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“As a kid, I always wanted to be Carol Burnett or Johnny Carson. I love to chat and entertain.”

― Caroline Rhea

“When I had introduced ‘Kandy Floss,’ I was a bundle of nerves… I had done a non-fiction programme before – ‘Kosmiic Chat’ with Sunita Menon. But this one I was really scared of.”

― Ekta Kapoor

“Too much agreement kills a chat.”

― Eldridge Cleaver

“I’m not really a cutter-off sort of person. I’ll chat to anybody.”

― Frank Bruno

“I have spent many a night in an Internet chat room, but not since I’ve been married.”

― Jane Green

“Too much agreement kills the chat.”

― John Jay Chapman

“I don’t have the identity of any of them. I only had the nicks that they used on Internet Relay Chat.”

― Jon Johansen

“I’ve never met Beckham, but I’d love to. I’m a massive fan of him. Hopefully we can cross paths and chat.”

― Kieran Trippier

“We do not just fear our predators, we are transfixed by them. We are prone to weave stories and fables and chat endlessly about them.”

― Peter Benchley

“It’s about who owns the servers. The servers that store your metrics. The servers that shout the ads. The servers that transmit your chat. The servers that geofence your every movement.”

― Raph Koster

“Instant messaging and chat rooms have basically created a level playing field for deaf people.”

― Vint Cerf
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