Top 9 Conceit Quotes

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“The smaller the mind the greater the conceit.”

― Aesop

“Self-reinvention is an encouraging conceit. It is simply not always a possible one.”

― Alissa Quart

“There is no such thing as pure art. It’s a bourgeois conceit.”

― Christoph Waltz

“I’m not conceited. Conceit is a fault and I have no faults.”

― David Lee Roth

“The Nationalists peddle a misplaced cultural conceit that holds that everyone south of the Solway Firth is an austerity loving Tory.”

― Douglas Alexander

“Conceit is an insuperable obstacle to all progress.”

― Ellen Terry

“Conceit is the finest armour a man can wear.”

― Jerome K. Jerome

“Frivolity is inborn, conceit acquired by education.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Immunity to obsolescence is the only obsolescent-immune conceit of the past millennium.”

― Matt Mullenweg
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