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“I need to be able to explain myself in context.”

― Adam Lambert

“Context is worth 80 IQ points.”

― Alan Kay

“I tend to be a bit of a hermit. A bit monkish. I like to tune out the context.”

― Alden Ehrenreich

“Taken out of context I must seem so strange.”

― Ani DiFranco

“I’m not conniving – that has a pejorative context. I’m not sitting in back rooms making deals. That’s not my style.”

― Bess Myerson

“Some extremists take elements of the sacred scriptures out of context.”

― Cat Stevens

“Nuclear deterrence doesn’t work outside of the Russian – U.S. context; Saddam Hussein showed that.”

― Charles Horner

“Oftentimes, especially in the context of an acoustic song, I’m motivated to write by some amount of melancholy.”

― Chris Cornell

“The idea of the extraordinary happening in the context of the ordinary is what’s fascinating to me.”

― Chris Van Allsburg

“It’s a very complicated issue about when is a fact not a fact in the context of opinions.”

― Daniel Okrent

“Even within the context of the alternative scene I was a part of, within punk and hardcore and the alt scene, there was a focus on self-destruction.”

― Davey Havok

“After 9/11, we did see Palestinian terrorism in the context of all terrorism.”

― Elliott Abrams

“Pushing ahead with a self-emancipatory agenda is critical, but we must do so fully conscious of this broader context of our development efforts.”

― Hilary Beckles

“Avoid context and specifics; generalize and keep repeating the generalization.”

― Jack Schwartz

“Language usage always has a political context.”

― Jackson Katz

“Metaphor creates a kind of conceptual synesthesia, in which we understand one concept in the context of another.”

― James Geary

“As a storyteller, dates and time equal context.”

― Jim Nantz

“A vest, as a clothing item, always makes a statement, but depending on context, those declarations vary a great deal.”

― Josh Gondelman

“I’m also fascinated by the interplay between personal history and the larger forces that form the context for our lives.”

― Julie Salamon

“I like the language in Proust but not the context.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“Context begins with other artists – seniors and mentors.”

― Kenneth Noland

“Providentially, learned habits can be unlearned, especially in the context of moral groups.”

― Michael Shermer

“Mycologists are few and far between. We are under-funded, poorly represented in the context of other sciences – ironic, as the very foundation of our ecosystems are directly dependent upon fungi, which ultimately create the foundation of soils.”

― Paul Stamets

“I don’t approach films purely in context of genre.”

― Roger Deakins

“LinkedIn and Flickr, among other sites, have already proven freemium can generate revenue in the social media context.”

― Ryan Holmes

“I don’t see that books can be written without political context – not if they’re relevant and ambitious.”

― Sarah Hall

“My earliest experiences in meditation were in a context of intensive retreats.”

― Sharon Salzberg

“So much of design is context.”

― Steve Madden

“If actors are trying to convey, in a smart way, the context of the scene, that becomes too self-conscious.”

― Yorgos Lanthimos
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