Sam Trammell

Top 212 Naked Quotes

“It’s because I have no sense of shame that I’m always willing to give things a go: I’ve ridden horses naked into the sea, I’ve climbed rocks, all kinds of things.” ― Abbey Lee Kershaw “Naked dudes are inherently funny.” ― Adam DeVine “There are few nudities so objectionable as the naked truth.” ― Agnes …

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Top 223 iPhone Quotes

“I write poetry on my iPhone. I’ve got about 100 poems on there.” ― Aaron Neville “What to do with a leading business that’s challenged by a new technology wave without hurting an existing profit stream? The single greatest example of recent memory is Apple’s willingness to decimate iPod sales by incorporating all the category-defining …

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Top 43 Decent Quotes

“I don’t feel I’ve had a decent critic ever on the East coast.” ― Alice Walker “This country is not going to progress if we can’t have decent civil conversations and be respectful to one another.” ― Angela Rye “Eric Holder is a decent man.” ― Benjamin Wittes “In general, the PC’s always had a …

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Top 731 Crime Quotes

“Small aim is a crime; have great aim.” ― A. P. J. Abdul Kalam “Small aim is a crime.” ― A. P. J. Abdul Kalam “How accurately can the law fix the crime? There has to be a mechanism for very fast action. The law is like this: catch them and punish them.” ― A. …

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Top 8708 Being Quotes

“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.” ― A. A. Milne “Almost anyone can be an author; the business is to collect money and fame from this state of being.” ― A. A. Milne “Perfecting your craft is one of the main keys in being successful.” ― …

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Top 6508 Father Quotes