Top 10 Disorder Quotes

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“I had an attachment disorder.”

― Dave Pelzer

“Perfectly ordered disorder designed with a helter-skelter magnificence.”

― Emily Carr

“Battle is an orgy of disorder.”

― George S. Patton

“The Iliad is the private lives of people thrown into disorder by history.”

― Raymond Queneau

“I probably suffered from a narcissistic disorder in some way.”

― Richard Ashcroft

“The policeman isn’t there to create disorder; the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”

― Richard J. Daley

“Food compulsion isn’t a character disorder; it’s a chemical disorder.”

― Robert Atkins

“As recently as 1979, neither panic attacks nor panic disorder officially existed.”

― Scott Stossel

“Autism is an extremely variable disorder.”

― Temple Grandin

“There’s a certain amount of disorder that has to be reorganized.”

― William Paley
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