Top 100 CM Punk Quotes of 2020

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“Sometimes things don’t go your way, but you get up and keep going.”― CM Punk

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“I’m somebody who constantly wants to challenge himself, evolve, and grow. Because if you don’t, you fade. You become stagnant.”― CM Punk

“Black cats cross my path all the time. I’ll break a mirror. I have no regard for superstition.”― CM Punk

“I like winning or losing, failing or succeeding on my own merit.”― CM Punk

“I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t use drugs. That may be boring for some people, but that’s just me. That’s how I live my life.”― CM Punk

“I think, fundamentally, the core of everything I do is punk rock.”― CM Punk

“Doing the same old thing every day, week in and week out, it gets boring. I’m all about new challenges, new opponents.”― CM Punk

“I’m going to be that gnarly guy that gets in somebody’s face and makes it ugly. I’m a bit of a grinder.”― CM Punk

“Inside and outside of the ring, what you see is what you get. I’m CM Punk. I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I’m not trying to lie to the people or be fake. I’m not trying to be some crazy, outlandish character.”― CM Punk

“There’s only one thing people love more than their heroes, and that’s stomping them into the ground.”― CM Punk

“I set goals, and I like to reach them and accomplish new things.”― CM Punk

“I get in my own head, and at the end of the day, I’m my biggest critic, and I’m my worst enemy, too.”― CM Punk

“Winning is different based on your perspective, just like success is different based on your perspective.”― CM Punk

“I was rich before I had any money. Being rich has nothing to do with anything monetary.”― CM Punk

“I think everyone’s dream is to do nothing.”― CM Punk

“When someone else is making money off of you and using your body, you need to step off the carousel.”― CM Punk

“Passive-aggressive is the worst thing in the world to me!”― CM Punk

“The day of my wedding, I got a FedEx in the mail. It was my termination papers. I was fired… on my wedding day.”― CM Punk

“I know people who are wealthy and they’re miserable.”― CM Punk

“I’ve shattered every negative stereotype people had about me.”― CM Punk

“Everything I say, it comes from the heart. It’s all real.”― CM Punk

“When I hear people say that they don’t think that I can do something or they don’t think I belong somewhere, that’s all it takes for me to prove them wrong, and it’s motivation.”― CM Punk

“I’m always amazed that people are shocked when their despicable action causes an equally despicable reaction.”― CM Punk

“I believe you only have one chance on this earth, and I’m just trying to live my life and do what makes me happy.”― CM Punk

“Everybody knows how to throw a punch. Not correctly – he or she might not know how to turn the wrist or know what part of the hand to hit with. But humans instinctively know to fight, whether they bite or claw or pull hair. It’s an instinct.”― CM Punk

“I’m an excellent judge of character. I can tell people who want something from me or if they’re actually buddies.”― CM Punk

“I think anything you do on your own, so to speak, I think, is worth more than something that is maybe looked upon as gifted to you or handed to you.”― CM Punk

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“I’m somebody who tries to remain positive and looks forward to setting goals and reaching them. But that’s easier said than done.”― CM Punk

“I think everybody is always selling me short, and then I always prove them wrong.”― CM Punk

“In pro wrestling, it’s fake. People always get offended by that word. ‘No, we like to say it’s pre-determined.’ For whatever reason, people get angry at ‘fake’; ‘pre-determined’ eases the blow? It’s fake. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really mean anything.”― CM Punk

“Fame is an apparition. Fame is a side effect of success.”― CM Punk

“I don’t like having debts. I don’t like buying anything that I can’t buy in cash.”― CM Punk

“The only thing I’ve ever bought with the money I’ve made is my house.”― CM Punk

“Being out there in a high-pressure situation with a live audience and a live TV camera on you, it brings something out.”― CM Punk

“I’m never concerned about my beliefs hurting me in any way. I’d rather lose a job than have to lie.”― CM Punk

“There’s a lot of guys in pro wrestling that just kind of have this MMA fantasy, and they never act on it. I’m acting on it. I don’t want to be one of those guys who sits there and goes, ‘I could have done that or I should have done that.’”― CM Punk

“To me, Punisher is pretty black and white. He’s very simple, and at the same time, he’s very complex. I don’t know why I think I understand the guy, but I feel I do.”― CM Punk

“I remember always loving the bad guy Shawn Michaels. Everyone else always hated when he played the bad guy, but there was just something about that character I connected with.”― CM Punk

“On fight night, you show up. And the question becomes, ‘Did you or did you not do the work that is going to prepare you for what is about to occur?’ And I just think that’s a beautiful thing.”― CM Punk

“I’m a goal-oriented person, and instead of focusing on the past, I’d rather focus on the future.”― CM Punk

“I did not wake up one day and say, ‘I wanna be famous.’ I did not wake up and say, ‘I wanna be a UFC fighter.’ I woke up and said, ‘I want to be successful at something I want to do. I want to fight.’”― CM Punk

“I don’t mind getting punched in the face. It kind of wakes me up and gets me excited.”― CM Punk

“Of course I’m happy with my time in professional wrestling. I met some great people, I met my wife, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”― CM Punk

“I read ‘Y: The Last Man’ once a year.”― CM Punk

“I don’t measure myself against my coaches, I don’t measure myself against my teammates. If I’m doing jiu-jitsu for sport, I don’t measure myself against the guy I’m rolling with or whatever belt he is or how many stripes he has on his belt. I measure myself every day against the guy I was yesterday.”― CM Punk

“Pro wrestling has always been ingrained into American culture. It was one of the first things that was ever on television, so everybody watched it. Countless people tell me, ‘I got into wrestling because my grandfather watched it.’ It was always there.”― CM Punk

“I think smartphones need to send an electrical shock to a user when they get their your/you’re mixed up.”― CM Punk

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“There are always going to be detractors who will say I don’t look like I’ll be able to hang with Brock Lesnar. But Brock’s a freak of nature, and I don’t know anybody who looks like they can ‘hang’ with Brock Lesnar. But anyone can be choked out in seven seconds.”― CM Punk

“I love the sport, and I have for a long time. I’d stay up late and watch the Pride New Year’s Eve shows. I watch all the UFC pay-per-views. I’m a fan. I love this stuff.”― CM Punk

“I can be hard on myself, and I can get down on myself.”― CM Punk

“WWE doesn’t do anything to protect the wrestlers; they do things to protect themselves.”― CM Punk

“I understand people want to see me get knocked out.”― CM Punk

“I grew up a wrestling fan, so to be doing what my ‘heroes’ were doing when I was a kid, it’s fun. I have fun out there.”― CM Punk

“I have a Wii at home that I mainly play ‘Punch-Out!’ on.”― CM Punk

“There’s such a wide demographic who watches the WWE. And everybody’s into something different.”― CM Punk

“I think you could split my fans up just like any other guy’s fans. Some of them are cool, and some of them are obnoxious. But it’s the variety that makes it great.”― CM Punk

“Something I’m completely not open to is remaking movies.”― CM Punk

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“No one wants to get beat up in front of the world.”― CM Punk

“Success is based on your perspective.”― CM Punk

“There was a long time in my professional life that I was not happy, and there was nothing anyone else could have done to make me happy. There was a big stretch where I was very sick, and I was very hurt. Those charged with taking care of my health and well-being weren’t very good at their jobs. Or maybe they were too good at their jobs.”― CM Punk

“Straight edge is everything about a personal decision to not live my life under the influence or not being aware. I pretty much don’t like anything that alters my view of reality or my perception or my grasp.”― CM Punk

“Punk rock and straight edge will always be married together. As far as me integrating that with wrestling, I learned a lot from punk rock.”― CM Punk

“The do-it-yourself lifestyle is something that I’ve translated into wrestling.”― CM Punk

“To be ECW champion is something that I take very, very seriously.”― CM Punk

“I’ve kind of gotten mad over the years, reading different Punisher stories and seeing multiple Punisher movies. Nobody gets the character right.”― CM Punk

“Contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally get to watch TNA, mostly on fast forward, but Bobby Roode is one of the guys… solid, solid guy.”― CM Punk

“I have a special place in my heart for the Straight Edge Society. Never reached its full potential.”― CM Punk

“I hate teaming up with people. Absolutely hate it.”― CM Punk

“I’m not superstitious about anything in my life – except for playoff hockey. I get really kind of sketchy and weird about it. I don’t like talking about it. I don’t like making predictions.”― CM Punk

“I’ve always had an extremely passionate fan base.”― CM Punk

“I jumped to the WWE, and the perceived notion was I became more successful. I got to touch more people’s lives and influence more people and perform in front of more people, and that was a great thing.”― CM Punk

“I’ve done things, sometimes foolishly misguided, because I wanted to give back to the fans.”― CM Punk

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“I wouldn’t expect anybody to look for superawesome crisp technique out of me.”― CM Punk

“I’m the kind of guy that jumps at an opportunity.”― CM Punk

“Obviously, I carved out a pretty successful path and career for myself. But I’m kind of fascinated with, for lack of a better term, Renaissance men. And women. People who do a lot of different things.”― CM Punk

“I’ve been a fan of Bob Odenkirk since he was on HBO originally with ‘Mr. Show.’”― CM Punk

“It’s easy to quit. It’s easy to not get something that you want and just say, ‘Well, that didn’t work out,’ and move on to the next thing.”― CM Punk

“I think the best fighters are the smart guys. They do what they are good at. They’re smart about what they do.”― CM Punk

“When I stopped wrestling, I literally lay in bed for two weeks.”― CM Punk

“I think, at some point in my wrestling career, I took myself way too seriously, and I took the wrestling business way too seriously. It probably helped sour me on the whole process. It probably helped burn me out.”― CM Punk

“My life used to be governed by that. I would know what day it was because I would be at ‘Monday Night Raw’ or ‘SmackDown’ on Tuesday.”― CM Punk

“The Shield was my idea.”― CM Punk

“I’m not a money guy.”― CM Punk

“One of my best friends in the world is Lars Frederiksen. He plays guitar for a band called Rancid.”― CM Punk

“I think the good ones, the interviews and the promos people remember, those are improv.”― CM Punk

“I think being angry is what keeps me motivated.”― CM Punk

“I think what’s captivating about me on the microphone is my honesty.”― CM Punk

“I do envision myself having kids one day, and I always wanted a little girl.”― CM Punk

“What I do on international flights is watch crappy, sappy love movies… Sometimes they’re so bad, it’s laughable. It kills time.”― CM Punk

“I’m a hopeless romantic.”― CM Punk

“I don’t think marriage is in the cards for me. I think it’s an archaic institution.”― CM Punk

“Any praise goes to my coaches and my teammates. I have the easy part of waking up and going to the gym. They’re the ones that have to break my bad habits and teach me new things. They’re literally my everything. In my personal life, it’s my wife, and in my professional life, it’s my coaches and my teammates.”― CM Punk

“When I started wrestling, I never wanted to go to WWE. It was the Japanese life for me.”― CM Punk

“I’m a polarizing person, so people get caught up in hoping I fail. And just like success, failure is a perspective.”― CM Punk

“I don’t get why people love to hate John Cena. But as long as he gets a reaction that’s positive or negative, he’s doing his job.”― CM Punk

“I’m certainly not a baby kissing, hand slapping, rah rah good guy. I definitely think there’s more of an edge to my character.”― CM Punk

“I don’t believe you have to be blood to be family, so I have a lot of family members.”― CM Punk

“Greg Rucka’s ‘Lazarus’ is amazing.”― CM Punk

“I’m a huge fan of anything Ed Brubaker does. A lot of his ‘Daredevil’ stuff. A lot of his creator-owned stuff, too. His ‘Criminal stuff,’ I’m really into.”― CM Punk

“I read ‘Preacher’ once a year.”― CM Punk

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