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“In my DNA, the Zionist gene is extremely strong.”

― A. B. Yehoshua

“DNA is a code of four letters; proteins are made up of amino acids which come in 20 forms. So the ribosome is a very clever machine that reads one language and operates in another.”

― Ada Yonath

“It is in Toyota’s DNA that mistakes made once will not be repeated.”

― Akio Toyoda

“I think we were colonized by aliens 250,000 years ago, and they genetically altered our DNA to be primates into homo erectus and humans. I’m very interested in how we evolved so suddenly, which obviously ties in with the alien thing.”

― Al Jourgensen

“The Mediterranean is in my DNA. I’m fine inland for about a week, but then I yearn for a limitless view of the sea, for the colours and smells of the Italian and French Riviera.”

― Alain Ducasse

“Physical studies of DNA had, of course, been under way for some years before analysis of virus particles began.”

― Alfred Hershey

“Joseph Mandell and I began by attempting to make chromatography of DNA work.”

― Alfred Hershey

“I’m certainly not surprised by the passion of the youth for our myths. Mythology is almost a part of an Indian’s DNA.”

― Amish Tripathi

“Myths are part of our DNA. We’re a civilisation with a continuous culture. The effort to modernize it keeps it alive. Readers connect with it.”

― Amish Tripathi

“Throughout my life, I’ve had consistent DNA.”

― Andra Day

“April 25th is DNA Day. I know, you probably had no idea.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“Private is our DNA, in my DNA. It enables us to make decisions for the long term.”

― Anthony Pratt

“Analysis of the composition of samples of DNA from a great variety of sources and by many investigators revealed the remarkable fact that the purine content always equals the pyrimidine content.”

― Arthur Kornberg

“According to physical measurements, DNA chains are, on the average, 10,000 units long.”

― Arthur Kornberg

“Years ago when DNA was going on, I produced a record in Italy but I didn’t think I’d do another one.”

― Arto Lindsay

“Many police departments still use DNA evidence the way they have used fingerprints and tire tracks: to determine whether a suspect committed the crime.”

― Bill Dedman

“Cities vary widely in the use of DNA testing.”

― Bill Dedman

“In Los Angeles, the Police Department buys a 40-foot refrigerated trailer truck every six months just to hold DNA evidence.”

― Bill Dedman

“I never studied business. It’s either in your DNA, or it isn’t.”

― Bobby Kotick

“Fighter pilots and special operations forces guys have the same DNA.”

― Brandon Webb

“My DNA is building a product and a service.”

― Brian Acton

“I come from an Irish Catholic family, and hell-raising is part of the DNA.”

― Brian Dennehy

“Early on, I was a performer playing classical music. It’s in my DNA in a way that I can’t begin to extract it.”

― Bryce Dessner

“Quitting is not part of my DNA.”

― Carlos Beruff

“In 1978, Elizabeth Blackburn, working with Joe Gall, identified the DNA sequence of telomeres. Every time a cell divides, it gets shorter. But telomeres usually don’t. So there must be something happening to the telomeres to keep their length in equilibrium.”

― Carol W. Greider

“Philanthropy is in the DNA of my family.”

― Charles Bronfman

“I think I got a lot of my ‘funny’ DNA from my mother, who had a glorious sense of the ridiculous.”

― Christopher Buckley

“Life is a DNA software system.”

― Craig Venter

“Mitochondrial DNA is in higher concentration, lasts longer, and can be extracted from bones.”

― Craig Venter

“There are enzymes called restriction enzymes that actually digest DNA.”

― Craig Venter

“Transposons are just small pieces of DNA that randomly insert in the genetic code. And if they insert in the middle of the gene, they disrupt its function.”

― Craig Venter

“My fans are buying the DNA of Dave.”

― Dave Pelzer

“The DNA of ‘Deadpool’ shouldn’t change.”

― David Leitch

“If you can write DNA, you’re no longer limited to ‘what is’ but to what you could make.”

― Drew Endy

“Technology is neutral: It convicts and finds innocents. We must make it a regularized part of the system, giving defendants access to DNA testing and evidence whenever it might be relevant.”

― Eliot Spitzer

“In my early work, our molecular views of telomeres were first focused on the DNA.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“I was using very unconventional methods to sequence the telemetric DNA, originally.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“In the 1970s, I did a Ph.D. with Fred Sanger in Cambridge who was in the process of inventing ways to map what’s inside DNA. He later won the Nobel Prize.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“I am a newcomer. I want to remain a newcomer. That is my DNA.”

― Emmanuel Macron

“Really, creation and innovation are part of the French DNA.”

― Emmanuel Macron

“Whenever societies do well, they believe that there is something in their cultural DNA that made it happen.”

― Fareed Zakaria

“I’m a go-getter. It’s in my DNA. If I spend a lot of time lamenting on the difficulties, then it could be distracting.”

― Fei-Fei Li

“A virus is not just DNA; a virus is also packaged up, covered over with a series of proteins in a nice, elegant, well-compacted form.”

― Francis Collins

“It seems likely that most if not all the genetic information in any organism is carried by nucleic acid – usually by DNA, although certain small viruses use RNA as their genetic material.”

― Francis Crick

“I would argue that we’re not limited by actual DNA. You can re-create the ancient DNA by looking at the genomes of existing animals.”

― George M. Church

“I’m not ambitious, I never have been; it’s just not in my DNA.”

― George Stroumboulopoulos

“We’re good at what we do because we’re a family – this is in our bloody DNA; this is what we do.”

― Gerry Harvey

“The DNA showed I have a level of endurance in me which I never really realised, which makes sense.”

― Greg Rutherford

“In courtship, who wins and who loses will determine who passes on their DNA to tomorrow.”

― Helen Fisher

“Nuclear DNA encodes all the proteins and enzymes that make you you, basically.”

― Hendrik Poinar

“We have the DNA of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

― Herschel Walker

“Colombian culture has a lot of music – it’s in our blood; it’s in our DNA.”

― J Balvin

“Superhero stories are kind of in my DNA from childhood on, so I think I’m genetically drawn to playing in the genre when the opportunity presents itself.”

― J. Michael Straczynski

“DNA was my only gold rush. I regarded DNA as worth a gold rush.”

― James D. Watson

“I had become monomaniacal about DNA only in 1951 when I had just turned 23 and as a postdoctoral fellow was temporarily in Naples attending a small May meeting on biologically important macromolecules.”

― James D. Watson

“As a Jew, support for Israel is in my DNA.”

― Jan Schakowsky

“I don’t even know at what age I started, because it’s always been there. Performing… creating… it’s in my DNA.”

― Janelle Monae

“I’ve always belonged to the street, and I always will. It’s in my DNA.”

― Javier Bardem

“I would compare my ‘Frankenstein’ to Cronenberg’s remake of ‘The Fly.’ The monster in the original Fifties version of ‘The Fly’ was a crude, anatomical combination of man and insect, whereas Cronenberg’s version exploited knowledge of DNA to depict him as a transgenic chimera.”

― Jed Mercurio

“It’s in my DNA to fight and entertain.”

― Joe Calzaghe

“New York is in my DNA.”

― Joe Lhota

“There’s a real sense of fighting and destruction in our DNA that we don’t get in touch with.”

― Joel Edgerton

“When I get really down, I remember that we all share 99.99 per cent of our DNA with Beyonce. And suddenly, the world doesn’t seem too bleak.”

― John Tiffany

“The O.J. Simpson case, they had no understanding of that DNA evidence, and didn’t want to.”

― Joseph Wambaugh

“Each company is different because they get their DNA from the founders.”

― Julia Hartz

“Passion has been in my DNA for generations.”

― Julio Iglesias

“The DNA of a true Hindu is liberal. We are, by essence, liberal.”

― Kapil Sibal

“I grew up in Michigan, in the Detroit area, so cars are sort of in my DNA.”

― Karl Iagnemma

“I need to have my hands on the DNA of a film.”

― Kathryn Bigelow

“There is a voice, and there is a DNA to how I design.”

― Kelly Wearstler

“When we had highly sensitive information, the DNA on the dress, that was held within our office and the FBI. There was no dissemination of that information.”

― Ken Starr

“We carry stores of DNA in our nuclei that may have come in, at one time or another, from the fusion of ancestral cells and the linking of ancestral organisms in symbiosis. Our genomes are catalogues of instructions from all kinds of sources in nature, filed for all kinds of contingencies.”

― Lewis Thomas

“I am a conservationist. It is in my DNA.”

― Louis Bacon

“It’s in the DNA of Scientology that they don’t trust journalists.”

― Louis Theroux

“It’s in the DNA of all the shows that I have done that are about people that are dealing with very stressful situations that are giving them a lot of angst.”

― Louis Theroux

“Accelerating, dribbling, and creating opportunities are the DNA of my game.”

― Lucas Moura

“My father always says that heroism is in the Pashtun DNA.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“Juventus have a winning DNA.”

― Massimiliano Allegri

“And then, of course, there’s a couple that claim to be, but I haven’t done any DNA tests or anything.”

― Merle Haggard

“I’m not accustomed to taking a swing at a woman’s head. That’s not in my DNA.”

― Michael Trucco

“It’s a part of my DNA that I’ve never really taken time to revel in success.”

― Mike Colter

“I spent 10 years fighting for reform in Cook County, and I didn’t change my DNA when I got to Washington.”

― Mike Quigley

“India is a democracy; it is in our DNA.”

― Narendra Modi

“The cloning procedure is similar to IVF. The only difference is that the DNA of sperm and egg would be replaced by DNA from an adult cell. What law or principle – secular, humanist, or religious – says that one combination of genetic material in a flask is OK, but another is not?”

― Nathan Myhrvold

“I grew up on the Roger Moore and Sean Connery Bond movies, so the DNA of my spies is extremely ridiculous and goofy.”

― Nick Harkaway

“Manchester United have always stood up again and bounced back; it’s just in the DNA.”

― Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

“Because Apple’s corporate DNA is that of a hardware company, its activities are meant to support hardware sales.”

― Om Malik

“With DNA, the ability to find out a lot more with a lot less has increased our ability for identification.”

― Patricia Cornwell

“Reaping political dividends out of tragedies is deeply engrained in the Congress’ DNA.”

― Piyush Goyal

“The deep fascination with the mysterious, and the impulse to seek and locate ourselves in the cosmic context, seems to be imprinted in our DNA and psyches.”

― Priyamvada Natarajan

“Horses are in our DNA. We used them way before cars for commuting.”

― Randeep Hooda

“Fairy tales and folk tales are part of the DNA of all stories and great fun to write.”

― Ransom Riggs

“Family is more than DNA, more than who we used to be, more than we can imagine we will become.”

― Regina Brett

“We have a huge amount of DNA in common with jellyfish.”

― Richard Dawkins

“At the deepest level, all living things that have ever been looked at have the same DNA code. And many of the same genes.”

― Richard Dawkins

“Notional is a production company with the DNA of an Internet company that makes content for everything.”

― Ricky Van Veen

“Music is in my DNA!”

― Rihanna

“Cambodia is not only a country of war, but also a country of culture. It’s in our DNA.”

― Rithy Panh

“Indy is my home. It’s part of me; it’s in my DNA.”

― Robert Mathis

“With time, fashion has become part of my DNA.”

― Roberto Cavalli

“We can’t help identifying with the protagonist. It’s coded in our movie-going DNA.”

― Roger Ebert

“Embracing change is central to Amazon’s DNA.”

― Roy Price

“Biology – DNA – is technology. It is coding. It is physical coding, but still code.”

― Ryan Bethencourt

“The bodies we have are not made for extended use. We must cope with accumulated DNA damage, cell damage, muscle atrophy, bone loss, decreased muscle mass, and joints worn out from overuse during a lifetime of bipedal locomotion. It might have worked great for prehistoric humans, but it wreaks havoc on our knees and hips.”

― S. Jay Olshansky

“Genes are like the story, and DNA is the language that the story is written in.”

― Sam Kean

“Mutations can arise anywhere in the genome, in gene DNA and noncoding DNA alike. But mutations to genes have bigger consequences: They can disable proteins and kill a creature.”

― Sam Kean

“Most mutations involve typos: Something bumps a cell’s elbow as it’s copying DNA, and the wrong letter appears in a triplet – CAG becomes CCG.”

― Sam Kean

“DNA is a ‘thing’ – a chemical that sticks to your fingers.”

― Sam Kean

“Most organisms have loads of junk DNA – less pejoratively, noncoding DNA – cluttering their cells.”

― Sam Kean

“Junk DNA – or, as scientists call it nowadays, noncoding DNA – remains a mystery: No one knows how much of it is essential for life.”

― Sam Kean

“True-crime shows and podcasts aren’t the only ones flattening the complexity of forensic science into easy-to-grasp narratives: journalists do so, too. They say DNA or trace evidence ‘matches’ a suspect, when scientists can’t be so definitive.”

― Sarah Weinman

“It’s just part of my DNA. I love racing.”

― Scott Borchetta

“I brought my personality to HQ. I injected my DNA into this thing. They gave me a blank slate to work with.”

― Scott Rogowsky

“Every bank has to find its own DNA.”

― Sergio Ermotti

“Similarly, another famous little quantum fluctuation that programs you is the exact configuration of your DNA.”

― Seth Lloyd

“People can take away your assets, but not your DNA.”

― Simon Spurr

“According to materialistic science, any memory requires a material substrate, such as the neuronal network in the brain or the DNA molecules of the genes.”

― Stanislav Grof

“We try to make earth-friendly decisions whenever we can, as it’s part of our brand DNA.”

― Stella McCartney

“I’ve always been a nonconformist. I think that nonconformity is part of the American DNA.”

― Stephen Miller

“In a web/mobile startup, coding is not an outsourced activity. It’s an integral part of the company’s DNA.”

― Steve Blank

“He told me that Francis Crick and Jim Watson had solved the structure of DNA, so we decided to go across to Cambridge to see it. This was in April of 1953.”

― Sydney Brenner

“I’m old-school, and that’s just how I am. It’s in my DNA.”

― Tamera Mowry

“There’s something about the pipes that just connects with Scots, they go mental for it – it’s in our DNA somehow.”

― Tom Walker

“We’re Real Madrid – and being successful is part of our DNA.”

― Toni Kroos

“My dog’s name is Tucker, and his DNA is unidentifiable and suspect.”

― W. Bruce Cameron
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