Does Time Cure?

does time cure

Well, it depends. When I was in an unbearable situation almost 7 months ago, I didn’t have any idea what will happen next. I had to go through some mental pain; but eventually, I got out of that … Read more

What Is The Best Revenge?


A massive success! No matter – what you do, how much you know, at the end of the day – success matters! If you are not successful (in terms of money or becoming huge in terms of a … Read more

Working Dilemma!

no work

I love working! But I love the projects that don’t generate money at all. For example, designing an existing page, fixing fonts, adding a new logo or making videos of that topic using some automated software. But I … Read more

Hatred On Facebook?

hatred on facbook

I visit different facebook groups often and mostly these are targeted to Bangladeshi people. One thing I found common in most of the community groups are – its easy to share hatred there. If one moderator and admin … Read more