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Top 12 Euro Quotes of 2019

“If the euro fails, Europe fails.” ― Angela Merkel “After the accession to the euro zone, interest rates declined substantially in Portugal.” ― Anibal Cavaco Silva “I would say that fears of the euro area breaking up are unfounded.” ― Athanasios Orphanides “My goal is to play at Euro 2016 with France.” ― Aymeric Laporte […]

About Agree Alright Always Ambition America Away Back Been Believe Best Betrayed Better Budget Build Building Burning Business Catch Change Children China Claimed Clear Climate Change Competition Conservative Countries Darkness Day Days Dead Decisions Democracy Direction Discipline Diversity Does Doing Done Doubt Drive Economy Edge Egypt Elected End Environmental Ethnic Euro Europe Face Family Feel Feet Fickle Find Force Freedom Future Generation Get Globalisation Good Government Great Green Ground Growth Guilty Happen Hard Having Hide History Home Hope House Human Human Rights I Am Idealism Important Independence Inherited Intelligence Interviewer Iraq Know Late Law Leadership Life Long Long-Term Lose Love Low Make Man Marriage Matters Me Message Military Mind Mission Moment Money More Most Must Myself Nasty Nation Never Now Once One Day One Thing Only Open Out Over Parliament Part Party Peace Penny People Place Play Policy Political Politics Power Powerful Presidents Pressure Problems Process Progress Quite Rare Reaction Realism Really Remember Respect Retirement Retreat Right Same Says Secretary Security See Seen Self-Knowledge Shadow Size Society Some Someone Something Sorry Sovereign Speak Still Stop Strategy Stress Strong Teacher Tempered Than Think Thought Time Today Together Too Too Late Track Travel Trust Truth Try View Violence Vote War Way Well Whatever Will William Hague Wise Wonder Work Work Hard Working Together World Writing Wrong Yes You Your Yourself

Top 86 William Hague Quotes of 2019

“Let’s not be afraid to speak the common sense truth: you can’t have high standards without good discipline.” ― William Hague “Governments that block the aspirations of their people, that steal or are corrupt, that oppress and torture or that deny freedom of expression and human rights should bear in mind that they will find […]

About Above Accept Achieve Achieved Actions Active Against Air Always Anything Army Bad Basically Battle Become Beginning Behind Being Believe Belong Best Better Border Borders Boxing Brand Brussels Building Cannot Chance Christian Christianity Citizens City Clear Come Communist Communists Community Competitive Consequences Constitution Cooperation Country Create Crime Crisis Culture Dangerous Day Deal Death Death Penalty Defence Defend Democracy Democratic Different Does Donald Trump Done Easy Economic Economy Energy Enough Euro Europe European Union Everything Experience Export Family Far Fate Fight Financial Find First Flowers Foreign Policy Forget Freedom Friend Future Generation Germany Ghosts Go Goals Going Good Government Great Group Half Hands Happen He History House Hungary I Am I Can Identity Immigrants Important Independence India Influence Integration Intention Interest Islam Job Just Killer Law Leave Liberal Life Like Limits Live Loan Long Long Time Looking Lose Losing Loyalty Made Make Man Marriage Mass Masses Matter Mecca Membership Migration Mind Moment Money Moral More Must Name Nation Nature Need Needs New Next Nice No Sense Noble Nobody Nothing Obstacle Only Opportunity Organizing Out Outside Own Parliament Participation Party Past Path Patriotism People Person Perspective Place Point Political Politics Preserve Principles Problem Problems Prove Pupils Question Rational Reality Refugee Remain Respect Result Room Rooted Roots Rules Russia Sad Safe Safety Satisfaction Saved Say Security Sense Seriously Should Sight Simple Single Society Solution Somebody Something Southern Sovereignty Speak Sport Spread Stay Stop Stopped Strong Success Support Take Talk Technology Terrorism Terrorists The Most Important Think Thought Time Together Transformation Transparency Truth Try Turkey Two Uncertainty Union Up Us Value Values Viktor Orban Want War Wave Way Whatever Who Will Without Woman Work World World War II Would Xenophobia Years You Your

Top 111 Viktor Orban Quotes of 2019

“We will not import crime, terrorism, homophobia, and a brand of anti-Semitism that sets synagogues ablaze.” ― Viktor Orban “Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work or the population to sustain itself or for the country to have a future.” ― Viktor Orban “Hungary is against the export of democracy […]

Chance Euro Get Host Nations Second Chance Trevor Brooking Twice Well

Top 2 Trevor Brooking Quotes of 2019

“Historically, the host nations do well in Euro 2000.” ― Trevor Brooking “Unfortunately, we don’t get a second chance. We’ve already played them twice.” ― Trevor Brooking

Actually Against Age Always Ambition America American Anybody Anything Attack Back Bad Battles Been Believe Best Better Boss Both Building Business Care Change Channel Child Children Choice City Clean Clear Colleagues College Come Commitment Conquer Conservative Constitution Construction Cook Country Create Creating Dad Dangerous Decision Decisions Deep Degree Democracy Difficult Discussion Doing Dot Down Dreams Duty Easy Economic Economic Growth Economy Education Enemies Enough Equal Euro Eventually Everyone Exit Expectation Failures Fight Find Fly Focus Force Forget Four Freedom Game Get Go Going Good Got Government Great Greece Ground Growth Gun Guy Handle Hands Hard He Health Health Care Help High High-Paying Hill Home House How I Am I Believe I Think Idea Immense Immigration Important Impossible Independence Innocent Interest Irrelevant Israel Job Jobs Judge Jump Just Justice Kind Labels Labor Law Law Enforcement Lead Left Legal Letters Life Like Long Made Make Marriage Maryland Me Mean Medical Meet Membership Mental Health Mess Minimum Wage Mistakes More Mountains Moving Nation Need Never New Norm North North Carolina Nothing Obama Obamacare Obvious Office Oil Opportunities Opportunity Opposition Organization Organizational Paid Pandora Partner Party Past Path Pay People Personally Physics Place Play Policy Political Politicians Politics Positive Power Presence Present Pretty Problem Problems Progress Promises Proud Push Reaction Realize Red Remember Republican Respect Responsibility Results Rights Same School Secure Serious Service Settle Size Small Society Some Someone Something Sometimes Special Standing Stay Stone Succeed Support Sweat System Takes Talent Tax Teacher Teachers Than Them Thing Think Thinking Thom Tillis Through Time Tough Town Treat True Two Understand United Nations University Up Us Use Values Want Way Who Why Will Win Woman Work Worry Year Years You Your Youth

Top 107 Thom Tillis Quotes of 2019

“I resolve to work with my colleagues to succeed in producing the good rather than failing to produce the perfect.” ― Thom Tillis “What I want to do is create jobs that make the minimum wage irrelevant.” ― Thom Tillis “The number-one defender of the Second Amendment rights is the National Rifle Association. The NRA […]

Breakup Country Debt Dollar Employment Euro Expect Germany Get Growth Higher How Just Like Loser More Peter Bofinger Population Question Savings Standing True Where

Top 6 Peter Bofinger Quotes of 2019

“Germany would be the biggest loser in a euro breakup.” ― Peter Bofinger “Germany is not like Ireland or Denmark. It is a country where the domestic market counts much more than the external market.” ― Peter Bofinger “One needs a comprehensive concept that decides just how much debt states like Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain […]

About Accept Africa Against Agriculture Always Anything Arrogance Attempt Back Based Being Believe Best Better Beyond Big Black Budget Bureaucracy Camp Care Change Children Christian Class Cleansing Community Control Country Create Crisis Culture Currency Cycles Dangerous Day Decide Defend Democracy Deportation Die Dignity Dirty Disposal Doing Doors Doubt Dumb Duty Economic Economy Emergency End Enemy Enough Ethnic Euro Europe European Union Everything Experiment Facts Failed Fake Family Fashion Federalist Feel Fertility Fill Finance First Fishing Five Free Freedom Fruits Give Go God Goes Good Good News Good People Government Greatest He Heads Help History How Humanity I Am I Believe I Believe In I Can I Think Identity Imbeciles Immigrants Immigration Increase Interest Islam Israel Italian Italians Italy Job Just Just Because Justice Keep Know Land Last Law Leave Left Lessons Level Life Like Limits Listening Live Living Long Longer Madness Make Mars Mass Matteo Salvini Matter Me Migration Minister Misunderstood Model Modern Money More Myself Need Never New News Nice Nothing Now Only Opinion Our Own Peace Pension People Place Plan Planet Point Polls Pope Pork Ports Presence Problem Problems Racism Ready Reflect Reform Refugee Religion Respect Result Review Rich Right Rights Risk Roberto Rules Russia Same Sausage Say Saying School Security See Seeing Servant Sick Silly Single Sleep Soccer Society Some Sometimes Sovereignty Space Stand Star Start Stay Strangers Street Strong Support Surely System Take Take Care Tax Things Think Thinking Thought Time True Truth Turn Ugly Understand Union Up Us Values Violence Voice Want Wants War Water Way Welcome Who Will Win Winning Women Words Work Wrong Yellow Yes You

Top 100 Matteo Salvini Quotes of 2019

“We need to review treaties to make them reflect our national interest.” ― Matteo Salvini “I’m increasingly convinced that there is an ongoing attempt of ethnic replacement of one people with another people. This is not emergency migration but organised migration that aims at replacing the Italian people with other people, Italian workers with other […]

About Achieve Act Action Adversary Afghanistan Africa Against Agree Always America Anger Any Ask Attitude Austerity Avoid Away Back Be Happy Be Strong Because Become Been Before Beginning Being Believe Best Better Borders Both Brexit Bridge Budget Candidate Cannot Capacity Challenge Challenges Chance Change Chicago Children China Choice Citizens City Clear Climate Change Clouds Come Commit Common Community Compromise Concept Constitution Construction Continue Control Country Crazy Crisis Culture Day Debt Decide Decision Decisions Democrats Destiny Destroy Destroyed Determined Development Dialogue Direction Discipline Distance Divide Division Done Down Dread Drive Duty Ecological Economy Education Effort Election End Enemy Enough Entrepreneur Equality Euro Europe European Union Even Everyone Everything Everywhere Existed Export External Face Fail Faith Fall Family Far Fashion Fate Fear Feel Feet Fight Finally Finance First First Time Force Fortune France Francois Hollande Free Freedom Friends Future Germany Get Give Global Warming Go Goal Going Good Got Great Green Growth Hair Handle Happening Happy Heart Hide High History Holiday Home Hope How Human Human Rights I Am I Believe I Can Ignorance Important Intelligence Introduction Issue Job Joined Judged Just Justice Kingdom Language Law Leader Leadership Leave Level Liberty Life Like Links Little Live Long Lose Made Matter Me Mean Mediterranean Memory Migrant Mission Mistake Mistakes Moment Money More Moscow Must My Own Myself Name Nation Nationality Need Needs New Nothing Office Old Only Opposition Others Our Out Outside Over Owes Partnership Partnerships Past Patriotism Peace People Person Place Policy Political Politics Power Practice President Pressure Private Life Problem Protection Proud Question Reach Real Reason Relationship Religion Remember Republic Respect Responsibility Rest Results Rich Right Rights Risk Rose Rules Sad Same Scare School Second Security See Serve Service Should Shy Single Situation Skills Skin Sky Society Someone Sometimes Soul Speak Stability Stage Start Stop Strong Struggle Succeed Success Suffering Support Syria Target Team Terrorism Themselves Thick Thick Skin Thing Think Thinking Threat Through Time Tired Today Together Tomorrow Too Much Tradition Training Travel Trust Two Understand Understood Unemployment Union United States Upset Us Use Values Very View Vision Vote Wait Want Wanted War Way Wealth Where Who Wild Will Win Work Workforce World Worst Year Yes You Your Youth

Top 151 Francois Hollande Quotes of 2019

“We have chased away the clouds, the sky is all ‘rose.’” ― Francois Hollande “My adversary is the world of finance.” ― Francois Hollande “A jolt is necessary. Europe must reaffirm it values of freedom, solidarity, peace. The EU must be understood and controlled by its citizens. I will do everything to secure profound change […]

Always Ambition Ask Aymeric Laporte Been Best Better Biggest Champion Champions Change Childhood Citizenship City Clear Club Competition Confidence Could Day Defence Done Dream English Euro Everything Evolve Father Feeling Fighting First Football Footballer France Future Game Goal Grateful Had Happy Hard Work Having Home How I Am Important Incredible Learning Life Like Little Things Long Looking Matters Me Mind More Myself Nationality Now Old School Only Own People Play Possible Revenge School Spanish Speak Sports Strange Strong Style Take Talk Team Think Time Today Tomorrow Training Trophies Truth Truth Is Try Trying Us Very Want Will Win Winning Work World World Champion You Your

Top 38 Aymeric Laporte Quotes of 2019

“I am learning English and can understand better than I can speak it. But having said that, I am learning as quickly as I can.” ― Aymeric Laporte “When I was 11, I went to a sports school about an hour from home and stayed there during the week, only going home at weekends. That […]

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Top 10 Athanasios Orphanides Quotes of 2019

“Near-zero policy rates that may be considerably expansionary in an economy with high inflation could be contractionary when inflation is too close to zero, or worse, deflation has set in.” ― Athanasios Orphanides “The degree of monetary policy ease should be associated with the level of real interest rates, not nominal interest rates.” ― Athanasios […]