Top 405 Creation Quotes

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“The possibilities for creation and insight are endless. We’re constantly collecting more data, and it’s starting to be very relevant to our lives.”

― Aaron Koblin

“Scientific thought and its creation is the common and shared heritage of mankind.”

― Abdus Salam

“The creation of Physics is the shared heritage of all mankind. East and West, North and South have equally participated in it.”

― Abdus Salam

“The story of Noah, like other stories in the first 11 chapters of Genesis, are archetypal. Noah’s story tells us that human beings have an inherent tendency towards violence both towards their fellow human beings and towards the creation itself. The story tells us that this violence grieves God.”

― Adam Hamilton

“The creation of the ‘Goldie Scholars’ program is an acknowledgment that knowledge isn’t enough.”

― Adam Lashinsky

“Shoemakers and tanners form a symbiotic relationship out of necessity. One provides the leather while the other whips it into a glorious creation.”

― Adriana Trigiani

“Immigrants play a huge role in the founding and value creation of today’s tech companies. We wonder how much more value could be created if it were easier to get a work visa.”

― Aileen Lee

“Trends such as skills imbalances, the gig economy, and digitization are transforming work so quickly that policy creation is lagging behind.”

― Alain Dehaze

“At the outset of the creation of the euro in 1999, it was expected that the southern eurozone economies would behave like those in the north; the Italians would behave like Germans. They didn’t. Instead, northern Europe fell into subsidizing southern Europe’s excess consumption, that is, its current account deficits.”

― Alan Greenspan

“I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation and is but a reflection of human frailty.”

― Albert Einstein

“The blues is not the creation of a crushed-spirited people. It is the product of a forward-looking, upward-striving people.”

― Albert Murray

“The eyes of the cheerful and of the melancholy man are fixed upon the same creation; but very different are the aspects which it bears to them.”

― Albert Pike

“One man is equivalent to all Creation. One man is a World in miniature.”

― Albert Pike

“Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.”

― Albert Schweitzer

“Cities are responsible for the vast majority of the creation of the economy. They’re also places into which we pour the vast majority of resources, the vast majority of energy and the places where a huge percentage of the decisions about how systems are built and how products designed, etc., happen.”

― Alex Steffen

“To sit for one’s portrait is like being present at one’s own creation.”

― Alexander Smith

“The task of a university is the creation of the future, so far as rational thought and civilized modes of appreciation can affect the issue.”

― Alfred North Whitehead

“Helped are those who create anything at all, for they shall relive the thrill of their own conception and realize a partnership in the creation of the Universe that keeps them responsible and cheerful.”

― Alice Walker

“My image is the creation of media.”

― Amit Shah

“Profit, wealth creation, competition – these are not dirty words but the lifeblood of a dynamic economy.”

― Ana Patricia Botin

“Without economic growth and job creation in Mexico, we won’t be able to confront the migratory phenomenon.”

― Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

“More reforms will give more impetus to German industries to invest in India. German companies want to be treated on par with Indian companies, and creation of an equitable market is crucial for investments.”

― Angela Merkel

“We participate in the creation of the world by decreating ourselves.”

― Anne Carson

“I think art is inherently nonviolent and it actually occupies your mind with creation rather than destruction.”

― Anthony Kiedis

“The creation continues incessantly through the media of man.”

― Antoni Gaudi

“At the onset, I decided to name my brand LVL XIII – which means Level 13. The number 13 identified within the name and concept of the brand references throughout history that every creation begins at the level of thought and idea.”

― Antonio Brown

“History is a vision of God’s creation on the move.”

― Arnold J. Toynbee

“Any plan of administration which contemplates a concentrating of responsibility is open to the dangers which follow the creation of a bureaucracy.”

― Arthur Capper

“When I was involved in the initial creation of the Department of Homeland Security, we were given a clear twofold mission. The first part of the mission was to secure our borders. The second was to maintain the free and efficient flow of commerce and people.”

― Asa Hutchinson

“Physicists explain creation by telling us that the universe began with the Big Bang, an intense energy singularity that continued expanding. But who created the singularity?”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“I want the State of Israel to remain a Zionist, Jewish and democratic state. There is nothing ‘far’ or ‘ultra’ about those ideals. I also advocate the creation of a viable Palestinian state.”

― Avigdor Lieberman

“Body experience… is the centre of creation.”

― Barbara Hepworth

“While I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively high number of jobs created in April, the fact is that job creation during this recovery period has significantly lagged both historical experience in recovery, and the projections of the Bush Administration.”

― Barney Frank

“Madonna is a creation, so perhaps we should give her and the factory that created her a little credit, but I think that she should quietly disappear now. Poor Madge seems unable to decide whether she wants to look like Marilyn Monroe or Marlene Dietrich.”

― Barry Humphries

“In terms of job creation, every billion dollars invested in the physical infrastructure creates 47,000 new jobs.”

― Bernie Sanders

“The Koch brothers, through the expenditure of billions of dollars and the creation and support of dozens of extreme right organizations, have taken fringe extremist ideas and made them mainstream within the Republican Party.”

― Bernie Sanders

“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes creation.”

― Bette Davis

“I’m pushing – on a bipartisan basis, actually – to get federal support for the creation of high-quality textbooks that can be downloaded for free on the Internet.”

― Bill Foster

“Our first priority has to be getting our fiscal house in order – and creating an atmosphere for the private sector in job creation.”

― Bill Huizenga

“The first thing is, jazz is one of the few things to let you know that there is a God and there is a creation.”

― Billy Higgins

“So I’m definitely in favour of stimulating the dynamic wealth creation sectors of the economy.”

― Boris Johnson

“The transition to clean energy should not be viewed as a burden to be overcome but, rather, an extraordinary job creation opportunity for the United States.”

― Brad Schneider

“As a necessary prerequisite to the creation of new forms of expression one might, I suppose, argue that current sensibilities respond uniquely to the notion of exhaustion as exhaustion, although that does de facto seem rather limiting.”

― Brian Ferneyhough

“In our case, one of my earliest experiences working in the company was being asked to be on Ted Turner’s board, and I saw that the value creation from owning networks was stunning – new channels, international opportunities, synergy, many things that Turner Broadcasting built for decades.”

― Brian L. Roberts

“The biggest emotion in creation is the bridge to optimism.”

― Brian May

“Those who want low taxes and healthy job creation know that an unnecessary dollar going to these unions is a dollar that cannot reduce the tax burden on homeowners, small businesses, and job creators.”

― Bruce Rauner

“Music is creation. In reggae the lyric, the music itself, arrangement, that vibe, such melody – everything within the music moves the people, understand?”

― Burning Spear

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”

― Carl Jung

“Providing tax relief and reducing regulations leads to job creation and new economic opportunities for our small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy.”

― Cathy McMorris Rodgers

“Creation is a drug I can’t do without.”

― Cecil B. DeMille

“Unfortunately, I think YouTube is going down the route of rewarding the select few around content creation, be it with partnerships or with ways of funding original content.”

― Chad Hurley

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.”

― Charles Dickens

“We increase whatever we praise. The whole creation responds to praise, and is glad.”

― Charles Fillmore

“’Federalism’, in the context of political and media usage in Britain, has come to mean the creation and imposition of a European superstate, one centralised in Brussels.”

― Charles Kennedy

“I have to understand how we are going to market the movie. We view marketing as an extension of content creation… Every time a consumer sees our movie, in whatever form, our obligation is to entertain the audience.”

― Chris Meledandri

“The thing I don’t understand is why so often one hears discussion of the fruits of human labor as if it’s all the creation of some alien race.”

― Chris Ware

“From the Medicare prescription drug plan to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the passage of No Child Left Behind, President Bush presided over a major expansion of the reach of government.”

― Chuck Todd

“In Ireland, novels and plays still have a strange force. The writing of fiction and the creation of theatrical images can affect life there more powerfully and stealthily than speeches, or even legislation. Imagined worlds can lodge deeply in the private sphere, dislodging much else, especially when the public sphere is fragile.”

― Colm Toibin

“The main factor in any form of creativeness is the life of a human spirit, that of the actor and his part, their joint feelings and subconscious creation.”

― Constantin Stanislavski

“So every dollar of income that I have that is potentially taxed away is a dollar I can’t put in my company to create a job. My entire company is around job creation.”

― Curt Schilling

“All our policies must be measured by the extent to which they contribute to job creation. Policies that do not create jobs – or that threaten jobs – must be reviewed and revised.”

― Cyril Ramaphosa

“Actors may not realize the extent of their own power. Acting is creation. It’s them bringing their own stuff, letting it marinate in their soul, in their creative engine.”

― Danai Gurira

“The arms race is worse than it ever was, the dumping of creation down a military rat hole is worse than it ever was, the wars across the earth are worse than they ever were.”

― Daniel Berrigan

“The clash between capital and labour, between those seeking to maximise profit and those with only their toil to sell, was the driving force for the creation of the trade unions in the 19th century.”

― David Blunkett

“Bill Clinton’s legacy on job creation should be assailed by none and admired by every presidential candidate who hopes to do the same.”

― David Brock

“If historians don’t tell stories at the scales of creation myths, someone else will.”

― David Christian

“I can’t admit to myself that the creation of a Palestinian state won’t happen. What I know is that with each passing year it gets more and more difficult to happen, not least because there is more and more bloodshed, generation upon generation.”

― David Miliband

“For more than 40 years, I have advocated the creation of a ’round the clock’ community. This would mean, at the least, housing, schools and shops of various kinds alongside the commercial buildings. That kind of community had appeared in lower Manhattan in nascent form before Sept. 11, 2001.”

― David Rockefeller

“Taking control of your own creation, you can ultimately affect your future.”

― Dee Wallace

“Government after government has prioritized the preservation of corporatist loyalties over the promotion of economic growth and emphasized clientelist distribution over entrepreneurial innovation and creation of level economic playing field.”

― Denise Dresser

“Our people can draw on the tremendous strides made in recent years, not only in terms of advancing themselves spiritually and materially, but also in having weathered social and economic turbulence, triggered, in the main, by factors not of their own creation.”

― Denzil Douglas

“Without creation, what are we but stalled in life?”

― Dhani Jones

“Other countries have been founded by ‘accidents of force.’ America is a creation of thought.”

― Dinesh D’Souza

“The need for this clinic is clear to me, to the veterans who are currently forced to travel hours to receive care, and even to the Veterans Administration that itself identified creation of a clinic in this part of our state as a priority to be completed by 2006.”

― Doc Hastings

“Every thread of creation is held in position by still other strands of things living.”

― Don McLean

“Every human is an artist. And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story.”

― Don Miguel Ruiz

“Truman has become the patron saint of failed presidents because he left office with a 27 percent approval rating, and people were saying, ‘To err is Truman,’ yet look at what he did: the Marshall Plan, the creation of NATO, the Truman Doctrine.”

― Douglas Brinkley

“But really important, perhaps most important is the craft; how you make your record, the creation of these sonic worlds you want your listener to hear.”

― Duncan Sheik

“Of course, I have Gene Roddenberry to thank for the creation of Barclay.”

― Dwight Schultz

“To destroy is always the first step in any creation.”

― e. e. cummings

“We ought to recognize that religious strife is not the consequence of differences among people. It’s about conflicts between creation stories.”

― E. O. Wilson

“There is no music that can’t be used politically, but the motives behind the creation of that music can be non-political.”

― Earle Brown

“The art of creation is older than the art of killing.”

― Ed Koch

“I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of Beauty.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

“Arab youth are taught to wonder, ‘Since the Holocaust was a European affair, why are the Palestinians being forced to pay for the creation of Israel?’”

― Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

“Religion is essentially the art and the theory of the remaking of man. Man is not a finished creation.”

― Edmund Burke

“A common creation demands a common sacrifice, and perhaps not the least potent argument in favour of a constructed international language is the fact that it is equally foreign, or apparently so, to the traditions of all nationalities.”

― Edward Sapir

“Washington policymakers have to understand the adverse implications of their actions on job creation, and they must reorder some of their priorities.”

― Elaine Chao

“The greatest job creation is driven by entrepreneurs and young businesses, so they merit special attention.”

― Elaine Chao

“We need long-term tax reform that promotes private sector job creation. And legislated mandates that kill jobs by raising the cost of payrolls need to be eliminated.”

― Elaine Chao

“Washington’s parasitic approach to the private sector must change for there to be widespread, near-term and enduring prosperity and job creation.”

― Elaine Chao

“The borrow-spend-and-centralize agenda that has been so destructive to job creation elsewhere in America has been a gravy boat inside the Beltway.”

― Elaine Chao

“I’ve gone beyond civil rights and human rights to creation rights.”

― Eldridge Cleaver

“Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. It drives everything: Job creation, poverty alleviation, innovation.”

― Elliott Bisnow

“The picture is being promoted as Disney’s ‘Spirited Away,’ although seeing just 10 minutes of this English version of a hugely popular Japanese film will quickly disabuse any discerning viewer of the notion that it is a Disney creation.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“We are implementing an in-depth reform on labor market, not to reduce rights for workers but to provide more visibility and more efficiency to investors and employers because it’s the key for job creation.”

― Emmanuel Macron

“Really, creation and innovation are part of the French DNA.”

― Emmanuel Macron

“The problem with entrepreneurship is we are often working really hard producing high quality products that no-one wants. The creation of stuff is not valued.”

― Eric Ries

“The capacity to be puzzled is the premise of all creation, be it in art or in science.”

― Erich Fromm

“Ideas are the root of creation.”

― Ernest Dimnet

“Education is the methodical creation of the habit of thinking.”

― Ernest Dimnet

“A photo is a creation.”

― Eva Herzigova

“To understand the limits and opportunities of algorithms in the context of artistic creation, we need to understand that the latter usually consists of three elements: discovery, production, and recommendation.”

― Evgeny Morozov

“Calling China’s online censorship system a ‘Great Firewall’ is increasingly trendy, but misleading. All walls, being the creation of engineers, can be breached with the right tools.”

― Evgeny Morozov

“I’m intrigued by the dark. Out of darkness comes creation.”

― Famke Janssen

“And we will accept the creation of the Iberian Federation of a socialist republic which will give each region the right to construct its life in accordance with its economic possibilities and political preponderance.”

― Federica Montseny

“The primary problem in many modernizing societies is not liberty but the creation of a legitimate public order. Men may, of course, have order without liberty, but they cannot have liberty without order.”

― Ferdinand Marcos

“Senator McCain is Israel’s most unconditional ally in Mossad’s machinations, something that even his worst adversaries would have been able to imagine. McCain participated alongside this secret service in the creation of the Islamic State, which has appropriated a considerable part of Iraq as well as a third of Syria, according to its affirmations.”

― Fidel Castro

“While swimming was always a spotlight sport, I was, if you will, sort of present at the creation when gymnastics became the new star lead-off hitter.”

― Frank Deford

“A subject for a great poet would be God’s boredom after the seventh day of creation.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“I’m worried a lot of our work day as artists is a producer’s creation – not an artist’s creation.”

― Garth Brooks

“Man is a creation of desire, not a creation of need.”

― Gaston Bachelard

“It has always been my belief that creation, the making of ‘art’ in any medium or combination of mediums, is a holy act.”

― Genesis P-Orridge

“Man is a masterpiece of creation if for no other reason than that, all the weight of evidence for determinism notwithstanding, he believes he has free will.”

― Georg C. Lichtenberg

“I’m not ugly, but my beauty is a total creation.”

― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

“If we admit a thing so extraordinary as the creation of this world, it should seem that we admit something strange, and odd, and new to human apprehension, beyond any other miracle whatsoever.”

― George Berkeley

“Creation is a miracle of daily recurrence. ‘A miracle a minute’ would not be a bad slogan for God.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“The wonderful thing about theater is that it has so many people involved in the creation of it. The worst thing about theater is that it has so many people involved in the creation of it. That dynamic is thrilling and challenging every time you make a show.”

― George C. Wolfe

“Language ought to be the joint creation of poets and manual workers.”

― George Orwell

“Books are in no hurry. An act of creation is in no hurry; it reads us, it privileges us infinitely. The notion that it is the occasion for our cleverness fills me with baffled bitterness and anger.”

― George Steiner

“I’m particularly impressed by the creation of the character of Spock, which really was Leonard Nimoy’s singular creation. He used everything he had.”

― George Takei

“The creation of Spoleto was a social experiment. Because I’ve always suffered guilt from being a Catholic, when I was in my fifties I felt a need of being needed.”

― Gian Carlo Menotti

“Over the years, myths were built up about my relationship with Fred Astaire. The general public thought he was a Svengali, who snapped his fingers for his little Trilby to obey; in their eyes, my career was his creation.”

― Ginger Rogers

“We have built our identities in many respects based on the guilt-ridden stories we have been told about our creation. For women, it is a very damning knowledge to be portrayed as curious and careless seductresses.”

― Gioconda Belli

“Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world.”

― Giuseppe Mazzini

“The Obama administration’s large and sustained increases in debt raise the specter of another financial crisis and large future tax increases, further chilling business investment and job creation.”

― Glenn Hubbard

“Mitt Romney has a proven job creation record as governor and in the private sector.”

― Gordon Smith

“I believe that we will elevate and differentiate the discourse of cinema the more we discuss image creation in specific terms.”

― Guillermo del Toro

“From Mangaluru to Karwar, we have a 300-km stretch of sea. Tourism fuels Goa’s economy and job creation. If they can do it, why can’t we do it here?”

― H. D. Kumaraswamy

“Fear is our deepest and strongest emotion, and the one which best lends itself to the creation of nature-defying illusions.”

― H. P. Lovecraft

“Unlike the objective of far too many companies, manufacturing is not about a quick ‘exit.’ It is centered on long-term value creation.”

― Hamdi Ulukaya

“The art of pictorial creation is so complicated – it is so astronomical in its possibilities of relation and combination that it would take an act of super-human concentration to explain the final realization.”

― Hans Hofmann

“The latest revelation – from no Mount Sinai, Sermon on the Mount or Bo tree – is the outcry of mute things themselves that we must heed by curbing our powers over creation, lest we perish together on a wasteland of what that creation once was.”

― Hans Jonas

“Writing isn’t about the process. It is about creating. The joy comes not from the process but from the creation.”

― Harlan Coben

“He brought imagination to the story of the Creation.”

― Harvey Keitel

“There is no greater joy than that of feeling oneself a creator. The triumph of life is expressed by creation.”

― Henri Bergson

“The sad pattern of lack of trust in God has persisted since the Creation.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“The most ironic outcome of the black Civil Rights movement has been the creation of a new black middle class which is increasingly separate from the black underclass.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“Creation is not taking place now, so far as can be observed. Therefore, it was accomplished sometime in the past, if at all, and thus is inaccessible to the scientific method.”

― Henry M. Morris

“It is impossible to devise a scientific experiment to describe the creation process, or even to ascertain whether such a process can take place. The Creator does not create at the whim of a scientist.”

― Henry M. Morris

“The creative habit is like a drug. The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts.”

― Henry Moore

“The space shuttle was designed, at least in part, to broaden our knowledge of the universe. To scientists, the vehicle was a tool; to engineers, it was their creation.”

― Henry Petroski

“All human beings are interconnected, one with all other elements in creation.”

― Henry Reed

“In each individual the spirit is made flesh, in each one the whole of creation suffers, in each one a Savior is crucified.”

― Hermann Hesse

“I’ve always thought that the stereotype of the dirty old man is really the creation of a dirty young man who wants the field to himself.”

― Hugh Downs

“Fundamentalist Christians, adhering to what is termed ‘creation science,’ loudly promote the scientific accuracy of the Bible, but they sift or reinterpret science through the tiny mesh of their ideological filter. Not much real science gets through.”

― Hugh Ross

“When it comes to song creation, I throw in my ideas and have it discussed with the producer. The song gets its own characteristic as new ideas are incorporated.”

― Hyuna

“Recent economic data shows that our economy is robust, growing and headed in the right direction. The numbers don’t lie. Americans are currently enjoying falling gas prices, low unemployment, increased job creation, and a stock market that has reached an all-time high.”

― J. D. Hayworth

“I take pride in the creation of my wealth, in its existence and in the uses to which it has been and is being put.”

― J. Paul Getty

“Although many of us consider ourselves forward-thinkers, we still cling tenaciously to the old values of the monetary system. We accept, without sufficient consideration, a system that breeds inefficiencies and actually encourages the creation of shortages.”

― Jacque Fresco

“Prayer holds together the shattered fragments of the creation. It makes history possible.”

― Jacques Ellul

“Chance alone is at the source of all novelty, all creation in the biosphere.”

― Jacques Monod

“Investing is for wealth preservation, not wealth creation, so first you have to make wealth.”

― James Altucher

“Consciousness is the glory of creation.”

― James Broughton

“The country of Iraq is somewhat of an artificial creation going back to colonial days. And so you have the Kurds and then the Sunnis in the north predominantly and Shias in the south.”

― James Clapper

“Often we’re recreating what we think we’re supposed to be as human beings. What we’ve been told we’re supposed to be, instead of who we authentically are. The key about the creation of full self-expression is to be authentically who you are, to project that.”

― James Cromwell

“Your own need to be shines out of any dream or creation you imagine.”

― James Earl Jones

“Metaphor is not just the detection of patterns; it is the creation of patterns.”

― James Geary

“From the intrinsic evidence of his creation, the Great Architect of the Universe now begins to appear as a pure mathematician.”

― James Jeans

“The artist, like the God of the creation, remains within or behind or beyond or above his handiwork, invisible, refined out of existence, indifferent, paring his fingernails.”

― James Joyce

“But who can paint like Nature? Can imagination boast, amid its gay creation, hues like hers?”

― James Thomson

“I wasn’t delusional at all when I signed on to do ‘Furious 7,’ that it wasn’t my creation. It’s the seventh movie in a series, for goodness sake!”

― James Wan

“I’ve always wanted to do a world creation story and visually create this amazing, incredible, magical kingdom.”

― James Wan

“The journalistic ‘I’ is an overreliable narrator, a functionary to whom crucial tasks of narration and argument and tone have been entrusted, an ad hoc creation, like the chorus of Greek tragedy. He is an emblematic figure, an embodiment of the idea of the dispassionate observer of life.”

― Janet Malcolm

“The financial sector is vital to the economy. A well-functioning financial sector promotes job creation, innovation, and inclusive economic growth.”

― Janet Yellen

“When Picasso painted in Paris, was he a Spanish or a French painter? It does not matter, he was Picasso, whatever the influences surrounding him. He simply chose Paris because it was the ideal place for him to sell his creation.”

― Jean-Jacques Annaud

“Phones and tablet PCs are primarily consumption devices and not typically used for creation of content. It’s here that we need PCs.”

― Jean-Philippe Courtois

“I loved, in ‘Starman’, the use of anamorphic lenses, the creation of blue light, and Carpenter’s use of the widescreen format.”

― Jeff Nichols

“A company like DreamWorks, all we do is make product. That’s all we do. We don’t own distribution. We are purely in the creation of content.”

― Jeffrey Katzenberg

“The printed word will be around long after many of our digital creations are gone, either because books don’t require monthly hosting, and blogs and websites do… or because the languages and platforms for which a particular digital creation was published will become obsolete.”

― Jeffrey Zeldman

“Richard Sherman is a creation of the media and a bright young man who has learned how to capitalize on everything, and sometimes at the expense of his other teammates.”

― Jim Brown

“In particular, the emerging call from our nation’s evangelicals to protect God’s creation is substantial.”

― Jim Clyburn

“I love the idea of couture and its emphasis on creation. There’s where I made my name – in design – and there’s where I’d like to stay.”

― Jimmy Choo

“People are so different in reality from the picture created of them on TV. So it’s all a creation; everything is made up.”

― Jo Brand

“Increased spending, growing government debt and overreaching regulations are stifling job creation and economic growth.”

― Joe Craft

“One of the regime’s most important tactics is the creation of a third force in the country.”

― Joe Slovo

“All creation requires a scientific brain.”

― Johan Renck

“A creation of importance can only be produced when its author isolates himself, it is a child of solitude.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Let God and all his creation teach you what your sins are.”

― Johannes Tauler

“Since creation of the E.U. a half century ago, Europe has enjoyed the longest period of peace in its history.”

― John Bruton

“Those of us who have yet to find philanthropy may find there is a far greater reward from it than from wealth creation.”

― John Caudwell

“Could the one whom Christians worship be merely a mythological creation, or is he real? These questions have exercised many great minds and have been the dominant issue in New Testament studies during this century.”

― John Clayton

“And there should not be a limit on the creation of new public schools. We ought to expand choices for parents.”

― John Engler

“The creation of George Smiley, the retired spy recalled to hunt for just such a high-ranking mole in ‘Tinker, Tailor,’ was extremely personal. I borrowed elements of people I admired and invested them in this mythical character. I’m such a fluent, specious person now, but I was an extremely awkward fellow in those days.”

― John le Carre

“There are no limits to where our brains can take us. We are, if there be a God, God’s gracious creation.”

― John Lydon

“There is that in the glance of a flower which may at times control the greatest of creation’s braggart lords.”

― John Muir

“However, as the Eastern churches have always maintained, through Christ creation is intended eventually to share in the life of God, the life of divine nature.”

― John Polkinghorne

“I think it’s very important to maintain the classical Christian distinction between the Creator and creation.”

― John Polkinghorne

“The skills associated with knowledge creation are totally different from the skills associated with production.”

― John Quelch

“The sky is the part of creation in which nature has done for the sake of pleasing man.”

― John Ruskin

“Jazz can accommodate so many things. Jazz is like the universe: it’s been expanding since its creation, and it’s connected to everything.”

― Jon Batiste

“The opposite of war is not peace, it’s creation.”

― Jonathan Larson

“The metaphor is perhaps one of man’s most fruitful potentialities. Its efficacy verges on magic, and it seems a tool for creation which God forgot inside one of His creatures when He made him.”

― Jose Ortega y Gasset

“Translation is not original creation – that is what one must remember. In translation, some loss is inevitable.”

― Joseph Brodsky

“Jehovah created the earth and therefore it is his by right of creation.”

― Joseph Franklin Rutherford

“’Work and wait’, ‘work and wait’ is what God says to us in creation.”

― Josiah Gilbert Holland

“Party action should follow, not precede the creation of a dominant popular sentiment.”

― Judith Ellen Foster

“A fine memoir is to a fine novel as a well-wrought blanket is to a fancifully embroidered patchwork quilt. The memoir, a logical creation, dissects and dignifies reality. Fiction, wholly extravagant, magnifies it and gives it moral shape. Fiction has no practical purpose. Fiction, after all, is art.”

― Julia Glass

“I have created a new genre. It is a soulful creation that comes straight from my heart.”

― Kailash Kher

“The creation of God itself, I deduced, came from our primal fear.”

― Kamal Haasan

“Global governance cannot be limited to the crafting of instruments related to the promotion of democracy. A key component must be the creation of fair and equitable rules to enhance the development prospects of developing countries.”

― Kamla Persad-Bissessar

“I know how demanding the process of creation is.”

― Karen Kain

“Imperialism is not the creation of any one or any one group of states.”

― Karl Liebknecht

“This republic represents the greatest basis for that universal socialist order, the creation of which is at the present time the historic task of the International Proletariat.”

― Karl Liebknecht

“Boxing is a formal, ritualized creation of crisis.”

― Katherine Dunn

“A film adaptation is, I hope, the director’s version. A new creation.”

― Katherine Dunn

“One of the things I find exciting about Joan of Arc is how clearly the story of her life reveals the creation of myth, a process in which every one of us is involved – every one of us who tells stories and all those who listen, each informing the other.”

― Kathryn Harrison

“One thing that I think works in ‘Casablanca’ and which I’ve lectured a lot about – in terms of what I’ve been trying to achieve as a designer – is the film’s creation of its own form of reality.”

― Ken Adam

“The Creation Museum uses fossils to present evidence that there was a global catastrophe, Noah’s Flood, that killed and preserved the remains of creatures all over the earth.”

― Ken Ham

“Creation implies authority in the sense of originator. The possibility of a ‘Fall’ is implied in a Covenant insofar as the idea of a Covenant implies the possibility of its being violated.”

― Kenneth Burke

“I set out to tell my story, which is based on my family. Dr. Cosby told his story in ‘The Cosby Show.’ The comparisons stop there in terms of my creation of the show. We just both happen to have black fathers at the center of it.”

― Kenya Barris

“Tradition can, to be sure, participate in a creation, but it can no longer be creative itself.”

― Kenzo Tange

“I have successfully challenged the Western world’s existing model of pharmaceutical innovation, which leads to the creation of monopolistic markets for novel, life-saving drugs that deliver high margins at low volumes.”

― Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

“I think men are a beautiful creation.”

― Krista Allen

“Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.”

― Larry Elder

“My struggle led to the reunification of Germany and the creation of the state of Europe. We destroyed the borders; globalisation is on the horizon.”

― Lech Walesa

“God’s reasons for communicating with man must be subsumed under his reason for communicating to him his account of his creation of the world – and man.”

― Leo Strauss

“The so-called Boer War advertised British vulnerabilities, and these were confirmed by the Irish rising of 1916 and the subsequent creation of the Irish Free State, blows that attracted the notice and attention of colonial dissidents in Asia and Africa.”

― Linda Colley

“The Palestinian people were governing themselves before the creation of the State of Israel.”

― Linda Sarsour

“The creation of a consumer agency, structured similarly to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, levels the playing field. It gives consumers a powerful advocate at the federal level.”

― Lisa Madigan

“We do really, really well for content creation and anybody who likes to run videos or edit videos and high performance games.”

― Lisa Su

“I think most artists create out of despair. The very nature of creation is not a performing glory on the outside, it’s a painful, difficult search within.”

― Louise Berliawsky Nevelson

“Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels.”

― Luigi Pirandello

“Any creator owes a debt to past creation.”

― Lukas Foss

“Three years ago the Government announced the creation of Reconciliation Place, and said that it would include a memorial to those removed from their families. However, they refused to include any of those who were removed in the design of their own memorial.”

― Malcolm Fraser

“An original is a creation motivated by desire. Any reproduction of an originals motivated be necessity. It is marvelous that we are the only species that creates gratuitous forms. To create is divine, to reproduce is human.”

― Man Ray

“I like my products to be smart in a technical way but to show the time invested in their creation, too.”

― Marcel Wanders

“I criticize by creation – not by finding fault.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

“When all is said and done, monotony may after all be the best condition for creation.”

― Margaret Sackville

“There can be no ‘graduated exercises in drawing’ leading up to an artistic creation. That goal can be attained only through the development of mechanical technique and through the freedom of the spirit.”

― Maria Montessori

“The main target for the next years should be growth and job creation.”

― Mariano Rajoy

“The biggest aggravation in the Arab world, the biggest reason for their anger toward us and the creation of those suicide terrorists, is Israel and the difficulty with the Palestinian issue.”

― Mario Cuomo

“There is an incompatibility between literary creation and political activity.”

― Mario Vargas Llosa

“Small businesses are the backbone of job creation in South Carolina, but we’re not maximizing our potential when we’ve got what’s effectively the highest income tax rate in the Southeast holding us back.”

― Mark Sanford

“Lawmakers who interfere with commerce and the normal creation of jobs in an economy run the risk of doing harm rather than good. Unintended consequences from regulating or legislating to achieve a goal can occur and cause havoc in the markets or an economy.”

― Mark Skousen

“We’re getting job creation in healthcare and educational services. We’ve been getting that all along. It’s demographically driven, it’s funded by the government, and that’s held up.”

― Mark Zandi

“Destruction, hence, like creation, is one of Nature’s mandates.”

― Marquis de Sade

“Less regulation plus less taxation plus less litigation always equals more innovation and job creation.”

― Marsha Blackburn

“In 2013, Maryland had the second highest job creation rate of any state in the Mid Atlantic region – faster than both Pennsylvania and Virginia.”

― Martin O’Malley

“Job creation is a choice. Investing in cleaner, greener technologies that allow us to strike a more sustainable balance with the other living systems of this earth – this, too, is a choice.”

― Martin O’Malley

“Wikipedia’s a collaborative experiment akin to Simon Winchester’s account of the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary in ‘The Professor and the Madman,’ which outlines James Murray’s mission to produce the tome in the 19th century.”

― Mary H.K. Choi

“No chaos, no creation. Evidence: the kitchen at mealtime.”

― Mason Cooley

“I welcome newcomers to cons, or ‘con-virgins’ as I like to call them, by saying ‘Welcome to the ‘Supernatural’ Circus,’ and I mean it. We take pride as a cast to deliver a show that not only entertains the fans but ourselves, Creation Entertainment, and everyone involved on both sides.”

― Matt Cohen

“We have failed to fully appreciate how deeply housing is implicated in the creation of poverty.”

― Matthew Desmond

“Increased trade is crucial to a balanced plan for stimulating growth and job creation on both sides of the Atlantic.”

― Max Baucus

“When it comes to creating a product or running a company, you need to prioritize the goal of the company or the creation of the product over and above every personal interaction you have.”

― Max Joseph

“Each day, and the living of it, has to be a conscious creation in which discipline and order are relieved with some play and pure foolishness.”

― May Sarton

“The fact is, that with the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, hundreds of thousands of Jews fled Arab countries, almost all of whom left behind all their property for which compensation was never paid.”

― Meir Kahane

“If God gave the soul his whole creation she would not be filled thereby but only with himself.”

― Meister Eckhart

“North Carolina’s approach in crafting its law ensured the creation of the best possible law and, consequently, North Carolina is now the acknowledged leader in addressing predatory lending.”

― Mel Watt

“The Entrepreneurial Perspective is absolutely necessary for the creation of a great, growing business.”

― Michael Gerber

“I blame the Russians for a lot, but pinning the creation of ISIS on them is a murky, tenuous, triple-carom bank shot at best.”

― Michael Hayden

“The gospel is entirely a message about what someone else has done not only for me but also for the renewal of the whole creation.”

― Michael Horton

“I loved ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ Actually, not so much the actual playing as the creation of characters and the opportunity to roll twenty-sided dice. I loved those pouches of dice Dungeon Masters would trundle around, loved choosing what I was going to be: warrior, wizard, dwarf, thief.”

― Michael Ian Black

“The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.”

― Michael Jackson

“I get how devastating high taxes are to job creation.”

― Michele Bachmann

“We can’t legislate the creation of jobs, but we can legislate things that will allow jobs to be created.”

― Mike Lee

“The widespread adoption of broadband and the continued advances in personal computing technology are finally making it possible for the collective creation of an online world on a realistic scale.”

― Mitch Kapor

“Loneliness and hunger were my fortunes of creation.”

― Mo Yan

“Thus the creation, which seems an arbitrary act, supposes laws as invariable as those of the fatality of the Atheists. It would be absurd to say that the Creator might govern the world without those rules, since without them it could not subsist.”

― Montesquieu

“Mankind’s role is to fulfil his heaven-sent purpose through a sincere heart that is in harmony with all creation and loves all things.”

― Morihei Ueshiba

“One of the aims of sexual union is procreation – the creation by reproduction of an image of itself, of the union.”

― Mortimer Adler

“Exchange is creation.”

― Muriel Rukeyser

“By the 1890s, the leading Wall Street bankers were becoming increasingly disgruntled with their own creation, the National Banking System… while the banking system was partially centralized under their leadership, it was not centralized enough.”

― Murray Rothbard

“Jay Townsend has offered, and I have accepted, his resignation from his position with my campaign. Now let’s return to talking about issues that really matter to families: job creation, spending restraint and economic development.”

― Nan Hayworth

“’Swallow Me Whole’ is still the creation that’s closest to my heart.”

― Nate Powell

“What is fetus farming? Simply put, it is the creation and development of a human fetus for the purposes of later killing it for research or for harvesting its organs.”

― Nathan Deal

“A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.”

― Neale Donald Walsch

“For the Greeks, there was no single canonical version of creation, but a number of overlapping stories.”

― Neil MacGregor

“I’m not into organized religion. I’m into believing in a higher source of creation, realizing we’re all just part of nature.”

― Neil Young

“Obsession remains the price of creation, and the writer who declines that risk will come up with nothing more creative than ‘The Foxes of Harrow’ or ‘Mrs. Parkington.’”

― Nelson Algren

“I often ask myself, ‘What would design be like if objects were made of a single part? Would we return to a better state of creation?’”

― Neri Oxman

“I’ve always had an obligation to creation, above all.”

― Nick Cave

“The App Store has democratized the creation of content. As a 12-year-old kid, I was able to put my application on the store. No one knows who’s behind the screen so you can’t tell I’m a 12-year-old.”

― Nick D’Aloisio

“Throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, our financial industry and governments leaned on a snake-oil mirage of wealth creation, a bubble predicated on the obvious falsehood that things could only get better.”

― Nick Harkaway

“But, I couldn’t live without creation gymnastics.”

― Olga Korbut

“Even the most left-wing politicians worship wealth creation – as the political-action-committee collection plate is passed.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”

― Pablo Picasso

“The creation of NIT has ensured some seats for admission in undergraduate courses for students of Arunachal Pradesh, which will bound to uplift economics of locality directly or indirectly and help in enhancing human development index in the state.”

― Pallam Raju

“The Creator, in taking infinite pains to shroud with mystery His presence in every atom of creation, could have had but one motive – a sensitive desire that men seek Him only through free will.”

― Paramahansa Yogananda

“The man form is higher than the angel form; of all forms it is the highest. Man is the highest being in creation, because he aspires to freedom.”

― Paramahansa Yogananda

“Everything, at first, is an idea, a special creation.”

― Paramahansa Yogananda

“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a form of money that’s a stable field that the government can’t destroy and can’t distort. Because its creation is governed by the laws of mathematics. It can’t happen any faster or slower than a certain rate, and it all sort of self-adjusts.”

― Patrick M. Byrne

“With abolition, it’s necessary to destroy systems of oppression. But it’s equally necessary to put at the forefront our conversations about creation. When we fight for justice, what exactly do we want for our communities?”

― Patrisse Cullors

“I think few people in their lifetime have the chance to be involved in something like the creation of Microsoft – that’s always going to be something I’m known for.”

― Paul Allen

“Critics, at least generally, want to regard works of fiction as independent entities, whose virtues and failures must be reckoned apart from the circumstances of their creation, and even apart from the intentions of their creator.”

― Paul Di Filippo

“That’s the real secret to job creation – not borrowing and spending more money in Washington.”

― Paul Ryan

“To recognize negativism as a force of creation is to give up the creative standpoint altogether.”

― Paul Twitchell

“What I love about ‘Monster Hunter’ is the incredibly beautiful, immersive world they’ve created. It’s on the level of, like, a ‘Star Wars’ movie in terms of world creation.”

― Paul W. S. Anderson

“In writing, I apply my feminine side and respect the mystery involved in creation.”

― Paulo Coelho

“My overly ambitious dream is to be a Lena Dunham – I get immense pleasure seeing her name repeated over and over in the end credits of her brilliant creation ‘Girls.’”

― Perdita Weeks

“As a master of graphic creation, as teacher, historian, and roving ambassador of comics, Jerry Robinson has ensured that future generations of talented kids will continue to imagine and then put marks on paper.”

― Pete Hamill

“The Turkish government will never tolerate the creation of a Kurdish state.”

― Peter Bergen

“I am very suspicious of the notion that somehow bin Laden was a media creation… Bin Laden’s actions made him into a big deal. Not the media.”

― Peter Bergen

“There is no such thing as a ‘right to buy.’ Proper conservatives don’t believe in invented, taxpayer-subsidised rights, a creation of liberals. They believe in freedom. And the break-up of council estates was one of the most unconservative things that ever happened, making life harder for young families and destroying settled communities.”

― Peter Hitchens

“Choosing what you want to do, and when to do it, is an act of creation.”

― Peter McWilliams

“Let’s listen to the people and find common ground to remove barriers to job creation.”

― Peter Roskam

“I mean the flesh, never fade! The flesh never leave the creation, see, because with that divine spirit the flesh cannot fade. If the spirit is weak then the flesh fade, seen?”

― Peter Tosh

“Formula creation is magnitudes harder for computer algorithms than actually executing within a formula. But once the genre is created and the formula is known, then the computer can do the repetitive task of executing within the genre.”

― Philip M. Parker

“If you’re writing a screenplay from scratch, it involves a lot of creation.”

― Philippe Falardeau

“In short, the proposition that God was in any way involved in our creation is effectively outlawed, and implicitly negated.”

― Phillip E. Johnson

“Our bodies are shaped to bear children, and our lives are a working out of the processes of creation. All our ambitions and intelligence are beside that great elemental point.”

― Phyllis McGinley

“I think this is what hooks one to gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at creation.”

― Phyllis Theroux

“Humanity at the centre of the primates, Homo sapiens, in humanity, is the end-product of a gradual work of creation, the successive sketches for which still surround us on every side.”

― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“Productive and sustainable job creation, along with increased and better-targeted social expenditure, are the only routes to permanently beat the poverty trap and to bring our social indicators on par with developed countries.”

― Piyush Goyal

“We must respect the interior laws of creation, of this Earth, to learn these laws and obey them if we want to survive.”

― Pope Benedict XVI

“The root of this possibility of doing good – that we all have – is in creation.”

― Pope Francis

“Right now, we don’t have a very good relation with creation.”

― Pope Francis

“’Economics for Everybody’ begins with understanding God’s principles for organizing His creation and what that means for us as creatures and stewards.”

― R. C. Sproul

“There is always shame in the creation of an object for the public gaze.”

― Rachel Cusk

“The coming changes in technology will be as profound as the creation of the Internet.”

― Rajeev Suri

“The magic of creation has always fascinated me.”

― Ralph Allen

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Every moment there is creation, every moment destruction. There is no absolute creation, no absolute destruction. Both are movement, and that is eternal.”

― Ramana Maharshi

“I don’t follow any system. All the laws you can lay down are only so many props to be cast aside when the hour of creation arrives.”

― Raoul Dufy

“You cannot have a creation without a Creator.”

― Ray Comfort

“Creation is absolute, 100 percent scientific proof that there was a Creator.”

― Ray Comfort

“A very great Iliad… concerns the creation of a nation.”

― Raymond Queneau

“When Tim Berners-Lee invented the computer code that led to the creation of the World Wide Web in 1990, he did not try to patent or charge fees for the use of his technology.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“Creation takes things forward. Without anything new there is no progress. Creation equals new.”

― Rei Kawakubo

“For me, creation can only come out of a certain kind of unhappiness. They say in Japan, this thing like the hungry spirit – the hungry mind – is what gets you going forward.”

― Rei Kawakubo

“The corporateness of the fashion industry tends to take away or distort the freedom of creation.”

― Rei Kawakubo

“ISIS is in many ways a creation of the Syrian regime.”

― Richard Engel

“The benefits of freer trade, such as job creation, lower inflation, and greater consumer choice, are often invisible or only partly visible.”

― Richard N. Haass

“I’m all about job creation. That’s what I’ve done for ten years as the governor of Texas, and that’s what I’m focused on.”

― Rick Perry

“Space is a canvas, as large and blank as any ever created, for it is indeed creation itself, and it calls to us to paint upon it with our own dreams and imaginations anything we wish, anything we want, and anything we can imagine.”

― Rick Tumlinson

“Viral videos aren’t just about being funny. They’re about identity creation.”

― Ricky Van Veen

“Music is a whole oasis in my head. The creation process is so personal and fulfilling.”

― River Phoenix

“I had long ago become a creation, a public image made to be consumed, piled on top of a precarious shell of a little boy wanting to be loved.”

― Rob Lowe

“Planet Lucy Press? I incorporated myself to deal with publishing and was calling myself Big Bang Incorporated, which of course has to do with the Big Bang at the beginning of creation.”

― Rob Walton

“And there begins a lang digression about the lords o’ the creation.”

― Robert Burns

“At first, I am giving energy to the creation, but later the creation seems to be giving energy to me.”

― Robert Fritz

“It’s political glue inside Europe to keep it together – the euro is the best thing going for it since the creation of the common market.”

― Robert Mundell

“Human population supplies the labor necessary for the creation of wealth; carbon supplies the matter and energy.”

― Robert Zubrin

“’Minecraft’ is a game about creation, yes. But it is just as much a game about secret knowledge.”

― Robin Sloan

“A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalism cherishes voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings, not credit creation by a central bank.”

― Ron Paul

“In loving his own productive, generative, generous love, God loves all those ways in which that love can be realised in creation.”

― Rowan Williams

“I do a lot of recipe creation. Translation: cooking tempting dishes that must be eaten.”

― Ruth Glick

“I am the protector of all lives. I am present even before the creation. I am prime God.”

― Sai Baba

“In truth, every creation of the mind is first of all ‘poetic’ in the proper sense of the word; and inasmuch as there exists an equivalence between the modes of sensibility and intellect, it is the same function that is exercised initially in the enterprises of the poet and the scientist.”

― Saint-John Perse

“Books choose their authors; the act of creation is not entirely a rational and conscious one.”

― Salman Rushdie

“I felt giving birth was the most creative act of all my creative acts – literally creation!”

― Sam Taylor-Johnson

“A show is like it’s own thing… it’s a creation from so many people’s talent and so much energy.”

― Sarah Dunn

“’Sue and settle’ involves the creation of environmental rules and regulations through lawsuits filed by environmental groups against the EPA, not through Congress or proper rule-making.”

― Scott Pruitt

“We don’t really believe there’s much room for the creation of new currencies if there is no real backing for a hard and credible issuer of that currency.”

― Sergio Ermotti

“Are we the only members of the Galaxy that can actually understand what a galaxy is? Could Homo sapiens really be the pinnacle of Creation – the cleverest critters in the cosmos? If we learn the answer is ‘no,’ that would affect our philosophies forever.”

― Seth Shostak

“Despite all of our technological advances, content creation still requires time, inspiration, and a certain amount of sweat. There aren’t any shortcuts. You can’t write an algorithm for it. You can’t predict it. You can’t code it.”

― Shawn Amos

“I love Westerns. They’re a unique creation of American mythology.”

― Simon Toyne

“Acting is contained – you act for three months, then leave it – but writing is the act of creation. Writing is dangerous.”

― Sophie Marceau

“Radio allowed me to be a creator, and TV stole that creation from me by literalizing – and to some extent limiting – my vision.”

― Spalding Gray

“Civil religion is the attempt to empower religion, not for the good of religion, but for the creation of the citizen.”

― Stanley Hauerwas

“’Rent’ was wonderful in that I was able to adapt something that was beloved to fans, something that was very iconic, but something I had nothing to do with the creation of, so I was very removed. ‘Perks’ is different because it was my book.”

― Stephen Chbosky

“A creation needs not only subjectivity, but also objectivity.”

― Stephen Chow

“Houses mean a creation, something new, a shelter freed from the idea of a cave.”

― Stephen Gardiner

“We think we have solved the mystery of creation. Maybe we should patent the universe and charge everyone royalties for their existence.”

― Stephen Hawking

“What was God doing before the divine creation?”

― Stephen Hawking

“Promoting job creation and economic growth in the Hudson Valley is one of my top priorities in Congress.”

― Sue Kelly

“The True Self is not our creation, but God’s. It is the self we are in our depths. It is our capacity for divinity and transcendence.”

― Sue Monk Kidd

“What we’ve been hearing over and over again is that the reason Republicans are opposed to the surtax is because of the concern of its impact on job creation. Well, if you carve out employers, you take away that argument.”

― Susan Collins

“When I first got here, every time you’d say breast feeding on the House floor there would be a snicker. This has been happening since creation. Can we finally get a grip on it?”

― Susan Molinari

“Our government has made infrastructure upgrade and the creation of smart cities major national priorities.”

― Sushma Swaraj

“Love and freedom are vital to the creation and upbringing of a child.”

― Sylvia Pankhurst

“I like creation even if the process is always a bit difficult.”

― Sylvie Guillem

“I like creation even if it is a bit difficult. It is always very exciting.”

― Sylvie Guillem

“Major drivers of global unemployment are lack of job creation and skills shortage or mismatch.”

― Tae Yoo

“It took the whole of Creation To produce my foot, my each feather: Now I hold Creation in my foot.”

― Ted Hughes

“When we say a show is successful, it’s because, relative to the investment, it’s successful, relative to how else we would have spent that money on licensing something else, does this creation – did it attract the audience that it was built for.”

― Ted Sarandos

“Having a hit is fine, but doing the work is what I want. I get more excited the day of creation than once it’s big.”

― Teddy Geiger

“I actually no longer use ‘art’ as the framing device. I think I’m just kind of practicing things, practicing life, practicing creation.”

― Theaster Gates

“I want to spend my time between the creation of ideas and the creation of things.”

― Theaster Gates

“We are already seeing the creation of a new kind of network based on friendships: Startups, which are often founded by friends, are the beginning of something that could reshape social relations.”

― Theodore Zeldin

“If an eloquent speaker speak not the truth, is there a more horrid kind of object in creation?”

― Thomas Carlyle

“I have rarely seen the face of a mechanic in the action of creation which was not fine, never one which was not earnest and impressive.”

― Thomas Nelson Page

“What we are doing is increasing our focus on cash flow, return on investment, and value creation.”

― Thomas O. Staggs

“’The Author’ is subtly unflinching in its satirical attack on certain practices in the creation of art and the mediation of violence.”

― Tim Crouch

“One of the big changes at the heart of Web 2.0 is the shift from the creation of software artifacts, which is what the PC revolution was about, to the creation of software services. These are services that ultimately, if they are successful, will require competencies of operation, of scale, and the like.”

― Tim O’Reilly

“The issue most on Hoosiers’ minds is job creation, job retention, and household income.”

― Todd Young

“I am still the place where creation does some work on itself.”

― Tomas Transtromer

“Like most Christians, I believe the Genesis account of creation is a description of six different stages of creation, each of which may have taken eons of time.”

― Tony Campolo

“The creation of my cosmetics experience has been years in the making.”

― Tyra Banks

“We are God’s creation, and we have a responsibility to keep ourselves at our best.”

― Victoria Osteen

“Creativity is how we cope with creation. While creation sometimes seems a bit un-graspable, or even pointless, creativity is always meaningful.”

― Vik Muniz

“The net’s future is far from assured, and history offers much warning. Within a few decades of Gutenberg’s creation, princes and priests moved to restrict the right to print books.”

― Vint Cerf

“There’s nothing unnatural in creation.”

― Wadada Leo Smith

“Being made in the image of God, man was the crown of creation.”

― Walter Lang

“Following the creation concept that creation processes differed from preservation processes, it is suggested that God endowed each created kind, at the time of its creation, with potential for vast variety.”

― Walter Lang

“There are also scientific problems with the concept that each of the creation days was a long period of time.”

― Walter Lang

“It seems we will continue to have problems with this classification and it may be because it comes under the heading of creation rather than preservation.”

― Walter Lang

“Time was God’s first creation.”

― Walter Lang

“But, when Scripture makes a clear distinction between the act of creation and the process of preservation, we cannot accept the idea of a progressive creation process.”

― Walter Lang

“So much of artistic creation is just exclusion. It’s not creating things; it’s just excluding things that really aren’t going to be helpful.”

― Whit Stillman

“The development of a rational view of the nature of catalysis was thus absolutely dependent on the creation of the concept of the rate of chemical reaction.”

― Wilhelm Ostwald

“Desire is creation, is the magical element in that process. If there were an instrument by which to measure desire, one could foretell achievement.”

― Willa Cather

“Active creation is conceived as a transitive action in which there is always presupposed an object about which the agent is concerned; it is virtually but not formally transitive because it makes, not presupposes, an object.”

― William Ames

“The efficiency of God may be understood as either creation or providence.”

― William Ames

“Manufacturing still has the greatest multiplier effect, in terms of job creation, of any sector of the economy.”

― William Clay Ford, Jr.

“A world of derived beings, an immense, wide creation, requires an extended scale with various ranks and orders of existence.”

― William Godwin

“It appears that the present-day form of African American English is not the inheritance of the period of slavery, but the creation of the second half of the 20th century.”

― William Labov

“Illinois needs a real strategy for job creation that grows the economy over the long term with high-wage jobs that rebuild the middle class.”

― William M. Daley

“What Bitcoin started is metamorphosing into something bigger: a ‘crypto-tech’-driven economy with its own value creation, not unlike the Web’s own economy. Welcome to the cryptoconomy.”

― William Mougayar

“A basic truth that the history of the creation of the transistor reveals is that the foundations of transistor electronics were created by making errors and following hunches that failed to give what was expected.”

― William Shockley

“The problem of evil… Why does God permit it? Or, if God is omnipotent, in which case permission and creation are the same, why did God create it?”

― William Temple

“Politics – when it’s not cynical, it can be a creation.”

― Yair Lapid

“The big difference between couture and ready-to-wear is not design. It is the fabrics, the handwork, and the fittings. The act of creation is the same.”

― Yves Saint Laurent
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