

― Mike Thompson

“I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn’t have one. So I got a cake.”

― Mitch Hedberg

“You don’t make money when you buy stocks. And you don’t make money when you sell stocks. You make money by waiting.”

― Mohnish Pabrai

“I don’t want to do too many films because I don’t aspire to buy huge cars or build bungalows.”

― Nana Patekar

“Critics don’t buy records. They get ’em free.”

― Nat King Cole

“I still buy actual books. The smell, having it in your hands – there’s really no substitute.”

― Nathan Fillion

“There’s one site where you can buy pictures of me for five bucks a pop.”

― Nicholas Lea

“I ordered a Kindle 2 from Amazon. How could I not? There were banner ads for it all over the Web. Whenever I went to the Amazon Web site, I was urged to buy one.”

― Nicholson Baker

“People don’t go buy GoPro for the thing; they buy it for what the thing does.”

― Nick Woodman

“Whenever possible, buy a fish whole. With tuna, this isn’t practical; with smaller fish, it is.”

― Nobu Matsuhisa

“It’s a sad state when more people retweet than buy records.”

― Noel Gallagher

“I buy way too many books.”

― Orson Scott Card

“It proved easier to buy the farm to get the mineral rights than to buy the coal rights alone.”

― Orville Redenbacher

“Nobody is making Americans buy Chinese goods.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“In theory, taxes should be like shopping. What I buy is government services. What I pay are my taxes.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“If you’re not a cop, don’t buy a Crown Victoria.”

― Pat McAfee

“I’m always surprised when large numbers of people buy my books.”

― Patricia Cornwell

“Oh, I’m quite the impulse buyer. Most of what I buy is stuff for my Jeep, ’cause it breaks down a lot.”

― Patrick Fugit

“What makes you the establishment is if you buy into it.”

― Paul Manafort

“Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window; Why, why, says the junk in the yard.”

― Paul McCartney

“In terms of merchandise, you can’t force anyone to buy something.”

― Paul Stanley

“I wasn’t a hoarder, but I was on my way. I went to thrift stores and never didn’t buy something. A lot of cat figurines, needlepoint, afghans. Grandma stuff, I suppose.”

― Perfume Genius

“I don’t buy fur coats or jewelry. I have old cars.”

― Peta Wilson

“There are certain people who seem doomed to buy certain houses. The house expects them. It waits for them.”

― Peter Ackroyd

“Essentially, when we run a deficit, we are borrowing money to buy things that are made overseas.”

― Peter DeFazio

“You can’t buy class.”

― Peter Hook

“When I was a developer, I couldn’t buy a pencil. I had no budget, nothing.”

― Peter Levine

“I didn’t really buy LPs or go to concerts.”

― Philip Seymour Hoffman

“Though I knew that poverty certainly didn’t buy happiness, I wasn’t convinced that money did, either.”

― Pico Iyer

“I don’t know – the whole leading man, I don’t buy it.”

― Pilou Asbaek

“Very often, state utilities do not buy electricity even if they need it, as every unit purchased increases their losses.”

― Piyush Goyal

“I don’t want to buy a jet plane. I don’t want to live with an entourage.”

― R. Madhavan

“I have been known to go to the grocery store and just buy pepperoni. There’s just something fantastic about salty, fatty meats.”

― Rachel Nichols

“My parents encourage me to save, but I do buy the odd thing that I wouldn’t tell them about.”

― Rachel Riley

“We have so much poverty in our country. Not every parent can afford to buy their kids all the frills and perks, but teenagers still demand it, and are we responsible for it!”

― Raveena Tandon

“When buying shares, ask yourself, would you buy the whole company?”

― Rene Rivkin

“We assumed the customers were smart and that they’ll buy what they like, not what the ads tell them to buy.”

― Renzo Rosso

“I just don’t buy the tabloids.”

― Rhys Ifans

“I don’t think actors need to go on pedestals. I don’t buy it.”

― Richard C. Armitage

“Buy one pair of knickers or underpants from Marks & Spencer. Then you’ll truly be like a Brit!”

― Richard Quest

“I probably have 15 to 20 Dalis in the store. The secret to buying Dali – never buy one made after 1970.”

― Rick Harrison

“Let’s make what Americans buy. Buy what Americans make. And sell it to the world.”

― Rick Perry

“What about stocks? You got to buy them. What if they break? You have to buy the dips.”

― Rick Santelli

“Teachers should not need to have to buy books for the kids, or pencils and pens. That’s absurd.”

― Rob Halford

“You don’t buy evil characters lattes. That’s not normal behavior.”

― Rob James-Collier

“You can’t just buy things for the label – it’s ridiculous.”

― Roberto Cavalli

“That strategy of buy and hold, which is the sound and sensible one for the individual, can have very dangerous and perverse effects for the market as a whole.”

― Ron Chernow

“If you buy something online, you’re supposed to pay a use tax.”

― Ron DeSantis

“A lot of my best clothes I buy at photo shoots because I don’t have time to shop.”

― Ronda Rousey

“I was too broke to buy a guitar so I more borrowed guitars from friends.”

― Ronnie Montrose

“I buy newspapers to make money to buy more newspapers to make more money.”

― Roy Thomson

“I think the notion that we have all the democracy that money can buy strays so far from what our democracy is supposed to be.”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“I would not have one turntable if my brother didn’t buy the turntable. I was the dreamer; he was the doer.”

― Rza

“With iTunes and Spotify and Pandora and this and that, you don’t need to buy CDs any more.”

― Sergio Garcia

“I don’t necessarily buy the story that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11.”

― Seymour Hersh

“Everywhere I go I buy new music shirts.”

― Shaun White

“I take my kids to a farmers’ market each Sunday to buy organic produce.”

― Shawn Amos

“Whatever money I made, I did not buy an apartment or a car: I bought plane tickets and hotels and experiences.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“Anyone who’s tried to pay a heating bill, fill a prescription, or simply buy groceries knows all too well that the current minimum wage does not cut the mustard.”

― Sherrod Brown

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

― Simon Sinek

“I didn’t buy Bentleys. I didn’t live large. I invested in me. I invested in a lot of other people.”

― Sinbad

“I swore to my parents that no one would ever be able to buy me.”

― Sissy Spacek

“Wherever I go, I buy shoes.”

― Sonia Rykiel

“I go to the local record store to buy my albums.”

― Sonny Sandoval

“I’m the hardest person to buy a gift for.”

― Stacy Keibler

“Seeing so much of the same thing suppresses the desire to buy.”

― Stanley Marcus

“I’ve lived through periods of illiquidity before. Asset prices come down. The economy slows or even goes into recession. Then the cycle re-starts. We buy at lower prices with less leverage.”

― Stephen A. Schwarzman

“Buy groceries and feed yourself, even on the road.”

― Steve Albini

“I was going to buy a van and move to LA so I could secretly pursue acting without any of my friends knowing.”

― Steve Buscemi

“I sold my most valuable possession, but I knew that because I worked at Hewlett Packard, I could buy the next model calculator the very next month for a lower price than I sold the older one for!”

― Steve Wozniak

“I went to a general store. They wouldn’t let me buy anything specifically.”

― Steven Wright

“I went to a general store but they wouldn’t let me buy anything specific.”

― Steven Wright

“I occasionally buy a bikini, but I’m too shy to wear it.”

― Susan Lucci

“To make the most of your money, I recommend sticking with mutual funds that don’t charge a commission when you buy or sell.”

― Suze Orman

“For money, I can buy one thing: I buy freedom.”

― Svetlana Alexievich

“I learned that people don’t buy anything from unknown stores.”

― Tadashi Yanai

“My favorite was ‘The Lost Boys.’ Corey Haim wore this trench coat, and I made my mum buy me a trench coat. I wore it to school, to primary school.”

― Taika Waititi

“Filter from your tap, and if you do occasionally buy the bottles, please recycle.”

― Tara Stiles

“I haven’t been in a store to buy anything for five years.”

― Ted Turner

“I’m making music for the people. If y’all love the music, y’all gonna buy the music.”

― The Notorious B.I.G.

“Foreign trade clearly holds down the cost of products we buy.”

― Tim Bishop

“Actually, we’ve done 75 of these shows and every one of them has sold out. But then we buy all the tickets.”

― Tim Conway

“I’m an incompetent consumer. I have two settings: Buy and Don’t Buy.”

― Timothy Noah

“In 1968 the Arts Council managed to get a grant from the treasury to buy up a lot of derelict touring theatres and put them back in the hands of the local authorities.”

― Timothy West

“We try to buy as much American-made shirts as we can and stuff to sell. It’s very difficult to cover every base as much as our country has been saturated with foreign products.”

― Toby Keith

“I bought a lot of rubbish things that kids buy: skateboards and clothes and typical teenage stuff.”

― Tom Felton

“Politicians like to talk about incentives – for businesses to relocate, for example, or to get folks to buy local.”

― Tom Golisano

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does pay for therapy.”

― Travis Kalanick

“You can’t buy vision, and you can’t buy aesthetic.”

― Travis Scott

“You can’t buy swag.”

― Travis Scott

“When I made my first album, there was no indication that anybody other than my parents were going to buy it.”

― Trisha Yearwood

“I wouldn’t deliberately go and buy something that one would categorise as an extravagant thing.”

― Trudie Styler

“If people buy my books for vanity, I consider it a tax on idiocy.”

― Umberto Eco

“I’m a collecting maniac and I buy a lot of books and records. I have over thousand cds.”

― Ville Valo

“The American people must not buy into the Democrat rhetoric.”

― Virginia Foxx

“As far as the Russians were concerned, I felt the reverse; they had adequate gold, if they wanted to buy, and they weren’t dependent upon international trade. I felt they were more self-sufficient.”

― W. Averell Harriman

“Never buy four C-plus paintings when you can buy one A.”

― Walter Annenberg

“The only time to buy these is on a day with no ‘y’ in it.”

― Warren Buffett

“Hey, if we didn’t overcharge for our product – guess what – people wouldn’t have to buy used games.”

― Warren Spector

“I don’t buy cars I can’t drive.”

― Wayne Huizenga

“The immigration laws of the United States should not be used to buy and sell political favors.”

― Wendy Long

“I mainly buy books in my free time.”

― Wesley Snipes

“I’m not buddy-buddy with the players. If they need a buddy, let them buy a dog.”

― Whitey Herzog

“Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff.”

― Will Rogers

“The assets you want to buy are the ones people have to sell.”

― William E. Conway, Jr.

“For billionaires who cannot buy good press, there is the option of buying the press.”

― William Finnegan

“It is much simpler to buy books than to read them and easier to read them than to absorb their contents.”

― William Osler

“I’m not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia. Let them walk to school like I did.”

― Yogi Berra

“To be able to buy a plant and plant it, that’s a luxury to me.”

― Zac Posen

“When people wanna come buy beats or wanna record a song, I’m trappin’.”

― Zaytoven

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

― Zig Ziglar

“I used to have this little mouse. I buy birds from the pet store and I let them go.”

― Ziggy Marley
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