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“The really clever people now want to be lawyers or journalists.”

― A. N. Wilson

“DNA is a code of four letters; proteins are made up of amino acids which come in 20 forms. So the ribosome is a very clever machine that reads one language and operates in another.”

― Ada Yonath

“Man is a clever animal who behaves like an imbecile.”

― Albert Schweitzer

“What really destroyed Tucker Carlson, respected magazine journalist, was TV. TV exposed him as glib, smug, and not nearly as clever as he thought he was.”

― Alex Pareene

“Whenever I’ve chosen a song because it’s clever, it’s always turned out to be a mistake.”

― Alison Krauss

“Witticism. A sharp and clever remark, usually quoted and seldom noted; what the Philistine is pleased to call a joke.”

― Ambrose Bierce

“Tiptoeing on a tightrope past insider trading laws may be deft and clever, but it doesn’t make it right.”

― Andrew Ross Sorkin

“The notion of a universality of human experience is a confidence trick and the notion of a universality of female experience is a clever confidence trick.”

― Angela Carter

“I was one of five very clever kids, the other kids were cleverer than I was and still are and are very achieving. The girls were always first at everything and I was always 101st!”

― Anthony Minghella

“Natural selection, as it has operated in human history, favors not only the clever but the murderous.”

― Barbara Ehrenreich

“If you’re not very clever you should be conciliatory.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“Nine-tenths of the existing books are nonsense and the clever books are the refutation of that nonsense.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“The guitarist always looks a bit clever because he’s got so many strings and apparently knows what to do with them.”

― Bernard Sumner

“If cleverness has often been a sign of decadence throughout history, the attempt to be too clever by half is an even more reliable marker of cultural decline.”

― Bill Kristol

“Louis CK is so brilliant and smart and clever and funny and also very bizarre.”

― Bill Skarsgard

“Don’t be too clever for an audience. Make it obvious. Make the subtleties obvious also.”

― Billy Wilder

“A lot of people don’t know that Dad was quite a scientist, and he was so clever.”

― Bindi Irwin

“The way I see it, a clever cat prowls but calls home occasionally.”

― Bobbie Ann Mason

“I write my own quotes. Except this one. I obviously stole this from somebody really clever.”

― Brian Celio

“My dad’s a very shrewd, clever guy.”

― C. Thomas Howell

“This is very clever. They have created a system to cheat.”

― Charles Davenport

“Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever.”

― Charles Kingsley

“What clever man has ever needed to commit a crime? Crime is the last resort of political half-wits.”

― Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

“Elvis Costello’s song writing is so peerless and individualistic. It’s storytelling and it’s deeply intelligent and clever.”

― Chip Esten

“Mourinho is a fantastic manager, intelligent, clever. He is OK.”

― Claudio Ranieri

“Clever gimmicks of mass distraction yield a cheap soulcraft of addicted and self-medicated narcissists.”

― Cornel West

“We have all this very clever technology and all these abilities to manipulate the world in all these ways, yet we are faced with the very real question of whether we can be sustainable on this planet – whether or not, in fact, we can endure.”

― David Grinspoon

“Everyone can write jokes and makes things clever.”

― David Walton

“Making clever speeches takes a lot of work and a lot of time.”

― Elaine Stritch

“To be clever in argument is not rationality but rationalization.”

― Eliezer Yudkowsky

“I made it to Oxford, but it is not that I am particularly clever, much more that I am a worker bee.”

― Emilia Fox

“Passion makes idiots of the cleverest men, and makes the biggest idiots clever.”

― Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“It is a great act of cleverness to be able to conceal one’s being clever.”

― Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“There are but very few men clever enough to know all the mischief they do.”

― Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“The desire to seem clever often keeps us from being so.”

― Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“Foursquare’s adoption of a game dynamic when it launched is a particularly clever implementation of a social hook.”

― Fred Wilson

“Advisers who think that they are very clever while all around them are a bit thick, and that all the problems of the world would be solved if the thick listened to the clever, are liable to be disappointed.”

― Geoff Mulgan

“We are obliged to regard many of our original minds as crazy at least until we have become as clever as they are.”

― Georg C. Lichtenberg

“Against the beautiful and the clever and the successful, one can wage a pitiless war, but not against the unattractive: then the millstone weighs on the breast.”

― Graham Greene

“When I was growing up, to be an emcee meant to write the most clever, intellectual, and wittiest rap. And that’s what we did.”

― Gza

“Clever people will recognize and tolerate nothing but cleverness.”

― Henri Frederic Amiel

“When you argue with your inferiors, you convince them of only one thing: they are as clever as you.”

― Irving Layton

“It’s not very hard to be clever. It’s far harder to be simple, obvious, and meaningful.”

― Jake Barton

“I think HBO seems to have an extraordinary clever knack of catching the pulse of its audience. It really, really knows its audience.”

― James Cosmo

“Obama spoke so slowly because he, a clever and cultured man, had constantly to be on his guard against sounding it.”

― James Hawes

“Prince Charles has doomed himself by so clearly wanting to be thought clever and cultured: the clever, cultured people don’t buy it, and the people don’t want a clever, cultured ruler.”

― James Hawes

“An inefficient virus kills its host. A clever virus stays with it.”

― James Lovelock

“The types of ideas protected by intellectual-property law typically don’t include a clever catchphrase on a Vine or a film idea in a tweet.”

― Jenna Wortham

“The key for me is movement. When the ball comes into the box, or when the wide players get it, that’s where I have to be clever and make my runs. That’s where I come alive.”

― Jermain Defoe

“Sometimes I can switch into clever mode.”

― Jesse Lingard

“For sheer sexiness, a man must be beautiful. Funny. yes. Clever, no.”

― Jilly Cooper

“A clever man commits no minor blunders.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Because of the nature of Moore’s law, anything that an extremely clever graphics programmer can do at one point can be replicated by a merely competent programmer some number of years later.”

― John Carmack

“I had very clever producers, who scheduled it brilliantly, but scheduling it was a nightmare.”

― John Crowley

“I never make stupid mistakes. Only very, very clever ones.”

― John Peel

“A culture in which guilt is automatically assumed to be neurotic and unhealthy has devised a remarkably clever way of protecting its self-interest.”

― Jonathan Kozol

“I’ve only ever seen a couple tiny home spaces that are actually a clever use of space.”

― Jonathan Scott

“Appeasement was never a very clever policy, and it should not be our option today.”

― Jose Maria Aznar

“Calvin was very clever. We did the pictures and made the commercial, and that really worked.”

― Kate Moss

“That was when the Spanish came in and conquered the Aztecs. I thought that was a clever thing.”

― Les Baxter

“Hillary Clinton is tough, clever, and formidably well briefed, and has been politically ambitious all her adult life.”

― Linda Colley

“I don’t like names that are clever or made-up sounding.”

― Lydia Millet

“I’m not clever enough or aware enough to make a political movie.”

― Maiwenn

“Take from a man his reputation for probity, and the more shrewd and clever he is, the more hated and mistrusted he becomes.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

“He’s very clever, but sometimes his brains go to his head.”

― Margot Asquith

“We tend to think of politicians as time-servers and slackers. But on those committees they usually have an interest in the subject. And they’re quite clever. I’ve seen them pick people apart.”

― Mark Thomas

“Roman military tactics were much over-rated. All the clever ones had the same idea, which was to go round the back.”

― Mary Beard

“Intelligence, if it is clever in the direction of the better, is responsible for the greatest benefits of all.”

― Menander

“I learned from both my parents that you had to be clever.”

― Mikhail Prokhorov

“I think ‘Rake’ was a very clever crossover, actually, because it does lend itself to the city of L.A.”

― Miranda Otto

“I’m not clever enough to be in machinations and real politics.”

― Natalie Dormer

“Rock n’ roll is dirty, and it’s bad, and it’s either clever or it’s not clever.”

― Nikki Sixx

“Too clever is dumb.”

― Ogden Nash

“If a film is very clever and well-written, that’s what gives you freedom as a director.”

― Patrice Leconte

“I don’t really wanna talk about politics, I’m not clever enough.”

― Paul Weller

“A clever, imaginative, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds.”

― Percy Ross

“There is no such thing as too much swearing. Swearing is just a piece of linguistic mechanics. The words in-between are the clever ones.”

― Peter Capaldi

“Haagen-Dazs (a clever Scandi-sounding name invented by Americans in 1961) was bought for its Euro-sounding sophistication by the kind of Americans who first bought those Mercs and Beemers, while Ben & Jerry’s (now owned by Unilever) brought a post-hippy sensibility to bear. Buyers saw the brand as saying ‘all-natural, organic and Fairtrade.’”

― Peter York

“A computational device is incapable of developing a mind. We got consciousness not just by being clever.”

― Roger Penrose

“It’s difficult to be clean and clever at the same time, but a lot of our stuff was.”

― Ronnie Corbett

“People may say that what I do is very clever, but it’s not really at all. It’s not Swift.”

― Rory Bremner

“The silliest woman can manage a clever man; but it needs a very clever woman to manage a fool.”

― Rudyard Kipling

“It’s clever, but is it Art?”

― Rudyard Kipling

“There is no bore like a clever bore.”

― Samuel Butler

“The idea that if you are very clever you shouldn’t be an actor would be laughable in Russia.”

― Samuel West

“I have a fantastic husband. Here’s the honeymoon part: I still think he’s the funniest, wittiest, most clever man I’ve ever known.”

― Sarah Jessica Parker

“Maybe I’m a little biased, but shows like ‘Dexter’ and ‘Southland,’ I’m just enthralled by that sort of storytelling, kind of clever and patient.”

― Shawn Hatosy

“Film schools didn’t exist when I was growing up. I learned by working with clever people. Good writers and cinematographers.”

― Stephen Frears

“A gorilla with a cellphone riding a bicycle is bound to generate some clever captions.”

― Steve Breen

“I wasn’t the classic comedy type; I wasn’t bullied or extrovert. I was more the ambitious literary one who wanted to write clever little plays.”

― Stewart Lee

“It seems this is an age of clever critics who keep bewailing the fact that there are no works worthy of criticism.”

― Sylvia Plath

“What a grand thing it is to be clever and have common sense.”

― Terence

“There is still a lot to be said for the well-made, witty, clever, three-act comedy.”

― Terry Teachout

“Clever men are good, but they are not the best.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“One always has the idea of a stupid man as perfectly healthy and ordinary, and of illness as making one refined and clever and unusual.”

― Thomas Mann

“One has the idea of a stupid man as perfectly healthy and ordinary, and of illness as making one refined and clever and unusual.”

― Thomas Mann

“Awards sell tickets, and they’re a clever publicity stunt.”

― Tony Randall

“A lot of modern comedies are difficult to watch too, because they’re so ironic and so detached and so quote-unquote clever. They kind of keep you at arm’s length. They can be really funny, but they’re not really nourishing.”

― Ty Burrell

“Clever tyrants are never punished.”

― Voltaire

“The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath.”

― W. C. Fields

“I love clever lyrics.”

― Walker Hayes

“I love lyrics that are not too clever.”

― Walker Hayes

“There is nothing clever about confusion.”

― William Wyler

“In the battle of existence, Talent is the punch; Tact is the clever footwork.”

― Wilson Mizner
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