Top 6 Candace Camp Quotes

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“’The Marrying Season’ is the final book in the ‘Legend of St. Dwynwen’ series, and in each of the three books, a small village church in the Cotswolds plays a significant role.”

― Candace Camp

“There are several authors who are also lawyers – and not only the ones who write legal thrillers. There are other attorneys who write romantic fiction, and I know of at least one who writes young adult books.”

― Candace Camp

“My mother was a reporter, and though she quit when they had kids, she still loved it. She told me about the people at the paper and the articles she wrote. She had the best memory of anyone I know, and she could really tell a tale.”

― Candace Camp

“I taught English and history, so my education for that really helped prepare me for writing historical fiction.”

― Candace Camp

“The characters are always the focal point of a book for me, whether I’m writing or reading. I may enjoy a book that has an intriguing mystery or a good plot, but to become one of my real favorites, it has to have great characters.”

― Candace Camp

“I visited England immediately after I finished writing ‘The Marrying Season,’ before any editing or revisions.”

― Candace Camp
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