Top 13 Cotton Quotes

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“Cotton was a force of nature. There’s a poetry to it, hoeing and growing cotton.”

― B. B. King

“In essence, I’m a sophisticated cotton picker.”

― Eartha Kitt

“Picking a guitar was a lot easier than picking cotton.”

― Glen Campbell

“I’d have to pick cotton for a year to make what I’d make in a week in L.A.”

― Glen Campbell

“We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel.”

― Golda Meir

“I was a hard-workin’ little boy. Oh, I worked. Pullin’ cotton, shockin’ grain, cuttin’ wheat, loadin’ wheat, choppin’ cotton, cleanin’ chicken houses, milkin’ cows, plowin’.”

― Jimmy Dean

“Cotton candy is the most amazing form of caramelization ever invented by man.”

― Jose Andres

“I went to the top of the Cotton Bowl by myself, sat down and cried.”

― Lesley Visser

“I have to have the cotton candy shipped in.”

― Meg White

“Metro was really a star-builder, no doubt about that. You were wrapped in cotton wool.”

― Peter Lawford

“My childhood home backed onto wheat and cotton fields.”

― Robert B. Laughlin

“The federal government does not trample in jackboots those with whom it does business. It wraps them in cotton batting and, when they express ingratitude, apologizes profusely.”

― Timothy Noah

“I was influenced a lot by those around me – there was a lot of singing that went on in the cotton fields.”

― Willie Nelson
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