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“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

― Alexander Pope

“Even though there are so many different ‘kinds’ of music – different textures, different timbres, different attitudes – there is something divine at the core of all music.”

― Andrew W.K.

“Coming out of ‘Wretched and Divine,’ I was still wanting to explore the more theatrical elements of songwriting. That led to Andy Black.”

― Andy Biersack

“Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge.”

― Arthur Rimbaud

“What is divine? It is simply that which man has not been able to understand. Once you do, it loses its divinity.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“What is divine? Simply that which man has not yet been able to understand. Once understood, it ceases to be divine.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“They that are intoxicated by self-conceit have interposed themselves between it and the Divine and infallible Physician. Witness how they have entangled all men, themselves included, in the mesh of their devices. They can neither discover the cause of the disease, nor have they any knowledge of the remedy.”

― Baha’u’llah

“Moderation is the center wherein all philosophies, both human and divine, meet.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“Genius, when young, is divine.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“Though we are not Almighty God Himself, nevertheless, we are now divine.”

― Benny Hinn

“There is no law, divine or human, that the saloon respects.”

― Billy Sunday

“Human beings must be known to be loved; but Divine beings must be loved to be known.”

― Blaise Pascal

“There’s no way that scientists can ever rule out religion, or even have anything significant to say about the abstract idea of a divine creator.”

― Brian Greene

“I love playing bass. It’s mostly what I play in Divine Fits.”

― Britt Daniel

“Actually, I take it as a compliment. Diva is a derivative of divine. That’s quite a title to carry around.”

― Calista Flockhart

“AIDS is an absolutely tragic disease. The argument about AIDS’ being some kind of divine retribution is crap.”

― Calvin Klein

“Even if it were proven that God didn’t exist, Religion would still be Saintly and Divine.”

― Charles Baudelaire

“We do not pray to God to instruct Him as to what He should do; neither for a moment must we presume to dictate the method of the divine working.”

― Charles Spurgeon

“He wants you all to Himself to put His loving, divine arms around you.”

― Charles Stanley

“Obviously God knew I wasn’t going to make it to the NBA as much as I probably believed. This was divine order.”

― Common

“Messi has a divine gift.”

― Dani Alves

“Jewish status is defined by the divine election of Israel and his descendants. One does not become a Jew by one’s own volition.”

― David Novak

“There is a divine moment in our lives when we all become one. It’s called procreation, and it is reborn, continually and forever.”

― Dirk Benedict

“The character as well as the fortunes of the gospel is committed to the preacher. He makes or mars the message from God to man. The preacher is the golden pipe through which the divine oil flows.”

― Edward McKendree Bounds

“Unlike many deities of the ancient Near East, the God of Israel shared his power with no female divinity, nor was he the divine husband or lover of any.”

― Elaine Pagels

“Attacks of divine transports are of pride and I accept the part assigned.”

― Elizabeth Barton

“The spark divine dwells in thee: let it grow.”

― Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“In Christ was united the human and the divine. His mission was to reconcile God to man, and man to God; to unite the finite with the infinite.”

― Ellen G. White

“The angels taken collectively are called heaven, for they constitute heaven; and yet that which makes heaven in general and in particular is the Divine that goes forth from the Lord and flows into the angels and is received by them.”

― Emanuel Swedenborg

“Strangely, Dante’s Divine Comedy did not produce a prose of that creative height or it did so after centuries.”

― Eugenio Montale

“Broad paths are open to every endeavour, and a sympathetic recognition is assured to every one who consecrates his art to the divine services of a conviction of a consciousness.”

― Franz Liszt

“The essence of conservative ideology is its being anchored in the divine order of things.”

― Franz von Papen

“That which is inhuman cannot be divine.”

― Frederick Douglass

“To gain a crown by fighting is great, to reject it divine.”

― Friedrich Schiller

“To be an ‘artist’ is as much a calling from and to a divine service as becoming a physician, nurse, priest, shaman, or healer.”

― Genesis P-Orridge

“Not all human souls but only the pious ones are divine.”

― Georg Hermes

“Too fair to worship, too divine to love.”

― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

“Britain has no divine right to be one of the richest countries in the world.”

― George Osborne

“I’m interested in spirituality and in religion and our relationship to the divine.”

― Giancarlo Esposito

“Divine love does not weigh down, nor carry his servant captive and enslaved to the lowest depths, but raises him, supports him and magnifies him above all liberty whatsoever.”

― Giordano Bruno

“Melodic invention is one of the surest signs of a divine gift.”

― Gustav Mahler

“We have not overthrown the divine right of kings to fall down for the divine right of experts.”

― Harold MacMillan

“The chief difficulty which prevents men of science from believing in divine as well as in nature Spirits is their materialism.”

― Helena Blavatsky

“The members of such a society consider that the transgression of a religious ordinance should be punished by civil penalties, and that the violation of a civil duty exposes the delinquent to divine correction.”

― Henry James Sumner Maine

“The evolutionary explanation for origins, although impossible either to prove or to test scientifically, is nevertheless defended by its proponents on the basis that it is the only explanation which is naturalistic, not involving the ‘supernatural’ element of a divine Creator.”

― Henry M. Morris

“And what is the potential man, after all? Is he not the sum of all that is human? Divine, in other words?”

― Henry Miller

“Suffering is part of the divine idea.”

― Henry Ward Beecher

“Divine right of kings means the divine right of anyone who can get uppermost.”

― Herbert Spencer

“They do not depend upon mere legends and myths. They are not predicated on the false conception that the Emperor is divine and that the Japanese people are superior to other races.”

― Hirohito

“It is well to think well; it is divine to act well.”

― Horace Mann

“Never let your zeal outrun your charity. The former is but human, the latter is divine.”

― Hosea Ballou

“Religion is the recognition of all our duties as divine commands.”

― Immanuel Kant

“Nothing is divine but what is agreeable to reason.”

― Immanuel Kant

“The ultimate binding element in the medieval order was subordination to the divine will and its earthly representatives, notably the pope.”

― Irving Babbitt

“Let us consider that swearing is a sin of all others peculiarly clamorous, and provocative of Divine judgment.”

― Isaac Barrow

“Religion and philosophy are to be preserved distinct. We are not to introduce divine revelations into philosophy, nor philosophical opinions into religion.”

― Isaac Newton

“It is in giving that I connect with others, with the world and with the divine.”

― Isabel Allende

“I think that we all carry the divine within us.”

― Isabelle Adjani

“If Christianity is a mere invention of man, and not a supernatural, divine revelation, how is it that it has wrought such a complete alteration in the state of man kind?”

― J. C. Ryle

“When the Divine descends, you just accommodate.”

― Jaggi Vasudev

“In an encounter with divine reality, we do not hear a voice but acquire a voice, and the voice we acquire is our own.”

― James P. Carse

“The divine is perhaps that quality in man which permits him to endure the lack of God.”

― Jean Rostand

“The best theology is rather a divine life than a divine knowledge.”

― Jeremy Taylor

“All the blessings we enjoy are Divine deposits, committed to our trust on this condition, that they should be dispensed for the benefit of our neighbors.”

― John Calvin

“Poor human reason, when it trusts in itself, substitutes the strangest absurdities for the highest divine concepts.”

― John Chrysostom

“As he is one, so we call Him God, the Deity, the Divine Nature, and other names of the same signification.”

― John Hales

“In the divine Scriptures, there are shallows and there are deeps; shallows where the lamb may wade, and deeps where the elephant may swim.”

― John Owen

“Christianity is not about the divine becoming human so much as it is about the human becoming divine. That is a paradigm shift of the first order.”

― John Shelby Spong

“The way you become divine is to become wholly human.”

― John Shelby Spong

“Through the humbling dispensations of Divine Providence, men are sometimes fitted for his service.”

― John Woolman

“To be perfectly just is an attribute of the divine nature; to be so to the utmost of our abilities, is the glory of man.”

― Joseph Addison

“God truly is our Father, the Father of the spirits of all mankind. We are his literal offspring and are formed in his image. We have inherited divine characteristics from him.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Since the days of Abraham many men of unusual intellect not only have diligently studied the divine plan, but have devoted their lives to having a part in making it known to others.”

― Joseph Franklin Rutherford

“Theology in general seems to me a substitution of human ingenuity for divine wisdom.”

― Julia Ward Howe

“For me, peace is a fundamental human right of every child; it is inevitable and divine.”

― Kailash Satyarthi

“There is a danger in monotheism, and it’s called idolatry. And we know the prophets of Israel were very, very concerned about idolatry, the worship of a human expression of the divine.”

― Karen Armstrong

“Ideas are infinite, original, and lively divine thoughts.”

― Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

“I believe in divine intervention.”

― LaChanze

“He who overcomes himself is divine. Most see their ruin before their eyes; but they go on into it.”

― Leopold Von Ranke

“To err is human, but it feels divine.”

― Mae West

“An original is a creation motivated by desire. Any reproduction of an originals motivated be necessity. It is marvelous that we are the only species that creates gratuitous forms. To create is divine, to reproduce is human.”

― Man Ray

“I believe in divine order all the time.”

― Mara Brock Akil

“Divine Nature gave the fields, human art built the cities.”

― Marcus Terentius Varro

“He has the common feeling of his profession. He enjoys a statement twice as much if it appears in fine print, and anything that turns up in a footnote… takes on the character of divine revelation.”

― Margaret Halsey

“Divine organization is inherent in all things.”

― Marianne Williamson

“In all the great religious systems, there are divine beings who represent the feminine face of the divine.”

― Marianne Williamson

“A person cannot approach the divine by reaching beyond the human. To become human, is what this individual person, has been created for.”

― Martin Buber

“For, when with beauty we can virtue join, We paint the semblance of a form divine.”

― Matthew Prior

“We’re taking part in a divine comedy and we should realise that the play is always a comedy, in that we’re all ultimately ridiculous.”

― Max Hastings

“Divine desperateness is the beginning of spiritual awakening because it gives rise to the aspiration for God-realisation.”

― Meher Baba

“Even if you are divine, you don’t disdain male consorts.”

― Michelangelo

“Plants and minerals are bound to predestination. The faithful is only bound to the Divine orders.”

― Muhammad Iqbal

“Unbeliever is he who follows predestination even if he be Muslim, Faithful is he, if he himself is the Divine Destiny.”

― Muhammad Iqbal

“A ‘conservative believer’ must be someone who believes that Jesus was truly human as well as truly divine.”

― N. T. Wright

“Divine fires do not blaze each day, but an artist functions in their afterglow hoping for their recurrence.”

― Ned Rorem

“As our bodies live upon the earth and find sustenance in the fruits which it produces, so our minds feed on the same truths as the intelligible and immutable substance of the divine Word contains.”

― Nicolas Malebranche

“The human soul is heavy, clumsy, held in the mud of the flesh. Its perceptions are still coarse and brutish. It can divine nothing clearly, nothing with certainty.”

― Nikos Kazantzakis

“Charm of personality is a divine gift that sways the strongest characters and sometimes even controls the destinies of nations.”

― Orison Swett Marden

“My appointed work is to awaken the divine nature that is within.”

― Peace Pilgrim

“I don’t think I could truly value human love until I developed divine love.”

― Penn Badgley

“The eyes of the soul of the multitudes are unable to endure the vision of the divine.”

― Plato

“The sovereigns of the Internet are acting like they have a divine right to govern.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“Big-time directors and the studios that bankroll them prefer to dwell in the comfortable, familiar center, where mammon is God and the only divine word comes from focus groups.”

― Richard Corliss

“That I may have the soul-life, the soul-nature, let divine beauty bring to me divine soul.”

― Richard Jefferies

“I believe in divine forces and energies.”

― Richard Pryor

“If people understood that doctors weren’t divine, perhaps the odor of malpractice might diminish.”

― Richard Selzer

“I am convinced that there are universal currents of Divine Thought vibrating the ether everywhere and that any who can feel these vibrations is inspired.”

― Richard Wagner

“An agnostic is someone who believes the nature of the Divine is unknowable… and in that sense, I’m willing to subscribe to being an agnostic.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“Before the war is ended, the war party assumes the divine right to denounce and silence all opposition to war as unpatriotic and cowardly.”

― Robert M. La Follette

“Here the skeptic finds chaos and the believer further evidence that the hand that made us is divine.”

― Robert Moses

“’The Divine Comedy’ is very sophisticated but also very popular.”

― Roberto Benigni

“Leading Christian theologians such as Augustine and Aquinas were not what today might be called ‘strict constructionists.’ Rather, they celebrated reason as the means to gain greater insight into divine intentions.”

― Rodney Stark

“I think all human beings have a godlike, divine power, only most of us don’t tap into it.”

― Ruby Dee

“Our personal intelligence is everlasting and divine.”

― Russell M. Nelson

“The signs, proofs, and evidences of Divine unity are incalculable.”

― Said Nursi

“No one is good but God alone. What is good is therefore divine, what is divine is therefore good.”

― Saint Ambrose

“There are no galley-slaves in the royal vessel of divine love – every man works his oar voluntarily!”

― Saint Francis de Sales

“In a word, if any kind of slavery can be vindicated by the Holy Scriptures, we are already sure our making and holding the Negroes our slaves, as we do, cannot be vindicated by any thing we can find there, but is condemned by the whole of divine revelation.”

― Samuel Hopkins

“Relics are treasured as something close to the divine.”

― Sarah Vowell

“BlackBerrys are divine instruments.”

― Sergio Marchionne

“All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.”

― Socrates

“If we know the divine art of concentration, if we know the divine art of meditation, if we know the divine art of contemplation, easily and consciously we can unite the inner world and the outer world.”

― Sri Chinmoy

“Yoga is self-conquest. Self-conquest is God-realisation. He who practises yoga does two things with one stroke: he simplifies his whole life, and he gets free access to the Divine.”

― Sri Chinmoy

“Historians of European royalty have written of the king’s ‘two bodies’ : one mortal and corrupt; the other divine, abstract and timeless.”

― Stacey D’Erasmo

“What was God doing before the divine creation?”

― Stephen Hawking

“In one word, this ideal is that you are divine.”

― Swami Vivekananda

“Divine was like a 400-pound beached whale. He was one of my favorite leading ladies, I’ve got to tell you. He was really terrific.”

― Tab Hunter

“Human salvation demands the divine disclosure of truths surpassing reason.”

― Thomas Aquinas

“Of all acts of man repentance is the most divine. The greatest of all faults is to be conscious of none.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“Speech is human, silence is divine, yet also brutish and dead: therefore we must learn both arts.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“Christ is in all, meaning that the divine spark is in all things.”

― Tom Shadyac

“Caress the detail, the divine detail.”

― Vladimir Nabokov

“There is nothing on earth divine except humanity.”

― Walter Savage Landor

“Within all of us is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that we need and desire.”

― Wayne Dyer

“We are Divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive.”

― Wayne Dyer
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