Top 330 Cancer Quotes

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“Cancer is something that, tragically, affects almost all of our lives.”

― Abbey Clancy

“Modern society has evolved to the point where we counter the old-fashioned fatalism surrounding the word ‘cancer’ by embracing the idea of the Uber-mind – that our will possesses nearly supernatural powers.”

― Abraham Verghese

“Cancer, like any other illness, is a bore.”

― Alan Bennett

“It’s a scary word, ‘cancer.’”

― Alan Jackson

“Studies show that Avastin can prolong the lives of patients with late-stage breast and lung cancer by several months when the drug is combined with existing therapies.”

― Alex Berenson

“The late Christopher Hitchens had the professional contrarian’s fixation on attacking sacred cows, and rather soon after his cancer diagnosis, he became one himself.”

― Alex Pareene

“I had breast cancer. I caught it early.”

― Allison Anders

“My father, Simon Hoggart, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2010. By this point, it had spread to his spleen and metastasised in his lungs and so was pronounced terminal.”

― Amy Hoggart

“The thing with cancer is that it’s usually the chemo rather than the disease itself that makes the patient feel so ill, particularly at the start.”

― Amy Hoggart

“Having cancer is one thing; looking like you have cancer is another thing. It’s a disease that already takes so much.”

― Amy Robach

“I have a cousin who, at age 36, passed away from cancer, and she left three girls.”

― Andrea Navedo

“After I had prostate cancer, I had something which was misdiagnosed which led to a load of back operations.”

― Andrew Lloyd Webber

“My mother died of lung cancer last year. I felt helpless. As an economist, I thought, ‘What can I do?’”

― Andrew Lo

“There can be life after breast cancer. The prerequisite is early detection.”

― Ann Jillian

“When a person has cancer, the whole family really suffers with her.”

― Ann Jillian

“If I were a 40-year-old woman, 40-to-50, I’d want to be getting my mammograms. They catch cancers, and cancer is very curable if you catch it early.”

― Ann Romney

“Women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer can learn a tremendous amount from women who have already been treated.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“Did you know that there was a study in 1961 that found that 90 percent of physicians wouldn’t tell you if you were diagnosed with cancer?”

― Anne Wojcicki

“To clear the air once and for all, I don’t have cancer. I’m not going through chemotherapy. I have alopecia. Alopecia areata, to be exact about it. I love the way that I look; I’m not worried about it.”

― Anthony Carrigan

“Of course, no one doubts McCain’s personal tenacity, from braving torture to overcoming cancer. Yet plenty of nonpartisan observers doubt his credibility.”

― Ari Melber

“Heart disease continues to be the number one killer; cancer, the number 2 killer, not far behind. The tragic aspect of these deadly diseases is that they could all be cured, I do believe, if we had sufficient funding.”

― Arlen Specter

“I’m battling cancer. It’s another battle I intend to win.”

― Arlen Specter

“I think it’s scandalous that we haven’t done more to cure cancer.”

― Arlen Specter

“Jealousy… is a mental cancer.”

― B. C. Forbes

“In 2001, I was being treated for breast cancer, and I was pretty sure I was going to recover.”

― Barbara Ehrenreich

“The public needs to know – they need to know as much about atrial fibrillation as they do about cancer and diabetes.”

― Barry Manilow

“Prostate cancer has taken a lot from me. First it took my grandfather and then my dad.”

― Ben Miller

“There are more people dying of malaria than any specific cancer.”

― Bill Gates

“You don’t have free will when you have lung cancer.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“My bladder cancer was related to smoking, and I think smoking kills people.”

― Bob Schieffer

“You gain a certain maturity from being a nurse in a cancer ward.”

― Bonnie Hunt

“At my age, I don’t think anyone is untouched by cancer.”

― Bryan Cranston

“With Alexander’s cancer, I was definitely brought to my knees for the first time because of the fear factor.”

― Cathy Freeman

“Lance Armstrong did a number of things, and he gave himself cancer.”

― Chael Sonnen

“Racism is the greatest cancer of my lifetime.”

― Charles Barkley

“It’s been said that mistletoe extract enhances immune function, which increases the production of the immune cells. When administered as a form of therapy for cancer, the extracts are given by injection under the skin, into a vein or directly into a tumor.”

― Chris Kilham

“Although awareness of cancer’s prevalence in the United States improves and medical advances in the field abound, pancreatic cancer has largely been absent from the list of major success stories.”

― Chris Van Hollen

“Burning fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide. And carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere. There is no debate about that. The link is as certain as the link between smoking and cancer.”

― Christine Todd Whitman

“Cancer victimhood contains a permanent temptation to be self-centred and even solipsistic.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“I think governments are the cancer of civilization.”

― Chuck D

“Maybe it’s our sins that give God consolation when he finally has to give us cancer.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“I don’t think makeup is rocket science or a cure for cancer.”

― Cindy Crawford

“You hear the word ‘cancer,’ and you think it is a death sentence. In fact, the shock is the biggest thing about a diagnosis of cancer.”

― Clare Balding

“Movies are fun, but they are no cure for cancer.”

― Clint Eastwood

“I had tumors on both ovaries, and the cancer had spread into my lymph nodes and surrounding tissues.”

― Cobie Smulders

“Thankfully, gratefully, cancer did not get the best of me.”

― Cobie Smulders

“I’m fighting cancer and I refuse to give up.”

― Craig Sager

“I am not an expert on time, or on cancer, or on life itself.”

― Craig Sager

“My mother has battled breast cancer three times.”

― Cynthia Nixon

“In 2003, I had testicular cancer, and I didn’t tell anyone about it – maybe five people. I had a fairly significant surgery. I was weak, slumped over. I told people at work I’d been in an accident.”

― Dan Abrams

“Blight is like a cancer. This is one of those all-or-nothing things.”

― Dan Gilbert

“Too many days, that awful, despicable, rude, ruthless bully called cancer has knocked on the door of those I love.”

― Daryn Kagan

“You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset.”

― Dave Pelzer

“We have forgotten that curing cancer starts with preventing cancer in the first place.”

― David Agus

“We talk about cancer as a noun, as if it’s a one time event: ‘I’ve got cancer.’”

― David Agus

“When our bodies are violated by this horrible disease of cancer, we’re in total shock because it’s so unexpected.”

― David H. Koch

“Fighting terrorism is not unlike fighting a deadly cancer. It can’t be treated just where it’s visible – every diseased cell in the body must be destroyed.”

― David Hackworth

“The March of Dimes turned a disease not nearly as prevalent as childhood cancer into a national crusade. Polio was not that widespread.”

― David Oshinsky

“Dementia is our most-feared illness, more than heart disease or cancer.”

― David Perlmutter

“Ethno-sectarian violence is a particular concern in Iraq, as it is a cancer that continues to spread if left unchecked.”

― David Petraeus

“Both of our daughters, Debbie and Bonnie, are also cancer survivors.”

― David Wilkerson

“Lifestyle changes may slow, stop, or even reverse the progression of early-stage prostate cancer.”

― Dean Ornish

“I grew up knowing the importance of breast cancer.”

― DeAngelo Williams

“There are a lot of people who don’t know what metastatic breast cancer is.”

― DeAngelo Williams

“When breast cancer took my mom, it met its biggest enemy.”

― DeAngelo Williams

“In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

― Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“I feel I lost my innocence to cancer.”

― Delta Goodrem

“I used to get stressed out, but my cancer has put everything into perspective.”

― Delta Goodrem

“Historically, more people have died of religion than cancer.”

― Dick Francis

“A torn rotator cuff is a cancer for a pitcher and if a pitcher gets a badly torn one, he has to face the facts, it’s all over baby.”

― Don Drysdale

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”

― Edward Abbey

“Price gouging for drugs that treat cancer in children is simply unconscionable.”

― Elijah Cummings

“One characteristic aspect of ageing is the increased susceptibility to disease, particularly age-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“Cancer cells have had so many other things go wrong with them, genetic, non-genetic changes, that those cells, one of the things they then get selected for is that they have lots of telomerase because now the telomeres in those cells get maintained.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“I think that it is our intention to deny cancer any control over us.”

― Elizabeth Edwards

“Cancer is not a straight line. It’s up and down.”

― Elizabeth Edwards

“In a sense, having cancer takes you by the shoulders and shakes you.”

― Elizabeth Edwards

“I know so many people who have battled breast cancer and they didn’t all make it.”

― Elizabeth Hurley

“Cancer is something that touches everyone’s lives.”

― Ellen Pompeo

“It’s never about the chemo; it’s never about the cancer. It’s all about what you’re willing to put in to overcome whatever the obstacle is.”

― Eric Berry

“I’ve kind of got an out in cancer. It keeps things in perspective for me.”

― Eric Shanteau

“After my cancer diagnosis, I really took my swimming to a new level.”

― Eric Shanteau

“Cancer isn’t going to slow me down.”

― Ethan Zohn

“Fears that formaldehyde from vaccines may cause cancer are similar to fears of mercury and aluminum, in that they coalesce around miniscule amounts of the substance in question, amounts considerably smaller than amounts from other common sources of exposure to the same substance.”

― Eula Biss

“It is becoming clear that many diseases – especially cancer – are highly complex and may respond better to a multi-drug approach which targets many different aspects of a disease process.”

― Eva Vertes

“Prevention is a very important part of solving the problem of cancer.”

― Eva Vertes

“I have a platform to be able to do something to help other people beat cancer.”

― Freddie Freeman

“All minorities think they’re immune, but we’re absolutely part of the one in five that gets skin cancer! It’s a myth, and myths are meant to be debunked!”

― Gabrielle Union

“My husband, Clay Felker, died 17 years after his first cancer due to secondary conditions that developed from treatment.”

― Gail Sheehy

“Since I had cancer I’ve realised that every day is a bonus.”

― Geoffrey Boycott

“Having cancer gave me membership in an elite club I’d rather not belong to.”

― Gilda Radner

“I started realizing I could be an example for women to not just be aware of breast cancer but to act on it, to make an appointment, to give themselves an exam.”

― Giuliana Rancic

“Through my attempt to get pregnant through IVF, we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer. It’s been a shock.”

― Giuliana Rancic

“I am not a scientist. I have never analyzed the far reaches of the solar system through the lens of a telescope nor scrutinized cancer cells under a microscope.”

― Gordon Gee

“We have thousands of patients and family members who are dealing with dual devastation, cancer and the hurricane.”

― Greg Anderson

“The tremendous acquisition of basic knowledge will allow a much more rational treatment of cancer, viral infections, degenerative diseases and, most importantly, mental diseases.”

― Gunter Blobel

“Maybe I should mention it: I was not from the beginning mainly interested in papilloma virus; I was mainly interested in infectious agents in human cancer. So papilloma viruses came up as the most likely candidate from my viewpoint.”

― Harald zur Hausen

“In retrospect, I have devoted my scientific life mainly to the question to what extent infectious agents contribute to human cancer, trusting that this will contribute to novel modes of cancer prevention, diagnosis and, hopefully, later on, also to cancer therapy.”

― Harald zur Hausen

“Regional clustering of specific cancer types triggered some investigations on a potential role of infectious agents in these malignant proliferations.”

― Harald zur Hausen

“The Mayo Clinic is one of the largest and most experienced medical centers treating esophageal cancer in the world.”

― Harmon Killebrew

“Tobacco, UV rays, viruses, heredity, and age are the main causes of cancer.”

― Harold E. Varmus

“In the 1960s and ’70s, there wasn’t much evidence at all. We knew vaguely the causes of cancer, but methods like genomics were very new.”

― Harold E. Varmus

“This particular nurse said, Cancer cells are those which have forgotten how to die. I was so struck by this statement.”

― Harold Pinter

“I could be a bit of a pain in the arse. Since I’ve come out of my cancer, I must say I intend to be even more of a pain in the arse.”

― Harold Pinter

“It doesn’t make sense that there is only one way of dealing with cancer.”

― Hayley Mills

“Screening for colon cancer can stop cancer in its tracks.”

― Hill Harper

“My father passed from cancer in 2000; his brother died of cancer before that. My grandfather died of cancer.”

― Hill Harper

“Having cancer empowered me to take more risks. I knew beating cancer was going to shape me, but it wasn’t going to be all of me.”

― Hoda Kotb

“I don’t know anyone who’s suffered lung cancer.”

― Iain Glen

“I have heard of people dying from prostate cancer, and they are the unlucky ones, the people who didn’t know they had got it, and it went on the rampage.”

― Ian Mckellen

“I’ve never had a personal experience with cancer.”

― Italia Ricci

“In 2002, my daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of colon cancer. And it was such a shock, a surprise to us.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

“I’m very fortunate to have gotten past the cancer problem.”

― Jack Ramsay

“Cancer is the ugliest, scariest, most dreaded word in the English language. My credentials for saying so? Head-to-head, firsthand close encounters with different versions of the fiendish devil.”

― Jack Ramsay

“Until I was diagnosed with mouth cancer, I’d never heard of it.”

― Jack Wild

“I don’t want to die until I see cancer cured.”

― James D. Watson

“I want to see cancer cured in my lifetime. It might be.”

― James D. Watson

“The time has come to seriously ask whether antioxidant use much more likely causes than prevents cancer.”

― James D. Watson

“Until you expose the cancer, you can’t fix it.”

― James McBride

“My goal is to see that mental illness is treated like cancer.”

― Jane Pauley

“I would love to start a cancer organization.”

― Jason Derulo

“Kids whose puberty begins too soon face not just psychological risks, but physical ones too, with an increased likelihood of cancer, as well as skeletal changes that could prevent them from attaining their full adult height.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“You don’t treat cancer – you fight it.”

― Jenna Morasca

“I’m not playing ‘Survivor’ when someone I love has cancer.”

― Jenna Morasca

“Cancer doesn’t care if you have suffered before.”

― Jenna Morasca

“My mother battled cancer for 12 years before losing her fight.”

― Jenna Morasca

“The cancer I had is not at all equal to other people’s cancer. I’ve never had to have chemotherapy; I haven’t had to have a mastectomy.”

― Jennifer Grey

“I recommend a little dose of cancer to anyone.”

― Jennifer Saunders

“If a black doctor discovers a cure for cancer, ain’t no hospital going to lock him out.”

― Jesse Jackson

“Both of my grandmothers were diagnosed with breast cancer – one is a survivor and one passed away.”

― Jessica Simpson

“I had breast cancer.”

― Jessica St. Clair

“Where my cancer was, if it moves just a tiny bit… towards the area where there’s no return, it stays, then there’s no turning back.”

― Jim Kelly

“My – both my sisters died with pancreatic cancer. My brother died with pancreatic cancer. My daddy died of pancreatic cancer. My mother died with breast cancer.”

― Jimmy Carter

“I have been unexpectedly confronted with my own mortality as I was told that I had cancer.”

― Jodi Rell

“I’m Cancer and Gemini cusp, so I read both and pick the one I like best. I read horoscopes but claim not to believe any of it.”

― Joe Dempsie

“Applying smarter IT to genomic data may offer the potential to cure many types of cancer and other diseases.”

― Joe Lonsdale

“Two days prior to the Herrick operation I repaired a double cleft lip, resected a recurrent cancer of the mouth, corrected lop ears in a child, and closed a burn of the buttocks.”

― Joe Murray

“You hear the word ‘cancer,’ it scares you. You think of death.”

― Joe Torre

“We’re not going to find a magic cure for cancer. We’ve got to prevent it.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“If we get kids eating right, we could decrease cancer rates by 90 percent.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“Scores of studies support the power of certain natural foods to prevent cancer.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“Cancer initiates due to a wide variety of causes, some of which are outside of our control or already occurred during our childhood.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“Cancer is caused by what you do for many, many years, not what you do for a few weeks or months.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“The most significant and alarming consequence of early maturation is an increased risk for breast cancer in adulthood.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“Americans are grossly deficient in basic micronutrients and especially those phytochemicals that arm our immune system to fight cancer.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“Most medical physicists work in the physics of radiation oncology making sure that the desired dose is given to the cancer and the dose to normal tissues are minimized.”

― John Cameron

“My main frustration is the fear of cancer from low dose radiation, even by radiologists.”

― John Cameron

“In some cases radiation reduces the incidence of cancer.”

― John Cameron

“E-mails are the cancer of modern business.”

― John Caudwell

“I began by telling the president that there was a cancer growing on the presidency and that if the cancer was not removed the president himself would be killed by it.”

― John Dean

“When the news broke that John McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer, the outpouring of well wishes all hailed his toughness.”

― John Dickerson

“If I had terminal cancer, I had a few weeks to live, I was in tremendous amount of pain – if they just effectively wanted to turn off the switch and legalise that by legalising euthanasia, I’d want that.”

― John Key

“After cancer, I ain’t scared of nothing.”

― John Prine

“I can blame a lot of things for not writing songs, but cancer isn’t one of them.”

― John Prine

“Activating oxygen can produce compounds called radicals that put oxidative stress on cells. Such stress could ultimately lead to cancer and other diseases.”

― John Simon

“Cancer is tough. It is a relentless opponent that won’t seem to go away.”

― Jon Gruden

“We must work to ensure that the Nevada Cancer Institute continues to receive the dollars necessary to make it a vibrant source of research and clinical assistance for cancer victims throughout the state of Nevada and the nation.”

― Jon Porter

“I pictured myself as a virus or a cancer cell and tried to sense what it would be like.”

― Jonas Salk

“If only there was a vaccine to protect against breast cancer, we’d be lining up – wouldn’t we?”

― Judy Blume

“It was a fine cancer experience, as cancer experiences go.”

― Julia Sweeney

“When the doctor told me I had cancer, I was scared.”

― Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“My grandfather and my uncle both died from colorectal cancer, my dad almost died from it and I have the gene for it.”

― Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“Cancer is a scary thing and you have to deal with it seriously.”

― Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“Famously cancer fighting, laden with vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber, and phytonutrients, broccoli and its relatives are among the healthiest ingredients of the human diet.”

― Kate Christensen

“Now I’m being blamed not only for anorexia but for lung cancer. – On being a social smoker.”

― Kate Moss

“When I was at Stanford, I was actually in the cancer biology program, but I mostly focused on infectious disease.”

― Kathleen Rubins

“I am the only ‘celebrity’ to be public about my lung cancer.”

― Kathryn Joosten

“Cancer and its aftermath changed my outlook in a profound way. I’ve become less of a hermit, and I travel more.”

― Kathy Bates

“I have friends who are going through chemotherapy, and they make the darkest, most hideous cancer jokes you’ve ever heard.”

― Kathy Griffin

“Cancer is a cruel killer. It creeps up on us when we aren’t expecting it. But cake is not cancer. A doughnut does not creep up on you.”

― Katie Hopkins

“In 1939, Orwell wrote a long essay titled ‘Inside the Whale,’ about modernism, the nineteen-thirties, Henry Miller, and ‘Tropic of Cancer.’”

― Keith Gessen

“Cancer does not discriminate.”

― Kellie Pickler

“It’s clear to you immediately that you can have anything you want when you have cancer.”

― Kelly Corrigan

“Shortly before I turned 37 and my older daughter turned 3, I was diagnosed with breast cancer: stage III of IV.”

― Kelly Corrigan

“Cancer is a growth hormone for empathy, and empathy makes us useful to each other in ways we were not, could not have been, before.”

― Kelly Corrigan

“I began seeing my wife, Kathleen, while I was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.”

― Ken Venturi

“I would do away with super PACs. I think it’s a cancer.”

― Kent Conrad

“Once colon cancer becomes symptomatic, nine times out of ten it is too late.”

― Kevin Richardson

“Cancer is just a horrible disease.”

― Kevin Richardson

“For example, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Every four minutes someone is diagnosed, and every nine minutes someone dies.”

― Kevin Richardson

“I had a cancer scare in the early ’90s, and for a few months, I wondered if I would make it.”

― Kiki Dee

“Eventually cancer becomes just another annoying thing that you deal with, you know, like cellulite.”

― Kris Carr

“There’s nothing sexy about cancer.”

― Kris Carr

“Cancer is very chaotic.”

― Kris Carr

“I was asleep at the wheel before cancer shook me awake.”

― Kris Carr

“’Cancer’ is such a frightening word.”

― Kris Carr

“I knew when I was diagnosed with cancer the only thing I could control was what I ate, what I drank and what I would think.”

― Kris Carr

“Cancer is so much bigger than a TV show.”

― Laura Linney

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.”

― Laura Ziskin

“When I was diagnosed I didn’t know how epidemic cancer was. You find out that everybody you know is touched by this disease.”

― Laura Ziskin

“’Early stages’ is when the cancer is completely contained within the prostate. If it is detected when the cancer is entirely in the gland, the chance for full recovery is at its highest.”

― Len Dawson

“If you’re unable to catch it in time, the cancer can spread to the lymph nodes and at that point, the cancer is essentially incurable, but that doesn’t mean your condition can’t be improved.”

― Len Dawson

“One of the reasons I loved playing quarterback was that I got to call the plays. The cancer put me in a position where I really wasn’t in control anymore.”

― Len Dawson

“The attacks on global warming are no different than the attacks the cigarettes companies used to use to say that cigarettes don’t cause cancer.”

― Leonard Mlodinow

“My mother had breast cancer when she was 39.”

― Lisa Jewell

“I’ve always been very involved in anything that had to do with lung disease or cancer.”

― Loni Anderson

“Cancer is tough. Even saying it, it’s a tough word to say.”

― Luis Fonsi

“Two of my favourite books are Henry Miller’s ‘Tropic of Cancer’ and ‘Tropic of Capricorn.’”

― Lydia Lunch

“Well, right now, technically, I have no breast cancer.”

― Lynn Redgrave

“I had kept notes during my cancer treatment, but I wasn’t sure what my outcome was going to be. A part of me wasn’t sure if I would make it into a book. If it was going to be morbid, I wouldn’t want to tell it.”

― Manisha Koirala

“Yes, I tend to be self-critical at times. This is because during my cancer period – while I was going through the whole process of treatment – I had time to reflect.”

― Manisha Koirala

“I’m sure it really is hard to be an oncologist, and actually, more and more people are surviving cancer.”

― Marcia Wallace

“When my sister was diagnosed with cancer in 1989, her doctor told her that the cancer had probably been in her system for 10 years. By the time cancer’s diagnosed, it’s usually been around for quite a while.”

― Marianne Williamson

“Cancer is an emotional disease.”

― Marina Abramovic

“Unlike curing cancer or heart disease, we already know how to beat hunger: food.”

― Mario Batali

“On Dec. 10, 2000, I learned I was free of cancer.”

― Marissa Jaret Winokur

“I’m not going to criticise Nick Boles because he fought off cancer.”

― Mark Francois

“The principle of treating cancer is to kill the abnormally dividing cells. Many drugs achieve this in a relatively unselective way, killing any cell that is dividing.”

― Mark Walport

“I do a lot of races for the cure for breast cancer.”

― Mary Ann Mobley

“An estimated 2 million American women will be diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer this decade and screening could prevent up to 30% of these deaths for women over 40.”

― Matthew Lesko

“Hysteria, epilepsy, tuberculosis, and cancer were all found to result from the erratic propensities of a past life.”

― Max Heindel

“Bitterness is cancer – it eats upon the host. It doesn’t do anything to the object of its displeasure.”

― Maya Angelou

“I was spiritually bankrupt, and when that happens, it’s like a spiritual cancer afflicts you.”

― Mel Gibson

“Once I overcame breast cancer, I wasn’t afraid of anything anymore.”

― Melissa Etheridge

“Cancer’s like the ultimate excuse. Who’s gonna say, ‘Oh, no, you have to show up for this one?’ ‘Hey, I got cancer. I can’t be there.’ It’s the ultimate eraser.”

― Melissa Etheridge

“The language surrounding cancer is not language I’m particularly comfortable with.”

― Michael C. Hall

“Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet.”

― Michael Douglas

“Serious is when they tell you, ‘You’ve got cancer.’ Cancer is serious, but then the rest of it is not.”

― Michael Douglas

“I don’t think tongue cancer is the best cancer for an actor.”

― Michael Douglas

“The thing with cancer is that you want to get it as early as you can.”

― Michael Douglas

“About a quarter of lung cancer cases occur in people who have never smoked. One cause may be another potential carcinogen: fumes from frying.”

― Michael Greger

“Physical activity is considered a promising preventive measure against breast cancer – not only because it helps with weight control but because exercise tends to lower circulating estrogen levels.”

― Michael Greger

“I’ve helped many, many, many children, thousands of children, cancer kids, leukemia kids.”

― Michael Jackson

“I’m going to beat this cancer or die trying.”

― Michael Landon

“If we include hedonistic philosophy in hospitals, the lives of patients suffering from cancer would be much, much better.”

― Michel Onfray

“Cancer is like the common cold; there are so many different types. In the future we’ll still have cancer, but we’ll detect it very, very early, so that it won’t kill anybody. We’ll zap it at the molecular level decades before it grows into a tumor.”

― Michio Kaku

“Feminism is cancer.”

― Milo Yiannopoulos

“The cancer that demands our urgent attention is corruption and poverty.”

― Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“I have licked cancer, and I’m actually thinking of several career options.”

― Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“It’s one thing to recognize that the gap between the rich and everybody else is growing like a cancer; it’s another thing to come up with useful solutions.”

― Molly Ivins

“I go to cancer wards, and I tell them guys, ‘I’ve beaten it. You can, too.’”

― Mr. T

“My mother is a two-time cancer survivor.”

― Mya

“Cancer doesn’t discriminate, and in WWE, we have made it our mantra that cancer is ‘unacceptable.’”

― Natalya Neidhart

“If President Bush is serious about genocide, an immediate priority is to stop the cancer of Darfur from spreading further, which means working with France to shore up Chad and the Central African Republic.”

― Nicholas Kristof

“’The Who’ created the Daltrey/Townshend Center at UCLA for teenage hospital patients with cancer. It’s the only one of its kind.”

― Nolan Sotillo

“When I hear a guy lost a battle to cancer, that really did bother me, that that’s a term. It implies that he failed and that somebody else that defeated cancer is heroic and courageous.”

― Norm MacDonald

“Who the hell is against breast cancer research?”

― Norman Braman

“My mom was actually diagnosed with breast cancer when I was five.”

― Normani Kordei

“The great earthquake shall be in the month of May; Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus; Venus, also Cancer, Mars in zero.”

― Nostradamus

“I’ve been through cancer, divorce, loss and bereavement, but they are things most humans go through.”

― Olivia Newton-John

“The ‘Great Walk to Beijing’ was a fundraiser for my cancer center. It was a three-week trek with fellow cancer ‘thrivers,’ including celebrities ranging from Joan Rivers to Leeza Gibbons and Olympians.”

― Olivia Newton-John

“Southern California is a nice place, if you could cut out the show-business cancer. It just keeps spreading.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“I had a lump on my face and had a big cancer thing removed.”

― Patrick Duffy

“Publicity’s a cancer. It eats out a man – till there’s nothing but a shell left.”

― Patrick Kavanagh

“You don’t inherit cancer; you actually get it.”

― Patrick Soon-Shiong

“We need to think of chronic disease, hypertension, cancer, like H1N1. In fact, there’s an epidemic of chronic disease.”

― Patrick Soon-Shiong

“I was working with stem cells as part of a NASA programme. We realised that the science of stem-cell proliferation was also fundamental to cancer cells when cancer enters the phase of metastasis.”

― Patrick Soon-Shiong

“I don’t want to be a poster child for cancer.”

― Patrick Swayze

“Cancer is such a ruthless adversary because it behaves as if it has its own fiendishly cunning agenda.”

― Paul Davies

“Cancer cells come pre-programmed to execute a well-defined cascade of changes, seemingly designed to facilitate both their enhanced survival and their dissemination through the bloodstream. There is even an air of conspiracy in the way that tumours use chemical signals to create cancer-friendly niches in remote organs.”

― Paul Davies

“Astonishingly, in spite of decades of research, there is no agreed theory of cancer, no explanation for why, inside almost all healthy cells, there lurks a highly efficient cancer subroutine that can be activated by a variety of agents – radiation, chemicals, inflammation and infection.”

― Paul Davies

“Cancer touches every family in one way or another. As other diseases are brought under control, cancer is set to become the number one killer, and is already in epidemic proportions worldwide.”

― Paul Davies

“When you have cancer, you can define the trivial from the important very quickly.”

― Paul Henderson

“Before my cancer was diagnosed, I knew that someday I would die, but I didn’t know when. After the diagnosis, I knew that someday I would die, but I didn’t know when. But now I knew it acutely.”

― Paul Kalanithi

“Nitric oxide production by immune cells is one of the key mechanisms that our bodies use to destroy diseased cells. Enhancement of these types of immune responses is seen consistently with many medicinal mushrooms that have been tested by cancer researchers.”

― Paul Stamets

“Enoki mushrooms, a tasty variety commonly sold in grocery stores, were one of the first mushrooms studied for preventing cancer.”

― Paul Stamets

“I had a ringside seat to cancer. As have most people.”

― Paula Malcomson

“Cervical cancer doesn’t discriminate by how much money you have. The disease affects so many – it’s frightening.”

― Peta Todd

“It’s so important to encourage the use of suncream, tan in a bottle and the disuse of sunbeds which are known world-wide as causes of skin cancer.”

― Peter Andre

“I hate to talk about typecasting, because being typecast as Columbo ain’t cancer.”

― Peter Falk

“Suspicion is the cancer of friendship.”

― Petrarch

“Cancer is the most pernicious, insidious, disgusting disease of life.”

― Pierce Brosnan

“When I was in college, I had a fear of cancer.”

― Randall Munroe

“Society does not seem prepared to accept the sacrifices required for an effective prevention of cancer.”

― Renato Dulbecco

“Cancer is a cosmic slap in the face. You either get discouraged or ennobled by it.”

― Richard Belzer

“I think that there are cancers of the body, but I think they are what I would call cancer of the emotional system, too. These are the kind of diseases or illnesses or sicknesses of the emotional system that are as incurable as cancer.”

― Robert H. Schuller

“I’m allergic to the word ‘important’ in film and theatre. Cancer research is important.”

― Robert Sean Leonard

“There was endometrial tissue outside of where it belonged, and the cancer developed from that.”

― Robin Quivers

“In the morning, I’m juicing two apples, two carrots, two celery, two beets, two ginger. I’m drinking that every morning to try to keep the cancer away.”

― Roddy Piper

“I have no cancer. I have four illnesses, but they are not fatal.”

― Rodrigo Duterte

“I had prostate cancer. It was rather painful and, in many ways, life-changing.”

― Roger Moore

“I have people that have died from cancer and friends that are dealing with cancer.”

― Ron Cephas Jones

“I’m not an intensely mystical person. I don’t do numerology. I’m a Cancer, but that’s as far as I go.”

― Rosa Salazar

“I didn’t know anything about breast cancer when I got it.”

― Rue McClanahan

“Starbucks is spreading like a cancer.”

― Rupert Everett

“Ever since my colorectal cancer in 1999, I have been followed by the N.I.H. That was very lucky for me because they detected my pancreatic cancer at a very early stage.”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“After the pancreatic cancer, at first I went to N.I.H. every three months, then every four months, then every six months.”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“How could God allow cancer, poverty, the sheer unfairness of so many lives?”

― Ruth Rendell

“The Faustian trade of the 20th century was, we got 30 years of additional life, but in return we got heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s and sensory impairments. The question is: What Faustian trade are we making now, as we go after heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s?”

― S. Jay Olshansky

“In December 1988, my mother died of lung cancer. I died too. I couldn’t function.”

― Sandra Dee

“My cancer continues to make for all kind of hilarity.”

― Scott Thompson

“My dad was diagnosed with cancer, so we ended up burying him a year to the day that he was diagnosed.”

― Seann William Scott

“At first, they told me it was just bile-duct cancer, but once they went in, they removed the gallbladder, the head of my pancreas, and a foot-and-a-half of my small intestine, and built me another bile duct and connected it to my stomach. It turned out to be pancreatic cancer, stage two, so, very aggressive.”

― Sharon Jones

“Cancer is not just a dividing cell. It’s a complex disease: It invades, it metastasizes, it evades the immune system.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“There is a duality in recognising what an incredible disease it is – in terms of its origin, that it emerges out of a normal cell. It’s a reminder of what a wonderful thing a normal cell is. In a very cold, scientific sense, I think a cancer cell is a kind of biological marvel.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“There’s a rising cancer trend and, as I said, one of the major contributors is the overall ageing of the population – we aren’t dying of other things, so we’re dying of cancer.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“There is a very moving and ancient connection between cancer and depression.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“If there’s a seminal discovery in oncology in the last 20 years, it’s that idea that cancer genes are often mutated versions of normal genes.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“A breast cancer might turn out to have a close resemblance to a gastric cancer. And this kind of reorganization of cancer in terms of its internal genetic anatomy has really changed the way we treat and approach cancer in general.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“I believe the biggest breakthroughs on cancer could come from brilliant researchers based in India.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“What we do in the laboratory is we try to design drugs that will not just eradicate cancer cells but will eradicate their homes.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“Every era casts cancer in its own image.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“Cancer is not one disease but many diseases.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“It turns out that the very genes that turn on in cancer cells perform vital functions in normal cells. In other words, the very genes that allow our embryos to grow or our brains to grow, our bodies to grow, if you mutate them, if you distort them, then you unleash cancer.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“Each of us knows a few or several young people whose lives have been devastated by cancer. I don’t mean to be nihilistic about it, but it is very much an active killer of people now.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“Nearly every one of the genes that turns out to be a key player in cancer has a vital role in the normal physiology of an organism. The genes that enable our brains and blood cells to develop are implicated in cancer.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“I’m an honorary ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer, and I’m also associated with St. Jude’s.”

― Sofia Vassilieva

“When they tell you that you have cancer, you panic.”

― Sofia Vergara

“Every cancer is different. The symptoms and treatments are different, and every human body deals with it differently. There are no formulas to it. That, I think, was the biggest takeaway for me.”

― Sonali Bendre

“Being diagnosed with cancer is terrifying.”

― Stefan Karl Stefansson

“Many badly needed goals, like fusion and cancer cure, would be achieved much sooner if we invested more.”

― Stephen Hawking

“Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.”

― Steve Ballmer

“Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer?”

― Steve Bannon

“I make myself have energy. It’s stubbornness in the face of cancer.”

― Stuart Scott

“Black money is a cancer in our economic system, not yet terminal or life-threatening.”

― Subramanian Swamy

“I’m not sure anyone goes through a cancer scare unchanged. I know it changed me in so many ways. But I was fortunate to have had a rare cancer that’s slow-growing and one that allowed me to skip the chemical cocktails that would have put me into early menopause.”

― Susan McBride

“In 1981, after ten years in Basel, I returned to the United States to continue my research on the immune system at the Center for Cancer Research of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where Director Salvador E. Luria provided me with an excellent laboratory.”

― Susumu Tonegawa

“You can manage cancer. You don’t have to be degraded by humiliating treatments and protocols. And in some cases, you can be cured of cancer.”

― Suzanne Somers

“Ten to 15 of my childhood friends from Minsk died of cancer. Chernobyl kills.”

― Svetlana Alexievich

“When someone has cancer, the whole family and everyone who loves them does, too.”

― Terri Clark

“I’m not considered as illegitimate as I once was. Because in a sense, I’m like lip cancer – I’m not going to go away.”

― Thomas McGuane

“I lost my mom to cancer when I was a kid.”

― Tim Van Patten

“In one week, I got hit by a car – it busted through my hand – and my mom got cancer.”

― Tobias Jesso, Jr.

“Cancer has given me a dose of humility. I’m much more empathetic. It’s a club I would rather not have joined, but it is a club.”

― Tom Brokaw

“The cancer is in remission, and I will shortly go on a drug maintenance regimen to keep it there.”

― Tom Brokaw

“Like millions of others, I have been plagued by the devastating effects of cancer hitting not one, but multiple members of my family.”

― Tom DeLonge

“The vast knowledge we have to prevent cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses is staggering.”

― Tom Rath

“I first found out I had cancer on my eye and lost an eye to this disease when I was 16, and I’ve since had cancer in my kidneys and pancreas and a host of other areas.”

― Tom Rath

“I have had acupuncture regularly, and I engage in visualization, which is actually an actor’s tool, visualizing myself kicking out the cancer, making up scenarios.”

― Valerie Harper

“Sometimes I yell at my cancer cells, sometimes I make myself laugh.”

― Valerie Harper

“I have cancer. It’s in my brain… What are you gonna do about it?”

― Valerie Harper

“Doctors didn’t know if I would survive. The cancer was too big to operate on, so they blitzed it with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”

― Viv Albertine

“Who wants to get a worse diagnosis of their cancer, just to keep a human doctor in the job?”

― Vivienne Ming

“I had breast cancer. Yeah, I know it’s scary.”

― Wanda Sykes

“It wasn’t until after the reduction that in the lab work, the pathology, that they found that I had DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in my left breast. I was very, very lucky because DCIS is basically stage-zero cancer. So I was very lucky.”

― Wanda Sykes

“Movies are fun, but they’re not a cure for cancer.”

― Warren Beatty

“The word ‘cancer’ carries with it enormous fear, fear for the future, fear for family.”

― Wayne Swan

“I’m a Cancer; I’m music-passionate. I like long walks on the beach.”

― Will Ferrell

“Nobody talks about cancer until they have to, and then, it’s really all you can talk about.”

― Yael Cohen

“Reducing the price of cancer drugs is a humanitarian move.”

― Yusuf Hamied
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