Top 28 Dentist Quotes

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“My dad was a dentist; my mom managed his office.”

― Aileen Lee

“I am lucky: I have fantastic doctors and a fantastic dentist.”

― Anna Deavere Smith

“I’m like the guy who prepares your taxes or a dentist. I’m very conservative and boring in a lot of ways.”

― Augusten Burroughs

“I was a left-handed dentist who made people cry.”

― Casey Stengel

“I live at the dentist’s. I’m on my third set of teeth that they put in with nails and screws.”

― Charles Nelson Reilly

“My great-grandfather, Sam Aykroyd, was a dentist in Kingston, Ontario, and he was also an Edwardian spiritualist researcher who was very interested in what was going on in the invisible world, the survival of the consciousness, precipitated paintings, mediumship, and trans-channeling.”

― Dan Aykroyd

“I go to the dentist every six months, I get a cleaning, so… I’m fortunate enough that those fluoride treatments as a child worked. Not getting any cavities.”

― Daniel Tosh

“My dentist said my teeth were wearing away at the back because I couldn’t bite. My top jaw was broken and brought forward, and my bottom jaw was broken and put back.”

― Eddie the Eagle

“I find it irresponsible to go, ‘She’s an actress, what does she know?’ That means if you’re a dentist, what do you know? If you’re a lawyer, what do you know? It’s our profession, it’s what we do. It’s not who we are.”

― Eva Longoria

“All this fuss about sleeping together. For physical pleasure I’d sooner go to my dentist any day.”

― Evelyn Waugh

“I am keeping with tradition today. After I learned of my Golden Globe nomination, I went to the dentist, so today, let’s make it the orthodontist.”

― Frankie Muniz

“I wanted to be a dentist when I was younger. But then I started to get big and realized that my hands were so big, I’d kind of scare the little kids away.”

― Greg Oden

“Before I got into rock n’ roll, I was going to be a dentist.”

― Gregg Allman

“When the amalgam is delivered to your dentist in a special protective box, he has to take extreme caution when handling the stuff: with masks, gloves, gowns, goggles, all needed to protect him from danger. He then drills your teeth and rams the mixture into your cavities, whereupon it becomes miraculously, instantly safe!”

― Jasper Carrott

“What helps writers, and ultimately, obviously, helps the actors – who should serve the words that the writer puts on the page – is if the character has damages, because then the writers can cultivate and excavate, like a dentist going into a tooth.”

― John C. McGinley

“I hate getting haircuts. It’s like going to the damn dentist, man.”

― John Daly

“Trips to the dentist – I like to postpone that kind of thing.”

― Johnny Depp

“Faced with the choice of enduring a bad toothache or going to the dentist, we generally tried to ride out the bad tooth.”

― Joseph Barbera

“We do have a zeal for laughter in most situations, give or take a dentist.”

― Joseph Heller

“I get sensationalism, I get gossip, I understand that. If I’m at the dentist, I’ll flip through those magazines as well. But it’s especially annoying when it’s something that is too much.”

― Kylie Minogue

“The grinding of the intellect is for most people as painful as a dentist’s drill.”

― Leonard Woolf

“I was a bio major, and I was going to take over my aunt’s dental practice and be a dentist.”

― Michael Steger

“I’d rather go to the dentist… but I’m going.”

― Phil Gramm

“For almost anyone who chooses to be a writer, since so very few writers are able to learn a living from their work that is equivalent to the living earned by the average dentist or accountant.”

― Russell Banks

“I was never afraid of anything in the world except the dentist.”

― Taylor Caldwell

“One of my sensory problems was hearing sensitivity, where certain loud noises, such as a school bell, hurt my ears. It sounded like a dentist drill going through my ears.”

― Temple Grandin

“For the very top earners, vision and inspiration are essential. You need those to become the next Steve Jobs, but perhaps not to be the highest paid dentist in Beverly Hills.”

― Tyler Cowen

“I wanted to study to be a dental hygienist, marry a rich dentist, and hang it up.”

― Vicki Lawrence
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