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“Sundance is the only hand that feeds for women directors.”

― Allison Anders

“I’ve worked with so few female directors.”

― Andrea Riseborough

“In Hong Kong, the directors are the idea men.”

― Andrew Lau

“I don’t go by brand names for directors.”

― Anushka Shetty

“There are all kinds of directors I want to work with and all kinds of films that I want to do.”

― Boyd Holbrook

“I’ve worked with a lot of great directors.”

― Catherine Keener

“A lot of directors, they’re creative, but they’re different.”

― Chris Tucker

“Stoller is one of my favorite comedic directors – one of my favorite directors that I’ve worked with to date.”

― Christopher Mintz-Plasse

“I have worked with some great directors.”

― Dabney Coleman

“Often, directors toss playwrights out of rehearsals.”

― Dakin Matthews

“Michael Winterbottom is one of the great directors of this century.”

― Denis O’Hare

“Continental directors, as opposed to British and American, tend to be somewhat high-handed in their approach.”

― Donald Pleasence

“Directors tend to kind of let me do what I want to do.”

― Ellen Burstyn

“The directors I respect are the ones who have a collaborative attitude, who collaborate with actors.”

― Eric Braeden

“Todd Solondz is one of my favorite directors.”

― Eric Wareheim

“I like the anonymity that directors can have about their films.”

― Frank Ocean

“I’ve worked alongside some very good directors and some not so good.”

― Goldie Hawn

“If it were up to the executives, they probably wouldn’t have directors at all.”

― Gus Van Sant

“I worked with the best directors – Martin Scorsese, John Huston, David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock was great.”

― Harry Dean Stanton

“I prefer to work with first-time directors.”

― Jake Johnson

“You don’t usually meet directors on the streets.”

― Jason Statham

“I’ve had great luck with directors. I’ve worked with all the great ones.”

― Jerry Weintraub

“Zhang Yimou is one of the best directors on mainland China.”

― Jet Li

“We never intended to be comedic directors; it was just something we fell into.”

― Joe Russo

“A lot of directors don’t really like actors.”

― Joe Wright

“I’ve been incredibly lucky with the directors I’ve worked with.”

― John Hurt

“Actors wait tables, directors work at video stores.”

― Joss Whedon

“Some directors are like poets.”

― Manisha Koirala

“Some directors have the gift of the gab, but I don’t.”

― Marianne Elliott

“I’m one of the few directors that actually shoots a lot in camera.”

― Michael Bay

“There are certainly producers I hang with and directors I hang with and actors I hang with.”

― Michael Keaton

“I generally have confidence in my directors.”

― Mohanlal

“All producers and directors want to make good films.”

― Naga Chaitanya

“I have a greed to work with good directors.”

― Neha Dhupia

“I miss working with great actors, working with great directors.”

― Pauly Shore

“There are thousands of directors in Hollywood.”

― Penelope Spheeris

“I have worked with top directors like Rajamouli and Vinayak and with upcoming directors like Vamsi.”

― Ram Charan

“I have worked with some very great directors.”

― Ray Walston

“Directors assume I’m, like, establishment.”

― Rebecca Hall

“I worked for John Ford, Howard Hawks, Henry Hathaway, Raoul Walsh – I worked for some real good directors.”

― Richard Farnsworth

“You learn from all directors, all these guys.”

― Ryan Gosling

“All my directors helped build my confidence.”

― Sai Pallavi

“It’s mostly directors whom I get starstruck around.”

― Sarah Gadon

“Composers and lyricists are making songs that are approved by the producers and directors.”

― Shaan

“Aditya Chopra is my mentor and one of my favorite directors.”

― Shraddha Kapoor

“Gotta watch out for directors.”

― Stephen Sondheim

“I’ve certainly worked with really great directors who haven’t acted.”

― Steve Buscemi

“I like dangerous directors who like dangerous actors and dangerous productions.”

― Tim Curry

“Some directors hardly talk to the actors at all.”

― Todd Solondz

“I’m drawn to people rather than mediums – directors, writers, actors.”

― Tom Sturridge

“I worked for a lot of directors.”

― Tony Gilroy

“Developing films with directors, developing films with actors, is a poor percentage play for a screenwriter.”

― Tony Gilroy

“All of the directors I’ve worked with I’ve gotten along with very well.”

― Trevor Rabin

“I don’t choose my directors, but I choose my scripts wisely.”

― Vijay Sethupathi

“Most of my friends are assistant directors.”

― Vijay Sethupathi
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