Top 29 Couple Quotes

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“When I was in a couple of movies in the ’80s, I was winging it.”

― Ad-Rock

“It’s Charley’s Aunt and The Odd Couple rolled into one.”

― Allan Carr

“When I do a play, it’s like agreeing to be ill for a couple of months.”

― Bill Nighy

“I’ve had a couple of long relationships. And I’ve had a couple of shorter relationships.”

― Calista Flockhart

“Dining with a married couple can be uncomfortable.”

― Carice van Houten

“I’ve written a couple screenplays and half-finished plays.”

― Christopher Meloni

“I’d been horse-riding a couple of times, but I wasn’t that good.”

― Craig Horner

“I know Gov. Christie. We’ve met a couple of times.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“I’ve had a couple of pinch-me moments.”

― Emily VanCamp

“I have tried therapy a couple of times, but it hasn’t worked.”

― Gail Porter

“A couple of years ago I ran in the LA Marathon.”

― Joan Van Ark

“Contraception is a couple’s issue.”

― Joanna Coles

“I’m a kooky collector and own a couple of hundred guitars.”

― Joe Bonamassa

“We need to live and let live. This applies to a couple in general.”

― Kriti Kharbanda

“I have a couple of all-time favorites: Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.”

― Lauryn Hill

“Professionally, I did a couple of operas when I was in school, when I was 18.”

― Lucy Griffiths

“I worked on all of the Apollo manned missions and a couple of Apollo unmanned missions.”

― Margaret H. Hamilton

“I’ve worked with Robert Altman a couple of times too.”

― Matthew Modine

“I’ve had at least a couple botched surgeries.”

― Mike Patton

“To be sandwiched between Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart for a couple weeks is phenomenal.”

― Noah Wyle

“There are a couple of locations in ‘The Hobbit’ that are shared with ‘Lord of the Rings.’”

― Peter Jackson

“I’ve sung background for a couple of bands.”

― Randy Jackson

“My mum and my dad are the sweetest couple.”

― Rita Ora

“I’ve done a couple of castings… I’ve done an audition for ‘The Hobbit.’”

― Ronan Keating

“In general, the problem in a relationship is when the couple stagnate.”

― Simon Baker

“I’ve been engaged a couple times.”

― Tamron Hall

“I retired once a couple of times.”

― Walter Matthau

“I regret a couple of wardrobe decisions.”

― Winston Marshall

“I’ve got a couple of Harleys and a couple of Ducatis.”

― Zac Brown
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