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“My first mixtape especially – that came from a heartbreak.”

― A Boogie wit da Hoodie

“It was a bit of a surprise when the national captaincy came my way.”

― AB de Villiers

“Usernames and passwords are an idea that came out of 1970s mainframe architectures. They were not built for 2016.”

― Alex Stamos

“I came to singing organically.”

― Alice Smith

“When ‘Dynasty’ was on, it was a huge deal when Diahann Carroll came on the show. That was groundbreaking.”

― Angela Robinson

“I came from nothing.”

― Anita Dobson

“If one day I came to Ligue 1, it would be to Lyon or Marseille.”

― Antoine Griezmann

“My grandparents all came from Lithuania to South Africa.”

― Antony Sher

“I came up in gospel.”

― Aretha Franklin

“When I came to PSV, I signed when Eric Gerets was coach there.”

― Arjen Robben

“I cured with the power that came through me.”

― Black Elk

“When it came to rock, I was always drawn to guitars.”

― Brantley Gilbert

“When it came to country, I loved the stories.”

― Brantley Gilbert

“All of our ancestors came from somewhere.”

― Carol Kane

“My confidence came from always needing to compete.”

― Cathy Engelbert

“I came out around 25 publicly.”

― Chaz Bono

“I came out at 17.”

― Chirlane McCray

“In England, there’s no acknowledgement the invention of slavery came from Britain.”

― Chiwetel Ejiofor

“Comfort came in with the middle classes.”

― Clive Bell

“I came from a broken family.”

― Coco Martin

“There was no language barrier when it came to kids, and when it came to play.”

― Connie Sellecca

“Vice came in always at the door of necessity, not at the door of inclination.”

― Daniel Defoe

“Jackson was not a religious man when he came to Lexington.”

― Daniel H. Hill

“We all came to see that site. We all walked around it. It is already sacred.”

― Daniel Libeskind

“I came to Congress to help reduce spending.”

― Dave Reichert

“I was strictly after hits when it came down to the Jackson 5. That’s all I was concerned with.”

― Deke Richards

“Remember where you came from.”

― Donald Rumsfeld

“At the time I belonged to the socialist party, and Hitler came to power.”

― Douglas Sirk

“I came up with a story and I wrote it.”

― E. L. James

“When ‘Paul’s Boutique’ came out, I was one of the fans that didn’t get it.”

― Eminem

“I came to photography by accident.”

― Eve Arnold

“I was ashamed of it, of the poverty I came from.”

― Frank McCourt

“All my sons are named George Foreman. They all know where they came from.”

― George Foreman

“In 1958, I came to Chicago where I have remained.”

― George Stigler

“Designing came to me. I didn’t have to move.”

― Gianni Versace

“I was a teenager when ‘Miami Vice’ came out, and that was such a huge show.”

― H. Jon Benjamin

“Dancing came easy to me.”

― Hedda Hopper

“We sunk everything into it. It came close to going under several times.”

― Heston Blumenthal

“Where I came from, no one was a writer.”

― Howard Gordon

“My great-grandfather came here as a refugee from the pogrom in Ukraine.”

― J. B. Pritzker

“I came from a huge extended family of musicians.”

― Jake Epstein

“When it came to kissing, Harlow was the best.”

― James Stewart

“One returns to the place one came from.”

― Jean de La Fontaine

“The industrialized countries that came to dominate post-slavery have caused the climate to change.”

― Jens Martin Skibsted

“I came from a family of Marines into the family of Marines.”

― Jim Lehrer

“I came from Brooklyn. My nickname was Moochie.”

― Jimmy Iovine

“You can’t forget where you came from.”

― Jimmy John Liautaud

“I was on ‘SmackDown’ TV when I was 24. I was released when I was 27 and came back at 29.”

― Jinder Mahal

“When rock came in, I wasn’t bitter about it. I was puzzled.”

― Jo Stafford

“I was in Germany when the wall came down.”

― Joe Cocker

“I haven’t forgotten where I came from.”

― John Salazar

“My parents came to San Francisco when they were probably 19 or 20, in the mid-’60s.”

― Jon M. Chu

“My family came from Ecuador.”

― Jose Garces

“The Lord Chamberlin was censoring scripts when I first came into the theater.”

― Judi Dench

“I came, I saw, I conquered.”

― Julius Caesar

“We came into a broken world. And we’re the cleanup crew.”

― Kanye West

“I came to Christ in my early 20s.”

― Karen Kingsbury

“I want my family to resemble the family I came from.”

― Katherine Heigl

“I’m not defined by where I came from.”

― Katy Perry

“I never came into life with any favours or privileges.”

― Ken Livingstone

“I stayed true to my dreams and, eventually, they came true.”

― Kevin Hart

“I was a student in Germany when Hitler came to power.”

― Klaus Fuchs

“All of my style came from listening to records.”

― Lindsey Buckingham

“Elvis was rock’n’roll. He came from the poverty and the pain.”

― Link Wray

“I came into this league by myself, and I’ll leave by myself.”

― Malik Jackson

“I came from an affluent family, am well-known and well-read.”

― Manisha Koirala

“When the dream came into being, I always pursued it.”

― Marguerite Young

“My father came here from Mexico.”

― Mark Consuelos

“We culturally decided, as the personal computer came in, that it was for the boys.”

― Megan Smith

“So I left with Jean Claude and went to Paris, so when the Russians came to Prague, I was in Paris.”

― Milos Forman

“Western concepts of ownership and privatization came in and clashed with that. So land began to be exchanged.”

― Neil Abercrombie

“Children’s finger-painting came under the arts, but movies didn’t.”

― Nicolas Roeg

“For me, my awakening came when I was kidnapped.”

― Patty Hearst

“I thought happiness came from achievement.”

― Paul Henderson

“And the biggest, coldest power play of all in Obamacare came at the expense of the elderly.”

― Paul Ryan

“No one remembers who came fourth.”

― Paula Radcliffe

“I first came across Chadron, Nebraska, by accident in 1994.”

― Poe Ballantine

“I was a redhead when I first came to America.”

― Poppy Montgomery

“The role I was waiting for came in the form of Varsha in ‘Tholi Prema.’”

― Raashi Khanna

“The best games came from great characters.”

― Rich Moore

“I came to Watford to make history.”

― Richarlison

“My abs were my bread and butter in the U.K. – the calendars, the photoshoots, and all that came with it.”

― Ricky Whittle

“The name Rico Nasty came from Instagram.”

― Rico Nasty

“My characters came with a lot of gear, a lot of weaponry.”

― Rob Liefeld

“I came into the league in ’94.”

― Robert Kraft

“My people came from western Tennessee and western Kentucky.”

― Rodney Crowell

“A lot of my strength came from my upbringing.”

― Ruby Bridges

“I do have a regard for the musicality of language that came from BBC sitcoms like ‘Fawlty Towers.’”

― Russell Brand

“My father came to England from India in 1957, and my mum came in 1960.”

― Sanjeev Bhaskar

“I came to America when I was 7.”

― Soon-Yi Previn

“After the Apple II was introduced, then came the Commodore and the Tandy TRS-80.”

― Steve Wozniak

“When dubstep came out, I loved it.”

― Tech N9ne

“My first album came out in 1979.”

― Teena Marie

“Came but for friendship, and took away love.”

― Thomas Moore

“I came up with Hotmail’s viral marketing idea.”

― Timothy C. Draper

“When it came to foods it was a guessing game.”

― Tony Perez

“No one remembers who came in second.”

― Walter Hagen

“Which came first the intestine or the tapeworm?”

― William S. Burroughs

“And so we came forth, and once again beheld the stars.”

― William Styron
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