Top 20 Cop Quotes of 2020

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“Cop families have guns in their houses.”

― Amy Carlson

“I’ve played a lot of cop parts.”

― Benjamin Bratt

“Depending on the show, I’ve played a cop, a criminal, or a victim. So there’s a range.”

― Brent Sexton

“An abusive cop does not equal a bigoted police department.”

― Bret Stephens

“I never saw myself as being a cop on TV.”

― Ciaran Hinds

“I’m a cop at heart – it’s in my blood.”

― David A. Clarke, Jr.

“Most cop movies and TV shows are fantasies.”

― Dennis Farina

“I don’t usually see my type for on-camera stuff as a series regular. Normally, my type is the janitor, the secretary, the cop, or the nurse.”

― Donna Lynne Champlin

“My dad was a cop.”

― Eric Swalwell

“I’ve played a lot of cops. In fact, my father was a cop.”

― Erik King

“I’ve always loved the idea of the rookie cop vs. the grizzled veteran. A lot of comedy can be mined from that.”

― Jermaine Fowler

“I’ve never played anybody like a cop before.”

― Leelee Sobieski

“If I play a cop, it’s always a racist cop or a trigger-happy cop or a crooked cop – but by and large I play cowboys, bikers, and convicts.”

― M. C. Gainey

“I always wanted to be a cop or a fireman or do something dangerous.”

― Millicent Simmonds

“G.I. humor is similar to cop humor.”

― Nelson DeMille

“If you’re not a cop, don’t buy a Crown Victoria.”

― Pat McAfee

“I don’t watch cop movies much. I TiVo shows. I watch every Larry David show.”

― Raymond Kelly

“Mike DeWine has been a dismal failure as Ohio’s top cop.”

― Richard Cordray

“When I became a cadet, I immediately decided I wanted to be an undercover cop because I don’t like uniforms.”

― Ron Stallworth

“’Dragnet’ (the 1951 original, transferred nearly intact from radio) served as a veritable template for all cop shows to come.”

― Tom Shales
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