Top 1452 Daughter Quotes

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“Having a daughter made my music, I guess, more meaningful. It made me see more of life when I had my daughter.”

― A Boogie wit da Hoodie

“I can’t stress how much my daughter is an inspiration to stay sober. When I come home and she opens those big blue eyes at me, it’s the most amazing feeling I could ever feel.”

― A. J. McLean

“Good supporters who have single daughters say, ‘Hey, you need to take my daughter out.’ And it’s awkward.”

― Aaron Schock

“I get nervous before openings or premieres or when someone’s reading a new script, and I get nervous when my daughter isn’t in my immediate field of vision.”

― Aaron Sorkin

“I’m the daughter of two Indian immigrant doctors, and I have an older sister and younger brother, and none of us have pursued medicine as a career. We’re all over the artistic side of things.”

― Aarti Mann

“I am incredibly proud to be my father’s daughter. There’s no getting around that, and I’m not sure I’d ever want to.”

― Abby Huntsman

“I believe strongly in the rights of women… my mother is a woman, my sister is a woman, my daughter is a woman, my wife is a woman.”

― Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

“By the grace of God, my parents were fantastic. We were a very normal family, and we have had a very middle-class Indian upbringing. We were never made to realise who we were or that my father and mother were huge stars – it was a very normal house, and I’d like my daughter to have the same thing.”

― Abhishek Bachchan

“My daughter is not an object to flash around or a prized item to put on display.”

― Abhishek Bachchan

“Having a daughter has reawakened my sense of feminism. I want to protect her.”

― Abi Morgan

“There is another old poet whose name I do not now remember who said, ‘Truth is the daughter of Time.’”

― Abraham Lincoln

“One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten is my daughter.”

― Ace Frehley

“I asked my daughter when she was 16, What’s the buzz on the street with the kids? She’s going, to be honest, Dad, most of my friends aren’t into Kiss. But they’ve all been told that it’s the greatest show on Earth.”

― Ace Frehley

“My 9-year-old daughter can recite every line from ‘Easy Rider,’ and that is not an easy song to do. She raps all of Nicki Minaj and everything; she’s dope. She has my musical ear for sure. She sings, and she’s beautiful. It’s very powerful.”

― Action Bronson

“If I would make a song dedicated to any woman, it would have to be my mom because, you know, she’s been there since I came out of her. She would have to be the one… my mom or my daughter.”

― Action Bronson

“My daughter’s the greatest thing that’s happened to me in my life and she turned me into a more responsible man, as opposed to just someone who’s a perpetual teenager, thinking you’re a man when you’re not.”

― Adam Ant

“My daughter, Lily Caitlin, means the most to me in the world.”

― Adam Ant

“I have a daughter who I love very much, I hire women, I’ve worked with women, I’ve never had an issue with women.”

― Adam Carolla

“The reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks. If my daughter has a mediocre sense of humor, I’m just gonna tell her, ‘Be a staff writer for a sitcom. Because they’ll have to hire you, they can’t really fire you, and you don’t have to produce that much. It’ll be awesome.’”

― Adam Carolla

“My daughter is a very adventurous eater. I’m not the guy who sits around lamenting that all my kid will eat it is Tater Tots and chicken nuggets. With my kid, it’s more a capricious and whimsical decision-making.”

― Adam Mansbach

“My wife likes me to point out that she puts our daughter down to sleep more often than I do, which gives me time to write stupid books about it.”

― Adam Mansbach

“When I was a little kid, me and all my family lived in a house the size of my daughter’s room.”

― Adam Neumann

“I remember, the first time I played a parent was – I did a guest spot on ‘Veronica Mars,’ and they were like, ‘OK, and this is your daughter,’ and there’s this little girl standing there. And I remember thinking, ‘OK, this is weird… I guess I’m old enough to have a daughter.’”

― Adam Scott

“I will give you three days to seek your shadow. Return to me in the course of that time with a well-fitted shadow, and you shall receive a hearty welcome; otherwise, on the fourth day – remember, on the fourth day – my daughter becomes the wife of another.”

― Adelbert von Chamisso

“I am blessed to be a proud father of a daughter.”

― Adnan Sami

“Our daughter’s name Arwynn comes from Arwen in ‘Lord of the Rings’ because my wife and I met for the first time in the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford where J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis used to go to read out their stories to one another.”

― Adrian McKinty

“A locked-room problem lies at the heart of my new novel, ‘In The Morning I’ll Be Gone,’ in which an RUC detective has to find out whether a publican’s daughter who fell off a table in a bar that was locked from the inside was in fact murdered.”

― Adrian McKinty

“I speak with a Northern Irish accent with a tinge of New York. My wife has a bit of a Boston accent; my oldest daughter talks with a Denver accent, and my youngest has a true blue Aussie accent. It’s complicated.”

― Adrian McKinty

“If one day I have a daughter and my daughter wants to be a model, I would never let her!”

― Adriana Lima

“Because I would be around so many people in the fashion industry, there’s this kind of dialogue. People would always say, ‘Oh your daughter is so beautiful. Is she a model?’ And it was so strange for me to hear because I felt so not beautiful inside.”

― Adwoa Aboah

“I wrote the children’s books, and those were wonderful tributes to my life as a daughter and a mother and just a thank-you to my parents for all the lessons in life they had passed on to me that I could pass onto my child and to other kids around the world.”

― Ainsley Earhardt

“Aishwarya, my parent’s daughter, has been brought up with enough values inculcated where I will use my discretion in my choices. At the same time, I recognize I am an actor, I am an artist, and if I feel the need to be liberated and do the kind of work I need to do, I will.”

― Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“My daughter became a teacher right out of college.”

― Al Franken

“My daughter, who is 7 years old – I have no idea where she learned this – she made a video where she’s beat-boxing. We have no idea where the beat-boxing came from, but all of a sudden, there it was. Now we’re launched into lyric sheets for every single song that is current. They’re all over our house.”

― Al Madrigal

“My daughter plays keyboard very well, and my son plays guitar, and they’re totally into music.”

― Al Madrigal

“They wrapped her up like a baby burrito to show to Mom. Here were a mother and her daughter and I love them both so much. I couldn’t wait for Courtney to come to the hospital so I could have all my women together.”

― Al Roker

“When you’ve got a teenager and a pre-teen, especially a son and a daughter, and they’re going at each other at the table, all you really want is just five minutes of quiet, but sometimes I have a moment during the chaos when I think, ‘Yes, this is good.’”

― Al Roker

“I could take all the cartoons in the tabloid newspapers, but I couldn’t take my daughter punching me in the belly and asking why I was so fat. That was my inspiration to lose the weight. And probably the last time anyone hurt my feelings.”

― Al Sharpton

“’After 17′ is a song I wrote when my first daughter went to college, so that’s kind of where I’m at in that part of my life. If you listen to that song and knew anything about me, you’d say, ‘Oh yeah, he wrote that about his daughter,’ but I try not to write them that they are so specific that they wouldn’t apply to anybody that has a child.”

― Alan Jackson

“I moved from Chicago to New York in 1984 for ‘Biloxi Blues.’ In 1989, my wife and our then-baby daughter moved to Los Angeles to try to get in television.”

― Alan Ruck

“Noah’s daughter is different from the girls of ‘Suburgatory.’ She goes to Brown, so she’s in college, and she’s very smart. And his wife is very much a very strong woman. She’s certainly in charge at his house. She’s Dallas’s polar opposite.”

― Alan Tudyk

“I first got sick after I had my daughter, Kimberly, 21 years ago. I’d always been energetic and never had any serious medical problems. Then I got very sick with a high fever. They told me I had mononucleosis. I became pregnant right away with Sean, and after he was born, I never seemed to recover.”

― Alana Stewart

“Our logo for Lanvin is a mother and a daughter. I’ve always said, ‘It’s not a lion, and it’s not a horse. It’s a mother and a daughter.’ I find the logo very emotional.”

― Alber Elbaz

“I have my older daughter Ireland and my wife Hilaria, and I have Carmen and Rafael.”

― Alec Baldwin

“I did not have a happy family life a few years ago. I was divorced, and I was very alienated from my daughter, and I was out there cutting every ribbon and running around New York hosting events for different causes to supplant my loss because I didn’t have a family to go home to. Now I don’t want to be Mr. Show Business anymore.”

― Alec Baldwin

“Our daughter was born in Chicago, and she’s already showing it. The temperature has to be approaching zero for her to wear a hat.”

― Aleksandar Hemon

“At home, my daughter Azura has got this long blonde wig that she loves, and she’s obsessed with Rapunzel, but you need to have balance. It’s important that she understands her curly hair is beautiful, too.”

― Alesha Dixon

“I’m not thinking about me that much anymore. Every time I look, I’m looking for my daughter, you know? If I’m in a store, I’m looking at baby clothes. It’s so much cuter to find things for her than to find things for me.”

― Alessandra Ambrosio

“And my daughter really likes Justin Bieber, so I think she’ll have fun watching him. But I think Rihanna is the perfect match for the Victoria’s Secret show because she’s really beautiful, she’s really sexy, and she’s really talented.”

― Alessandra Ambrosio

“I have a daughter who has taught me a lot along the way.”

― Alex Guarnaschelli

“If I want my daughter to try something, I eat it in front of her repeatedly without forcing the issue and, with some trial and error, the world is our oyster!”

― Alex Guarnaschelli

“My daughter was born in the States, and she went into the educational system here.”

― Alex Kingston

“I loved getting messages from people saying they were watching during the World Cup with their son or daughter, and they could see they could be involved, too. That was so powerful.”

― Alex Scott

“I think I look more like me than my father’s daughter now.”

― Alexa Ray Joel

“As a wife, daughter, friend, and the founder and CEO of LearnVest, my schedule is anything but simple. But I learned early on how meticulously manage my time.”

― Alexa Von Tobel

“It made me feel cooler in real life to know I could be The Rock’s daughter.”

― Alexandra Daddario

“I feel like now my kids can run around and say, ‘My mom was the Rock’s daughter.’ I don’t have kids yet, but my future children – I just feel like it’s the coolest thing ever.”

― Alexandra Daddario

“Remembering who I am is a really active task for me. And I often have to tell myself, ‘You’re a graduate student,’ ‘You’re a daughter,’ et cetera, in situations where I’m supposed to behave like one.”

― Alexandra Kleeman

“I had to live and breathe Margaret Thatcher for a few months. I totally engulfed myself in her life. I read her autobiography and a biography, ‘The Grocer’s Daughter.’”

― Alexandra Roach

“I’m proud to be Martha Stewart’s daughter.”

― Alexis Stewart

“I want to write my daughter something about how much I love her and what I would want to say to her before I die.”

― Ali Wong

“I used to meditate all the time in bed. That was when I was raising my daughter, and I’d get her up and off to school, and then I would go back to bed and meditate. And then I would do the same in the evening, and that was very good for that period because I had so many things to juggle as a single mother.”

― Alice Walker

“This baby comes out of you and there’s no handbook. They hand you this child and say, ‘Don’t kill it. Feed it, clothe it and shelter it.’ I never knew what that kind of love was. I remember looking at my daughter for the first time and wondering if that’s the way my father looked at me.”

― Alicia Coppola

“I remember looking at my daughter for the first time and wondering if that’s the way my father looked at me. I could cry, because she’s everything to me. I feel so blessed to be taught so much by her.”

― Alicia Coppola

“Well, I think it’s because I’m an only daughter. I have four brothers, a bunch of guy cousins, and so it’s like I was raised amongst men. So I’ve always gotten along really well with men.”

― Alicia Machado

“For Astrid, no matter what challenges they go through, they are going to face each other. It’s hard for a daughter to accept that her mother is that selfish and that terrible.”

― Alison Lohman

“The money has always been wasted on me. I don’t care for beautiful things, funnily enough. I am my father’s daughter. The things that excite me are the smell of a wood-burning stove, uncultivated fields. My house is decaying and falling to pieces. It’s not had the love it deserves over twenty years.”

― Alison Moyet

“When I saw contestants fighting for their lives on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ I realized I just wanted to be healthy – to have fun playing soccer with my son or teaching my daughter to shoot hoops. Then it was so much easier to say no to carbs, soda, or dessert, and the weight just came off.”

― Alison Sweeney

“When I got pregnant with my daughter, both my husband and I were freelancers, and we didn’t have that much security. We had savings. We were better off than many people, but we didn’t have, you know, pensions and all the things that people used to have.”

― Alissa Quart

“I decided with my head to move to Liverpool, but my heart was full of tears. I spent two special years in Rome. My daughter was born there, and I have a lot of friends there outside of football.”

― Alisson

“Because Dad was famous, I was so used to being identified as ‘John Huston’s daughter’ that I couldn’t think of myself as anyone else.”

― Allegra Huston

“I speak as the journalist who, on the first day back at work for ‘The Daily Telegraph’ after the birth of my daughter, went to interview Tom Hanks with an epaulette of banana sick on my jacket.”

― Allison Pearson

“It took years and a lot of diligence on my part. But I’ve formed my own thing, and now I get people who are surprised to find out he’s my dad. I dreamed that would happen, and it has: I’m no longer introduced to people as Brian Williams’ daughter.”

― Allison Williams

“I’m a filmmaker who decided to go to culinary school. All I picked up was the fact if I didn’t understand what was going on with every single ingredient, I could be qualifying for, like, the lunch food job at my daughter’s school.”

― Alton Brown

“The biggest tragedy I had was the loss of my daughter from neuromuscular disease in 2000, at age 46.”

― Alvin Toffler

“I meditate in the morning, and my daughter will do it with me, looking like the most perfect little Buddha. I’ll do ten minutes of yoga, then two to ten minutes of meditation. She’ll sit there quietly half the time.”

― Alysia Reiner

“I have a 6-year-old daughter, and we never look through magazines. But when we’re on a plane, that’s the one time we have screen-time and magazine-time sometimes. And I do not open a magazine with her without saying: ‘Now remind me, are these real pictures?’”

― Alysia Reiner

“My 3-year-old daughter is somewhat psychic. I hate the abuse of that word, so let’s just say… intuitive. She was born ‘in the caul,’ meaning my water never broke, and superstition says that makes a child psychic.”

― Alysia Reiner

“My daughter loves to be surprised. And she loves to surprise me. She loves to create games where either one or both of us are surprised, or go away, and then come back. And she loves to play them over and over, and over again. The combo is familiar. Go away. Come back. Surprise! She is only two. I better get used to this.”

― Alysia Reiner

“My daughter gave me a whole new perspective.”

― Amanda de Cadenet

“I don’t raise my daughter differently than her twin brother, to the point where she only wanted to wear his clothes – sweatpants, baggy T-shirts, and high-tops – for a year straight. She claims it’s because she needs to be ‘comfortable and functional,’ and who can blame her? I would wear a tracksuit seven out of seven days if I could.”

― Amanda de Cadenet

“As a working mother, wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law, I have to make constant moral choices. Every choice I make results in someone else suffering.”

― Amanda Foreman

“Marie-Antoinette was born in 1755, the youngest daughter of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and Emperor Francis I. She was intelligent and artistic but devoid of the ambition or calculation required to survive in the fetid atmosphere of the French court. In many ways, her character was not unlike that of Mary, Queen of Scots.”

― Amanda Foreman

“I think my mother realized she had a somewhat unusual daughter pretty early on.”

― Amber Heard

“I remember my daughter coming back from school one day and saying that the teacher had asked anybody whose parents were divorced to put their hands up. I felt angry but also guilty. And you feel sort of terribly responsible in that sort of situation.”

― Amber Rudd

“Religion. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable.”

― Ambrose Bierce

“I’m a doctor’s daughter. I’m not squeamish at all.”

― Aminatta Forna

“I like listening to Garrison Keillor’s ‘The Writer’s Almanac’ with my daughter.”

― Amitava Kumar

“My daughter was never offered ‘Student Of The Year 2.’”

― Amrita Singh

“The song ‘Baby Baby,’ I so love that song because I wrote it about my first daughter.”

― Amy Grant

“I grew up in the public schools, my mom taught in them, and then my daughter is in them.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“I was the daughter of teachers, so school was always very important. I liked it.”

― Amy Poehler

“My daughter’s just going to be really hip! My goal is to be as eco-conscious as possible: There’s so much out there for parents who want to do that. I plan to keep her eco-friendly as she gets older. I think we all sort of have to do it.”

― Ana Ortiz

“I think it’s really important for my daughter to see her parents being physically fit and for that to be a part of her life. The examples we set for her will stay with her the rest of her life.”

― Ana Ortiz

“It has given me a global vantage point, being the daughter of immigrants from China, who had nothing when they came here. And now I am leading a company. It speaks to something deep in me, the concept that you don’t have to start with anything.”

― Andrea Jung

“I’ve always been shocked and waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop that a girl would ever talk to me, let alone want to marry me. They always seem to hold the power to me, and from my mother to my wife to my daughter, every time I try to really figure them out, and think I’ve got them pegged, I pay for it.”

― Andrew Stanton

“We’ve never had nannies. We’ve had great grandparents, great support from family, and the kids have been on every set: they’ve seen me play Gollum, King Kong, Captain Haddock, the lot. They totally get it, and they want to go into the business. Ruby, my daughter, is very keen to become an actress.”

― Andy Serkis

“I try to look after myself, but I don’t think it’s a good thing to be obsessed with body image. I wouldn’t want a son or daughter of mine to feel manipulated by that; it’s the wrong message.”

― Aneurin Barnard

“My daughter Stacia was born when I was 31, after I was divorced from David, and she was my gift to myself. She was just a joy because I didn’t have the stress of a male irritating me, and I vowed that I would make absolutely certain that between her and me there would be a clear line of communication at all times.”

― Angela Bowie

“It’s a very good thing to teach kids to finish what they started in the sense of fulfilling their commitments. So when my daughter told me on the second track meet that she was done with it because she discovered she didn’t like competing, I made her finish the season.”

― Angela Duckworth

“I don’t want to live in a world where I could say to my daughter, ‘There used to be turtles that swam in the ocean.’”

― Angela Kinsey

“I hope my daughter knows that in our house we can make messes and have fun and we’ll laugh through it. Granted I don’t want her to trash the house, but we do make a lot of messes.”

― Angela Kinsey

“My very sassy, older southern sister is very quick to point out that it’s a luxury that my daughter gets to come to work with me. She does, and I have lunch with her every single day. My mom says I have ‘high class problems.’”

― Angela Kinsey

“My daughter recently reminded me not to get so busy making a living, I forget to make a life and I’m going to take that advice.”

― Angie Stone

“I made numerous attempts to find a way to do it all, to be a creative singer, songwriter, producer, and to be the mother, daughter, sister, lover, wife. And the thing about music is, with me, that she’s a harsh mistress. She does not come to me in the midst of stress.”

― Anita Baker

“I’m used to getting up at 7, getting breakfast, getting the kids off to school, and doing the mommy thing and the wife thing and the daughter thing.”

― Anita Baker

“Both of my children – my daughter Caroline, a public school teacher, and my son Elliot, an Army Ranger – are dedicating their lives to public service; thus, they have inspired my own decision to run for Congress.”

― Ann Callis

“If you can’t send your daughter to school when you know it will help her, you feel a sense of failure, and you feel that failure deeply.”

― Ann Cotton

“My journey started with the understanding that poor parents share the universal desire for education for their children. No family in our experience has ever turned down educational support for their daughter.”

― Ann Cotton

“I was a daughterless mother. I had nowhere to put the things a mother places on her daughter. The nail polish I used to paint our toenails hardened. Our favorite videos gathered dust. Her small apron was in a box in the attic. Her shoes – the sparkly ones, the leopard rain boots, the ballet slippers – stood in a corner.”

― Ann Hood

“My daughter, Grace, was not killed by a gun. She died suddenly at age 5 from a virulent form of strep. As I stood stunned in a church at her memorial, one of the hardest things I heard someone say was, ‘I’m going to go home and hug my child a little tighter.’ ‘Well, good for you,’ I thought. ‘I’m going to go home and scream.’”

― Ann Hood

“In my adult life, I had spent a lot of time angry at God, mostly over the sudden deaths in my family – my brother at 30, my daughter at 5.”

― Ann Hood

“I learned to knit in 2002, six months after my 5-year-old daughter, Grace, died suddenly from a virulent form of strep. I was unable to read or write, and friends suggested I take up knitting; almost immediately I fell under its spell.”

― Ann Hood

“My daughter loves romances. She’s a Ph.D student at George Washington University, and when my first book without a clinch cover came out, she said to me: ‘Finally, a book I can read on the Metro.’”

― Ann Maxwell

“When my editor sent me the first two images of Joker’s daughter, I was struck by how confident she looked despite her boney appearance and horribly scarred face. So I starting thinking, how did Duela gain such confidence in a world that prizes beauty?”

― Ann Nocenti

“For every person that says, ‘I love your work, and my daughter thinks you’re great, and we watch all your movies,’ and is very kind, there are 10 more that are like, ‘Who are you? What’s your name? Are you on ‘House of Cards’?’”

― Anna Kendrick

“I don’t want my dad to say, ‘My daughter is an actress on a TV show.’ I want him to say, ‘My daughter cares about people.’ I would love to know that I’m a role model in Hollywood.”

― AnnaLynne McCord

“I’ll tell you what, I love my daddy. And he’s so special. He’s meant so much to me, so it’s not a thorn in my side to be known as Billy Graham’s daughter. It’s a privilege.”

― Anne Graham Lotz

“Sometimes I think God loves the ones who most desperately ache and are most desperately lost – his or her wildest, most messed-up children – the way you’d ache and love a screwed-up rebel daughter in juvenile hall.”

― Anne Lamott

“I was the angriest daughter on earth, and also, one of the most devoted.”

― Anne Lamott

“Every mother and daughter should make time for a trip together. It’s good for the soul.”

― Anne Robinson

“My sister learned she was a carrier for a recessive disease, Bloom syndrome, late in one of her pregnancies. I remember the panicked call and the weeks of worry as she and her husband awaited his test results; if he was also a carrier, this meant their daughter had a one in four chance of being born with the disorder.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“Dixie Carter was a goddess. The kind of wife and mother that every mother hopes their daughter will become and the kind of friend that is absolutely irreplaceable. She loved fiercely and was adored in return.”

― Annie Potts

“My father was sick when I was little, and we had a woman, a nanny-type, who was from Ireland. Her daughter was in Irish dancing, so she put me in it, and in the summertime, every weekend was filled with traveling somewhere to dance in competitions.”

― Annie Wersching

“Bernice King, daughter of MLK, is an assistant pastor at New Birth.”

― Anthea Butler

“I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from. I would like to see small farmers empowered. I feed my daughter almost exclusively organic food.”

― Anthony Bourdain

“I’ve had no contact with my daughter for years. That’s her choice. Anyway, you move on. If people don’t want to bother with me, fine. You know, God bless them, and move on.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“The fact is I do feel very Spanish, like when I’m talking to my wife and daughter in Spanish at two in the afternoon. I even think in Spanish when I get angry!”

― Antoine Griezmann

“I always knew I wanted to be in films but didn’t want anyone to taunt my parents. So I excelled in studies. I was a topper in school and college, so when I decided to become a model, people said, ‘Oh your daughter is modeling,’ so at least my parents could say, ‘Yeah but she also came first in class.’”

― Anushka Sharma

“I take pride in saying that I am an army officer’s daughter even more than being an actor.”

― Anushka Sharma

“Being a soldier’s daughter, I understand that what they are doing is the real deal. But me giving statement on the issue is of no significance.”

― Anushka Sharma

“I don’t actually watch that much TV, but I was obsessed with ‘Dawson’s Creek’ growing up. And ‘Freaks and Geeks.’ And ‘8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.’”

― Anya Taylor-Joy

“My kids grew up here. My son and daughter both went to Notre Dame.”

― Ara Parseghian

“Once a week i have to do my radio show, ‘A State of Trance’, usually on Wednesday night. I try to go running at least three times a week and spend at least a day without turning my laptop on and spend it with my wife and daughter.”

― Armin van Buuren

“You must understand, that for a daughter to protect her father’s image is natural; Freud built a whole career around it.”

― Arnon Goldfinger

“I lived in Portland for almost 20 years, and that’s where my eldest daughter went to college. I missed the sunshine. I grew up in L.A.”

― Art Alexakis

“I have never worried if my daughter has fallen sick, and I am somewhere else, because there is always somebody to take care of her.”

― Arundhati Bhattacharya

“My friends have helped my daughter in certain areas more than I have. What these have taught me is that you need to be good to people. There will always be times when you need their help.”

― Arundhati Bhattacharya

“One thing my mother did is that she never looked in the mirror and said, ‘I’m so fat,’or ‘I’m so ugly. I need to go on a diet.’ Projecting that onto yourself is only going to make your daughter or son think that of themselves. Because they’re a product of you.”

― Ashley Graham

“My sister is totally my dad’s daughter because she loves sports.”

― Ashley Tisdale

“I am a huge fan of the Siddique sir’s Malayalam comedies. I grew up watching them. I am also his daughter’s classmate in school.”

― Asin

“’Master Harold’ is about me as a little boy, and my father, who was an alcoholic. There’s a thread running down the Fugard line of alcoholism. Thankfully I haven’t passed it on to my child, a wonderful daughter who’s stone-cold sober. But I had the tendency from my father, just as he had had it from his father.”

― Athol Fugard

“I’ve spent my whole career trying to stay out of any box that anyone could put me in. ‘I’m going to do a play now.’ ‘Now I’ll do a musical.’ That was my instinct. So I don’t feel boxed in. But ‘African-American woman’ is part of my identity. I don’t want to relinquish that – especially as a mother, helping my daughter find her identity.”

― Audra McDonald

“Another one of the old poets, whose name has escaped my memory at present, called Truth the daughter of Time.”

― Aulus Gellius

“Truth is the daughter of time.”

― Aulus Gellius

“When my first daughter was born, my husband held her in his hands and said, ‘My God, she’s so beautiful.’ I unwrapped the baby from her blankets. She was average size, with long thin fingers and a random assortment of toes. Her eyes were close set, and she had her father’s hooked nose. It looked better on him.”

― Ayelet Waldman

“The capacity for extravagant emotion that my husband finds so attractive in me can be exhausting, especially to a child. My moods are mercurial, and this can be terrifying. I know, because I was a daughter of a mother with a changeable temperament.”

― Ayelet Waldman

“I started preparing meals for my family when I was 12 because both of my parents worked, but I didn’t know that it was something I could make a career out of until I had my daughter and realized there were people out there who were interested in learning how to prepare a quick meal.”

― Ayesha Curry

“My voice has always been kind of distinct – even when I was four years old, my mom told me that people would be like, ‘Why does your daughter always sound like a chain smoker?’ I’ve always had this deep, raspy voice.”

― Banks

“As the daughter of a 25-year veteran of the armed forces, I am incredibly thankful for the sacrifices our women and men have made in Iraq, and continue to make in Afghanistan.”

― Barbara Lee

“It is commercial pop that the majority of people understand. A working man’s daughter would not understand blues.”

― Barry Gibb

“How do I make the son, daughter, wife of Paterno interesting? Then you just have to start seeing people.”

― Barry Levinson

“Parents will often thank me for being a good role model for their kids or tell me, ‘You’ll never understand how much you mean to my daughter,’ so then I feel I don’t want to let down the parents, either.”

― Bayley

“You never know where someone else is coming from. Even within best friendships or within mother- daughter relationships, you never fully know what’s behind someone’s eyes.”

― Beanie Feldstein

“I was making $150 a week in workshop. It was a rough year. I had trouble paying the rent. But I had evenings free to spend with my wife, Olive, and our baby daughter. In terms of family-building, it was one of the most blessed years of my life.”

― Ben Harney

“’Landfill’ by Daughter has calming, rich tones that are only improved upon by the gorgeous voice of Daughter.”

― Ben Lovett

“You’re freaked out that you’re going to be having a child, and once you’re looking after your daughter, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”

― Ben Stiller

“The death of my daughter is a subject I talk about briefly because there is nothing more tragic.”

― Ben Vereen

“I find myself enjoying a deeper love than I ever imagined was possible in the form of my daughter and certainly in the union with my wife. It makes everything else, including work, which is one of the things I’m most passionate about, pale by comparison.”

― Benjamin Bratt

“Admiration is the daughter of ignorance.”

― Benjamin Franklin

“I knew ‘Mars Needs Moms! ‘ would be a movie seconds after the title came to mind. Similarly, I also knew that my daughter would be calling me a dork as a default term of endearment eventually.”

― Berkeley Breathed

“Without my ministry, I would just be Martin Luther King’s daughter. You know, when people call me that, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I know I am not my father. I know I am me.”

― Bernice King

“I love my daughter, but there’s a certain feeling, a certain emotion when you got a granddaughter, you know?”

― Bernie Mac

“When I hit my 20s, I struggled to make it. I got married at 19, and my daughter, Je’Niece, was born a year later. I worked blue collar jobs during the day and comedy clubs at night, and I was earning about $25 a year doing stand-up.”

― Bernie Mac

“My daughter was a beautiful child.”

― Bernie Mac

“My daughter’s favorite musical is ‘Wicked,’ which she has seen hundreds of times – she even worked as an usher at the Pantages so she could see it over and over. Her dream is to play Elphaba.”

― Beth Grant

“I have the most beautiful daughter in the world and I’m grateful for her.”

― Bethenny Frankel

“With over 3 million women battling breast cancer today, everywhere you turn there is a mother, daughter, sister, or friend who has been affected by breast cancer.”

― Betsey Johnson

“My son is pre-K and my daughter is in elementary school. So they don’t watch the show. But my son knows that I’m on it – he says that ‘Breaking Bad’ is his favorite show even though he’s never seen it. It’s really great that he says that, because it makes me look like mother of the year.”

― Betsy Brandt

“I particularly enjoy cello music because our daughter plays the cello. I have listened to her practice for so many hours that I am familiar with the music written for that instrument. I am also fond of the popular music of the 1930s because my future husband and I danced to it so many Saturday nights when we were in college.”

― Beverly Cleary

“The ‘Daughter of the Regiment’ that I did in Boston was vintage Sarah Caldwell, which is to say it was brilliant. Before my career was over, I’m sure I sang the role of Marie at least a hundred times, often in productions that cost a fortune, but none touched hers.”

― Beverly Sills

“My first novel, ‘The Tiger’s Daughter,’ embodies the loneliness I felt but could not acknowledge, even to myself, as I negotiated the no man’s land between the country of my past and the continent of my present.”

― Bharati Mukherjee

“In traditional Hindu families like ours, men provided and women were provided for. My father was a patriarch and I a pliant daughter. The neighborhood I’d grown up in was homogeneously Hindu, Bengali-speaking, and middle-class. I didn’t expect myself to ever disobey or disappoint my father by setting my own goals and taking charge of my future.”

― Bharati Mukherjee

“It’s easy for me to stay grounded because I know I am just a girl, a mother, a daughter, a lover… a normal person who was lucky enough to do this job, and I know it’s my job – not the person I am.”

― Bianca Balti

“My perfect day would start with a kiss from my daughter. I would drive her to school listening to our favourite punk rock music on loud in the car.”

― Bianca Balti

“I don’t have the acting skills my daughter has.”

― Bill Buckner

“The main threads running through the lives of W. A. Clark and his daughter Huguette include the costs of ambition, the burdens of inherited wealth, the fragility of reputation, the folly of judging someone’s life from the outside, and the tension between engaging with the world, with all its risks, and keeping a safe distance from danger.”

― Bill Dedman

“I did three of the original ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes, yes. Also, I did a little thing in the feature film, and then I wrote one of the episodes in ‘The Twilight Zone’s last round where I starred with Cloris Leachman and my daughter Liliana in a true sequel to ‘It’s a Good Life.’ So, yes, I have a good ‘Twilight Zone’ alumni jacket.”

― Bill Mumy

“I pride myself as being a very supportive parent. I go to my daughter’s soccer games. I hit most of them. I try to go to all of them.”

― Bill Simmons

“I love being my mother’s daughter, and it’s something I always will be, but now I get to be just Billie.”

― Billie Lourd

“My daughter was born just after the making of ‘Twilight.’”

― Billy Burke

“There’s always been a lot of misunderstanding about Lando’s character. I used to pick up my daughter from elementary school and get into arguments with little children who would accuse me of betraying Han Solo.”

― Billy Dee Williams

“You know, times change and the elements change along with it. The elements of success. And my son’s very successful. He’s doing very well. And I have a younger daughter who sings.”

― Billy Eckstine

“My youngest daughter sings. She’s going to be very good. She’s graduated from Music School and she’s been working down around and getting her feet wet, you know. I had her out with me for a year just showing her the ropes a little bit, but she’s going to be all right.”

― Billy Eckstine

“I keep three framed photographs on my desk: the latest school picture of my daughter; a photo of my wife getting her diploma from the University of Chicago; and Lytton Strachey, looking serenely self-possessed.”

― Blake Bailey

“How is having every phone call that I make to my wife, to my daughter, relevant to any terror investigation?”

― Blake Farenthold

“Soon, I’m going to meet somebody around my own age, and she’s going to be smart and beautiful, and I’m going to date her daughter.”

― Bob Saget

“If my daughter wants to get into this business, I would support that decision. She’s going to have a hard time not being in it. She loves food and she’s around it all the time.”

― Bobby Flay

“All I do is I have this insulated life with my wife and my daughter and a couple of friends who I try to see, but it doesn’t even happen.”

― Bobcat Goldthwait

“My wife and daughter both bust me on how much I am the guy yelling at kids to get off my lawn.”

― Bobcat Goldthwait

“My daughter and my wife inspire me to make movies.”

― Bobcat Goldthwait

“My daughter’s name is Neesyn Dacey but everyone calls her Dacey. Her mom chose Neesyn and I chose Dacey after she was born. The mother is a good friend of mine who I was seeing a while ago. We are no longer together.”

― Bode Miller

“It’s not in my nature to chop people’s heads off, per se, or rob a bank or any crazy thing I’ve done on screen. I’m just comfortable reading a book or spending time with my wife and my daughter or watching the fight on TV with the fellas.”

― Bokeem Woodbine

“My mother gets told, ‘Oh, you’re so lucky that your daughters are doing so well.’ She never corrects anybody when they assume Helen is her daughter.”

― Bonnie Hunt

“How do you build a relationship when you’ve hardly shared a word but suddenly share a child? How do you love a daughter you don’t see for nearly two years? When does she become your daughter? How does she become your daughter?”

― Boris Becker

“We’re very open and outspoken about our faith and our beliefs. We also talk about our doubts, our moments of insecurities. We talk about it all day, how we’re inspired by God. We recognize little miracles every day, and that’s how we’re raising our daughter.”

― Boris Kodjoe

“As part of my relationship with my wife and my daughter, and we share everything and talk about everything.”

― Boris Kodjoe

“I feel like I just want to enjoy life and spend time with my daughter who is about to turn two, which is full-time job and the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life.”

― Bow Wow

“At the end of the day, I want to spend time with my daughter, and this schedule enables me to do that while still having fun hosting ‘106 & Park.’ I’m not really eager to get back into music just yet; I’m really eager to get into another movie before I put out an album.”

― Bow Wow

“It’s sad that my daughter will get attention because of her daddy. I’m already watching her run around the house and pick up microphones. It’s scary.”

― Bow Wow

“To the world, I’m Bow Wow. When I leave here and I go to L.A., and I go to my daughter’s house and I sit with her, I feel like Shad. I’m not Bow; I’m ‘Daddy.’ It’s, like, the illest feeling in the world. I feel like I’m away from everything.”

― Bow Wow

“I don’t curse in front of my daughter. Well, sometimes.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“I have a 13-year-old daughter who rents these bloody horror movies, and I can’t even walk into the room when she’s watching them with her friends.”

― Brad Dourif

“As I tell my daughter, when you want something in life – no matter how impossible it seems – you need to fight for it.”

― Brad Meltzer

“But to me, the most important page in my daughter’s book is the last one – because it’s blank. It says ‘Your Hero’s Photo Here,’ and ‘Your Hero’s Story Here.’”

― Brad Meltzer

“I look and there’s our boy from Vietnam and our daughter from Ethiopia, and our girl was born in Namibia, and our son is from Cambodia, and they’re brothers and sisters, man. They’re brothers and sisters and it’s a sight for elation.”

― Brad Pitt

“My daughter is in love with Adele. She listens to her every day. To see someone with that much passion and soul move a 9-year-old is amazing and it’s magical.”

― Brandy Norwood

“My daughter hasn’t seen me with anybody in five years. I’m very, very selective when it comes to that because I want to make sure that it’s real. I don’t want her to see me with just anybody because she means everything to me.”

― Brandy Norwood

“I’ll be a nun, raise my daughter, and make albums.”

― Brandy Norwood

“I have an incredibly supportive husband and family and an incredibly well-adjusted daughter.”

― Bree Turner

“My grandmother was the daughter of pioneers, as was my grandfather, and they were farmers. And they worked the land, and there is a grounded value system that becomes inherent in knowing what’s real and what’s powerful. And understanding the material nature of not only man, but beasts and profit and all of those things that you fight for.”

― Brenda Strong

“I can encourage my daughter to love her body, but what really matters are the observations she makes about my relationship with my own body.”

― Brene Brown

“I don’t really see why some of those topical lines have to be crossed to get a point across. I want a mother and daughter, a teenage girl and her mom, to be able to come to the show and both enjoy it on the same level.”

― Brett Young

“Anytime my daughter and I go for a hike, we bring a drone with us and get some really interesting views.”

― Brian Krzanich

“I had to put my kid before my career and all the money I was making. I decided to do the right thing. I was dying inside. If I didn’t have my daughter, I would be dead right now, for sure.”

― Brian Welch

“I’ve never experienced the love I have for my daughter.”

― Brie Bella

“I have such an amazing relationship with my mom, and I think, ‘Wow, I’m going to have that with my daughter.’”

― Brie Bella

“I hope that the little sacrifices that I make in my life – being away from my daughter, my husband and I not seeing each other as much – I hope it does inspire young girls to realize they can be whatever they want in this life.”

― Brie Bella

“I feel like I was kind of raised to be mechanical, like, ‘Hi, I’m Brooke Hogan. I’m Hulk Hogan’s daughter. I like cookies and sunshine.’”

― Brooke Hogan

“First, I was doing the singing, and because I was Hulk Hogan’s daughter, everyone was like, ‘Oh, it’s handed to her. Oh, she looks like a wrestler herself.’”

― Brooke Hogan

“The thing I’m the most proud of in my personal life is that my daughter actually thinks that I’m fabulous.”

― Brooke Shields

“I think I’m going to have to live vicariously through my daughter’s rebellion because I certainly never did go through adolescence.”

― Brooke Shields

“I think the main thing was me having a daughter. I just knew that I had to be a man, so I grew up real quick. Then I started caring about my music more, and I feel like that was the main change between ‘Killer Instinct’ and ‘TRAPSOUL’. I was just like, ‘I need to take this more serious and watch the things I say’.”

― Bryson Tiller

“I promised my daughter I’d name my first restaurant after her, but now the other kids are like, ‘Dad, what about us?’ I’m gonna have to open four restaurants!”

― Buddy Valastro

“I have two children. I have a daughter 29, and a daughter four. They are 25 years apart, so you speak about generations and I must tell you, I have a philosophy and that is every 25 years I’m going to sire another child.”

― Burt Ward

“I think it’s important for kids to express themselves with bad fashion. I struggle a little bit now because I have a daughter and I feel with fashion, like they’re sexualizing the kids so young. Little kids in high heels and that kind of thing is really difficult for me to wrap my head around.”

― Busy Philipps

“I’m in the middle of my own ‘Project Runway’ challenge given to me by my daughter’s preschool. All the parents have to make an outfit for their kids, for school pictures, made entirely out of recycled objects. I can not believe I have homework.”

― Busy Philipps

“I had really specific ideas of what kind of mom I was going to be and what kind of things I was going to provide for my child – even down to the organic, wooden toys Birdie was going to be allowed to chew on. Then cut to my daughter being obsessed with every plastic, 99-cent store toy.”

― Busy Philipps

“It’s been great having my little girl. It’s like having a workout 24 hours a day. I don’t need to go to the gym! I’m chasing after my daughter everywhere she goes.”

― Cam Gigandet

“I love having my daughter in the kitchen with me as I prepare meals. We talk about anything and everything!”

― Camila Alves

“There are no doctors in my family, and I’ve joked about this, that my dad got the doctor daughter he always wanted. But I would make a terrible doctor – I hate the sight of blood!”

― Camilla Luddington

“My daughter’s dabbling in showbiz, and she’s done a few commercials. She’s auditioned for some movies and shows, so I’m letting her pursue that. I’m OK with it.”

― Candace Cameron Bure

“The way I was raised, family was always the most important. When I had our first daughter, Natasha, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

― Candace Cameron Bure

“I look at it this way: the WNBA is 13 years young. I think eventually women will get to that point, maybe in my daughter’s generation, where their salaries will be similar to men’s. But we’re still starting off, like, where the NBA was back in the 1950s.”

― Candace Parker

“I guess I was a mom so late in life, my daughter was the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

― Candice Bergen

“Times change. The farmer’s daughter now tells jokes about the traveling salesman.”

― Carey Williams

“I miss my parents. But still, my granddaughter, my daughter, my grandma, you know, so it’s very important for me. You lost your parents, but a new baby comes. It’s like the cycle of fashion.”

― Carine Roitfeld

“I would never share my daughter’s wardrobe. Every five years you have to go through your wardrobe and say, ‘This is possible, this is not possible.’ But you have to be happy with yourself.”

― Carine Roitfeld

“As a kid, I would never have imagined I would live in England for four years. I am very happy and contented that my daughter is growing up in a country as developed as this one.”

― Carlos Tevez

“Both my wife and I went to Harvard, and it’s incredibly exciting that our son and daughter are going there and have the chance to experience it. There are many awesome opportunities at Harvard. That’s one of its greatest frustrations – not having enough time to take the classes you want to take.”

― Carlton Cuse

“My mother was a sociologist and an intellectual, and my father was an industrialist with a business in copper and aluminum wire. He was very strict and he wanted me to work in the family business – for him, the worst thing was having a daughter who worked in fashion.”

― Carmen Busquets

“I’m trying to teach my daughter about healthy eating.”

― Carnie Wilson

“The mother must socialize her daughter to become subordinate to men, and if her daughter challenges patriarchal norms, the mother is likely to defend the patriarchal structures against her own daughters.”

― Carol P. Christ

“My daughter is exceptionally chatty. I’m not a braggy mother but she is gifted – with the personality of a Russian gymnastics coach.”

― Caroline Rhea

“The best anti-aging advice I’ve ever received? Drink a lot of water and have a plant-based diet. I also do mindful meditation with my daughter every day. It takes ten minutes. I think reducing stress plays a big part in anti-aging.”

― Carolyn Murphy

“The great thing about having a child is that it keeps you very grounded. When I decided to have my daughter I was ready to have that responsibility and I made it clear to people that I work with that my job was no longer my priority. My daughter is now my priority. She comes first. Period.”

― Carolyn Murphy

“When I had my daughter, my priorities shifted. Being in the world of fashion you have to be very self-absorbed and surrounded by people that are self-absorbed.”

― Carolyn Murphy

“I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. I am a friend of women and I am their advocate.”

― Carre Otis

“I overheard people saying, ‘She thinks she’s so great because she’s Debbie Reynolds’ daughter!’ And I didn’t like it; it made me different from other people, and I wanted to be the same.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I waited for my daughter, Billie, to come to me with her troubles – but I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I work really hard. My daughter asks me what I do, and it’s mostly calls, emails, and meetings. We have our office in Hayes Valley, a nice part of town, because we’re all about place being important.”

― Caterina Fake

“One of the many wonderful things about homeschooling is that I am constantly learning alongside my daughter.”

― Caterina Fake

“In my house, there is an old Chinese cabinet full of little figurines on two shelves. They are for my daughter, to tell stories. We have told hours and hours or stories using these figures. There are all kinds of people, children and adults, and all kinds of animals – elephants, tigers, snakes.”

― Caterina Fake

“My dad was born in Haiti, and my mom was born in Tunisia. She is the daughter of a white French woman and a black, half-Guadeloupian, half-American man. My mom traveled the world a lot. She went through Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. She just got to experience a lot of different cultures, and that came through my childhood.”

― Cecile McLorin Salvant

“My father was a Jewish immigrant who settled in Argentina and was left to his own devices at the age of 15. My mother was a teacher, herself the daughter of a poor immigrant family.”

― Cesar Milstein

“I’ve always been a person who tries to build bridges and not walls. Whether it’s my ex-wife and my step-son, or my daughter and my ex, I’m that guy in the middle, and I try to make sure we all stay together.”

― Chad Coleman

“Half of the days in 2014, I had to confine my daughter to my home like a prisoner because the air quality in Beijing was so poor. One morning, I saw my daughter banging on the window… The day will come when she asks me, ‘Why do you keep me here? What is going to hurt me when I go outside?’”

― Chai Jing

“I’ve come to understand that art is awesome and beautiful because it’s a reflection of life – but it’s just a reflection, and the real thing is my daughter.”

― Chance The Rapper

“My daughter, when she was still in utero, she had, they call it atrial flutters. It’s kind of like an irregular heartbeat. But when you’re in utero, it’s real hard to detect and also to treat.”

― Chance The Rapper

“I didn’t know love until I had my daughter. I didn’t know its bounds.”

― Chance The Rapper

“My mom has accepted my style. My dad is a little suspect with all the bright colors and loud stuff. He’s a khakis and polo kind of guy. He’s OK with it, but the loud stuff, he says I’m his little daughter.”

― Chandler Parsons

“I am from a woman’s family. My great-grandmother had three daughters and a son. My grandmother had two daughters, and my mother had two daughters. My sister had a daughter and then finally a son. You should have seen my father with the son. He could not believe that finally there was a boy in the family.”

― Chantal Akerman

“I’m a middle-class former housewife who goes to my daughter’s softball games.”

― Charlaine Harris

“Once upon a time there was a widow who had two daughters. The elder was so much like her, both in looks and character, that whoever saw the daughter saw the mother.”

― Charles Perrault

“The gentleman had also a young daughter, of rare goodness and sweetness of temper, which she took from her mother, who was the best creature in the world.”

― Charles Perrault

“I wish I was more like my character. In character, I am the queen. I am strong. I am confident, sometimes cocky. I’m hard to beat. Out of character, I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a best friend and just the girl next door that likes Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.”

― Charlotte Flair

“The hard part for me was not the wrestling – it was showing emotion, telling a story, and being able to connect with fans. Coming out as Ric Flair’s daughter and being called athletically gifted, it’s hard to say, ‘Hey, like me! You can relate to me!’ It wasn’t working, so I completely switched my character.”

― Charlotte Flair

“Obviously, having my dad’s last name, I think that’s more the chip on my shoulder because it has been a mixed blessing. I always will have the Flair stigma, and I think that’s where I deserve to be there or this, or I’m not just his daughter. I think that’s the chip on my shoulder.”

― Charlotte Flair

“When I debuted on the main roster, people just hated me. They were booing me. Social media got to me a bit. They were like, ‘She’s just there because she’s Ric Flair’s daughter.’ I was like, ‘Why doesn’t anybody like me?’ It really got to me.”

― Charlotte Flair

“The English was really my mother, it was never me. Being the daughter of my father, I always felt very French.”

― Charlotte Gainsbourg

“I was pregnant with my daughter when I started writing my first thriller, so I guess you could blame hormones.”

― Chelsea Cain

“I finished ‘Heartsick’ with my daughter asleep in her bassinet by my desk, a feat that any new mother will tell you cannot be sufficiently praised.”

― Chelsea Cain

“There’s something else that my mother taught me, public service is about service. And, as her daughter, I’ve had a special window into how she serves. I’ve seen her holding the hands of mothers, worried about how they’ll feed their kids, worried about how they’ll get them the healthcare they need.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I want to be the best daughter and wife and friend and person I can be. And I want to help empower the people around me to be the best they can be.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I hope that my children will someday be as proud of me as I am of my mom. I am so grateful to be her daughter. I’m so grateful that she is Charlotte’s and Aiden’s grandmother. She makes me proud every single day.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I am the daughter of a Chicana and anglo. I think most days I am an embarrassment to both groups. I sometimes hate the white in me so viciously that I long to forget the commitment my skin has imposed upon my life.”

― Cherrie Moraga

“I do have hobbies – I garden and bike, for example – but there’s nothing in the world that gives me even a fraction of the pleasure that I derive from hanging around with my wife and daughter.”

― Chris Bohjalian

“Oh, I have this feud going with the L.A. Unified School District, because I keep getting these phone calls saying my daughter keeps missing classes, I mean, at all hours of the night, I had like, two calls this morning and I keep calling saying I haven’t got a daughter!”

― Chris Colfer

“My son’s taking drum lessons, and my daughter’s taking piano lessons. One day they’re going to start a band.”

― Chris Daughtry

“I’d like to think I’m a normal sort of guy, but go to my mum and she’ll probably say, ‘You know, Chris was always the daughter out of my three boys.’”

― Chris Hemsworth

“My daughter is full energy, like my wife and I, and strong-minded and has an opinion, like we do. And my boys, one’s a bit more calm and chill, and the other is much more sensitive to things. You see this right away, when they’re first born. One cried, one didn’t, with the boys.”

― Chris Hemsworth

“My daughter is 15. None of her friends know who the hell Chris Rea is, but they know that song – as soon as it comes on, they start singing it. I’ve played with everyone from Status Quo to Talk Talk, but nothing impresses them as much as the fact that I play on ‘Driving Home for Christmas.’”

― Chris Rea

“My 7-year-old daughter is not shy of telling me she can draw better than me, and she’s right.”

― Chris Roberson

“I play Captain Lance Van Der Berg, who’s a Union captain who ends up staying with the Confederate family who’s been taken over by the army when they come into the city in Virginia. He strikes up a romance with the youngest daughter in the house, which obviously causes some issues for the family.”

― Chris Wood

“Look, I’ve got incredible pride for my family. I’ve absolutely fallen into that cliche of a dad who could just happily talk about my daughter endlessly.”

― Christian Bale

“My future daughter is not going to go through what I did.”

― Christina Aguilera

“We’re a 100-percent-organic house. My daughter is a vegetarian and practically vegan. That’s her choice. That’s how she eats. We’re really conscious about what we buy.”

― Christina Applegate

“My favorite thing about motherhood is the outpouring of love that is non-judgmental and beautiful. My daughter just makes me happy, and she motivates me to be a kid again.”

― Christina Milian

“I’m happy that I took time off to become a mom and raise my daughter properly and build a bond between the two of us.”

― Christina Milian

“I’m happiest when I’m with my daughter and I don’t have any distractions with my phone going off.”

― Christina Milian

“It takes a lot of work to be a great mother, a great daughter, and a great friend. All those things take effort, and I think, after having my daughter, she opened up this fearlessness within me, and I’m setting an example for her.”

― Christina Milian

“I mean, I have a daughter, and it’s a very bad message to send to my daughter that to be valid or accepted or to have value, you have to look a certain way. It’s all about appearance, and not about education and not about contributing. I think we’ve completely lost our way.”

― Christopher Cross

“I have a daughter, and it’s a very bad message to send to my daughter that to be valid or accepted or to have value, you have to look a certain way. It’s all about appearance, and not about education and not about contributing. I think we’ve completely lost our way.”

― Christopher Cross

“My daughter recommended Chris O’Dowd to me after seeing him in ‘Bridesmaids,’ so I watched that and his sitcom, ‘The IT Crowd.’ When I was over in London, we met up, and I knew immediately he was the right person.”

― Christopher Guest

“When my daughter played volleyball in school, they were the Wildcats. Well, there are about a million Wildcats. Why don’t you come up with another name?”

― Christopher Guest

“My great-grandmother was born in London, the daughter of a Brixton coachman, and became the most famous singer in Australia. Her name was Marie Carandini, Madame Carandini.”

― Christopher Lee

“My wife has brought great beauty into my life. And my daughter has brought me nothing but joy. Those qualities were greatly lacking.”

― Christopher Meloni

“I have a son and a daughter; I try to teach them equally about balance, gender, and gender equity.”

― Christy Turlington

“Like so many new moms, I felt anxiety over the impending birth of my daughter. However, most of the anxiety I felt was around the idea of raising a child. I wasn’t focused on potential risks to my health or hers that could occur during the actual birth.”

― Christy Turlington

“After delivering my daughter in 2003, I endured and survived a hemorrhage, the leading childbirth-related complication that takes the lives of thousands of other mothers all over the world.”

― Christy Turlington

“I want my daughter to see that I am a professional and have commitments, but that I’m there when the family needs me, and so is their father. In some cases, more so.”

― Christy Turlington

“My daughter’s 19. I’m not asking her to develop as an artist. I’m just asking her to develop as a full person, human being.”

― Chuck D

“I’m a big supporter of the military simply because I’m the daughter of a Polish immigrant who fled Europe during World War II from Poland and lied about his age to join the Army simply because he was proud to be an American. And who isn’t?”

― Cindy Morgan

“I am so grateful to God for giving me the gift of 48 years with my daughter. And I accept that He knew when it was time to take her.”

― Cissy Houston

“I’m very proud of my daughter. She accomplished a whole lot in the short time that she had here… she was a very wonderful person.”

― Cissy Houston

“A father who sees his daughter leave in the arms of another man does not feel the same as a mother. It is heartrending for her, too. But it is not the same.”

― Claire Denis

“I play Hopkins’ daughter. Brad Pitt plays Death. He’s a very-good looking Death. With him, dying isn’t so bad.”

― Claire Forlani

“I thought she was just the Queen and he was Prince Philip, and that was just who they were, without thinking about them as a mother or a father or daughter.”

― Claire Foy

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where you backbone ought to be.”

― Clementine Paddleford

“Hinde Esther Singer was born in Poland on March 31, 1881, the daughter of Bathsheva and Pinchos Mendel Singer. Bathsheva was an intellectual, but both Bathsheva’s father and her husband disapproved of erudite women.”

― Clive Sinclair

“I have a daughter, Catherine, aged 30. I have a 9-year-old son, Nathaniel, a 7-year-old son, Ridley, and a 6-year-old daughter, Truma. I’m 68. The age gap between the younger kids and me is not something I think about much because I feel physically about like I did when I was 40, or at least, I think I do.”

― Clyde Edgerton

“I will definitely hook up my daughter if she decides to be a model.”

― Coco Rocha

“When my daughter was 3, she was eating Cheerios and spilled some on the table. So she swiped them onto the floor. I said, ‘Darcy, what are you doing?’ She said: ‘Don’t worry, Daddy, the robot will get it.’ I didn’t know whether to be horrified or proud. It was this idea that homes take care of themselves and robots are part of that.”

― Colin Angle

“I like to look at scenarios and see how people interact with each other. That’s why I’m an actor because I try to recreate that. Since our daughter joined us the spectrum has widened.”

― Colin Hanks

“I don’t have a ton of experience, because I date with the intent to marry… It’s how I want a family and how I would want someone to treat my daughter.”

― Colton Underwood

“My heart was broken when I realized my daughter had a problem. I pray every day for her.”

― Columba Bush

“Movies and media really can influence us. A few years ago, my daughter wanted to be a dancer; since Obama came into office, she now wants to be a lawyer and get into politics and maybe even be president.”

― Common

“I’ve found that in places where women have not really been afforded full rights yet – for instance, in the Middle East – even very conservative politicians in the region will say, ‘You know, my daughter would really like to meet you,’ or, ‘Would you send a note to my granddaughter?’”

― Condoleezza Rice

“I think, you know, it was something that I really wanted. I wanted so much to have a son or daughter. We adopted a son. And it was just the most wonderful thing. I think the only thing that was difficult for both Maury and myself were the sleepless nights.”

― Connie Chung

“You love your child, and you want to protect your child more than anything on this planet, and yet, by the time they’re 17, 18, they’re going to step into this world, and that world will not feel the same compunction, necessarily, toward your daughter.”

― Connie Nielsen

“I have learned that I have to slow down and appreciate that my daughter still needs me, still wants me to help her negotiate everything in her life.”

― Constance Marie

“I was a tomboy as a child! I wanted my daughter to be a scrapper and not so dainty.”

― Constance Marie

“I have the Muji pen that has different colors. My daughter loves to play hangman, or we draw. It’s important you can draw a rainbow at all times.”

― Constance Zimmer

“When my daughter was born, I said: ‘I feel like I know what I’ve been waiting my whole life to be.’”

― Corey Johnson

“It’s great for my daughter to see Beyonce and Taylor Swift, women that are in charge of their own careers, writing songs from their own perspective and taking people to task. That’s very different from when I was growing up – it was all like, ‘Stand by your man.’”

― Corin Tucker

“My daughter, Anna, is almost 15, and my son, Ben, is almost 10.”

― Cornelia Funke

“In 2011, when my father passed away – I had my daughter first; I had her on January 24, and I had a seizure during the delivery. I lived through that, and five weeks later, my father died suddenly of a heart attack, and I lived through that. And then my daughter had surgery, and I lived through that.”

― Courtney A. Kemp

“When I’m at work, I want to be with my daughter, and when I’m with my daughter, I probably should be working, and it just is what it is.”

― Courtney A. Kemp

“I like all the angels around because they protect me and my daughter. I mean, her Dad’s an angel.”

― Courtney Love

“If you want to ask about my drug problem, go ask my big, fat, smart, ten pound daughter, she’ll answer any questions you have about it.”

― Courtney Love

“Before, I would spend all my hours at training, come home, sleep, eat, watch football, sleep, and go back to training the next day. Now I do the school run, train, pick up my daughter. I am living in the real world. I am a father now. That has given me more satisfaction than football.”

― Craig Bellamy

“What I really admire are people like my daughter, Victoria, who don’t give up, who have daily medical challenges and medical conditions. They go on with their lives and make the best of it, not giving up even when it’s not easy.”

― Craig Mello

“I’m a daughter of the middle class with a strong sense of social mobility and individualism, like the waves of immigrants, like my Spanish grandparents, who made Argentina.”

― Cristina Kirchner

“I’ve always wanted to be an actress, ever since I was a little girl. I’ve always played the mom and I play my sister as the daughter. I wanted to be an actress on television and movies instead of just around the house.”

― Dakota Fanning

“When I had daughters, I realized that I wouldn’t never do anything to a girl that I wouldn’t want done to my own daughter.”

― Damon Dash

“Sleeping in my office isn’t very comfortable, but it’s my choice to save for my daughter’s college instead of spending money on a D.C. apartment.”

― Dan Donovan

“The female attention I have to struggle hardest with is from my two-year-old daughter.”

― Dan Stevens

“My daughter passed away in 2003.”

― Daniel Cormier

“I don’t know how anybody can work at home. I know I can’t. It’s just… there’s too much to do at the house, and now, of course, I have a daughter that’s at home, and she’s always a draw. I can always drop what I’m doing and go play with her, and I do that all day.”

― Daniel H. Wilson

“My daughter, Asia, has been in many of my movies. I love working with her. In the beginning, I was not supportive of her being an actress, but now I think she is fantastic.”

― Dario Argento

“I don’t go in there thinking about my family, friends, girlfriend, or my daughter. I want to prove to my coach that I’m the best. I don’t care about anyone else.”

― Darren Till

“I told my daughter, ‘Your mom will forever be one of my best friends simply because she made you.’”

― Daryn Kagan

“When my husband tells our daughter, ‘You get that trait from Mom,’ she lights up with pride. We all know who he’s talking about. And it’s not me. I’m fine with this.”

― Daryn Kagan

“If I could send my daughter’s first mother a card, I would write, ‘Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with me. Together we have raised one awesome girl!’”

― Daryn Kagan

“I didn’t start sweating until I had children. That was one of the first things I realized when my daughter Violet was born – I started getting wicked BO. You know there’s a difference between basketball BO and stress BO? This was definitely stress BO. Like, new dad BO.”

― Dave Grohl

“I love the sitcom schedule. It takes a week to make an episode, but we don’t work on weekends. I’m usually done in time to get home for dinner with my wife and daughter.”

― David Alan Basche

“I’m grateful for my health, glad I’m making people laugh, glad my wife still likes me after a lotta years, grateful my daughter is growing, glad I don’t take myself too seriously, glad L.A. has Astro Burger, grateful to be coming home to Harlem soon. It’s a gratitude list. It works.”

― David Alan Basche

“The first moment I saw my wife breastfeed our daughter minutes after birth, I was hit with a thunderbolt of understanding and awe for the miracle of it all, and I still feel that way.”

― David Alan Basche

“Yeah, I definitely wanted to do a kids’ movie because I have a kid. I want to do things that my daughter can see soon – when she is old enough to know what a movie is.”

― David Arquette

“For me, often, there’s such a cloud of melancholia about knowing I’m going to have to leave my daughter on her own. I don’t know what age that is going to be, thank God. It just doubles me up in grief.”

― David Bowie

“Speaking from experience, because I have three daughters, I think it’s always important to give your daughter the confidence that she needs so that she won’t look elsewhere for approval and feeling love and acceptance.”

― David Charvet

“The happiest moment of my life was probably when my daughter was born.”

― David Duchovny

“I like my computer. But I don’t know how to use it as well as the 10-year-old daughter.”

― David Duchovny

“Everyone is a son or daughter of god.”

― David Icke

“I won’t let my daughter watch ‘EastEnders.’”

― David Jason

“Congratulations are in order for Woody Allen – he and Soon Yi have a brand new baby daughter. It’s all part of Woody’s plan to grow his own wives.”

― David Letterman

“My family means everything to me and the birth of our daughter has enabled me to have more focus on my career and every time I compete, I dedicate my success to them.”

― David Rudisha

“The world is enormously dangerous and scary. I worry very much for my daughter. I’m not sure we’re in control any more, and I think the Internet is partly responsible for that.”

― David Thewlis

“It’s a bit odd to have a daughter who sounds American.”

― David Thewlis

“That’s one of the main things I’ve learned: honesty is paramount. The biggest thing I try and instil in my daughter. My deepest regrets have been to do with times that I’ve been dishonest. There’s nothing worse than getting caught out in a lie. It’s excruciatingly embarrassing.”

― David Thewlis

“There are many tough conversations, but one of the most difficult is between a parent and an adolescent daughter, partly because as a parent we are almost always attempting to relate to someone who is no longer there.”

― David Whyte

“My daughter couldn’t care less about me being famous. She finds it revolting and, like a lot of teenagers, is virtually allergic to me. That started at 12 and hasn’t gone anywhere yet.”

― Dawn French

“I want to do something where I play Judi Dench’s younger sister or daughter.”

― Dawn French

“I had maybe 200 followers when I started. A bunch of radio stations were like, ‘Uhhhhhh, my daughter has more followers than her’.”

― Daya

“I’ve raced on all seven continents at least twice. I’ve probably run thousands of races. But the single race that I’m most proud is a 10K. Yes, a 10K. I ran it with my daughter on her 10th birthday.”

― Dean Karnazes

“People used to call her Debbie Reynolds’ daughter. Now they call me Princess Leia’s mother!”

― Debbie Reynolds

“I want happiness for my daughter – I want Carrie to be happy.”

― Debbie Reynolds

“Mothers subject their daughters to a level of scrutiny people usually reserve for themselves. A mother’s gaze is like a magnifying glass held between the sun’s rays and kindling. It concentrates the rays of imperfection on her daughter’s yearning for approval. The result can be a conflagration – whoosh.”

― Deborah Tannen

“Where the daughter sees power, the mother feels powerless. Daughters and mothers, I found, both overestimate the other’s power – and underestimate their own.”

― Deborah Tannen

“When evidence emerged that Clinton was a devoted mother, Margaret Carlson writing in ‘TIME’ found her guilty of ‘yuppie overdoting on her daughter.’”

― Deborah Tannen

“I’m a woman of colour. I am the daughter of immigrants. I am a Muslim. I am a feminist. I am a lefty liberal.”

― Deeyah Khan

“I can’t imagine myself not working. And I hope my daughter will work when she’s older.”

― Delphine Arnault

“I bought my daughter a Chihuahua and I fell in love with it. So now I carry Coco around with me all the time.”

― Denis Leary

“My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along.”

― Denise Van Outen

“My daughter will find some of the sweetest words to tell you that can make a grown man cry. She still gives me the same inspiration. She still motivates me.”

― Deontay Wilder

“When I went to college, I went to a junior college. I wanted to go to the University of Alabama but had to go to junior college first to get my GPA up. I did a half-year of junior college, then dropped out and had my daughter. College was always an opportunity to go back. But she, my daughter, was my support. I gave up everything for her.”

― Deontay Wilder

“He’s looking for the president’s kidnapped daughter; everybody he calls on to help him is busy, but lo and behold, you look across the room, and I’m waiting for that action.”

― Derek Luke

“It’s a huge burden to be known as Mr. Rajinikanth’s son-in-law. Once I married his daughter Aishwarya in 2004, I lost my identity.”

― Dhanush

“We started watching ‘Doctor Who’ as a family because our first daughter was a cranky baby, and she would get up during the night – and it was her dad’s job to stay up because I worked at night.”

― Diana Gabaldon

“My real story is this: I am the citizen daughter of immigrant parents who were deported when I was 14. My older brother was also deported.”

― Diane Guerrero

“Maureen O’Sullivan did ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ with Mia Farrow, her daughter, but O’Sullivan had a very minor role.”

― Diane Ladd

“Well, I didn’t really admit that I anywhere until my daughter started school and I knew I couldn’t pull up and leave when I felt like it.”

― Diane Lane

“There’s a voice inside children that knows right from wrong. I call it listening to your inner Jiminy Cricket. I tell my daughter, ‘If you’re thinking this is not the best idea, it probably isn’t.’”

― Diane Lane

“My daughter, Charlotte Strawbridge, has recorded an album, and my favourite song from that is ‘Empires Made Of Sand.’”

― Dick Strawbridge

“The Horny Toad in Cave Creek has great food. When I’m in Arizona, I have at least one meal there. I have a daughter who lives out there, and Dee Dee Wood, who was the choreographer on ‘Mary Poppins,’ lives out there. I still get out there once in a while, but not in the summer.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“Learn to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you – as His precious daughter or son with divine potential.”

― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“I am my father’s daughter: I have his language, his expressions.”

― Dinah Manoff

“My priorities were taking the kids to school and being a mum and being a daughter and being a sister. Just spending a lot of that time with my family that I’d probably lost a lot of, touring with the Cranberries.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“A lot of people are successful in this business because of a catchphrase or athletic ability or charisma or wrestling; Ric Flair is the personification of all of those things, much like his daughter Charlotte, as she is already a multiple-time champion after only a few years in the WWE.”

― Dolph Ziggler

“I had never attended a trial until my daughter’s murder trial. What I witnessed in that courtroom enraged and redirected me.”

― Dominick Dunne

“I was very protected growing up. My dad was very strict with me. I was the oldest of four kids, and there are three girls. So I kind of paved the way of what it was like to raise a teenage daughter.”

― Dominik Garcia-Lorido

“There will be no ‘Mommie Dearest’ in the lives of my children, and no books like the one the Crosby boy wrote about Bing, or Bette Davis’s daughter has written. My children love me very much, and they are loved.”

― Don Ameche

“My sons are a hell of a lot easier to get through to than my daughter is. She seems to have my number. She can just run through the buttons.”

― Don Johnson

“I love it right now. I love being retired. I think I retired at a perfect time in my career. Now I get an opportunity to spend time with my wife and kids and get to be very supportive of them. My son is playing football right now. My daughter is in gymnastics. Both are competing at a high level. So it came at the right time.”

― Donald Driver

“My daughter is the funniest person I know, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

― Donna Air

“Originally, back in 1992, DKNY started because I couldn’t find a pair of jeans. I also wanted to dress my teenage daughter Gabby. So it was the perfect street wardrobe: jeans, anoraks, jumpsuits, boyfriend jackets, sweaters, skirts and dresses. Then DKNY grew into an entire lifestyle concept, including tailored clothes you wear to work.”

― Donna Karan

“My daughter Gabby very kindly once said that she thinks I was a better mother because I was doing a job I loved. I now think guilt is a universal part of being a mother. I used to think it was Jewish-mother guilt but now I think it is working-mother guilt.”

― Donna Karan

“If there is anything I would do differently in my life, it is that I would study business more. I’m trying to teach my daughter Chloe at an early age about investing and money so she’s not afraid of it.”

― Donna Mills

“The economic dimension is very clear. I was at a dinner party, a mother got up, who’s a very distinguished scientist, and said she had to get home and help her daughter with her homework. The two waiters, their faces changed. They were working their second jobs, they couldn’t get home to help their kids with homework.”

― Donna Shalala

“I have a daughter and two grand-daughters and a great grandson in Africa, in Cape Town.”

― Doris Lessing

“My family always comes first. My world revolves around my husband, Peter, our daughter, Victoria, and our son, William, but not necessarily in that order. Then, it’s this fascinating world of publishing that devours most of my days and many nights.”

― Dorothea Benton Frank

“The fabled origin of the laurel is this. Daphne, daughter of the river Peneus, offended by the persecutions of Apollo, implored succour of the gods, who changed her into a laurel tree. Apollo crowned his head with the leaves and ordered that forever after, the tree should be sacred to him.”

― Dorothea Dix

“I hated to read. My mother could not get me to read. I’m going through the same thing with my daughter now. I love to read now, but I don’t remember reading.”

― Dorothy Hamill

“My daughter is very strong-willed and is a great kid. She doesn’t drink. She doesn’t smoke. She doesn’t fold to peer pressure. I think how affectionate my wife and I have been with her over the years all plays into that. She realizes the more people she is exposed to that kids who have both parents around grow up to be much better people.”

― Doug Flutie

“My daughter just graduated college and she’s a dance major. She’s done a couple of dance videos already and won Miss Massachusetts a couple of weeks ago. She’s going out for Miss United States the second week of July, out in Las Vegas. She will probably wind up going to New York and trying the Broadway thing.”

― Doug Flutie

“I’m in an age bracket now where I can play the father of an adult daughter whose going through her life issues, and she’ll come to me for advice while I’m wearing my Christmas sweater and swirling a cup of hot cocoa.”

― Doug Jones

“My daughter has seen the transition from struggling screenwriter to successful picture book author, and she’s enjoyed it very much because she’s a wonderful little kid. And she’s always believed in her daddy.”

― Drew Daywalt

“I have a teenage daughter and a 10-year-old daughter. Things are pink and fluffy at my house, with two little dogs. It’s pretty funny to be me now. And I’m in on the joke that is my life.”

― Duff McKagan

“By and large, jazz has always been like the kind of a man you wouldn’t want your daughter to associate with.”

― Duke Ellington

“I love my daughter, but she had me on couscous and fixed me pastas and made me eat oatmeal every morning and what else, turkey burgers, turkey bacon, and that kind of stuff. So she wants her dad to live a long time, and I do, too.”

― Dusty Baker

“I was raised by strong women, and that DNA is in my daughter and wife.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“I have four boys and one girl. My daughter is my only little girl and I just love her to death. I can’t even fix my mouth to tell her ‘no’ for anything.”

― Dwight Henry

“My best moment of 2011 would definitely be the birth of my daughter six weeks ago, on September 25.”

― Dylan Walsh

“When I returned to the United States after three years of World War II service, my total assets consisted of one wife, one small daughter, $276 in the bank, and an idea. The idea was for an export business to supply items badly needed everywhere in Europe.”

― E. Joseph Cossman

“I think encouraging young people to twerk might be a bad thing. It’s a stripper’s move. If I had a daughter of nine, I wouldn’t want her twerking.”

― Ed Sheeran

“Ladies and babies, and mortgages, for that matter, can all wait. Acting has done a strange thing to me, though. I often sit there, thinking, ‘I love this, but I wouldn’t put my daughter on the stage.’”

― Eddie Redmayne

“One of the first major storylines that ‘All My Children’ featured was Erica Kane, a rebellious daughter, and her mother, sort of a matriarchal type, who was trying to guide her daughter to a safer place.”

― Eden Riegel

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe how brilliant the whole thing is – my daughter, Georgia, is just wonderful.”

― Edward Hall

“I was in no way ready when my daughter was born. But I want to be a good father to her.”

― El DeBarge

“I got a letter from a mom, and she was telling me about how her daughter is a tomboy and the trouble she has in classes and being around boys. She herself had the same kinds of problems growing up and how inspired they were by me. That was such an incredible email to receive.”

― Elana Meyers

“In my business – SAT tutoring – you get used to sighs. A client’s mother frets over the sheer amount of work her daughter has to do to get her score up, until she reaches the resigned moment when she will sigh and observe that no one thought you could prepare for the SAT back when she took it – it was ‘untutorable.’”

― Eliot Schrefer

“Being Sting’s daughter hasn’t kicked any doors open for me – he has had absolutely nothing to do with my career. It’s all been down to me so far, and that’s how I want to keep it.”

― Eliot Sumner

“I don’t feel I was ever a ‘famous’ child actor. I was just a working actor who happened to be a kid. I was never really in a hit show until I was a teenager with West Wing playing First Daughter Zoey Bartlet. In a way, that was my saving grace – not being a star on a hit show. It kept me working and kept me grounded.”

― Elisabeth Moss

“Right now, my daughter’s just rolling her eyes at everything I do; I’m just an embarrassment.”

― Elizabeth Perkins

“I got married at 19 and graduated from a commuter college in Texas that cost $50 a semester. The way I see it, I’m a janitor’s daughter who became a public school teacher, a professor, and a United States Senator. America is truly a country of opportunity!”

― Elizabeth Warren

“The mother cannot expect her daughter to understand the mysteries of housekeeping without education. She should instruct them patiently, lovingly, and make the work as agreeable as she can by her cheerful countenance and encouraging words of approval. If they fail once, twice, or thrice, censure not.”

― Ellen G. White

“I want to teach my daughter the importance of exercising and eating healthy as she grows up.”

― Ellen Pompeo

“Whether your mother is a novelist like mine or a third-generation military wife, the idea of a son or daughter being in mortal danger is terrifying.”

― Elliot Ackerman

“In the Philippines, Gloria Arroyo is the daughter of Diosdado Macapagal – but his term ended in 1965, and she was elected in 2001. Hardly a hand-off.”

― Elliott Abrams

“Tina Fey, a performer and head writer for ‘Saturday Night Live,’ has deftly adapted Rosalind Wiseman’s nonfiction dissection of teenage girl societal interaction, ‘Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends and Other Realities of Adolescence.’”

― Elvis Mitchell

“Only out of great vulnerability do you discover what strength you have. Having a daughter who I love with all my being has helped me mine the source of that strength to previously unknown depths.”

― Emilia Fox

“I did improv classes just like any kid would do soccer or gymnastics or swimming. At one of my showcases, my manager came to my mom and said, ‘We would like to represent your daughter.’ My mom asked me that night if I would like to actually act, and I said, ‘Why not? I’ll give it a try!’”

― Emma Kenney

“It’s not my fault that there is this gap between rich and poor, it is the fault of governments. I want a different world. One where I don’t wake up thinking I’m so lucky to be able to feed my daughter.”

― Emma Thompson

“I understand what it’s like to come with your family, and to uproot yourself and come to another culture. You need a lot of support. People say, ‘She’s got her daughter; she’s got her husband.’ Yeah, but she hasn’t got anyone else.”

― Emma Thompson

“This morning, I went to wipe my hands on a tea towel, and while I was using it, it seemed like it felt a bit light. I unfolded it and realized my daughter had cut little bits out of it to make frocks for her dolls!”

― Emma Thompson

“My mother has never approved of high heels. As a result, I have never been able to walk in high heels – and they were all I ever wanted. So of course, my daughter has two pairs.”

― Emma Thompson

“I don’t think my dad really knew what to do with me, as a daughter. He treated me like a boy; my brother and I were treated the same. He didn’t do kid stuff. There were no kid’s menus; you weren’t allowed to order off the kid’s menu at dinner – we had to try something from the adult menu.”

― Emma Watson

“His daughter returned from her boarding school, improved in fashionable airs and expert in manufacturing fashionable toys; but, in her conversation, he sought in vain for that refined and fertile mind which he had fondly expected.”

― Emma Willard

“When my husband won the Palme d’Or in 2002, I wore the same dress two days in a row. My daughter said, ‘Mom! Did you sleep in your dress?’ But I think it’s cool to wear the same thing. I have to feel comfortable.”

― Emmanuelle Seigner

“Would I put my daughter in a private all-girl school? No. Would I put her in a private co-ed school? Yes. Would I put her in the school I went to? No way.”

― Emmanuelle Vaugier

“It wasn’t my intention in going after this part but I suppose now I do. The adult roles are a lot meatier – you’re not always just the daughter or the girlfriend or whatever.”

― Emmy Rossum

“I hate being clean-shaven. My daughter gets very upset if I shave and says, ‘Bring back the spikes, Dad.’”

― Eric Bana

“I prioritize my daughter and my wife.”

― Eric Garcetti

“The game of football has changed for me. It was a personal goal for me at first. But now it’s a way to provide for my family. It’s a way to provide for my daughter. I’m just ecstatic that I can do that.”

― Eric Reid

“A lady passed me a note in Australia one time that said, ‘My daughter gets bullied at school because she has two moms, and you know, we told her just to tell them to watch ‘Modern Family.’”

― Eric Stonestreet

“I don’t cook. My mother didn’t cook. My daughter doesn’t cook.”

― Erica Jong

“At some point, I stumbled across my two main protagonists: William E. Dodd, a mild-mannered professor of history picked by Roosevelt to be America’s first ambassador to Nazi Germany, and Dodd’s comely and rather wild daughter, Martha, who at first was enthralled with the so-called Nazi revolution.”

― Erik Larson

“I love the idea of my daughter looking back at her childhood and growing up with a dog.”

― Erika Christensen

“I love my life. I’m really grateful. My biggest dream come true is my daughter. I’ve wanted her since I was a little girl.”

― Erika Eleniak

“My daughter is a freshman in college and my son is – well, our daughter and our son – is a sophomore in college. So they come home on selected weekends, they come home on vacations and they’re home in the summer, although they have jobs.”

― Erika Slezak

“I don’t even know who I am. All I know is that I am the sibling, daughter, sister, the friend of somebody, and I need to know who I am outside of that.”

― Erin Foster

“When you have a big family, certainly with strong personalities, you feel like you have to fall into a role, and I didn’t want to be the little sister or the daughter, because that’s who you become as an adult.”

― Erin Foster

“My best friend is Lily Aldridge. Her daughter’s my godchild.”

― Erin Heatherton

“I’m passionate about being true to myself, sending good energy to the people around me, traveling, staying inspired, being a good friend, being a good daughter, being a good sister.”

― Erin Wasson

“It is just a crazy life as a sportsman. My daughter, Sam, wants to go into tennis, and I tell her, ‘No, you don’t want to go into professional sport.’”

― Ernie Els

“The player who is almost at the same age as my daughter… I treat all my team-mates as brothers and I treat him just like a team-mate. I embrace them all and I am always around them giving advice because this is part of my job as a team captain and friend. I don’t make them feel the gap in the age because I believe this should be normal.”

― Essam El Hadary

“It makes my life easier that I don’t have to take my daughter or son to school, that I’ve not got to look after them because they are ill. But then, I’m not nurtured and cherished, so I will seek external love from other close relationships.”

― Esther McVey

“To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.”

― Euripides

“I’m realizing that my childhood is not my daughter’s, that I can’t heal myself by any actions I take with her – and that it’s definitely time for me to go back to my own childhood… with my therapist.”

― Eva Amurri

“I grew up at ‘All My Children;’ I got married, had a daughter and made life-long friends there!”

― Eva LaRue

“I am thrilled to be 31, still running and having my daughter watch me even if it is on TV.”

― Evelyn Ashford

“My unhealthy affection for my second daughter has waned. Now I despise all my seven children equally.”

― Evelyn Waugh

“Derogatory against women – it seems that Trump is not too keen about having women around him, maybe except for his wife and daughter.”

― Fabrizio Moreira

“I asked God for a healthy baby. An answer arrived in my daughter.”

― Faith Salie

“I wanted people to know that I’ve been through the rain. I’ve been broken into pieces; I had a daughter at such a young age. There were times people would say, ‘That’s it for her.’ But that didn’t happen.”

― Fantasia Barrino

“I really embrace everything about my daughter.”

― Farrah Abraham

“My daughter knows she is loved. My daughter knows she has a mom, and I’m there, and I’m not worried about anything of what everyone else is worried about.”

― Farrah Abraham

“I don’t ever want my daughter growing up questioning who she is or her choices. I want her to be a strong, happy individual.”

― Farrah Abraham

“When your kids are 5 or 6, they already start playing with makeup. And I was the only mother in freakin’ elementary school getting called in to deal with makeup on her daughter.”

― Farrah Abraham

“If my daughter says she doesn’t like something, I don’t do it. It’s up to Sophia.”

― Farrah Abraham

“I think my daughter looks beautiful regardless if she’s losing her baby teeth or if she’s having a bad hair day.”

― Farrah Abraham

“I’m personally bored with all the hate and have a wonderful, healthy life with my daughter.”

― Farrah Abraham

“Nothing I have ever done has made my future worse, my parents’ life worse, my daughter’s life worse.”

― Farrah Abraham

“I try to have all my songs relatable for my daughter in a fun and upbeat way that has a meaning.”

― Farrah Abraham

“When you go through the death of somebody who you care about, and taking on moving, bills, and a daughter, it makes you feel older. You learn a lot about life.”

― Farrah Abraham

“When it was over my daughter said, ‘Oh, I felt so sorry for him – he didn’t want to hurt you, he liked you.’ That was Victoria. When you visualize him up there on top of the Empire State Building, you do feel sorry for him.”

― Fay Wray

“It was so satisfying for me – a great reward, just to see it done well. And it was beautifully directed by my daughter Susan Riskin. Imagine, a play about my mother directed by my daughter?!”

― Fay Wray

“My mother’s passion for something more, to write a different destiny for a dirt-poor farmer’s daughter, was to shape my entire life.”

― Faye Dunaway

“My grandmother has dementia, and my mother is looking after her as her primary caregiver. Seeing their relationship has had a profound impact, seeing how tough it is for both of them and seeing how the roles change and how my mother has gone from being a daughter to being the mother.”

― Felicity Jones

“When you are a father, when you talk to your son or your daughter for the first time, they don’t understand you. Of course, you have patience, and you keep talking to them, and eventually they do understand.”

― Fernandinho

“I’m a ’70s mom, and my daughter is a ’90s mom. I know a lot of women my age who are real computer freaks.”

― Florence Henderson

“I’m a different person. I don’t want to be titled as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter. I want to be thought of as Frances Cobain.”

― Frances Bean Cobain

“When I look at my daughter, who’s 24, she is much more confident than I ever was and her expectations are higher. But I worry that there is a backlash brewing against progress on equality.”

― Frances O’Grady

“Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority.”

― Francis Bacon

“I have much to learn from my daughter Sofia. Her minimalism exposes my limitations: I’m too instinctive and operatic, I put too much heart into my work, I get lost sometimes in bizarre things – it’s my Italian heritage.”

― Francis Ford Coppola

“Being married to a daughter of India is a natural complement of my being in this country for 30 years. My roots are very much in this country, even though I remain a Westerner.”

― Francois Gautier

“If you’re a father of a child who dies, it’s an experience that never leaves you. It scars you forever and ever and ever. And so when I do any kind of story with somebody who’s in the same position as my daughter was, there’s no question that something comes out of me and embraces that story in a way that only a father who lost a child could.”

― Frank Deford

“Because I lost a daughter, eight years old, to cystic fibrosis, I think that anytime that I’m dealing with people who, like Andrea Yeager, are trying to help those sick children, I identify very much with them.”

― Frank Deford

“I never think I’m old enough to play someone’s dad, even though I have a daughter of my own and a grandson.”

― Fred Willard

“I don’t know what my daughter will become.”

― Freddie Prinze, Jr.

“Until 1943 I received no stipend. I was able to support myself as my mother was the daughter of a relatively wealthy cotton manufacturer.”

― Frederick Sanger

“I’m on a group chat with my dad which he named ‘Dearest Daughter’. It’s so sweet because I don’t think he really understands that a group chat normally has more than two people but I love chatting with him in it anyway.”

― Freya Ridings

“Art is the daughter of freedom.”

― Friedrich Schiller

“I want a daughter no matter what.”

― G-Dragon

“I want to have daughter, and if I do, I want to make sure she learns ballet.”

― G-Dragon

“I’m not a big fan of doing what my mother wants me to do, like any daughter.”

― Gabourey Sidibe

“I am Gabrielle Anwar: mother, lover, daughter, sister, friend, and creator in the pursuit of happiness.”

― Gabrielle Anwar

“Looking back, I’m so proud to have gone to five Olympics – I believe only three other Americans have achieved that. My true gold medal, though, is my daughter, Karsen, who is 18 months old. And I have a wonderful husband, Mike.”

― Gail Devers

“It was my very good fortune to find a mentor, Clay Felker, who started my career at the ‘New York Magazine’ as a freelance writer when I had to quit my job at the ‘Herald Tribune’ to stay home with my young daughter.”

― Gail Sheehy

“I did not give my daughter the kind of childhood anybody would want. The vision of the divided loyalty between a mother and father who don’t live together and don’t share in decisions is a great depravation for children.”

― Gail Sheehy

“I live for my daughter. Every decision I make is about her and for her. It’s great. She’s perfect.”

― Gareth Gates

“I haven’t been the best boyfriend or husband, and that means I don’t get to spend every day with my daughter.”

― Gareth Gates

“The father of a daughter is nothing but a high-class hostage. A father turns a stony face to his sons, berates them, shakes his antlers, paws the ground, snorts, runs them off into the underbrush, but when his daughter puts her arm over his shoulder and says, ‘Daddy, I need to ask you something,’ he is a pat of butter in a hot frying pan.”

― Garrison Keillor

“It’s the sweetest thing to be a parent of a daughter. When they hit their twenties, they become these lovebugs that come back. It’s just so sweet.”

― Garth Brooks

“Women would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital than stay all night at work, working on a proposal, because they’re less ambitious.”

― Gavin McInnes

“My daughter’s met Hillary Clinton, so she’s got a strong bias. But she, of course, parrots me and goes, ‘Oh, Donald Trump, I don’t like him!’ I’m like, ‘That’s good!’”

― Gavin Newsom

“I wrote my first novel when my daughter was about six months old.”

― Gayle Forman

“I don’t often think of Donald Trump, but his daughter is very smart. She’s a woman working in real estate, which is predominantly men, and she’s both savvy and articulate about her business and her business acumen.”

― Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

“When my friends and I would act out movies as kids, we’d play the guys’ roles, since they had the most interesting things to do. Decades later, I can hardly believe my sons and daughter are seeing many of the same limited choices in current films.”

― Geena Davis

“I noticed that when my daughter was born, my son really, really liked her. But then as she started getting older, and as she started crawling around our house and touching different things that were his, sibling rivalry issues started appearing.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“The main cause of my difficulties stemmed from the tragedy of my daughter’s unsound birth and my inability to face my feelings.”

― Gene Tierney

“When she was too young to resist, or even to understand, I turned my daughter into a lifelong, rabid Yankees fan.”

― Gene Weingarten

“I had a daughter and lost her a long while ago. That’s too sad a story to go into.”

― Gene Wilder

“I don’t think anybody can totally change what they are. I’d always been a strident individual, but cancer does smooth off a lot of the edges. I have been lucky to have survived an extra 12 years of my life with my wife and daughter.”

― Geoffrey Boycott

“It was nice to play something that felt a little more muted or internalized in ‘The Daughter.’”

― Geoffrey Rush

“My Swedish grandmother was the daughter of a dairy farmer who lived near Hedemora. My Swedish grandfather worked as a clerk for the Swedish railways in the Stockholm station.”

― George Akerlof

“My sons are black, and my daughter is Latina.”

― George Pelecanos

“There came to port last Sunday night the queerest little craft, without an inch of rigging on; I looked and looked – and laughed. It seemed so curious that she should cross the unknown water, and moor herself within my room – my daughter! O my daughter!”

― George Washington Cable

“When I was a teenager I hated having Bloomberg as a last name and being seen simply as someone’s daughter. I used to shy away from it in every way. As I got older, I began to realize that it was something I could use to make a difference in the causes I cared about. I learned to be proud of my last name.”

― Georgina Bloomberg

“I make sure I carve out time to be with my daughter.”

― Georgina Chapman

“We don’t leave home without my daughter’s doll La-La. She looks like a bit of a rag, but India is obsessed with her.”

― Georgina Chapman

“I always have a camera now that I’ve got a kid, but I don’t think I’ve got one picture of anyone other than my daughter.”

― Georgina Chapman

“My daughter is the biggest gift; I’ve said it so many times and it sounds like a cliche, but the thing about being a parent is when you think you’ve cracked it, and you’re on top of your game, they change again and you have to catch up and adjust. I feel such a responsibility to instill good values in her, to be polite, to have discipline.”

― Geri Halliwell

“I love being on the beach – it’s my favourite place. I can chill out, read, listen to music, play with my daughter.”

― Geri Halliwell

“I obviously want to give a healthy body image to my own daughter. I think having good examples, eating properly, that’s all one can do – and just be really loving around her. I’ve tried to give her confidence in who she is. I think she’s all right in the confidence department.”

― Geri Halliwell

“Although I never married, my brother fortunately did, and I have had the pleasure of watching his three sons and daughter grow up. Several of them now have children of their own. We have been a close-knit family, although often separated by distance, and have shared each other’s happiness, sorrows, and aspirations.”

― Gertrude B. Elion

“I’m currently raising a 15 year old son and an 18 year old daughter, which a guess is my punishment for a wild youth!”

― Gil Gerard

“You know what has made me the happiest I’ve ever been? Seeing my son and daughter graduate from college. More than wanting them to be educated, I wanted them to be nice people. To see that they have become both is just a wonderful thing.”

― Gil Scott-Heron

“Very quickly, I discovered I did not have what it takes to be a good crime reporter: I was too unassertive and a little bit wimpy. It was very clear that was not what I was going to do, but I loved journalism, and I’m the daughter of a film professor, and my mom taught reading.”

― Gillian Flynn

“I want to be able to look my daughter’s teacher in the eye and say, ‘Your pension will be there.’ I need to know that her pension will match up with a promise we can keep.”

― Gina Raimondo

“What I will not do is continue to perpetuate stereotypes. I’m the daughter of a maid; why do I have to also play a maid? My mom was a maid so I didn’t have to be a maid.”

― Gina Rodriguez

“My hope for my daughter is that she has the courage to at least try to do it all, to be kind to herself when it all doesn’t come together perfectly, and to follow her dreams.”

― Gina Torres

“It’s easier to be the granddaughter of an icon than her daughter.”

― Ginevra Elkann

“I’m a model as a job. I’m Gisele, the daughter of Valdir and Vania. I’m a woman; I am a model. When I go home and shut the door, that’s it.”

― Gisele Bundchen

“We moved to Los Angeles because our daughter wanted to go to Pepperdine.”

― Glen Campbell

“When I met Mrs. Clinton, I met the mom that she is, I met the daughter that she is, I met the grandma that she is.”

― GloZell

“I’m thankful that my daughter’s father has allowed me to do what I do because that really makes a difference. I do believe a woman can have it all.”

― Goapele

“I’d been doing shows, but I slowed down because I had a daughter and got to spend some time having more of a family life.”

― Goapele

“There are some parents who always have their daughter’s hair whipped. Mine wasn’t always like that, but I appreciate that both my parents were into me having natural hair, so they did find Anota Scott, who I was going to for my cornrows and wrapping last year and a couple years before that.”

― Goapele

“I’m extremely proud of my daughter. She’s done amazing work. She’s worked on herself, which I think is important.”

― Goldie Hawn

“At her birthday, my seven-year-old daughter will say that she wants these big cakes and certain expensive toys as presents, and I can’t say no to her. It would just break my heart. But when I was little, for birthdays we just played outside and we were happy if we got any cake.”

― Goran Ivanisevic

“Every convert is a son or daughter of God.”

― Gordon B. Hinckley

“We take our kids for physical vaccinations, dental exams, eye checkups. When do we think to take our – our son or daughter for a mental health checkup?”

― Gordon Smith

“Romantic scenes are a part of Bollywood cinema, and if the script demands some kind of intimacy, I have no issues with my daughter doing those scenes.”

― Govinda

“My husband used to shout at my mother, ‘What is wrong with your daughter? I’m married to a man.’”

― Grace Jones

“As the daughter of immigrants, growing up in New York City, you are either at the table or on the menu.”

― Grace Meng

“With my daughter, who at the time was one, my domestic life needed to take more precedent and really with my own self I needed to develop quite a bit more. So that put Blur down the list of priorities quite a lot by the time I came to thinking about it.”

― Graham Coxon

“I had a breakthrough, I think my life just became calmer, I gave up drinking. My priorities changed as I had a young daughter. The group didn’t want me to record for the Think Tank album… so I took it as a sign to leave.”

― Graham Coxon

“I don’t have any labels for myself, really. Sometimes, when I am out with my wife, I am just Mr. Thompson. Or at my daughter’s school, I’m Gaia’s dad. I don’t think of myself as Greg Wise, actor.”

― Greg Wise

“There are a lot of love stories in ‘Maggie’s Plan,’ but the deepest, truly romantic one is between Maggie and her daughter.”

― Greta Gerwig

“I don’t know any woman who has a simple relationship with their mother or with their daughter.”

― Greta Gerwig

“I have done everything I can to make sure my daughter knows her father because you form your own identity by rebelling against your parents – but first you have to know them.”

― Greta Scacchi

“I’d always vaguely expected to outgrow my limitations. One day, I’d stop twisting my hair, and wearing running shoes all the time, and eating exactly the same food every day. I’d remember my friends’ birthdays, I’d learn Photoshop, I wouldn’t let my daughter watch TV during breakfast. I’d read Shakespeare.”

― Gretchen Rubin

“I don’t want to be ignorant in my daughter’s eyes.”

― Gretchen Wilson

“My daughter is a redneck woman, she’s a redneck girl.”

― Gretchen Wilson

“Too many people feel that where you start out dictates where you should end up. I was on welfare and just shy of 19 when my first daughter was born, but I was encouraged to take advantage of my ability and drive and remained in school.”

― Gwen Moore

“My life comes down to three moments: the death of my father, meeting my husband, and the birth of my daughter. Everything I did previous to that just doesn’t seem to add up to very much.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow

“I just had a baby. I’m not going to work unless it’s something really special and meaningful, because I can’t imagine missing all that time with my daughter.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow

“I had long known the story of Aaron Burr, but when I heard about his remarkable daughter, Theodosia, about the relationship between the two and about her tragic disappearance, I knew I wanted to tell their story.”

― H. W. Brands

“I haven’t given any thought to collaborating with my sisters. It would be great fun. My daughter Molly is a wonderful writer – someday I’d love to collaborate with her.”

― Hallie Ephron

“There are so many female roles – particularly for young women – that are just somebody’s girlfriend or somebody’s daughter, or that are accessories to the main story rather than being three-dimensional characters.”

― Hannah Murray

“Even when I lost my job at CBS News, I set up shop in my youngest daughter’s bedroom and started Brainstormin’ Productions and the Hannah Storm Foundation. And guess who was there, visiting me and enthusiastically making business charts and graphs that covered my entire kitchen table? My dad, of course.”

― Hannah Storm

“I think a dad has to make his daughter feel that he’s genuinely interested in what she’s going through.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“Now we’ve got a little daughter; me and the missus won’t talk about football as much.”

― Harry Kane

“Donald Trump is not a 71-year-old white man. He is an Indian uncle. He wears suits that don’t fit; he can’t speak English properly. He works with his idiotic sons; he hates women but loves his daughter. He makes up words when he gets angry. He is an Indian uncle.”

― Hasan Minhaj

“My children love everything that sparkles. My boys just go with everything and make it their own, but my daughter is a little upset because she is 9 and I only go to 5, so sometimes she squeezes herself into a five, and she is trying to make that work because she wants to wear it, too.”

― Heidi Klum

“Movie acting is a great job for your twenties: You travel all over, you have affairs with people, and you throw yourself into one part and then another. It gets more challenging as you get older, and it’s not just having a daughter, it’s wanting to have your own life and be yourself.”

― Helen Hunt

“I do eat well. I try to love my body. That is what I tell my daughter. I say, ‘Love every bite of food. Love your body. We’re all going to be dead soon.’ Actually I don’t say that last thing to her.”

― Helen Hunt

“But the truth is I wanted to have my daughter for so long. It’s not the kind of thing you can visit, motherhood. Especially in the early years. Now she’s eight, and I’m still not going to go anywhere.”

― Helen Hunt

“I worked before I had my daughter, enough for three actresses.”

― Helen Hunt

“I think if my daughter was interested in acting, I would find ways for her to act in theater that has to do with her school or a kids’ improvisational thing. There are ways to do it where you’re not on a movie set with 60 adults, which I loved at the time, but as a parent, I don’t know that I’d be dying to put her in that spot.”

― Helen Hunt

“I am less selfish. But I am more insistent on being part of the creative experience. I find I am a better mother, lover and wife when I am writing. When my daughter was small I wasn’t writing as much and I didn’t miss it.”

― Helen Slater

“I covered Kennedy when she was three years old and the darling daughter of President Kennedy who doted on her and whose mother did everything to protect her from the prying press.”

― Helen Thomas

“Youngsters are coming up with so many new ideas and doing small budget films, which is good. Even my daughter thinks of some subjects that are strange and different. But when I discussed it with some writers, they said it’s fantastic. So I think young people are able to think something different. It’s great!”

― Hema Malini

“Esha can’t have it easy just because she is my daughter. I have to be strict.”

― Hema Malini

“There is no employing class, no working class, no farming class. You may pigeonhole a man or woman as a farmer or a worker or a professional man or an employer or even a banker. But the son of the farmer will be a doctor or a worker or even a banker, and his daughter a teacher. The son of a worker will be an employer – or maybe president.”

― Herbert Hoover

“Tonight, tonight we’ve reached a milestone in our nation’s march toward a more perfect union: the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. Standing here, standing here as my mother’s daughter, and my daughter’s mother, I’m so happy this day has come.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I’ve been in the hospital once when I had my daughter, and, oh, when I broke my elbow, but other than that, I’ve been very fortunate.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I want to work with my husband and my daughter on our mutual foundation interests.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I don’t want to be too strict, because I think kids can get rebellious, but I want to raise my daughter to be passionate about doing good things and pursuing real things and hobbies instead of frivolous materialistic stuff.”

― Holly Madison

“I want my daughter to be proud of me and look up to me. I think early on in my pregnancy I realized that to be the mom I want to be, I had to change my life, and that’s what I’m doing.”

― Holly Madison

“Both my husband and I wanted a boy. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with a daughter. What if she asked for a Barbie? I would have been like, ‘Honey, we don’t support Barbie because she isn’t an accurate depiction of a woman’s body.’”

― Holly Marie Combs

“I have a son, but I’ve never had a daughter. I have a sister, and my sister had a fairly tempestuous relationship with my dad when she was young, and that was gripping and sometimes upsetting.”

― Howard Jacobson

“My son is trying to be a sports writer, and my daughter is a college student. She wants to be a comedy writer, and she’s at film school. I discouraged both of them early on from getting involved in Starbucks. I didn’t think it would be fair; plus, they didn’t have any interest anyway.”

― Howard Schultz

“I had a kiss with Raquel Welch’s daughter – she was a very naughty kisser.”

― Hugh Grant

“When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.”

― Hugh Jackman

“I feel so lucky to have both a son and a daughter, because there’s a different relationship with each of them.”

― Hugh Jackman

“My daughter said, ‘I don’t think granddad really suits you.’”

― Ian McShane

“I have a 15-year-old daughter who thinks that I always had this self confidence that I have now at the age of 60. And I always tell her that what she is going through – the low self-esteem as a teenager – that is a right of passage.”

― Iman

“My given name was Zahra, which is the ‘flower of the desert.’ I don’t look anything like the flower of the desert. My name was changed by my grandfather to Iman, which means ‘have faith.’ And it meant to have faith that a daughter would come.”

― Iman

“When my daughter Zulekha was born, I was at the pinnacle of my working life as a model, and I pulled myself in two trying to cope with being both a mother and a career girl.”

― Iman

“As long as my daughter likes me, I’m good.”

― Iman Shumpert

“I think the first 10 years of my daughter’s life were my mother’s happiest, because she could finally have carefree time with a kid.”

― Imelda Staunton

“At the end of the day, don’t forget that you’re a person, don’t forget you’re a mother, don’t forget you’re a wife, don’t forget you’re a daughter.”

― Indra Nooyi

“When I was a kid, I would come home from school, throw my bag, go out to play. My daughter comes home from school, throws her bag, goes to play, but sitting in front of the computer because their definition of play has changed. They don’t go out to play. They play on the computer with their friends.”

― Indra Nooyi

“I have been a foreigner all my life, first as a daughter of diplomats, then as a political refugee and now as an immigrant in the U.S. I have had to leave everything behind and start anew several times, and I have lost most of my extended family.”

― Isabel Allende

“Feminism is dated? Yes, for privileged women like my daughter and all of us here today, but not for most of our sisters in the rest of the world who are still forced into premature marriage, prostitution, forced labor – they have children that they don’t want or they cannot feed.”

― Isabel Allende

“I have lived with passion and in a hurry, trying to accomplish too many things. I never had time to think about my beliefs until my 28-year-old daughter Paula fell ill. She was in a coma for a year, and I took care of her at home until she died in my arms in December of 1992.”

― Isabel Allende

“I never had time to think about my beliefs until my 28-year-old daughter Paula fell ill. She was in a coma for a year, and I took care of her at home until she died in my arms in December of 1992.”

― Isabel Allende

“It’s very difficult, I would imagine, to distinguish father and daughter. And maybe some of it comes as I’m doing my thing and my father being a very strong political African figure for so many years. Whatever he does is almost like some kind of cloud on top.”

― Isabel dos Santos

“Well, I’m a daughter of the great migration as, really, the majority of African Americans that you meet in the north and west are products of the great migration. It’s that massive. Many of us owe our very existence to the fact that people migrated.”

― Isabel Wilkerson

“I filmed the ‘Sicario’ sequel ‘Soldado’ with Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin. That was cool. I play the female lead. I’m the bad guy’s daughter.”

― Isabela Moner

“I am the daughter of Mr. Neo-realism: I should gravitate towards narrative simply told, character, the truth. And I do love those movies.”

― Isabella Rossellini

“I hope that my daughter grows up empowered and doesn’t define herself by the way she looks but by qualities that make her a intelligent, strong and responsible woman.”

― Isaiah Mustafa

“Raising a daughter is hard work. There’s no other way to describe it for me.”

― Isaiah Mustafa

“It’s about a father and daughter and the daughter’s friend and her relationship with her current husband.”

― Ismail Merchant

“My oldest daughter is a pianist; she plays concerts. We play together, also.”

― Itzhak Perlman

“Sevilla are so important in my life: I met my wife there, our daughter was born there, we have a home there, and we’ll go back.”

― Ivan Rakitic

“A timeless piece of jewelry, like pearls or stud earrings, has lasting value. I bought a vintage ring for $600 with my first paycheck; I plan to pass it down to my daughter.”

― Ivanka Trump

“If people think I’m just the boss’s daughter, they’re deceived.”

― Ivanka Trump

“I’ve successfully convinced others to let me redevelop the historic Old Post Office Pavilion on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. I also led the acquisition of the iconic 800-acre Doral Resort & Spa from my hospital bed after giving birth to my daughter, Arabella.”

― Ivanka Trump

“I’m a daughter, not a clone. So, of course, daughters often disagree with things their fathers say. But I share my viewpoints with him privately, not publicly. I’m not the candidate.”

― Ivanka Trump

“Well the beauty of ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ is that men are in every show. To our surprise, some of the deepest healing demonstrations have been with the men – the sons, the fathers, the husbands – because they agree to participate with the wife or the daughter or whatever it is we are looking at, and it is there.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

“In 2002, my daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of colon cancer. And it was such a shock, a surprise to us.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

“I’m so lucky to be in a situation that I can always have my daughter with me.”

― Izabella Scorupco

“I may be boring, but it would be to wake up by my dog and then my daughter.”

― Izabella Scorupco

“After filming I like to go home and lie down with my daughter and have a glass of wine so I don’t really socialize with the other actors.”

― Izabella Scorupco

“I get a lot of letters that say, ‘I’m a normal, down-to-earth girl. I love to cook, and I love sports.’ What I also get are letters from a whole bunch of moms saying, ‘My daughter is awesome,’ and, ‘My daughter is a great daughter.’”

― J. J. Watt

“I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

― J. K. Rowling

“Everyone I know thinks television is the most important part of my life. I did it for the money! I was able to send my daughter to college.”

― Jack Germond

“I have a daughter, Hanna, and I never read fairy tales to her. But I did tell her bedtime tales and made up many tales involving ‘Gory the Goblin’ and other creatures that I borrowed from the Grimms’ tales and other tales I knew.”

― Jack Zipes

“God is in my heart; I see God in my daughter and my mother.”

― Jackie Shroff

“Family is always first. Even though my kids are older – my son is 25 and my daughter is 21 – I still like to sit down and have dinner with them as much as I can.”

― Jaclyn Smith

“When I first decided to launch a clothing line, I was pregnant with my daughter Spencer-Margaret, so I looked for a retailer with values that mirrored my own growing family concerns. Kmart is a family store where value-conscious moms shop, so my partnership with Kmart seemed like a natural fit.”

― Jaclyn Smith

“This June, I’ll travel once again to the Food and Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen, Colorado. For many years, my dear friend Julia Child and I have teamed up to teach classes together at the event; for the past seven years, my daughter, Claudine, has been my cooking partner on stage.”

― Jacques Pepin

“I cooked at the White House for Easter, last year, with Michelle Obama. But it more had to do with cooking from the organic garden, and her message. I took my daughter and granddaughter there, and they were really charming, it was great.”

― Jacques Pepin

“The script that I fell in love with and adored was ‘Jane the Virgin’… but every line in the pilot was essentially, ‘Why did you keep my daughter a secret all of these years?’ I didn’t know any direction my character was going – was it going to be a dramatic character, a comedic character? – I didn’t know.”

― Jaime Camil

“I don’t know anybody that has a teenage son or daughter who at some point hasn’t been like, ‘God, I hate them’ just under their breath. It’s not meant to be literal. It’s funny.”

― Jaime Pressly

“I was given such a great gift. It’s a miracle that never stops amazing me and reminding me to give thanks, every day. Having a wife and daughter gives me a lot more purpose. I was much more selfish before, but now I think about what kind of role model I’ll be. I just want to be a better man.”

― Jake Owen

“I have a wife and a son and daughter. What do I need to do to make their lives better, happier? What can I do in terms of my time or my attention given that I am very busy at work? That’s a personal rule of thumb I live by from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed.”

― Jake Tapper

“It is true that I am a writer, and I was married to a composer, and I have lived in a small village in New England, but my children are not named Heracles and Persephone, and my daughter doesn’t disappear underground every six months and emerge in the spring.”

― Jamaica Kincaid

“My daughter is wonderful and incredibly well behaved. I am very lucky. She will always be my priority.”

― Jamelia

“A conviction that you are a daughter of God gives you a feeling of comfort in your self-worth. It means that you can find strength in the balm of Christ. It will help you meet the heartaches and challenges with faith and serenity.”

― James E. Faust

“Each woman brings her own separate, unique strengths to the family and the Church. Being a daughter of God means that if you seek it, you can find your true identity.”

― James E. Faust

“I was a youngish man entering fatherhood when we wrote ‘Woods,’ a patchwork of classic fairy tales with an original tale sewn in. I had dedicated my libretto to my baby daughter.”

― James Lapine

“If you meet your heroes, you’re always going to be disappointed. Frederick Douglass was a great man, but would I want my daughter to marry him? Probably not. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think he’s a great man.”

― James McBride

“Some people think that your life changes for the worse when you become a father, but on the contrary, when my daughter was born, she brought light and joy into my life.”

― James Rodriguez

“Connecting with my daughter is the most important thing in my life – the priority. I want to be a man who shows up for her. I want to have such a big influence on her, so that she knows she can call me about anything, which she does.”

― Jamie Foxx

“ and I performed at Wango Tango. That’s when my daughter said that I had made it in music.”

― Jamie Foxx

“So, am I friendly with my daughter and her friends? Yes. Am I their friend? No. Does she shut the door? Yes, and I very much support the shut door.”

― Jamie Lee Curtis

“I guess I want very much to be recognized for my abilities, for the work I put in, and yet it’s still always there – who my parents were. As much as I love my parents, if that was the last thing ever said about me – that I was their daughter – I would be disappointed that my contributions weren’t strong enough on their own.”

― Jamie Lee Curtis

“I needed to really grow up myself so I could be the woman that my daughter deserves.”

― Jamie Lynn Spears

“President Trump proclaimed ‘America First’ from the inauguration stage. As an American Jew and daughter of immigrants, that slogan makes me shiver.”

― Jan Schakowsky

“My first husband, John Barry, was a composer. I couldn’t believe that this sophisticated, talented genius chose me and not any of the other girls. I was so flattered, so excited, so in love with him. Of course, my parents were horrified, as he’d been married once and had a daughter with the au pair girl.”

― Jane Birkin

“I have never written a book about my life, despite being offered purses of gold. I made ‘Boxes’ because I wanted to make a sincere depiction of a daughter who has lost her father, or the jealousy one can feel towards a daughter who has become more beautiful than you and whose stepfather starts to take her shopping.”

― Jane Birkin

“I had a daughter who was 9 years old and I had the feeling I wasn’t going to be a real parent if I didn’t quit making movies for a while and spend time with her. I also felt that I’d made enough movies and said what I had to say at the time.”

― Jane Campion

“The best novel I wrote was one called ‘Crusoe’s Daughter,’ which never won any prizes. But I was getting somewhere in that. I’m not sure I have in any of the others.”

― Jane Gardam

“Claire Hodgson, born Clara Mae Merritt, was the daughter of a prominent Georgia attorney who had once represented Ty Cobb. She was still a teenager when she married Frank Hodgson, a gentleman caller nearly twice her age.”

― Jane Leavy

“About the time I turned 50, I experienced the profound biological change that often accompanies women at that age. Also, I put two kids in college and lost both of my parents, so I’m no longer somebody’s daughter.”

― Jane Pauley

“My youngest son becomes an award-winning nature photographer, and I cannot resist writing poems to his pictures. My daughter loves to cook, though I do not. Yet together, we write a cookbook with fairy tales. And now a second.”

― Jane Yolen

“I like to give my daughter some rope and let her make her own decisions.”

― Jason Bateman

“My wife may be the role model for our daughter in some ways, but I think I represent what she’ll put up with. You know, I think one day she’ll say, ‘OK my dad behaved this way, so if whoever I happen to fall in love with behaves this way it’s got to be OK because I love my dad.’”

― Jason Isbell

“What having a child – and especially a daughter – has done is lifted more of the veil for me: allowed me to see things on another level compared to how I used to see them.”

― Jason Isbell

“I’m a Batman fan from Day 1. My daughter’s favorite is Wonder Woman, and my son loves The Flash, Cyborg, and Superman.”

― Jason Momoa

“My kids are always like, ‘Why do people always want to take pictures with you?’ and I’m like, ‘Because I’m your Dada, and you’re my daughter. That’s why.’ It’s definitely mostly because of ‘Game of Thrones.’”

― Jason Momoa

“When I go home, I’m not the DA. I talk to my son about his day, I talk to my daughter about her day. I’m a wife and a mother.”

― Jeanine Pirro

“I didn’t want to be the daughter of the crazy people.”

― Jeannette Walls

“I turned down a movie this summer because it was nine weeks in Vancouver and my oldest daughter is 14. I’ve got four more summers with her. I’m not giving away nine weeks of her summer to go do a silly movie.”

― Jeff Foxworthy

“During ‘Anna Christie,’ the biggest challenge I had was working with my daughter and sort of not stopping and asking an audience member for a camera to record the moment.”

― Jeff Perry

“For my daughter I would suffer through a thousand divorces, a million uncomfortable phone calls, a trillion emotionally fraught text messages.”

― Jeffrey Zeldman

“My daughter loves stories about my childhood, and we both love discussing women’s issues. She’s a wise and mature ten-year-old.”

― Jeffrey Zeldman

“Childfree women are actually great assets to the planet. Our carbon footprint is smaller than a mom’s! And we have enough money to write checks to organizations that help kids get vaccinations, vitamins, and educations yet have plenty of free time to advise your daughter that one day she will regret piercing her lip.”

― Jen Kirkman

“When I visited my family in Virginia, I tracked down my seventh-grade best friend and sat in TGI Fridays near a mall for hours, laughing while her daughter took insane-looking selfies on my phone.”

― Jenna Wortham

“Cancer affects all of us, whether you’re a daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, doctor, patient.”

― Jennifer Aniston

“I had an emerald ring that my mother gave me four or five years before she died. She wore it always, I wore it always, and I have given it to my daughter, and she wears it always. This ring belonged originally to my great, great grandfather. It’s well over 150 years old.”

― Jennifer Johnston

“I am a lover. And with my kids I am even softer. I realize with my son, I have to sometimes be tough, especially now when he’s pushing boundaries. With my daughter, I can get a little stern with her and she pretty much will listen.”

― Jennifer Lopez

“Although in my life the level of loss has never reached the extremes it does in ‘The Winter People,’ I certainly can identify with being both a daughter longing for her mother and being a mother who is almost scared by the intensity of her love for her daughter.”

― Jennifer McMahon

“I don’t particularly like being angry about stuff. I’d rather hang out with my daughter and write my little books.”

― Jennifer Weiner

“My daughter has always had a strong sense of her own identity. From the day she was born her father and I were in love with and in awe of her and still are.”

― Jenny Eclair

“I’m very jealous of my daughter’s education. She’s been inspired by her teachers, and nobody inspired me as a teenager.”

― Jenny Eclair

“When my daughter was young, she thought all electronic signs were mine.”

― Jenny Holzer

“Young girls – like friends of my daughter’s – always ask if we do prom dresses, and we do dresses that would be lovely, but £2,000 isn’t realistic for most girls. The Debenhams collection will hopefully be great for that sort of event because the price point is much lower.”

― Jenny Packham

“I knew I was going to love my daughter, but I had no idea how much I would love her.”

― Jeremy Sisto

“All I know is that once you have children, you put them before anything you’re feeling or going through. Today, my daughter walked into the room and I said, ‘I love you, baby,’ and she said, ‘Well, I don’t like you,’ and I said to my wife, ‘The meaner she is to me, the more I love her.’”

― Jeremy Sisto

“I did research when I was pregnant with my first daughter and was horrified by the chemicals in products, even those meant for babies. I would have to go to 50 different places just to get my house and my kid clean.”

― Jessica Alba

“I was in Girls’ Generation because of luck, and fortunately, Girls’ Generation received a lot of love. I would want to help my daughter walk a different career path.”

― Jessica Jung

“If, later on, my daughter wants to be in a girl group, then I think I am going to oppose.”

― Jessica Jung

“I love being a mother. I loved being a daughter, a sister, a wife. I love being a woman with men. I love having given birth.”

― Jessica Lange

“As a new mother, you’re so vulnerable and make mistakes all the time. I guess there’s more pressure when you’re in the public eye, but I’d never stand by and let anyone exploit my daughter.”

― Jessica Marais

“Ten days after my ‘one-step’ reconstruction, I was on the beach with my daughter.”

― Jessica St. Clair

“I hope that by modeling feminism in my own life, work and relationships that it will haut become an organic part of my daughter’s life. But I’m also fully prepared for her to become a Republican as a way to rebel as a teenager – that would be just my luck!”

― Jessica Valenti

“My daughter, I’m proud to say, is senior vice president of ABC Family network. She could hire and fire me. She has hired me, but she has not fired me.”

― Jessica Walter

“I want everybody to think I’m a hard worker as an aunt, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a niece, everything. I want to be great at every role, because every role in my life is as important as being Jessie J.”

― Jessie J

“I hate those unrealistic goals that people place on women. It’s just not right. It took us nine months to have our babies and put on this weight. I gained 55 pounds with my daughter, so I get it. It’s tough. But you can’t just pop out a baby and expect to be the size you were before. It just doesn’t work like that.”

― Jessie James Decker

“When I was pregnant with my daughter Vivianne, I gained 55 lbs. I was so swollen. I craved anything that would make any woman gain a ton of weight, and I was sick for five months straight.”

― Jessie James Decker

“I think that what I have been truly searching for as a person, as a writer, as a thinker, as a daughter, is freedom. That is my mission. A sense of liberty, the liberty that comes not only from self-awareness but also from letting go of many things. Many things that weigh us down.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I started spending time at stables with my daughter while she was riding. I was reminded of my love for the form and different aspects of the horse. Then I thought about the bit, halter, and bridle in terms of how we harness and ride this animal. There were a lot of interesting elements to explore.”

― Jill Greenberg

“As ecstatic as I was at the birth of my daughter, I felt selfish bringing her, and later my son, into our screwed-up world.”

― Jill Greenberg

“I never walk into a room and say, ‘Hi! I am Vanessa Williams’ daughter.’ It helps me to become more authentic.”

― Jillian Hervey

“My wife Cecily Adams was dying of cancer, my daughter Madeline was struggling to overcome an autism diagnosis, and my father was dying, all at the same time. Writing the journal was a cathartic experience, and an extremely positive one.”

― Jim Beaver

“Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla.”

― Jim Bishop

“My mother was a professional sick person; she took a lot of pain pills. There are many people like that. It’s just how they are used to getting attention. I always remember she’s the daughter of alcoholics who’d leave her alone at Christmas time.”

― Jim Carrey

“Creative people don’t behave very well generally. If you’re looking for examples of good relationships in show business, you’re gonna be depressed real fast. I don’t have time for anything else right now but work and my daughter. She’s my first priority.”

― Jim Carrey

“My daughter wrote a book called ‘Kelly Tough’ when she was 19 years old. It’s a must-read.”

― Jim Kelly

“In 2014, when my wife, Courtney, was expecting our daughter and we were contemplating a name, I said, ‘How about Finley?’ Only after Courtney said that she loved the name did I reveal that it was inspired by an aspect of Samuel Finley Brown Morse.”

― Jim Nantz

“I walk fast. I have an aversion to wasting time. My sense of constant motion is one of the reasons that my eldest daughter, Amy, nicknamed me ‘the Tasmanian Devil’ when she was in her teens.”

― Jim Webb

“I left the Pumpkins in 2010, and I just took a year off to hang with my family and be with my daughter and my son and my wife, and just get acclimatised to being off the road. Then I started looking at what was going to be the next part of my career/legacy, whatever you want to call it.”

― Jimmy Chamberlin

“I like to cook. We always sit down together, my daughter and I, and have dinner – baked chicken breast or a piece of fish with green beans, rice or potatoes. And I love pasta.”

― Jo Marie Payton

“Since God had commanded it, it was necessary that I do it. Since God commanded it, even if I had a hundred fathers and mothers, even if I had been a King’s daughter, I would have gone nevertheless.”

― Joan of Arc

“Don’t tell your kids you had an easy birth or they won’t respect you. For years I used to wake up my daughter and say, ‘Melissa you ripped me to shreds. Now go back to sleep.’.”

― Joan Rivers

“I live at Gap Kids; I think they have the cutest stuff. I barely buy anything for myself, but my daughter has quite the collection.”

― Joanna Garcia

“My daughter, the one who lives nearby, is raising her children to be very much aware. We went on a nature walk on Monday; I’m learning so much from her.”

― Joanne Woodward

“I went to see President Nixon at the White House. It wasn’t difficult to get a meeting because I was heavyweight champion of the world. So I came to Washington and walked around the garden with Nixon, his wife and daughter. I said: I want you to give Ali his licence back. I want to beat him up for you.”

― Joe Frazier

“In the case of Papa Pope, certainly he’s making his daughter’s world and the world of the republic a much better place.”

― Joe Morton

“I got to do something I never do, which is go to Starbucks and read ‘The New York Times’ until 7 a.m. I took my daughter to school on the East Side, which was a lot of fun. And I admit I played Call of Duty, one of those war video games.”

― Joe Scarborough

“My daughter, Jennifer Grey, was in ‘Dirty Dancing,’ which was shot in the Catskill Mountains, where the great old Jewish entertainers used to appear. It was the first time she’d been to the Borscht Belt, and I don’t think she’s been back since.”

― Joel Grey

“I’d love to adopt, but having a daughter, Daisy, who’s in the middle of her teens, I’m now thinking: Is this a time to start all over again or is this a time to realise those child-rearing years are over?”

― Joely Richardson

“I was training in Spain for 15 months, and while I was there, my parents didn’t want to be halfway around the world away from their 14-year-old daughter. So they migrated to the U.K. because they had Hungarian passports, and that’s in the E.U., so they could work there.”

― Johanna Konta

“Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.”

― Johannes Kepler

“I found the iPad to be too large and heavy to use comfortably in casual situations (like reading in bed, for example), and too limited to use as a replacement for my laptop. By comparison, the Nexus 7 is just the right size for use anywhere – it’s very similar in size to my daughter’s Kindle Fire, but lighter.”

― John Battelle

“I am a father. My son’s name is Max and my daughter’s name is Billie Grace. Twelve years ago Max was born with Down Syndrome. His journey has been complicated by infantile seizures, sleep apnea, dietary challenges and now, puberty!”

― John C. McGinley

“I guess, over time, I had convinced myself that I could imagine what it would be like to lose a son or daughter. You try to imagine it so that you can write the right kind of letters or form the right words to try to comfort. But you can’t even come close. It is unimaginable.”

― John F. Kelly

“Prior to our daughter being born, I think getting married is another big step. That definitely settles things down personally.”

― John Isner

“Not watching TV gets me in a lot of trouble in my household because my wife and daughter have a lot of shows they like to watch.”

― John Jeremiah Sullivan

“I love feeling strong. You pick up your daughter with ease while everyone else makes a little grunt when they pick up their kids.”

― John Krasinski

“Every dad who loves his daughter is not going to want her to go with the penniless slacker loser poet bum, when she could go out with someone who’s successful.”

― John Leguizamo

“I only have two rules for my newly born daughter: she will dress well and never have sex.”

― John Malkovich

“When my last relationship broke up, I bought a house one door along from my ex so that our daughter could continue to see as much of both of us as possible. This seems to me eminently sane and civilised.”

― John Niven

“My daughter did this production of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ when she was younger, and this agent said she should work, and I said, ‘You know what? I’d rather just have her go to school.’”

― John Ritter

“My mother was a Northern woman, daughter of Hon. John Sergeant, a distinguished lawyer, and for many years representative in Congress from Philadelphia.”

― John Sergeant Wise

“Numerous things that go on such as the way Houston interacts with my family; we’re treated in a first-class way. They helped us when my wife lost our baby daughter in a miscarriage. They help with anything you ask of them because they are a very caring organization with positive attitudes about its players.”

― Johnathan Joseph

“It’s such a funny thing when you see your daughter transitioning from your baby, your little girl, to suddenly being a young woman. If you’re not really looking for it, you can miss it, and Lily-Rose is on that road already, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.”

― Johnny Depp

“The quality of life is so different in France. There is the possibility of living a simple life. I would never contemplate raising my daughter in LA. I would never raise any child there.”

― Johnny Depp

“America is dumb. It’s like a dumb puppy that has big teeth that can bite and hurt you – aggressive. My daughter is four; my boy is one. I’d like them to see America as a toy – a broken toy. Investigate it a little, check it out, get this feeling, and then get out.”

― Johnny Depp

“There are necessary evils. Money is an important thing in terms of representing freedom in our world. And now I have a daughter to think about. It’s really the first time I’ve thought about the future and what it could be.”

― Johnny Depp

“When my daughter was ill in Great Ormond Street, it was the darkest period of my life.”

― Johnny Depp

“It’s an odd thing when there is a fan page for my daughter who is not yet 13.”

― Johnny Depp

“Anything I’ve done up till May 27th 1999 was kind of an illusion, existing without living. My daughter, the birth of my daughter, gave me life.”

― Johnny Depp

“Women have always ruled my life, be it my mother, my wife, my assistant, or my daughter, so I don’t really fight with them. I relinquished control years ago.”

― Jon Bon Jovi

“When you’re single, you’re not beholden to anyone, and you can shut down more easily. In the past, I had the idea that I’d live in a caravan with a dog near a pub with no responsibilities. But now, when bad things happen in the world, I feel responsible for them because they’re going to impact on my daughter.”

― Jon Richardson

“Angelina is my daughter and I am always wishing her the best.”

― Jon Voight

“I lost my daughter at 21. I had to give her up because I was broke, no place to take her, no money to take her. That was very traumatic.”

― Joni Mitchell

“The songwriting was almost like something I did while I was waiting for my daughter to come back.”

― Joni Mitchell

“Whenever I grump when the alarm goes off, it’s immediately replaced by, ‘But I get to leave my office at 11 A.M. and be with my daughter all day.’”

― Josh Elliott

“It’s weird to say, but every time I look at my daughter and I see this little living breathing thing that came from me, that represents all of the hopes and dreams that I would want for her, I see a miracle.”

― Josh Gad

“I think the best thing I could ever teach my daughter is that she’s not an object or a trophy, and that she can trust in herself and believe in herself and that you are not your things, and you are not your job.”

― Josh Homme

“The one woman Trump does seem to totally respect is his daughter from his first marriage, Ivanka, on whom he heaps constant, effusive, at-times borderline creepy praise and physical affection.”

― Joy Reid

“My grandmother could never have written a memoir, so ‘The Gravedigger’s Daughter’ is a homage to her life, and to the lives of other young women of her generation, which are so rarely articulated.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“When faith did come, it came, I think, by way of my little paralyzed daughter. Her lifeless hands led me; I think her tiny feet still know beautiful paths.”

― Joyce Kilmer

“I believed my story would be helpful to young women my daughter’s age, who are still in the process of forming themselves as women, and in need of encouragement to remain true to themselves.”

― Joyce Maynard

“Obviously, my daughter’s my priority, so if you want to have plans with me and then my daughter calls, then I’m going to have to go with her.”

― Juan Pablo Galavis

“I would want to know if, at 15, if my daughter loves me the way she does right now. And if she’s proud of me, just because I want to be a good example for her, and seeing her grow and how much she loves Daddy saying ‘Daddy, te quiero mucho,’ which means ‘I like you a lot,’ those are the things that melt my heart.”

― Juan Pablo Galavis

“At the time I wrote ‘Forever,’ I had a 14-year-old daughter, and she was reading a lot of books about young love.”

― Judy Blume

“I know my daughter was dealt a very, very good birth card, but sometimes I feel like I want to honor the fact that she also drew a lottery that she didn’t get to choose, which is that there is this thing called Eventbrite in our lives, and it sometimes takes precedence.”

― Julia Hartz

“Getting over the stigma of needing to appear as if I do it all myself took about 12 months. I finally realized that the only way to be a successful, happy mother, founder, wife, and daughter was to accept the help that was being offered to me.”

― Julia Hartz

“I’ll be so excited to take my daughter to her first fashion show, but I think, for her, it’s best to wait until she’s old enough to appreciate it. Or, at least, until she can pronounce the designer’s names!”

― Julia Restoin Roitfeld

“I wanted to find a way to merge my taste as an art and creative director with my new little obsessions: babies and motherhood and all of that. So I began working on my website, Romy and the Bunnies, which is named after my daughter, Romy.”

― Julia Restoin Roitfeld

“We all need to take a deep breath and think about being a Bush daughter and having that cross to bear. I’d go out and have a couple of drinks too.”

― Julia Roberts

“In my life, it would probably be giving birth to my daughter. That probably is the most, the thing that moved me the most, was the most memorable, the most wonderful, the most miraculous. I think a lot of women would probably feel that way, too.”

― Julie Andrews

“I’m just honored that some of my little contributions I’ve written with my daughter are doing well.”

― Julie Andrews

“I keep seeing myself in my daughter, and I see my mother in me and in her. Bloody hell.”

― Julie Walters

“She calls me Aquaman, which is kind of embarrassing, having your daughter call you the name of a canceled show. When she’s being a little smarty-pants, she calls me Justin.”

― Justin Hartley

“I try to be as calm and as reassuring and a rock to my daughter as I possibly can be. I try to teach her everything that I never knew when I was her age, and I try to give her all the advantages and the things that I didn’t have when I was her age.”

― Justin Hartley

“I know the dangers and the seductions of the Middle East. It is part of my identity. I grew up among a people who routinely referred to the creation of the State of Israel as the Nakba – the catastrophe. And yet I fell in love with and married a Jewish American woman, the only daughter of two Holocaust survivors, both Jewish Austrians.”

― Kai Bird

“She teaches me to be kind, punctual… and to stand up for myself. And when I think about it, aren’t these things every mother should teach their daughter?”

― Kaia Gerber

“I think I am very hands-on mother. I am very strict, and my daughter keeps telling me, ‘You are too hard on me,’ and I keep telling her, ‘I have to be hard because if I am not hard, you will not learn the lessons that I want you to learn.’ I think it is really important to be that way.”

― Kajol

“I tell my daughter Nyssa, ‘You should respect my work, and I will also respect yours when you grow up.’ ‘Work is worship’ is what I have told her.”

― Kajol

“What’s important for my daughter to know is that… if you are fortunate to have opportunity, it is your duty to make sure other people have those opportunities as well.”

― Kamala Harris

“Half the world is full of women, but it’s rare to hear a narrative that doesn’t speak of women as the people who have things done to them instead of the people who do things. More often, women are talked about as a man’s daughter. A man’s wife.”

― Kameron Hurley

“I want to be a proud daughter of Punjab. Celebrate my roots – fly, flourish, write stories, characters. Don’t hold me and my voice to ransom. Enable me, don’t disable me!”

― Kanika Dhillon

“I thought, ‘OK, Melissa Gilbert is playing my mom, and I’m playing her old role – no pressure.’ So I went up to Melissa and said, ‘It’s such an honor playing your daughter,’ and she smiled and said, ‘Oh, shut up.’ I thought, ‘Great, a normal person.’”

― Kara Lindsay

“If you didn’t know that I am an actress, I don’t think you could tell from my lifestyle. I cook and cook and cook. I like to be with my daughter. She’s 16, so of course I bore her.”

― Karen Black

“In fact, my mom always told me because I was the daughter of an Army officer born overseas in Paris, France, that under the Constitution she believed that I could never run for president.”

― Karen Hughes

“My daughter is the most normal towards me. For her, I am just her mom. I am just a regular mom, and the actor comes after that. If she likes something that I am wearing, she tells me, and if she doesn’t, she still makes it a point to let me know.”

― Karisma Kapoor

“It would have been difficult to have an ugly daughter.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“I’m married to a white man, and then my daughter came out looking like the whitest white child with blonde hair and blue eyes. And I’m like, ‘Omigosh, now what am I going to do?’ She has my mom’s features and is lighter than my husband. And my boy is browner than I am. Brown eyes and really tan.”

― Karyn Parsons

“It’s weird, when I go back to San Francisco, the few times that I’ve done shows there since leaving, it still feels like I live there. It’s very, very strange for me. That’s where my daughter was born, at UCSF. I have this huge attachment to San Francisco. It’s like a love affair.”

― Kaskade

“I grew up as an only child and my mother was also an only child, so we were both very passionate about reading. I think I passed that on to my daughter, who went plowing through ‘Harry Potter’ and every other book possible!”

― Kate Beckinsale

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to present at the Golden Globes, come home, whipped the dress off and read to my daughter wearing gazillion-dollar earrings. That’s how it goes in my house, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

― Kate Beckinsale

“This is what’s sick about living in L.A. My eight-year-old daughter will point to a woman and say, ‘Look! That woman’s had too much Botox.’ She spots them because they all look a bit like Lord Voldemort from ‘Harry Potter.’”

― Kate Beckinsale

“When I was pregnant, I had the romantic idea that after the baby was born I would not only take up reading in earnest again, but also write a novel while my daughter slept in her Moses basket. Of course, I barely had time to keep up with my magazines until she started sleeping properly.”

― Kate Beckinsale

“’Beauty Queen’ is the weirdest, strangest, and most perfect play to do before ‘Hedda Gabler’, because there are so many similar issues for Maureen and Hedda. I had played leading ladies before but couldn’t really hook into them. After ‘An American Daughter’ and ‘Beauty Queen’, I had all the ballast.”

― Kate Burton

“I don’t really go to clubs anymore. I’m actually quite settled. Living in Highgate with my dog and my husband and my daughter! I’m not a hell-raiser. But don’t burst the bubble. Behind closed doors, for sure, I’m a hell-raiser.”

― Kate Moss

“My daughter Lila loves the smell of gasoline – she always says, ‘Mummy, keep the door open,’ when I’m filling up the car. I’ve heard it is one of the most preferred scents in the world – maybe that’s something to study for my next fragrance!”

― Kate Moss

“My daughter, Lila, is my style critic. She’ll say, ‘No, Mummy, you can’t wear that.’ She’s very good. I do trust her instinct.”

― Kate Moss

“People forget I go to work. They forget that the Coleridge house was bought and paid for by the daughter of a travel agent and a barmaid from what the actor Richard Burton once described as the nightmarish ‘featureless suburb’ of Croydon.”

― Kate Moss

“I don’t think my daughter wants to see me on the toilet. Lila has seen me nude.”

― Kate Moss

“Our family has dinner together every night – you can tell that my daughter wants to run. After dinner, I go up to my room and immediately put on my pajamas. I mean, immediately. I read some things that I haven’t read yet, and I jump into bed.”

― Kate Spade

“’Frances’ is a longtime family name on my dad’s side. My grandfather, father, brother, and my daughter’s name is Frances.”

― Kate Spade

“I’ve decided I am going to start loving my backside because I don’t know anyone who does that. And for my daughter, I want to be able to say to her, ‘I love this.’”

― Kate Winslet

“I lend my daughter beauty products, but only as a treat. If she’s going to a party, I’ll let her borrow a mascara or moisturizer.”

― Kate Winslet

“I don’t think I spoke to anyone apart from my daughter for the first two years of her life.”

― Katherine Ryan

“My father was a diplomatic officer. As a diplomat’s daughter, you have to learn to present yourself very early on.”

― Kathleen Turner

“I like vampires, tuberculosis, anything to do with blood. Then I read a biography of Rasputin and found out he’d had this daughter who had become a famous lion tamer and been billed as the daughter of the mad monk who was able to hypnotize animals with her eyes. It gave me a vision.”

― Kathryn Harrison

“Rasputin’s daughter understands the revolution. She would have been an outsider, a spectator in the royal family and to the revolution.”

― Kathryn Harrison

“In 2002, my husband died very suddenly. My main concern that day was how to deliver the news to our daughter, then eight. Someone put me in touch with Judith Wallerstein, an expert in child psychology who coached me through what to say.”

― Katie Hafner

“In the summer of 2009, in the wake of a crisis in her life, my mother moved from San Diego to San Francisco to live with my 16-year-old daughter and me. My mother was 77. I was 51. Despite a chorus of skepticism from friends – who knew about my upbringing – I was determined to do what I could to help my mother.”

― Katie Hafner

“I went with a pixie cut when my daughter was really young. It was easy – I mean, it was really easy. But I missed my long hair. Especially after a long winter, all I want is sexy summer hair.”

― Katie Holmes

“But I’m a daughter of the American revolution, my grandpa fought in World War II, I have lots of family members who were in the military, and it really just was part of growing up for me.”

― Katie Pavlich

“Unlike most U.S. presidents out of power, the Obamas are staying in Washington, D.C., so their younger daughter can finish school. But let’s be honest, they’re also staying so they can respond to the new administration.”

― Katie Pavlich

“People love the idea of a good girl gone bad, thinking that my parents were so strict and disowned me, but that actually wasn’t the case. Even though they don’t necessarily agree with some of the things I do, they love me as their daughter. That’s always been their perspective.”

― Katy Perry

“My seven-year-old daughter knows old songs and how the neighborhoods got their names. There are little things: Businesses receive blessings from Hawaiian priests before opening, and everyone’s kids have their debut luau. You can’t really get through a day without doing something Hawaiian.”

― Kaui Hart Hemmings

“One day during filming, George Clooney was wearing his surf shirt and board shorts, and my six-year-old daughter was in the background as an extra, playing in the sand – playing herself. She and Clooney suddenly looked equally Hawaiian, equally related to the place I call home.”

― Kaui Hart Hemmings

“I wake up around seven, and I give my daughter breakfast. I spend the first hour or two of her day with her.”

― Kay Cannon

“I’ve lived a fast-paced life, but I had the best childhood. I didn’t miss out on anything by having my daughter at a young age.”

― Keisha Castle-Hughes

“Shortly before I turned 37 and my older daughter turned 3, I was diagnosed with breast cancer: stage III of IV.”

― Kelly Corrigan

“And sometimes I do films so my daughter can see me work.”

― Kelly Lynch

“To wake up in England and have the newspaper on your front door with a headline that says, ‘Ozzie’s Beach Whale of a Daughter,’ doesn’t really do much for your self-esteem at all.”

― Kelly Osbourne

“There are so many different elements to surfing. Small waves, big waves, long boards, short boards. This makes it a sport you can share with people. It’s not just a solitary thing – it’s become a family thing, too. It’s about exercising and passing something on from father to son, and from mother to daughter.”

― Kelly Slater

“My son is such a lover, such a caretaker and so funny. He’s seven, and he genuinely cracks me up. And my daughter is a fearless powerhouse. They fill me with wonder and admiration.”

― Kelly Sue DeConnick

“I have made all my films for my children with the exception of my first film because my oldest daughter wasn’t born when I was making the film about the Brooklyn Bridge.”

― Ken Burns

“I get to teach my daughter what I’ve learned. I don’t want her to feel she has to be a certain way to impress society. If she wants to spit or go play some ball, I’ll be so proud, because that’s who I am, and that’s a real person.”

― Kendra Wilkinson

“I gained about 60 pounds when I was preggers with Lil Hank, and I’m desperately trying not to do the same with our daughter.”

― Kendra Wilkinson

“I’m blessed that I’m able to provide the vehicle for my daughter to follow her dreams.”

― Kenny Smith

“Of all the ‘Black-ish’ characters, Zoey is most like my daughter, who goes to U.S.C.”

― Kenya Barris

“As the daughter of a schoolteacher, I feel very strongly that the most important thing in school takes place right there in that classroom, and the interaction between the teacher and the child.”

― Kerry Healey

“My parents and my family really tried to maintain as much of a normal environment as possible. When I went home, it wasn’t Keshia Knight Pulliam the actress, the glitz, the glamour. It was Keshia the daughter. Oldest of four children, who washed the dishes and did everything she was supposed to do.”

― Keshia Knight Pulliam

“My daughter doesn’t even get my humor. She’s like, ‘Um, no. I don’t get it, Dad. Mmm, no, not that one, Dad.’”

― Kevin Hart

“My daughter has impressions that she does of me.”

― Kevin Hart

“I had one incident where my daughter said that a girl asked if she was a brown person. I said, ‘We’re black. You have black people, white people, Chinese people, Hispanic people; we’re all brought up differently.’”

― Kevin Hart

“I took my daughter to the father-daughter dance, and I cried like a little baby.”

― Kevin Hart

“Given the importance of Washington, outsiders probably have an unrealistic perspective on how large the city is. The fact is, Washington D.C. is a small town, and most everyone knows most everyone else. That person of the other party who you despise will someday be at your daughter’s birthday party.”

― Kevin Hassett

“When I think of the future, I think of my 15 year old son Connor and my 12 year old daughter Meghan. I worry about their future because your kids are as important to you as mine are to me. And I am unwilling to leave our children with so much debt.”

― Kevin McCarthy

“Kids used to tease me and call me ‘fille des etoiles,’ which translates to ‘daughter of the stars.’”

― Khoudia Diop

“I’ve always traveled with a picture of my daughter from 1989, her kindergarten school picture, that has ‘I love you, Daddy’ written on it. She’s always made fun of me because I never changed that picture out. It’s like my resistance to her getting older. It was the first thing she’d ever written to me and it means the world to me.”

― Kiefer Sutherland

“I was 20 when my daughter was born, and making all these plans during my wife’s pregnancy. I was going to be the perfect father. Once she was born, it was suddenly, ‘Oh, my God! I’m a parent!’”

― Kiefer Sutherland

“My priorities had been changing before I had Addie but after she was born they changed completely. I don’t count – my daughter sort of owns me.”

― Kim Basinger

“I have a daughter and a family.”

― Kim Clijsters

“After ‘Memory Keeper’s Daughter,’ it took me a few months to shut out the world. I really had to turn off the Internet and sort of cloister myself away from the world again and sink into that psychic space to write again.”

― Kim Edwards

“I love ‘Memory Keeper’s Daughter,’ but in some ways I think ‘The Lake of Dreams’ is a stronger book. I was able to tell the story I wanted to tell. That’s all you can ever do as a writer. From there on you have no control over it.”

― Kim Edwards

“I had a great life even before ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’ took off. I really enjoy teaching.”

― Kim Edwards

“There was a sense that there was a lot of word of mouth happening with ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter,’ even in hardcover.”

― Kim Edwards

“The secret at the heart of ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’ is something everybody, except for some of the characters, knows in Chapter 1. Some of the narrative tension comes from that distance between what the readers know and what the characters know.”

― Kim Edwards

“I watch ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ with my daughter. We’re very into Buffy and Buffy’s friends.”

― Kim Gordon

“When I need a break from the boys, I go with my girlfriend to buy pretty little dresses for her daughter.”

― Kim Raver

“For me, as a woman in one of the less diverse fields – electrical engineering, which is what I studied in college – it was hard to persist and really build a career. Some of the things I experienced were really scary, and they weren’t experiences that I wanted for my daughter.”

― Kimberly Bryant

“I didn’t want my daughter to feel culturally isolated in the pursuit of her studies as I had as a young girl. I didn’t want her to give up on her passions just because she didn’t see anyone else like her in the classroom.”

― Kimberly Bryant

“Some of the perceptions from my professors were that I was less than or that I wouldn’t be able to compete or wouldn’t be able to meet the same bar as my peers. I don’t want that for my daughter or for any of the girls who come into our program.”

― Kimberly Bryant

“I love seeing my mom and my daughter embrace their natural hair. I’m glad I’ve embraced it, too.”

― Kimberly Elise

“My daughter loves to cook. At first, I found myself making her be really neat and precise. Then I realized it’s OK if things get all over the floor and counters and ceiling. We’re making memories.”

― Kimberly Schlapman

“I looked at my daughter’s face and thought, it’s lovely to be beautiful but better to be healthy.”

― Koo Stark

“I remember when I first found out I was having a boy, I became obsessed with buying boys’ clothes. Then came my daughter, and I was obsessed with buying girls’ clothes. Everything looks 10 million times cuter when it’s teeny-tiny.”

― Kourtney Kardashian

“Now that I have a daughter, I’ve been thinking about how I’ll define beauty to her. I watched a video of Kendall when she was three, and she was putting on makeup. I don’t know how I feel about that. But my daughter already watches me do it. When do you let them start wearing it? I don’t know yet.”

― Kourtney Kardashian

“After my daughter was born, I made a promise to myself to live in the moment.”

― Kourtney Kardashian

“I took piano lessons as a kid, and my daughter’s played piano since before she started kindergarten, so classical piano is something I really love.”

― Kristan Higgins

“I have such a great relationship with my mom that I’m so excited to, hopefully, have that same relationship with my daughter.”

― Kristin Cavallari

“Whenever I write about motherhood – and I write about it a lot – I am drawing on my experiences as a mother and also my experiences as a daughter.”

― Kristin Hannah

“Many of us were raised without a father, and the subject of deadbeat dads hits home in a lot of areas. Most of all, doing a song about being a father to your daughter flies straight in the face of the argument that says hip-hop is misogynistic.”

― KRS-One

“I consider myself very fortunate. I have a beautiful wife who supports my work and is raising our daughter when I’m out on the road.”

― Kurt Elling

“My daughter loves horses. My other daughter loves soccer.”

― Kyle Chandler

“My mother and I have always had a very close relationship, so I wanted to honor my mom by naming my daughter Julia as well.”

― Lacey Chabert

“Meeting my daughter for the first time was the most special moment of my life. They laid Julia on my chest in the delivery room, and my heart completely melted. She was just so peaceful.”

― Lacey Chabert

“I’m Muhammad Ali’s daughter, but my father and I are very different in that area. I don’t necessarily try to put on a show. That’s what my father’s thing was, and he was great at it. Everything I say is because I feel it, and it comes out of my mouth. It’s not scripted.”

― Laila Ali

“My happy place is holding my daughter and my husband in the same hug. It really is. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. I consider it such a privilege, and I know that I’m lucky. I never want to take it for granted.”

― Lake Bell

“I’m proud of my curves, my daughter, as well as the harsh past that helped shape me into the strong woman I am today.”

― La’Porsha Renae

“To be honest, if it wasn’t for my daughter, I don’t think I would have gotten out of the situation that I was in before ‘Idol’ because I am a domestic violence survivor.”

― La’Porsha Renae

“I stay true to myself, my daughter. I just remember where I came from – I remember what I’m coming from – and then I remember why I do what I do.”

― La’Porsha Renae

“If my daughter has a bad dream and wants to get into my bed, I’m a sucker for her sweet face and warm body next to mine, so I let her jump in. I should tell her to go to bed, but secretly I love it.”

― Lara Spencer

“The advantage is I have my family with me all the time. When your daughter takes her first steps or says her first words and your son is going through potty training, I’m not missing any of those things.”

― Larry Dixon

“A lot of my family on both sides have worked in education and nursing, and my grandmother was a nurse; my sister is a nurse, and her – my other sister’s daughter is going into nursing. There’s a lot of that in the family.”

― Larry Wilmore

“I didn’t want my daughter brought up by nannies, and I didn’t want her to feel I wasn’t around.”

― LaTanya Richardson

“It used to just be a SAG card, and then you got an AFTRA card. I got my AFTRA card doing a commercial in Atlanta. I got my SAG card doing a beer commercial from 100 years ago; it was one of the first national commercials with a family in it that was black and normal, and I played the daughter.”

― LaTanya Richardson

“My daughter wants to do yoga with me and wants to be in the theater thing, and I can’t tell her, ‘Don’t be an actress.’ My son loves guitar and loves to be in a band and wants his iTunes downloaded with all this old-school hip-hop so he understands where hip-hop came from.”

― Laura Dern

“Sometimes my family got me in the door. Somebody would say, ‘Bruce Dern’s daughter – sure I’d like to meet her.’ It was a point of interest. But after five minutes of talking about my father, I still had to read for the part.”

― Laura Dern

“I wanted to share my doubts and my culinary, amorous, and cosmic experiences. So I wrote ‘Like Water for Chocolate,’ which is merely the reflection of who I am as a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter.”

― Laura Esquivel

“You can have anything you want, but not everything. If it was really important to spend an afternoon at my daughter’s school, I had to think, how was I going to organize my life to do that? How could I become more efficient? I always tried to put my priorities on the table, personal and professional, and work around them.”

― Laura Lang

“I am proud to be the granddaughter and daughter of immigrants who were brave enough to leave their homes and come to a whole new world with a different language and culture and immerse themselves fearlessly to start a better life for themselves and their families.”

― Lauren Jauregui

“I’m a great mother because of my intentions on being a great mother; I’m a good friend because I’m loyal; I’m a good daughter because I’ve hopefully made my mother proud; I’m a great human being because I accept that there’s a spiritual being underneath it all. I’ve always been a woman of faith.”

― Lauren London

“The best part is when parents come up to me with their kids, and they say, ‘My daughter started gymnastics because of you.’”

― Laurie Hernandez

“Every now and then, I have blissful moments of thanking God for all the amazing things that are happening. When I leave the White House after just meeting Obama or when I see my face on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ or when I meet someone who tells me that their daughter is inspired by me, those are moments that are incredibly joyful.”

― Lea Michele

“I play video games a lot… I love to read… I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, who are my most favorite people in the world.”

― Lea Salonga

“All the Disney Princess films are iconic and beautiful, so to have been a part of all that was really a wonderful part of my life. It’s all fabulous, too, that I have a daughter that appreciates the whole Princess thing.”

― Lea Salonga

“My actions and the things I say and do, I wonder if they have an effect on my daughter and the way she’s going to be as a person. I just want her to be a good person.”

― Leah Remini

“In my house, it’s family first – but I was spending most of my time at the church. So, I was saying ‘family first,’ but I wasn’t showing that. I didn’t like the message that sent my daughter.”

― Leah Remini

“I didn’t want to raise my daughter in the church because from what I experienced and what I saw, the church becomes everything – your mother, your father, your everything. You are dependent on the church.”

― Leah Remini

“I was always religious. I was baptized as a Catholic. I got my daughter baptized as a Catholic.”

― Leah Remini

“I have twin boys, 12, and a daughter, 17.”

― Lee Majors

“When I had my daughter, Louisanna, two and a half years ago, I started recording every funny or sweet thing she said or did on my phone.”

― Leelee Sobieski

“The only truly anonymous donor is the guy who knocks up your daughter.”

― Lenny Bruce

“Today, I give my daughter what I really didn’t have as a kid: all the silly, dumb, extravagant, frilly, nonfunctional toys I can force on her. She probably wants an encyclopedia.”

― Lenny Bruce

“Mum is from West Waterford, Dungarvan. She’s a farmer’s daughter. She’s a nurse. She left home very young – I think she was 18 – and went off to train as a nurse in England. My dad is from India, just south of Mumbai. He was one of the first in his family to go to college, and he went to England in the ’70s; he emigrated there.”

― Leo Varadkar

“I don’t really understand that process called reincarnation but if there is such a thing I’d like to come back as my daughter’s dog.”

― Leonard Cohen

“People say, ‘I know you, don’t I?’ And they expect me to say I know them from their daughter’s school or something – they can’t place me. And I love that. Long may it last.”

― Lesley Manville

“Don’t think I am not homesick for America. I say ‘homesick’ advisedly because I am a man with two homes – America, which gave me hospitality for many happy years, and where my daughter was born; and my native England.”

― Leslie Howard

“I think if you’re the son or daughter of successful actors and actresses, it’s a double pressure. More is expected of you.”

― Liam Neeson

“I have a six-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter, so I write when they are at school and pre-school, or when I have a babysitter.”

― Liane Moriarty

“I’m all for making a woman-empowering song. I get that, and I think that’s dope. I’ve got a daughter, and I think that’s amazing. But when you’re specifically picking on guys, that’s when it’s not right. ‘No Scrubs’ is the meanest, dumbest song ever made because they need to be specific in certain areas.”

― Lil Rel Howery

“My kids are really dope. I was just at home in Chicago, and my daughter Brittany was interviewing me. It was like I was on ‘Oprah.’”

― Lil Rel Howery

“I’m eating a lot of organic proteins and vegetables! Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is my No. 1 priority because I’m nursing my daughter.”

― Lily Aldridge

“When my daughter Dixie gets out of school, I take her to ballet, soccer, or karate. Or if it’s a free afternoon, we might bake together. I love our time together. There is nothing more important in my life than making her happy.”

― Lily Aldridge

“I do sheet mask every day! They are so great when you are at home. My daughter thinks they are hilarious.”

― Lily Aldridge

“I didn’t want to land an audition because I was ‘The daughter of…’ I never wanted to give anyone the opportunity to say, ‘You only got the role because of who you are.’”

― Lily Collins

“I am my parents’ daughter, and I always want to be. But I first wanted to make sure that I was standing on my own two feet.”

― Lily Rabe

“I had a really scary pregnancy and a very difficult delivery. My daughter and I are lucky to be alive.”

― Linda Cardellini

“I’m an outgoing person. Once my parents passed away, it was just my daughter and myself. So, really, my friends are my family.”

― Linda Johnson Rice

“I was my father’s son and my mother’s daughter. There was never any time when I felt I wasn’t equally capable – whether it was being the only girl in the county who could hit a jump shot in basketball or playing first base in the baseball with the boys. I was always encouraged to do whatever I wanted to do.”

― Linda McMahon

“I hate the bad rap that people give my parents. Because they are just parents, really, at the end of the day trying to stand up for their daughter and themselves.”

― Lindsay Lohan

“The daughter of an ordained minister, I had been forced to go to church since I was a toddler. I hated church and resented being forced to recite the Apostle’s Creed, mumbling, ‘I believe… ‘ when I didn’t.”

― Lionel Shriver

“That industry expects you to prove yourself over and over again. Do I stay doing this, or do I raise my daughter and live surrounded by people who love me? Wasn’t even really a choice.”

― Lisa Bonet

“My son, who is five, was adopted from Ethiopia. My daughter was adopted from Guatemala. Her parents died of typhoid and malaria. We got her from an orphanage. They are the lights of my life.”

― Lisa Kristine

“Personally, I’ve always known that I wanted to go back to work because I’m confident, and I’m certain that my daughter will have a better mother in me if I’m doing the things that I’m excited about and that I’m passionate about.”

― Lisa Ling

“With my daughter, we do arts and crafts, we read a lot, we listen to music, and we cut the strings off balloons and bounce them around after birthday parties.”

― Lisa Loeb

“I’m old-school. I want to be there to drop off my daughter at school and pick her up.”

― Lisa Loeb

“Being Elvis Presley’s daughter is a whole lot of pressure. It’s been a constant burden in my life.”

― Lisa Marie Presley

“A small gold plain cross was passed down from my grandma to my mom, then to me, and now to my daughter. It is always nice to own something that connects you to the women who made it possible for you to exist.”

― Liya Kebede

“It was no great tragedy being Judy Garland’s daughter. I had tremendously interesting childhood years – except they had little to do with being a child.”

― Liza Minnelli

“My grandmother was a teacher, my sister was a teacher, my daughter was a teacher and is now a superintendent in northern California, and my son-in-law is a high school principal. I am surrounded.”

― Loni Anderson

“My daughter teases me once in a while saying, Remember when you used to be my mother and you had black hair?”

― Loni Anderson

“I’d had my daughter when I was a teenager – I took my daughter to college with me.”

― Loni Anderson

“I don’t think I’ll be a good mayor if I don’t live my authentic life, and that’s got to be involved with having fun with my spouse and my daughter.”

― Lori Lightfoot

“I have to explain to my daughter what it means when adults lie. I have to explain to my daughter what it means when adults are bullies. I have to explain to my daughter what it means when an adult says something that’s not true just to try to score political points.”

― Lori Lightfoot

“My younger daughter really loves makeup. She’s quite good artistically. I could see her going into something possibly behind the camera – whether it’s in film or still camera for editorial stuff – but she’s very taken with makeup, and she’s really quite talented for as young as she is.”

― Lori Loughlin

“People are always asking me what it’s like to be Judy Garland’s daughter. It’s hard to be a legend’s child.”

― Lorna Luft

“One of the oddities about being Judy Garland’s daughter was that everyone treated my mother with such awe that they would never have asked me the normal questions kids get about their moms.”

― Lorna Luft

“I know what it was like to not have a voice, so my daughter has a voice. I veto that voice when needed because at the end of the day I am the grown-up, but I hear her.”

― Lorraine Toussaint

“I hope that whenever my daughter has a negative experience, I’m there to talk about it and remind her how we feel when it’s done to her so that she doesn’t do it to others.”

― Lorraine Toussaint

“I’ve always had a strange acting life. I’m the daughter of a director, and a very French, typical director who fell in love with every single one of his actresses. And that’s also something that’s kind of normal in the acting business, because everything is based on desire, one way or the other.”

― Lou Doillon

“When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles with her own daughter – that’s something.”

― Lou Gehrig

“We started the family Bible after slavery was abolished. My great-grandmother remembered the Bible being started, which meant that she was a slave as a young girl. When she died, the Bible was at least 105 years old, so she must have been nearly 115 years old. Her daughter, my grandmother, died at 97, and her husband at 98.”

― Louis Gossett, Jr.

“I played Simone, the French tutor for the daughter of a rich Manhattan couple, who goes to a costume ball as Marie Antoinette. While everyone else in ‘CSI’ races around in police gear, I had to wear a ballgown and bustle and two wigs. It was very heavy on the make-up side.”

― Louise Linton

“I’m going to name my daughter Emily.”

― Lucy Dacus

“I wonder whether being a scientist’s daughter makes you so conflicted about free will and fate.”

― Lucy Hawking

“I never thought I would become amazing. I never thought I would be as great as my father. I would like to continue writing novels, and hopefully, at some point, I would like to make the switch from being ‘Stephen Hawking’s daughter’ to ‘novelist Lucy Hawking,’ and that will be a fabulous day.”

― Lucy Hawking

“’The Hummingbird’s Daughter’ took 20 years to write.”

― Luis Alberto Urrea

“When ‘The Hummingbird’s Daughter’ came out, there was a certain backlash – ‘Well, this isn’t ‘The Devil’s Highway.” That’s just the way it goes.”

― Luis Alberto Urrea

“The tone of ‘Into the Beautiful North’ is really the way I write. ‘Hummingbird’s Daughter’ was the anomaly. It was a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.”

― Luis Alberto Urrea

“It became really important to me if I was going to write ‘Hummingbird’s Daughter’ to try to do honor to women.”

― Luis Alberto Urrea

“My daughter is my number one fan. She has always been incredibly supportive, and she tells like it is and how it is.”

― Luis Fonsi

“Liverpool will always be special for me: my daughter was born here.”

― Luis Suarez

“You think about child abuse and you think of a father viciously attacking a daughter or a son, but in my family it was my mother. My mother, I would say, was a… very brutal disciplinarian.”

― Lynn Johnston

“Not to get mushy, but I realized after talking to my parents what absolute guts they must have had to let their teenage daughter be in a rock band, play in bars, do all of that.”

― Lzzy Hale

“Jacqueline Rose was so wonderful in so many ways, and I was really blessed to be her daughter. Of all the things I am because of her – there’s no question: I am a writer because of her love of books.”

― M. J. Rose

“I’m not that great of a speaker. I don’t like watching my own interviews. I think I suck at talking, but one thing I can do is move my pen, and if that’s how I gotta speak to my daughter, then let me do that.”

― Machine Gun Kelly

“I’d say I did a lot of what I did with songs like ‘At My Best’ was because of the influence of my daughter.”

― Machine Gun Kelly

“I don’t want my daughter to grow up and feel like she has to try that hard to get people to accept her.”

― Machine Gun Kelly

“I have to tell you, my seven-year-old granddaughter said to my daughter, her mother, ‘So what’s the big deal about Grandma Maddy having been Secretary of State? Only girls are Secretaries of State.’ Most of her lifetime, it’s true. But at the time it really was a big deal.”

― Madeleine Albright

“I’ve never returned to the locations. I do remember certain days more clearly than others and certain locations with a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps one day, I’ll bring my daughter to see them, if she’s interested.”

― Madeleine Stowe

“In today’s world, marketers reach inside the home and attempt to figure out not what’s good for your daughter, because that is not their business, but what deep desires they can manipulate, stimulate and ostensibly satisfy in order to produce cold, hard cash.”

― Maggie Gallagher

“I want to be here for a long time, so I am going to do everything I have to do to be here. And I want to walk my daughter down the aisle and give her away to somebody some day. I want to make sure I am still here to make sure my two young sons become men.”

― Magic Johnson

“I was born on September, 20, 1948, to Nanabhai Bhatt, a Hindu, and Shirin Mohammed Ali, a Muslim. I was born after three daughters and followed by a daughter and son.”

― Mahesh Bhatt

“I was born a proud daughter of Pakistan, though like all Swatis I thought of myself first as a Swati and Pashtun, before Pakistani.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“It’s quite difficult for a parent to know that their daughter is in great danger.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“I am a daughter. My father is an example for me.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“My priority is to take care of my daughter and my family.”

― Malik Jackson

“I wanted my daughter to look up to me.”

― Maneet Chauhan

“The story of Warner Brothers’ movie, ‘Mildred Pierce,’ recounts the enormous and unrewarded sacrifices that a mother (Joan Crawford) makes for her spoiled, greedy daughter (Ann Blythe).”

― Manny Farber

“As a mother, I love the Leapster handheld because it really delivers on educating children while they play. My daughter enjoys it because it’s fun and touches on all of the activities she is interested in – videos, books and art.”

― Marcia Gay Harden

“The way I look at – speaking as a woman – I understand what it means to be a daughter, and to be a wife, and to be a mother, and also to be a career woman. The multiple roles that women can play in a society if given the opportunity is really a tremendous asset.”

― Margaret Chan

“The divine light which you carry within your soul is inherited from God because you are His daughter. Part of the light which makes you so magnificent is the blessing of womanhood.”

― Margaret D. Nadauld

“It is a holy blessing to be born with the exquisite qualities of a daughter of God. Women of God, both old and young, are spiritual and sensitive, tender and gentle. They have a kind, nurturing nature. This is your inheritance. Never belittle the gifts God has given to you. Develop the divinity that is within you.”

― Margaret D. Nadauld

“You can recognize women who are grateful to be a daughter of God by their outward appearance. These women understand their stewardship over their bodies and treat them with dignity.”

― Margaret D. Nadauld

“The first Superman film took up a huge chunk of our lives, but it was a wonderful time for us. We were young, my daughter was little, we were filming in London for a year, so we became like a close family.”

― Margot Kidder

“You don’t wanna walk around and say, ‘I’m somebody’s niece, I’m somebody’s cousin, I’m somebody’s daughter. Who are you?’ And I think that’s always the challenge when you grow up in a well-known family, is ultimately, you have to face yourself in the mirror and say, ‘Who are you? What have you done?’”

― Maria Shriver

“There is no amount of money I can make which could buffer my daughter from the horrors that will explode in our society if we do not address the huge amount of suffering in our midst.”

― Marianne Williamson

“I am thrilled to be modelling the debut collection of Always Aliza. Janet Reger was such an iconic brand throughout my modelling career, and it feels great to now be modelling her daughter’s range for JD Williams almost forty years on.”

― Marie Helvin

“I was so honored when Diane Sawyer named me ‘Person of the Week,’ and like I told her, ‘Diane, I love my daughter.’ I cried when I found out when she told me she was gay when she was 17 because of the judgment.”

― Marie Osmond

“When a father of a daughter dies, you elevate them. And you sort of deify them.”

― Mariella Frostrup

“I don’t want my daughter to think she has to dress like Beyonce!”

― Mariella Frostrup

“My real achievement is my daughter and my three beautiful grandchildren.”

― Marilyn Horne

“I turned my daughter on to Strawberry Shortcake. I was really into the show when I was a kid.”

― Marisol Nichols

“I’m doing ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ with Katie Finneran and Jaime Pressly.”

― Mark Consuelos

“I’ve played a lot of jerks, actually – my daughter seems to think there’s a trend there, but I’m not so sure!”

― Mark Consuelos

“They do put my films on TV from time to time. I don’t go out of my way to watch them. But I’m now made to tape them for my daughter so that when she’s old enough she can say, ‘Hey, that’s Daddy.’”

― Mark Lester

“My daughter’s got a smartphone in her hand with roughly the same power as a mainframe circa 1982, and she’s running around Beijing and wants an answer as fast as she can.”

― Mark V. Hurd

“Having two daughters changed my perspective on a lot of things, and I definitely have a newfound respect for women. And I think I finally became a good and real man when I had a daughter.”

― Mark Wahlberg

“I hope my daughter, and one day my granddaughters, will be at Dodgers Opening Day.”

― Mark Walter

“I cannot just do things without thinking. I have a wife and daughter to think of at all times now.”

― Marko Arnautovic

“I am not a rock star or a movie star; I’m a businessperson. I definitely know who my friends are. I’m much more open and trusting than, say, my daughter is.”

― Martha Stewart

“My daughter emails me. When your daughter starts to email you instead of talk to you… It’s horrible. You cannot forget human communication.”

― Martha Stewart

“I even have nephews who make music, my daughter makes music. I don’t know what advice to give them these days. It’s really a tough industry to break into.”

― Martin Gore

“All of my kids are into music. My older daughter plays guitar, piano, sings. My young son, he sings.”

― Martin Gore

“My daughter is one of the associate producers on two shows for Disney. I am really proud of her.”

― Mary Ann Mobley

“I’d rather not be known as the Vice President’s lesbian daughter.”

― Mary Cheney

“All of my life people have thought of me as Bing Crosby’s daughter. Now they’ll remember me as the person who shot J.R.”

― Mary Crosby

“There were so many stories about Bing’s daughter living in sin. We weren’t hurting anyone. We were living in love. I couldn’t understand why people were trying to hurt us and hurt our families.”

― Mary Crosby

“As the daughter of two teachers with first-class degrees, I’d always seen myself as a duffer by comparison.”

― Mary Quant

“I have never felt oppressed by women or that feminism is a problem. I do think boys find it hard to like things seen as feminine. I want my son not to feel self-conscious he likes ballet and my daughter to carry on playing Han Solo; that’s all.”

― Matt Haig

“The moment our daughter was lifted up and we laid eyes on her was incredible.”

― Matt Lanter

“On a day-to-day level, I love watching my kids accomplish the little things that seem trivial but are really milestones: seeing my son hit a baseball or watching my daughter draw something that actually looks like what she says she’s drawing. Or hearing them say ‘I love you.’”

― Matt Lauer

“I remember when my daughter, Marina, was born. The second I laid eyes on her, I was in love, and I had never felt that way before. I couldn’t believe it.”

― Matt LeBlanc

“Actors worry about bad breath, weight, receding hairlines and why their leading lady looks like their daughter.”

― Matthew Ashford

“For Ryan’s Daughter I used a total of eight harps, something that was, at least, weird.”

― Maurice Jarre

“I would infinitely prefer a daughter.”

― Maurice Sendak

“I used to think the store detective had followed me all the way home and would knock on the door and go, ‘Hello, is this your daughter? She’s got three blue lipsticks and a moisturiser from Boots in her bag.’ We just used to nick crap. Not even stuff we wanted.”

― Maxine Peake

“When Elon was 17 and my daughter was 15, they really wanted to move to Canada, where my family is from. I said no, because I wanted to do a Ph.D. in Johannesburg, and I was getting lots of modeling work there. But Elon and I went over to visit, and while I was gone my daughter sold my home and my car and had a big garage sale with all my furniture.”

― Maye Musk

“My past was so amazing. It’s that fine line of appreciating it and letting it go. I have my animal rescue, and I have my daughter and my family that helped me move forward.”

― Mayte Garcia

“I remembered, like, when ‘Not When My Daughter’ came out, I’m serious, I think dating for Iranian men became a lot harder. Dude’s name, Shahrokh – became Tony. Mehsud became Mike.”

― Maz Jobrani

“When I was younger, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but I told a lot of lies in school. I told my friends once that I was playing John Travolta’s daughter in a movie. I also told people that I had this romantic affair with Jonathan Taylor Thomas over a summer.”

― Meaghan Rath

“My daughter is a fantastic travelling companion – she’s totally organised, whereas I’m hopeless.”

― Meg Rosoff

“It helps when 1 can send the children off to their fathers so I can support my new book with a national publicity tour. I started writing the book when my daughter was 5. It took me almost four years.”

― Meg Tilly

“Malala Yousafzai is all of our daughter, like Iqbal Masih who was all of our son.”

― Megan Smith

“My father is gone, and I miss him as only an adoring daughter can.”

― Meghan McCain

“When I’m 100 years old, if I make it that long, when I die, probably the first tag line will be John McCain’s daughter, and I’m so proud of him and proud of my family’s legacy and our life, so I don’t have a problem with it.”

― Meghan McCain

“When Roger Ailes hired me, he knew I was the daughter of a college professor and a nurse. There was nothing in this resume that would telegraph, ‘She’s a secret conservative.’”

― Megyn Kelly

“Our society is so obsessed with working out to be skinny, and none of that has a purpose. I love that my daughter sees me running because she knows I have a race and that I want to be faster. It becomes much less of a grind when it’s that way.”

― Megyn Price

“I didn’t want my daughter to grow up in that intense attention – wherever we went, we’d get paparazzi. There are bigger, better superstars in America, so I thought, ‘I’ll go there for a quick holiday, and relax.’ And my holiday just turned into me loving it and wanting to stay there longer and longer.”

― Mel B

“Part of me believes that Beyonce and Jay-Z were naive when they chose to celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary in Cuba. However, as the daughter of a former political prisoner in Cuba, I would argue that they should have known better than to travel to the island and support its repressive regime.”

― Mercedes Schlapp

“But my middle daughter, Kate, is very involved in martial arts, and I was just at one of her competitions.”

― Meredith Baxter

“Now, you can bring up the past, but anybody can bring up the past. Even my daughter brings up the past sometimes. She makes a lot of jokes about the things that I’ve done.”

― Metta World Peace

“People can live without a Facebook account: my 13-year-old daughter has cancelled her account because it’s not cool anymore.”

― Michael Birch

“My daughter Karen was born in 1958, the year my first Paddington book came out, so she grew up with him.”

― Michael Bond

“My wife, my daughter, and my son have my first loyalty and always will.”

― Michael Cohen

“A good day to me is writing from 6 A.M. ’til noon with a break to take my daughter to school. After lunch, if I still feel the momentum, I’ll hit it again.”

― Michael Connelly

“My daughter is a horseback rider, so I try to watch her ride; we take holidays together.”

― Michael Douglas

“I was wondering if I could love another child as much as I love my son. And what I realized, within hours of my daughter being born, not only do I love her just as much if not more.”

― Michael Ealy

“You come home to find your 17-year-old daughter engrossed in a book. Which would delight you more – if it were ‘Twilight’ or ‘Middlemarch?’”

― Michael Gove

“The current leadership of the Labor party react to the idea that working-class students might study the subjects they studied with the same horror that the Earl of Grantham showed when a chauffeur wanted to marry his daughter.”

― Michael Gove

“I used a kind of gray-green early on in my practice for painting steel, to make it look more like it had a kind of patina to it, like copper and bronze and so on. The color I used was a Benjamin Moore color called 2012. My then-young daughter started calling me 2012 – it was my nickname.”

― Michael Graves

“I love the movie ‘Taken,’ but the dialogue in the beginning of that movie is hilarious. They’re talking, these commando types, and there’s dialogue like, ‘Hopefully your daughter appreciates what you’re doing for her. Does she know that you’re doing it?’ What guys talk like this?”

― Michael Jai White

“I brought this case because I am an atheist and this offends me, and I have the right to bring up my daughter without God being imposed into her life by her schoolteachers.”

― Michael Newdow

“My daughter is in the lawsuit because you need that for standing.”

― Michael Newdow

“I’ve never worried about anything in my life a fraction of the way I worry about my daughter. It’s much more than hoping people like the play you’re in, or that your outfit doesn’t look bad. It’s the real deal.”

― Michael Shannon

“I have a daughter, and fairies meant a lot to her growing up.”

― Michael Sheen

“My own daughter is a big fan of the ‘Twilight’ stories, the books.”

― Michael Sheen

“On one level, nothing’s really changed in my life. I still drive my daughter in the car pool on Monday. But it’s impossible not to be aware of this rush of attention; it’s impossible not to be seduced by it once you’ve entered into it, seduced by being unhappy when the attention wanes.”

― Michael Tolkin

“We are very excited about welcoming a new member of the family, a daughter!”

― Michael Weatherly

“The parents say, ‘Can you talk to my daughter and say that it’s OK? That she can have muscles?’ They’ll say, ‘I show her pictures of you so they can know she’s good at what she does but still looks like a girl. She wears dresses.’ It releases people to be whoever they want to be in the sport.”

― Michelle Carter

“And I come here as a daughter, raised on the South Side of Chicago – by a father who was a blue-collar city worker and a mother who stayed at home with my brother and me.”

― Michelle Obama

“When my daughter asks, ‘What do you do?’, every movie I have a different answer. As she grows, she wants more explanations.”

― Michelle Williams

“I’m very conscious of the fact that when I’m working, my daughter is not with one of her parents.”

― Michelle Williams

“And I think my daughter knows now that our life is split in two. Half of the year is spent with Mommy working and the other is spent with no work in sight.”

― Michelle Williams

“It’s much easier to see my son involved in creative than to see my daughter in the ring. But they’ve both worked really hard. I’m really proud of both of them.”

― Mick Foley

“I say never trust a man who combs his hair so as to cover his shiny dome and then flaunts a wife young enough to be his daughter. Oh, Trump has issues all right.”

― Mike Cernovich

“I have a daughter and she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me. She gives me a good excuse to watch cartoons.”

― Mike Dirnt

“I roll out of bed, walk into the garage, work out, and go about my day. I’ll bring my daughter out there in her ExerSaucer. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to a gym.”

― Mike Vogel

“My regular life today is reading books, making dolls houses, sewing dolls with my daughter and barbequing.”

― Milla Jovovich

“I am a really great daughter.”

― Millie Bobby Brown

“I’ve always felt a bit of an outsider. It used to worry me that, in terms of TV, I did not look like ‘the girlfriend’ or ‘the daughter’. That pushed me to write my own stuff, as I thought no one else was going to write me a lead in the sitcom.”

― Miranda Hart

“Everyone says you should get a photo taken of yourself while you’re pregnant. I’ve got a film. It’ll be nice for my daughter, too, to look at one day. She was in it.”

― Miranda Otto

“We hear the stories every day now: the father who puts on a suit every morning and leaves the house so his daughter doesn’t know he lost his job, the recent college grad facing up to the painful reality that the only door that’s open to her after four years of study and a pile of debt is her parents’. These are the faces of the Obama economy.”

― Mitch McConnell

“My children know I would never call anyone to give my son or daughter a break.”

― Mithun Chakraborty

“When I was in high school, I was doing a fashion show, and my House Father would host fashion shows at the school. He was great at it. He saw me and said, ‘That’s my daughter.’ The rest was history! We went to New York City to rehearse and go to balls, and I was in the ballroom scene until I was 17 years old.”

― Mj Rodriguez

“I’d promised my older daughter Rhianna I was going to get a medal for her, and in my mind I was thinking, ‘I can’t let her down.’”

― Mo Farah

“I loved my job at the paper. I loved meeting new people every day and never knowing where I would end up. But somehow, the ever-shifting schedules of a police officer and a reporter did not equal ‘family friendly.’ One of us needed to take a normal job for the sake of our young daughter.”

― Molly Harper

“I didn’t have parents who were, you know, racing to get a reality television show, you know? Or looking to benefit in some way from their daughter’s fame.”

― Molly Ringwald

“I am certainly Italian in my love of food! I eat everything, but I love Italian food most of all. Even my daughter does. Her favourite food is pasta and parmigiana.”

― Monica Bellucci

“I always wanted children late; I had my first daughter at 39 and the second at 45.”

― Monica Bellucci

“I live in Paris but I feel I am a daughter of Europe.”

― Monica Bellucci

“I speak a little Portuguese, but my daughter speaks it better than me. I always feel that Italy is my home, but it is important for my husband that we also live in France. Sometimes we live as a family all together, but as we are two working actors, sometimes we have to be apart. Sometimes I’m shooting a movie; sometimes he is.”

― Monica Bellucci

“What matters is that my daughter is surrounded by love. I believe in the right to go down the path that feels best for you.”

― Monica Cruz

“I love to sing with my daughter. Audiences like it because a mother-daughter pairing is a curiosity.”

― Montserrat Caballe

“I learned that I had been brought up as a protected, blindfolded daughter.”

― Muriel Rukeyser

“My wife herself had an upbringing where she wasn’t allowed to pursue what she wanted to do because of her parents. She wanted to go into photography and journalism, but because classes ran so late, she had to be home at a certain time. We don’t want that for our daughter.”

― Mustafa Ali

“My daughter’s absolute go-to is Sasha Banks. However, we did do the ‘Dance Break’ one time in Chicago, so she keeps talking about Carmella.”

― Mustafa Ali

“I feel like having a son made me go harder and work harder. And now that I got a daughter, it’s the same grind, staying focused on what I have to do for them.”

― Mustard

“Whenever I get a call from the camps in Iraq that someone has been liberated, that so-and-so’s daughter was liberated, I feel overwhelming joy again.”

― Nadia Murad

“My sister lives in London, and I’m extremely close to her and her daughter.”

― Namrata Shirodkar

“I’m enormously proud that I can do a deal with the National Women’s Soccer League to showcase the power and passion of women athletes as positive role models, not only for my daughter but also for my son.”

― Nancy Dubuc

“Family dinner in the Norman Rockwell mode had taken hold by the 1950s: Mom cooked, Dad carved, son cleared, daughter did the dishes.”

― Nancy Gibbs

“When I first ran for Congress, I went to my daughter Alexandra, who was going to be a senior in high school, and said: ‘I have a chance to run. I may not win, but I’d be gone three nights a week. So, if you want me to stay, I’ll be happy to.’ And do you know what she said to me? ‘Mother, get a life!’”

― Nancy Pelosi

“I would say that one of the things that encouraged me so much when I became elected to the leadership was the letters I received from fathers of daughters, saying that, ‘My daughter can now do many more things because of what you did.’”

― Nancy Pelosi

“I had five children in six years. The day I brought my fifth baby home, that week, my daughter turned 6.”

― Nancy Pelosi

“Remember, I’m a doctor’s daughter. So obviously I’m interested in all medical things.”

― Nancy Reagan

“I am the daughter of the Chairman of the Board and thus, was raised with great music.”

― Nancy Sinatra

“I didn’t just want to be Frank’s daughter who sang Boots. I take my music very seriously and studied very hard. It’s not a joke to me.”

― Nancy Sinatra

“When you have a daughter, you want to protect her from the things that I’ve seen out there, you know, the things that’s out there that ain’t good for her. It’s a crazy world we live in.”

― Nas

“I love the fact that little kids think I’m a witch. A mum might come over and say ‘I’m sorry to disturb you, but my daughter thinks you’re in ‘Harry Potter.’ I’ll say ‘That’s cool’ and take the kid aside and say, ‘I’m a witch. If you don’t listen to your mum, I’m going to haunt you!’ It’s brilliant. I can scare kids into doing their homework.”

― Natalia Tena

“Being my dad’s daughter has allowed me to do a lot of things that maybe another artist might not be able to do or wouldn’t be necessarily embraced doing.”

― Natalie Cole

“I’ll never totally get away from being who I am, which first, to many, is the daughter of Nat King Cole, which became even more intensified with the ‘Unforgettable’ album.”

― Natalie Cole

“I’ve raised my daughter with no television.”

― Natalie Merchant

“I was lucky to be my dad’s daughter, and I’m forever grateful to have Jann Arden as a strong role model in my life.”

― Natalya Neidhart

“I know the pressures of being the daughter of a great actress. But it’s inspiring. You learn so much that other people don’t get to learn until later on. My father being a director, I learnt a real work ethic.”

― Natasha Richardson

“Even though I am the daughter of a poet, and my stepmother is also a poet, growing up, I didn’t think I could understand poetry; I didn’t think that it had any relevance to my life, the feelings that I endured on a day-to-day basis, until I was introduced to the right poem.”

― Natasha Trethewey

“I’m married. I have a daughter, so I put aside time in the day to spend with them.”

― Nathan Blecharczyk

“I want to give my daughter that Caribbean influence. But also, just being a black girl in this country, I want her to grow up with culture and confidence, and with love.”

― Naturi Naughton

“My parents realized the dangers of raising a daughter in a social, political, and legal climate that was growing increasingly oppressive toward women and girls. Although they fled to London when I was just three weeks old, the challenges facing women’s rights in Iran became ingrained in my social consciousness.”

― Nazanin Boniadi

“He comes to London and gets a job in a nightclub, a gay club, where he’s known as Straight Dave by the bar staff – and no one believes he’s as straight as he claims to be. He meets the daughter of the club manager, and he has an affair with her.”

― Neil Tennant

“I have been incredibly blessed with a mother who supports me 100 percent – she sees nothing but perfection in her daughter.”

― Nia Jax

“Absolutely, I don’t believe in rules. As I tell my daughter when she is mischievous, ‘Well-behaved women rarely make history.’”

― Nia Vardalos

“My daughter is a preschooler but I have only known her for a while. She is adopted.”

― Nia Vardalos

“On my daughter’s first day of kindergarten, another mom said something that made me realize I had become my own Greek, suffocating mother. She said, ‘Just think, in 13 years they’ll leave us and go to college!’ And I went, ‘Gulp.’”

― Nia Vardalos

“Our daughter was not damaged or hurt in any way. She was simply relinquished to foster care by two people who were not ready to be parents. I admire them for giving her the chance for a better life. And I am grateful they gave my husband and me the opportunity to be parents.”

― Nia Vardalos

“I do get approached every day by people who say, ‘Why don’t you make more movies?’ I don’t really miss it when I get to go and watch my daughter in the Christmas pageant.”

― Nia Vardalos

“There are benefits to adopting a toddler. They can tell you what’s wrong. And – everything we did with our daughter was a first. Her first tooth fairy. Santa.”

― Nia Vardalos

“My favorite part of any playdate comes later when I get to carry my exhausted and sleeping daughter to the car. Is there anything more trusting than a sleeping child completely and utterly leaning into your body?”

― Nia Vardalos

“I think the goal is parity: I try to be pro-woman without being anti-man, and I hope and wish that men could do the same in that when they look at the screenplay, they say, ‘Wait, wait, wait – is my daughter represented here, is my wife represented here? Is my sister represented?’”

― Nia Vardalos

“My daughter, when she was a week old, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. For the past thirteen years, she’s had four major heart surgeries. She’s a candidate for – and must have – heart replacement surgery in order to have a long life.”

― Nick Cassavetes

“Having a child, that’s huge. I get to go home and hug my daughter. That’s the greatest thing in the world.”

― Nick Foles

“There’s definitely something to the ‘Daddy’s girl’ thing – my daughter can have her way with me pretty easily.”

― Nick Lachey

“Your son and your daughter needs an excellent father more than an excellent college.”

― Nick Vujicic

“Sometimes I want to just pull the off switch, but you can’t because if you go outside, you have to give people your all. You can’t say, ‘Oh, you know what? I’m not feeling good today.’ No. No one’s trying to hear that. When a woman comes up to you and says, ‘Hey, my daughter’s your biggest fan. Can we have a picture?’ – you can’t say no.”

― Nicki Minaj

“My daughter has a vivid imagination, and so does my son.”

― Nicole Ari Parker

“I’m a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I’m a real person operating in the world. For me to discuss the most private thing feels wrong. It feels like I’m betraying myself and my children.”

― Nicole Kidman

“My daughter’s first sentence was, ‘Dada no hair.’ And I was, like, ‘No Jasmine, Dada does have hair, Dada just shaves his head.’”

― Nigel Barker

“I am the proud daughter of Indian immigrants who reminded my brothers, my sister and me every single day how blessed we were to live in this country. They loved the fact that only in America, we could be as successful as we wanted to be, and nothing would stand in our way.”

― Nikki Haley

“Everyone in my family has some kind of artistic tendency. My great grandmother was a jewelry designer, and her daughter was a ceramic tile muralist.”

― Nikki Reed

“My daughter and I have this thing we call a PMA: ‘perfect moment alert.’ I try to really notice when we’re having a PMA.”

― Nina Jacobson

“My daughter is in more competition with me. I never wanted to be bigger than my mother or to challenge her.”

― Nina Simone

“I tried to interest my daughter in dancing, but she didn’t take to it. As a five-year-old, she got lost on the way to her first class. After that she didn’t go to dance class again.”

― Nita Ambani

“I do cook whenever the time permits. But my daughter Isha is a much better cook than I am.”

― Nita Ambani

“It doesn’t bother me that people compare me as a little sister or youngest daughter of my dad, but when my album does come out, I want to be thought of as Noah Cyrus.”

― Noah Cyrus

“I’m thinking about naming my first son Emmy so I can say I’ve got one. I want Emmy, Oscar and Tony – and my daughter Grammy.”

― Noah Wyle

“In the early days of the military Arpanet, my daughter was studying in Nicaragua. Because the U.S. was essentially at war with them, contact was difficult. I managed to use MIT’s Arpanet connection, and she found one, so we could communicate thanks to the Pentagon!”

― Noam Chomsky

“I’ve been told the weirdest things: ‘Yeah, I love taking a bath to your music!’ or ‘I gave birth to my daughter while listening to your music.’”

― Norah Jones

“I didn’t think it was fair to my music to label me as the daughter of somebody – I didn’t think it described me very well and I didn’t think it had anything to do with my music.”

― Norah Jones

“I grew up in a home where I was literally told from a young age, ‘No daughter of mine will ever wash a man’s socks,’ and I am pleased to say I never have. It was made clear that whatever I wanted to do I should aspire to, regardless of my gender.”

― Noreena Hertz

“My daughter’s still so tiny at the moment; she’s just a sweet little meaty thing. But of course, you always think about what you want for them, don’t you, and like any parent I want my children to be happy more than anything.”

― Olivia Colman

“My family and friends were definitely the key to my recovery. One thing that I do suggest is that anyone dealing with a life-threatening illness like cancer choose a point person for people to call to find out how you are doing – a sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son, or close friend.”

― Olivia Newton-John

“To me luxury is to be at home with my daughter, and the occasional massage doesn’t hurt.”

― Olivia Newton-John

“It’s interesting having a son. Someone told me that it’s good when you have a son first because when you have a daughter first and then a son, you think your son’s slow. A lot of parents freak out because they’ve seen a daughter progress so quickly, and they think their male child is, like, damaged. But boys are just naturally slow.”

― Olivia Wilde

“The way I miss my daughter Esme is to worry about her. It is not a pleasurable longing. It contorts my body and scrambles my brain, makes me stop breathing, clench my jaw and my fists, it makes me frown, and makes me blind and deaf, in fact entirely without sensory perception.”

― Olivia Williams

“You know, my friends, with what a brave carouse I made a Second Marriage in my house; favored old barren reason from my bed, and took the daughter of the vine to spouse.”

― Omar Khayyam

“I am the executive director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, which is the country’s only national immigrant rights organization for black immigrants and African Americans. Being the daughter of Nigerian immigrants really drove me to do this type of work.”

― Opal Tometi

“As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied.”

― Oscar Wilde

“I have a daughter, I have a wife, and I would never sing something offensive to others – or, specifically, to offend any women.”

― Ozuna

“I’m from a family of teachers. My father would drown me in the bathtub if my daughter didn’t graduate from college. I don’t care who she is or what she does. Just get the diploma.”

― P. C. Cast

“Every man should make his son or daughter learn some useful trade or profession, so that in these days of changing fortunes of being rich today and poor tomorrow they may have something tangible to fall back upon. This provision might save many persons from misery, who by some unexpected turn of fortune have lost all their means.”

― P. T. Barnum

“I never Tweet about my daughter. Never. I just want to be respectful of her privacy. My job as a mom is to know when to open my mouth and when not to.”

― Padma Lakshmi

“People say, ‘Oh, to be the daughter of Picasso!’ But it’s not as extravagant as it seems. He was very special, very vibrant, but he was my father. I didn’t have another.”

― Paloma Picasso

“It’s spelled, like, S-E-R-G. I always thought it would be funny if I called my son ‘Sir.’ Like calling your daughter ‘Ma’am,’ or something like that.”

― Pamela Adlon

“Like it or not, we are all liars. Thank goodness. Imagine going through life where everyone is completely honest: ‘Those shoes… look like something out of an early Cyndi Lauper video.’ ‘Your daughter… looks like the spawn of Honey Boo Boo and Elmer Fudd.’”

― Pamela Meyer

“I love my dad, and I’m proud to be his daughter.”

― Paris Jackson

“I just don’t think the title ‘MJ’s daughter’ fits me.”

― Paris Jackson

“I’ll grab coffee with my wife and daughter and then am in the office around 9 or 10. From there, I usually have about 8 hours of meetings.”

― Parker Conrad

“My father in the film – which we probably haven’t seen in previous movies, and in British Asian movies you could probably count on one hand – he says exactly why, actually why he’s frightened for his daughter. He came to this country, England, and had a bit of a crappy time.”

― Parminder Nagra

“There were a couple of things in the intervention that made me know I needed help. One was a letter from my daughter saying that she was ashamed she had the same last name as I did, which will shock you a little bit.”

― Pat Summerall

“I’m working on a bunch of things with my daughter Emily. In some ways, she’s a smarter and better editor than I am.”

― Patricia MacLachlan

“My daughter arrived when I was five months pregnant with my son. We adopted Melanie from Korea; she was 2 years old, almost 3. I always wanted to have a family. I had a good example because Melissa Hayden was a ballerina in our company, and she had two children and danced afterward, and Allegra Kent also did.”

― Patricia McBride

“They wouldn’t let me into Germany from 1998-2000 because I bumped into the chancellor’s daughter on my skateboard.”

― Patrick Carman

“I hate shaving. It’s much easier to just do a little stubble, but my wife and daughter like it when I’m clean-shaven. If you see me with a clean face, then you know I’m in the kissing mode!”

― Patrick Dempsey

“One day my 3-year-old daughter said ‘Your very handsome, Poppy.’ That was the best compliment ever.”

― Patrick Dempsey

“The CIA created, armed and financed the Contras. My father backed them with everything he had. It was my father’s war, and almost everyone in Nicaragua has lost somebody as a result of it. I couldn’t go down there, being his daughter, and expect not to feel those people’s wrath.”

― Patti Davis

“I have a daughter who’s 11 years old. Maybe she’ll grow up independent and really really heavy and become a movie star and she’ll play me in my life story.”

― Patti Smith

“My daughter is one of my greatest inspirations. She’s an environmentalist, she plays piano, she’s raising money for the earthquake victims in Nepal. Every day she surprises me and teaches me something.”

― Patti Smith

“My son and daughter lost their father quite young, so we keep him present with us. It’s just a daily practice.”

― Patti Smith

“I don’t think I’m against all wars, but you’d have to have a damn good reason to send your son or daughter to fight, or to go yourself. So often, we are lied to and manipulated by our governments for their own very cynical reasons.”

― Paul Haggis

“Life changes when you have a child, when you have your own family. You become more careful about what you do. You’re not going to be out late, going out to clubs, hanging out with your friends. You’re going to be at home, taking care of your daughter, playing with her.”

― Paul Pierce

“I want to be there for my daughter – when she falls, to pick her up. When she needs help with homework.”

― Paul Pierce

“I actually met Deadmau5 for the first time on the red carpet in Hollywood for the Grammys. I was there with my daughter, and he introduced himself to me. He said, ‘Hey, I’m from Toronto.’ I had a little conversation with him, and then I realized I’m talking to a guy with a giant mouse head.”

― Paul Shaffer

“At the age of 15 months my daughter was diagnosed with very bad asthma, and essentially I put my career on hold for a good eight years.”

― Paula Cole

“I’m raising my daughter with her grandparents in the picture, and that feels good.”

― Paula Cole

“I would certainly encourage young people to pursue their dreams. It isn’t always an easy path, but it’s worth going after. And I figure if a farmer’s daughter from Iowa can become an astronaut, you can be just about anything you want to be.”

― Peggy Whitson

“I breastfed my son for 13 months, and I plan to do at least the same with my daughter. That’s an amazing thing for babies, but it’s also really good for the mother because it regulates your body again after pregnancy.”

― Penelope Cruz

“My daughter likes Korean drama more than I do.”

― Peng Liyuan

“I’ve never looked forward to a birthday like I’m looking forward to my new daughter’s birthday, because two days after that is when I can apply for reinstatement.”

― Pete Rose

“When my daughter, Clare, was 4, she told me that a school friend had told her what I did for a living. Clare asked me, ‘Is it true you play Jack Rabbit?’”

― Peter Bergman

“The biggest problem of all is that it’s very difficult to tell my daughter, ‘Swearing is not clever or funny,’ because I earn a living by swearing.”

― Peter Capaldi

“My mother was the daughter of a poor schoolteacher – well, that’s a tautology – a country schoolteacher.”

― Peter Carey

“I finally got a chance to talk to my daughter from my previous marriage. I just got married May 3 to my beautiful wife, but we don’t see each other much.”

― Peter Criss

“I love to direct my daughter, and act with her, and we both want to work with Jane again.”

― Peter Fonda

“The scene we shot with Charlie Rose was actually the last piece that was ever shot for ‘Breaking Bad.’ My daughter and I flew to New York; we got to shoot in the ‘Charlie Rose’ studio. Adam Godley and Jessica Hecht are such expert performers that we were able to get it very beautifully and very quickly.”

― Peter Gould

“My mother recognized my artistic talent and looked for someone to teach me to grow my abilities. She found an artist on the street who sent his daughter, Umba, over to begin teaching me when I was only three years of age.”

― Peter Max

“When my daughter was born, I called her Ella Bella Mandela, because she was born the day after Mandela was released from prison.”

― Phil Daniels

“My kids and I sometimes will just sit in my office and talk about what the world was like 68 million years ago. Amanda, our oldest daughter, wanted to be a paleontologist for a long time.”

― Phil Mickelson

“My mother has become my daughter and I’ve become her guardian.”

― Phillip Lim

“I had my daughter, and with that came a deep sense of responsibility; my time for work had become precious, and it had to have more meaning.”

― Phoebe Philo

“If I have a daughter and she grows up to be an astronaut, she’s gonna end up on a Black History Month stamp.”

― Phoebe Robinson

“With my quick success, I didn’t have time to learn the ropes of the music business. Because my first record was such a hit, I was terribly spoiled and I thought I couldn’t do anything wrong. I was also desperate to make tons of money because of my responsibility to my daughter. And there was no longer any joy in making music.”

― Phoebe Snow

“My life was very tenuous last year. My daughter’s death, in March in 2007, was unexpected. It was a shock. I didn’t know if I’d survive it.”

― Phoebe Snow

“An important part of my job is listening to diverse points of view at all levels – from Millennials starting their careers… to women at the highest levels of leadership… to my own wife and daughter.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“My mom has always wished me a daughter just like me.”

― Pink

“I’m in the pink of health except for the weight I put on because I’m now a stressful producer. But being the daughter of an alcoholic makes you four times more susceptible to becoming one.”

― Pooja Bhatt

“You know, you know, obviously, if my daughter’s happy, you know, then I don’t have any problem.”

― Priscilla Presley

“The reason we all need a mutton alert, which needs constant testing, like smoke alarms, is because there is really no such thing as age-appropriate dressing any longer, as I know because my wardrobe is interchangeable with my daughter’s.”

― Rachel Johnson

“Empathy isn’t the same thing as expressing emotions. It’s not about sharing your feelings – it can be really uncomfortable if a parent cries or loses strength at the moment her daughter needs it most. The message sent is that you need to be taken care of, not the other way around.”

― Rachel Simmons

“When I go a stretch without tweeting, I will occasionally get an email from my mom, checking in. I always find this amusing but also gratifying: Thanks to Twitter, I can keep in touch with my parents and let them in on what I’m doing in a way that even the regular phone calls of a doting daughter can’t do.”

― Rachel Sklar

“I had to get some things right in my personal life. And once I got my family on the same page, to understand who I am and what I do for a living, I asked my oldest daughter, ‘What do you think about Daddy coming back?’ And she said, ‘I didn’t think you were done. I want you to win the Super Bowl.’”

― Randy Moss

“My daughter Mira’s first media experience was with the first-generation iPad more than five years ago. Her speech therapist used this with her to encourage her to talk, as she was speech delayed. I watched as she immediately navigated the iPad naturally, with such ease.”

― Raney Aronson-Rath

“Without my success in basketball, I’m nothing. My family, my daughter, my teammates, my foundation, my acting career – they all depend on that success.”

― Ray Allen

“I get up at six to work out. I’ve done it since school, it’s always been part of my life. It’s a good way to take the edge off. I like getting up early; I’ve got a daughter, I’m a single dad.”

― Ray Liotta

“I definitely got my philanthropic genes from my mom and dad. They taught me from a very early age to always lend a helping hand to anyone in need, and I hope to raise my daughter to be a very kind and charitable person.”

― Rebecca Gayheart

“I love to sing around the house and in the car, but my daughter hates it.”

― Reese Witherspoon

“That said, my kids are at home right now with my husband and I’m missing something important at my daughter’s school which makes me feel sick inside. It’s a lot of balance and a lot of really hard decision making.”

― Reese Witherspoon

“My daughter had carried within her a story that kept hurting her: Her dad abandoned her. She started telling herself a new story. Her dad had done the best he could. He wasn’t capable of giving more. It had nothing to do with her. She could no longer take it personally.”

― Regina Brett

“My daughter finished high school the same month I got my master’s degree. I’m glad I didn’t know when I gave birth to her at 21 what it would cost in terms of time, money and sacrifice to bring her to that graduation day.”

― Regina Brett

“I loved photography but was frustrated by the limitations of cameras. When trying to take a picture of a friend’s young, active daughter using my DSLR, it was impossible to capture the fleeting moments.”

― Ren Ng

“I think ’24’ is a more mature audience, whereas ‘Heroes’ is a little bit younger. But I have to say, neither one is child friendly. My daughter doesn’t get to watch either show!”

― Rena Sofer

“My daughter is here in town doing a play, and her dog is staying with us. We live up in the hills, so he has access to thousands of acres of wilderness.”

― Rene Auberjonois

“Every day, every birthday candle I blow out, every penny I throw over my shoulder in a wishing well, every time my daughter says, ‘Let’s make a wish on a star,’ there’s one thing I wish for: wisdom.”

― Rene Russo

“I envy my daughter’s childhood.”

― Rene Russo

“I’m the daughter of refugees. The immigrant mentality is to work hard, be brave, and never give up in your pursuit of achieving the American dream.”

― Reshma Saujani

“I never take for granted how lucky I am to be an American and what a privilege it is to spend each day at a nonprofit dedicated to helping the next generation of girls achieve their dreams. My journey, as the daughter of refugees, shows what refugees and the children of refugees can create for all Americans.”

― Reshma Saujani

“I’ve got a Kanji symbol on my shoulder; it’s for my son and means ‘strength and power.’ I have my son and daughter’s names, Dominik and Aalyah, written on the inside of the left and right biceps, too.”

― Rey Mysterio

“I love my son, but my daughter has calmed me down.”

― Ricardo Antonio Chavira

“My daughter gets to paint my nails and put clips in my hair, and I love it.”

― Ricardo Antonio Chavira

“I don’t want my daughter to be educated. I think women should just be decorative.”

― Richard Brautigan

“A fluent tongue is the only thing a mother don’t like her daughter to resemble her in.”

― Richard Brinsley Sheridan

“As the idealized mother, I might choose Irene Dunne as the mother in ‘I Remember Mama’ who strives and not just cooks and scrubs for her children, but who also acts as her daughter’s literary agent.”

― Richard Corliss

“My morning ritual is to get up and feed the dogs, take my daughter to school, and come home.”

― Richard Dean Anderson

“Trump is an intemperate, mean-spirited, lying bully. If a man like that asked you for permission to marry your daughter, what would your answer be? If it’s no, I think it’s obvious we shouldn’t give him the most powerful office on the face of the Earth.”

― Richard Dreyfuss

“My secret skill is baking bread. My mother was a farmer’s daughter and still made bread every day when I was a child. She would have me knead the dough when I got home from school.”

― Richard Flanagan

“I’ve been to Sardinia about 10 times because my wife, my daughter and I used to go every year with another family. We rented the same house each time in Villasimius in the southern part of the island, and always went to the same two beaches and same three restaurants.”

― Rick Astley

“When our daughter was born, a light went on for me – there was more to life than what I was doing. It felt like being famous for being a paint salesman. It wasn’t the dream I was sold on. I’d had enough of it.”

― Rick Astley

“What makes ‘Maybach Music V’ so special was, of course, I put the album out celebrating my daughter’s birthday as well, and DeJ Loaf is her favorite artist. So ‘Maybach Music V,’ I wanted a real airy type of feel. Just a real slow vibe to it that’s also going to surprise my daughter. So that’s real special.”

― Rick Ross

“I have a daughter for a while that didn’t have insurance. She gets a different price than people who have insurance.”

― Rick Santelli

“I’m hugely fond of Scotland. My daughter, Jemma, was born in the Simpson Memorial Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh, and it always tickled me that she was so vexed she didn’t have a Scottish accent even though she was brought up down south.”

― Rick Wakeman

“My father was the Formica King of Long Island, and my mother was the daughter of a Bengal Lancer in India.”

― Ricky Jay

“My daughter’s wanted to be an actress since she was six years old, but I didn’t want her to go through the same experiences as I did as a child actor.”

― Ricky Schroder

“I don’t want to miss out on my grandchildren and my daughter, and doing Broadway would do just that.”

― Rita Moreno

“It’s funny: I always, as a high school teacher and particularly as a high school yearbook teacher, because yearbook staffs are 90 percent female, I got to sit in and overhear teenage girl talk for many years. I like teenage girls; I like their drama, their foibles. And I think, ‘I’ll be good with a teenage daughter!’”

― Rob Thomas

“I’m sure that when my daughter will bring home her first boyfriend, I’ll be so intimidating that he’ll run away, but embarrassing as well, just to have a bit of fun.”

― Robbie Williams

“Ali’s daughter is fighting and Joe Frazier’s daughter is fighting as well.”

― Robert Goulet

“It’s obvious that they’re going to want Ali’s daughter and Frazier’s daughter to fight it out.”

― Robert Goulet

“I find that in this day and generation, the meanest men have the lowest estimate of woman; that the greater the man is, the grander he is, the more he thinks of mother, wife and daughter.”

― Robert Green Ingersoll

“I have money, fame, a happy wife, our daughter Nell.”

― Robert M. Pirsig

“I joined a band because I didn’t like school, and there’s nothing else I’d rather have done. If I really wanted to make money, I’d be in real estate. But I’m rich enough. I have a son and daughter, a lovely home, and if I see something I like, I can buy it. That’s rich enough.”

― Robert Palmer

“I was there at the birth of my son and had the extraordinary feeling when I first saw him of thinking this was the first person I would willingly die for. I had the same strong feelings when my daughter was born.”

― Robert Powell

“To be with my daughter and play with her is so important to me.”

― Roberto Baggio

“My daughter told me, ‘Daddy, if I don’t make it, I don’t want you to stop helping these other kids.’ So that’s where I’ve been able to go on. I tell people – and I really believe this – I didn’t lose a daughter; I gained so many other kids.”

― Rod Carew

“I go back to when my youngest daughter was dying. I never asked my Friend Upstairs, ‘Why me?’ And He’s the only one who has the answers.”

― Rod Carew

“I am a lawyer and 22 years the mayor of Davao City. I served as congressman of the first district for one term, and I was vice mayor to my daughter, Inday.”

― Rodrigo Duterte

“It’s always good to see the world; always good to see new places. When I’m sitting at home, one of the great things is when my daughter and I watch TV, and when she sees or hears about a place for the first time, I tell her, ‘Daddy’s been there!’”

― Roman Reigns

“I’m a family man. I have a daughter and a wife, and I spend more time on the road with my wrestling family than I do with my actual household and my immediate family.”

― Roman Reigns

“I can only do something that my sister or my daughter, if I have one, could watch and feel positive about.”

― Romola Garai

“I have a very close relationship with my daughter.”

― Ron Cephas Jones

“My daughter gets a lot of her natural music ability from her mother because she’s a world-class singer, also.”

― Ron Cephas Jones

“I was talking to a guy who was holding his 18-month-old daughter with the only limb he had left, and he had a smile on his face. I thought, ‘I’m not even a 10th of this man.’”

― Ron White

“We must use our seat at the table to be a voice every day for women and girls across the country who often do not have the same opportunity to have their voices heard. This means advocating for childcare and paid family leave, as first daughter Ivanka Trump has championed in this administration.”

― Ronna McDaniel

“No, my step-daughter just opened a theatre school for children, I have another daughter who works in the record industry and another who is going back to collage and I have two little ones at home.”

― Rosanne Cash

“What greater aspiration and challenge are there for a mother than the hope of raising a great son or daughter?”

― Rose Kennedy

“I do feel there is a very rabid young base for ‘Black Mirror’ that will very much identify with the daughter character because of the invasiveness they feel with their parents trying to control their moves on social media.”

― Rosemarie DeWitt

“I’ve always had a lot of time for servicemen. Yet there’s been this bad relationship between civilians and the armed services. We say to soldiers, ‘We want you when we want you, but stay away in peacetime. We’re proud of you, but keep away from my daughter and don’t come drinking in my pub.’”

― Ross Kemp

“Which one of the three candidates would you want your daughter to marry?”

― Ross Perot

“A faithful woman can become a devoted daughter of God – more concerned with being righteous than with being selfish, more anxious to exercise compassion than to exercise dominion, more committed to integrity than to notoriety. And she knows of her own infinite worth.”

― Russell M. Nelson

“Each daughter of God is of infinite worth because of her divine mission.”

― Russell M. Nelson

“The women of my generation and my daughter’s generation, they were very active in moving along the social change that would result in equal citizenship stature for men and women.”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“I was a proponent of the ERA. The women of my generation and my daughter’s generation, they were very active in moving along the social change that would result in equal citizenship stature for men and women.”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“I hope my daughter will be able to see shows starring Asian people that has nothing to do with an Asian story.”

― Ruthie Ann Miles

“My dad has blond hair, my grandmother has blue eyes. My daughter has blue eyes and blond hair. So it is pretty funny to me that I’m so heavily identified as an Asian person.”

― Ruthie Ann Miles

“What I am afraid of is the first thing I was ever aware of being afraid of and what I have told my daughter countless times she need not fear: being alone in the dark. It is a small prison of emotion from which there is no escape. It is also, in its own way, a shattering revelation.”

― S. C. Gwynne

“The moment I see my daughter’s face, I am instantly happier, my stress just disappears, and I forget everything else.”

― S. Sreesanth

“’Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ is one of my all-time top YA fantasy trilogies, so I was a little nervous about reading ‘Strange the Dreamer.’ Of course, I shouldn’t have been worried because Laini Taylor immediately grabbed me by the proverbial lapels and refused to let me go.”

― Sabaa Tahir

“My daughter and stepson are really broad-minded.”

― Sade Adu

“When I had my first boy it all started and that male energy seemed to keep me awake but since my daughter, who’s incredibly serene, I can’t seem to stop sleeping because she’s asleep all the time. It’s a pattern.”

― Sadie Frost

“I was the eldest daughter with these four beautiful younger sisters with ringlets and pretty faces, and I used to dress them up in Victorian clothes and take them out for the day and pretend they were mine.”

― Sadie Frost

“When I read the script of ‘Karu,’ there was a spark within, and I instantly connected with the story. I was emotionally attached to the story. After we finished shooting, I was so attached to the kid who played my daughter, I wanted to adopt her. That’s how strong my emotional attachment was with the role and the story.”

― Sai Pallavi

“Recognize that the issues we face as women advancing in business are issues my grandmother would have loved to have had. And fight the good fight nonetheless. For yourself and your peers – but also for your daughter, when it’s her turn.”

― Sallie Krawcheck

“I love to cook for my husband and daughter. I enjoy going to the market for fresh vegetables.”

― Salma Hayek

“I think it’s important that kids have responsibilities and understand the value of things, but I think it’s great I get to travel the world with my daughter.”

― Salma Hayek

“I’m a country girl. I have to be in nature, so my daughter is exposed to it a lot.”

― Salma Hayek

“I’m concerned about my daughter because she will not believe in Santa Claus. No matter what I say to her, she just doesn’t buy it, and she’s 2. I refuse to give it up. I say, ‘There is a Santa Claus,’ and she says, ‘Okay, Mommy. In pretend world, right?’ She really doesn’t believe.”

― Salma Hayek

“I’ve been married one time and I have one daughter, who I love more than anyone in the world. And that’s where my world is.”

― Sam Elliott

“I’ve been lucky enough to support some absolute legends and incredible songwriters over the years, including Hozier, Daughter, Willy Mason, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Nick Mulvey, and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.”

― Sam Fender

“If stem cells divide equally, so both daughter cells look more or less the same, each one becomes another stem cell. If the split is unequal, neurons form prematurely.”

― Sam Kean

“I remember being very influenced by ‘Taxi Driver’, and also Tommy Lee Jones in ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ a little bit.”

― Sam Rockwell

“I never thought about having a daughter, and then I had a daughter, and it was a remarkable thing. It was very different from having a son and your response to it. With a son, it’s much more complex. And it’s probably because of my stuff in the past. With a daughter, I was surprised at how simple it is.”

― Sam Shepard

“I guess the worst day I have had was when I had to stand up in rehab in front of my wife and daughter and say ‘Hi, my name is Sam and I am an addict.’”

― Samuel L. Jackson

“My dad was an absentee dad, so it was always important to me that I was part of my daughter’s life, and she deserved two parents, which is part of the rationale behind us staying married for 30 years.”

― Samuel L. Jackson

“I have to say, I have to tell you that my kids had a most marvelous time having two moms. When my daughter was at university, she got flu. And both mums rushed to be with her. And we were both looking after her and making soup and tidying up. And one of her friends came in and went, ‘Two mums? Not fair.’”

― Sandi Toksvig

“I think most of us are raised with preconceived notions of the choices we’re supposed to make. We waste so much time making decisions based on someone else’s idea of our happiness – what will make you a good citizen or a good wife or daughter or actress. Nobody says, ‘Just be happy – go be a cobbler or go live with goats.’”

― Sandra Bullock

“Generally if you’re a daughter in a Mexican family, no one wants to tell you anything; they tell you the healthy lies about your family.”

― Sandra Cisneros

“A deep river of must-have school mania runs through the chattering classes. There is, of course, the parental adrenaline rush at suburban cocktail parties that comes from announcing one’s son or daughter as an Ivy Leaguer.”

― Sandra Tsing Loh

“There have definitely been ebbs and flows in my career, but, you know, part of the reason is that I’m a mom. I have a five-year-old daughter. She really factors into my choices, and I never want to go too long without seeing her.”

― Sandrine Holt

“Every day is Father’s Day to me when I’m with her: when I’ll be able to hold my daughter and see her grow and see her smile. That’s Father’s Day to me every day.”

― Saquon Barkley

“Every day is Father’s Day for me to my father. And hopefully I can do the right things for my daughter where she thinks the same.”

― Saquon Barkley

“The spotlight, attention, all that doesn’t really matter. You go home to your daughter, even after a loss when you’re upset and you don’t want to talk to anybody. You see her crack that smile, and it changes your day.”

― Saquon Barkley

“If I should have a daughter, instead of ‘Mom,’ she’s gonna call me ‘Point B,’ because that way she knows that no matter what happens, at least she can always find her way to me. And I’m going to paint solar systems on the backs of her hands so she has to learn the entire universe before she can say, ‘Oh, I know that like the back of my hand.’”

― Sarah Kay

“I don’t want to feel like a failure to my daughter. She’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Buffy – pretty great and all, but Charlotte’s way better.”

― Sarah Michelle Gellar

“My parents are really open-minded, but with their own daughter, it’s not the same thing.”

― Sarita Choudhury

“I am an actor. I am an artist. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a partner. I have a past that some people may not agree with, but it does not define who I am.”

― Sasha Grey

“I’ve always been interested in local politics. I never rule anything out, but I have a very full life right now, with a very young daughter. I have a lot that I want to do still with my career… I can’t imagine that would be a possibility for a long time.”

― Scarlett Johansson

“As a devoted mother and private person, and with complete awareness that my daughter will one day be old enough to read the news about herself, I would only like to say that I will never, ever be commenting on the dissolution of my marriage.”

― Scarlett Johansson

“My daughter, when she was younger, was crazy about ‘The X-Files,’ so I’d watch that with her.”

― Scott Bakula

“My daughter is on academic scholarship at the University of Central Florida. I feel so blessed.”

― Scott Hall

“When my daughter was born, I was a stay-at-home dad for the first two years.”

― Sean Maher

“I watched ‘House of Cards’ in three days – and only in three days because I had other responsibilities, like my daughter. I couldn’t just sit there and watch the entire season in just one sitting.”

― Selenis Leyva

“I realized some time ago that, while there are really, really high quality schools in urban India – my daughter attends one – there are very few high quality schools in rural India. And that is mostly because of the perception that there are not enough people to pay a reasonable fee in rural India.”

― Shaffi Mather

“Country music is still your grandpa’s music, but it’s also your daughter’s music. It’s getting bigger and better all the time and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

― Shania Twain

“When I get older, if they ever do a project about Audra McDonald’s life, I would love to play her, or even play her daughter in something. I love her.”

― Shanice Williams

“Not everybody knows I’m Bruce Lee’s daughter.”

― Shannon Lee

“I’ve had people hang around me because I’m Bruce Lee’s daughter, and it’s kind of a blow. You start to ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’, ‘What’s valuable about me?’, ‘Is what’s valuable about me that I’m Bruce Lee’s daughter?’”

― Shannon Lee

“When I have struggled with things like being Bruce Lee’s daughter, it’s his words that have guided me: his words that said that I just need to have faith in myself, believe in myself, and express myself.”

― Shannon Lee

“In my 20s, when I was acting, I probably had a little bit of a personality crisis in the sense that everybody related to me as Bruce Lee’s daughter.”

― Shannon Lee

“In the South, everyone speaks, if you know each other or not. I’m raising my daughter more Southern, like how her father and I were raised.”

― Shanola Hampton

“When I’m not working on the ground, spending time with my husband and daughter puts me at ease.”

― Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

“I have very strong Canadian connections. My daughter was born there a year and half ago. But because of the nature of my job, I need to be in countries where I can get the stories that I am looking at.”

― Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

“The decision for me was whether to have ‘The Father’ be a book that told a story – from the point of view of this speaker, the daughter – without, as in the earlier books, then having a section on something else and a section on something else.”

― Sharon Olds

“I live in the social purgatory of the San Fernando Valley, while my eldest daughter is bused to a charter school in the fantasy land of Bel Air.”

― Shawn Amos

“I don’t want to just be a teenage star. I want to be known by parents, and I want them to go, ‘Oh I love that song; he’s really good for his age. My daughter loves him, but I love him, too.’”

― Shawn Mendes

“My daughter is a real migraine sufferer; the minute she has a handful of Haribo sweets, she gets a headache. There’s a connection between what the liver can’t break down with what goes on to trigger a headache. You just have to be aware.”

― Sheherazade Goldsmith

“A daughter is more difficult than a rose.”

― Sheila Heti

“My mother had a fear of doctors – other than her daughter marrying one.”

― Shelley Berkley

“Regardless of your marital status, your age, or the language you speak, you are a beloved spirit daughter of Heavenly Father who is destined to play a critical part in the onward movement of the gospel kingdom.”

― Sheri L. Dew

“I am a single mum. I raised my daughter, and she was very listened to.”

― Sherry Turkle

“I have a five year-old son and a three year-old daughter. I want my son to have a choice to contribute fully in the workforce or at home. And I want my daughter to have the choice to not just succeed, but to be liked for her accomplishments.”

― Sheryl Sandberg

“My daughter has no interest in succeeding me in the business. She is going towards social entrepreneurship, an area she is interested in.”

― Shiv Nadar

“My daughter is very happy doing philanthropy, especially in the schools.”

― Shiv Nadar

“My daughter thinks my shows suck.”

― Shonda Rhimes

“I’d split up with a boyfriend and gone to Vermont to stare at my navel, and then 9/11 happened, and I spent days being scared of what was happening in the world. So I made a list of all the things I wanted to do, and at the top was adopt a baby. Nine months and two days later, I brought my daughter home.”

― Shonda Rhimes

“My kids are deep. My daughter plays music. My son, Black Jack, doesn’t forget anything.”

― Shooter Jennings

“At the end of the day, nobody will do any favour to my dad by watching his daughter’s film.”

― Shruti Haasan

“It’s my dream to play Ratna Pathak Shah’s daughter in a film.”

― Shweta Tripathi

“I tape every game I can get my hands on. Every game that’s on TV, I tape it. My daughter, Terry Hill, lives in Eureka, and she has a satellite dish, so she tapes what I can’t get. I try to keep up with what everybody is doing, so if the phone rings, I’ll be ready.”

― Sid Gillman

“One of the reasons I did this, because I wasn’t really looking for another science fiction film, was that my daughter can see it. She’s 9 and it’s really a good film for all ages.”

― Sigourney Weaver

“During my senior year, I was supposed to spend a semester student teaching, but decided I couldn’t be a teacher. My aunt Beth’s friend was Jackie Gleason’s daughter, Linda Miller. She encouraged me to talk to her. After doing that, she recommended Catholic University’s M.F.A. acting program. So that’s what I did.”

― Siobhan Fallon Hogan

“My greatest pleasure is spending time with my family: my husband and daughter, but also my mother, my three sisters, and their families.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“My daughter is far more talented than me in the songwriting department – far more.”

― Sissy Spacek

“Women are in a position now to voice their opinion… women are getting empowered. The more power they get, the more voice they get to shift certain things around. Now I have a daughter, I understand. When I didn’t have a daughter, I didn’t understand.”

― Snoop Dogg

“I look forward to playing characters where I want to play the ordinary, to be honest… Farmer’s wife, tailor’s daughter, the teacher characters that exist for real emotions.”

― Sobhita Dhulipala

“I had such a hard time finding great organic and non-toxic items for my daughter.”

― Soleil Moon Frye

“There are certain images attached to an Indian woman – a mother, daughter, homemaker… there are certain parts of it that I really like, and I love having that identity also, but I feel women shouldn’t be limited to that.”

― Sonali Bendre

“I am Anil Kapoor’s daughter, so I am always compared with legends. It is a part and parcel of my life.”

― Sonam Kapoor

“My parents find me hilarious. They don’t pull me up for anything because I’m a good daughter. I stay at home, don’t party too much, people don’t talk about my affairs or that I am unprofessional. In fact, people tell my parents that I’m so well-brought up. Yes, I tend to shoot my mouth off, but they don’t pull me up for that.”

― Sonam Kapoor

“I’m not going to deny that knowing someone in high places can sometimes get the job done. That’s the name of the game. A son or daughter of someone famous will get a break. But once they’re in there, they’re on their own.”

― Sondra Locke

“I am as curious about my daughter’s acting debut as the rest of the world. I think Alia has got the best possible debut under the biggest banner. But it’s not going to be easy for her to go from the first to the second film smoothly.”

― Soni Razdan

“My father sort of relented. He saw Rajiv, and he said he is a good man. But his more worried about his daughter, because I was going far to a place completely different… with completely different customs. He felt that perhaps I would not be able to accustom to these new ways.”

― Sonia Gandhi

“My first conversation of the day is with my daughter, Nathalie. I call her every morning; it is a ritual.”

― Sonia Rykiel

“My mindset at this stage, especially after having a daughter… it’s just changed my whole outlook.”

― Sonny Bill Williams

“How can I tell my daughter when she grows up to aspire to be what she wants to be if I am too scared to hop back in the ring because of what some people have said about me?”

― Sonny Bill Williams

“Seeing my daughter for the first time after I came back from the tour was just a life-changing experience… it still blows my mind.”

― Sonny Bill Williams

“Now I am just focusing on my daughter, my wife, religion, and training.”

― Sonny Bill Williams

“Just being aware of what you are about to do greatly diminishes the tendency to do what you don’t want to. You will pull your hand back from that pizza slice, tell the waitress that you are passing on dessert, put on your gym shoes instead of going under the comforter, and take several deep breaths instead of screaming at your daughter.”

― Srikumar Rao

“Let your daughter have first of all the book of Psalms for holiness of heart, and be instructed in the Proverbs of Solomon for her godly life.”

― St. Jerome

“I have always felt that my career was not going to be a straight shot up, but more of a kind of rolling wave, so that I could raise my children. So I got pregnant when I was the head of production at a studio, and I became chairperson at a bigger studio when I was pregnant with my second daughter. You just do it!”

― Stacey Snider

“I like my easy life at home. I like to live in Switzerland. I like to be with my wife, with my daughter, to take my daughter to school, to lead a normal life. I try everything possible to keep that.”

― Stan Wawrinka

“If you are cheating on the SATs so your son or daughter can get into Yale, what do you think it’s going to be like for them when they show up to Yale, and they should be at a completely different school?”

― Stephanie Ruhle

“My boys are wild. My daughter is wild.”

― Stephanie Ruhle

“In Hawaii, we go to this wonderful place, all families. My wife and I go directly from breakfast to a beach chair where we read all day. My daughter goes from water to pool to running around with friends she meets, some of whom are regulars there.”

― Stephen Collins

“The script was just the best I’d read in a long time and I love the humor, which I wasn’t expecting, and I like the fact that my six year old daughter can see the show without being, you know, protected from it.”

― Stephen Collins

“People have told me, ‘You shouldn’t bring your daughter onto the podium, ’cause it’s the workplace,’ and things like that. But I’m not gonna really listen to that. I’m gonna do what I think is fun for me and my family, and everything’ll be all right.”

― Stephen Curry

“I first had the idea of writing a popular book about the universe in 1982. My intention was partly to earn money to pay my daughter’s school fees.”

― Stephen Hawking

“You used to defend your musical values to the hilt, but now if something isn’t working, you just hop to another band. My youngest daughter went from Justin Bieber to the Jonas Brothers to Joy Division in the space of a few months!”

― Stephen Morris

“I was shocked the first time the paps got me in America – when a video camera is put in your face and you’re asked questions and 15 people are walking backwards taking your picture. I was coming out of a pizza shop and had my daughter with me.”

― Stephen Moyer

“My sister had been praying for me since I was born: my sister, Stephanie, my namesake. That’s what she is to me; my namesake – Stephanie, Stephon. Stephanie – that’s my daughter’s name. I kept it in the family.”

― Stephon Marbury

“I have a daughter from a relationship I had in my late teens or early 20s. Because I felt it wasn’t the kind of pukka behaviour my family or relatives would admit to, I denied it for many years.”

― Steven Berkoff

“My daughter loves to do art stuff. As a father, I like to play with her. We break out the big pads of paper and the glitter and all the stuff. She likes to do what she likes to do. I want to do something, too. So I’ve just started using her same materials – a lot of crayons, a lot of sparkle, charcoal, pencils, markers and glue.”

― Stone Gossard

“One of the really difficult things that people say to me on social media or whatever – is that I need to shut up and go home and take care of my daughter. That’s very hurtful.”

― Stormy Daniels

“There was never a book, a magazine, a movie, a television show that spoke to my experience as a bicultural teen. I could find a million articles on finding the perfect prom dress or getting the guy of your dreams, but how about ‘Ten Sure Fire Steps to Being the Perfect Korean Daughter and Not Be a Freak at Your High School?’”

― Su-chin Pak

“’Traveling with Pomegranates’ is a very personal, very honest story about my relationship with my daughter and Ann’s with her mother.”

― Sue Monk Kidd

“I am surrounded by counselors. My sister is a counselor. My daughter is training to be a counselor. A lot of my friends are counselors.”

― Sue Townsend

“With my son, falling off his bike is usually what makes him upset, so a hug goes a long way. But girls are more complicated; my daughter will get bummed out because her friend hurt her feelings. In that case, we’ll talk about it. I’ll tell her that she’s a great friend, and that she needs to talk to her friends about it.”

― Summer Sanders

“I was the daughter of an immigrant, raised to feel that I needed to get excellent, flawless grades and a full scholarship and a graduate degree and a good job – all the stepping stones to conventional success.”

― Susan Choi

“Katherine Sedley was the only daughter and heiress to the libertine poet Sir Charles Sedley, and grew into a thoroughly scandalous lady in her own right.”

― Susan Holloway Scott

“It’s no coincidence that I began writing the day my daughter started school. I knew everything I knew before I began to write, but I was raising two children and didn’t have the time to get to the typewriter.”

― Susan Isaacs

“Will I ever again doubt that miracles exist? Not after giving birth to my daughter at 47 without fertility treatments, after surviving breast cancer.”

― Susan McBride

“My mother listened to everything I said, carefully – not that what I said was particularly interesting, but I was her daughter.”

― Susan Shreve

“My dad treated Marilyn Monroe more like his daughter than me.”

― Susan Strasberg

“My daughter was 10 years old when she told me she hated computers. As someone who has spent her career helping build one of the largest tech companies in the world, I was in shock. Suddenly an issue I faced repeatedly at work – the lack of women in tech – hit squarely at home.”

― Susan Wojcicki

“If my daughter’s going to go out in the winter with summer clothes, I’m gonna question it. And at some point, I assume, if the conversation goes on long enough, if I can convince her, she will put on some warm clothes. And I think that sort of exchange is pretty valid.”

― Susanne Bier

“I love turning my daughter on to old movies.”

― Susie Bright

“My mother’s face floated to mind, a pale, reproachful moon, at her last and first visit to the asylum since my twentieth birthday. A daughter in an asylum! I had done that to her. Still, she had obviously decided to forgive me.”

― Sylvia Plath

“I was told, ‘You are not beautiful and glamorous enough,’ ‘Oh no, you’re too serious an actor…’ ‘You’re not good enough an actor,’ ‘You are not so and so’s daughter.’ I was even told, ‘You are not a big, marketable name.’”

― Taapsee Pannu

“It is not a shocker to me that a film went out of my hands, not because I was not credible, but because I was not so-and-so’s daughter or sister or dating so-and-so.”

― Taapsee Pannu

“When my daughter wanted a toy and I had to check the price of it before buying it – that was one of the worst feelings.”

― Tablo

“My daughter is my passion and my life.”

― Tamara Mellon

“I grew up a daughter of a United States Marine, a daughter of a man so proud to be an American.”

― Tammy Duckworth

“The more love I craved, the more distant and abusive he grew. The role I longed to play was never written into Ryan’s script: daughter.”

― Tatum O’Neal

“My idea for ‘BoneMan’s Daughters’ came from the loss of my own daughter when she left home to live with a monster at age 18. I wanted to throttle the man, but she was in love, so all I could do was hope, pray and cry.”

― Ted Dekker

“I tried to stick to my game plan, which was always being aware of what my A story was – the love story between a father and his son, and that son and his daughter.”

― Ted Demme

“The first ‘Polly and the Pirates’ is about a prim and proper girl who gets kidnapped out of her comfy boarding school by a bunch of pirates that think she’s the daughter of their long lost queen. In the course of the adventure, she discovers she has a natural penchant for swashbuckling, despite her sheltered childhood.”

― Ted Naifeh

“My daughter couldn’t wake me up, so they called 911. They rushed me to the hospital. They drilled a hole in my head and wrapped a coil around my brain. I was unconscious for a week, and I was in rehab for two months – couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk. Now I’ve relearned everything. I’m so happy.”

― Teri Garr

“I feel like I’m a stay-at-home mom, which I was for the five years before this. She’s absolutely been my focus. That’s the choice I made. Desperate Housewives is perfect for me. I get to go back to work and still be able to take my daughter to school and pick her up.”

― Teri Hatcher

“My daughter has probably gotten some benefit of being inspired by a woman who is willing to take on things. We travel. We travel to exotic places. I’m the first person to jump in the ocean with a whale. Even if I’m scared, I’ll do it anyway, because I never wanted her to see fear, especially when she was younger.”

― Teri Hatcher

“I’ve known Hillary, and her husband Bill, for more than half of my life. I remember her playing mermaid in the pool with our youngest daughter Sally for hours on family vacations.”

― Terry McAuliffe

“When my daughter Sabrina was 2 years old, the pediatrician told me it was time she quit using a pacifier because that could make her teeth crooked and even cause infections in her ears.”

― Thalia

“My little boy loves mambo, and my daughter, besides Justin Bieber, likes bachata – in our house, we’re always singing.”

― Thalia

“My mother, Yolanda, was a little girl who never grew up, and sometimes we would laugh, and I would say things like, ‘Okay, so now it looks like I am your mother and you are my daughter,’ to which she would reply, ‘Well, yes. Handle it and pamper me.’”

― Thalia

“My husband is American but Italian. Then I have the Mexicano side. I see both in my kids. My daughter is more Italian – she leans towards pizza – and my son leans more towards guacamole and puts lime in everything.”

― Thalia

“Often, when you go to the movies or the theatre, you think, Jesus Christ, everybody is white. But my daughter goes to an amazing dance school called Ballet Black, and they have every colour: dark, white, mixed. It looks like the future to me.”

― Thandie Newton

“I will let my daughter do whatever her heart wants. I will support her and guide her and give her all the knowledge that I have because I want her to succeed in whatever she loves.”

― The Miz

“I wanted to be the dad that was able to feed my daughter, hold my daughter, really be there for my daughter.”

― The Miz

“I grew up the daughter of a local vicar and the granddaughter of a regimental sergeant major.”

― Theresa May

“I am a vicar’s daughter and still a practising member of the Church of England.”

― Theresa May

“You don’t think about it at the time, but there are certain responsibilities that come with being the vicar’s daughter. You’re supposed to behave in a particular way. I shouldn’t say it, but I probably was Goody Two Shoes.”

― Theresa May

“I acknowledge Shakespeare to be the world’s greatest dramatic poet, but regret that no parent could place the uncorrected book in the hands of his daughter, and therefore I have prepared the Family Shakespeare.”

― Thomas Bowdler

“I have a daughter who is a sophomore in college and another who is in the 11th grade of high school.”

― Thomas Friedman

“Light, God’s eldest daughter, is a principal beauty in a building.”

― Thomas Fuller

“If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter.”

― Thomas Fuller

“It would be a sign of society changing if we did finally legalize prostitution. Once it’s legal, it doesn’t mean your daughter’s going to run out and be a ho. The more we sort of bring these things into the light, you bring these hidden vices into the light, the less power they have over our society. You make it legal, it tends to go away.”

― Thomas Jane

“I have done for my country, and for all mankind, all that I could do, and I now resign my soul, without fear, to my God – my daughter to my country.”

― Thomas Jefferson

“I love being in the kitchen with my daughter right next to me on her step stool. It’s sweet; we’re connecting.”

― Tiffani Thiessen

“I was gone so much in my first marriage. I love the moments when I engage with my youngest daughter now. It’s not my thing to sit on the ground and play tea party, but I’ll do it because it’s a moment that will stick with me forever.”

― Tim Allen

“About once a month or so, my daughter and I go out on what we call a Fancy Dinner Date, just the two of us.”

― Tim DeKay

“I coach my daughter’s softball and basketball team. We go to all the school functions. We go out to eat at night and take the kids to the movies. We try to be as normal as we can.”

― Tim McGraw

“My daughter was two weeks old when I wrote ‘White Wine in the Sun.’ I can remember just sobbing and having to leave the room.”

― Tim Minchin

“It’s one thing to say you’re for the war; it’s another thing to send your kid to war – your daughter or your son.”

― Tim O’Brien

“There are a multitude of mothers in the world who have a daughter who is stolen, or who are stolen daughters themselves.”

― Tina Brown

“I wish my daughter wasn’t spending time thinking of Kim Kardashian or Rihanna.”

― Tina Brown

“I work, and then whenever I have any other time, I’m with my daughter, and then I go to sleep. I think you basically have to abandon the dreams of having any other adult activities in your life. You have to go to sleep whenever your child goes to sleep. That’s basically how we’re doing it.”

― Tina Fey

“Beyonce, Solange, and my adopted daughter, Kelly Rowland, and I have always bonded over fashion.”

― Tina Knowles

“I didn’t think any amount of money was worth something that would take away what you believed in or what you stood for. I didn’t want to do something my parents and daughter couldn’t be proud of.”

― Tippi Hedren

“My daughter lived with my wife being ill since she was 2.”

― Titus Welliver

“There’s no more important bonding thing than a mother doing the daughter’s hair. We sit at our mother’s knee and learn who we are.”

― T’Keyah Crystal Keymah

“How happy am I on a scale of one to 10? When you have a daughter, it’s 10 out of 10. It doesn’t matter what happens. The joy that I get from that, I try to give it to my football.”

― Toby Alderweireld

“It is true that the movie is perhaps my most politically-charged. The story is thrust into motion by the idea of what do you do when your 13 year old daughter comes home pregnant. And not only is she pregnant, but she wants to keep the baby.”

― Todd Solondz

“I want to do the basic things, like putting my daughter to bed. It’s the sweetest thing.”

― Tom Douglas

“The nice thing about ‘Miranda’ especially is that the audience that we had was school kids right through to pensioners. It seems to be a show that people watch as a family, so it was the first job I’ve been involved in that certainly my oldest daughter and my middle daughter are big fans of, and proud that I’m in it, which is a nice feeling.”

― Tom Ellis

“My eldest daughter’s been to a few sets of mine and gets spoiled when she’s doing her nails, her hair. Though more often than not, you bring them to set, and they realize the filming process is pretty boring.”

― Tom Ellis

“I don’t think fashion has to change every five minutes. I’d like these to be clothes you can wear for a long time – ten, 20 years; pass on to your daughter. Why buy vintage when you can open your own closet!”

― Tom Ford

“I had the luxury of skipping the cabinet meeting to attend my daughter’s graduation. So many people don’t have the luxury of taking an hour away from the workplace to attend indispensable family commitments. We have to change that dynamic.”

― Tom Perez

“I’ve never used one word of profanity in front of my wife, or my daughter, or my granddaughter… or anybody else’s wife.”

― Tommy Lasorda

“As it turns out, my grandmother, my mother, my wife, and my daughter are all women, and I like those people. I’m concerned about the issues that they face in their lives. So I’m a feminist, but that’s not all I am.”

― Tommy Lee Jones

“My grandmother grew up in a 19th-century world, and my daughter has grown up in a 21st-century world, and some issues, problems, dilemmas that these women face have not changed.”

― Tommy Lee Jones

“I’ve been advised not to have any more children for medical reasons, so that’s it – the shop has closed, even though I would have loved a daughter.”

― Toni Braxton

“In a lot of films, forever it’s been boy-meets-girl, and thank God for films like – I know it’s going to sound ridiculous – ‘Frozen.’ I was so excited for my daughter to be able to watch a love story between two sisters instead of some stupid prince.”

― Toni Collette

“I am just the most boring person you will ever meet. I’m the good Southern daughter. I’m not outrageous.”

― Toni Tennille

“We often don’t think of them, we think of the great wars and the great battles, but what about losing a son or a daughter, or a girl losing her husband or vice versa? I think of the people who never got the chance to have the opportunities I had.”

― Tony Curtis

“In 2008, my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Sophia, suffered a grand mal seizure. It came from nowhere, for no apparent reason, and took hold of my little fairy-girl.”

― Tony DiTerlizzi

“The fact that religion plays such a part in how people vote troubles me, troubles me as a minister’s daughter. Because I always felt that the separation of church and state was what our forefathers and foremothers really fought for.”

― Tori Amos

“I wanted to do something creatively, having been a beached whale for many months and nursing my daughter.”

― Tori Amos

“I want to be a positive role-model for my daughter. The last thing I want to put out there is that it’s acceptable to be too thin or have an eating disorder because you’re in Hollywood.”

― Tori Spelling

“I never thought I’d have a daughter.”

― Tori Spelling

“Having a daughter makes you see things in a different way. You have to see how you’re carrying yourself because there’s a little girl. There’s not a little boy, there’s a little girl. I think I’m a little more overprotective.”

― Tracy Morgan

“I mellowed out; my daughter mellowed me out, and I don’t get mad at anyone.”

― Tracy Morgan

“My daughter took Latin for three years; she still can’t speak it.”

― Trey Gowdy

“It’s not hard to draw from within yourself to play someone protective of her daughter. I have animals and I’m a daughter, sister, wife, aunt and friend, and I can be fiercely protective.”

― Tricia Helfer

“I want to feel I have the energy I will need as an older mother having a younger baby. It’s really important that when I’m 51, and my daughter is 10, that I feel I can still run around and do things with her, and feel the energy of a slightly younger woman having their kids at school.”

― Trinny Woodall

“I gave birth to our daughter Coco in Pisa, and it was a wonderful time in all our lives.”

― Trudie Styler

“My daughter Mickey is an actress, and I tell her women need to make their own films; they should always be looking for stories to develop themselves and go to acting class – not that she needs much prompting in that!”

― Trudie Styler

“I was up late last night yapping about the elections on CNN and up early this morning doing the same thing in my daughter’s kindergarten class.”

― Tucker Carlson

“Wearing a bold print gets harder as you get older. It’s safer to stick to subtle prints or block colours. I have always found prints quite tricky. My daughter Carly, who is on the design team at Stella McCartney, is obsessed with them.”

― Twiggy

“I’m a different person who’s not my father or my mother. I want to be treated differently from them. I am myself, Twinkle Khanna. I am proud of being the daughter of such illustrious parents, but I would not like to be compared with them time and again.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“My father believed in astrology. His astrologer had predicted that his daughter would become a writer someday. My father would nag me, but I didn’t write a word till he passed away. I wish he could see me now.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“I make bangers all the time, and I knew it was going to come. My mom probably used to think it wasn’t going to happen. My daughter’s mom thought it wasn’t going to happen, and a couple of girlfriends. You just gotta keep on doing it. I’m living proof.”

― Ty Dolla Sign

“I love Jailynn so much. She’s the best daughter. I bet every dad says that.”

― Ty Dolla Sign

“My daughter’s mother and I are no longer dating, and the people I’m most likely to date are those around me, who are athletes.”

― Tyson Gay

“I’m very happy at home. I love to just hang out with my daughter, I love to work in my garden. I’m not a gaping hole of need.”

― Uma Thurman

“I am the daughter of Nigerian immigrants. My mother is a survivor of both polio and of the Igbo genocide during her country’s civil war in the late 1960s.”

― Uzo Aduba

“I still vividly remember the moment I let go of an embrace with my daughter on her college campus – that, in her opinion, probably lasted far too long. I left the most precious thing in my life in the care of an institution, and that’s a very hard thing to do.”

― Valerie Jarrett

“I care so passionately about improving the quality of life for women and girls, not just here in the United States, but internationally as well. I am a single mom and I raised a daughter who is now a young adult.”

― Valerie Jarrett

“My daughter is, of course, perfect. Everyone’s child is, but mine really is perfect. But I could not have raised her without my parents. From the time she was seven months until now, I have been a single parent.”

― Valerie Jarrett

“I realize that I was being the kind of parent that I thought my daughter needed. I was a good role model for her on what a working mom can do.”

― Valerie Jarrett

“I had my daughter when I was pretty young, 28, and I had to sacrifice not going out with my friends, and I had to figure out how to juggle both raising her and also a very demanding job.”

― Valerie Jarrett

“I love seeing my husband hold our daughter and just give her kisses, unsolicited kisses. When he doesn’t know that I’m watching or when I come into the room and I look over and he’s just kissing her forehead or kissing her cheek. He loves her so much, and I love his love for her.”

― Vanessa Lachey

“My daughter loves singing above all else.”

― Vanessa Paradis

“When I look at female characters, I want to recognize myself in them: my trials, my tribulations as a mother, as a lover, as a daughter.”

― Vera Farmiga

“I definitely want to teach my daughter Spanish.”

― Victor Cruz

“Sometimes, his methods and his motives are questionable and even his morals are questionable in the way he does things. But I think his intention is always to protect his daughter.”

― Victor Garber

“Most fathers don’t see the war within the daughter, her struggles with conflicting images of the idealized and flawed father, her temptation both to retreat to Daddy’s lap and protection and to push out of his embrace to that of beau and the world beyond home.”

― Victoria Secunda

“Of all the haunting moments of motherhood, few rank with hearing your own words come out of your daughter’s mouth.”

― Victoria Secunda

“’The Irish Duke’ is a sequel to ‘The Decadent Duke’ about Lady Georgina Gordon who married the Duke of Bedford. ‘The Irish Duke’ tells the story of their daughter, Lady Louisa, who married James Hamilton, the powerful and wealthy Duke of Abercorn.”

― Virginia Henley

“If we help an educated man’s daughter to go to Cambridge are we not forcing her to think not about education but about war? – not how she can learn, but how she can fight in order that she might win the same advantages as her brothers?”

― Virginia Woolf

“Deep vengeance is the daughter of deep silence.”

― Vittorio Alfieri

“I’ve had two great loves: my mother and my daughter.”

― Viv Albertine

“I have a daughter. I have my imagination. I have friends. I, in no way, am going to louse that up with some idiot man, frankly. They drag you down – I’m talking about my generation of men.”

― Viv Albertine

“If my 18-year-old daughter asked me whether she should lead a truth-hunting, artistic, uncompromising life as I have done, I’d say no, don’t do it. It’s a difficult and lonely path for a woman.”

― Viv Albertine

“When I was pregnant, I prayed that my daughter would have brown, green, or grey eyes.”

― Viv Albertine

“If you tell someone, ‘Hey, your daughter is going to win a Nobel Prize someday,’ it makes it less likely. If you say, ‘Your son is in danger of dropping out in the ninth grade,’ it could make it more likely.”

― Vivienne Ming

“Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth.”

― Voltaire

“My daughter doesn’t love me because I’m on TV, she loves me because I’m her dad.”

― W. Earl Brown

“I do this thing with my daughter – I put my hand on her face and shake her head, but really affectionately. But I didn’t think, and I did that to Flea.”

― Watkin Tudor Jones

“I was living as a young single mom. I was 19 when I was divorced, and my daughter was a year old, and I waited tables here three to four nights a week for several years while I was trying to support myself and my daughter and the day I got that acceptance at Harvard Law School was an unforgettable day.”

― Wendy Davis

“’Bloodlight and Bami’ is all verite. The director Sophie Fiennes began filming Ms. Jones in the mid-2000s and simply observes her on stage and off. She follows her home to Jamaica, where the diva mellows, almost unconsciously, into a daughter, sister, and parishioner.”

― Wesley Morris

“My daughter is my greatest inspiration.”

― Whitney Houston

“I have priorities. Maintaining my daughter is my first.”

― Whitney Houston

“For 10 years, I’d been working as a freelance writer and editor, making money but not a living. It was a good arrangement family-wise, allowing me to stay home with our daughter, but not so great financially or, sometimes, ego-wise.”

― Will Allison

“I acted like a pro when it came to football… Then you also add the priority and responsibility of having a daughter and having a wife that you are not only the provider for, but obviously, I want to be a good husband and father.”

― Will Grier

“Obviously, I want to spend every minute with my daughter that I can.”

― Will Grier

“Obviously, having a wife and a daughter is a huge responsibility.”

― Will Grier

“The best cookies of all in the world are the ones my daughter Sally makes. They come out all uniform with nice little air holes.”

― Willard Scott

“When I think about the world I would like to leave to my daughter and the grandchildren I hope to have, it is a world that moves away from unequal, unstable, unsustainable interdependence to integrated communities – locally, nationally and globally – that share the characteristics of all successful communities.”

― William J. Clinton

“The women I love most are Latina – my sister, mother, and daughter. They’re spontaneous but spend a majority of their time trying to make others happy.”

― William Levy

“I may neither choose who I would, nor refuse who I dislike; so is the will of a living daughter curbed by the will of a dead father.”

― William Shakespeare

“I think there’s something about the homemade birthday cake, because my wife, on my daughter’s first birthday, started the tradition where she takes a full cake and cuts the number birthday out of it.”

― Willie Geist

“My daughter will be reading about Pat Buchanan in a history book someday, and I am hanging out fist-bumping with him and joking with him.”

― Willie Geist

“I was never raised as the daughter with vitiligo or the granddaughter with vitiligo or the cousin with vitiligo. I was just Chantelle.”

― Winnie Harlow

“It’s equally as important to me to be a good friend and a good sister and a good daughter. I’m very close with my family and friends.”

― Winona Ryder

“I wrapped a movie called ‘Zombieland,’ in which I was constantly under assault by zombies, then flew to New York, still very much in character. With my daughter at the airport I was startled by a paparazzo, who I quite understandably mistook for a zombie.”

― Woody Harrelson

“I remember my daughter Deni coming along, and she was so pure and caring of everybody and everything. And somehow, this little being managed to get around all the obstacles – the gun turrets, the walls, the moats, the sentries – that were wrapped around my heart. My heart at that time needed her.”

― Woody Harrelson

“In ‘Laurence Anyways,’ Nathalie Baye is Laurence’s mother, and she is quite an awful mother. Still, she is the only one in the end who truly accepts her daughter.”

― Xavier Dolan

“I love my daughter.”

― YG

“I had a daughter, and that’s a good thing.”

― YG

“I am yet to have a child, and if I am blessed with a baby girl, and in future, if a guy tries to impress my daughter by singing my hits, I have no issues with it.”

― Yo Yo Honey Singh

“Assess and then decide whether women who are in active politics and public life, like men, whether in this process they may not lose their importance and role as mothers, daughter, and sisters.”

― Yogi Adityanath

“Losing my daughter was a very serious pain. There was always some empty space in my heart.”

― Yoko Ono

“My Uncle Nissim studied Kabbalah. Just before he died, he gave this tiny book, its pages yellow with age. He said it had special powers. I had a feeling that the book helped to keep me safe. My daughter is called Nissim after him.”

― Yossi Ghinsberg

“I went to South America with the idea that I would be an explorer, that I’d find lost tribes, become one of them, marry the chief’s daughter and find riches of gold.”

― Yossi Ghinsberg

“In ‘Forbidden Love,’ my character is a divorcee who has an affair with a young doctor. They are blissfully happy and have everything going for them. But their peers, friends, her daughter, and his family disapprove, and the affair ends.”

― Yvette Mimieux

“If I had a daughter, and some guy came home with her, I’d be on him like a hawk. When I meet people’s parents, I know my place. It’s not that hard.”

― Zac Efron

“Sometimes people will come up in the street and say: ‘My daughter loves you, will you sign an autograph for her?’ And some people send me stuff. I don’t mind it at all: as a sportswoman, you owe them because they support you.”

― Zara Phillips

“The whole Hollywood thing where people want to put me into this ‘quirky-fashionista, daughter of’ category makes me mad because it’s promoting something that I don’t believe in, and it’s not who I am.”

― Zoe Kravitz

“I want to be the best daughter, sister, friend and wife I can possibly be – because when I die, I am not going to be buried with my Oscar.”

― Zoe Saldana
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