Coronavirus Quotes or Sayings on Covid-19 To Stay Strong

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Corona Virus has already spread all over the world. Almost 185 countries of this world have been affected by this deadly Covid-19 virus originated from Wuhan, China.

According to Google’s Coronavirus Disease map; 334,451 covid-19 confirmed cases found worldwide and from them, 14,597 people died so far. 5400+ people died in Italy, 3,261 people died in China and 414 people died in the USA and the deaths in all the affected countries are quickly increasing.

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In this pandemic, the expert asks the people to stay calm, strong and to stay home. Staying mentally strong is so much important because mental illness can only worsen the effects.

So, in today’s article – we are covering all the great quotes about Coronavirus and sayings from people from all over the world to stay safe, strong and motivated even in such disasters worldwide. Let’s begin –

HANDS Wash them often 
ELBOW Cough into it 
FACE Don’t touch it 
SPACE Keep a safe distance 
HOME Stay if you can

Do The Five, Google.

1 Stay active
2 Avoid crowds.
3 Eat more immune boosting food.
4 Keep a clean house
5 Stay safe
6 Watch or read news
7 Take care of each other
8 Make a homemade meal
9 Learn something new

– Kumud Pant

It’s a serious time and it’s time for some serious talk. Bunsen’s tip #1 Listen to your health experts first and foremost for advise. Do not take the advise of Politicians , Friends , and That guy on Facebook


When we’re all forced by law to stay inside because you can’t take this seriously know that it’s your fault we’re under heavy lockdown because you can’t do the right thing on your own


“We will win the war. We want to win the war with as few — if you look at it, just — deaths, as possible. We want to have as few number of deaths as possible.”

Donald Trump

Take your mind of fear, and tune into love for one second, and see how good you feel.

Ralph Smart

We might be like, SO right to get frustrated with people piling into supermarkets and rubbing each others faces with the last cheese twist, but let’s stay empathetic and kind. We’re basically all just scared chimps in pyjamas. Stay loving, stress is bad for the immune system.

Kristy Hulse

YOUR MARCH HOROSCOPES: Aries: Stay inside. Taurus: Stay inside. Gemini: Stay inside. Cancer: Stay inside. Leo: Stay inside. Virgo: Stay inside. Libra: Stay inside. Scorpio: Stay inside. Sagittarius: Stay inside. Capricorn: Stay inside. Aquarius: Stay inside. Pisces: Stay inside.

Cristela Alonzo

Just had a restaurant client pay me in advance for the next 3 months and closed the call with “pretty sure we’ll be bankrupt in 14 days, but didnt want you to be.” If you want to know how to make me cry that’s pretty much it. Now to quadruple my efforts for them.

Joe YoungBlood

When the COVID-19 emergency ends…

Buy products from your local stores

Eat in your local/family-owned restaurants

Sleep in local hotels / boutiques

Tip servers

Visit local tourist destinations

Support local businesses

Larry Kim

“Please let’s all pull together to do what’s right for our country. Show sense and heart.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel
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