Top 5 Chad Channing Quotes

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“One of my favorites has always been ‘Swap Meet.’ One of the reasons why I like that is it’s a song that’s in a drop-D tuning, and of course, also being a guitar player, it’s one of the songs that I really like the riff on it.”

― Chad Channing

“You should never worry too much about achieving your goals, because in the long run you might not find yourself too happy when you get there.”

― Chad Channing

“It’s good to be comfortable with who you are and what you do.”

― Chad Channing

“I’ve always sort of felt that, for me, everything’s so much more about the music than the accolades.”

― Chad Channing

“My dad being a DJ, I heard all the hits, no matter what. My mom always had on the radio because my dad was on it.”

― Chad Channing
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