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“’The Man in the High Castle’ is still the best what-if-the-Axis-had-won novel.”

― Adrian McKinty

“I never made it on ‘Castle.’ I tried a few times, so I don’t know, but it never worked out.”

― Alan Tudyk

“A man’s home is his wife’s castle.”

― Alexander Chase

“You don’t build a great castle just all at once.”

― Baker Mayfield

“The first Westerns I saw as a child were those little 8-mm. home movies put out by Castle Films.”

― Bill Pullman

“Before I left the castle I so fixed its entrances that never more can the Count enter there Undead.”

― Bram Stoker

“Monsieur Puss came at last to a stately castle, the master of which was an Ogre, the richest ever known; for all the lands which the King had then passed through belonged to this castle.”

― Charles Perrault

“Idealism is like a castle in the air if it is not based on a solid foundation of social and political realism.”

― Claude McKay

“From their castle in Zurich, the owners of soccer do not propose, they impose. That’s their way.”

― Eduardo Galeano

“The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress, as well for his defence against injury and violence, as for his repose.”

― Edward Coke

“It’s very homely, this castle. It doesn’t have huge ballrooms. I didn’t want a cold, cavernous place.”

― Enya

“From where they stood, they could see the castle.”

― Frank Yerby

“Our castle is not imposing, but is well built, and surrounded by a very fine garden. I live in the bailiff’s house.”

― Franz Schubert

“If I can generate enough income, I’d like to get a castle, a historic castle that I can restore.”

― Henry Thomas

“A man’s house is his castle.”

― James Otis

“I never thought ‘The Glass Castle’ would be a movie. It’s just too complicated.”

― Jeannette Walls

“A neurotic is a man who builds a castle in the air. A psychotic is the man who lives in it. A psychiatrist is the man who collects the rent.”

― Jerome Lawrence

“In the nineteen-thirties, one in four Americans got their news from William Randolph Hearst, who lived in a castle and owned twenty-eight newspapers in nineteen cities.”

― Jill Lepore

“There was a castle called Doubting Castle, the owner whereof was Giant Despair.”

― John Bunyan

“’Castle’ isn’t really affected emotionally by murder. He’s thrilled about, ‘Oh, my God, I wonder how this happened?’”

― Nathan Fillion

“There have been many great newspapermen, but to my mind, only two have achieved immortality: Pulitzer for his endowment and William Randolph Hearst for his castle.”

― Nell Scovell

“Barbara Castle should have been Labour’s – and Britain’s – first female prime minister. What a role model she would have been: passionate, fiery, and absolutely committed to social justice.”

― Patricia Hewitt

“I grew up in the north of England, in New Castle, which is where Hadrian’s Wall starts on the east coast of England and then goes across to the west.”

― Paul W. S. Anderson

“I think the Supreme Court has not yet caught up to an era in which one keeps one’s papers in a cloud, not a castle.”

― Rand Paul

“’The Man In High Castle’ is one of Dick’s most imaginative and captivating works, and certainly one of my favorites.”

― Ridley Scott

“I have been trapped in some posh toilets, including those in Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, and at Victor Spinetti’s memorial at St. Paul’s Covent Garden, I got locked in the loo.”

― Ronnie Corbett

“It’s so surreal for us to be playing at Tynemouth Castle. It couldn’t be much closer to home. I’ve got so many mad stories of us all running around here as kids, and it’s mental that we’re going to be playing at an actual castle!”

― Sam Fender

“I was brought up in a very rural area on grounds of a castle. It was a working farm, and I even remember the local shepherd wearing his Barbour jacket.”

― Sam Heughan

“’The Glass Castle’ by Jeannette Walls is the quintessential dysfunctional family.”

― Sara Shepard

“I’ve been in a lot of castles, and they are pretty damp, cold and gloomy. However, I love Windsor Castle in England.”

― Tracie Peterson
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