Top 27 Defensive Quotes

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“I am the finest defensive player in the game.”

― Bobby Riggs

“Incentives are not strategy, they are tactics. Defensive measures.”

― Carlos Ghosn

“Every year, I strive to be the best defensive player in the league.”

― Draymond Green

“The state has an offensive and defensive role to play as promoter of industrial policies, as regulator and as shareholder.”

― Emmanuel Macron

“Defense comes with defensive concepts.”

― Gilbert Arenas

“I was a gang leader. Although, it was a gang for defensive purposes. It was not a gang to sell drugs.”

― Jack Bowman

“I’ve played all over, to be honest. Centre-half, defensive midfield, attacking midfield.”

― Jack Rodwell

“I’m not really a defensive midfielder.”

― Jack Wilshere

“This country cannot afford the deceptive luxury of waging defensive warfare.”

― James Forrestal

“I’m a great player; I’m one of the best defensive ends in the league, and I honestly think that.”

― Jason Pierre-Paul

“I want to be the Defensive Player of the Year and, if I have the chance, be MVP.”

― Joel Embiid

“On the defensive end, I have to do my job.”

― Joel Embiid

“Hats divide generally into three classes: offensive hats, defensive hats, and shrapnel.”

― Katharine Whitehorn

“I really wasn’t a good defensive player at all.”

― Khris Middleton

“I prefer to play in midfield, whether that is attacking midfield or defensive midfield.”

― Marouane Fellaini

“Nothing is more idealistic than a journalist on the defensive.”

― Melvin Maddocks

“A lot of these defensive linemen, they’re real whirling dervishes – they do all these fancy moves.”

― Mike Daniels

“I have game-changing defensive abilities.”

― Mohamed Bamba

“You want to be Defensive Player of the Year.”

― Myles Garrett

“Defensive midfielder is my position and I have to be focused on that role.”

― Nemanja Matic

“I always liked the defensive part of baseball.”

― Pete Rose

“It appears the Kochs are among the most defensive billionaires, preferring the comfy confines of their callous and intellectually dishonest world view.”

― Robert Greenwald

“Defensive end is home for me.”

― Robert Mathis

“I’m a little territorial and defensive.”

― Shia LaBeouf

“When we have the ball, we’re all offensive players. When we lose the ball, we’re all defensive players.”

― Shkodran Mustafi

“Defensive moments are for each and every player.”

― Unai Emery

“I always felt like I’m a good one-on-one defensive player.”

― Zach LaVine
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