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Top 16 Journal Quotes of 2019

“I don’t keep a journal.” ― Chris Evans “When my journal appears, many statues must come down.” ― Duke of …

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Ability Age Aggressive Always Amazing Ambassador Bad Best Better Body Books Child Climb Climbing Clouds Crazy Curious Dawn Day Death Different Different Types Doing Dream Edge Every Day Everything Favorite Feel Find Focus Food Friends Goals Good Graduation Great Hands High High School History Home Honestly Human I Am I Feel I Love Idea Internal Internet Job Journal Know Life Like Limits Look Looking Love Lucky Mastery Me Memories Memory Mind Moment More Motivation Mountain Mountains Much My Own Myself Nice Night Only Pain Peak People Places Possible Power Problem Quality Read Road School See Seven Shoes Skin Spiritual Strength Strong Switzerland Think Time Tommy Caldwell Training Travel Wake Up Walk Water Way Wife Will Work World Worry You Yourself

Top 44 Tommy Caldwell Quotes of 2019

“For me, I love to dream big, and I love to find ways to be a bit of an explorer. …

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About Admire Ahead Air Always Am Answer Anything Artist Batman Because Become Best Better Blue Bookstores Boy Canvas Clear Close Friends Clothing Colorful Companions Crab Dancing Day Deep Dinner Doing Done Door Dress Ego Element End Enjoy Entrepreneur Every Day Everyday Everyone Everything Experience Experiences Family Famous Fashion Favorite Feel Feeling Feelings Find First Free Friends Funny Gift Given God Grateful Great Grow Hang Happen Happiness Harmony Head Hero Home I Am I Can I Love I Think Ideal Ideas Important Indulge Job Journal Just Keyboard Keys Know Learn Life Light Like Live Long Looking Love Loved Luggage Make Man Me Missing Mistakes Mood More Morning Most Much Music Musician Never New Nothing Now Ocean Only Painting Path People Perspective Pharrell Williams Playing Pool Present Questions Realize Right Room Sandwich Say Science Search See Service Sexiest Should Someone Something Sort Speak Straight Style Sun Super Sweet Team Thankful Things Think Though Time Together Travel Treat Trends Trying Very Want Wanted Way Wear Wearing Wish Woman Work World You Your

Top 66 Pharrell Williams Quotes of 2019

“It’s not possible to experience constant euphoria, but if you’re grateful, you can find happiness in everything.” ― Pharrell Williams …

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About Always American Analysis Anything Appreciate Bad Bad Habits Baseball Become Been Behavior Believe Better Big Bit Books Boring Both Broken Build Busy Capture Celebrity Chaos Choices Comfortable Commitment Competition Computer Congress Control Creative Data Day Deserve Desire Different Direction Doing Down Economists Economy Election Elections Entertainment Every Every Day Everyone Evil Experiment Fade Fame Feel Find Food Football Foreign Policy Friends Funny Future Game Get Good Google Great Guess Guy Had Happens Happier He Heart High Him Hot How I Think Ideas Influence Information Internet Intimidated Journal Just Key Kind Know Knowledge Learning Library Light Like Limit Little Living Looking Lot Love Luxury Market Memories Mistake More Myself Name Nate Silver Need New New York News Noise Nothing Numbers Office Opportunities Paper Past People Person Playing Poker Political Politics Power President Printing Problem Purpose Race Read Real Realize Recognized Remember Representative Right Risk Room Same Sample Saying Scientific See Should Situation Skill Some Space Speed Still Strange Success Tell Them Things Think Thought Time Too Too Much Tough Treat Tricky Truth Trying TV Two Uncertainty Unfortunately Unknown Unknowns Us Vacation Very View Walk Want Way Week Well Were Where Who Will Work World Wrong Yesterday You Yourself

Top 77 Nate Silver Quotes of 2019

“By playing games you can artificially speed up your learning curve to develop the right kind of thought processes.” ― …

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Accountability Achieve After Always Am Animals Anything Around Ashamed Athletes Attraction Babies Baby Back Bad Be Different Because Become Been Behavior Being Believe Best Better Big Big Family Biggest Challenge Blame Body Boyfriend Broken Calling Care Carnival Celebrity Challenge Character Child Childhood Children Coming Communication Control Cringe Cry Day Deep Die Different Doing Done Dream Dumb Emotional Emotionally End Energy Even Ever Every Every Day Everything Exactly Exercise Experience Eye Face Fair Fake Family Father Feel Felt Five Flying Food Four Freak Full Go Goal God Good Gratitude Great Group Growing Up Happiest Happy Hate Hated Healthy Hear Held Help Home Hometown Honest Hospital I Am I Believe I Can I Love I Love You Imagine Inside Irresponsible Journal Just Kids Kind Kissing Know Last Learn Left Life Lifestyle Like Little Live Look Love Love You Loved Lunch Man Me Media Mental Mind Mine Mom More Morning My Life My Own Myself Nadya Suleman Never Nobody Older Open Opinion Opportunities Out Over Own Parent Past Peace People Perceive Person Personally Poison Pregnancy Pretending Pretty Proud Providing Public Raw Real Regret Relationship Reporters Responsibility Revolves Right Say Saying Screwed Selfish Set Show Sick Side Single Six Something Sometimes Son Sorry Struggle Support Survival Surviving Take Take Care Teacher Term Therapy Things Think Time Today Up Vegan Very Walking Wanted Way Weird Who Whole Will World Years You Your

Top 89 Nadya Suleman Quotes of 2019

“The ultimate lesson from my entire experience is you cannot prejudge human beings. You just can’t. I don’t care who …

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Acting Become Dating Everyone Feel Gay Heart High School I Write Journal Life Loved Michael J. Willett More Movies Music My Life Myself Natural People School Seen Think Weird Write You

Top 8 Michael J. Willett Quotes of 2019

“I feel like it’s important for young people – practically, young gay people – to know what to do and …

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Academic Always Am American Back Beauty Believe Better Born Brother Caring Children Communication Community Country Down Education Elders Empathy Faith Family Far Away Fashion Father Feel Future Gift Good Good Judgment Government Great Grow History Hope House I Am I Can Imagination Imperfections Isolation Journal Judgment Key Know Lead By Example Life Limited Little Live Look Love Matter Maya Soetoro-Ng Me Meet Mind Mirror Mom More Mother Muslim My Own Myself Name Need Parents Path People Person Prayer Pride Privilege Religion Right Roots Say See She Slow Smart Some Story Storytelling Support Teacher Teaching Things Think Thought Truth Up Us Way Welcome Were White Will Wisdom Woman Women Work Work Hard World Would Writing You

Top 36 Maya Soetoro-Ng Quotes of 2019

“We need to teach our children empathy and care and love and communication and social responsibility in preparation for adulthood.” …

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Always Awesome Book Breakfast Champions Choice Cool Dad Day Dumb Enjoy Father Feel Funny Great How Humor I Can Internet Journal Justin Halpern Kid Life Like Love May Memories Moving On Partner People Relationships Special Unique Way Whatever Win Women Writing You

Top 12 Justin Halpern Quotes of 2019

“I’m not a guy who curses very much in my personal life. When I curse it sounds like a kid …

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Art Artist Better Black Black And White Book Business Campaign Change Colors Communication Company Crazy Design Digital Drawing Dream Face Foundation Future Identity Image John Van Hamersveld Journal Life Live Look Me Media Memory Mind Music My Own New Next Ocean Opportunity Own Painting People Performance Personality Politics Portrait Relationship Signs Sports Start Style Time Together Wave Work World You

Top 19 John Van Hamersveld Quotes of 2019

“In teaching color, you teach people how to look something and see the tone in it and break it down …

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About Alone Anything Become Being Belong Blind Book Canada Challenge Change Children Colour Community Connect Connected Controversy Conversation Country Curiosity Decide Dramatic Drawing Editor Either Empathy End Exciting Experience Experiment Far Fast Feel Feelings Find Future God Good Great Group Hope Hot How I Feel Ideal Ideas In The Past Inquiry John Barton Journal Know Level Like Long Magazine Me Meaning Mine Nature New Things Office Only Others Own Past Performance Poet Poetry Privacy Process Prove Pull Reading Repeat Resist Respect Results Role Say See Short Should Some Something Sometimes Step Then Time Together Tools Understanding Unique Very Want Way Who Why Will Without World Write Writing You

Top 32 John Barton Quotes of 2019

“You can never step into the same book twice, because you are different each time you read it.” ― John …

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