William Kamkwamba

Top 304 Looking Back Quotes

“When I worked for Planned Parenthood, we had a specific protocol that we had to follow when picking up our abortion doctor. Looking back, I realize how crazy this was, but at the time, I felt like I was a part of some super secret high-level security task force.” ― Abby Johnson “Certainly when I …

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Top 187 Patient Quotes

“Keep your head up and be patient.” ― A. J. McLean “Be very, very patient and very open-minded, and listen to what people have to say.” ― A. J. McLean “I’ve just got to stay patient, take my walks when I can, hunt the mistakes, and get on base.” ― Aaron Judge “The bottom line: …

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Top 5099 Looking Quotes

“I remember, in my first show in New York, they asked, ‘Where is the Indian-ness in your work?’… Now, the same people, after having watched the body of my work, say, ‘There is too much Indian philosophy in your work.’ They’re looking for a superficial skin-level Indian-ness, which I’m not about.” ― A. Balasubramaniam “Do …

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Top 11 William Kamkwamba Quotes

“Climate change is important to Malawi, but many people see alternative energy more as a means to skip the government and get electricity and power. Deforestation is a huge problem in Malawi, which only adds to the problem. People cut down trees because they have no power to run electric stoves, etc. So they use …

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