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“Although I am a Christian, I am not even close to perfect.”

― A.J. Styles

“Nothing comes close to the IPL, to be honest.”

― AB de Villiers

“I’m really close with Sami Zayn.”

― Adam Cole

“I came close to signing Elvis Presley. I offered $25,000 for his contract and they asked for $45,000 and I just didn’t have the other $20,000.”

― Ahmet Ertegun

“At one point, I had close to 100 birds.”

― Akira Toriyama

“Well, we are very glad that Russia is so close with NATO.”

― Aleksander Kwasniewski

“Traditionally, companies have made major announcements before or after the close of trading so that all interested investors and analysts are apprised of the news before trading resumes in their stocks.”

― Alex Berenson

“I just think that most of the people are very close minded.”

― Alex Chiu

“The cast of ‘ER’ is very close, and everyone has treated me so well.”

― Alex Kingston

“I have a lot of cousins that I’m very close to.”

― Alexander Dreymon

“We should note that this latter type of shift was successfully amplified to a considerable extent by Russian physicists using the intense light of a ruby laser whose wavelength is close to that of a transition of the potassium atom.”

― Alfred Kastler

“I’m interested in people who are very close to the people who commit crimes.”

― Amanda Peet

“I’m insanely close to my sister.”

― Amy Schumer

“No, no, it is obvious that the ECU should act as a close alliance for the benefit of chess.”

― Anatoly Karpov

“My parents divorced when I was six but stayed close.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“I’m not really in Louis CK’s circle. It’d probably be harder if we were really close and I went off on him.”

― Andy Kindler

“I was really close to joining Barcelona, but in the end, it wasn’t to be.”

― Angel Di Maria

“I’m very close to Jay Sekulow. We know each other very well. Trust Jay.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“Film and art are close together.”

― Arne Glimcher

“I deeply believe in pluralism. I believe in the close proximity of multiple systems or agnostic systems.”

― Ben Nicholson

“We are not even close to finishing the basic dream of what the PC can be.”

― Bill Gates

“I’m very close to my sisters.”

― Bill Hader

“I never brought it up when I coached, but I have close ties at Ohio State. Unfortunately, I even have a graduate degree from there.”

― Bo Schembechler

“Songwriting has always been close to me.”

― Brantley Gilbert

“I don’t think anybody comes close to The Beatles, including Oasis.”

― Brian May

“I’m very close to every girl in the locker room.”

― Brie Bella

“I am close – too close – with my family.”

― Britt Robertson

“All of my family is so close. We’re always over at each other’s houses.”

― Buddy Valastro

“Boys, I’m one of those umpires that misses ’em every once in a while so if it’s close, you’d better hit it.”

― Cal Hubbard

“I’m hooked on Glenn Close in ‘Damages.’”

― Carol Burnett

“I’m very close to my family.”

― Caroline Ghosn

“I have a very close relationship with my parents.”

― Caroline Wozniacki

“Me and Kanye have a relationship – not as close as him and Trump, but we have a relationship.”

― Charlamagne tha God

“The show did go on, but came very close to not going on at all.”

― Chita Rivera

“My best mates are my mates from school, and we have always stayed close.”

― Chris Coleman

“I’m very close with Brian Davis, Thomas Hill, and Marty Clark.”

― Christian Laettner

“I can’t put anyone even really close to Christina Aguilera besides Stacie Orrico.”

― Christina Grimmie

“There are very close ties between the Jewish and Mormon people.”

― Chuck Schumer

“Depression is close to me, but suicide hasn’t been.”

― Claire Forlani

“I am built close to the ground and of extravagant body.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“Monsters are a storytelling tool, like domestic realism and close third.”

― Colson Whitehead

“I wanted to create jobs and create something that had a very longstanding world-changing effect. We were close. We were close to getting there. It just fell apart.”

― Curt Schilling

“It’s important for me to have my family close.”

― Curtis Joseph

“Nobody has ever convinced me that ancient aliens have visited Earth. Not even close.”

― Dan Brown

“We have a very close relationship with Google. We extend our offerings to all the markets that we expand into.”

― Dan Schulman

“I have two younger brothers, and we’re very close in age.”

― Daniel Rigby

“When filming for ‘Beowulf,’ we were close to Hadrian’s Wall; there was no phone signal, and the scenery was spectacular.”

― David Harewood

“A well-rounded education has always been an issue close to my heart.”

― David Robinson

“I have 18 or 19 first cousins, and we’re all very close.”

― Deborah Joy Winans

“We’re a really close family, and that was what my grandparents promoted.”

― Deborah Joy Winans

“Close alliances with despots are never safe for free states.”

― Demosthenes

“We have very close relationships with our Canadian customers.”

― Dennis Muilenburg

“I don’t close the door to anything.”

― Dimitri Payet

“I am still close to India personally.”

― Dinesh Paliwal

“The 347 wins is the thing I’m most proud of. Nobody’s even close to it.”

― Don Shula

“Spiritually, I’m a floating entity, but Buddhism is as close as I can get to describing it.”

― Donovan

“I’m pretty close with a lot of guys, like Nick Watney and Steve Marino, D.J. Trahan and Charlie Warren.”

― Dustin Johnson

“Nonsense and beauty have close connections.”

― E. M. Forster

“To the extent that philosophical positions both confuse us and close doors to further inquiry, they are likely to be wrong.”

― E. O. Wilson

“When I was climbing, I built up a close relationship with the Sherpa people.”

― Edmund Hillary

“I’m very close to my parents and my grandma.”

― Emeraude Toubia

“Once I opened my eyes to the realities of life, I couldn’t close them.”

― Emmanuelle Beart

“I have a very close friendship with the skaters.”

― Eric Heiden

“I think players on all teams are close.”

― Eric Reid

“I grew up close to my grandma.”

― Eva Gutowski

“Me and my mom are extremely, extremely close.”

― Evan Ross

“I was never close to signing for Manchester United, no.”

― Fabinho

“The training of younger generations is very close to my heart.”

― Fabiola Gianotti

“My first husband and I never came close to having kids.”

― Faith Salie

“I come from a very hospitable, close, Catholic, matriarchal family.”

― Francesca Annis

“’Decoded’ is definitely close to my heart.”

― Franchesca Ramsey

“We were now arrived at the close of our solitary journeyings along the St. Joseph’s trail.”

― Francis Parkman

“Close don’t count in baseball. Close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.”

― Frank Robinson

“I have the capability to have a close relationship with someone.”

― Fred Armisen

“When the tech geeks talk, I pay close attention.”

― Gary Vaynerchuk

“With actors, I have very close, intense working relationships with actors in theater.”

― George C. Wolfe

“Don’t get too close, it hurts.”

― Graham Kennedy

“I love ‘The Office’ format so much that I wanted to close it out.”

― Greg Daniels

“No formal course in fiction-writing can equal a close and observant perusal of the stories of Edgar Allan Poe or Ambrose Bierce.”

― H. P. Lovecraft

“I stayed close to my family. My family never changed.”

― Haywood Nelson

“I’ve been close to Bette Davis for thirty-eight years – and I have the cigarette burns to prove it.”

― Henry Fonda

“I didn’t feel particularly close to my father.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“We sunk everything into it. It came close to going under several times.”

― Heston Blumenthal

“Mostly the thought and the verse come inseparably. In my poem Poetics, it’s as close as I come to telling how I do it.”

― Howard Nemerov

“My guitar is really tempermental. I don’t give up on it though, I’m close to my guitar!”

― Iris Dement

“’Dhadak’ was the first film I was meant to do. And it is very close to my heart.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“During the 1950s, Aristotle Onassis and I formed what grew to be a close friendship and association in several business ventures.”

― J. Paul Getty

“I’m close to both my parents and very proud of what they’ve achieved.”

― Jack Davenport

“I have acted with Rajinikanth as his elder brother in ‘Uttar Dakshin,’ and since then, we have been close.”

― Jackie Shroff

“Ibiza is very close to my heart.”

― Jade Jagger

“I try to make really close bonds with people.”

― Jahlil Okafor

“Hawaii is a small, close community.”

― Jake Shimabukuro

“Music has always been close to my heart.”

― Jamie Lynn Spears

“When I gained weight in 2005, my nutritionist was very worried. I was close to having diabetes.”

― Janet Jackson

“I’m naturally a protective person to those close to me.”

― Jason Statham

“I’ve written close to 20 screenplays and 100 sketches – I know exactly how to do them. They’re judged by set criteria that I know.”

― Jay Chandrasekhar

“When people make judgments they close all the possibility around them.”

― Jeff Koons

“We should never close our doors on love.”

― Jennifer Winget

“My sister and I are really close. She’s my little sister.”

― Jenny Han

“I’m very lucky to have a very nurturing, close family.”

― Jeremy Strong

“I loved working with Eric Close and J T Walsh.”

― Jeri Ryan

“Every year we close 300-400 stores anyway, just relocations.”

― Jim Cantalupo

“My favorite sci-fi movie of all time is ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’”

― Jim Parsons

“I have a really close relationship with Mike Bloomberg.”

― Joe Biden

“My earlier award was also based on a close collaborative effort.”

― John Bardeen

“I was keenly aware that everybody would have loved for me to do a close sequel or a spin-off to ‘Marley and Me.’”

― John Grogan

“I was a close observer of the developments in molecular biology.”

― John Pople

“As we all know, no crude oil refineries have been built in the United States since 1976. During that time, close to 100 ethanol refineries have been built.”

― John Shimkus

“In golf, ‘close’ is like the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon.”

― Johnny Miller

“I don’t eat cereal actually… Frosted Flakes… that’s as close as I can get.”

― Johnny Thunders

“I was close with some of my old professors.”

― Jon Tenney

“I play a detective, very close to myself actually.”

― Jon Voight

“I’ve had matches that were close.”

― Jordan Burroughs

“It’s the oddest match: Mary J. Blige and Julianne Hough! But we became so close.”

― Julianne Hough

“All best-of lists should close with the amazing Kelly Link.”

― Karen Joy Fowler

“I have many close male friends.”

― Katherine Kelly

“I’m really close to my parents.”

― Kathryn Newton

“I love ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’”

― Kenneth Lonergan

“I’m very close with my family, so my mom is part of my entourage.”

― Kid Cudi

“I ran for ninth grade class president. Came in a close second.”

― Kristin Lehman

“I used to date Latoya for awhile, I was a close freind of the family.”

― Kurtis Blow

“I have close friendships, deep bonds with men.”

― Kyle Secor

“Jonathan Bennett and I are very close friends.”

― Lacey Chabert

“My mom and I are very close.”

― Lady Gaga

“I feel very close to Maryann Plunkett and Jay O. Sanders.”

― Laila Robins

“My whole family is really close. I’m lucky for that.”

― Landon Liboiron

“I personally have close ties to Marvel because of Kevin Feige, because Kevin worked for me.”

― Lauren Shuler Donner

“I’m really close to Stephen Sommers. He was a really nice man.”

― Lee Byung-hun

“If I’m anywhere close to where I can hike or swim, that’s my favourite thing to do.”

― Lily Cole

“I was very close to joining Manchester United.”

― Lucas Moura

“Our relationships with our computers are almost sexual, they’re so close. They’re just such a huge part of our lives.”

― Mackenzie Davis

“My dad is very environmentally conscious, and so I’ve always been close to nature.”

― Madelaine Petsch

“I don’t want to be close to politics.”

― Mahira Khan

“Well, menstrual hygiene is a cause that is close to my heart.”

― Manushi Chhillar

“There was a close relationship between Mandela and the CBC.”

― Marcia Fudge

“What amazes me most is that the media and I have fostered a close relationship.”

― Margaret Chan

“The hardest thing to do is something that is close to nothing.”

― Marina Abramovic

“Let’s close all the Islamist mosques.”

― Marine Le Pen

“I’d always been close to my brother. Very close.”

― Mark Ruffalo

“North Korea is not even close to being a near peer to South Korea or, much less, the United States.”

― Martha McSally

“I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.”

― Megan Fox

“Jennifer Garner and I are very close.”

― Melissa George

“Voter fraud especially matters when elections are close.”

― Mercedes Schlapp

“I’ve caught fish as big as I am. I’ve caught marlin close to 300 pounds.”

― Merlin Olsen

“I got the stamina. I can close.”

― Michael Phelps

“I love my kids; I’m very close to all three of them.”

― Mike Huckabee

“Kaiserslautern is and has always been a matter very close to my heart.”

― Miroslav Klose

“Sometimes the probabilities are very close to certainties, but they’re never really certainties.”

― Murray Gell-Mann

“I have been a close observer of campaign trends.”

― N. Bhaskara Rao

“If I have a feeling of not trusting, I don’t get too close.”

― Nadia Comaneci

“Julie’ is very close to my heart. I have worked really hard for it.”

― Neha Dhupia

“I’ve always stayed really close with my mother and my father.”

― Nicole Richie

“I grew as close to Madonna as I’ve ever been to a woman without being romantically involved.”

― Nile Rodgers

“We are very close as a family. There are uncles and aunts for whom I would stand in front of a truck.”

― Nushrat Bharucha

“So many athletes who have been close to me have been everything to me.”

― Omari Hardwick

“I find it really hard to be close to anybody.”

― Paige

“I watched Hiddink and Ferguson at close quarters, and I realized that I am not a coach.”

― Park Ji-sung

“I like sitting close to windows.”

― Parker Posey

“And I find it very easy to memorize the scripts, which are so close to conversations my husband and I have.”

― Patricia Heaton

“I had been very close to Anne Bancroft when we worked together in The Miracle Worker.”

― Patty Duke

“I have no idea what readership is of written editorials, but it doesn’t come anywhere close to the readership of editorial cartoons.”

― Paul Conrad

“Goldberg was as close to a cultural icon as WCW ever produced.”

― Paul Heyman

“When rock & roll is done with that fervor, it’s close to gospel.”

― Paul Stanley

“My family’s really close.”

― Paul Walker

“I’m really close to all of my family.”

― Paul Walker

“I’m very close with my mom.”

― Paul Wesley

“I’ve had very close relationships with some twentieth-century writers.”

― Penelope Wilton

“Every time Luis Suarez is close, he pushes defenders around.”

― Petr Cech

“I watched the Telugu version of ‘Pokkiri’ several times. Of course, I wielded the megaphone for the Tamil version. The script is very close to my heart.”

― Prabhu Deva

“I have probably been very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions.”

― Prince Harry

“Close friends consider me a literary snob.”

― Rabih Alameddine

“Deafness and sign language are extremely close to my heart.”

― Rachel Shenton

“I’ve been very lucky. I come from a very close family.”

― Richard Branson

“There is a Jewish tradition of family, too, but then not all Italian or Jewish families are close.”

― Richard Rogers

“I don’t think anyone can even come close to the beauty of Madhuri Dixit.”

― Rithvik Dhanjani

“We’re a very close family. Nothing changes.”

― Rob Kardashian

“We all know what it means to be sung to. And poetry is very close to that.”

― Robin Coste Lewis

“I’m very close to the pro-life movement.”

― Roger Mahony

“St. Kitts’ government is much more libertarian compared with the U.S. It’s not even close.”

― Roger Ver

“I have a very close relationship with my daughter.”

― Ron Cephas Jones

“The boys and I were all very close. There were never any bust-ups in Boyzone, never any fights.”

― Ronan Keating

“I was a tomboy and most of my close friends were male.”

― S. E. Hinton

“I’m very close with Bob and his lovely, fabulous wife Catherine, too.”

― Sally Kellerman

“The West hasn’t reached its universal state as yet, although its close to it, but it certainly has evolved out of its warring state phase, which it was in for a couple of centuries.”

― Samuel P. Huntington

“Do we need distance to get close?”

― Sarah Jessica Parker

“Relics are treasured as something close to the divine.”

― Sarah Vowell

“There are some things that are sacred and should be kept close.”

― Selah Louise Marley

“I’m extremely close to my mother.”

― Sevyn Streeter

“Arjun is very close to my heart, and even the audiences associate me with the character.”

― Shaheer Sheikh

“I’m very close with my family and friends.”

― Sigrid

“It’s pretty rare that something I’ve written is close to something that’s pre-existed.”

― St. Lucia

“I’ve become very close with Tom Hardy. I love Tom to bits.”

― Stephen Graham

“I can’t overstate the part the yips played in bringing my career to a close.”

― Stephen Hendry

“The long-term strategic goals of Iran and the long-term strategic goals of Turkey are close to the long-term strategic goals of the United States.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“One journalist estimated my liquid net worth at $25 million. That’s pretty close. My houses are worth another $7 million.”

― Suze Orman

“When I’m on a location, I pick a restaurant that’s close and private and eat all my meals there.”

― Sylvester Stallone

“There’s no one in the world close to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a phenomenon. He’s brilliant.”

― Sylvester Stallone

“My Miyoshi studio in Japan is located in the northern part of Saitama, which puts it in quite close proximity to Fukushima. As such, we can feel the effects of radiation.”

― Takashi Murakami

“My grandfather and I were very close.”

― Tea Obreht

“Vaccination and other essential preventive services must be delivered close within communities.”

― Tedros Adhanom

“Religion is close to theatre; much of its power comes from the effects of staging and framing.”

― Teju Cole

“So I was very close to ordination. I was delighted to be ordained a deacon, which is the last step between, before becoming a priest. But then it all fell apart.”

― Thomas Keneally

“The heart that has truly loved never forgets, But as truly loves on to the close.”

― Thomas Moore

“Although I’ve got lots of pals in showbiz, I haven’t got that many close friends.”

― Tim Rice

“I went to LaGuardia, so I’m very close to the reality that lot of actors work rarely.”

― Timothee Chalamet

“I have drawn a very close bond to all the military people.”

― Toby Keith

“What my family’s been through I can’t even put into words. We’re very close.”

― Tony Bellew

“What girls do to each other is beyond description. No chinese torture comes close.”

― Tori Amos

“I was very close to my mother as the youngest of three. She was my playmate.”

― Tori Amos

“I’ve never been super close to family. I’ve never relied on anyone.”

― Tulisa

“I volunteered to deploy to Iraq. I was one of the few soldiers who were not on the mandatory deployment roster – close to 3,000 Hawaii soldiers were.”

― Tulsi Gabbard

“Homelessness is an issue close to my heart.”

― Tyra Banks

“Politics are close to me, but there are different ways of participating in politics.”

― Vagit Alekperov

“One sees qualities at a distance and defects at close range.”

― Victor Hugo

“It’s called the Samsung Chromebook Plus, and it runs on an ARM processor, the same type of processor that powers the vast majority of smartphones and tablets. It was designed in close cooperation with Google.”

― Walt Mossberg

“The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase.”

― Yogi Berra

“Many ingredients are called ‘earthy,’ but none comes as close to fitting the bill as buckwheat. I’m mildly obsessed with the stuff.”

― Yotam Ottolenghi
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