Top 403 Digital Quotes

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“I’m interested in ways that digital interfaces can be utilized as powerful narrative devices, and to engage people in new and exciting ways.”

― Aaron Koblin

“I think that the future of currency is digital, and Bitcoin has a good shot at being the currency of the future.”

― Adam Draper

“Digital for storage and quickness. Analog for fatness and warmth.”

― Adrian Belew

“In the digital age, there is a new rule book for romance.”

― Adwoa Aboah

“In my first remarks as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission to the agency’s terrific staff, I stressed that one of my top priorities would be to close the digital divide – the gap between those who use cutting-edge communications services and those who do not.”

― Ajit Pai

“Infrastructure investment is critical to closing the digital divide in our country and bringing high-speed Internet access to more rural Americans.”

― Ajit Pai

“I’ve talked a lot about the need to promote digital empowerment: to enable any American who wants high-speed Internet access, or broadband, to get it.”

― Ajit Pai

“In digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?”

― Al Gore

“The Bush administration works closely with a network of rapid response digital brownshirts who work to pressure reporters and their editors for ‘undermining support for our troops.’”

― Al Gore

“Surveillance technologies now available – including the monitoring of virtually all digital information – have advanced to the point where much of the essential apparatus of a police state is already in place.”

― Al Gore

“Digital innovations have the potential to transform the recruitment industry, and the Adecco Group is taking the lead.”

― Alain Dehaze

“The payoff of a customer-centric approach to software and digital product design is substantial and long-lasting for both companies and their customers.”

― Alan Cooper

“The fan base that I’ve had all these years has come along. Some of them are not as plugged into the digital world, so they want to go out and buy the CD at Walmart or something.”

― Alan Jackson

“The automobile has moved into the mainstream of our integrated digital world.”

― Alan Mulally

“When I was working, there was no digital. We actually worked; we used Polaroids.”

― Alek Wek

“In the wake of digitalization megatrends such as mobile Internet, the Internet of things, and big data, digital innovations are creating development opportunities faster than ever.”

― Alexander De Croo

“I am one of the last photographers to convert to digital.”

― Amanda de Cadenet

“I want to create and write scripted and unscripted shows, digital shows, stage shows.”

― Amanda Seales

“Encryption plays a fundamental role in protecting us all online. It is key to growing the digital economy and delivering public services online. But, like many powerful technologies, encrypted services are used and abused by a small minority of people.”

― Amber Rudd

“We have a cadre of home-grown cyber-skilled professionals to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world, in the public and private sectors and in defence.”

― Amber Rudd

“Before I finished my undergraduate degree, I found ‘TYT’ and dedicated myself to helping it grow into a digital news empire.”

― Ana Kasparian

“I grew up in a time where there were no queer digital references.”

― Andrew Keenan-Bolger

“Economically, it’s more expensive to make movies. I hope digital movies change that.”

― Ang Lee

“It’s no longer possible to think of the physical and digital as two different worlds.”

― Angela Ahrendts

“We always said if we were going to target a millennial consumer, then we had to do it in their mother tongue, which is digital.”

― Angela Ahrendts

“If anything, the impact of digital technology is creating bigger brands and bigger superstars.”

― Anita Elberse

“It would be ridiculous to ignore the speed and possibilities of the digital landscape.”

― Anna Wintour

“Analog is more beautiful than digital, really, but we go for comfort.”

― Anton Corbijn

“There are some elements of digital photography that I don’t really like, such as the fact that you see the results immediately.”

― Anton Corbijn

“Digital imaging is as much about chemistry as it is about semiconductors.”

― Antonio Perez

“The digital business is a fantastic business to be in. The only thing you have to do is build a cost structure for a declining business, which is different from the structure for a growing business.”

― Antonio Perez

“ATM is still a cash channel; we want to migrate it to the digital channel.”

― Arundhati Bhattacharya

“Digital is the only way to get rid of corruption and unaccounted cash.”

― Arundhati Bhattacharya

“There is no law of physics that says just because we’re connected, there has to be this schism between our physical lives and our digital lives.”

― Astro Teller

“Tokenization applies to scarce assets. Today, the most appropriate thing to tokenize is something that’s purely digital. Bitcoin and ethereum are the canonical.”

― Balaji Srinivasan

“I’m interested in businesses that take digital bits and turn them into interfaces for physical atoms. I’m also interested in drones, Bitcoin, and 3D printing.”

― Balaji Srinivasan

“It’ll take a while for all those strange old books that I love to show up on digital: books that aren’t current bestsellers but aren’t public-domain freebies, either.”

― Barbara Hambly

“A national security letter cannot be used to authorize eavesdropping or to read the contents of e-mail. But it does permit investigators to trace revealing paths through the private affairs of a modern digital citizen.”

― Barton Gellman

“As digital communications have multiplied, and NSA capabilities with them, the agency has shifted resources from surveillance of individual targets to the acquisition of communications on a planetary scale.”

― Barton Gellman

“The Obama administration, like those before it, promotes a disturbingly narrow interpretation of the Fourth Amendment, misapplying the facts of old analog cases to a radically different digital world.”

― Barton Gellman

“I really tried to get comfortable with the notion of shooting digital on ‘Foxcatcher’ and just couldn’t. I shot many tests and experimented with all sorts of techniques to manipulate it into a place that worked for us, but it just didn’t happen.”

― Bennett Miller

“We have the right assets for a fast-growing digital business.”

― Bernard Ebbers

“We are in the throes of a transition where every publication has to think of their digital strategy.”

― Bill Gates

“Digital reading will completely take over. It’s lightweight and it’s fantastic for sharing. Over time it will take over.”

― Bill Gates

“I don’t think there’s a… boundary between digital media and print media. Every magazine is doing an online version.”

― Bill Gates

“Internet TV and the move to the digital approach is quite revolutionary. TV has historically has been a broadcast medium with everybody picking from a very finite number of channels.”

― Bill Gates

“To a poet, it’s quite ruinous to have a poem distorted, out of shape, or squeezed, shall we say, into this tiny screen. But I’m not sure big digital companies are sensitive to the needs of poets.”

― Billy Collins

“I’ve had the luxury of owning my own studio, 24 analogue, 48 digital, endless effects, endless hardcore gear, that I don’t have to rent, I don’t get stuck with the bills, it’s all mine.”

― Billy Sherwood

“Silicon Valley has been this global engine of innovation and economic growth over the last few decades, but a tidal wave of innovation that has been focused very much in the digital realm.”

― Bjarke Ingels

“Digital Asset has a revolutionary technology platform that eliminates the counterparty risk and lack of transparency that has hindered mainstream adoption of cryptographic technology.”

― Blythe Masters

“Digital Asset has a revolutionary technology platform that eliminates the counterparty risk and lack of transparency that has hindered mainstream adoption of cryptographic technology. The possibilities for reducing cost and risk in settlement are enormous.”

― Blythe Masters

“Digital Asset has a talented team and technology that is uniquely positioned to solve challenging settlement issues facing global financial institutions.”

― Blythe Masters

“If the cryptocurrency market overall or a digital asset is solving a problem, it’s going to drive some value.”

― Brad Garlinghouse

“There are a lot of really fabulous things that get done with digital assets and blockchain technologies to reduce friction, to reduce costs, and enable things that weren’t possible before.”

― Brad Garlinghouse

“XRP is a digital asset that exists on the XRP ledger, one of the open-source products created by Ripple. XRP is a pivotal component of the Internet of Value, since it solves a key point of friction: the pre-funding of nostro/vostro accounts necessary to facilitate cross border payments.”

― Brad Garlinghouse

“There is a lot of volatility in the digital asset market broadly, and certainly that is true in the bitcoin market. It’s been true for XRP, and I think that’s because these markets are very nascent.”

― Brad Garlinghouse

“The average person may, at a high level, think of us as a digital currency bank, but we’re not a bank.”

― Brian Armstrong

“At Coinbase, our first priority is to ensure that we operate the most secure and compliant digital currency exchange in the world.”

― Brian Armstrong

“Print and digital comics will always coexist.”

― Brian K. Vaughan

“For a lot of arcane shipping reasons, new comics, even digital ones, have a long history of only being released on Wednesdays.”

― Brian K. Vaughan

“I’m studying art and photography, like film and digital – a mix of both.”

― Brooklyn Beckham

“The artistic process in digital art is very much the same as for making other kinds of paintings.”

― Buffy Sainte-Marie

“Digital imaging allows both groups to rise above the limitations of mess and clutter and mechanics, and apply our talents to creating images limited only by our imaginations.”

― Buffy Sainte-Marie

“Digital art software has empowered both the painterly side of photographers, and the photographer side of painters.”

― Buffy Sainte-Marie

“The fact that millennials are fast at communication and expect transparency and don’t feel comfortable with hierarchy gets interpreted as us being impatient or entitled. These traits are perfectly normal given that we’re the first digital natives.”

― Caroline Ghosn

“We cannot solve the STEM gender gap without solving it for millennials. They’re our first digital natives, and they’re willing to learn quickly.”

― Caroline Ghosn

“The digital economy is impacting us in a big way.”

― Cathy Engelbert

“I have the Sony Reader; I have the Kindle as well. I don’t really use either of them, to be honest. I’d rather sit down with a cup of coffee and a newspaper than read all my digital books.”

― Chad Hurley

“The power of digital distribution over physical retail outlets is you have a chance to create a global audience.”

― Chad Hurley

“What we see is that we actually have digital channels through which the customers interact, but we also take the absolute brick channels, which is the branch, and convert that experience into a more digitised experience.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“There are few colonial nations anymore. Instead, we are colonized by financial institutions beyond our political control. We are colonized with pens and papers and millions of little digital bursts transferring billions of dollars all over the globe in the blink of an eye.”

― Charlie Pierce

“I learned not to confuse ‘busy’ with ‘productive,’ but I’m still far too addicted to email to resist its early-morning digital snuggles.”

― Chris Hardwick

“I used to be a photographer – and now I’m some kind of digital photographic artist.”

― Chris Jordan

“We saw for a time that digital currencies were radioactive to banks, but that’s not the case anymore.”

― Chris Larsen

“As the Kindle’s dread grip on digital publishing is challenged by tablet computers and Android smartphones, with their bright screens and high resolution, the need for illustration is growing.”

― Chris Riddell

“I believed deeply that digital was an empowering opportunity for Playboy, not a threat.”

― Christie Hefner

“This digital world is what you make of it in the end.”

― Ciara

“I learned on film at NYU. I was probably the last generation that was analog. Anyone who was a year younger than me, it was probably all digital.”

― Colin Trevorrow

“I don’t pretend to be a digital savant or even a digital apprentice.”

― Dan Rather

“Digital payments have already made it easier to move and manage money. While there’s more work to do, the potential is real and understood.”

― Dan Schulman

“We need to re-create boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office, you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before.”

― Daniel Goleman

“We’re moving to this integration of biomedicine, information technology, wireless and mobile now – an era of digital medicine. Even my stethoscope is now digital. And of course, there’s an app for that.”

― Daniel Kraft

“The advent of Kindle, the iPad, and other portable reading devices has so far simply resulted in turning analog print into digital print while keeping the same linear prose format.”

― Daniel Lubetzky

“GE rolled out a popular TV ad campaign in 2015 explaining why youthful techies should give the ‘digital industrial’ giant a second look.”

― Daniel Lyons

“With digital attacks becoming rampant, the computer nerds who work for the good guys to thwart such incursions have become the new Navy SEALs – elite commandos who can carry out sophisticated operations on the battlefield of cyberspace.”

― Daniel Lyons

“There are people who specialise in lettering, and I’ve had my hand lettering made into a digital font. I picked up a copy of the ‘Dandy’ the other week, and I was amazed to see that it was completely lettered in my hand-lettering font. It was quite a thrill, really, having been a ‘Dandy’ reader years and years ago.”

― Dave Gibbons

“People are so into digital recording now they forgot how easy analog recording can be.”

― Dave Grohl

“Computers were programmed to swap out error-prone, inconsistent human calculation with digital perfection.”

― David Autor

“The first half of the 20th century belongs to Picasso, and the second half is about photography. They said digital would kill photography because everyone can do it, but they said that about the box brownie in 1885 when it came out. It makes photography interesting because everyone thinks they can take a picture.”

― David Bailey

“Digital brand integration is part of the evolution of product placement. It’s simply another tool marketers use to get products integrated into shows. If you can put it in a package, we can put it in a show.”

― David Brenner

“Flash turns up the optical volume so that whatever lies behind the lens – be it film or a digital sensor – is a little more receptive.”

― David Hewson

“I love 808s – not only the Auto-Tune but just ,in general, the embrace of a kind of digital style of working.”

― David Longstreth

“But, when we started our product portfolio, we focused the mixed signal requirements first for image processing devices and then in audio applications, targeting our technology into the growing use of digital technology in consumer markets.”

― David Milne

“Clearly, Japan is a most important market for digital consumer products.”

― David Milne

“Film and the other creative industries are being transformed by digital technologies.”

― David Puttnam

“I’m really into my photography and am trying to catch up with digital generation – I was used to the old 35mm cameras.”

― David Suchet

“In the digital age, we filter forward instead of filtering out. As a result, all that material is still available to us and to others to filter in their own ways, and to bring forward in other contexts.”

― David Weinberger

“There’s a real difference now in what you can get out of film and the rise of digital platforms.”

― Dean Devlin

“The hands of every clock are shears, trimming us away scrap by scrap, and every time piece with a digital readout blinks us towards implosion.”

― Dean Koontz

“While the digital age has done so much to improve our world, it has dramatically changed our social structure, often further isolating us from each other.”

― Dean Ornish

“The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce. Instantly.”

― Demetri Martin

“As devices become more portable and content is increasingly digital, connectivity is fast becoming a fundamental expectation and lifestyle requirement.”

― Dinesh Paliwal

“With every new social network, smartphone feature, and digital diversion, innovation-driven consumer companies must constantly redefine their categories and, in some cases, redefine themselves to ensure they remain both relevant and differentiated in the minds of consumers.”

― Dinesh Paliwal

“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.”

― Douglas Engelbart

“Digital technology is both arousing and distancing. We don’t look at the users on the other side as people. They aren’t – they’re just usernames, Facebook photos and Twitter handles.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“When digital culture first came along, it was supposed to create more time, by allowing us to shift time around. Somehow instead we’ve strapped devices to ourselves that ping us all the time.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“Most of us still haven’t grasped the fact that everything we commit to the digital space – not just our public blogs and broadcast tweets, but every private text message, email, and voicemail is likely to be stored and accessible. Forever.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“It’s all about sound. It’s that simple. Wireless is wireless, and it’s digital. Hopefully somewhere along the line somebody will add more ones to the zeros. When digital first started, I swear I could hear the gap between the ones and the zeros.”

― Eddie Van Halen

“Many tools are indispensable for my work, from a utility knife to parametric-modeling software, like Digital Project. But it’s important not to confuse the tool for the content, as some designers under 30 do.”

― Elizabeth Diller

“Artists know they need to have digital presences to build and bolster their fan base, and fans have exploited that fact.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“Software and digital devices are imbued with the values of their creators.”

― Ellen Ullman

“Y2K has challenged a belief in digital technology that has been almost religious.”

― Ellen Ullman

“Reading about what a digital native thinks of the Internet is like reading about what it’s like to blink: it’s kind of boring.”

― Emma Healey

“The 28-member Europe must be simpler, clearer, more efficient, and continue to advance on digital and energy issues.”

― Emmanuel Macron

“When I went to medical school, the term ‘digital’ applied only to rectal exams.”

― Eric Topol

“When we started ShapeShift, a future world of natively digital assets was very theoretical.”

― Erik Voorhees

“Digital currency is now a misnomer for Bitcoin. It can be used as currency, but it can be used for many things.”

― Erik Voorhees

“Most ‘digital currencies’ are not really digital currencies at all.”

― Erik Voorhees

“’419 scams,’ named for a clause from the Nigerian penal code, are such a part of the white noise of the digital age that we no longer notice them.”

― Evan Osnos

“I had been working in colour for ten years or so and looked at digital and liked the possibilities it gave me.”

― Fay Godwin

“Blockchains are digital organisms. As organisms evolve through changes in their DNA, blockchain protocols evolve through changes in their code. And like biological organisms, the most adaptive blockchains will be the ones that survive and thrive.”

― Fred Ehrsam

“Developer mindshare is the most important thing to have in digital currency.”

― Fred Ehrsam

“Straight-up digital delivery will be the way the future works.”

― Freddie Wong

“Illegal downloading, digital cheating, and cutting and pasting other people’s stuff may be easy, but that doesn’t make those activities right.”

― G. Hannelius

“The dynamic range of a digital camera is not that much greater than film, particularly if you push the ASA a little bit.”

― Gary Ross

“I have friends who have a CD mastering plant in Hollywood and they are very sceptical about European record labels’ understanding of digital technology.”

― Gavin Bryars

“There is incredible potential for digital technology in and beyond the classroom, but it is vital to rethink how learning is organised if we are to reap the rewards.”

― Geoff Mulgan

“Courses can, and should, incorporate the excitement and fun of programming games, apps or even real digital devices.”

― Geoff Mulgan

“Even many of the teenagers who feel confident on navigating the web simply don’t have the skills needed to ‘write and create’ digital tools, not simply consume them.”

― Geoff Mulgan

“The once-science-fiction notion of hyper-connectivity – where we are all constantly connected to social networks and other bubbling streams of digital data – has rapidly become a widespread reality.”

― Geoff Mulgan

“Last time I checked, the digital universe was expanding at the rate of five trillion bits per second in storage and two trillion transistors per second on the processing side.”

― George Dyson

“Alan Turing gave us a mathematical model of digital computing that has completely withstood the test of time. He gave us a very, very clear description that was truly prophetic.”

― George Dyson

“Digital technology allows us a much larger scope to tell stories that were pretty much the grounds of the literary media.”

― George Lucas

“Digital, it is not the destination.”

― Ginni Rometty

“To help resolve conflicts, the rules-based multilateral trading system should be strengthened and modernized to encompass areas such as digital services, subsidies, and technology transfer.”

― Gita Gopinath

“Animated films are so precisely engineered – right down to forming lines of dialogue with words pulled from several different takes – how do you translate that spontaneity from the live-action to the digital realm?”

― Gore Verbinski

“This digital world is completely fascinating to me.”

― Graham Nash

“In the Digital Age, recorders also tend to be oversharers, and with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, they can do so on a grand scale.”

― Graydon Carter

“With digital, you do have the advantage of having an absolutely rock steady image because there’s no projector gate, no perforations, no film weaving through a machine. And there’s no dust and no scratching.”

― Greg MacGillivray

“In this new age of GPS, Google Earth and multidimensional digital maps, mapping is suddenly hugely relevant again.”

― Hans-Ulrich Obrist

“I didn’t have a lot of independent film connections. It really took until the digital film revolution came along that I realized that I could do it myself.”

― Harry Shearer

“It used to cost money to disclose and distribute information. In the digital age it costs money not to.”

― Heather Brooke

“It’s – as opposed to tape where you have a magnetic tape that’s excited by frequencies that you hit, digital was a process where musical sounds are transferred to numbers and stored as numbers.”

― Herb Alpert

“I’m sure I’ll go back again and record in the digital process.”

― Herb Alpert

“Soon the digital divide will not be between the haves and the have-nots. It will be between the know-hows and the non-know-hows.”

― Howard Rheingold

“The AP has only so many reporters, and CNN only has so many cameras, but we’ve got a world full of people with digital cameras and Internet access.”

― Howard Rheingold

“Some digital natives are extraordinarily savvy.”

― Howard Rheingold

“Social and digital media is a bullet train, and that bullet train is not coming home.”

― Howard Schultz

“The evolving social and digital media platforms and highly innovative and relevant payment capabilities are causing seismic changes in consumer behavior and creating equally disruptive opportunities for business.”

― Howard Schultz

“In the digital world, he who hesitates is abandoned. So you have to generate 3-D excitement with as many devices as you can find.”

― Howard Stringer

“I would like to inform the public that I have entered into a licensing agreement with Agi Music for manufacturing and distributing my songs in any format and have also granted the license to distribute my songs on digital and new media formats, including mobile ringtones, caller tunes, and online downloads.”

― Ilaiyaraaja

“Sometimes I don’t know whether a movie has been shot on film or in digital when I watch it in the theatres.”

― Imtiaz Ali

“There’s a lot of things lost in the Digital Age.”

― Ira Sachs

“Even in developing markets, we’re seeing the growth of digital communication is proceeding at a very rapid pace.”

― Irene Rosenfeld

“We all live such digital lives, there is no reason why we should not import this into our company.”

― Isabelle Kocher

“They’re very strong in memory. Didn’t do very much in microprocessors or digital signal processing.”

― Jack Kilby

“We’ve already seen digital picture frames pre-loaded with viruses; I’m not eager to have my refrigerator hacked or my alarm clock turned against me.”

― Jamais Cascio

“In the U.S., we are free to speak our minds and to spend money without being forced to reveal our identities – except when using the Web. Browsing the Web leaves digital tracks everywhere in the form of log files, and anyone who hosts a Web site can be easily traced.”

― Jamais Cascio

“Technologists and futurists call the mashup of digital info and physical space ‘blended reality.’”

― Jamais Cascio

“’Muppets’ is incredibly analog, ‘Alice’ is very digital.”

― James Bobin

“The benefits of our increasingly digital lives have been accompanied by new dangers, and we have been forced to consider how criminals and terrorists might use advances in technology to their advantage.”

― James Comey

“In the digital age of ‘overnight’ success stories such as Facebook, the hard slog is easily overlooked.”

― James Dyson

“The decision about digital or film is going to be made for us. I think the answer is that film is gonna be gone, although I think it’ll make a comeback; it’ll be like vinyl records or something.”

― James Gray

“When it comes to watches, it’s ironic that you can spend thousands on an exquisitely made mechanical watch, and yet it will be less accurate than a five-quid digital bought from a petrol station.”

― James May

“I’m a big user of digital technology, but I don’t find it beautiful.”

― James May

“I was experimenting with ways of creating edible objects from digital content, and I was working to three criteria: 1. They had to be delicious. 2. They had to be personalized. 3. They had to fit through a letterbox or in a mailbox. After much experiments, Boomf! There it was: photo marshmallows.”

― James William Middleton

“Jobs are changing. Jobs will be about the blending of the digital and industrial capabilities.”

― Jamie S. Miller

“Librarians are teaching the next generation how to use digital media responsibly.”

― Jarrett J. Krosoczka

“When DVD disappeared but before digital distribution came on strong, there were a few years where a movie that didn’t get theatrical would just be gone.”

― Jason Blum

“Bookstores will not disappear but will exploit digital technologies to increase their virtual and physical inventories, and perhaps become publishers themselves.”

― Jason Epstein

“When you’re dealing with digital goods, you don’t have to be tied to one URL.”

― Jason Kilar

“To bring the ‘Robb Report’ onto the PMC digital platform is a remarkable opportunity to further propel this pioneering media brand.”

― Jay Penske

“Distributers don’t need massive amounts of square feet to stock digital products. Retailers don’t need brick-and-mortar stores to sell them. The entire supply chain for these select items has been permanently dematerialized. The marketplace has been blown to bits.”

― Jay Samit

“Just as the music industry couldn’t combat the financial impact of digital piracy, major corporations will have to rethink how to maintain margins when many of their most profitable items can be easily manufactured at home.”

― Jay Samit

“I draft on the computer. I have a really giant screen that attaches to my laptop, and then I have a humongous digital drawing tablet called a Cintiq. It sits at all different angles, and it’s so big that it would take two people to move it.”

― Jeff Kinney

“Since we made Shrek in the digital format, you actually can see it in its purest form digitally.”

― Jeffrey Katzenberg

“The printed word will be around long after many of our digital creations are gone, either because books don’t require monthly hosting, and blogs and websites do… or because the languages and platforms for which a particular digital creation was published will become obsolete.”

― Jeffrey Zeldman

“I spent all day in front of a digital screen, but I’m about to curl up with a book.”

― Jeffrey Zeldman

“I hesitated before buying a Kindle. I wasn’t worried that the digital reader would ruin literature as we know it. Rather, my concern centered on using an electronic device in the bathtub.”

― Jen Lancaster

“As digital culture becomes more tied to the success of the platforms where it flourishes, there is always a risk of it disappearing forever.”

― Jenna Wortham

“In many ways, Obama is America’s first truly digital president. His 2008 campaign relied heavily on social media to lift him out of obscurity.”

― Jenna Wortham

“I studied Computer Science when I was in my undergrad and minored in Digital Art & Design.”

― Jenova Chen

“Digital currency attempts to disrupt the financial industry, and it’s potentially threatening to the existing financial services industry, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

― Jeremy Allaire

“A national investment bank can invest to provide us with the foundations of shared and ecologically sustainable growth: renewing the U.K.’s energy, digital and transport infrastructure which lags woefully behind other major economies.”

― Jeremy Corbyn

“I don’t think the BBC supporting digital switchover is top slicing. Top slicing is putting the license fee up for grabs for other broadcasters to bid for.”

― Jeremy Hunt

“A digital currency issued by a central bank would be a global target for cyber attacks, cyber counterfeiting, and cyber theft.”

― Jerome Powell

“All I know is that when I mix to digital and when I mix to tape I compare them and the tape always wins out.”

― Jim Diamond

“The great thing about having digital comics is that it is like having a comic-book shop on your digital device. It has turned comics from a destination buy to an impulse buy.”

― Jim Lee

“At DC Comics, it has been a top priority that DC forges a meaningful, forward-looking digital strategy.”

― Jim Lee

“Digital sound is damaging music; it’s damaging the artists. It’s so degrading.”

― Jimmy Iovine

“Digital communication is completely different from in-person, face-to-face conversations. One will give you surface insights, and the other really gives you depth.”

― Joe Gebbia

“Mediocrity was the dominating element of big conglomerates and, in the new digital age, digitalization goes exactly after mediocrity.”

― Joe Kaeser

“The digital print is becoming the look of our time, and it makes the C-print start to look like a tintype.”

― Joel Sternfeld

“The largest issue with search is that we learned about it when the web was young, when the universe was ‘complete’ – the entire web was searchable! Now our digital lives are utterly fractured – in apps, in walled gardens like Facebook, across clunky interfaces like those in automobiles or Comcast cable boxes.”

― John Battelle

“When it broke out in the mid 1990s, the web was society’s first at-scale digital artifact. It spread in orders of ten, first thousands, then millions, then hundreds of millions of pages – and on it went, to the billions it now encompasses.”

― John Battelle

“As the border between physical and digital gets more permeable, a new kind of literacy emerges. And that literacy is built on a foundation of code – whether it’s the codes of letters and words, or the code of bits and algorithms.”

― John Battelle

“There are some things that are exciting for distributors. I love Apple’s AppStore and the things people can do with digital distribution.”

― John Carmack

“Opera combines pretty basic theater and poetry, but the storyline itself is actually quite poetic and, after some digital research, taking that actual content and seeing it as undeniably poetic.”

― John Darnielle

“Digital media has destroyed much of the magic and mystery of the medium.”

― John Dyer

“Digital imaging has untied our hands with regards to technical limitations. We no longer have to be arbiters of technology; we get to participate in the interpretation of technology into creative content.”

― John Dykstra

“I mean, this whole digital revolution is really eroding the director’s importance on a movie because, number one, just from a practical standpoint, with floppy disks and the ability to put all of the film onto a disk, more people have access to the movie.”

― John Frankenheimer

“I’ve learned a lot about getting film sensibilities on digital.”

― John Hillcoat

“There will be no cost drag from digital by 2020.”

― John L. Flannery

“Not to be biased, but digital wallets are awesome.”

― John Rampton

“I occasionally read digital books when I’m traveling, but I do so begrudgingly.”

― John Romaniello

“To create a truly digital Europe will require a foundation of high-speed, high-quality broadband, both wired and wireless.”

― John T. Chambers

“Our success at Cisco has been defined by how we anticipate, capture, and lead through market transitions. Over the years, I’ve watched iconic companies disappear – Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Wang, Digital Equipment – as they failed to anticipate where the market was heading.”

― John T. Chambers

“Government leaders need to ask themselves if they are positioning their country to reap the full potential of the digital economy.”

― John T. Chambers

“In this century of hyper-postmodern ideals, with the digital future, we’re segmented into different people, places, and things in a constant state of change.”

― John Van Hamersveld

“If I made a film today, it would certainly be on digital.”

― John Waters

“’King Kong,’ especially the first two acts of it, is a really good example of the use of miniatures mixed with digital characters and how convincing it was.”

― Jon Favreau

“It’s weird because movie-making, and especially movie theaters, have always been so old-school, and it wasn’t until 3-D that a lot of them were forced to have digital projectors and even digital distribution.”

― Jon M. Chu

“At Shutterstock, we’ve been offering tutorials to customers and contributors on our blog for many years. Our audience already viewed us as thought leaders on the latest digital and creative skills; we felt it so natural for us to launch Skillfeed, which is an online marketplace for professional learning.”

― Jon Oringer

“Digital books and other texts are increasingly coming under the control of distributors and other gatekeepers rather than readers and libraries.”

― Jonathan Zittrain

“Digital books and music are often different from their physical counterparts in that consumers buy licences to a work, revocable under an ongoing contract, rather than their own copies.”

― Jonathan Zittrain

“Digital Globe is, I think, a really great company. And it’s had its virtual monopoly in the area where it is.”

― Julian Robertson

“Digital fluency can accelerate progress.”

― Julie Sweet

“Digital fluency is about basic skills.”

― Julie Sweet

“The government needs to invest in raising digital fluency of its citizenry.”

― Julie Sweet

“Luckily for both the tech industry and Hollywood, there is only one thing that counts – use of the Internet is still growing exponentially, as consumers shift to digital everything from analog.”

― Kara Swisher

“Histories of discrimination can live on in digital platforms, and if they go unquestioned, they become part of the logic of everyday algorithmic systems.”

― Kate Crawford

“Our movements and feelings are constantly monitored, because surveillance is the business model of the digital age.”

― Katharine Viner

“Art in the age of the digital image is completely different from experiencing art in physical form.”

― Kehinde Wiley

“Another thing to do with the blues is how they were recorded. They were done on the quick, and some of that stuff was made on wire, not even tape, let alone digital.”

― Keith Richards

“The digital revolution has disrupted most traditional media: newspapers, magazines, books, record companies, radio.”

― Ken Auletta

“Governments don’t want to be the last ones in the digital sphere if their people and businesses are already there. We have to make clear that the free movement of services in the E.U. also applies in the digital sphere. The shortcut is to create a digital union.”

― Kersti Kaljulaid

“We need to really focus on getting this digital equity across the board in all of our public school systems, for both girls and boys.”

― Kimberly Bryant

“I’d love to set up shop somewhere and develop projects – film, TV, digital would be a fun thing to do.”

― Larry Wilmore

“We want to bridge the digital gap to provide broadband access to 100 per cent of our educational institutions and to make it widely available to all people.”

― Laura Chinchilla

“I’ve always been about how will digital be transforming established businesses, and that’s what I’ve done.”

― Laura Lang

“In order to thrive in the 21st century, you have to be a savvy citizen of the digital economy or risk being left behind.”

― Leila Janah

“We’re expanding ‘Ebony’ and ‘Jet’ on the digital side to attract and maintain a younger audience.”

― Linda Johnson Rice

“For most jobs, especially those in the digital economy, there is no objective standard for being ‘qualified.’ If you and the team you’re working with think you’re qualified, you are.”

― Lisa Gansky

“There is no way I could have ever dared to make a documentary, much less have the money to make a documentary, if it was on 16mm. But, with the magic of digital.”

― Lloyd Kaufman

“It’s a great thing to live in a digital age. It’s convenient; it’s fast.”

― Loretta Lynch

“Cloud computing is the third wave of the digital revolution.”

― Lowell McAdam

“Verizon’s vision is to provide customers with a premium digital experience based on a global multiscreen network platform.”

― Lowell McAdam

“We tend not to use the biggest resource in healthcare – the patients themselves. So I’m trying to figure out possible uses for digital technologies like Facebook but also real-life social networks to improve healthcare provision.”

― Lucien Engelen

“People use technology only to mean digital technology. Technology is actually everything we make.”

― Margaret Atwood

“Toy time is holding steady, but kids are spending more time on digital, and toys need to adapt.”

― Margo Georgiadis

“It is very important, to have a robust digital economy, that the citizens regain the trust in how their data are being processed and who can access them.”

― Margrethe Vestager

“I think there are things that digital can’t do as well as print thus far. Even an iPad is only 80% the size of a standard comics page, so the images are going to be smaller. You don’t get your big, whopping two-page spreads.”

― Mark Waid

“I think someone like Jack Kirby, for instance, would suffer greatly in the transition from print to digital were he still around.”

― Mark Waid

“The problem with most digital comics is that you’re simply taking print material and adapting it. It’s like reading through a cardboard tube.”

― Mark Waid

“It is a fiction to imagine that the haphazard paper chits of old are more private than the modern digital alternative. Paper records have always presented a security risk.”

― Mark Walport

“From search and books to online TV and operating systems, antitrust affects our daily digital lives in more ways than we think.”

― Marvin Ammori

“The world’s information is digital. The web, the news, all of that is digital. And now… we have ten million books scanned. That was the last bastion of what was offline; it’s now online and accessible.”

― Mary Lou Jepsen

“Social media has created a digital latticework, but it has also, for some, created abusive commenters, silos, and validation rather than curiosity.”

― Mary Pilon

“The key to digital effects is to do things that are visually accurate but done cheaply and approximated.”

― Masi Oka

“WordPress, it’s a complex tool; it’s like the back of a digital SLR… but that doesn’t work on a phone.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“Growing up in the digital age of filmmaking, I’m as guilty as anyone of overshooting.”

― Matthew Heineman

“For example, Michael Mann’s film Collateral – there is certain kinds of stories that lend themselves to digital photography. Some things are very raw stories that digital photography kind of lends itself to.”

― Matthew Modine

“In a digital age, I still love sending and receiving cards, hand-writing notes, and wrapping gifts.”

― Matthew Williamson

“I’m a bit of a digital imbecile.”

― Matthew Williamson

“Digital platforms are worthless without content. They’re shiny sacks with bells and whistles, but without content, they’re empty sacks. It is not about pixels versus print. It is not about how you’re reading. It is about what you’re reading.”

― Maureen Dowd

“Bitcoin’s revolution: an impossible-to-counterfeit digital store of value that can be used as money, that has no sovereign, or central bank involved, that can be sent anywhere instantly at virtually no cost, is irresistible. Anyone who uses it is converted.”

― Max Keiser

“If we’re the country that makes Amazon and Facebook and Twitter, why can’t the federal government have websites and digital services that are awesome?”

― Megan Smith

“Before digital and mobile communications effectively tethered us to an invisible, infinite ‘wire,’ even those with the most hectic schedules were usually willing to answer the phone if they happened to be home when it rang.”

― Meghan Daum

“Security is tantamount in the world of digital currencies, and rapid growth puts the security of the entire ecosystem at risk.”

― Meltem Demirors

“In the world of digital currencies, the social network around open source projects has become a critical test bed for ideas, products, services, and early users.”

― Meltem Demirors

“Cars did not kill off horses. Digital publishing will not kill off books.”

― Michael A. Stackpole

“We’re trying to fix this with the plan we’ve been floating. Now, the law says the transition ends in 2006 or – and the ‘or’ is the only part that matters – 85 percent of Americans go buy a digital TV.”

― Michael K. Powell

“For physical goods, there are costs associated with logistics and lead times, owing to inventories and poor forecasts of the market. With digital capital-intensive technology, however, production will inevitably move toward the final market, wherever it is. This re-localization constitutes a major shift in the structure of global supply networks.”

― Michael Spence

“All countries will eventually need to rebuild their growth models around digital technologies and the human capital that supports their deployment and expansion.”

― Michael Spence

“So much of the world is digital.”

― Michael Tubbs

“I delve into cold cases by scouring the Internet for any digital crumbs authorities may have overlooked, then share my theories with the 8,000 or so mystery buffs who visit my blog regularly.”

― Michelle McNamara

“The distributor used to get 10, 12, 14 percent in most cases, but the App Store or Steam – they’re taking 30 points. So clearly, they’re viewing what they bring to the table in the digital environment to be more valuable than distribution.”

― Mitch Lasky

“Digital is a fantastic platform to tell your stories.”

― Mithila Palkar

“Acting on a digital platform is similar to the big screen.”

― Mithila Palkar

“Digital life and digital services are a multi-wave business.”

― Mukesh Ambani

“Digital economy is happening everywhere in the world.”

― N. Chandrababu Naidu

“Earlier, physical currency used to dominate. Now, mobile currency or digital currency is dominating. For digital currency, fintech is very crucial.”

― N. Chandrababu Naidu

“Beautycon has done an incredible job growing and evolving their business into a major player not only in the experiential marketplace, but also the digital content and ecommerce businesses.”

― Nancy Dubuc

“We’ve had a digital revolution, but we don’t need to keep having it. And I’d like to look after that, to look what comes after the digital revolution.”

― Neil Gershenfeld

“The only medium where people are truly exploring themselves and going out to experiment is the digital space.”

― Nia Sharma

“Digital books are still painfully ugly and weirdly irritating to interact with. They look like copies of paper, but they can’t be designed or typeset in the same way as paper, and however splendid the cover images may look on a hi-res screen, they’re still images rather than physical things.”

― Nick Harkaway

“My muse is the digital world.”

― Nicola Formichetti

“Film has lost something in the translation to high tech. It’s become so super-real. It’s with digital this and stereo that, and everything’s like a CD.”

― Nicolas Cage

“The more readers use the Bible app, the more valuable it becomes to them. Switching to a different digital Bible – God forbid – becomes less likely with each new revelation a user types into the app, further securing YouVersion’s dominion.”

― Nir Eyal

“Chart positions are for people with manbags who get to work at 11 A.M. because they’ve been at a digital meeting.”

― Noel Gallagher

“In a world with many blockchains and hundreds of tradable tokens built on top of them, entire industries are automated through software, venture capital and stock markets are circumvented, entrepreneurship is streamlined, and networks gain sovereignty through their own digital currency. This is the next phase of the Internet.”

― Olaf Carlson-Wee

“Polychain manages a hedge fund that invests exclusively in digital assets. We invest exclusively in protocols, not companies, and we do this by investing in things made scarce through the blockchain.”

― Olaf Carlson-Wee

“Polychain is investing in blockchain assets. We do not invest in private companies or hold shares in private companies. We invest purely in tokens or digital assets, and those include assets that people are familiar with, like bitcoin and ethereum, as well as very early-stage projects.”

― Olaf Carlson-Wee

“From analog film cameras to digital cameras to iPhone cameras, it has become progressively easier to take and store photographs. Today, we don’t even think twice about snapping a shot.”

― Om Malik

“In a way, digital cameras were like very early personal computers such as the Commodore 64 – clunky and able to do only a few things.”

― Om Malik

“In the digital realm, companies are free from the friction of producing physical goods, and as a result, we see companies like Google go from zero dollars in revenues to billions at a much faster rate.”

― Om Malik

“We live in a digital world, but we’re fairly analog creatures.”

― Omar Ahmad

“Textbooks are going to remain a key part of learning. They just need to go digital, become more interactive and they need more analytics.”

― Osman Rashid

“As things go digital, the notion of new editions will go away. A publisher can add video and assessment content at scale, make the change in 30 seconds and it’s just a software update.”

― Osman Rashid

“I think initially, the record industry struggled a lot with digital media because there are a lot of aspects to it that can potentially destroy our industry.”

― Paloma Faith

“The Digital Millennium Copyright Act indemnifies Internet Service Providers (ISP) such as Harvard from copyright abuses committed over their computer networks.”

― Parker Conrad

“If we get to a world of digital securities, then there isn’t a need for DTC and Cede & Co. anymore. It’s a really huge step in returning to clean capital markets.”

― Patrick M. Byrne

“The small visual inconvenience of e-books is made up for with find and search functions, and the fungibility of digital text.”

― Patrick Nielsen Hayden

“Get digital scales because, for baking, balance scales just aren’t accurate enough: it’s all in the weighing up.”

― Paul Hollywood

“We live in such a digital age. Paper is going out of our lives. A poem on paper is tangible.”

― Peleg Top

“Applying criminal law to the exchange of bitcoin on behalf of ransomware victims would create a morally shocking result of re-victimizing a victim. All lawfully operating digital currency exchanges would thereafter refuse to exchange bitcoin for ransomware victims for fear of criminal culpability.”

― Perianne Boring

“I have the great privilege and honor of serving as the Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s largest trade association representing the blockchain industry.”

― Perianne Boring

“Digital assets, including bitcoin, could save small businesses substantial transaction fees and provide an added layer of security to their payment processing.”

― Perianne Boring

“In 1976, Kodak’s first digital camera shot at 0.1 megapixels, weighed 3.75 pounds, and cost over $10,000.”

― Peter Diamandis

“The problem with digital architecture is that an algorithm can produce endless variations, so an architect has many choices.”

― Peter Eisenman

“On scores of sites, users can upload illegal files of my books. As per 1998’s toothless Digital Millennium Copyright Act, I bear the burden of discovering and reporting each theft.”

― Peter Lerangis

“Success is no longer about changing strategies more often, but having the agility to execute multiple strategies concurrently. And success requires CEOs to develop the right leadership capabilities, workforce skills, and corporate cultures to support digital transformation.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“Now, given the increasing importance of artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, and other innovative technologies, we are evolving Accenture Digital to be even more relevant to our clients and drive even greater differentiation in the marketplace.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“Even in mature economies, digital’s benefits to society are substantial.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“We have the largest digital design studio in the world.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“In Hong Kong, we launched an Accenture Liquid Studio where we are bringing together end-to-end digital customer experience services for clients.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“What supermarkets did to small neighbourhood shops is what digital platforms will do to cinema.”

― Pooja Bhatt

“I have always been interested in exploring how we can leverage our knowledge about everyday objects, and how we use them, in order to interact with our digital world.”

― Pranav Mistry

“There is no link between our digital devices and our interactions with the physical world.”

― Pranav Mistry

“Digital presentation is just television in public; we’re all just getting together and watching TV without pointing the remote control at the screen.”

― Quentin Tarantino

“I’ve tried digital planners and fancy planners and date books galore, but my tried and true is actually just a large spiral-bound notebook.”

― Rachel Hollis

“I’m a digital reader. When I travel abroad, I don’t want to pack physical books, and I even like reading on my smartphone.”

― Rajeev Suri

“There are still some pieces that aren’t being used, like the white-space bands between TV channels. With digital broadcasting, those buffers aren’t needed anymore. The wireless telcos want to lease them, while the TV industry wants to maintain the status quo. Either decision would be a mistake.”

― Ram Shriram

“The final frontier of the digital technology is integrating into your own brain.”

― Ramez Naam

“A lot of our communication has now become digital, and it does not mimic the natural way we have evolved to communicate with each other, so it’s almost like we have this muscle, these social-emotional skills, and they’re atrophying, right?”

― Rana el Kaliouby

“I don’t think there are too many traditional media guys who really understood what the new digital media is about.”

― Randy Falco

“’Frontline’ started doing digital content in 1995. We started streaming our films in 2000.”

― Raney Aronson-Rath

“The Tunisian blogger and activist Sami Ben Gharbia has written passionately about how U.S. government involvement in grassroots digital spaces can endanger those who are already vulnerable to accusations by nasty regimes of acting as foreign agents.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“Digital activism did not spring immaculately out of Twitter and Facebook. It’s been going on ever since blogs existed.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“Citizens’ rights cannot be protected if their digital activities are governed and policed by opaque and publicly unaccountable corporate mechanisms.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“Digital power is every bit as likely to be abused as physical power, but is often more insidious because it is often wielded in the background until its results manifest themselves in the offline world.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“Soon it’s all going to be digital anyway. It’s all going to be saved on a little coin somewhere.”

― Richard Donner

“We’re not going into advertising. But we see the future battleground existing between ourselves, digital firms, and media-buying firms.”

― Richard Edelman

“It’s urgent that companies tell their own stories on digital platforms.”

― Richard Edelman

“Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy.”

― Richard Stallman

“I enjoy doing digital work. I enjoy sculpting digitally. I’ve had my digital sculptures on covers of the top digital magazines.”

― Rick Baker

“The digital and theatrical markets are two different marketplaces.”

― Ridley Scott

“Digital data are more fragile than printed material.”

― Robert Darnton

“I would not minimize the digital divide, which separates the computerized world from the rest, nor would I underestimate the importance of traditional books.”

― Robert Darnton

“The Buddha resides as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of a mountain.”

― Robert M. Pirsig

“As digital equipment replaces the jobs of routine workers and lower-level professionals, technicians are needed to install, monitor, repair, test, and upgrade all the equipment.”

― Robert Reich

“I feel comfortable with either digital or film – the director and the project should determine the course of choice.”

― Robert Richardson

“I think one of the most exciting things about the whole digital side of publishing is that it eventually allows you to operate at any length. That also means shorter stuff, too.”

― Robin Sloan

“I am extremely passionate about digital media and as a longtime user and fan of Yahoo!”

― Ross Levinsohn

“I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to be at the forefront of the digital media revolution.”

― Ross Levinsohn

“The digital native doesn’t send a letter to the editor anymore. She goes online and starts a blog.”

― Rupert Murdoch

“As technology has improved, our digital lives have only grown more tangled and cluttered.”

― Ryan Holmes

“Virtual currencies, used to buy digital goods inside online games, have become an integral part of the Internet landscape.”

― Ryan Holmes

“Digital India is about empowering the citizen – it’s mobile, it’s cloud, it’s storage – we are in all those areas.”

― Safra A. Catz

“I have no animus toward digital, though I still pretty much take everything on a silver-based negative, either a wet plate or just regular silver 8×10. But I’ve started messing a little bit with scanning the negative and then reworking it just slightly.”

― Sally Mann

“Matte digital prints are gorgeous, don’t you agree? But the glossy digital prints, I just can’t stand that paper.”

― Sally Mann

“We’re all so digital, but the ’50s was the era of watches you had to wind. When Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Everest in 1953, Hillary was equipped with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual.”

― Sara Sheridan

“I was a kid when the Tamagotchi craze hit, and I was always envious of my friends and cousins who got to hand-rear their little digital babies.”

― Sarah Jeong

“Digital photography makes you a better photographer.”

― Scott Kelby

“I’m actually very critical of digital cinema.”

― Sean Baker

“So we should preserve it. I don’t think that digital storage is necessarily a good thing, but I definitely think that digital manipulation is interesting.”

― Sean Booth

“There are a lot of old-fashioned things we perpetuate that come from a world that’s not digital, not interactive, and not online, and we try to retain it.”

― Sebastian Thrun

“One of the things that I’ve been doing recently in my scientific research is to ask this question: Is the universe actually capable of performing things like digital computations?”

― Seth Lloyd

“I have not proved that the universe is, in fact, a digital computer and that it’s capable of performing universal computation, but it’s plausible that it is.”

― Seth Lloyd

“Lamentably, alien audiences may be frustrated by the switch to digital television. That’s because the transmitter power for DTV is fairly evenly spread across the spectrum. The spikiness is gone, and from afar, the attention-grabbing squeals of analog television’s carriers have been replaced by DTV’s smooth, low hiss.”

― Seth Shostak

“There are only two companies in the world that can help me. That’s Facebook and Google, because they are going to make me the largest digital network in the world, which is my goal.”

― Shane Smith

“The rise of digital technology put marketers in a bind. No longer a captive audience, consumers were splitting their time across devices, social networks and websites.”

― Shawn Amos

“My colleagues and I were engineers who worked for DCM’s calculator division. These electronic calculators used digital integrated circuits, and then they started using chips. The advanced versions of those chips were used for programmable calculators, which were the forerunners of PCs.”

― Shiv Nadar

“Fame is a modern phenomenon caused by the explosion of media, where there’s a zillion digital channels and snappers everywhere. It’s so attainable, so people can have their Warhol 15 minutes of fame, and some are so aggressive.”

― Simon Fuller

“Digital music boils down the actual musical experience.”

― Simon Le Bon

“TiVo and other digital recording devices have confounded advertisers. The ad industry sees the technology as a threat to their product.”

― Simon Sinek

“The digital space is becoming more relevant, and people are watching a lot of stuff on the web.”

― Soni Razdan

“There are more clocks than ever – clocks on computers, on cell phones, on televisions, on any screen available, telling time to the digital second – but they all seem to matter less.”

― Stacey D’Erasmo

“That’s what’s good about the digital revolution is it makes information asymmetry much harder to maintain.”

― Stephen J. Dubner

“I’d like to own a movie camera – a proper one, with film, not a digital thing. Celluloid has more character.”

― Stephen Rea

“My ears won’t fool me. Even when I do a session on digital, we still warm it up somewhere in the process, in mastering or mixing, running the signal through some tubes somewhere.”

― Steve Cropper

“Facebook and Twitter are like a horrible digital plague.”

― Steven Berkoff

“Normally, my digital peregrinations take me to destinations like Facebook, YouTube, and”

― Steven Levy

“The vast majority of Americans perform sophisticated digital tasks on a daily basis. Grandmas and grandpas e-mail digital photos of their cruise trip and IM their kids in school. So a politician admitting that he or she can’t bother to learn those things indicates a horse-and-buggy mentality.”

― Steven Levy

“In Full Frontal and K Street, I learned to take advantage of the mobility that digital provides.”

― Steven Soderbergh

“I guess my first digital movie was ‘Tintin’ because ‘Tintin’ has no film step. There is no intermediate film step. It’s 100% digital animation, but as far as a live-action film, I’m still planning to shoot everything on film.”

― Steven Spielberg

“People assume that we have certain rights based on property that may be different now in a digital world.”

― Suzan DelBene

“I love digital books. And I actually started digital-first publishing back in 2005.”

― Sylvia Day

“I’ve seen a study in the last year that digital sound actually induces stress in the listener.”

― T Bone Burnett

“We believe that the future of money is digital.”

― Taavet Hinrikus

“The Internet, and all the jobs that come with it, continues to expand, and this makes digital literacy a crucial part of every girls’ education.”

― Tae Yoo

“When girls have the ability to navigate, evaluate, and create information using digital technology, they are better equipped to be productive members of the community and economic participants.”

― Tae Yoo

“Every time there is a major shift in technology, it’s been hugely exciting and scary at the same time. I have seen some really drastic changes in technology, like shooting only film to video to digital.”

― Taylor Steele

“Digital effects have progressed ten thousand years’ worth since we shot ‘ED 2,’ but practicals are still just the same: Blood pumps, rubber latex, glue, the works.”

― Ted Raimi

“I can access footage much quicker, yes. But in terms of living with a film and knowing what’s right, digital doesn’t do that for you.”

― Thelma Schoonmaker

“With digital editing, I now can make many, many versions of a scene.”

― Thelma Schoonmaker

“Film, if properly cared for, will last almost 100 years, but digital will not.”

― Thelma Schoonmaker

“Everybody at Axa has understood that digital is there, that digital changes our business, and also that digital can create an opportunity.”

― Thomas Buberl

“In a digital world, there are numerous technologies that we are attached to that create infinite interruption.”

― Tim Ferriss

“Digital is a disaster. No digital radio has the correct time and they don’t even agree with each other.”

― Tim Rice

“I have radios everywhere around the house, very old battered ones that I’ve had for years and years. None of them are digital.”

― Tim Rice

“The awesome thing about ‘Fortnite’ is it’s brought a huge volume of digital commerce to Epic.”

― Tim Sweeney

“The digital explosion has been so explosive.”

― Tina Brown

“All video games are games, obviously. They’re designed. They’re digital. They have rules; they give an audience some type of vicarious experience.”

― Tom Bissell

“Above all, the translation of books into digital formats means the destruction of boundaries. Bound, printed texts are discrete objects: immutable, individual, lendable, cut off from the world.”

― Tom Chatfield

“Revisiting ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ and seeing it in the pristine visual clarity of digital restoration, are mood-altering if not quite mind-altering experiences, very much for the better.”

― Tom Shales

“The days of the digital watch are numbered.”

― Tom Stoppard

“Despite the digital age, there is a very large number of venues and spaces that are looking for plays, and many of them are looking for new plays.”

― Tom Stoppard

“Until defense of democracy in the digital era is taken up by governments collectively, both in NATO and outside the alliance, liberal democracies will remain vulnerable to the cyberthreats of the 21st century.”

― Toomas Hendrik Ilves

“GaGa is a digital baby – that’s how they communicate. There cant be any layers between the artists and their fans.”

― Troy Carter

“I just tend toward more lush, full sounds in my productions. I don’t have any preference when it comes to analogue versus digital; I use what’s best for the application. Analogue synthesis is nice, but it’s just one tool among many, and it has its place.”

― Tycho

“I think fiat currencies will become digital.”

― Tyler Winklevoss

“Bitcoin and digital currency is just this thing that was always going to happen.”

― Tyler Winklevoss

“Digital medium has a vaster reach, more than any other medium, as the content is watched globally in various countries at the same time.”

― Vikrant Massey

“Movie distribution may very well have migrated fully to digital form by then, making a huge dent in the need to print film and physically distribute content.”

― Vint Cerf

“A smart contract is a mechanism involving digital assets and two or more parties, where some or all of the parties put assets in, and assets are automatically redistributed among those parties according to a formula based on certain data that is not known at the time the contract is initiated.”

― Vitalik Buterin

“I’m not into digital marketing, downloading, or streaming – I’ve always been a man of the theaters.”

― Werner Herzog

“In our digital age, the Golden Rule is not enforced online.”

― Whitney Wolfe Herd

“Trailblazer was the NSA’s attempt to catch up with the digital age. The problem is, Trailblazer didn’t do anything. As far as I know, it didn’t produce anything for roughly a little over $4 billion.”

― William Binney

“I don’t think much about the digital world… because I am in the analog world!”

― William Eggleston

“In the increasingly digital world, data is a valuable currency, yet as consumers, we control and own little of it. As consumers, we must ask what big companies do with our data, a question directed to both the online and traditional ones.”

― William Mougayar

“Digital downloading of music has affected us all in adverse ways.”

― Wynonna Judd

“It’s not about revenues: The fundamental economics in digital business is scale and margins. The top line has become the bottom line.”

― Yuri Milner
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