Top 3 Don Zimmer Quotes of 2020

Don Zimmer A Well Disciplined Coach 

He is the person, who has been announced as a National League’s Manager. And the best thing about him that most players like is that he is disciplined if you talk about baseball coaching. He has invested a large part of his life in the baseball game. In Cincinnati, he lived his childhood. That is a wonderful city in Ohio State. Due to some issues related to kidney and heart, he is no more. 

Don Zimmer Quotes
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Know about the career of Don Zimmer       

  • Initially, Mr. don zimmer gave his time to the baseball matches. And he used to one of the most demanding baseball players of that time. And at a young age, you might have seen some ads f different things done by Mr. Zimmer like shaving razor, etc. 
  • That means he was also considered as the suited personality for the ads and commercial video. Then after giving a large time as a baseball player, he was appointed as a head coach or a field manager. And at this position, he used to decide many aspects regarding baseball.
  • And after this position, he started getting popularity between baseball players. And he was seen as a motivating personality in the baseball game world. He is also known for making prudent decisions and strategies. 

And then Mr. Don Zimmer started given training the players and coaching them. And the best thing is that he described his life and states in baseball in books. Two books written by Mr. Zimmer has got published as well.             

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Best Don Zimmer Quotation List

“What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110 percent all the time.”

― Don Zimmer

“Hey, it’s been a great ride for me, a great life. Everything I have I owe to baseball. Baseball owes me nothin’. Ain’t nobody has to give me nothin’. I would be embarrassed if I had a day somewhere. I don’t want no day. I want friends, to live my life the way I wanna live it.”

― Don Zimmer

“Never drew a paycheck outside of baseball.”

― Don Zimmer

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