Top 48 Cuba Quotes

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“Then I received support from the Government to compete for my country, and to represent Cuba in competition.”

― Alberto Juantorena

“In Cuba we use our champions to promote the sport.”

― Alberto Juantorena

“What really swings is the music of the United States, Cuba, the Caribbean and vicinity, and, of course, Brazil. The rest is all waltzes.”

― Antonio Carlos Jobim

“Unilateral sanctions on Cuba have been oppressive and largely ineffective, and that’s why the public largely supports lifting them.”

― Ben Domenech

“Cuba has long played an outsized role in the world’s imagination.”

― Ben Rhodes

“For more than fifty years, Americans and Cubans have been isolated from one another even though Cuba is only 90 miles away from Florida.”

― Ben Rhodes

“Increased remittances to Cuba from the United States has helped Cuban families.”

― Ben Rhodes

“When I talk about democratic socialist, I’m not looking at Venezuela. I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden.”

― Bernie Sanders

“With President Obama restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, the immigration preferential treatment given to Cubans… no longer makes sense.”

― Blake Farenthold

“Cuba wants to get rid of a dictator, and baseball needs a dictator.”

― Bob Kerrey

“There is one source of injustice in Cuba: The Castro regime. It is not United States policies and it is not the United States embargo.”

― Bob Menendez

“Particularly during the late 1960s, a large number of American skyjackers earnestly believed that Fidel Castro’s Cuba was an egalitarian, post-racial utopia.”

― Brendan I. Koerner

“I’ve been going to Cuba since the Elian Gonzalez affair.”

― Brin-Jonathan Butler

“Cuba needs a dose of perestroika.”

― Carlos Fuentes

“When it comes to musicians, I’m like the daddy of musicians here in Cuba.”

― Compay Segundo

“I was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Madrid, Spain. Then I moved to New Jersey.”

― Daisy Fuentes

“I think I’m going to my grave without swimming from Cuba to Florida.”

― Diana Nyad

“When I was 14, in Cuba, I met Fidel Castro with my dad, and it was really impressive. And on a totally different level, I met Justin Timberlake!”

― Dylan Penn

“I’d like to go to Cuba.”

― Elian Gonzalez

“Even today, when the Obama administration has liberalized travel to Cuba – and failed to reverse that liberalization when Alan Gross was imprisoned – there are limits.”

― Elliott Abrams

“I was sent down to Cuba. Everything had been prepared with the help of Congressman Johnson and his staff.”

― Erich Leinsdorf

“I’ve been to Cuba many times.”

― Euzhan Palcy

“Cuba came to be the last country to get rid of Spanish colonialism and the first to shake off the heinous imperialist tutelage.”

― Fidel Castro

“Many things shall change in Cuba, but they shall change because of our efforts and despite the United States. Perhaps that empire shall crumble first.”

― Fidel Castro

“I am Fidel Castro and we have come to liberate Cuba.”

― Fidel Castro

“Even in the United States, the enslavement of African descendants continued until the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. That brutal form of slavery was abolished there hardly thirty years before it was abolished in Cuba.”

― Fidel Castro

“In 2015, El Salvador suffered nearly 50,000 cases of dengue. Cuba had 1641 cases, no deaths, and one of the lowest incidence rates in the Americas.”

― Greg Grandin

“I was born in Cuba, and my parents were tropical agronomists.”

― Italo Calvino

“In authoritarian societies, cultural institutions tend to become ideological proxies – think of the National Ballet in Cuba or the East German gymnastics team.”

― Jacob Weisberg

“People in Cuba are victims.”

― Joe Garcia

“Sending $300 to your grandma in Cuba doesn’t change the dynamic with Castro.”

― Joe Garcia

“John Kerry’s record on Cuba is pretty bad.”

― Joe Garcia

“Look what we did with Cuba. You isolate a country, and all you do is impoverish that country.”

― John Layfield

“A road trip in Cuba is probably top of my list.”

― Jorja Smith

“Of course Castro was Cuba’s longest serving president. After all, he was a dictator.”

― Katie Pavlich

“Our focus needs to be on freeing dissidents and continuing to support the opposition movement within Cuba – not rewarding Castro and subsidizing and strengthening his totalitarian regime.”

― Mel Martinez

“We’re in a global war, facing an enemy alliance that runs from Pyongyang, North Korea, to Havana, Cuba, and Caracas, Venezuela.”

― Michael T. Flynn

“American imperialism is often traced to the takeover of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii in 1898.”

― Noam Chomsky

“Cuba has become a symbol of courageous resistance to attack. Since 1959, Cuba has been under attack from the hemispheric superpower.”

― Noam Chomsky

“For centuries, Cuba’s greatest resource has been its people.”

― Pico Iyer

“I think a policy of isolationism toward Cuba is misplaced and hasn’t worked.”

― Rand Paul

“The U.S. trade embargo on Cuba is almost completely ineffective, as many other countries, including the European Union, do not honor it.”

― Robert Zubrin

“The well-stuffed slave masters currently gorging themselves in Cuba’s halls of power need to be held accountable.”

― Robert Zubrin

“Hostility toward Iran may not be the silliest of all American foreign policies – that would probably be the continuing trade embargo of Cuba – but it is undoubtedly the most self-defeating.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“I come from Cuba. Taxes for me are no big thing.”

― Tony Oliva

“What’s certain is that a totalitarian enclave like Cuba’s can’t continue to exist, so change will definitely come there, eventually.”

― Vaclav Havel

“I went to Cuba maybe eight or nine times.”

― Walter Salles

“In Cuba, I didn’t even have a bicycle.”

― Yoenis Cespedes
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