Top 1619 Drive Quotes

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“It’s like driving your car. If you drive too fast on the highway, you will topple, so you better maintain your speed. Life is similar to that, and that’s the way you have to control your head.”

― A. R. Rahman

“If I don’t think about it, it won’t drive me crazy.”

― Aaliyah

“A visual understanding of great composition and how to use a camera and expensive lenses can be learned, but drive and a real hunger for making photos and telling stories… I don’t think that part can be learned. You either have that inside, or you don’t.”

― Aaron Huey

“For me, the strike zone has always been, If it’s something I can drive, it’s most likely a strike. I feel like if it’s a ball I really can’t do much with, it’s most likely a ball. So that’s just always been my approach.”

― Aaron Judge

“When I was younger, I’d always forget stuff. I think there was probably 4-5 times where we’d drive 30 minutes to a town for the baseball tournament, and all of a sudden, I’d get to the field and look in my bag, and I didn’t have my cleats. So my dad had to race all the way home to get my cleats and get back before the game started so I could play.”

― Aaron Judge

“When I record something, I’ll take a drive and just listen.”

― Aaron Neville

“I drive a 1965 Shelby Cobra. I love classic muscle cars.”

― Aaron Paul

“I drive a Mercedes SLS, which is fun.”

― Aaron Ramsey

“First scenes are super-important to me. I’ll spend months and months pacing and climbing the walls trying to come up with the first scene. I drive for hours on the freeway.”

― Aaron Sorkin

“When I lived in Baltimore, I would come down fairly often to go to the Hirshhorn, and one of my good friends from high school went to Georgetown. I actually ended up going to Annapolis a lot. I had a car, and it was such a serene place to drive.”

― Abbi Jacobson

“We need to come up with use cases for this technology that drive clear benefits for individuals and institutions – these are our customers. Too often we see bitcoin and blockchain technologies as solutions in search of a problem. We don’t just need these systems to be technically better than the alternatives – we need them to be more user-friendly.”

― Abigail Johnson

“When I was a little girl, I watched old movies maybe shot at Paramount Studios, and the fact that every day I get to drive onto the lot and shoot a show that sometimes takes place in the ’40s, it’s very interesting.”

― Abigail Spencer

“My whole drive is to make sure that music is a common space where we search for beauty and share it. It needs to be louder than any conversation. That’s where we have to go as a human race.”

― Abigail Washburn

“I pass my life in preventing the storm from blowing down the tent, and I drive in the pegs as fast as they are pulled up.”

― Abraham Lincoln

“The press should not get special privileges – if they drive recklessly or put people in danger, they should be subject to every reckless driving and endangerment law on the books – but they should also not be singled out for special punishment.”

― Adam Cohen

“In the battle for Kobane on the Syrian border, everyone talks about the enemy – IS – and the frightening ideas that drive them. No one talks about the Kurdish defenders and what inspires them.”

― Adam Curtis

“If you’re in California, and it’s raining, stay home because nobody can drive in the rain. It’s like it’s raining frogs. They’re terrified.”

― Adam Ferrara

“I drove a brand new Lamborghini, the Huracan; it was great. We went on the Autobahn, and we got to drive on the Nurburgring.”

― Adam Ferrara

“Alphabet would be a holding company to house its wackier or noncore efforts – like its Verily life sciences, Waymo self-driving cars, and Loon Internet balloon projects – while Google’s advertising-oriented business would stand apart and continue to drive the company’s finances.”

― Adam Lashinsky

“Obamacare is a private mandate that will drive billions to the insurance industry, much like the auto insurance mandate. Hardly socialism. In fact, it was a Republican plan to begin with.”

― Adam McKay

“Writers do well to carefully attend to those moments of inspiration, because chances are that they’re writing from a very deep place. The subsequent search that ensues to continually attend to that voice that you hear is what is going to give the story drive.”

― Adam Ross

“Limit your inputs to only those that support a certain kind of self-destructive behavior, and you can be cheered with enthusiasm as you drive yourself off a cliff.”

― Adam-Troy Castro

“The Batmobile wasn’t a stickshift, and it was a challenge to drive, believe me.”

― Adam West

“I don’t want to be Batman. Let Val Kilmer do it. I just want to be Uncle Batman. I have this whole ‘warm relationship’ plot in my mind. In the final scenes, the new Batmobile breaks down, the new Batman’s stranded on the side of the road. We grab our old Batmobile, pick him up and drive away.”

― Adam West

“’Drive’ is definitely an inspiration because it was a film that was able to use what would normally be considered cheesy, kind of bold, electronic music choice and pull it off in a mainstream way.”

― Adam Wingard

“The ability to have influence and create change and drive the strategy of an organization is really what excites me.”

― Adena Friedman

“By the time I was 16, I was someone to reckon with. I was so eager to repudiate any connection with any immigrant race, I would go above and beyond. I was desperate to belong to something. That was my drive as a teenager.”

― Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

“I am writing to make sure that kids don’t lose very important traits like curiosity that can drive social change because oftentimes I think parents emphasise more on doing well in school, which is important, but perhaps that sometimes comes at the cost of a child’s natural curiosity.”

― Adora Svitak

“I think there’s this idea that if we put up a play with all African-Americans or all Latinas, or even if we mix it up, then it won’t really sell to a mainstream audience. At the end of the day, what’s going to drive the story being told is what’s going to drive people to the seats.”

― Adrienne C. Moore

“Women and girls inspire me. They drive me.”

― Adwoa Aboah

“Whatever is dirty, it is women’s job to clean up, or drive some man to clean up, and that goes for everything from cellar to senate.”

― Agnes Macphail

“I ride many different cars. Let’s say I would drive 200 different vehicles in a year, so it’s rather difficult to say which car or what car I ride. I love cars.”

― Akio Toyoda

“I am at the top of Toyota and drive cars myself. I was also born with this name.”

― Akio Toyoda

“I drive a hybrid, and we’ve changed our light bulbs and windows and installed solar panels and geothermal ground source heat pumps and most everything else.”

― Al Gore

“I love driving; driving along the California coastline is the best drive in the world.”

― Al Jardine

“People don’t understand that it was maybe my biggest pleasure to drive an F1 car when it’s wet.”

― Alain Prost

“I don’t drive around London much. Any journey around Islington involves hundreds of speed bumps that seem to tear the bottom of your car off.”

― Alan Davies

“Most of the planet’s terrestrial surfaces are visually accessible through video cameras and satellite imagery, if not physically within reach. Even the approaches to Mount Everest are now littered with human debris. One can drive to Timbuktu, which for centuries was synonymous with inaccessibility.”

― Alan Huffman

“I drive a different car every night.”

― Alan Mulally

“I mean, language fascinates me anyway, and different words have different energies and you can change the whole drive of a sentence.”

― Alan Rickman

“I think when people see Pluto revealed by New Horizons, its satellite system, its complex surface, its atmosphere, I think they’ll have a hard time saying ‘That’s not a planet’ because it obviously will be, and I think most people are already coming to that opinion anyway, but I think that’s really going to drive it home viscerally.”

― Alan Stern

“With songwriting I spend a lot of time living life, accruing all these experiences, journaling, and then by the time I get to the studio I’m teeming with the drive to write.”

― Alanis Morissette

“One of the dangers of science fiction, particularly bad science fiction, is that you have these scenes where the characters turn to a blackboard and start explaining how this faster-than-light drive works, or something like that. We never really have those conversations in real life. That’s not part of the way we interact as human beings.”

― Alastair Reynolds

“’Drive’ came to me because the casting director knew my manager and called and said, ‘You’ve always talked to me about Albert wanting to play the heavy. I think he should read this.’ My ears just perked up.”

― Albert Brooks

“When I started out, I tried out all my stuff on national television. There were no comedy clubs, but even if there were, I don’t think I would have gone to them. I used to do stuff in the bathroom, and then I’d drive down to NBC and do it on ‘The Golddiggers’ with Dean Martin.”

― Albert Brooks

“One thing about Los Angeles is it feels like it’s not new. It feels like it’s already been built, and it’s deteriorating, except for the places they’re trying to make nicer. But in general, you drive all through the city, and the city feels like it was new a long time ago.”

― Albert Brooks

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”

― Albert Einstein

“For me, the drive is storytelling. To be a part of an art that tells a story and to be a catalyst, a color in that, is very exciting.”

― Alden Ehrenreich

“It is much easier to drive without having an accident.”

― Alec Issigonis

“As much as I love beach holidays, I do really like to get out and about and explore. It’s why I like Los Angeles: because I can easily drive to Malibu or Santa Monica to see what they have to offer. I get itchy feet if I stay still too long in one place when I’m abroad.”

― Alesha Dixon

“I live right under the Hollywood sign, so that every day when I drive home I’m reminded of why I’m here.”

― Alessandro Nivola

“Institutions like mutual funds often worry that if they disclose their plans to buy a stock, copycats will move quickly and drive up the stock before the purchase is completed.”

― Alex Berenson

“It’s tougher when you’re established. Before, I’d see 13, 14, 15 pitches that I could drive in a game. Now, I see one, two or three, so I have to be better.”

― Alex Rodriguez

“It is possible to lead astray an entire generation, to strike it blind, to drive it insane, to direct it towards a false goal. Napoleon proved this.”

― Alexander Herzen

“The powers of the teenagers in ‘The Darkest Minds’ were always meant to represent that inherent drive that young people have to make change, and how the world pushes back against it.”

― Alexandra Bracken

“The cars we drive say a lot about us.”

― Alexandra Paul

“I really haven’t been cognitive of gas prices. It wasn’t until I filled up my husband’s Toyota Prius Hybrid that I had a moment of understanding of how people who drive gas cars feel.”

― Alexandra Paul

“There were eleven kids, and we all shared a bathroom. It was enough to drive us all insane.”

― Alice Ripley

“Asking questions is what brains were born to do, at least when we were young children. For young children, quite literally, seeking explanations is as deeply rooted a drive as seeking food or water.”

― Alison Gopnik

“Because I’m one of five people in Los Angeles who doesn’t drive, I walk a lot.”

― Allison Anders

“There is superficiality to Hollywood, and yes, it is charming. Of course there is sunshine, but there is also a dark side. It’s a difficult place if you don’t know people, and if you can’t drive, you will find it lonely. You have to create your own bubble.”

― Amanda Eliasch

“Maybe I should drive a hybrid. I do have a shirt that says, ‘Go Green.’”

― Amanda Seyfried

“Perhaps there’s a lot of quality television that’s not right for the individual who needs questions answered in each episode, and perhaps reality television may be a better option. With the integrity of HBO and their drive to tell stories, it takes time to arrive at any sort of answers.”

― Amanda Warren

“With age comes wisdom and a high sex drive. And the wisdom to enjoy it.”

― Amber Valletta

“I used to have Lamborghinis, Ferraris parked up outside the house – just parked there with no one driving them! Now I’m much wiser, and I only have one car that I drive. What’s the point of having three cars just parked up when you don’t need them?”

― Amir Khan

“When I was 17, my sister and I used to drive back from school in her car and sing the Spice Girls’ chartbusters from the ’90s at the top of our voices.”

― Amy Jackson

“A bridge shouldn’t just fall down in the middle of America. Not a bridge that’s a few blocks from my house. Not an eight-lane highway. Not a bridge that I drive over with my family every day, along with tens of thousands of Minnesotans. But that’s what happened.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“Always remember your kid’s name. Always remember where you put your kid. Don’t let your kid drive until their feet can reach the pedals. Use the right size diapers… for yourself. And, when in doubt, make funny faces.”

― Amy Poehler

“I like to be alone and listen to music. Every match I play, I have a tune in my head over and over. It might only be a few words or a small piece of the tune, but it can drive you mad.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“Our credo says that, in the end, we want to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world, enabling them to rise.”

― Anand Mahindra

“I have a drive to get more steals and improve my game and stats overall every year.”

― Andre Iguodala

“The IIc was Apple’s first crack at a ‘portable’ computer, which it sort of was if you didn’t mind a 7.5 pound weight, plus monitor, external floppy drive, and all the cables.”

― Andrew Rosenthal

“The Apple IIc, with its 128KB of RAM, 125KB floppy drive, word processor, and spreadsheet application, did everything I could imagine a computer doing at the time.”

― Andrew Rosenthal

“Millions of Americans today are taking dietary supplements, practicing yoga and integrating other natural therapies into their lives. These are all preventive measures that will keep them out of the doctor’s office and drive down the costs of treating serious problems like heart disease and diabetes.”

― Andrew Weil

“We need more women solving different problems, starting companies, and creating jobs to drive our economy and society forward.”

― Andrew Yang

“Back in 2001, my first start-up was mentioned in the ‘New York Times’ and ‘USA Today.’ I figured that would drive thousands of visitors to the site and tons of new business. Instead, only a handful of people visited our site, and not much business came of it at all.”

― Andrew Yang

“In a typical day, I would wake up about 8 A.M., pile all my stuff into my mom’s minivan – my guitar, my amp, CDs to sell, a table and a rug – drive it down to the street, and unload it all. I’d wait until about 12, then play for two hours. You could only play in two-hour intervals, so then I would move it all somewhere else.”

― Andy Grammer

“We teach about how to drive in school, but not how to manage finances.”

― Andy Williams

“I drive a BMW 1 series convertible. I love my Beamer.”

― Angela Cope

“When people think of the word ‘drive,’ they often think you have it or you don’t, and that’s where we’re wrong. Drive is something that can be encouraged by a wonderful teacher, by a terrific classroom environment, by an awesome soccer team that you are on, and it can be squashed as well.”

― Angela Duckworth

“I have the drive to spend five hours a day to teach myself a skill.”

― Angelica Ross

“I believe the private sector and small businesses drive our economy, and that means the federal government should work to ensure the private sector is as robust as possible.”

― Ann Kirkpatrick

“I love being in Ojai. It’s kind of a travel destination because I drive to it from Los Angeles. I also love Italy.”

― Anna Getty

“Students from other E.U. countries are worth billions to our economy and help drive it through their hard work and innovation.”

― Anna Soubry

“In many cities, it’s become popular to hate ‘gentrifiers,’ rich people who move in and drive up housing prices – pushing everyone else out.”

― Annalee Newitz

“I try to play ‘Maneater’ by Daryl Hall and John Oates at least once when I drive somewhere. It gets me so ‘hype,’ as the kids would say.”

― Annalise Basso

“Nothing but an imperious intellectual and moral necessity can drive into doubt a religious mind, for it is as though an earthquake shook the foundations of the soul, and the very being quivers and sways under the shock.”

― Annie Besant

“You can absolutely drive through an atmospheric bomb test and not be affected.”

― Annie Jacobsen

“I don’t want money to ever drive my career. I want my career to be driven by what I want to do in art.”

― Ansel Elgort

“Our national challenge is to continue to drive sustained economic growth.”

― Anthony Albanese

“My parents would drive us to Florida every spring in this big old, rusy Suburban, and we’d collect stuff on the beach for our aquarium back in Ohio; we had this big saltwater aquarium back in Ohio. Every time we found anything, any mollusk, my mom would bring out the guidebook and quiz us on what it was, so that stuff was built in early.”

― Anthony Doerr

“Sometimes I drive, and sometimes I’m driven.”

― Anthony Levandowski

“In 2008, no one else would ever have believed me that we were going to make a car actually drive everywhere, all the time.”

― Anthony Levandowski

“Today, I think a CFO needs to be more of an operating CFO: someone who’s using the financial data and the data of the company to help drive strategy, the allocation of capital, and the management of risks.”

― Anthony Noto

“My only drive was to be the best dancer in the world, but I never won the world championship.”

― Anton du Beke

“Teenagers are like atoms when they’re moving at hundreds of miles an hour and bouncing off each other. Everybody’s got such a crazy hormonal drive and reacting to each other differently and getting upset over little things. High school puts all these potential explosions in one place.”

― Anton Yelchin

“I got a strong spirit that I rely on and go into. It allows me to prepare and drive forward.”

― Antonio Brown

“Predictably, open markets made it possible for countries to drive rapid growth by hitching their wagon to the world economy and using global demand to pull people and resources out of subsistence activities into more productive work.”

― Arancha Gonzalez

“I have always let the lack of Indian actors in the industry drive me, not hold me back. I remember an agent in L.A. telling me a few years ago that an Indian actor wouldn’t ever make it in Hollywood, but my ethnicity has helped me.”

― Archie Panjabi

“Each person’s drive to overwork is unique, and doing too much numbs every workaholic’s emotions differently. Sometimes overwork numbs depression, sometimes anger, sometimes envy, sometimes sexuality. Or the overworker runs herself ragged in a race for attention.”

― Arlie Russell Hochschild

“What emotions would we experience if we weren’t working ourselves to death? What wishes drive us? What fantasies hitch themselves to our continual busyness? Only when we step away from our frenzy can we know.”

― Arlie Russell Hochschild

“I have about as much control over how I look as the guy who’s short and looks more like a character actor – we both have the same drive to be actors and we both have the same drive to assume these different characters, it’s just harder for me to get the chance because they look at me and say, ‘Oh, he’s this type,’ and they stamp me.”

― Armie Hammer

“My favorite drive is Highway 101 in California between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. I love the 101; Highway 1 is too windy, and 5 is too boring – the 101 is just right. It’s like the Mama Bear of scenic drives.”

― Art Alexakis

“You don’t have control of the car, but you can drive it. Life takes you where it wants you to go and where you need to go.”

― Art Alexakis

“I was a student at Columbia College, actually, in the Architecture school. Paul would drive in from Queens, showing me these new songs. I can’t remember us working it out.”

― Art Garfunkel

“I decided to go and find India on my own. So, I hired a cab for a drive round old Delhi. I was knocked off center by the sheer energy that goes into daily survival.”

― Art Malik

“The drive toward economic nationalism is only part of the general revival of nationalism.”

― Arthur Henderson

“We are seeing a new wave of young biologists that are attacking old problems with new tools and fresh ideas, leading to new types of bio startups and creating a much-needed engine to drive Silicon Valley into the next century.”

― Arvind Gupta

“I hate jealous guys! Everyone can be jealous. We all have that in us. Push the demon down or it’s going to drive the other person away.”

― Ashley Greene

“My first memory of Umbro was when I refused to take off my orange and purple Umbro checkerboard shorts for church at five years old. I won that battle, and that drive to express myself and stay true to myself, even as a kid, is why I’m so excited about my partnership with Umbro.”

― Ashlyn Harris

“Most of us have to spend a lot of energy to learn how to drive a car. Then we have to spend the rest of our lives over-concentrating as we drive and text and eat a burrito and put on makeup. As a result, 30,000 people die every year in a car accident in the U.S.”

― Astro Teller

“I was always drawn to darker sounds, things with an edge and a little bit of grit, things that have a lot of emotion and a lot of drive.”

― Aubrie Sellers

“YI teamed up with the Allstate Foundation to basically inform teens why it’s important to drive safe. I feel I’m new on the road, so it’s important to do these three main things: The first one is buckle up, the second one is slow down, don’t speed, and the third one is don’t let your friends distract you in the car.”

― Austin Mahone

“If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.”

― B. C. Forbes

“You need to be competitive, but a lot of that you can internalize and use that as motivation to drive you. You do not need to show it all the time.”

― Baker Mayfield

“Conceptually, we believe that embedded mining will ultimately establish bitcoin as a fundamental system resource on par with CPU, bandwidth, hard drive space, and RAM.”

― Balaji Srinivasan

“We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don’t want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential.”

― Barack Obama

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times… and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.”

― Barack Obama

“Men aren’t the way they are because they want to drive women crazy; they’ve been trained to be that way for thousands of years. And that training makes it very difficult for men to be intimate.”

― Barbara De Angelis

“North Korea’s whole idea is to create a crisis to solve a crisis. They’re so poor and they’re so desperate that they realize that this bombastic rhetoric can drive the South Korean stock market down and get the U.S. in a tizzy. And it’s a game they’ve been playing for many, many years.”

― Barbara Demick

“What keeps you going isn’t some fine destination but just the road you’re on, and the fact that you know how to drive.”

― Barbara Kingsolver

“I used to have a recurring black-and-white dream where I would drive in on a hover car and raid the shoe closets of this huge mansion. I don’t know what that means at all, to be honest.”

― Barbie Ferreira

“Publishing, legacy or indie, is a vehicle, and you can’t opine about whether someone has chosen the right vehicle if you don’t know where she intends to drive it.”

― Barry Eisler

“Well-secured files don’t do you much good if you lose them in a fire or hard drive crash.”

― Barton Gellman

“The IronClad is faster than most thumb drives but far slower than a standard hard drive. Boot up, application launch and other Windows operations feel sluggish, though still usable.”

― Barton Gellman

“People need to know, before I’m associated with any party, I am an American, and that’s what I want to drive home at the RNC.”

― BeBe Winans

“No one should drive a hard bargain with an artist.”

― Beck

“To be able to drive a rickshaw legally, I had to get an international motorcycle license in L.A., which I have now.”

― Belinda Carlisle

“My father has positional vertigo, and if he flies he gets really dizzy, so he has to drive out to California, which he does a couple times a year. We talk, but we e-mail mostly.”

― Ben Affleck

“We have the purveyors of hatred who take every single incident between people of two races and try to make a race war out of it and drive wedges into people. And this does not need to be done.”

― Ben Carson

“I have seen a man charged with revolutionizing incredibly complex government information technology systems who did not know how to use a thumb drive.”

― Ben Domenech

“I want to know everything there is to know about a specific area. And it’s winning at that mastery that really drives me. I want to be best at something. I don’t even know what ‘this’ is, but there’s this inner drive to be the best.”

― Ben Huh

“I drive a motorbike, so there is the whiff of the grim reaper round every corner, especially in London.”

― Benedict Cumberbatch

“I remember getting my mum to drive me to watch a Jackie Chan film when I was, like, eleven and trying to tell them I was fifteen.”

― Benedict Wong

“Perhaps a child who is fussed over gets a feeling of destiny; he thinks he is in the world for something important, and it gives him drive and confidence.”

― Benjamin Spock

“Where in the Bible does it say I have to drive a Honda?”

― Benny Hinn

“I like exotic guys who have a lot of sexual energy. I drive army tanks and I snowboard, so he has to keep up.”

― Berglind Icey

“We accelerated our capital spending in the fourth quarter, particularly in international and next-generation network deployment, which should not only sustain future revenue growth but also drive significant cost reductions across all communications services.”

― Bernard Ebbers

“Comcast rents modems directly to consumers, thereby competing directly with companies like Zoom. It has every reason to make Zoom modems more expensive or even to drive companies like Zoom out of business.”

― Bernie Sanders

“Religions, which condemn the pleasures of sense, drive men to seek the pleasures of power. Throughout history power has been the vice of the ascetic.”

― Bertrand Russell

“My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose.”

― Bette Davis

“Sometimes when you have a song, you listen to it and say, ‘It’s OK. It’s music to drive to.’ But then there are songs where you can actually hear it as a movie.”

― Betty Wright

“As a bookish child in Calcutta, I used to thrill to the adventures of bad girls whose pursuit of happiness swept them outside the bounds of social decency. Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Emma Bovary and Anna Karenina lived large in my imagination. The naughty girls of Hollywood films flirted and knew how to drive.”

― Bharati Mukherjee

“As we scale, we will be able to drive the business with more efficiency, which will allow us to pass on more benefits to the consumers.”

― Bhavish Aggarwal

“Companies need to weed out drivers who dont drive well or have got poor ratings from the customers.”

― Bhavish Aggarwal

“There’s no real network, and every city in Mississippi is so spread out, so it isn’t easy to drive around and pass out CDs. So when an artist from Natchez or Gold Coast or Meridian breaks out, they already know exactly what kind of artist they want to be. The grind and the hustle is just so adamant.”

― Big K.R.I.T.

“Miami is always my favorite town to work because it’s a short drive home.”

― Big Show

“You cannot drive the car if you do not have a driver’s license. You cannot do brain surgery if you are not a brain surgeon. You cannot even do a massage if you don’t have a license.”

― Bikram Choudhury

“Everyone should just drive out to the Mojave Desert and just experience it, and it’s a fun place to live.”

― Bill Burr

“To see classic rock, you had to go to an arena. But punk was happening everywhere, even in little towns in the middle of nowhere in Maryland. I’d drive out to places I’d never been, just to go and see it.”

― Bill Callahan

“There are a million tiny weird towns. You never know what you’re going to get into if you drive an hour into the wild.”

― Bill Callahan

“From slavery to segregation, we remember that America did not always live up to its ideals. In fact, we often fell far short of them. But we also learned that fundamental to our national character is the drive to live out the true meaning of our creed.”

― Bill Frist

“Here’s the thing, you just have to drive a lot faster, and if you don’t get there, we’re both fired.”

― Bill Murray

“Single parent situations drive poverty and often lead to unsupervised kids. Many boys growing up without fathers often feel angry and abandoned. Thus, they seek comfort in all the wrong places.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“Drive through a yellow light, and you may be ticketed thanks to a camera tied onto a pole. Everybody’s watching everything. And then sending it out to the world via email.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“In baseball, you can do something poorly and still get credit. A pitcher could throw a bad ball, the batter hit a screaming line drive, and an outfielder make a fantastic diving catch. Yet, when you look at historical databases, 80% of the time when a ball is struck with that trajectory and velocity, it is a hit.”

― Billy Beane

“When I drive into Augusta and down Magnolia Lane, there’s just a spirit and nostalgia about it that you experience nowhere else. Why? Because it’s the same place every year.”

― Billy Casper

“Calm, open debate, and logical thought drive strength to its maximum effectiveness.”

― Billy Corgan

“I don’t have perfect pitch, but I have relative pitch. I’m glad I don’t have perfect pitch because perfect pitch can drive you crazy.”

― Billy Eckstine

“The wussiest thing a guy can do is drive a clean truck. Dents, scratches and mud – that’s manly.”

― Blake Shelton

“I think every cute girl is told to move to L.A. someday. So I do like the drive over from my house to the studio.”

― Blake Shelton

“I’ve been very lucky. I wanted to be an actress, but I didn’t really have the drive to sell myself. Fortunately I had a terrific agent in New York who kept me going from job to job.”

― Blythe Danner

“The Hyperledger Project is gaining traction on a daily basis, displaying how vital this effort is in advancing distributed ledger technology. Uniting the industry to drive this initiative forward is paramount to the success of distributed ledger technology.”

― Blythe Masters

“I don’t want to monitor my audience too closely, as that can really drive you crazy.”

― Bo Burnham

“I’ve taken up golf in the past five or six years, and most of the time there aren’t too many people out there that can drive a ball further than I can.”

― Bo Jackson

“I was born on Wellington Avenue and my family that remains lives in the Lake Shore Drive area.”

― Bob Balaban

“I drive myself to and from work. I love the privacy.”

― Bob Iger

“Everyone wants clean air and clean water, but my hope is that we will not regulate it to the point where we drive businesses and industries out of this country, to the point where entrepreneurs cannot start or expand their businesses because they simply can’t afford to do so.”

― Bob Latta

“I’m glad you can’t talk on your cells while the plane is in the air. That would drive me crazy.”

― Bob Newhart

“I drive a Mustang. A 2005 five-speed GT convertible.”

― Bob Seger

“You drive for show but putt for dough.”

― Bobby Locke

“I never had any initiative or drive to be a success in business.”

― Bobby Riggs

“As a working woman at the height of my career, I know age has only enhanced my professional and personal abilities. It has brought a sense of calm to the drive for success.”

― Bonnie Hammer

“I get to hear the really good or the really bad things in the press, but I don’t read it. I can afford to say that because public opinion does not drive U2’s audience.”

― Bono

“If you’ve never been to Michigan, everyone thinks it’s completely rural. It’s a destination state. You don’t really drive through; you’re going there for a reason.”

― Borns

“Other than Peter Jackson doing ‘Lord of the Rings,’ I don’t get it when filmmakers follow up a movie with a sequel to the same movie. God bless ’em if they can be up for it, but that would drive me insane.”

― Brad Bird

“If the cryptocurrency market overall or a digital asset is solving a problem, it’s going to drive some value.”

― Brad Garlinghouse

“At home, I’m not a rock star. I wear dad-appropriate attire. I drive a truck. And we go out to the mountains to light fires and have barbecues. Even then, The Killers are usually in the back of my mind.”

― Brandon Flowers

“Without social media, I’d probably just be a quirky, amateur photographer with a hard drive full of photos. I’d be cold calling respected publications, begging for a feature.”

― Brandon Stanton

“A surprising number of American skyjackers were not yet old enough to drink or sometimes even drive. These adolescents were generally inept at planning their crimes, and few of their capers met with any success; most seemed to end within moments of starting, usually after a fatherly pilot convinced the nervous teen to hand over his gun.”

― Brendan I. Koerner

“I have no problem with people illegally downloading stuff. I’m not going to drive hard into ‘You should buy my stuff,’ because really, it’s inevitable. If you like a song, you’re going to download it for free. I have no problem with that.”

― Brendon Urie

“’Miss Jackson’ is about something that actually happened to me when I was younger. I hadn’t really talked about it, and I felt that if I didn’t, I would keep thinking about it; it would drive me crazy.”

― Brendon Urie

“I admire Miken’s exceptional engineering capabilities and was drawn to their passion for hockey and drive to be the best in all they do.”

― Brett Hull

“When you drive your car, E = mc2 is at work. As the engine burns gasoline to produce energy in the form of motion, it does so by converting some of the gasoline’s mass into energy, in accord with Einstein’s formula.”

― Brian Greene

“I have my 1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas. I drive it all the time. It’s still the most beautiful shape in the world.”

― Brian Johnson

“Stevie didn’t use the technology to drive the song. He used it to enhance. I use the tools to further my work, I don’t use my work to further the tools.”

― Brian McKnight

“I love meeting fans. The people who are fans of my books are really smart and dedicated, because some independent comics are hard to get. I will drive all the way to Pittsburgh or Detroit to put it in their hands.”

― Brian Michael Bendis

“It’s a little weird: you’re headlining a show on TV, and obviously, people like to associate that with material things. I drive a – what is it – 1999 Chevy Blazer. There’s no more cushion on the driver’s seat, and the tires are about gone.”

― Brian Ortega

“Once I could drive, I spent all my time in the city going to metal shows. I missed the first couple of Metallica shows because I was lame. By the time I got into them, they were playing places like the Kabuki.”

― Brian Posehn

“It’s weird, but Scion is kind of cool. I couldn’t drive one because I’d look like one of those McDonald’s Happy Meal toys with giant heads sticking out the window.”

― Brian Posehn

“My mom loved road trips, and sometimes we’d drive down to North Carolina. Though my parents were separated, she wanted me to stay connected with my dad.”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“I’m not one of those people who thinks they simply deserve success. I have the drive to work.”

― Bridget Moynahan

“The biggest lie in the world is in answer to the question, ‘How are you?’ People usually say, ‘I’m fine,’ but that’s mostly bull. Everyone wants to display being perfect. They tell themselves and their friends, ‘I drive this car, I own this house, I’m fine.’ People ball up into these tight wads of repression.”

― Brittany Howard

“I never had a chance to learn how to drive.”

― Brittany Murphy

“If I’m in Malibu driving up and down Pacific Coast Highway, my ’68 Dodge Charger usually is what I like to drive.”

― Brody Jenner

“My drive comes from my parents and from Westminster.”

― Brooke Baldwin

“I drive a Prius. I always turn my faucets off. I never use plastic bottles anymore. I use glass bottles. I bring my own bags to the grocery store. And I try to use all natural shampoos and facial products.”

― Brooke D’Orsay

“The truth is, I like my body more when it’s thinner. I have a range of jeans, and I’m happier in the smaller ones. But I don’t have the same drive to get into those jeans. I’m not going to change my day to get there, whereas I used to.”

― Brooke Shields

“I want to live a normal life – drive my kids to school, have tons of animals running around, be barefoot and pregnant. I want all that.”

― Brooklyn Decker

“Good plays drive bad playgoers crazy.”

― Brooks Atkinson

“I want to transform state government. What it takes is a strong CEO type… a leader who can drive things.”

― Bruce Rauner

“In my songs, I’m not saying something that’s never been said before. The have lyrics aren’t going to blow people away. It’s the emotion and the melody that drive it home.”

― Bruno Mars

“The basic drive behind real philosophy is curiosity about the world, not interest in the writings of philosophers.”

― Bryan Magee

“If you take any populated place – any major city in America – and drive 45 minutes from that spot directly out of town you’ll be in about as country a place as you’ll ever find.”

― Bubba Sparxxx

“Well, I always had a chauffer, because I have never driven a car in my life. I still can’t drive.”

― Bud Abbott

“Conscience. That stuff can drive you nuts.”

― Budd Schulberg

“Mile tracks put more emphasis on the driver. On the longer tracks, you can drive flat out all the way around, so it’s more of an engineering exercise. On a mile, you can’t run flat out. You’re constantly in traffic, there’s more driver involvement.”

― Buddy Rice

“When I’m a bit sad, I often go for a drive in the country, quite fast with my music up.”

― Calvin Harris

“With humor, it’s so subjective that trying to think of what the ideal reader would think would drive you crazy.”

― Calvin Trillin

“My dad said, ‘Cam, you can make this situation a dream or you can make this situation a nightmare.’ That struck a fire under me. That was my drive.”

― Cam Newton

“I’m just a regular girl who likes to go snowboarding and picks her nose like anybody else. I just like to drive into things and take risks.”

― Cameron Richardson

“I love New York. I can walk half a block and I’m at the grocery store. I don’t have to drive anywhere.”

― Camren Bicondova

“I’m looking into making toilet paper. It’s not an option unless you a bum and gotta use newspaper. It’s not an option. Like, it’s an option if you wanna drive a car. It’s an option if you wanna use a straw. It’s an option if you wanna wear a pair of Nikes or Reeboks.”

― Cam’ron

“I don’t know how to drive.”

― Cardi B

“I had a really nice car. You can drive 103 and it not be dangerous.”

― Carlos Beruff

“I have been recording every single one of my shows since 1994. Every single joke I’ve ever done is on a hard drive. I can tell you when I wrote every joke I wrote. I can tell you the first time I said it, when I made it different, when I made it better.”

― Carlos Mencia

“I don’t drive. I live in L.A., but I take the bus. I know, I’m weird!”

― Carol Ann Susi

“If I talk about something I either talk about it or I DO it… the minute I talk about it it’s lost all it’s drive and all it’s fun.”

― Carol Channing

“Most experts and great leaders agree that leaders are made, not born, and that they are made through their own drive for learning and self-improvement.”

― Carol S. Dweck

“I drive a tiny Toyota iQ. I’m quite frugal and often cut my own hair.”

― Carol Vorderman

“Mum and dad would drive me to the ACT Academy of Sport gym at 5 A.M., sit in the car and read a book, and then drive me to school. I appreciated it when I was younger, but I didn’t really understand how much they were putting into it. Now I look at budgets of $70,000 to compete, and I think, ‘Wow, they’ve put so much into this.’”

― Caroline Buchanan

“My dirty little secret is I don’t drive at all, though I have my license and I renew it every five years. I’m phobic. I keep worrying if I drive, I’ll end up killing someone. I hoped that by writing about a car crash, I might understand and heal this phobia, but I didn’t! I’m still phobic.”

― Caroline Leavitt

“It’s really hard to make a living as an actor. I’m grateful as I drive to work every morning.”

― Carrie-Anne Moss

“I was street smart, but unfortunately the street was Rodeo Drive.”

― Carrie Fisher

“The Cobra is my personal favorite car. The original 289 Cobra is the car I respect the most. I like to drive the 289 better than the 427.”

― Carroll Shelby

“The drive behind what I do is really to make sure that people don’t go to bed hungry. It’s not just that I have a love of diversity, it’s the importance of the uses of that diversity.”

― Cary Fowler

“I like characters that make choices and try to drive their own fate.”

― Cary Fukunaga

“I’m a car singer, in fact sometimes I pretend to take my dog out for a walk, and I’ll just drive him around and start singin’.”

― Casey Abrams

“I don’t like them fellas who drive in two runs and let in three.”

― Casey Stengel

“My dad always said that 90 percent of marital problems could be solved by getting your blood sugar up, and he’s right! So I would say pick a partner who’s forgiving when you have low blood sugar and threaten to drive your car through your shared home.”

― Casey Wilson

“In Britain, it’s almost as if we’re ashamed of having ambition and drive.”

― Cat Deeley

“Oh, I talk about things; I drive my husband insane. And I can’t tell a lie. Everyone knows. I do this smile thing.”

― Cecelia Ahern

“I have no love for the Republicans, but the Democrats drive me absolutely crazy.”

― Cenk Uygur

“I love old cars. They’re hard to maintain – I’ve had a few myself – but great to drive.”

― Chad Michael Murray

“I’m not so keen on letting my car drive itself.”

― Chadwick Boseman

“Sport has given me drive and discipline. It also taught me to remain humble.”

― Charlene, Princess of Monaco

“The Japanese drive on the left side of the road. Most streets literally do not have names.”

― Charles C. Mann

“I’ve done maybe twelve of Shakespeare’s plays. I was with the Royal Shakespeare Company for years. Whatever influence that has never leaves you. If you learn to drive a car, and you learn the right way if there is ever a right way. You learn the good aspects, you learn to drive properly. And that never leaves you.”

― Charles Dance

“Runners are the lowest of the low in film units. They’re paid very, very minimal wages – probably below the national average. And runners are now being asked to drive actors about, as well as their runner duties. It’s kind of the same as taking advantage of nurses – it’s appalling.”

― Charles Dance

“Set out with some definite purpose in life and accomplish that purpose. There is little that the human mind can conceive that is not possible of accomplishment. The thing to do is to make up your mind what you are going to drive for, and let nothing stand in the way of its ultimate accomplishment.”

― Charles M. Schwab

“When you are giving people the gospel, you are giving them something to believe, and you have to set the stage for that. You don’t just drive up and dump the truck and drive off.”

― Charles R. Swindoll

“Feast of the Holy Cross Does not every man feel, that there is corruption enough within him to drive him to the commission of the greatest enormities, and eternally to destroy his soul?”

― Charles Simeon

“I tend to go to bed really early on New Year’s Eve. Then I wake up early, drive up while it’s still dark, and hike out somewhere beautiful to watch the sunrise. I just take a couple hours and have a post-mortem of the year.”

― Charlie Hunnam

“I drive a Range Rover almost every day, but my favorite is my ’69 SS Camaro.”

― Chauncey Billups

“The very first time I got to drive by myself, I took a bunch of my friends to school and was caught by a motorcycle cop going 90 miles an hour on a back street.”

― Cheech Marin

“I drive an S80 Volvo; it’s one of those real flashy cars. No, I just like it because I like a nice, cush ride; the Volvo is really cush, and it’s powerful and fast.”

― Cheech Marin

“Every time I drive into Rio from the airport, I see the city for the first time and think how strange it is.”

― Chico Buarque

“Turning 16 is kind of scary because when you’re 16, you go from being a kid and then you can drive and are more of a young adult in a way.”

― Chloe Grace Moretz

“My dad had this old truck that he used to take on back roads and showed me how to drive when I was nine or ten.”

― Chord Overstreet

“We at BMW do not build cars as consumer objects, just to drive from A to B. We build mobile works of art.”

― Chris Bangle

“I think the key is basically just your determination. As far an artist is concerned, it’s just about your drive and your dream.”

― Chris Brown

“As a leader, you must consistently drive effective communication. Meetings must be deliberate and intentional – your organizational rhythm should value purpose over habit and effectiveness over efficiency.”

― Chris Fussell

“Cops are everywhere in New York City. Cars drive by every few minutes. Uniforms stand nonchalantly at street corners.”

― Chris Gethard

“I want to drive down health care costs.”

― Chris Gibson

“We need legislation that encourages increased competition and tort reform and combats fraud, waste, and abuse. This would drive down health care costs, provide more ‘bottom line’ for our small businesses and lead to more private sector job growth.”

― Chris Gibson

“Too many upstate New Yorkers have to drive 30 minutes or more to see a doctor.”

― Chris Gibson

“I put music on and I drive around town.”

― Chris Isaak

“My advice is: if you’ve got to be miserable to write great music, then drive a truck.”

― Chris Isaak

“Here in L.A., there are a lot of dead spots, and you have to drive to find energy, but all of India is so energetic.”

― Chris Kattan

“Tires were so bald on the truck that the air was showin’ through, and I had to drive fifty miles an hour all the way out there, because the vibration was so bad.”

― Chris LeDoux

“I’m so independent in writing stuff and controlling what I do. Sometimes I get calls from people asking to be in their movie, but I’m always writing or editing, and I can never get around to doing it. I’m so much more interested in my own stuff. I think I drive my agent crazy.”

― Chris Lilley

“What’s monotonous about being an actor and often makes me want to throw in the towel or drive a car off a bridge is the auditioning – the waiting around.”

― Chris Messina

“I think I’m pretty smart on what I spend my money on. I still don’t have a new car, I drive my old car that I’ve had forever. But I bought a house in downtown Chicago.”

― Chris O’Donnell

“I’ve given up my Ferrari – the idea of going through my village in a 488… You can’t drive them on English roads.”

― Chris Rea

“I used to hang out with grandfather all the time because he used to pick me up from school sometimes, or drive me to my mother’s, so I’d be with my grandfather a lot. I used to watch him write his sermons.”

― Chris Rock

“Shakespeare gives you these clues – these little pieces of gold dust, I call them. They tell you so much about the story, the character, the drive, the intentions. It’s like a gift.”

― Christian Camargo

“I love David Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Drive;’ such a wonderful movie.”

― Christian Louboutin

“My parent’s divorce and hard times at school, all those things combined to mold me, to make me grow up quicker. And it gave me the drive to pursue my dreams that I wouldn’t necessarily have had otherwise.”

― Christina Aguilera

“To be honest, the real reason I did ‘Drive’ was because of Nicolas Winding Refn, the director.”

― Christina Hendricks

“Most of my memories are of softball games in Falls Church with my sister, yard sales across town on the weekends with my grandma, grocery-shopping and errand-running with my mom, learning to drive an old Volkswagen bug down Old Keene Mill Road with my dad.”

― Christina Tosi

“Consensus doesn’t happen by magic… You have to drive to it.”

― Christine Quinn

“You know it’s important to have a Jeep in Los Angeles. That front wheel drive is crucial when it starts to snow on Rodeo Drive.”

― Christopher Guest

“My favourite country is Finland because once you get to a certain point, you can drive for hours without seeing a single person. I love peace and quiet – something I don’t get very often.”

― Christopher Lee

“There are certain things producers ask you to do, and when I was starting out, I said yes to everything. I was asked, for ‘Quo Vadis,’ to drive a chariot. I said, ‘Oh yes. I’m licenced for all vehicles.’ Two days later, I was sitting in this dustbin with two very aggressive horses. I didn’t stay in it for long.”

― Christopher Lee

“I quit comics in 1988 and trained as a bus driver. I used to drive those big Greyhound coaches out of New York Port Authority and down to Princeton, New Jersey. It was, hands down, the best job I ever had, and I profoundly regret having left it. I kept that job the entire time I was on staff at DC Comics in the ’90s.”

― Christopher Priest

“I’ve always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is that you want to accomplish.”

― Chuck Norris

“I have so much respect for athletes like LeBron James. I get motivation from them because I know how many hours they put into it. It takes a lot of hard work and drive.”

― Ciara

“I was very driven to act from a very young age, and my parents were not only tolerant of that drive but also encouraging.”

― Claire Danes

“The parents of teenagers would love to have a car that won’t go very far or go very fast. They could just cruise around the neighborhood, drive it to school, see their friends, plug it in overnight.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“My experiences have shown me that when an opportunity bigger than you comes along and you feel unprepared and doubtful, it is important to permit those emotions and let that energy drive you and inspire you to move forward.”

― Clemantine Wamariya

“Everyone in Tel Aviv knows Yosl Bergner. In 2006, the mayor made him a Freeman of the City. Now he carries a card which allows him to park his car anywhere with impunity. If only he could drive.”

― Clive Sinclair

“I would drive down in my Volkswagen Jetta to Los Angeles and just audition, audition, audition, audition, and hopefully get something. I did that for two years, and the third year I came down, I auditioned for ‘How I Met Your Mother.’”

― Cobie Smulders

“I haven’t really had any experiences, as far as having paparazzi sit outside of my house or following me around on the street. But, I actually don’t really go to places where they do that, unless they knew where I lived or what kind of car I drive.”

― Cole Hauser

“I like to go for a little drive up the California coast.”

― Colin Farrell

“I’m of that subset of native New Yorkers who can’t drive.”

― Colson Whitehead

“If you think about the concept of reincarnation, it’s essentially uploading yourself and your spirit into a new form, a new hard drive as it were.”

― Conor Oberst

“The mountains seem to have conquered us long before we set foot on them, and they will remain long after our brief existence. This indomitable force of the mountains gives us humans a blank canvas on which to paint the drive of discovery and, in the process, test the limits of human performance.”

― Conrad Anker

“The first ascent of Everest came at a time when humanity needed relief from two world wars. It was a unifying and inspiring event, signifying the drive to reach our greatest potential.”

― Conrad Anker

“Nineties music was what I grew up with, and I want to make music that’s soulful but that you can also dance and drive to.”

― Conrad Sewell

“There’s this artistic drive or something in me that impels me to sympathize with villains, but it’s maybe not a great impulse as someone who wants to do activism as well.”

― ContraPoints

“I don’t drive for pleasure. It’s purely to get from A to B.”

― Cornelia Parker

“I just know that I’m innovative. I’m a quick thinker… In Washington, I just want to be a senator who finds a way to drive change and not figure out a way to conform.”

― Cory Booker

“Really, anyone can learn how to fly. If you can drive a bus, you can fly an airplane.”

― Cory Lidle

“When I try to be funny, it always makes me more nervous that I’m trying too hard, and then my brain that already thinks too much jumps into hyper drive, and I light-speed start talking ‘Star Trek’ to someone who’s talking ‘Star Wars.’ Anyway, it doesn’t work out usually when I ‘try’ to be funny.”

― Coy Bowles

“You have to have those times when your hunger and drive is in a different place because you’re under pressure to have success.”

― Craig David

“I’m hoping that word-of-mouth on the film – people seeing it and liking it – that that will drive more people to the theaters, because I haven’t seen the billboards or the posters or anything.”

― Craig McCracken

“In 1974 when I was 22 years old, I was working for $95 a week at WSPB, which was an Atlanta Braves-affiliated AM radio station in Sarasota, Florida. Fresh out of Northwestern University, I was the news director at the station, and my main bread and butter was to handle updates during the morning and afternoon drive times.”

― Craig Sager

“I really want to drive a Porsche GT1 car – also a McLaren, if I could fit. I want to do LeMans badly. I want to do Spa, a European series with World SportsCars.”

― Craig T. Nelson

“More often than not, what you open, unwrap and install on your hard drive is not what you were told you were getting.”

― Curt Schilling

“Humans live a lot longer than dogs, and we don’t suffer any penalty that I can see. We’re superior in almost every way – they can smell better. But really, they can’t drive cars, they can’t do half the things we can. I don’t understand why you can’t live longer and be really fit.”

― Cynthia Kenyon

“It’s typical for people living in nonurban areas to drive 100 miles to go to work, to the grocery store or to the doctor.”

― Cynthia Lummis

“I can’t be calm when I drive through sections of Atlanta that look more like Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, than America.”

― Cynthia McKinney

“I have so much drive and passion for this industry and the creative arts, and I want other kids to have that kind of drive, and to have a fire in their belly for whatever industry that they want to get into.”

― Dacre Montgomery

“I will never have a sip of alcohol and get behind the wheel again. Regardless if I’m 300% sure that I just had a sip and I can drive. It doesn’t matter.”

― Dak Prescott

“We put more emphasis on who can drive a car than on who can be a parent. And I think there ought to be mandatory parenting classes starting in high school, and you should have to have a license to be able to be a parent to explain that you don’t give alcohol to kids.”

― Dale Archer

“Man, I was a troubled kid. I was going to get kicked out of a Christian school and got sent to military school for a year and a half, and I didn’t really have much direction until I got the opportunity to drive race cars.”

― Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“If you have the same drive and passions that everybody else has – for example, if you’re trying to do the right thing for your family and do the right thing for people you employ – then you can be forgiven quite a lot.”

― Damian Lewis

“I am surprised people took so long to pick up on the fact that my contract expires at the end of this year. Eddie has to decide who he wants to drive, so there is no secret anywhere. I am not concerned. It does not sit with my objectives to be competitive.”

― Damon Hill

“My kids have a competitive drive I never had growing up.”

― Damon Wayans

“Devo and The Cramps didn’t get big until they went to New York City. Chrissie Hynde didn’t get big until she moved to London. When I was growing up, there wasn’t even a place to play – just one little bar. If we wanted to have a gig, then we had to drive 45 minutes up to Cleveland.”

― Dan Auerbach

“Our entire franchise has done everything in its power to put all of our players and its coaching staff in the best possible position to execute when it counts. And to deliver to the highly supportive fans of Cleveland a proud, intense, impassioned, all-out drive to achieve a championship.”

― Dan Gilbert

“In Los Angeles, you drive around, and you’re coming back from a club or something, and all of a sudden, you’ll encounter a coyote. And they’re very lean, hungry-looking animals.”

― Dan Gilroy

“’To Die For,’ with Nicole Kidman, is great – her desire to be a part of news, how she uses news to further her career and how it can drive you insane. I love that movie.”

― Dan Gilroy

“A number of years ago, I found a book of photography by Weegee; he was a crime photographer in the 1930s in New York. He was the first person to put a police scanner in a car and drive around.”

― Dan Gilroy

“The guys that have that drive, that work ethic, make it farther and farther.”

― Dan Gronkowski

“I cannot emphasize just how dangerous it is cycling in the city. Especially now. Even though it is against the law to do this, you’ll see people texting while they drive.”

― Dan Hill

“You can’t have a U.S. Open anymore without an extra course to store all the hospitality tents. I used to be able to drive up to the clubhouse and park like the players. Now, there are seven corporate hospitality guys who have my spot, and I’m on a bus.”

― Dan Jenkins

“The term we use on our team is ‘reset’: when you go through, whether it’s a negative play or a negative drive, and you get your next opportunity – not focusing on the past, but going back into your attack mode.”

― Dan Quinn

“We believe digital payments are making financial services more universally affordable, accessible and, therefore, have the opportunity to drive financial inclusion and financial health for billions worldwide.”

― Dan Schulman

“I love to drive in the Black Hills of Wyoming and South Dakota with Mount Rushmore as the central stop.”

― Dana Perino

“In the Lamborghini I have to avoid certain roads because of pot holes, and there’s nowhere to put my drink, no cup holder. And I’m not going to lie, it looks pretentious. I used to think it was cool to, like, drive it to dinner. Now? Like I really need to be looked at any more.”

― Danica Patrick

“I’ve been fortunate Daytona is a place I’ve run better than anywhere else, and that’s a big race. Maybe it has to do with attention and pressure and the drive to do well when a lot of people are watching.”

― Danica Patrick

“I love to drive, especially on tracks, where I go a lot faster.”

― Daniel Boulud

“I’m letting competition drive me, and when competition drives me, I don’t think anyone can compete with me.”

― Daniel Cormier

“I consciously think about the ethnicity of every character that I create and cast. But one thing that is equally important is quality representation. It’s not enough to put an African-American in there, a female in there, a gay character in there: How significant is their contribution? Can they drive the story?”

― Daniel Dae Kim

“In a high-IQ job pool, soft skills like discipline, drive and empathy mark those who emerge as outstanding.”

― Daniel Goleman

“I don’t think it’s a Western thing to really talk about intrinsic motivation and the drive for autonomy, mastery and purpose. You have to not be struggling for survival. For people who don’t know where their next meal is coming, notions of finding inner motivation are comical.”

― Daniel H. Pink

“Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology. The fog of information can drive out knowledge.”

― Daniel J. Boorstin

“To get the Red Bull junior drive was like a massive pressure off… I didn’t have to go around asking Mum and Dad to sell their house or ask friends for funding. The instant feeling was, ‘Oh wow, amazing.’”

― Daniel Ricciardo

“In World Series, everything is a bit slower than F1. But each time I sit in the car, whether it is World Series or F1, once I am in the cockpit, I am mentally prepared for what the car is. I don’t have to physically drive it to remember what it is doing.”

― Daniel Ricciardo

“I used to go to work with Dad on the weekend. We’d drive past an indoor go-kart track every now and then, and we went there a few times. I was never tall enough, so I always left upset. I think I was seven when I was the right height, and I was like, ‘Please let me have a go.’ It was love at first sight.”

― Daniel Ricciardo

“None of my family is in the industry. But I watched movies like an insane person when I was a child. I used to make my dad stop at the video store every time we drove past it, and you had to drive past the video store to get to our house.”

― Danielle Macdonald

“We need a government, not politics. Because there’s too much politics. Of course there should be debate. But there seems to be so much pettiness and not enough good faith. It is civilized to agree to disagree, and this idea is slowly disintegrating. The great statesmen of the past knew this, and I think it helps drive civilization.”

― Daphne Guinness

“Classical scores go up and down; they’re kind of hysterical in a way. And movie scores are much more – they just drive and move forward, and they build and can’t go up and down at that same speed. It’s a big job to turn that into something that pushes the movie along.”

― Darren Aronofsky

“Some people record onto tape, and then they pay for the tape, and download those onto a hard drive. Initially in a Pro Tools program. Other people go straight into digital, and use no tape at all.”

― Dave Grohl

“It’s not about composition. It’s the way you feel about how your objects should relate to each other. I’ve got lots of African statues and things, and the cleaner arranges them like soldiers, which drives me mad. So I have to rearrange them, and I must drive her mad, because I’m doing anarchy and she’s doing military manoeuvres.”

― David Bailey

“I would drive to gigs in my tiny little Fiat. I would shoot up and down the M1 to play at various places.”

― David Bowie

“It is vital that we get these policies right as we take forward our plans to drive down the deficit and transform our economy.”

― David Cameron

“I want completing the single market to be our driving mission. I want us to be at the forefront of transformative trade deals with the US, Japan and India as part of the drive towards global free trade. And I want us to be pushing to exempt Europe’s smallest entrepreneurial companies from more EU directives.”

― David Cameron

“I think motivation and drive, coupled with raw talent, help make founders successful.”

― David Cohen

“I drive an electric car.”

― David Duchovny

“I drive every day. I like to gamble.”

― David Edwards

“One could drive a prairie schooner through any part of his argument and never scrape against a fact.”

― David F. Houston

“Open is something, I think, that will continue to drive a lot of innovation.”

― David Filo

“I think my father would have liked to have been an artist, actually. But I think he didn’t quite have perhaps the drive or, I don’t know, I mean he had a family to bring up I suppose.”

― David Hockney

“As long as anger, paranoia and misinformation drive our political debate, there are unhinged souls among us who will feel justified in turning to violent remedies for imagined threats.”

― David Horsey

“Sometimes James Bond movies drive me crazy. They’re fun to watch, but they don’t have anything to do at all with what intelligence officers really do.”

― David Ignatius

“Affairs of state tend to drive most presidents toward the center on both foreign and domestic policy, no matter where on the political spectrum they begin, and especially so in the areas of intelligence and law enforcement.”

― David K. Shipler

“Now I’m having to live with sales of around 50,000 per album – but I’m pretty content with my place in the general scheme of things, even if it’s meant I don’t drive a fancy car and can’t afford grand vacations.”

― David Knopfler

“I learnt to drive at around eleven years old. In an old jeep on a field in Colorado. There were lots of ditches. I could barely see over the steering wheel.”

― David Lauren

“We believe in cures; we’re a quick-fix country, and we drive forward, and we eat up what we have extremely fast in terms of natural resources and also ideas and intellectual property. We’re kind of wilfully stupid a lot of the time, anti-intellectual.”

― David Means

“Part of the problem when I was doing ‘How I Learned to Drive’ is I would see my kids one night a week for six months, and that was just too hard. We moved to Philadelphia after we lost our house in the earthquake, the ’94 Northridge earthquake.”

― David Morse

“We need to learn from our experiences and take responsibilities for our actions and drive on.”

― David Petraeus

“It’s a beautiful drive across the United States. It’s so interesting. I’m a proud Canadian, and there are so many beautiful parts of Canada, but the United States also has incredible diversity in its landscape.”

― David Sutcliffe

“With our lives and food chain set up to make us fat – I mean, you can’t drive down any highway in America and find a grapefruit – a guy needs to be smarter and more determined to get lean.”

― David Zinczenko

“If I drive myself to the brink of my ability, then I don’t get stale or bored.”

― Dean Koontz

“If you drink don’t drive. Don’t even putt.”

― Dean Martin

“One of the reasons I’m excited by what visionary Elon Musk has done with the Tesla is to show that you can reduce global warming and drive a powerful, fun car. A cool car helps make a cooler planet.”

― Dean Ornish

“It’s easy enough to foist your music collection on your kids. Lectures are not required; you just play the stuff while they are prisoner in the back seat on a long drive, or softly in the background while eating dinner.”

― Dean Wareham

“I’ve never wanted to be the ingenue. Now that I’m getting into my forties, I think my time as a woman has arrived; I think I might have a new moment in my career. I have that drive left – just for a little while.”

― Debi Mazar

“Palin was a political Hail Mary, a long bomb in the closing minutes of a game that John McCain and Co. were certain to lose. They didn’t care if she had the policy or political or emotional capacity to serve as vice president, let alone president. They were willing to drive the country off a cliff, if that’s what it took to win.”

― Dee Dee Myers

“If I’m president, there are going to be government vans that drive around and pick up people who shouldn’t be wearing certain clothing. Talk about lack of civil rights – I’m sorry, I’m pulling you right off the street, and we’re giving you clothes that you’re going to be O.K. in.”

― Denis Leary

“Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.”

― Denis Waitley

“In my drive to be the perfect artist, I’ve left a lot of living to the side.”

― Dennis Christopher

“What is guilt? Guilt is the pledge drive constantly hammering in our heads that keeps us from fully enjoying the show. Guilt is the reason they put the articles in Playboy.”

― Dennis Miller

“We know our future’s not guaranteed, so every day, we have to relentlessly pursue additional actions to drive our competitiveness.”

― Dennis Muilenburg

“I found golf late in life, in 1990. I took some lessons and struggled. Then one day, I hit a drive that was so crisp and clean, with no vibration. There’s no feeling like it. I was hooked.”

― Dennis Quaid

“My older brother gave me a cassette tape of Mr. Bungle, and I couldn’t stop listening to it. I used to drive around Colorado in a Mustang II – it was when they got away from the muscle-car Mustangs, so it was sort of old lady. I couldn’t go above 45 mph in that car, but I would drive around listening to Mr. Bungle.”

― Derek Cianfrance

“I am an all-around player. I’m like LeBron James. I can drive, I can shoot, I can pull up. To be honest, you can’t game-plan against me.”

― Deshaun Watson

“I do identify with St. Patrick, not just in name. He drove the snakes out of Ireland. I intend to drive the snakes out of the State House.”

― Deval Patrick

“I had professional stunt racers teaching me how to drive.”

― Devon Aoki

“There’s something undeniably oxymoronic about a ‘successful’ rock n’ roll band. Who wants to hear a bunch of success stories whining about their success? More importantly, what can be the drive behind a band, what can they have to rage against when they are successes? That’s a dichotomy every successful band wrestles with.”

― Dexter Holland

“I just go about my life. I’m a mom, I drive an SUV, I go to the grocery store every day. I’m definitely not a celebrity. I always say that I’m a celebrity-adjacent.”

― Diablo Cody

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hop in my car and drive home after rehearsal.”

― Diana DeGarmo

“Whenever anything bubbles up, I have to put it down. I have bits and pieces all over my hard drive.”

― Diana Gabaldon

“When you drive by Radio City and you see your name up there and it’s only ‘your’ name. I just went ‘ooh’. I thought this is really like looking at another person.”

― Diana Krall

“It’s nice to have a pause to parent and to be more present at home, teaching them how to drive cars and navigate boys and all this sort of thing.”

― Diane Lane

“I never had a lot of drive, but because I had family responsibilities, I had a lot of tenacity – the tenacity of a drowning man.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“I think about me and my dad taking a road trip from Phoenix to Nashville when I was 19. He’s no longer here with me, but I still drive that same 1994 Chevy truck. I never have bought a new car.”

― Dierks Bentley

“Analysts estimate that emerging markets are expected to drive 90 percent of the world’s pharmaceutical market growth, and differentiated products will be important to this growth.”

― Dilip Shanghvi

“Over the years, I pride myself on being more than just a spot-up shooter. I’ve gotta put the ball on the floor. I’ve got to post up and drive the ball from the perimeter and get to the basket – all the stuff I was actually doing that helped us win the championship.”

― Dirk Nowitzki

“My dad never really played basketball, but now he’s my biggest critic. I come home, and he says: ‘Why didn’t you shoot there? Why didn’t you drive?’”

― Dirk Nowitzki

“What’s amazing is – I actually have problems getting it into my head – Canada is so big, right? And Ireland’s small, you know; you drive from coast to coast in three hours.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“The guys that drive Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentley GTs, it’s because they want to flaunt the fancy car and get the girls and stuff.”

― Dominick Cruz

“I fight to drive my percentages through the roof for winning and lower my percentage by taking the least amount of damage and least amount of hits.”

― Dominick Cruz

“At five years old, I became the man of the house. When he left, my dad let me know that. It put a certain drive in me that I can’t explain.”

― Dominick Cruz

“I used to drive up and down Pacific Coast Highway in this black Porsche, and I had seen a couple of accidents on the highway involving Porsches. I realized if you’re in any kind of head on accident in one of those cars, they’re going to get you out of it with a can opener, one of those Jaws of Life.”

― Don Felder

“I still have drive, but everything is relative.”

― Don Rickles

“I grew up in Queens, and on Sunday evenings, my parents would drive my brother and me past the factory. We could smell the week’s supply of bread baking. I always connected the 59th Street Bridge with that scent. Who woulda thunk, years later, I’d be there, directing and producing a hit TV show?”

― Don Scardino

“Sometimes legends find themselves remembered more for what they have not done than for their accomplishments. But those resume gaps can also help drive them to achieve even greater things in new arenas.”

― Don Yaeger

“I think that the first men to land on Pluto are going to make some very astonishing discoveries. But I am also sure that they will never go there in rockets. They will have to make the immense trip by some more powerful means – like the anti-gravitational drive.”

― Donald A. Wollheim

“Why not drive a snowmobile? I own an Artic Cat. We bought them because we enjoy doing things like that. I enjoy doing fun things, and that’s definitely one of the things.”

― Donald Cerrone

“In December of 1952, my first wife, Kirby, and I left Vienna to drive through the Russian sector of Austria into Yugoslavia.”

― Donald Hall

“Think ahead. Don’t let day-to-day operations drive out planning.”

― Donald Rumsfeld

“I’m pretty certain that I’m the only son of a billionaire who can drive a D10 Caterpillar better than I can drive a golf cart.”

― Donald Trump, Jr.

“I think I was born with the drive for success because I have a certain gene.”

― Donald Trump

“We need to drive down requirements for the schools. In the 19th century, we increased the quality of the schools by higher education saying, ‘You can’t come in unless you have these skills, unless you’ve taken these courses.’ We did that in Wisconsin when I was there, it helped to transform the secondary school system.”

― Donna Shalala

“In sports, big names and celebrities drive events, and that’s what people gravitate to.”

― Donovan Bailey

“If you want to know why all writers are a little crazy read ‘The Midnight Disease’ by Alice W. Flaherty. She talks about the drive to write, writer’s block, and the creative brain. I know what’s wrong with me!”

― Dorothea Benton Frank

“I’d heard Joyce Grenfell on the radio, and when Mum gave me a book of her comic routines, I just loved it. Me and my sister shared a bedroom, and every night I’d drive her mad with my version of ‘George, Don’t Do That’ about people we knew at school.”

― Dorothy Atkinson

“To me I don’t deal with stress well at all, and it is stressful enough for me to deal with my own one character. So if I had to deal with all the characters and the special effects, and the editing and make the writing tweaks and do everything the director does, that would drive me to an early grave, and I just can’t do it.”

― Doug Jones

“The usual method of finding a little dongly thing that actually matches a gizmo I want to use is to go and buy another one, at a price that can physically drive the air from your body.”

― Douglas Adams

“If God drives a car, He’d drive a 1973 Ford LTD Brougham sedan with a claret-colored vinyl roof, with oxblood leather upholstery and an opera window.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Drive slow and enjoy the scenery – drive fast and join the scenery.”

― Douglas Horton

“No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys.”

― Douglas Horton

“Why is Caterpillar bad if we create a new job in India or China to receive U.S. exports? It makes no sense to me. We want to drive all the exports we can from the United States. We want to concentrate on all those consumers, outside contractors, customers outside the United States that we possibly can.”

― Douglas R. Oberhelman

“What’s it like to envision the ten-thousand-year environmental impact of tossing a plastic bottle into the trash bin, all in the single second it takes to actually toss it? Or the ten-thousand-year history of the fossil fuel being burned to drive to work or iron a shirt? It may be environmentally progressive, but it’s not altogether pleasant.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“When I have to do something fast, I wear the most unflattering rubber pants over my pants and a big easy sweater. I can get on my knees in the garden in whatever condition, and when I’m done, I can take it off, get in the car, and drive to the office. It’s the most practical thing.”

― Dries van Noten

“Whether you’re driving it short or you drive it far, you got to be in the fairway because the rough’s brutal, and if you get out of the rough into some of these bunkers, you can get some funky lies.”

― Dustin Johnson

“I think every part of your game, on this golf course, needs to be good. You’ve got to hit every club in the bag. You need to drive it well, hit your irons well, and always, if you want to have a chance to win a Major, then you’ve got to putt it well.”

― Dustin Johnson

“With drive and a bit of talent, you can move mountains. I know. I’ve done it.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“What I like to do is get the family in the pick-up truck… and then we just go for a drive. That’s it!”

― Dwayne Johnson

“Man, anytime the ball goes through the basket. It doesn’t matter if it’s a jumper or a drive. Any time the ball goes through the basket, and it’s going through consistently, it’s demoralizing for any opponent.”

― Dwyane Wade

“I wanted to show off – a simple impulse or drive; in much the same way as some kids wanted to play football, I wanted to show off. Not complicated in that sense, very natural; it just depends on how you want to show off.”

― Dylan Moran

“To most boys with growing limbs and swelling sinews, physical activity is a natural instinct, and there is no need to drive them into the football field or the fives court: they go there because they like it, and there is no need to make games compulsory for them.”

― E. F. Benson

“When, who, and what things happen to becomes meaningful, then what happens starts to matter, and play can evoke strong emotions, fierce and ongoing urges to succeed, and a desire to leave a mark, drive meaningful change, or build lasting institutions.”

― Ed Greenwood

“I prefer to underplay scenes rather than, you know, be big and drive them. And sometimes you have to do that, but I like the more natural styles.”

― Ed O’Neill

“But once you’ve made a song and you put it out there, you don’t own it anymore. The public own it. It’s their song. It might be their song that they wake up to, or their song they have a shower to, or their song that they drive home to or their song they cry to, scream to, have babies to, have weddings to – like, it isn’t your song anymore.”

― Ed Sheeran

“My dad supported me by working extra hours and giving me a little bit of extra money. He bought my camper van for me so I could go into Europe and drive from competition to competition.”

― Eddie the Eagle

“I own three homes. I drive a Jeep. I’m cool with that.”

― Edge

“But i think it would drive me more crazy to just go do a movie that I didn’t believe in, you know?”

― Edward Furlong

“I love to drive. It’s one of the most pleasurable things to me.”

― Edward James Olmos

“I was attracted to the concept of Hollywood and the lifestyle here. But I’ve grown to mistrust it because it has changed. I didn’t bargain for digital access parking in some concrete structure. Real heaven for me was to drive somewhere and park right in front. Now the city is going vertical.”

― Edward Ruscha

“When I drive, I check out everything I see, and just taking in all those observations helps me think. So I draw and write a lot as I drive, and I know that’s dangerous, but I manage to do it off to the side, with my notes on the seat.”

― Edward Ruscha

“Bobsled boils down to three things – your equipment, start, and drive. To win the Olympics requires all three.”

― Elana Meyers

“In high school, I would drive my teachers batty. They would make a statement, and I would say, ‘Why is that?’ They didn’t want to be questioned.”

― Eli Broad

“I can cook a good soup from scratch, this is true, and I do know how to drive a stick shift.”

― Elin Hilderbrand

“At the Human Rights Foundation, I love being able to drive an interview and value-connecting with someone I’m interviewing so that they feel comfortable enough to open up and share their story with me.”

― Elizabeth Chambers

“While I’ve written in the POV (point of view) of adolescent characters before… I never have had to create novels in which those characters not only drive the plot, but also are instrumental in resolving whatever issue the plot deals with.”

― Elizabeth George

“I think the things about being with someone and knowing someone so well is that the things you love about them, you always will. The things that drive you crazy will always drive you crazy about them.”

― Elizabeth Rodriguez

“We all have mental models: the lens through which we see the world that drive our responses to everything we experience. Being aware of your mental models is key to being objective.”

― Elizabeth Thornton

“Sometimes our childhood experiences are emotionally intense, which can create strong mental models. These experiences and our assumptions about them are then reinforced in our memory and can continue to drive our behavior as adults.”

― Elizabeth Thornton

“I’m a huge Springsteen fan, and yet if either he or Bob Dylan had to be erased from the world’s hard drive, I would save Bob Dylan’s work for sure – he’s the greater talent, and by leaps and bounds and skyscrapers and rocket blasts. But Bob Dylan is an alien to his public.”

― Elizabeth Wurtzel

“I do have fun writing, and a long time ago, I told myself, ‘You got to have fun at this, or it’ll drive you nuts.’”

― Elmore Leonard

“If we drive down the cost of transportation in space, we can do great things.”

― Elon Musk

“I drive a Nissan Versa and would never spend real money on a car because I destroy things.”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“It’s absurd to think that desire for attention doesn’t drive both women and men. Why are women scrutinized for it more, then?”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“Learning how to drive was a scary thing.”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“If I want to know how to do a black cat eye, I don’t drive to a department store. I’ll go on YouTube, cross-check reviews of a product, and then maybe talk about it on Instagram.”

― Emily Weiss

“I’ve got a Range Rover and a little Mercedes. I normally drive my Range Rover because I feel like a monster in it. Nobody messes with me.”

― Emma Bunton

“I can’t listen to anything when I write, not even the TV. I do have to listen to music when I drive, though.”

― Emma McLaughlin

“I like to go to parties if I know who’s going to be there, and if it’s people I want to be with. I don’t just go to go. And I always drive myself, because I hate being stuck places – there’s nothing worse that going out and then being stuck!”

― Emma Roberts

“I always have a drive to take me forward offensively, regardless of what position I am playing.”

― Emre Can

“My genuine belief is that if we can get through the eurozone crisis from a political point of view, we’ve got a lot of engines that can drive our economy, that will restore confidence and get us moving on.”

― Enda Kenny

“I now know what to do; I know how decisions can be made. I know how you can drive ministers and their departments to actually make decisions and bring results.”

― Enda Kenny

“I am proud that Ireland is playing its part to drive an ambitious and comprehensive agreement at COP21.”

― Enda Kenny

“The E.U. needs renewal, and we need a strong U.K. at the table to help to drive the reform agenda that can help the union regain competitiveness and growth.”

― Enda Kenny

“As I can testify, living in a foreign country takes you way out of your comfort zone. It’s the little things, like ordering food in a different language, buying petrol or learning to drive on the other side of the road, but they all add up to making you a more rounded, educated person.”

― Eniola Aluko

“The fact is I don’t drive just to get from A to B. I enjoy feeling the car’s reactions, becoming part of it.”

― Enzo Ferrari

“L.A. is a great city to get lost in. The best thing to do is to drive in any direction, find a strip mall, and go from one store to the next. I guarantee you will see a collision of cultures you never imagined.”

― Eric Garcetti

“I think that what I’m doing is right. And election-year politics, which intensifies everything, is not going to drive me off that course.”

― Eric Holder

“My faith is ultimately what led me to start protesting and it’s what continues to drive me.”

― Eric Reid

“McDonald’s revolutionized fast food. They introduced a way to eat food without knives, forks or plates. Most fast foods can be eaten while steering the wheel of a car and the restaurants are usually drive through.”

― Eric Schlosser

“Your car should drive itself. It’s amazing to me that we let humans drive cars… It’s a bug that cars were invented before computers.”

― Eric Schmidt

“Remember, when you go to YouTube, you do a search. When you go to Google, you do a search. As we get the search integrated between YouTube and Google, which we’re working on, it will drive a lot of traffic into both places. So the trick, overall, is generating more searches, more uses of Google.”

― Eric Schmidt

“Electricity is an example of a general purpose technology, like the steam engine before it. General purpose technologies drive most economic growth, because they unleash cascades of complementary innovations, like lightbulbs and, yes, factory redesign.”

― Erik Brynjolfsson

“And at five o’clock in the morning we left to drive to Old Tucson, and I sat with my mouth open in the van. I was stunned by the beauty of that country.”

― Erika Slezak

“Top performers in their fields such as Debbie Moore, Jean-Christophe Novelli, Deborah Meaden and Jo Malone, did not go to university and are just a handful of the individuals who show that with drive and determination, you can succeed by treading your own path.”

― Esther McVey

“War is party-blind. It doesn’t care who is in the Oval Office. The forces that drive us to war don’t care whether it’s Republican, Democrat, or other. The fact is, these parties are prey to special interests. That is something Eisenhower was afraid of.”

― Eugene Jarecki

“Britain, however, has ended up specializing in the ones you don’t see as much of: defense aerospace, making drive shafts for cars, pills and drugs, designing chips that go into 94 percent of the world’s mobile phones.”

― Evan Davis

“For all that we can see from the road in China, there is a lot that we cannot see. We miss what’s behind the trees, the cover-ups, the darker side of things – the ingredients that so often drive a reporting trip.”

― Evan Osnos

“In Beijing, the joke among hacks is that, after the drive in from the airport, you are ready to write a column; after a month, you feel the stirrings of an idea-book; but after a year, you struggle to write anything at all, because you’ve finally discovered just how much you don’t know.”

― Evan Osnos

“Rush Limbaugh is good for the party. Drive it all the way down, take it down as low as it can go, make complete fools of themselves, because it’s always darkest before the dawn, and then maybe a moderate can come in and rescue them.”

― Evan Thomas

“I know guys in my hometown that drive by feel and sound.”

― Evel Knievel

“There is no doubt that the Internet brims with spamming, scamming and identity fraud. Having someone wipe out your hard drive or bank account has never been easier, and the tools for committing electronic mischief on your enemies are cheap and widely accessible.”

― Evgeny Morozov

“If you’re suddenly doing something you don’t want to do for four years, just so you’ve got something to fall back on, by the time you come out you don’t have that 16-year-old drive any more and you’ll spend your life doing something you never wanted to do in the first place.”

― Ewan McGregor

“Ferraris always have problems. You can’t drive them every day.”

― Fabio Lanzoni

“By taking the time to learn how to blog properly, you’ll be doing your business an incredible favor, as you will be able to drive a lot of business to your website for your blog.”

― Fabrizio Moreira

“Buenos Aires is less than an hour’s drive from the ranch, and in the evening, we might meet friends for dinner there. I get recognised a bit, but I’m lucky that polo isn’t as popular as other sports.”

― Facundo Pieres

“Fossil fuel subsidies are a hand brake as we drive along the road to a sustainable energy future.”

― Fatih Birol

“Yes, we have prototyped cars that can drive by themselves, but without smart vision, they cannot really tell the difference between a crumpled paper bag on the road, which can be run over, and a rock that size, which should be avoided.”

― Fei-Fei Li

“When I was young, I would drive so fast. Now I see it a different way.”

― Fernandinho

“I have a driver’s licence, but the truth is that I hardly ever drive. I prefer to get around by taxi.”

― Ferran Adria

“I’m just a black hole for stuff. No one should ever hand me anything, because I get so easily distracted. I’ll be like, ‘Oh, look, something shiny!’ I’m glad I never learned how to drive. I would be really dangerous.”

― Florence Welch

“I made music with my friend, who we called Isabella Machine to which I was Florence Robot. When I was about an hour away from my first gig, I still didn’t have a name, so I thought ‘Okay, I’ll be Florence Robot/Isa Machine’, before realising that name was so long it’d drive me mad.”

― Florence Welch

“I could do another tour, make a record that’s very similar, do similar venues. Or I could make a different record, do different venues, and grow. It’s exciting to take it to new places, but it’s never been my intent to be the biggest thing in the world. That’s not what my drive is. I want to make what I want to make, and make a living off it.”

― Flume

“Our leaders must hear us speaking on behalf of our brothers and sisters in South Sudan. If the moral duty to save lives and work toward peace is not compelling enough to drive decision-makers, we must remind them that we care and will hold them accountable.”

― Forest Whitaker

“Instead of hazarding our future on the dirty fuels of the past, let’s invest in clean power that can drive this country forward. Let’s cut energy waste, make our economy the world’s most efficient, and give our workers a leg up in the global marketplace.”

― Frances Beinecke

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”

― Francis of Assisi

“I think that in France, we really admire American films, we admire their drive, we admire the modernity and ellipsism in the film and the writing and the style of acting, and we look at them perhaps in a way to see what we can steal from them, too, to make our own films more modern.”

― Francois Cluzet

“I don’t want to drive the markets crazy. I don’t want to create trouble, but rather order and rules and norms. We have to struggle against financial excesses, those who speculate with sovereign debt, those who develop financial products which have done so much harm.”

― Francois Hollande

“I like shocking, but I don’t like to shock as an automatic process. Sometimes it happens, but it’s not my main drive.”

― Francois Nars

“I drive a lot. Just for pleasure. Sometimes I’ll get in the Cadillac and drive around the city or the country, kind of trying to get lost basically. Y’know, just see where roads lead.”

― Frank Black

“I don’t drive.”

― Frank Dillane

“People at .08 are too impaired to drive. Studies show that at .08, the ability to perform critical driving functions is decreased by as much as 60 percent.”

― Frank Lautenberg

“Male chimpanzees have an extraordinarily strong drive for dominance. They’re constantly jockeying for position.”

― Frans de Waal

“Tech can help population health, make health more accessible, more affordable. Tech can also get people get more included in the economy and contribute and drive growth, and growth and wealth are great contributors to a safer world.”

― Frans van Houten

“I really loved touring with my band, but it felt like we would spend a lot of time playing in empty rooms – empty clubs. We had some good successes, but it’s so physically hard to load up a van and drive all day.”

― Fred Armisen

“A couple times a year, I get in the car, and I’ll drive 1,000 miles cross-country, going through side streets. I’ll stay off the highways as much as possible. And I realize it’s a huge country, and for us to be in so many places in the country is an amazing thing.”

― Fred DeLuca

“Space isn’t remote at all. It’s only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight upwards.”

― Fred Hoyle

“Trying different things is very important to me. I see people and want to wear their clothes and drive in their cars for awhile. That’s probably one reason I became an actor.”

― Fred Ward

“My architectural drive was to design new types of buildings to help poor people, especially following natural disasters and catastrophes… I will use whatever time is left to me to keep doing what I have been doing, which is to help humanity.”

― Frei Otto

“When I started my career, we were running around water parks and ridiculous things like that. You used to drive in dreading pre-season back then, but now you know it’s going to be pretty tough, but it’s going to be probably what you need. It’s going to be good for you instead of just slogging away.”

― Gareth Barry

“Barbados has some of the toughest par threes in the world. Some golfers are intimidated by having to drive over ravines and water hazards.”

― Garfield Sobers

“Entitled people drive me insane. The world owes you nothing! Get over it!”

― Garrett Clayton

“I started coming up to New York at age 17. There was a girl I met over the summer somewhere; I was chasing her. I would drive up to D.C., where I had made some friends, which was about four hours away, and we would take the bus up to New York.”

― Garth Risk Hallberg

“Imagine the peace symbol. The peace symbol has three pieces in it. One piece is emotion, that’s your body. Another piece has spirit in it, that’s your fuel. Another piece has intellect in it and that’s your steering wheel. You can never overdo the fuel that goes into the body, which is the emotions and the steering wheel to drive it.”

― Gary Busey

“If we get a tax system that is competitive, we will hire people. When you hire people, you have to compete for labor. When you compete for labor, you drive wages.”

― Gary Cohn

“We are a nation of immigrants, and if the truth be known, don’t we need a whole lot of immigrants to be buying homes and to drive our economy and to take jobs that U.S. citizens don’t want?”

― Gary Johnson

“We live in a multi-cultural society far more open to international ideas. If you’d told me 20 years ago I’d drive through Bury and see someone sitting outside a cafe drinking a latte, I’d have laughed. In fact, I wouldn’t have even known what a latte was.”

― Gary Neville

“You just have to drive it in the fairways. If you miss fairways, it’s easy to make big numbers.”

― Gary Woodland

“I think only a batsman will be able to tell you about the goose bumps he gets after hitting a perfect cover drive. I’m one of them.”

― Gautam Gambhir

“I think entrepreneurs are born and not created, and so I think you see a lot of similarities among entrepreneurs in different parts of the world. Their backdrop may be very different, but their drive to create a business and to create jobs remains very much the same, whether it’s in Silicon Valley or Kandahar or Kabul.”

― Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

“Mick Jagger is 70 and still singing ‘Satisfaction’ every concert. That would drive me insane.”

― Genesis P-Orridge

“Ayman Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s deputy, as well as Abu Musab Zarqawi, have made it quite clear in their internal propaganda that they cannot win unless they can drive the Americans out. And they know that they can’t do that there, so they’ve brought the battlefield to the halls of Congress.”

― Geoff Davis

“Evil is relative – and what I mean by that is that our villains are as complex, as deep and as compelling as any of our heroes. Every antagonist in the DC Universe has a unique darkness, desire and drive. And the reason for being of ‘Forever Evil’ is to explore that darkness.”

― Geoff Johns

“I’ve always wanted to explore North America. I drive a motorbike and have always wanted to spend a couple of months exploring the continent on two wheels.”

― George Blagden

“For one heat, all know, doth drive out another, One passion doth expel another still.”

― George Chapman

“But we must not try to drive the Indians too fast in effecting these changes.”

― George Crook

“I really owe everything to my parents and their devotion and drive to see to it that their children had the education which led to the opportunities that they never were able to have.”

― George J. Mitchell

“In the charitable world as in the business world, opportunities should drive budgets, not the other way around.”

― George Kaiser

“I kind of lived by the code of ‘I’m going to be a hard-working guy.’ And no matter how successful, there is something I can do better. That’s kind of the drive I live on.”

― George Karl

“I owe my mother who I am, and my father my drive.”

― George Michael

“I used to jog three miles a day, and then I saw I was getting a little bit older, so I started fast-walking three miles a day. Now I just drive.”

― George Miller

“I think Britain can be one of the great success stories of the 21st century – we’ve got the talent, the drive, the connections around the world. But if we vote to Leave, then we lose control. We lose control of our economy, and if you lose control of your economy you lose control of everything. That’s not a price worth paying.”

― George Osborne

“If you’ve ever left a bag of clothes outside the Salvation Army or given to a local church drive, chances are that you’ve dressed an African.”

― George Packer

“I’d get off the set of ‘The Wire’ at 3 A.M. or even 4 A.M. and drive home to Washington to see my kids sleep and give them a kiss. I’d get up at 7 A.M., while the kids were still in bed, and drive back to Baltimore.”

― George Pelecanos

“We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.”

― George S. Patton

“Unrestrained competition can drive people into actions that they would otherwise regret.”

― George Soros

“When I was going to gay bars in my 20s and 30s, the older guys there explained to me that the police would occasionally raid these places and march the clients out, load them onto paddy wagons, drive them down to the station, photograph them, fingerprint them and put their names on a list. They were doing nothing wrong, and it was criminalized.”

― George Takei

“Newspapers are the engines that drive the Web.”

― George Vecsey

“I can’t drive, so I don’t need a flash car, and I like living at home, so I don’t need a mansion. I’m sensible with money. It’s not why I act.”

― Georgia Groome

“Kids who grow up in radically different environments are always going to have different comfort levels with regard to a topic. If you don’t live near a train track, it’s hard to squash a penny that way, and if you live in an apartment in New York City, it may be difficult to get to drive a car.”

― Gever Tulley

“I liked to drive around, just playing music for everyone.”

― Gia Coppola

“In California, where you’re allowed to drive at 16, you get so much freedom with that. It’s a freedom to get outside of your parents’ house and to do bad things.”

― Gia Coppola

“There are lot of ways people get non-economic payback – learning, networking, and relationships. These drive most angels more than the money.”

― Gil Penchina

“I will drive flat out all the time. I love racing.”

― Gilles Villeneuve

“If someone said to me that you can have three wishes, my first would have been to get into racing, my second to be in Formula 1, my third to drive for Ferrari.”

― Gilles Villeneuve

“I’ve gotten super into restaurants in L.A., so I try to go to different restaurants all the time… that’s a good way to explore L.A.: you can drive to a restaurant and discover a new neighborhood.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“My average day on ‘Leverage’ starts at 5 A. M. and ends 12 to 14 hours later. An hour drive to the set and back sometimes makes the day unbearably long. You have to grab a few minutes to yourself where you can.”

― Gina Bellman

“The governor’s not allowed to drive. That’s part of the life you accept.”

― Gina Raimondo

“I’m tired of relying on someone to drive me around. I just want my freedom.”

― Ginevra Elkann

“In film, I was surprised when I first saw the movie ‘Drive.’ I said, ‘Oh, God. It sounds great – I love it. Wow, this could be the soundtrack from ‘American Gigolo’ or ‘Cat People.’ But I’m surprised that the director would agree with a composer to write that kind of sound.”

― Giorgio Moroder

“One of the most interesting things, at least for me, are the soundtracks for ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Drive.’ Basically, it’s what I did in ‘American Gigolo.’ I could have done the music for those movies blindfolded. And one of them won an Oscar, and the other is this massive soundtrack.”

― Giorgio Moroder

“I learned it was crucial to play right on the edge of the beat… It makes you drive the song more. You’re ahead of the beat, but you’re not.”

― Glen Campbell

“I have an old Shelby ’68 Mustang that I don’t drive.”

― Glenn Danzig

“In high school, driver’s ed was at the same time as drama class. And I had to take drama class. Now I can sing the lead in ‘Oklahoma!,’ but I can’t drive.”

― Glenn Ligon

“We’ll tell fear it can come along with us in our minivan, okay? But we’ll just tell fear it can’t drive. Sometimes we’ll tell it to not even talk. Like when we tell our kids, ‘Enough. No words.’ We’re going to play the quiet game with fear. Fear is not the boss of us.”

― Glennon Doyle Melton

“Much as I cared for Joseph Kennedy, he was a classic example of that person in the arts with lots of brains and drive but little taste or talent.”

― Gloria Swanson

“It takes a major unhappiness, a prolonged and bitter experience, to drive us away from loyalties once formed. And sometimes no amount of punishment can make us repudiate our loyalty.”

― Gordon W. Allport

“As business people, we have to remind ourselves that it’s up to us to create jobs. It’s up to us as business people to drive the economy, and no one else.”

― Greg Brenneman

“When I work in San Francisco doing stand-up, I usually schedule it for July, and we’ll drive up the coast and camp in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Big Sur, and we’ll just camp our way up the coast, and then we’ll get to San Francisco and hang out there for four days.”

― Greg Fitzsimmons

“From a very early age, I was in tune with pop radio, and most of this listening was done driving. We had an old ’67 or ’65 Buick LeSabre, and whenever we would drive around, I would actually stick my head right against the speakers in the back and sing along to the music.”

― Greg Graffin

“President George H. W. Bush soon launched Operation Desert Shield, sending an enormous contingent of troops to Saudi Arabia. But once there, what exactly were they to do? Contain Iraq? Attack and liberate Kuwait? Drive on to Baghdad and depose Saddam? There was no clear consensus among foreign policy advisers or analysts.”

― Greg Grandin

“Endorsing Ronald Reagan in 1980, Kissinger threw in with America’s new militarists, who would jump-start a revived Cold War and drive to retake the Third World.”

― Greg Grandin

“The first mention of a ‘ranger’ is as early as 1622, during the 1622 Powhatan rebellion, a near-successful effort to drive the British out of what is now Virginia.”

― Greg Grandin

“I’ve done two shows every day for years, but I don’t think I could work on just one show a week. I would go crazy, and I would drive everybody nuts. I’ve got to feel like I’m under pressure.”

― Greg Gutfeld

“In the ’70s, there were economists who argued that seat belts were causing people to drive faster and kill more pedestrians. But after 15 or 20 years of research, we can now conclude that’s actually not true. Seat belts, on net, do make people safer. So, on an evidence-based process, we should have people wear seat belts.”

― Greg Ip

“The automotive corporations, including Ford, I think are in the business of trying to make cars that people will drive.”

― Greg Kinnear

“On 18 you’ve got to drive it up a gnat’s ass.”

― Greg Norman

“I drive relatively fast – within the remits of the law, obviously – but I struggle with people who do stupid things on the road. I have a massive urge to shout expletives at them.”

― Greg Rutherford

“It is no secret that those of us in the Northwest believe the Administration’s proposal to drive up the cost of electricity in our region is not only misguided, but also will not achieve the intended goal of raising money for the treasury.”

― Greg Walden

“Acting is not my primary drive in life, although I’d be a very unhealthy person without it.”

― Greg Wise

“I drive an old Camaro that I got when I was 16. And I’ve been known to do stupid things with my time, like Friendster.”

― Gregory Smith

“Walk, skateboard, bike, car pool, or use mass transit more, and drive less.”

― Gretchen Bleiler

“I wish some days that I didn’t have as much drive as I do. I’d sleep better.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“Some kind of clutter is difficult – letting go of things with sentimental value, sifting through papers – but some clutter I find very refreshing to clear. I drive my daughters nuts because I’m always wandering into their rooms to clear clutter.”

― Gretchen Rubin

“Expanding access to decent work opportunities is the most effective way to increase labor-market participation, lift people out of poverty, reduce inequality, and drive economic growth. It should be at the center of policymaking. The alternative is a dog-eat-dog world in which too many will feel left out.”

― Guy Ryder

“Too many people feel that where you start out dictates where you should end up. I was on welfare and just shy of 19 when my first daughter was born, but I was encouraged to take advantage of my ability and drive and remained in school.”

― Gwen Moore

“School is something that I drive to finish.”

― Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

“Most Americans are more concerned about the economy and job creation. And they can’t understand why the Obama administration or the Democrat majority in Congress wants to pass a bill like the cap-and-trade tax that will cost us jobs, that will hurt our economy, that will drive up costs for families, as well as for small businesses.”

― Haley Barbour

“I always wanted to do things on my own terms, and unfortunately in this industry, that’s not something that is easily given. You’re at the mercy of other people, but then you still have that drive to continue on. That’s an equation for a lot of heartbreak.”

― Haley Bennett

“I went to Coachella once, and it was only to go see Leonard Cohen. I got in the car and sat through all the crazy traffic in L.A. to get there – instead of a two hour drive, it takes, like, six hours. Then I watched his set and turned around and left. I just so wanted to see him perform in the desert.”

― Hannah Simone

“I like to drive nice cars; since I live in New York, and I don’t drive there, it’s a novelty to be on the road and drive and listen to my music.”

― Hannibal Buress

“Good analysis is very useful when you want to convert a political decision into an investment. It can also go the other way and drive policy.”

― Hans Rosling

“I am not a great fan of computers. I do watch videos and analyse which batsman is playing how. Batsmen can play different shots on different days. A batsman may not play cover drives well, but if he connects with two such shots, he starts playing the drive well on that day.”

― Harbhajan Singh

“Hitting .400 is something you can do by yourself. But you have to rely on guys getting on base at the right time to drive in that many runs.”

― Harmon Killebrew

“Exporting oil would not drive up prices at the pump. American drivers buy refined products, which the U.S. already exports. Many studies – from a range of institutions and government agencies, including the Congressional Budget Office and the Energy Information Administration – have shown that lifting the export ban could actually lower gas prices.”

― Harold Hamm

“Everyone confesses that exertion which brings out all the powers of body and mind is the best thing for us; but most people do all they can to get rid of it, and as a general rule nobody does much more than circumstances drive them to do.”

― Harriet Beecher Stowe

“Certainly as an actor, half of your work is not going to end up on the screen anyway, because in the editorial process, they need to cut to the other actor in the scene. Very often, your best work ends up on the cutting room floor, because it just doesn’t work with the overall narrative drive of the story.”

― Hart Bochner

“J. Cole’s 2014 ‘Forrest Hills Drive.’ The album, artwork, and director of that album was a huge influence on the visuals for ‘Homecoming King.’”

― Hasan Minhaj

“My great-grandfather started in the coal mines, and my great grandmother made 10 pounds of bread every Saturday morning that we delivered to the neighbors. It was always about giving back. These kinds of things drive me to make a difference.”

― Heather Bresch

“I don’t like to drive. I don’t like the aggressiveness that goes along with driving.”

― Heather Burns

“Writing children’s books gives a writer a very strong sense of narrative drive.”

― Helen Dunmore

“Real competition can drive up testosterone, which boosts libido.”

― Helen Fisher

“When you can’t have someone but you’re not willing to accept that, you try harder and become more extreme about it. Either you win the person back or you drive him away.”

― Helen Fisher

“Love is not an emotion; it is a drive.”

― Helen Fisher

“Wherever I am in the world, if I get free time when I’m filming I always hire a car, take to the road, drive for miles and explore.”

― Helen Mirren

“If the two largest economies in the world don’t show us a good example on trade liberalization, then you can’t expect the smaller and weaker economies to take the risks. The initiative, the momentum and the drive really do have to come from Japan and the U.S.”

― Helmut Sohmen

“Typically, there’s a drive in science to do something just to say you’ve done it.”

― Hendrik Poinar

“It is obviously no secret that I earn a lot of money. But it is also no secret that I give most of it away. I don’t live a luxurious life. I drive a small second-hand Fiat. I don’t have to worry about money, which is itself a privilege. But I never had any anxiety that I would lose my identity.”

― Henning Mankell

“How to drive a guy crazy: send him a telegram and on the top put ‘page 2.’”

― Henny Youngman

“We believe that there are many buyers who want a stylish, sporty car that sends a positive message about their concern for the environment as they drive it down the street.”

― Henrik Fisker

“The thing that is really important is that the players have the drive to do something more with their football. If you have that, you can make a decent player into a very good player.”

― Henrik Larsson

“Conversion brings a drive to learn.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“The whole drive of western culture, the part of it which is serious, is towards an extreme objectification. It’s carried to the point where the human subject is treated almost as if it’s dirt in the works of a watch.”

― Henry Flynt

“I was an economics major in college, and every summer after school, I would drive my car from California, from Claremont men’s college at the time, to New York. And I worked on Wall Street.”

― Henry Kravis

“My first visit to West Berlin was in February 1983. The drive through East Berlin, the fact that West Berlin was surrounded by a wall that was more than 100 miles long – the absurdity and intensity of it really knocked me out.”

― Henry Rollins

“I have horses, I drive a truck, and I wear cowboy boots. First I’m a Texan.”

― Henry Thomas

“Whenever I have an opportunity, I catch a train and go to Wales and hire a car and drive around.”

― Henry Thomas

“It’s funny to have become an elegant skier now. But my drive is still the same.”

― Hermann Maier

“In Japan, there are storm channels on either side of the main roads. There were so many times when I’d fall into these ditches because I was lost in stories as I was walking along. It’s still dangerous for me to drive. I’ve driven into the gate outside my house numerous times.”

― Hideo Kojima

“It became clear to me that simply caring is not enough. To drive real progress, you have to change both hearts and laws. You need both understanding and action.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I can’t drive anymore.”

― Hillary Clinton

“We’ve seen computers play chess and beat grand masters. We’ve seen computers drive a car across a desert. But interestingly, playing chess is easy, but having a conversation about nothing is really difficult for a computer.”

― Hod Lipson

“I was born and raised on a farm, where boys had chores and girls did not, i.e., drive tractors, bale hay, take care of cattle.”

― Holly Hunter

“You can’t drive through Iowa and not think about farming: No less than 85 percent of the land in the state is devoted to farms, many of them more than 1,000 acres. This is the place where seeds are sown. It’s where farmers grow the corn that will be fed to pigs as grain or fed to you as syrup or fermented to ethanol for your gas tank.”

― Hope Jahren

“You may drive out nature with a pitchfork, yet she’ll be constantly running back.”

― Horace

“If every play was three weeks, I’d do lots of plays. It’s just the idea of six months, I think, that might drive me a bit nuts.”

― Hugh Grant

“It is not enough to tackle the mechanics of terror organizations. We must also tackle the situations that create terrorists. We desperately need to address the frustration, the loss and the despair that drive some to these actions.”

― Hussein of Jordan

“The nature of creativity is to make space for things to happen… We can drive it out with our busyness and plans.”

― Iain McGilchrist

“You can find dozens of books about people taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I knew I had to do something different to cross Siberia. To drive and to talk with people along the way, that was how I wrote my book ‘Great Plains’. I drove and camped in Siberia, but did not have a real program.”

― Ian Frazier

“I consider myself fortunate to have grown up in Brooklyn. It’s what gave me my drive to succeed, the upward mobility I’ve been after my whole life.”

― Ian Schrager

“My wife will automatically quote and compare the price of diesel at every petrol station we drive by, like she’s got oil-based Tourette’s.”

― Ian Watson

“As a child, I remember my dad would sometimes drive me into town with him to play pinball machines together. It’s a bittersweet memory but also a favorite.”

― Iggy Azalea

“I believe all men that are desired by masses of women due to looks, drive, and character are all more than likely to be seeing multiple women (Rightfully so if they are single).”

― Iman Shumpert

“I ain’t got time to pay somebody to drive my vehicle.”

― Iman Shumpert

“I pick up the details that drive the organization insane. But sweating the details is more important than anything else.”

― Indra Nooyi

“People who drive Jeeps are people who like to do outdoor activities.”

― Inga Cadranel

“I like guys who drive trucks.”

― Inga Cadranel

“Ikea people do not drive flashy cars or stay at luxury hotels.”

― Ingvar Kamprad

“The pledge drive has everything going against it as broadcasting. It’s repetitive. It’s ad-libbed by people who can’t ad-lib. It’s about asking for money, which is something nobody wants to hear, even from their own relatives.”

― Ira Glass

“I remember that in Baltimore, where I grew up, we would drive by the radio station and tower of WBAL, and I would try to picture the people inside and what they did there.”

― Ira Glass

“I learned Hebrew from a high school teacher named Mr. Cohen. We would drive down the highway to meet his car, and Jewish boys from these Massachusetts towns would sit in his car and learn the lessons.”

― Israel Horovitz

“I have never written a play, a story, a poem, or my one film – anything – unless something was troubling me enough, wrecking me, in fact, to drive me back into the absurdity of writing. I do not enjoy writing.”

― Israel Horovitz

“So many things can drive you mad as a child, not only music.”

― Itzhak Perlman

“I can’t imagine that I would be the person I am today if, over the last seven years, I had been married to somebody who didn’t feel 100 percent comfortable with my drive, my ambition, my interest in thinking big and swinging for the fences.”

― Ivanka Trump

“Any business owner can tell you that if their company isn’t performing profitably and up to standards, one of two things will happen: either you make changes to improve its efficiency, or a competitor will drive you out of business. Market forces have a way of cutting to the chase rather quickly.”

― J. B. Pritzker

“I drive a big Dodge truck. I drive American cars.”

― J. B. Smoove

“I’ll drive down the street, and I’ll practice improv. I will sit there at a red light and see two guys talking to each other, and I will just start playing both characters. I can’t hear them, but I can see their mouths moving, so I’ll just put words in their mouths.”

― J. B. Smoove

“I’m interested in that drive, that rush to judgment, that is so prevalent in our society. We all know that pleasurable rush that comes from condemning, and in the short term it’s quite a satisfying thing to do, isn’t it?”

― J. K. Rowling

“The wonderful police officers who spend time with me I don’t think appreciate that, but I do still drive. I do still cook: not often, but just last week, I really felt like making one of my mum’s old recipes – so I did. I do still go to our local department store to buy things like maternity jeans that no one else can really do for me.”

― Jacinda Ardern

“If Truman hadn’t published ‘Answered Prayers’ in parts, he’d have had the drive to finish it. The peacocks took it away from him.”

― Jack Dunphy

“With ‘Transformers,’ I’m going to get to drive fast cars and have a lot of fun. That’s what appeals to me about it. I want to have as much fun as possible.”

― Jack Reynor

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”

― Jack Welch

“Ben Roethlisberger is a proven winner in athletic competition. But the measure of a true leader is how they conduct themselves 24/7, not just during a winning touchdown drive or a goal-line stance. Leadership isn’t something that gets switched off because the game clock expires.”

― Jackson Katz

“In this kind of situation, we tend to cling to his convictions, we believe that, by magic, we are going to recover. Then we agree to drive less good cars and we are fatally more exposed. It is what finally happened to me with Ensign.”

― Jacky Ickx

“Through the Fellows Program, Acumen Fund prepares future global leaders with the tools necessary to drive significant social change.”

― Jacqueline Novogratz

“I’m a racer at heart more than anything else, and that will always be my priority: competing. But ultimately, if you can’t drive, you can still have the competitive spirit outside of a car.”

― Jacques Villeneuve

“Tupac and I were just close friends because we had such an insatiable drive and passion for acting and entertainment.”

― Jada Pinkett Smith

“You have half a second to make your mind up to know if you’re going to shoot, pass, drive. Don’t hold the ball too long, and make your decision quick.”

― Jahlil Okafor

“I had my airplane, and I’d use it as a car whenever I could. If the drive was going to be longer than an hour, I was flying the plane instead. And in California, it’s really easy to have a drive longer than an hour.”

― Jake Busey

“Many Saudi clerics believe that letting women drive means they will be free to leave the house whenever they like – something that will have a liberalizing and, therefore, unwanted effect on society.”

― Jamal Khashoggi

“I didn’t see a woman drive until I visited my sister and brother-in-law in Tempe, Ariz., in 1976.”

― Jamal Khashoggi

“No, no I don’t speed or anything. I drive a VW Touareg so.”

― James Anderson

“To drive though the streets of Manhattan to sign a record deal was like a movie. It was crazy – pretty hard to put into words.”

― James Bay

“I didn’t have the drive; I never wanted to be in show business. I went into my father’s business because of osmosis.”

― James Burrows

“People think that what I see diving must drive what I put into films, but that isn’t really the case. When I am making a Hollywood production, I am telling a different kind of story. Of course, if I see something interesting that works, we will look at it, but they are different things.”

― James Cameron

“I do think – the metaphor I always use – it’s the role of intelligence community to stay down in the engine room and shovel that intelligence coal, and people on the bridge get to decide where to drive the ship and how fast and how to arrange all the deckchairs.”

― James Clapper

“I used to fly around quite a bit, you know? I took a lot of unnecessary chances on the highways. And I started racing, and now I drive on the highways, I’m extra cautious because no one knows what they’re doing half the time. You don’t know what this guy is going to do or that one.”

― James Dean

“Engineers are behind the cars we drive, the pills we pop and the way we power our homes.”

― James Dyson

“I confess that as a young boy, Sunday was not my favorite day. Grandfather shut down the action. We didn’t have any transportation. We couldn’t drive the car. He wouldn’t even let us start the motor. We couldn’t ride the horses, or the steers, or the sheep.”

― James E. Faust

“That certainly is one approach to take. My own is to acknowledge the inner child and try to work with my first fascination with science fiction. I have tried to build on its idea content and narrative drive rather than to discard them.”

― James E. Gunn

“I live up Laurel Canyon, and if I want to walk with my son, I have to drive to the park, which is so insane to me.”

― James Gray

“Ibotta represents the future of how mobile technology will be used to drive both in-store and online sales. Not only does Ibotta allow retailers to drive sales directly in store, but it also allows them to see what type of media engagement has the largest effect on resulting customer purchases.”

― James H. Clark

“There is something powerful in Metallica, a will, a drive.”

― James Hetfield

“It would require more hands to manage a stock of sheep, gather them from the hills, force them into houses and folds, and drive them to markets, than the profits of the whole stock were capable of maintaining.”

― James Hogg

“If I get into a car on a circuit, I drive as fast as I can; that’s it!”

― James Hunt

“When I get into a car – any car – I still find it amazing that I’m allowed to drive it away.”

― James May

“Jeremy can’t do anything. I’ve never discovered anything he can do. I mean, he can drive a car round a track pretty well, but he wouldn’t be able to light a fire.”

― James May

“Nice girls at school whose fathers owned a Volvo were unapproachable and probably condemned to spinsterhood for all time, simply because no one had the courage to advance up the drive.”

― James May

“I put headlights in Ford vans. I still drive a Ford.”

― James McBride

“I remember my first Christmas with Leeds, training Christmas Day. I wasn’t old enough to drive yet – so I had to get picked up and taken in!”

― James Milner

“Why do you need to drive a Ferrari to get stuck in a traffic jam anyway? How do people afford these cars?”

― James Murdoch

“As president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, I have seen private equity firms plunder company after company, taking rich fees for themselves and cutting costs until there’s nothing left to cut. Time and again I’ve seen their reckless behavior drive companies to declare bankruptcy.”

― James P. Hoffa

“The fact is, if a young man is naturally indolent, the spur of necessity will drive him but a very little way, while the having enough to live upon is often the means of preserving his self-respect.”

― James Payn

“Unlike fuel-economy standards, the most common method of reducing demand for oil over the past thirty years, a gas tax doesn’t tell people what kind of car to drive. It simply raises the price of gasoline and lets people adjust their behavior accordingly.”

― James Surowiecki

“One reason I’m such a wayward prognosticator of rightwing trends is that I’m incapable of blacking out enough neural sectors to see the world through reptilian-brained eyes, a prerequisite for any true channeling of the mean resentments and implanted fears that drive hardcore conservatives.”

― James Wolcott

“Most people recognize that to create jobs is really the essential element in their drive against poverty.”

― James Wolfensohn

“It’s depressing and scary, but he needs to know the world around him because he’s fourteen now and in two years he’s going to drive. He needs to know what goes on out in the world. I’m not going to always be there.”

― Jami Gertz

“The real story in housing will be a recovery in the economy that will drive a recovery in housing, When people are working, when there are more jobs, more households forming and people go back to buying cars, they’re going to want their apartments and homes. And that’s when you’ll start to see a recovery in home prices.”

― Jamie Dimon

“I think in every industry you need to have a lot of talent; you need to have a lot of drive, but you need a little bit of luck.”

― Jamie Lawson

“When I lived in Hungerford, it was wake up 5:30 A.M., get to the van at 6 A.M. with eight other blokes, drive to Shinfield, which is in Reading, 45 minutes away. Start at 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. with two half-hour breaks and then home. Train Tuesday and Thursday and then play on Saturday.”

― Jamie Vardy

“When I was a kid, getting on Lake Shore Drive from the south side to go downtown was magical.”

― Jamila Woods

“I have too much drive and determination to let anything falter me. Because I know that life’s short and there’s so much that I wanna do, and I can’t do anything that might hold me back or get stuck in.”

― Jana Kramer

“There was a big drive when I was at art school to make you aware of the economy of meaning – after all, this was still during the tail end of minimalism. Being responsible for everything you put in your picture, and being able to defend it. Keeping everything clear around you so you know what is operating. To open the wound and keep it clean.”

― Jane Campion

“I drive the car pool – I show up with no makeup and drive the kids to school.”

― Jane Clayson

“I visited Krakow about 10 years ago, and when you’re named Krakowski, you are very welcomed. I loved every minute of it. They had ‘Ally McBeal’ on Polish TV. People offered to drive us out to our family’s farm.”

― Jane Krakowski

“When I was a kid, we would get McDonalds on Christmas Eve, and that was a big deal because the closest one to the south side of Chicago was a 35 minute drive away. I remember opening the bag and smelling those fries, and even now when I smell them, it reminds me of Christmas Eve.”

― Jane Lynch

“I readily admit it is easy to make of horses what we will. Silent, in some ways reserved, they allow us to train them, and to project our ideas upon them; to ride and drive them, and to make them symbolic, perhaps to a greater degree than any other species.”

― Jane Smiley

“I’m particularly fond of the Mulholland Fountain, at Riverside Drive and Los Feliz Boulevard, when it turns colors at night.”

― Janet Fitch

“My golf score is really bad. I don’t know. I’m definitely not a good golfer. Off the tee box, I can drive it about 275, and I’m in the fairway about 99% of the time. It’s my next shot that needs work.”

― Jason Aldean

“There are those of us that believe if you truly want to try drive down the cost of gas, if you really want to solve the problem, then you should be pursuing the extraction of our resources that are right here at home: alternative energy and traditional.”

― Jason Chaffetz

“You get nit-picked in the media. Stats are always up saying he doesn’t drive it straight enough or hit enough greens or whatever it is. Then you have to perform, because if you don’t perform, then you’re off the Tour.”

― Jason Day

“Statistics rarely drive me. Feelings, intuition, and gut instinct do.”

― Jason Fried

“I’m a cowboy. I wear a hat. I drive a 4×4 Silverado diesel truck. I’ve got a farm.”

― Jason McCoy

“Directing ‘The Office’ is kind of like someone going, ‘Would you like to drive my Lamborghini?’ And I’m like ‘Yes, I would like to drive your Lamborghini. That sounds like fun.’”

― Jason Reitman

“For years, I’ve been wanting to do something that has a bit more of a dramatical drive and combine it with some action.”

― Jason Statham

“There’s a rumour going ’round that if you amass a certain number of penalty points on your driving licence, the authorities will make you take your test again! Now, if ever there was an incentive to drive carefully, they could not have threatened a more terrifying ordeal.”

― Jasper Carrott

“I don’t know how to drive a car.”

― Javier Bardem

“Freedom of expression, innovation, and choice drive our economy.”

― Jay Inslee

“I may be the prat in the hat, that’s cool, but I drive an Aston Martin DB5.”

― Jay Kay

“We know that defence work results in more than great defence hardware – it can drive innovation and advances in all areas of our life.”

― Jay Weatherill

“I drive a Prius, but I dream of the Tesla.”

― Jazmyn Simon

“When you are in a good position you are sure to drive well and to be very concentrated in each corner.”

― Jean Alesi

“That was my dream, to drive for Ferrari, but I am not a kid any more. If Ferrari is the best team and if I get the chance to drive for Ferrari, it would be with pleasure.”

― Jean Alesi

“I can prove my worth and hopefully get a drive in LMP1 with a constructor in the future.”

― Jean-Eric Vergne

“Despite a good season and 22 points, I’ll not drive any more for Toro Rosso in 2015.”

― Jean-Eric Vergne

“Formula One cars are very difficult to drive, and we need all of our skills.”

― Jean-Eric Vergne

“An ancient dictum says that when Zeus wanted to destroy someone, he would first drive him mad.”

― Jean-Marie Le Pen

“When I started in fashion, I had already adopted the sailor-striped sweater as my uniform; that way, I wouldn’t have to drive myself crazy trying to figure out what to wear.”

― Jean Paul Gaultier

“A person can’t just drive around the North Slope, visit the locals, stop in at a burger joint. There are no locals, no burger joints, no houses, no cities, no churches.”

― Jeanne Marie Laskas

“All you have to do is drive by the empty tennis courts and basketball courts and compare them to the skate parks… c’mon people, get with the program – the future is now!”

― Jeff Ament

“I can’t believe people think they need permission to drive. Or permission to do anything.”

― Jeff Berwick

“Humans are unbelievably data efficient. You don’t have to drive 1 million miles to drive a car, but the way we teach a self-driving car is have it drive a million miles.”

― Jeff Bezos

“Australia is the only island continent on the planet, which means that changes caused by planet-warming pollution – warmer seas, which can drive stronger storms, and more acidic oceans, which wreak havoc on the food chain – are even more deadly here.”

― Jeff Goodell

“I just feel rejuvenated in such a big way because of these race cars I get to drive.”

― Jeff Gordon

“Hi, I’m Jeff Healy of the Jeff Healy band. Don’t drink and drive. I don’t… you’re blind!”

― Jeff Healey

“I do as much as I can. I even drive through the chase scenes several times to make sure the details are right.”

― Jeff Lindsay

“If you go to Gettysburg and take the time, maybe take a tour, maybe just drive around, read some of the monuments, read some of the plaques, you will come away changed.”

― Jeff Shaara

“Manu Ginobili – I like to watch him. I would pay to watch him play the game. He will try things that will drive a coach crazy, like a full-court bounce pass, but he has such a flair for the game. I love his energy and his spirit and his unpredictability.”

― Jeff Van Gundy

“There was a library near us in San Francisco. It was the West Portal Public Library. I would ask my father to drive me there at night and pick me up when it closed. I think he was worried about this routine but never let on. Also, I kept this a secret from my friends, as I don’t think it would have been considered the ‘coolest’ habit.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“I don’t have that drive to be in this field, climbing up, doing bit parts in movies to make a big movie. But I’m lucky I get to also do acting – it’s fun. I should probably just take an acting class on the weekends – that would be enough for me.”

― Jemima Kirke

“My friends were dropping like flies, and the government wasn’t doing anything. You don’t watch an entire generation take water hoses and dogs on the front line during the ’60s or watch another generation perish from AIDS and then get to drive around in big cars and do nothing.”

― Jenifer Lewis

“When I lived in Minneapolis in my twenties, and my mom lived there, too, I used to take her ‘storm chasing’ – by which I mean I’d see a pulsing blob of radar on The Weather Channel and make her drive us toward the storm.”

― Jenna Blum

“When I was on Broadway when I was little, I remember always driving through Times Square with my dad to the theater. Now when I go back, you can’t even drive on Broadway in the 40s. New Times Square is too touristy to me.”

― Jenna Ushkowitz

“We have gasoline at $2 a gallon. If that doesn’t drive demand, I don’t know what will.”

― Jennifer Granholm

“Porsches are a great drive.”

― Jennifer Saunders

“We all drive differently and have different styles. For me I need a car I can develop beneath me and feel comfortable in. If the car feels neutral and unbalanced it doesn’t work for me.”

― Jenson Button

“We all know that small cars are good for us. But so is cod liver oil. And jogging. I want to drive around in a Terminator, not the heroine in an E. M. Forster novel.”

― Jeremy Clarkson

“Low-cost, high-grade coal, oil and natural gas – the backbone of the Industrial Revolution – will be a distant memory by 2050. Much higher-cost remnants will still be available, but they will not be able to drive our growth, our population and, most critically, our food supply as before.”

― Jeremy Grantham

“It is not about classical career questions but about questions for your life. Those are the questions that drive you on as a human being.”

― Jerome Boateng

“Let’s drive the message home: we need health insurance reform, we need a strong public option, and we won’t settle for less.”

― Jerrold Nadler

“I drive a Lincoln Town Car.”

― Jerry Jones

“One the other hand, the publishing trend is ghastly, isn’t it? Two hundred and something distributors are now down to 10 or 12? And what’s the recruiting drive?”

― Jerry Pournelle

“Koons’s work has always stood apart for its one-at-a-time perfection, epic theatricality, a corrupted, almost sick drive for purification, and an obsession with traditional artistic values.”

― Jerry Saltz

“I like driving; I don’t drive since I live in New York. I don’t have an opportunity to drive, like, ever.”

― Jesse Eisenberg

“Open borders drive wages down for the black community.”

― Jesse Watters

“We just want to make sure individuals who drive on our roads are not impaired and they are a responsible person behind a motor vehicle.”

― Jesse White

“When you surround yourself with like-minded athletes who are all going through the same thing as you, it gives you more drive and strength to get through those moments when you don’t want to do it any more, when you think it’s hard.”

― Jessica Fox

“I don’t mean to in any way impugn the makers of Bentley, but that car is nuts. When I do drive, I drive a Toyota Prius. So driving around the streets of Albuquerque in a Bentley made me feel so fake-a-rooney.”

― Jessica Hecht

“I drive past the Mad Men billboard every day and I can’t believe I’m on that show.”

― Jessica Pare

“I don’t know if you know this – I don’t drive a stick. I mean, I barely drive my automatic. I get to work and everything, but I’m not any kind of driving prodigy.”

― Jessica Pare

“Every single year, I tell myself I am going to drive. It never happens. I don’t know how to drive. I am already 20. This needs to happen.”

― Jessica Sanchez

“I used to drive my brothers nuts in the car because I would sing in their ear every song on the radio.”

― Jessica Steen

“When I’m writing the book I’m laughing at just how overblown the characters seemed. How full of himself he seems. But I didn’t get far enough in the series to really drive the joke of it home.”

― Jhonen Vasquez

“I’m very aware that just driving blindly towards money won’t get me anything. I drive blindly towards making the world a better place.”

― Jill Soloway

“When people asked me what I did, I’d say, ‘I work in publishing’, and when they then say, ‘What side of it?’, I say, ‘Supply’ – no doubt leaving them to think I drive the books around in a van and deliver them.”

― Jim Crace

“I drive Fords, and I’ve driven American cars all my life, and I want to have a strong American manufacturing sector, especially in automobiles.”

― Jim DeMint

“Drive around through the state of Oklahoma, and you find some areas that really need to be improved.”

― Jim Inhofe

“I was always kind of against streaming, but I’ve been traveling so much, and I usually carry a huge hard drive of digital music with me, but I haven’t had time to deal with it, so I’ve been doing streaming. And I had this incredible breakthrough of weightlessness where I’ve really been loving streaming music.”

― Jim James

“I had a goal in mind and a dream, and I worked as hard as I possibly could and was eventually able to make it. And I think that’s because I had that focus and that drive and never thought that I was going to fail.”

― Jimmer Fredette

“I think I got stamina from my dad, although he didn’t have a lot of drive.”

― Jimmy Barnes

“It was a lot of fun working with J.J. Abrams. He got me to drive a Corvette, which was pretty awesome, and jumping out of it was even cooler.”

― Jimmy Bennett

“From where we lived, to practise in St Louis was an hour-and-a-half drive each way, so that took a lot of the time. So really, our lives just took different paths.”

― Jimmy Connors

“I eat with a different lady every night. The deal is, I pay, they drive. That way, they can’t get on the bevvy and start giving you brain damage.”

― Jimmy Savile

“There are guys you’ve never heard of who drive the ball better than anybody I’ve seen on the PGA Tour.”

― Jimmy Walker

“My transformation represents more than what is just skin deep; it represents my motivation, drive, and willingness to constantly improve.”

― Jinder Mahal

“Yorkshire folk are not fools: talk about devolving power to cities and regions, while simultaneously stripping them of the resources to deliver and subjecting northern councils such as Kirklees to the harshest of cuts, is not compatible with a worthy commitment to building a northern powerhouse to drive growth and prosperity.”

― Jo Cox

“Although a novel takes place in the larger world, there’s always some drive in it that is entirely personal – even if you don’t know it while you’re doing it.”

― Joan Didion

“Selfish, arrogant people drive me crazy.”

― Joanna Krupa

“I switch off lights like a maniac. I drive at reasonable speeds so that I don’t waste petrol.”

― Joanna Lumley

“As a state legislator, I had worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass a number of bills, including some related to higher education and juvenile justice; I’d created what would become San Antonio’s largest book drive and literacy campaign.”

― Joaquin Castro

“In South Africa, we drive on the left-hand side, and most of the cars are standard, so I learned with a full-gear transmission with a clutch and hill starts. I’ve never driven an automatic until I came to Canada.”

― Jodi Balfour

“I used all that doubt as fuel for my own music, fuel for my drive to succeed.”

― Jody Watley

“Prime Minister Netanyahu has, as Minister Livni knows, has been my friend for over 30 years. We drive each other crazy. But he has truly been a personal friend for well over 30 years. He acknowledged this.”

― Joe Biden

“I wish I’d made ‘Warrior,’ and I wish I’d made ‘Drive.’”

― Joe Carnahan

“We used to have our own plane with the band’s name on the side. It was a dream come true. You drive to a local airport. There’s none of this checking in stuff; you just get on the plane.”

― Joe Elliott

“When I was growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, by the time you were 16, you were kind of expected to be an adult. By the time we were 16 and able to drive, certainly by 17 or 18 and into college, you just had very little interaction with your parents.”

― Joe Meno

“Whenever you’re trying to do your own take on a classic piece of literature, it’s almost like you’re trying to swim up your own stream or drive down your own path.”

― Joel Edgerton

“The roads in Boston suck. Highways included. There are potholes and bumps all over the place. It’s not a fun place to drive.”

― Joey Kramer

“If you take golf, you have a teacher for the drive, a teacher for the approach play, and a teacher for the putt. That’s three specialist coaches for one player. In football, one coach looks after 25 players.”

― Johan Cruyff

“It is essential to ensure that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a sustainable one for people and planet. It could even drive greater innovation, not only for short-term benefits and solutions for human wealth but also long-term solutions that benefit all and enable planetary stability.”

― Johan Rockstrom

“Every good story needs a hero. Back when I wrote ‘The Search,’ that hero was Google – the book wasn’t about Google alone, but Google’s narrative worked to drive the entire story.”

― John Battelle

“But make no mistake, the President will find in our new majority the voice of the American people as they’ve expressed it tonight: standing on principle, checking Washington’s power and leading the drive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government.”

― John Boehner

“We entered Gettysburg in the afternoon, just in time to meet the enemy entering the town, and in good season to drive him back before his getting a foothold.”

― John Buford

“Freedom of speech is, to all Americans, as oxygen is to the human condition. It is a right that has been irreversibly programmed into our hard drive. We are free to speak our minds. An artist’s right to express him or herself as best suits their art, is the artist’s prerogative and it is guaranteed.”

― John C. McGinley

“Before I really even understood what the term meant, I wanted to be wealthy. I wanted to be able to drive the beautiful old Rolls-Royces my father admired when I was a child.”

― John Caudwell

“The Voting Rights Act was a seminal victory for our country and a great healing moment. But there are some who want to continue to drive divisions and create phony narratives.”

― John Cornyn

“As Americans, we can choose where we work and live, what we drive, which insurance plan is best for us, so why can we not give workers a choice when it comes to their retirement?”

― John Doolittle

“You can’t let concerns stop you; they drive you and they motivate you.”

― John F. Kerry

“The drive to create music that is pure is my highest priority. Sometimes I’ll get extremely technical, and other times I’ll just kind of go with the gods of music.”

― John Frusciante

“As a boy in school, I already had the drive to be No. 1. If I achieve my goals, OK, but if not, I always ask why and try to rectify myself.”

― John Gokongwei

“When I was in high school and first starting to drive by myself, I listened to Wu Tang in the car, and I recognized their soul and R&B roots.”

― John Gourley

“A few days of idleness have completely sickened me, and given me what is called the blue-devils so severely, that I feel that the sooner I go to work and drive them off, the better.”

― John James Audubon

“Africa is one of my favorite places because there are so many things to do – either surfing or going to see the animals. You can drive two hours or six hours up the coast – or just 15 minutes up the road – and it’s probably something you haven’t seen before.”

― John John Florence

“Go into something because you really like it, and then do it with a drive and enthusiasm so that it isn’t work.”

― John Kluge

“If you’re sitting in your minivan, playing your computer animated films for your children in the back seat, is it the animation that’s entertaining you as you drive and listen? No, it’s the storytelling. That’s why we put so much importance on story. No amount of great animation will save a bad story.”

― John Lasseter

“I’ve often heard people say that managing creative people is the hardest thing in the world. ‘They’re never happy, they drive up the cost of things, blah blah blah.’ I just manage people the way I always wanted to be managed. That is, to be creatively challenged, but never to be told what to do.”

― John Lasseter

“I grew up a big fan of the J. R. Ewing character of the ‘Dallas’ TV show, and I grew up around people who were very similar to J. R.: they had come into a ton of money. And they loved to flaunt it and loved to drive fancy cars and wear the big cowboy hats and nice suits.”

― John Layfield

“I think that space exploration as a broad activity is the most important things that humans can do. I’ve always found it fascinating, interesting, compelling, and I have a drive to go out into space.”

― John M. Grunsfeld

“I’m very encouraged by millennials and their drive to make the world a better place.”

― John Mackey

“I’ve often said, ‘If I had one drive to win a game to this day, and I had a quarterback to pick, I would pick Kenny.’ Snake was a lot cooler than I was. He was a perfect quarterback and a perfect Raider. When you think about the Raiders, you think about Ken Stabler.”

― John Madden

“A simple social engineering hack might involve leaving a thumb drive on the pavement close to the driver’s door of a car.”

― John McAfee

“I get nostalgic for British negativity. There is an inherent hope and positive drive to New Yorkers. When you go back to Britain, everybody is just running everything down. It’s like whatever the opposite of a hug is.”

― John Oliver

“There is an inherent hope and positive drive to New Yorkers.”

― John Oliver

“It was always difficult for me to listen to my singing voice for the first 20 years or so. I mean, I really enjoyed singing, and I enjoyed doing live shows, but being in a recording studio and having to hear my voice played back to me would really drive me up the wall.”

― John Prine

“Southern barbecue is the closest thing we have in the U.S. to Europe’s wines or cheeses; drive a hundred miles and the barbecue changes.”

― John Shelton Reed

“It is accurate that the Walt Disney Company and ESPN are committed to diversity and inclusion. These are long-standing values that drive fundamental fairness while providing us with the widest possible pool of talent to create the smartest and most creative staff. We do not view this as a political stance but as a human stance.”

― John Skipper

“The key word is ‘control.’ I have to get to the point where I can do it like Magic does. That means penetrating, scoring more, taking over on offense once in a while, increasing my range on the outside shot to open things up for the drive.”

― John Stockton

“Whilst worthy in themselves, applications shouldn’t be the only way to drive basic research.”

― John Sulston

“The first thing I ever rode when I was a kid was a motorcycle, so I knew how to drive a motorcycle before a car.”

― John Travolta

“So you will see us continue to advance the state of the art or take information that we have in our response data bases and have that drive automation or an automated response by some of our products.”

― John W. Thompson

“My biggest fear in life is living Nativity scenes. I hide in cars and drive around looking at them. Something about it is really scary to me. What parent would put their child in there with mules and camels and straw?”

― John Waters

“There’s a drive in me that won’t allow me to do certain things that are easy.”

― Johnny Depp

“I grew up in an era where the perfect drive was a line drive, with quite a bit more spin.”

― Johnny Miller

“I drive a big F-350. It’s a dually. I put Ranch Hand front bumpers on it so it sticks out about another 12 inches.”

― Johny Hendricks

“That desire and drive to keep going are crucial things to have, and time off gave that to me.”

― Johny Hendricks

“Never quit believing that you can develop in life. Never give up. Don’t deny the inward spirit that provides the drive to accomplish great things in life.”

― Jon Huntsman, Sr.

“I found that, academically, it really didn’t matter whether I had received a certain grade in a class; it didn’t matter too much what schools I wanted to attend… What matters is one’s drive, one’s intelligence.”

― Jon Huntsman, Sr.

“’Dirt On My Boots’ is a very different song. I heard the melody, and I heard the lyrics, and I heard the drive of that song. I totally related. It was kinda me when I was on my bulldozer working for my dad.”

― Jon Pardi

“I was on dialysis for 18 months before the transplant, so it was important I tried to look ahead to days like my comeback this Saturday. You need those big goals to drive you on.”

― Jonah Lomu

“My biggest concern about the market is the force that acts to drive down price, because I think that’s destructive to authors as well as publishers. Our biggest battle is to underline the value of intellectual property.”

― Jonathan Galassi

“I used to drive a convertible around L.A. a lot.”

― Jonathan Levine

“Every American college student goes to college with a hard drive. They take their laptop. There’s not a CD player in sight.”

― Jonny Greenwood

“Once you’ve reached the highest level, you always want to get back there. It’s like, once you drive a Ferrari, you’re not satisfied driving a Honda anymore.”

― Jordan Burroughs

“My adoption journey fully fuels my inspiration, my drive, what my vision of success is.”

― Jordan Fisher

“I suppose when people are criticising you and saying that you are not really worthy of going to such a club as Liverpool, it gives you a little bit more drive and more desire to prove them wrong. And that can only help you in the long run: make you a little bit tougher mentally.”

― Jordan Henderson

“I’d travel to Alfreton for games, and my dad, Lee, would drive. I’d eat my pre-match meal in the back. Mam would make chicken and pasta, and she’d stick it in a tub.”

― Jordan Pickford

“I love going to Rodeo Drive with my wife.”

― Jose Andres

“The ‘National Suit Drive’ collects gently used professional attire, but what it’s really collecting is inspiration and a chance for men to feel empowered as they head into their next job interview.”

― Joseph Abboud

“I hate fishing, and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hike when you can get in the car and drive.”

― Joseph Barbera

“Our lives are structured by our memories of events. Event X happened just before the big Paris vacation. I was doing Y in the first summer after I learned to drive. Z happened the weekend after I landed my first job. We remember events by positioning them in time relative to other events.”

― Joshua Foer

“There’s a great energy and drive that takes precedence in a lot of rock and pop. It’s about making a strong visceral connection. That’s something that I think great classical music can have, too.”

― Joshua Roman

“I do like to drive fast and I have gotten pulled over in the past. I use my skills to get out of tickets.”

― Josie Maran

“Filecoin is a decentralized storage market – think of it like Airbnb for cloud storage – where anybody with extra hard drive space can sell it on the network.”

― Juan Benet

“I learned to approach racing like a game of billiards. If you bash the ball too hard, you get nowhere. As you handle the cue properly, you drive with more finesse.”

― Juan Manuel Fangio

“I love the weather in L.A., and I can drive 20 minutes to the beach, hike minutes from my house or go snowboarding a couple hours away.”

― Jud Tylor

“Being an entrepreneur can be learned, and that is exactly what I have done. You don’t have to be born with it or have had the ‘lemonade stand.’ But, you do need to have the passion, devotion, conviction, and sheer will and drive to make it happen.”

― Julia Hartz

“Leading Eventbrite has taught me a lot about how to connect with people to drive results.”

― Julia Hartz

“Your face tells a story and it shouldn’t be a story about your drive to the doctor’s office.”

― Julia Roberts

“I couldn’t help but to think back to my classmates at Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio. They had the same talent, the same brains, the same dreams as the folks we sat with at Stanford and Harvard. I realized the difference wasn’t one of intelligence or drive. The difference was opportunity.”

― Julian Castro

“I live in a kind of gay bubble. I live in a gay house, I drive a gay car. I eat gay food.”

― Julian Clary

“I’ve heard many reports of police attending scenes of domestic violence where they’ve had to turn off music and televisions and radios. Noise tends to drive us a bit crazy.”

― Julian Treasure

“Playing a show is a monumental hassle. You’ve got to schlep all your heavy equipment into the van, then you’ve got to drive for five hours, then you have to schlep all the heavy equipment out of the van, onto the stage, set it up, do the sound check, hang around for three hours, then play the show, which is incredibly draining.”

― Juliana Hatfield

“I’ve known lots of people that are talented and nothing happens. It’s not about talent, it’s relentless drive.”

― Julie Brown

“In my third husband I had discovered a blissfully laid-back type who thought it nothing less than hilarious when I misread the map on the way to Wales, so it took us an extra three hours, or when I was sick in a plastic carrier bag during much of the drive back from Devon – a bag that turned out to have a hole in it.”

― Julie Burchill

“My dad didn’t drive – the only dad I knew who didn’t.”

― Julie Burchill

“When I moved out of London 13 years ago, I found a whole other reason not to drive. This was because my new husband Dan, unlike my dad, did drive, and this became a great source of fun and adventure.”

― Julie Burchill

“If I walk into the editing room, it’s six hours lost. I’m massaging frames. I’m, like, ‘Oh, take six frames off that shot. Hit the music cue right there.’ I will drive everybody crazy if left to my own devices in that room. So I try to do everything I can by staying out of the way.”

― Julie Plec

“Airports drive me mad. I don’t mind the flying; it’s all the hassle before you get on the plane and afterwards, including walking five miles through corridors to the point where you queue for ages to check passports and hope your luggage has arrived safely.”

― June Whitfield

“When you have a very hot single there is no reason why it can’t drive album sales. People fall off and come back on. I’m looking forward to coming back on with a vengeance.”

― Justin Guarini

“Just in general as a person, not necessarily as a songwriter, being in cities wasn’t the right fit. I couldn’t escape and be in the woods in 10 minutes if I needed to. I like that in Eau Claire, I can walk to a bar or a coffee shop, and there’s city-ish things, but I can also drive and in eight minutes be at my parents’ land outside of town.”

― Justin Vernon

“It occurred to me that a food drive would be a natural way to talk to kids about hunger, which so many of them simply aren’t aware of.”

― K. A. Applegate

“I have never been worried about the future. I will always be able to drive my own feet.”

― Kabir Bedi

“Reporters used to ask me the same inane questions year-in and year-out, city-to-city, and it would drive me crazy.”

― Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“What I support is moving Medicaid to block grants so that the states can drive that process.”

― Karen Handel

“Concern should drive us into action, not into a depression.”

― Karen Horney

“In Singapore, drivers generally obey the rules, but the attitude around pedestrians is actually quite different. It’s culturally different. People drive safely, but it’s not the same deference shown to pedestrians.”

― Karl Iagnemma

“Surveys show that while many people are open to the idea of an autonomous vehicle driving them to work, far fewer are willing to let one drive their child to soccer practice.”

― Karl Iagnemma

“It’s challenging to drive in a way that’s human-like.”

― Karl Iagnemma

“It’s important for automated cars to be able to drive in a human-like fashion – and that does mean adapting to the driving patterns around you.”

― Karl Iagnemma

“For better or worse, we have to bridge this divide between developing cars that drive by the book and cars that drive how you and I drive.”

― Karl Iagnemma

“I drive a car, like an adult. Not brilliantly. I’m not great.”

― Karl Pilkington

“I’ll need every ounce that I have to drive it through. Film and TV require that energy. Sometimes fight scenes can be pretty intense. When I was shooting ‘Heaven’ it was truly guerrilla film-making.”

― Karl Urban

“’Roxbury Drive’ was the street I grew up on as a little kid, and it was the street that I first listened to records on, and where I actually really first fell in love with music.”

― Kat Graham

“It’s crazy: when it’s raining, it makes no sense to me that people drive 10 miles an hour faster than they normally would, but then the other thing that makes no sense is when people drive 30 miles an hour slower than normal.”

― Katee Sackhoff

“This is about Floridians saying what’s most important to them and making sure that we create an agenda that we can drive and deliver back in Washington, D.C. So it’s very exciting.”

― Katherine Harris

“Regressing back to an infant state is nothing to be proud of. Rich Americans don’t drive themselves, don’t cook, don’t do their own nails/hair/make-up, don’t shop, and I suppose all they’ve got in common with rich British people is that they don’t raise their own kids, either.”

― Katherine Ryan

“There’s something particular about the way Los Angeles feels in the summertime. It slows down and is hazy and dreamy, and you can put on certain music and go for a drive and be totally sober but feel stoned.”

― Katherine Waterston

“As long as the United States – and the world – gets its oil from the Middle East, we will be drawn into the endless crises that seem endemic to the region. American energy independence would not only liberate us, it would also drive down the worldwide price of oil.”

― Kathleen Troia McFarland

“I drive a car that has pleather seats.”

― Kathy Freston

“I love my kids, they are amazing children, but they drive me bananas sometimes. And sometimes, I want to sell them on eBay… but I’m not going to.”

― Katie Aselton

“I hate cars that much, I don’t even own one. The last one I bought was a Honda CR-V which I didn’t even take for a test drive because I was so disinterested. But I love ‘Top Gear.’”

― Katie Hopkins

“I’m most passionate about personalization. I firmly believe that personalized experiences with brands will most drive loyalty and relevance for customers in the future.”

― Katrina Lake

“I just feel like I have this gift that I’ve been given. It’s like, ‘Someone unwrap it! Here it is!’ That drive can’t be held down.”

― Katy Perry

“When I was in high school, my friends and I would drive out into the country to abandoned houses and structures… haha… to ghost hunt. We would scare each other so bad! We would sometimes camp out by the abandoned buildings just to scare ourselves! Such good times. The adrenaline of real fear is so cool!”

― Keegan Allen

“I’m not saying I do evil things. I’m just saying if a cop stops me when I’m speeding, sometimes – not all the time – I might get out of that ticket. Let’s just say I don’t have any points on my licence in Ireland, and I drive relatively quickly.”

― Keith Barry

“Let’s just say I don’t have any points on my licence, and I drive quickly sometimes.”

― Keith Barry

“I’m one guy who loves to drive to work.”

― Keith Jackson

“With three younger brothers, we were always very competitive and combative. But my mother always says I get the drive from her.”

― Kelita Zupancic

“My agent and I try to be picky with roles so that I can drive my career in different directions and be different, creative characters. I want to be an actor for the rest of my life and to have fun with my career. So I told him that I wish I could do a movie that already has a fan base. And then ‘Twilight’ came along!”

― Kellan Lutz

“I don’t lobby where work is concerned. As long as I know I’ve got something coming up, I don’t really worry. It’s not that I’m not ambitious, but I don’t have a drive to be hugely successful and be working all the time.”

― Kelly Macdonald

“I actually crashed the car I learned to drive on. It was a friend of mine’s car.”

― Kelly Rowland

“Hillary is the Mitt Romney of 2016, where she has very little in common with the average person. She doesn’t drive herself anywhere, she doesn’t put on her own makeup, she doesn’t cook her own meals, and she doesn’t research her own materials. She has very little in common with the average woman.”

― Kellyanne Conway

“I’ve had teams where we’ve had to get on a bus for 200 miles, play a game, and then drive 200 miles back.”

― Kelvin Sampson

“We don’t have a free market in health care. We need to connect customers up with the cost of care. And to drive innovation that way.”

― Ken Cuccinelli

“We don’t realize how hard it was to drive anywhere outside the major cities less than a century ago.”

― Ken Jennings

“Almost all of my stories can be understood to be elaborations on our drive to remake the world and our adjustments to the result.”

― Ken Liu

“Regular feedback is one of the hardest things to drive through an organization.”

― Kenneth Chenault

“Italians have always had a high savings rate. They love putting their money into their own government bonds – even more than in houses, stocks and gold. The higher rates climb, the happier they are to invest. So if austerity plans drive rates up, it’s music to Italian ears.”

― Kenneth Fisher

“A critic is a man who knows the way but can’t drive the car.”

― Kenneth Tynan

“I couldn’t have come up with a better metaphor for my life and my internal conflict. It amazes me how quickly we can manifest our fears; not only had I created my ‘I’m never satisfied, I’ll drive her away’ nightmare.”

― Kenny Loggins

“Whenever I get a free day, I drive up to some part of California that looks promising on the map.”

― Kent McCord

“I’m obviously interested in playing characters who have autonomy, who drive the story.”

― Kerry Bishe

“What made me decide to run was the dire state of the economy and the non-leadership of President Obama. At that point in time, my campaign put a mustache on Obama as part of the national campaign drive.”

― Kesha Rogers

“I’d really like to get the girl, shoot the gun, drive the car, have fun. I even have these kind of action dreams, where I’m the action guy.”

― Kevin Bacon

“The greats are ‘The Shining’, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, ‘Don’t Look Now’, ‘The Exorcist’ – those movies were not really slashers: they were about psychological terror and had very deep emotional backdrops. If we do our best, ‘6 Miranda Drive’ can be that kind of a movie.”

― Kevin Bacon

“If we were starting from scratch, there’s no question a simple retail consumption tax with protections for those with lower incomes would drive the economy the best and be the simplest to administer.”

― Kevin Brady

“I want to give consumers way more choices in health care. Choice and competition always drive down costs better than central control.”

― Kevin Brady

“You can drive yourself crazy and tie yourself in knots trying to anticipate what someone’s going to like or not like, and doing test screenings and opinion polls. But pay too much mind to that, and you’ll wind up with a big pile of mush.”

― Kevin Feige

“My drive is other people’s success.”

― Kevin Hart

“I have never driven an IndyCar, but based on everything I’ve heard, the characteristics and how you drive them are 180 degrees different.”

― Kevin Harvick

“I sometimes need to be smarter, but that’s not going to change how I drive.”

― Kevin Harvick

“I always had this non-stop drive. I had to keep sending stories out and every once in awhile I’d get something accepted or get the little trickle of positive feedback.”

― Kevin J. Anderson

“I try to drive my office more as a start-up of ideas.”

― Kevin McCarthy

“I had to learn how to drive because I didn’t drive in Toronto.”

― Kevin McDonald

“Any type of operating system that I wanted to be able to hack, I basically compromised the source code, copied it over to the university because I didn’t have enough space on my 200 megabyte hard drive.”

― Kevin Mitnick

“You really have to be ambitious and have that drive to really become well known and successful as a standup.”

― Kevin Nealon

“Everyone thinks footballers have a great life and drive great cars, but sometimes you have to pull the veil away and look behind.”

― Kevin-Prince Boateng

“I think not focusing on money makes you sane because in the long run it can probably drive you crazy.”

― Kevin Systrom

“You know how much money the oil companies have? If you need some gas, just go fill your tank off and drive off – they’re not going to miss it.”

― Kid Rock

“I’ve got my mother’s acceptance of things and my dad’s drive – not such a bad combination.”

― Kiki Dee

“I used to have go-karts and mopeds and motorcycles when I was a kid. Then my grandpa let me drive a real car at about 13 or 14 and I just… I never cared about bikes again after that.”

― Killer Mike

“I love driving fast. I grew up in Germany; we have the Autobahn here, where we can drive without a speed limit. And throughout my 20s, I always had fast cars, and I always went to the maximum. Like, my average cruising speed was 250 km/hr.”

― Kim Dotcom

“The sun flag of the great Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il will forever flutter in the van of our revolutionary ranks that display only victory and honor and will always encourage and drive us toward a new victory.”

― Kim Jong-un

“I urge people to learn from the mistakes of others. Please drink responsibly and it’s never acceptable to drink and drive!”

― Kim Kardashian

“If no one wants to jump into a Kim Weston and drive it down the street. That’s fine with me I don’t care. I know my work is good and I know it’s serious work.”

― Kim Weston

“I have a 15-passenger van, which is not fun to drive in L.A. ever.”

― King Tuff

“I owe my drive and determination to my upbringing, which instilled in me a set of values that make me who I am.”

― Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

“I am very passionate about India’s place in bio-pharmaceuticals, and that is what I really want to drive and create leadership for in India because I really think it is possible.”

― Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

“I hate alarms. If they go off I get really tetchy. I hate them. They just get me going, I’m hyper at the best of times, but they drive me mad.”

― Kirsty Gallacher

“As I was working I noticed that the way I designed the differential gearing actually created a spare drive that sat directly below the emperor’s feet, or where they would be if he were to sit in the chariot.”

― Kit Williams

“I believe that present day civilized man suffers from insufficient discharge of his aggressive drive.”

― Konrad Lorenz

“It’s not superstition, but I do everything exactly the same on game days. I’m a creature of habit. I eat the same breakfast, and then I drive the same way to practice. Then I come back and eat the same exact same lunch before every game.”

― Kris Humphries

“When I was young, I loved shopping at a store on Rodeo Drive called Lina Lee. Shopping there made me feel so special.”

― Kris Jenner

“Not everyone is going to like what you do or what you have to offer; however, if you can’t see yourself doing anything else, and you have the drive and ambition, get the training and go for it.”

― Kristin Chenoweth

“Until his dying days, Steve Jobs could not only predict the direction the marketplace would be heading, but help drive it there.”

― Kurt Eichenwald

“When the first episode of ‘Mythbusters’ aired in 2003, I couldn’t drive a car. I couldn’t see a R-rated movie. I was 14 years old, and I couldn’t do much of anything. But ‘Mythbusters’ taught me that I could do science.”

― Kyle Hill

“I am a pretty bad driver, so when I drive, I need to be calm. I can’t be vibing to DMX, all hype, in the car.”

― Kyle

“Shame is such an intense emotion. It just can drive you.”

― Kyra Sedgwick

“My experiences in the military, the private sector, and as a congressional staffer were at times almost enough to drive me crazy. Writing offered the all-too-often-cited creative outlet.”

― L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

“Christlike communications are expressed in tones of love rather than loudness. They are intended to be helpful rather than hurtful. They tend to bind us together rather than to drive us apart. They tend to build rather than to belittle.”

― L. Lionel Kendrick

“I like shopping, and I like to drive.”

― Lacey Chabert

“I like to run fast but not drive.”

― LaDainian Tomlinson

“I don’t like L.A. It’s just not fun. I don’t know why, but I just don’t get it. You have to drive to get everywhere, and when it rains everybody freaks out.”

― Lady Gaga

“I don’t know that my schooling was conducive to wild ideas and creativity, but it gave me discipline, drive. They taught me how to think. I really know how to think.”

― Lady Gaga

“I had to drive with a roof in LMP2, and I managed to get used to that quite quickly – although it’s still not a Halo, it’s still different to what I’m used to.”

― Lando Norris

“I think sim racing helps. I have improved in areas and do it whenever I need to improve. You don’t feel G-force and those things are probably the biggest things, that and the fear factor which you feel when you drive. Therefore, when I go on to the track I’m better.”

― Lando Norris

“You can only get to a certain point when you feel confident with the simulator and it always changes when you get to the track and you actually drive it for real for the first time.”

― Lando Norris

“I’m originally from Dallas, Texas, where Bonnie and Clyde were from, so when I was a little kid, my grandfather used to drive me past the Barrow Filling Station. At my elementary school, there was a barn outside that they used to say was a Bonnie and Clyde hangout.”

― Lane Garrison

“I drive girls crazy because I might call them 20 times in one day and then the next day not once.”

― Lapo Elkann

“To those who would divide us or drive us to the extremes of either political party, I remind you that Maryland has been called ‘a state of middle temperament.’ Our politics need that middle temperament as well.”

― Larry Hogan

“I still drive my 1977 Honda Accord. The paint is almost all worn off. It’s still running.”

― Larry Wall

“My husband and I were married in May 2007 on a sprawling rent-a-ranch in the Texas Hill Country. On the drive from Houston, we’d stopped off for our marriage license in the former produce aisle of a Winn Dixie-turned-courthouse in San Marcos and from there drove off the grid.”

― Laura Moser

“I think there’s nothing that can drive you more than a huge dream or a huge challenge.”

― Laura Wilkinson

“Being an actress is similar to trying to fit in with the popular kids in high school. You’re expected to drive the right car, wear the right clothes and say the right things.”

― Lauren Ambrose

“Every weekday morning, I picture my first paragraph while I hike with my dog Milo near Mulholland Drive, looking out over the San Fernando Valley. I edit the paragraph, then memorize it, so that when I get back home and sit down at my computer, the blank screen’s tyranny lasts only a second or two. A brief reign!”

― Lauren Kate

“At 2, I start preparing fish or chicken for dinner. I don’t drive. I don’t have hobbies. I have no desire to travel.”

― Lawrence Sanders

“I don’t like modernity. I don’t have television or the Internet at home. The Internet scares me. I can’t drive a car.”

― Lea Seydoux

“Beyond brand, culture can help drive your product itself by creating the conditions for the idea generation that is and will continue to be the lifeblood of any company.”

― Leah Busque

“As a kid, I remember wondering why we lived in an apartment, not in a brownstone, and why we drove an LTD, not a Cadillac. Even now, I’m like that. If I’m on the 5th floor, I will wonder why I’m not on the 6th floor. But that was my drive. I was obsessed with my family having a better life.”

― Leah Remini

“As a kid, we would drive up and down 77 North – that’s our highway – there would be office buildings on the side of the highway and I’d be like, that’s what my house is going to look like when I get older. I’m going to start making my house look like this.”

― LeBron James

“Since I’d developed this fear of not remembering my lines, I took ‘Mulholland Drive’ as a test for myself. It was a long monologue: no one else speaks.”

― Lee Grant

“You see I have to be in the clinic every Thursday and it’s in Phoenix so I have to fly down or drive down. It has to be every Thursday for this damn stuff they’re giving me.”

― Lee Hazlewood

“The moment I escaped to China, I didn’t have any money; I only had one address in my hand of some long-distance Chinese relatives. I didn’t know China was that big. I thought I can find their home very easily, and I would come back one week later. But then I found out the address was a 10-hour drive away.”

― Lee Hyeon-seo

“I have always found that if I move with seventy-five percent or more of the facts that I usually never regret it. It’s the guys who wait to have everything perfect that drive you crazy.”

― Lee Iacocca

“Divorce is a 50-50 thing, and it can be a number of petty things that finally drive you out of your mind.”

― Lee Radziwill

“I will fall in love with any golf course that you have to drive the ball straight. You understand what I’m saying? That’s my advantage. My advantage wasn’t putting. In fact, I wasn’t even a great putter or a good putter.”

― Lee Trevino

“Listen, everything I did in my childhood was competitive. Everything we did my dad made it into a game to win. We used to drive my mum nuts.”

― Lee Westwood

“Iran’s continued drive to develop nuclear capabilities, including troubling enrichment activities and past work on weaponization documented by the IAEA, and its continued support to groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations make clear that the regime in Tehran is a very grave threat to all of us.”

― Leon Panetta

“I get road rage. I can’t drive because I cuss people out.”

― Leona Lewis

“Science does not just drive space travel – space travel also drives science.”

― Leroy Chiao

“When I was younger, I used to drive up to a bunch of turkeys, roll down the window and say something. They’d all gobble back at once.”

― Levon Helm

“The way I drive, the way I handle a car, is an expression of my inner feelings.”

― Lewis Hamilton

“My job is to get into the car and drive as fast and as well as possible.”

― Lewis Hamilton

“Since I started driving in F1 in 2006-07, the cars have got slower and easier to drive.”

― Lewis Hamilton

“The dilemma of modern medicine, and the underlying central flaw in medical education and, most of all, in the training of interns, is the irresistible drive to do something, anything. It is expected by patients and too often agreed to by their doctors, in the face of ignorance.”

― Lewis Thomas

“I think a lot of stuff like people’s emails getting hacked or that an email you sent is stored on a hard drive somewhere, that kind of stuff worries me a little bit. It’s a weird thought that someone else could get into my information that easily. That stuff’s pretty scary.”

― Liam Hemsworth

“I can’t really rap the way rappers rap; I drive a 2002 Toyota Avalon.”

― Lil Dicky

“Money doesn’t drive me in the slightest.”

― Lil Dicky

“If you got the talent and the drive, there are ways to get noticed.”

― Lil Yachty

“My mom would drive me from Cleveland to New York City and use my dad’s hotel points for auditions. They were the most supportive parents that I could have. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.”

― Lili Reinhart

“Production chains, how consumers can drive change: all these things may seem at odds with fashion, but arguably, they’re not.”

― Lily Cole

“I have this drive to prove people wrong – people who thought I should give up or assumed I’d never get anywhere.”

― Lindi Ortega

“I’ve felt a little culpable that we entrepreneurs often invent businesses just to drive people to buy more things.”

― Lisa Gansky

“Insurance and funding traditionally drive capital investment. But in a world based on access, not ownership, the duration, value, cost and extent of financial services is distinctly different.”

― Lisa Gansky

“People called rock & roll ‘African music.’ They called it ‘voodoo music.’ They said that it would drive the kids insane. They said that it was just a flash in the pan – the same thing that they always used to say about hip-hop.”

― Little Richard

“To get to the office every day, I either take a Lyft or have my wife drop me off. It’s about a 15-minute drive from my house to the office.”

― Logan Green

“I’m truly, 100% guided by the characters and my Muse. If one of the characters suddenly decided to do something very different, I’d just go with it. It’s much easier to let the Muse drive than for me to try to steer.”

― Lori Foster

“As I examine progressive revenue options, I want to make sure wealthy individuals and businesses pay their fair share, that we reduce the burden on low-income and middle-class families, and not drive businesses from Chicago or create a disincentive for businesses to invest in our city.”

― Lori Lightfoot

“My grandad and mom would drive me to training all the time, and from then – around seven to eight – coaches were telling me I had something special and needed to stick with it.”

― Loris Karius

“I saw my city gripped by fear. Because of violent acts committed by illegal aliens, my residents were afraid to shop – or even drive – on certain streets.”

― Lou Barletta

“Some players tell me that since retiring they’ve had the urge to go somewhere every three days. To satisfy that urge, they may even jump in the car and drive around the block.”

― Lou Brock

“We produce motor drive electronics; we produce cargo systems for large narrow-body and wide-body airplanes and, more importantly, the emergency escape chute that goes on these planes.”

― Louis R. Chenevert

“Girls are so queer you never know what they mean. They say No when they mean Yes, and drive a man out of his wits for the fun of it.”

― Louisa May Alcott

“New Zealand was one of the most beautiful countries to drive through for the scenery and the vast scale of the place.”

― Louise Nurding

“The painter’s obsession with his subject is all that he needs to drive him to work.”

― Lucian Freud

“I was really, really shy. My dad used to drive me for an hour and a half to go training. I used to finish school, jump in the car, come back, and go to bed. I missed out on socialising with my friends when I was a shy child anyway.”

― Lucy Bronze

“The pro-life, pro-family Republicans are now pro-neonatal detention and deportation. It isn’t enough to drive out the people not born here; now they want to drive out the ones that were.”

― Luis Gutierrez

“I love as you come into Paris, you’ve got the Arch de Triomphe and all that crazy traffic. Then I love the drive from Paris down to Antibes and you veer off east in through the Alps and you come into the south of France on the mountain road as opposed to the freeway.”

― Luke Goss

“What I learned from Beyonce is just the focus, the drive, and to stay creative and to always give, just keep giving. Throughout the years that she’s been doing it, since Destiny’s Child to now, she’s been giving.”

― Luke James

“My mother didn’t baby me, and I think that helped me out thus far to keep my drive and my hunger. I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

― Luke James

“I defended my Strikeforce belt twice, and you didn’t see me lose any of my intensity, drive, or motivation. That’s just the way I am. I will always be hungry.”

― Luke Rockhold

“The more I stack, the more things I can buy: the more toys, the more houses, and everything. That’s the motivation, but I’m also a competitive person. I need goals, and I need that competition and to drive for something.”

― Luke Rockhold

“I immigrated when I was six so I had to learn English and I was always an outsider from a young age, and so I think my drive was that I wanted to fit in.”

― Lulu Wang

“I’m not an easy customer. My attention to detail could probably drive you mad. My eye still always goes toward the single flaw.”

― L’Wren Scott

“The urgency to mate persists in all people as in all other mammals because of the evolutionary drive to continue the species, the inborn imperative for genes to reproduce and hormonal differences that evolved over millions of years.”

― Lynn Margulis

“Expecting to be able to get rid of the competitive drive, first of all, flies in the face of human nature – and little girls certainly have this drive, as much as little boys do, or at least the little girls I have observed in my immediate family have it.”

― Lynne Cheney

“Your technique, your drive – that’s what you should carry with you.”

― Lyoto Machida

“Brands who come to China, often they just care about price – so they actually drive the suppliers to cut corners on environmental standards to win a contract.”

― Ma Jun

“We hadn’t met anyone else as ambitious as us. We immediately recognized each other’s drive.”

― Maddie Marlow

“It’s just not a good idea to drink and drive; that is just common sense. But common sense is not that common!”

― Madeline Zima

“It’s important to drive your own ship, and it’s your career, so you might as well take it by the reins.”

― Madison Beer

“If you have drive and energy, everything is possible.”

― Maelle Gavet

“Even we schoolchildren know that ordinary diplomats don’t drive around in unmarked cars carrying Glock pistols.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“I always feel more comfortable in chaotic surroundings. I don’t know why that is. I think order is dull. There is something about this kind of desire for order, particularly in Anglo Saxon cultures, that drive out this ability for the streets to become a really exotic, amorphous, chaotic, organic place where ideas can, basically, develop.”

― Malcolm Mclaren

“I paint what cannot be photographed, that which comes from the imagination or from dreams, or from an unconscious drive.”

― Man Ray

“When women break that taboo and they’re not afraid to drive that car by herself – that’s it. Now she has the guts to speak up for herself and take action.”

― Manal al-Sharif

“All I did was ask for rights. I didn’t attack anyone. I didn’t harass anyone. I didn’t oppose the system or the country or the authority. All I said is, ‘Why can’t I drive?’”

― Manal al-Sharif

“Women want to drive and they are taking actual steps towards that.”

― Manal al-Sharif

“Denying women the right to drive has imposed huge costs on Saudi citizens.”

― Manal al-Sharif

“I’m a normal woman, a normal person, and I just want to drive.”

― Manal al-Sharif

“For me, driving – or the right to drive – is not only about moving from A to B; it’s a way to emancipate women. It gives them so much liberty. It makes them independent.”

― Manal al-Sharif

“I’ve already established my (political)machinery. It’s like a car. It’s fixed already. You just have to get in and drive it.”

― Manny Pacquiao

“Working hard is way more fun. If you had to goof off 40 hours a week, you couldn’t do it. It would drive you crazy.”

― Manoj Bhargava

“In life, I’m a guy who likes to drive a car quite fast, but I wear a seat belt at the same time.”

― Manuel Neuer

“I’ve had an amazing career and amazing blessings. But I’m an everyday person, and I have lived an everyday life, and I drive an everyday car.”

― Marcia Gay Harden

“With Betaworks’ drive and resources now behind it, I’m confident that Instapaper has a very bright future. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do.”

― Marco Arment

“With a Web and iPhone app, I try to find new and tiny ways to delight my customers. They may not notice, but it helps drive goodwill and makes your product remarkable.”

― Marco Arment

“It’s not in our nature. Americans have never been a people that drive through a nice neighborhood and say, ‘Oh, I hate the people who live in these nice houses.’”

― Marco Rubio

“In so many ways, a lot of the drive I’ve had to do certain things has been because of this sense that I have both the opportunity and in some sense the obligation to ratify that my parents’ life had purpose.”

― Marco Rubio

“I learned to dive in Belize, which is sort of like learning to drive in an Aston Martin. The reefs and refuges are some of the most dramatic in the world. But the real reason I went was to dive the Blue Hole, a 400 ft. sinkhole near Ambergris Caye. Google it, and you’ll see why.”

― Marcus Sakey

“I’ll just drive around if I’m stuck on something or have a case of writer’s block.”

― Maren Morris

“I thought of 24 Sussex Drive as the crown jewel of the federal penitentiary system.”

― Margaret Trudeau

“We live in the countryside, 15 minutes from the closest town, so I would never have time to drive and go somewhere. So I have a personal trainer come to my house, normally three times a week, and we do circuit training depending on what I need.”

― Margherita Missoni

“I’m happy living in the countryside. We are 30 minutes away from Milan, so I can drive in for dinner and drive out. It’s not a question of living in the country or in the city, it’s really a question of living in a tight, close-knit clan that makes the difference.”

― Margherita Missoni

“Everybody says they want to have private providers and we’re saying fine. Let the states negotiate on behalf of a population in your state to drive down your costs. Don’t just give subsidies to insurance companies for expensive insurance.”

― Maria Cantwell

“The best employees are those who bring real energy and initiative to the job. I like to know whether you’re the kind of person who can set priorities, take initiative, and drive results right from the beginning.”

― Marillyn Hewson

“I think it’s the pain and suffering that drive you to become an artist. The art itself should be the pain, sort of exorcising every demon and making you feel like you’re a person that matters.”

― Marilyn Manson

“I don’t need to drive. I have no business driving. I would never be able to find my keys.”

― Marilyn Manson

“If a kid is old enough to drive a car or buy a gun, isn’t he old enough to be held personally responsible for what he does with his car or gun? Or if he’s a teenager, should someone else be blamed because he isn’t as enlightened as an eighteen-year-old?”

― Marilyn Manson

“Know how to drive safely when it’s raining or when it’s snowing. The two conditions are different.”

― Marilyn vos Savant

“Anybody who can drive and doesn’t come out of it a rich man is a fool.”

― Mario Andretti

“I don’t remember as a kid wanting to do or be anything else but drive something, be a race driver.”

― Mario Andretti

“Quite honestly, I treat myself with cars I really want to drive, and I have some flexibility to do that.”

― Mario Andretti

“Every year, my family and I would go visit my mom’s family in Texas. We would drive from Chicago to Texas, and once we started to get towards San Antonio, everyone looked like me! It was such a great feeling. Everyone had the same brown skin that I did.”

― Marisol Nichols

“I grew up in Bedford, N.Y., and it was close enough to Jones Beach on Long Island that every summer my mother would pack the car for the day, and we would drive to the beach!”

― Marissa Jaret Winokur

“I don’t think that I would consider myself a feminist. I think that I certainly believe in equal rights, I believe that women are just as capable, if not more so in a lot of different dimensions, but I don’t, I think have, sort of, the militant drive and the sort of, the chip on the shoulder that sometimes comes with that.”

― Marissa Mayer

“I do have a touch of OCD, and I used to obsess about research. But I’m better than I was. Gone are the days when I would drive to a set of traffic lights to find out if you could turn left. I finally realised it didn’t matter. A book will not stand or fall on whether or not there’s a branch of Starbucks in Brixton.”

― Mark Billingham

“I used to be something of an obsessive when it came to research. When I first began writing the Thorne novels, I would drive to a set of traffic lights in the early hours of the morning to make sure you could turn left. I thought it was important to get even the most trivial details right.”

― Mark Billingham

“I’m not the type to pat myself on the back and all that, but somebody has to be lucky, right? When I got to Dallas, I was struggling – sleeping on the floor with six guys in a three-bedroom apartment. I used to drive around, look at the big houses, and imagine what it would be like to live there and use that as motivation.”

― Mark Cuban

“I’m not someone who feels that unless I am anxious or depressed, there will be no creative drive. My greatest desire in the world is that my desperation goes away, and I can be happy.”

― Mark Duplass

“I lived in small town out in the desert and my friend used to steal his mom’s car in the middle of the night. He’d drive over to my house, I’d sneak out and we’d go out to the desert and just burn things down.”

― Mark Hoppus

“I would like to think that during my time at Stoke – and other clubs I was at – I was always a manager that wanted to play in the right way, with purpose, with drive, and to try to dictate to the opposition if you could.”

― Mark Hughes

“You cannot control the primitive urges and hormones that drive your eating behavior.”

― Mark Hyman

“I think the press has an interest in communicating to its viewers or readers, and their viewers or readers drive profit for those news organizations, so I think those news organizations have a certain bias toward their own readers. Yeah, I think they are a special interest. Of course they are.”

― Mark McKinnon

“The day you feel like you’ve won, you need to drive out of the parking lot and not come back.”

― Mark V. Hurd

“References drive the industry.”

― Mark V. Hurd

“I know only a few ways to take market share and drive new revenue. I can engineer better products and services, I can build better relationships with my customers and deliver a higher level of service, or I can give my customers a lower price.”

― Mark V. Hurd

“You can do all of the world-building you want; at the end of the day, what’s important is the heart and the drive of the story and the heart and the drive of the characters.”

― Mark Waid

“The only thing I can’t do is hear. I can drive, I have a life with four kids, I work on TV, I do movies, so the deafness question, is it that they want to know because, what? Not sure.”

― Marlee Matlin

“I never learned to ride a bicycle, and it is too late now. I never learned to drive. I never learned to swim.”

― Marlene Dumas

“I’m the most inappropriate dad. I curse in front of my kids and their friends. I let my kids watch R-rated movies. I’ll walk by the movie theater and say, ‘Let’s go see that,’ and my kids will say, ‘No, it’s rated R. It’s not appropriate for kids.’ I’m like Uncle Dad. We have fun. I don’t live with them, but I drive over four days a week.”

― Marlon Wayans

“A conservative vision to tech issues assumes the imperfection of mankind and a preference for markets – not politics – to drive outcomes.”

― Marsha Blackburn

“Some people like to drive a Ford, not a Ferrari, and some people like to drink out of a red Solo cup, not out of a crystal stem.”

― Marsha Blackburn

“All of us have people in our lives who drive us crazy. We’ve spent hours reliving the unfair, unappreciative, inconsiderate treatment they have inflicted on us. But getting mad at this person makes just about as much sense as getting mad at a chair for being a chair.”

― Marshall Goldsmith

“We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror.”

― Marshall McLuhan

“I was stranded in Disco. I went to dozens of darkened places with enough flashing lights to drive the average person mad. I felt lost in the pulse of sheer panic.”

― Martha Reeves

“I think people just like seeing friendship. I think people like seeing people who just drive each other up the wall, but at same time, can’t live without each other.”

― Martin Freeman

“A business of high principle generates greater drive and effectiveness because people know that they can do the right thing decisively and with confidence.”

― Marvin Bower

“Basic philosophy, spirit and drive of an organization have far more to do with its relative achievements than do technological or economic resources, organizational structure, innovation and timing.”

― Marvin Bower

“One of our most promising technologies is Super Cruise, which is the working name for an innovative system coming to Cadillac in the 2016 time frame. It will allow you to drive on the highway without touching the wheel or pedals, both at speed and in stop-and-go driving.”

― Mary Barra

“Our guest likes the convenience of being able of drive up to the store and not necessarily walk through a mall to find Ulta. This kind of shopping has been trending for some period of time.”

― Mary Dillon

“I think it’s really important to be able to talk when something’s wrong. I learned at a really young age that if you don’t talk about it, it can drive you insane.”

― Mary-Kate Olsen

“I grew up horseback riding. That was my passion. I didn’t start shopping until about 16 or 17, when I could drive myself to stores and explore on my own.”

― Mary-Kate Olsen

“I never went shopping. That wasn’t my thing. I grew up horseback riding. That was my passion. I didn’t start shopping until about 16 or 17, when I could drive myself to stores and explore on my own.”

― Mary-Kate Olsen

“All devices should just sip power and be charged like a calculator is, with a small solar cell. No power adaptors. It’s easy to put a solar cell into a device, but it’s not powerful enough to drive today’s cell phones or laptops. They need too much power to run.”

― Mary Lou Jepsen

“To drive a semi-truck, a driver needs a commercial driver’s license. While formal training isn’t required, most drivers enroll in a program to help prepare them for the written and practical exams in their states.”

― Mary Pilon

“Mushy food is a form of sensory deprivation. In the same way that a dark, silent room will eventually drive you to hallucinate, the mind rebels against bland, single-texture foods, edibles that do not engage the oral device.”

― Mary Roach

“’Toast’ is based on a bunch of actors but especially one guy. I worked with him on a film and realise that if I mentioned any actor who was around his age but more successful, it would drive him insane. So from sheer devilment, I’d do it on purpose.”

― Matt Berry

“I think if you start to think too much about things that are completely out of control, it will just drive you crazy as an actor.”

― Matt Bomer

“To sustain the Trump Revolution, we must empower Trump’s champions to drive positive change across America. And we must defeat ‘Never Trump’ elements wherever we find them.”

― Matt Gaetz

“People see my impressions as a great skill and I am flattered, but there are things I can’t do that everyone else can. I can do funny voices and funny faces but I can’t drive.”

― Matt Lucas

“Red notification bubbles on any icon, including mail, drive me crazy.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“It turns out that social networks drive a heck of a lot of traffic to blogs.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“I spend a lot of time on forums, and they drive me crazy.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“The themes in WordPress drive a lot of design trends. It democratizes design… You make a theme, and suddenly it’s on hundreds and thousands of sites.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“Back then, we could drive a mile from home and there was nothing. Now it’s grown in every direction and is populated and modernized. I guess I have mixed feelings about it, but I’m not someone that thinks everything should stop growing.”

― Matthew Sweet

“A lot of the drive to make narratives came from having to play by myself as a 5- or 6-year-old in the woods.”

― Matthew Tobin Anderson

“Being a producer, I deal with a lot of different directors, and some of them would drive me insane with all the different histrionics, and the mystique that they carry.”

― Matthew Vaughn

“I think we have to act like stars because it is expected of us. So we drive our big cars and live in our smart houses.”

― Maurice Gibb

“Damien Hirst knows how to drive super-fast cars… I love my bicycle.”

― Maurizio Cattelan

“Acting advice is a bit like your parents teaching you how to drive a car. You know they’re right, but you still kind of want them to shut up a bit.”

― Max Irons

“Book stores drive me insane because I know that I will never be able to read everything I want to in my lifetime.”

― Max Joseph

“Russia’s economy is both cursed and blessed by oil. When the oil price goes up, there is a tremendous ‘wealth effect’ spilling over into all corners of the economy, but this diminishes the drive to develop other industries to diversify away from overreliance on oil.”

― Max Keiser

“I just enjoy it and drive as fast I can. But so many people think your psychology is such a massive thing. For me, it’s not necessary.”

― Max Verstappen

“I just want to be myself. You learn from yourself, and that doesn’t mean you have to drive slower; it actually means you have to drive faster, but maybe with a little bit in control, and that’s what I learned.”

― Max Verstappen

“To just slow yourself down, just to not do anything and drive around – I’m not like that. I’m not here to fill up the field.”

― Max Verstappen

“Maybe I can drive until I’m 36 or 37. 40.”

― Max Verstappen

“I was told, ‘Your career’s made by what you don’t do,’ and that always stuck with me. I drive my agent mad!”

― Maxine Peake

“I am so attracted to ambition and drive and talent. If a man loves something and can put his heart into it, I am instantly into him. I like a strong man who can be in control and make decisions but who is sensitive and attentive. That is the perfect combination.”

― Meaghan Rath

“Philly gave me my ambition and drive to get more. It’s a reminder to stay on top of my game. That’s not a place I want to go back to.”

― Meek Mill

“I think maybe it is about time for a governor who has created jobs, who’s managed a budget, who’s led and inspired large organizations, who listens well, and who can drive an agenda.”

― Meg Whitman

“I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high. I’d rather have sex with Brian all the time than leave the house. He doesn’t mind.”

― Megan Fox

“Nick gets carsick if he’s not driving – plus, he’s basically a walking atlas. He can drive around any city without a map, which works out fine for me because I just become our entertainment director and pick out which audio book we’ll listen to next.”

― Megan Mullally

“L.A. is a constellation of microclimates and microcosms, a library with dozens of special collections. A 20-minute drive can bring a temperature change of 15 degrees. Crossing an intersection can feel like crossing a national border.”

― Meghan Daum

“Religion is simply one of a multitude of factors – economic political, cultural, social, tribal, racial – which shape and drive human action and reaction and often is the least important of those factors.”

― Mehdi Hasan

“Why shouldn’t 16-year-olds who pay taxes and drive not be allowed to vote?”

― Mehdi Hasan

“Being from New York, living in L.A., being in Chicago, you kind of get more of the big-city, melting-pot sort of thing. But when you drive through the country, there’s so many small pockets of people that don’t experience people of different backgrounds. So what they’ve seen on television is their baseline.”

― Mekhi Phifer

“I know my mother-in-law would drive two hours to go see a movie that I’m in.”

― Melanie Lynskey

“You are what you drive in L.A.”

― Melanie Mayron

“I write songs for people who drive in cars. I really do.”

― Melissa Etheridge

“I will embarrass my kids to their core. I will threaten to show up in hot pants and a tube top. Their dad will drive me. And he’ll let me and my friend Lisa get pretty drunk in the backseat, and we will come into that party and just rip it up.”

― Melissa McCarthy

“So what ‘Twilight’ does is show how women/girls can drive box office and they can support a tent pole movie. They’re an extremely passionate fan base. This coincided with the 13 year old boys starting to stay home and play video games and work on their home media stuff. They’re no longer going to theaters in droves.”

― Melissa Rosenberg

“More and more job fields require some form of higher education, and the pressure is on for schools to adequately prepare our students to compete both nationally and globally and help drive economic growth.”

― Mercedes Schlapp

“At a certain point, this is a brand. It’s got to be bigger than me as one little person. We have a lane – and it’s a good lane – and want to drive faster down that lane.”

― Michael Bastian

“Americans have so much natural entrepreneurial drive. The caveat is that it is technology that should be a tool making lives better in the real world, and in line with the American spirit of getting better and better at something, whether it’s curing cancer or creating a better taxi service.”

― Michael Burry

“The greatest luxury is not driving. I didn’t own a car until I was 30, and that was a Rolls-Royce, so it was cheaper to insure a chauffeur. I never want to drive again. My mind is always on other things. I hate parking, and I’m very short-tempered and would get road rage, I’m sure.”

― Michael Caine

“I’ve been able to write at least one book a year for 20 years, and I don’t think I would’ve had that kind of drive if I hadn’t come out of the journalism business.”

― Michael Connelly

“Should we have background checks, waiting periods? To drive a car you have to pass a test that shows you know how to drive your car safely, you should have to do the same thing with guns.”

― Michael D. Barnes

“The IT organization can’t drive or lead a digital transformation. It has to come from the business and the business strategy, because they’re fundamental to how a company or an organization evolves.”

― Michael Dell

“When I was four, I just wanted to drive, I collected toy cars. Where does that sort of thing come from? In hindsight you go, ‘Oh, liked it because of this.’ Maybe it’s just the wheel.”

― Michael Fassbender

“Why does a three-year-old, and it’s usually boys, want to drive the tractor or have machinery and be in control of it? I don’t know. Why wouldn’t you ask to boil a kettle or something? Maybe you would, I dunno.”

― Michael Fassbender

“I drive a hybrid. It’s a Ford Escape. That’s my only car.”

― Michael Franti

“Don’t plan to drive more than 300 miles a day.”

― Michael Frome

“Understand this – as a new company, if you don’t know how to get interested prospects into your company, then you don’t have a company. At the same time, if you, as a owner, have to drive every lead into your business, then you need a real lead generation strategy.”

― Michael Gerber

“Nobody knew they needed a smart phone, an automobile, or even a cheeseburger from a drive through window.”

― Michael Gerber

“As an audience member, everyone I talk to is like, ‘I’m so excited to see ‘Super 8.’ I’m so excited to see it.’ And part of that is because of his drive to make sure that it stays hidden until the last minute.”

― Michael Giacchino

“I have so many things that I say to my kids, I just drive them crazy.”

― Michael J. Fox

“I’m not good at normal things. I can’t drive a car. I couldn’t read till I was 10.”

― Michael Lindsay-Hogg

“I drive an American car. It’s a Chrysler. That’s not an endorsement. It’s more like a cry for pity.”

― Michael Moore

“I can’t drive, so I can only live in New York, which is fine with me.”

― Michael Musto

“A lot of drive is innate, self-perpetuated, reinforced energy. As a kid, I could always sell anything I could get my hands on – from newspapers to lemonade to ‘TV Guide.’ I knew how to make a presentation.”

― Michael Ovitz

“The more precisely I can drive, the more I enjoy myself.”

― Michael Schumacher

“People get excited around me and behave differently than they would normally. I don’t feel different from anyone else, except that I drive a racing car round in circles faster than somebody else.”

― Michael Schumacher

“I enjoyed living in Chicago and doing plays for little or no money. I never actually thought that I would leave Chicago, originally. I wasn’t one of those people that had a plan to pack up the van and drive out to Hollywood. I didn’t want to.”

― Michael Shannon

“’Hamlet’ is one of the most dangerous things ever set down on paper. All the big, unknowable questions like what it is to be a human being; the difference between sanity and insanity; the meaning of life and death; what’s real and not real. All these subjects can literally drive you mad.”

― Michael Sheen

“A perfect day would be to get into the car, drive out to Yosemite and go camping.”

― Michael Steger

“Because the casual music listeners are the ones who turn on the radio and they don’t really care what’s playing, they just know that they kinda like it or it’s easy to drive to or it’s easy to sing along to or whatever.”

― Michael Stipe

“I learned to drive when I was 35. I’m driving like an old lady and very close to the wheel. I don’t take many risks, and when people yell at me I say ‘sorry, sorry, sorry!’ I don’t have road rage yet.”

― Michel Gondry

“I regret not learning to drive when I was younger.”

― Michelle Dockery

“For many years now, my source for salvific chicken soup has been the Sanamluang Cafe on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Kingsley Drive: crystalline broth, flecks of fried garlic, and a moist, steamed bird nesting on thick rice noodles and bean sprouts has stanched many a misery.”

― Michelle Huneven

“In case anyone needs reminding, it was the relentless drive of the tourism industry and kowtowing State Department bureaucrats that led to the Bush-era Visa Express Program, which relaxed visa policies, eliminated in-person consulate interviews and opened the door to the 9/11 hijackers.”

― Michelle Malkin

“I’m a perfectionist, so I can drive myself mad – and other people, too. At the same time, I think that’s one of the reasons I’m successful. Because I really care about what I do.”

― Michelle Pfeiffer

“Money doesn’t drive me.”

― Michelle Ryan

“Growing up in New Jersey, teen clubs were your life. I’m not kidding! That was it. I was literally tied up five days a week with teen clubs; my parents would drop me off. Like, I didn’t even drive.”

― Michelle Visage

“I’m very happy to work with Prema and work in F2 because I have the feeling in some ways, it’s a bit more difficult to drive and to work with the tyres than F1.”

― Mick Schumacher

“How are you gonna score if somebody doesn’t drive in the runs?”

― Miguel Cabrera

“Charleston, South Carolina, is about a 90-minute drive northwest of Beaufort and Parris Island. It is an old city reborn with new charm and an influx of snowbirds from the North attracted by its ease, comfort and accessibility.”

― Mike Barnicle

“Directing your first film is like showing up to the field trip in seventh grade, getting on the bus, and making an announcement, ‘So today I’m driving the bus.’ And everybody’s like, ‘What?’ And you’re like, ‘I’m gonna drive the bus.’ And they’re like, ‘But you don’t know how to drive the bus.’”

― Mike Birbiglia

“I love the diversity of my district, and it does drive a fair amount of my work.”

― Mike Coffman

“Austin sounds a little bit like Aston Martin, which is the type of car James Bond would drive.”

― Mike Myers

“I am constantly amazed at the musicians that are able to do the same thing over and over for 20 or more years. That would drive me absolutely insane.”

― Mike Patton

“In many cases, an expansion of Medicaid will not only drive taxpayer costs but will deliver lower-quality care than what they have today.”

― Mike Pompeo

“The things that drive me crazy are coming from this place of people suffering because of people polluting into rivers or whatever. It’s not simply just about systems; it’s an emotional reaction to seeing animals or people suffering.”

― Mike White

“I’ve always wanted to drive cross-country.”

― Mila Kunis

“Going to high school in rural Florida, we always partied down in the woods. Somebody – one of the rednecks – would leave class and mow a path out to a field, and we’d drive out there. Dude, every party I went to was lit by a bonfire. Acoustic guitar.”

― Miles Teller

“You get to a stage where you replay every scenario in your head, but you have to stop; otherwise, you drive yourself insane.”

― Millie Bright

“It scared my mom to death when all my friends started driving. She always told me she wanted me to drive, but I think she kind of felt lucky that I didn’t get my permit when all my friends did. I think that’s been the hardest thing for her, watching me go out with my friends and literally drive away.”

― Miranda Cosgrove

“I would imagine that if you could understand Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy.”

― Mitch Hedberg

“A narrative that branded Africa as little more than an economic, political and social basket case was not likely to provide the investment needed to drive development.”

― Mo Ibrahim

“In the U.K., my mother had been the breadwinner. I’d seen my parents side by side. In Saudi Arabia, my mother was basically rendered disabled. She was unable to drive, dependent on my dad for everything. The religious zealotry was so suffocating.”

― Mona Eltahawy

“We need the ability to buy healthcare insurance across state lines that would increase competition and drive down cost.”

― Monica Crowley

“During President George W. Bush’s two terms, you couldn’t drive far without seeing a particular bumper sticker: ‘Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.’”

― Monica Crowley

“I should just drive around this city and take photos of all the buildings I’ve been humiliated in.”

― Moon Unit Zappa

“I feel that my drive and ambition is more American, while the passionate, laid-back side of me is all Brazilian.”

― Morena Baccarin

“I say, if you believe what you read in the comic strips, then you believe that mice run around with little gold buttons on their red pants and drive cars.”

― Mort Walker

“I would still ask the government not to drive the people of India to desperation, or else there is no other course left open to the people except to inaugurate the policy of non-cooperation, though not necessarily the programme of Mr. Gandhi.”

― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“Our main goal as Iraqi people is to drive the occupation out in any way.”

― Muqtada al Sadr

“I’m O.K. having a comfortable life. I don’t have to live in a mansion and drive Aston Martins or Ferraris.”

― Mya

“Nobody is 100 percent every play, you know – eight, nine plays down the drive. Sometimes you do look back at it and say, ‘Dang, I could have gave more effort there, or I loafed it a little.’ But you work on those things.”

― Myles Garrett

“I am so proud to be a Philadelphian. I believe there’s a different drive and hustle that’s instilled in us.”

― Nafessa Williams

“If I wasn’t from Philly, I couldn’t promise you that I would have the same drive and the same ambition because, as a little kid, I always saw myself as making it out, and I would escape with television.”

― Nafessa Williams

“The directness of my mother is clearly in my voice. Her opinion is always a very strong opinion at the dining room table. I think she empowered me to have the same drive.”

― Nancy Dubuc

“A competitor will find a way to win. Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up. It’s all a matter of pride.”

― Nancy Lopez

“You must not fear death, my lads; defy him, and you drive him into the enemy’s ranks.”

― Napoleon Bonaparte

“I drive a hybrid, moving into an electric car. I only drink tap water, never consume food that’s travelled.”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“When I was a little girl, my grandfather, who I was very close to, used to grow yellow roses. He had yellow roses growing all the way up his drive.”

― Natalie Dormer

“I play Nitin Sawhney’s ‘Letting Go’ repeatedly, nonstop. I find it transformative. I’m so glad iPods were invented so I didn’t have to drive everyone around me mad with the repetition.”

― Natascha McElhone

“I’m taking one thing at a time. With the children and launching my solo career it would drive me to a nervous breakdown if I tried to organise a wedding on top of that.”

― Natasha Hamilton

“When I was born here in Gulfport in 1966, my parents’ interracial marriage was still illegal, and it was very hard to drive around town with my parents, to be out in public with my parents.”

― Natasha Trethewey

“I had a Ford F-250. It was a big ol’ farm truck, but it wasn’t a rig. That’s about the biggest I’ve ever driven. That’s what I drove back and forth to high school. I was a poor guy, and it was a truck that my uncle owned and let me drive because I had no money.”

― Nathan Fillion

“Working on ‘Drive’, a lot of fun. This is Tim Minear whom I’ve worked with before on ‘Firefly’ of course. He called me up and said, ‘I’ve got a part for you that you will love,’ and I love Tim’s writing. I love his stories. I love his characters, his dialogue. He has a knack for reveals and he has a knack for moments.”

― Nathan Fillion

“My brain is like a hard drive. Once you start adding new information, you start cutting off old information.”

― Nathan Fillion

“It’s such a dangerous thing for desperation to drive litigation.”

― Neal Katyal

“I’m not a guy to go in the studio and spend months, let alone years, like some people do. I cannot even be in the studio for a month, it will drive me nuts.”

― Neal Schon

“Rational thoughts never drive people’s creativity the way emotions do.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Whether or not people go into space or serve the space industry, they will have the sensitivity to those fields necessary to stimulate unending innovation in the technological fields, and it’s that innovation in the 21st century that will drive tomorrow’s economies.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Because Larry, by then, was a drummer, who would sort of get bored and tired, and rather stand up and blow kisses to people. So we needed the bass to sort of drive along.”

― Neil Innes

“I have quite a lot of fans in Holland because that is where my mother is from, in fact I have a fan club there, and the fans don’t always get the chance to see us drive the cars because getting to races across Europe isn’t always possible for them.”

― Nelson Piquet

“It is going to be special to drive in the Netherlands because it means I can take part in a Formula One demonstration in a country where I have a lot of family and friends.”

― Nelson Piquet

“A son can bear with equanimity the loss of his father, but the loss of his inheritance may drive him to despair.”

― Niccolo Machiavelli

“As soon as I was old enough to drive, I got a job at a local newspaper. There was someone who influenced me. He wrote a column for The Guardian from this tiny village in India.”

― Nicholas Kristof

“In effect, Saudi Arabia legitimizes fundamentalism, religious discrimination, intolerance and the oppression of women. Saudi women not only can’t drive, but are also told by some clerics that they mustn’t wear seatbelts for fear of showing the outlines of their bodies.”

― Nicholas Kristof

“No matter how wealthy a few plutocrats get, we can never drive a great national economy. Only a thriving middle class can do that.”

― Nick Hanauer

“I have a 15-year-old boy, and we are about to give him car keys, which seems like an act of insanity when you know what you know about 15-year-old boy behavior. But in 2018, we’ll have self-driving cars, and it will be so much better. My son may be the last generation of kids who learns to drive.”

― Nick Hanauer

“It is true that rich people can spend more money than middle class people, but there’s this upper limit on what we can spend. I drive a very nice car, but it’s only one car. I don’t own a thousand, even though I earn a thousand times the median wage. I have a few jackets, not a few thousand.”

― Nick Hanauer

“I don’t know how many times I’ve been 114 yards from the hole and made double bogey. Well, I hit a great drive, but it doesn’t matter. It’s only the next shot that matters.”

― Nick Saban

“Image has an influence on what sort of car I will get to drive or deals that I’m offered by teams.”

― Nico Rosberg

“I can drive. Let’s just say you don’t want to be in the passenger seat.”

― Nicolas Berggruen

“It may come as a surprise to people, but I’m actually quite boring and normal. What do I do? I read books. I drive my kid to school. I have lunch with my wife. I pick my kid up from school. I go home.”

― Nicolas Cage

“I’m very impressed with ‘Drive.’”

― Nicolas Cage

“I know how terrifying L.A. can be, because I’ve been there as a failure. After ‘Drive,’ it was the most marvellous place in the universe.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“People react to ‘Drive’ in a way that is very primal.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“For ‘Drive,’ we needed the songs to dictate emotions and really bring you into the mind of The Driver; he’s a unique and complicated guy, so the music itself had to be unique and complicated.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“I love watching the superhero movies, and I would love to make one. But in a way, ‘Drive’ is probably the greatest superhero movie ever made.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“I don’t really make films in Denmark. ‘Bronson’ was shot in Rottingham, ‘Valhalla Rising’ was made in Glasgow, and ‘Drive’ was made in Hollywood.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“I’m somebody’s ex-wife, and I did things that drove him nuts. And now I’m somebody’s girlfriend, for many years, and I’ve got different things that drive him nuts.”

― Nicole Holofcener

“I never wore glasses except when I had to read a teleprompter at an awards show or drive, so I didn’t notice much. I could exist in my head. It was kind of my escape from the world and my protection.”

― Nicole Kidman

“I don’t drive smart cars; I don’t go on fancy holidays. All my money has gone on my kids’ education.”

― Nigel Farage

“The first race is really just something that we will all need to get through. Until people see the cars in action I don’t think they will understand how quick they will be, which means they are going to be tiring to drive.”

― Nigel Mansell

“I know within my organization, within the grassroots of my organization of the Tea Party movement generally, there’s going to be a big drive for impeaching Obama. I don’t know if that’s the right move… We need to play our cards very carefully and beware of the mouse trap that Obama might be trying to set for us.”

― Niger Innis

“One of the things that gave me most pleasure was a letter sent to me by Sebastian Vettel, written in his own hand, full of beautiful words and kindness. I wasn’t expecting this; usually, drivers don’t do this: they drive, and that’s it. But he is a beautiful person.”

― Niki Lauda

“There is just so very much I can’t do. I don’t drive, for one.”

― Nikki Cox

“I learned how but I have a terrible paranoia and fear. I do not drive an automobile.”

― Nikki Cox

“Women drive network television.”

― Nina Tassler

“Creative drives our business; the business doesn’t drive the creative.”

― Nina Tassler

“It’s kind of major, learning to drive. I feel like it kicked up other stuff in my life.”

― Noah Baumbach

“My friends love to tease me about the fact that I won’t be able to drive until I’m a sophomore in college.”

― Noah Gray-Cabey

“I would have loved to have been in the room with the ABC executives when they watched David Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Drive’ TV pilot. You know that had to be a long silence after that thing stopped.”

― Noah Hawley

“Samsung and Apple seem to think that they’re going to provide everything. Apple believes services will drive hardware, while Google wants to own each user regardless of hardware, so you have differing philosophies.”

― Noam Bardin

“It is pretty ironic that the so-called ‘least advanced’ people are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are the ones who are trying to drive the society to destruction.”

― Noam Chomsky

“I can’t always be making ‘British films.’ Why should we be making films about corsets and horses and girls learning to drive when Americans send over an event movie and make five or 10 million?”

― Noel Clarke

“I’ve got quite a strong drive, and that can be slightly deplorable. Struggling to become a famous comedian – there’s something weird about that.”

― Noel Fielding

“I still feel about 22. I don’t understand, actually. I mean, as I got older, I thought there would be things like, ‘I need a house now’, ‘I need kids’, ‘I need a licence to drive’, but I have never really had that happen. I guess that forms part of my appeal for the people who like the stuff I do: I’m not a real person – I’m a gypsy.”

― Noel Fielding

“I am the kind of person who really will drive hours for a bowl of chili. I’m not a three-star restaurant kind of a person; I’m just a food person.”

― Nora Ephron

“Nationally, more than one million Asian American entrepreneurs create jobs in their communities, helping fuel local commerce. In New York, we have seen firsthand how this community has helped drive our economy forward through hard work and ingenuity.”

― Nydia Velazquez

“I’ve always had an explorative drive to my art, as opposed to wanting to achieve some certain goal.”

― O. T. Fagbenle

“I’m comfortably asocial – a hermit in the middle of a large city, a pessimist if I’m not careful, a feminist, a black, a former Baptist, an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty and drive.”

― Octavia E. Butler

“Women drive box office.”

― Octavia Spencer

“I drive my own horses in a race. And I always have.”

― Oleg Cassini

“We don’t want A.I. to engage in cyberbullying, stock manipulation, or terrorist threats; we don’t want the F.B.I. to release A.I. systems that entrap people into committing crimes. We don’t want autonomous vehicles that drive through red lights, or worse, A.I. weapons that violate international treaties.”

― Oren Etzioni

“You can drive an SUV, but there’s a balance. If you do that, maybe use energy-efficient light bulbs at home or just be conscious of switching off lights. If you can afford to drive an SUV, maybe you can afford to make a donation to a wind farm or plant some trees. It’s all about balance.”

― Orlando Bloom

“I used to ride motorbikes and drive cars like everything was a racetrack; it was ridiculous. It wasn’t because I thought it was cool; it was just because I loved living on the edge. But I’ve chilled.”

― Orlando Bloom

“’Drive’ is a genre piece, and a lot of times we don’t get really sophisticated genre films.”

― Oscar Isaac

“That’s the way it should be: there has to be a drive to constantly improve.”

― Owen Farrell

“My first job was as a groundskeeper at the local ballpark in the town where I grew up. There was a lot of down time, and I got to drive tractor, so it was pretty good gig. I’ve also taught creative writing, dabbled in reviewing and journalism, and toiled as a screenwriter.”

― Owen King

“I had a suit made for me when I was five. It was double-breasted, mohair and purple. My mother was very particular about clothing – it always used to have to go back into the plastic and it used to drive me insane.”

― Ozwald Boateng

“In ‘Stree,’ I play a character who believes that he knows everything. And I play a cop in ‘Drive.’ It is a different kind of a role. It is not a uniform-wearing character. The film is interesting, since it is a thriller.”

― Pankaj Tripathi

“All it takes is one drink to mess with the way you drive – it clouds your judgment and slows your reflexes. Don’t take any chances. It just isn’t worth it.”

― Paris Hilton

“Diving into data has never been more critical for businesses in order to make fast, accurate decisions about customer behaviors and needs and drive holistic business knowledge.”

― Parker Harris

“The Democrats’ drive to defeat Neil Gorsuch is the latest battle in a 50-year war for control of the Supreme Court – a war that began with a conspiracy against Richard Nixon by Chief Justice Earl Warren, Justice Abe Fortas and Lyndon Johnson.”

― Pat Buchanan

“It makes no sense to make people drive cars.”

― Patrick Pichette

“You drive past your old high school, and even if everybody treated you terribly, you still go take a look, don’t you?”

― Patti Scialfa

“I have a very tiny house in Burbank. I drive an 8-year-old car. I’m gonna drive it into the ground. I enjoy what I enjoy.”

― Patton Oswalt

“I try not to buy into that whole, crazy ‘you are what you drive’ mentality here, but I wouldn’t want to be seen in a Ford Fiesta – you know what I mean?”

― Patty Jenkins

“On many issues, empathy can pull us in the wrong direction. The outrage that comes from adopting the perspective of a victim can drive an appetite for retribution.”

― Paul Bloom

“Germany’s Angela Merkel exudes an atmosphere of elderly exhaustion and pooped-out pessimism. Britain’s David Cameron, though by nature exuberant, feels he has to look and sound glum. And France’s leader, Francois Hollande, seems determined to drive every successful businessman out of the country.”

― Paul Johnson

“First of all I thought it was ugly, I thought it was ridiculous that undercover police guys would drive a striped tomato and I’ve never been a big champion of Ford.”

― Paul Michael Glaser

“Mostly I play sports games – football and basketball. ‘Inside Drive’ and ‘NFL Fever.’”

― Paul Pierce

“Providing financial incentives for both local communities and national governments to conserve and restore forests also makes sense. It will put an economic value on these precious natural resources and drive the right behaviours from both government and business.”

― Paul Polman

“In fact, because of this deep desire for peace, the ruling class leaders of this land, from 1945 on, stepped up the hysteria and propaganda to drive into American minds the false notion that danger threatened them from the East.”

― Paul Robeson

“I always say that characters must drive plots, never the reverse. Writing about large-scale events creates the risk that the scope of the events themselves can overwhelm the characters. I emphatically do not want that. That was the only trepidation I felt when I started ‘The Twilight War.’”

― Paul S. Kemp

“I lived in an attached house. My father used to drive into the wrong driveway all the time. He’d say, Damn it, how do you tell one of these houses from another?”

― Paul Simon

“’Inequality’ has become the political theme/slogan of our time in both Europe and the U.S., yet political leaders do not even bother to consider that their own policies, which put the entire burden on central bankers to print money and drive up stock, bond and other asset prices, are actually exacerbating income and wealth disparity.”

― Paul Singer

“I never thought being the producer was being the dictator. It means being the director and being the coach. It’s a way of keeping everybody focused on the goal, and also having final say. Everybody can be in the same car, but somebody has to drive.”

― Paul Stanley

“It’s an unwritten rule that when you move to California and you’re an English person, you have to drive a convertible, and you have to bank with Wells Fargo because they have a stage coach on their bank card.”

― Paul W. S. Anderson

“I love working with new directors. There’s so much drive and effort. It still comes down to the character for me, but if it’s a character I really want to play, I would never not do the project because of a new director.”

― Pauley Perrette

“There was no drive because I wanted to become a great designer… I had two small children and a mother, and we all had to eat. That’s the drive I had.”

― Pauline Trigere

“To me, I will be a stronger person if I’m moving forward, doing the work I want, and continue to drive: force the purpose that I want to create versus doing what other people think I should be doing, which is never a way to live.”

― Payal Kadakia

“In running my own company, I was too busy for a while, and I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll stop dancing for a bit.’ It was the worst decision ever. I just lost my creativity and my drive.”

― Payal Kadakia

“Drive and desire was something I was raised with. It became a very important part of how I’ve become.”

― Peggy Whitson

“I only drive in movies. I know that’s very weird to hear for an American. I have a weird relationship with it. I know how to drive, but I never went to take the test.”

― Penelope Cruz

“I love the drive from York to Whitby over the moors – one of the great journeys, in my book.”

― Penelope Wilton

“To drive a car in rural America is freedom. Before I had a car, I’d never seen a rock and roll show, I’d never seen a comic or a show.”

― Penn Jillette

“There are a lot of people who came out of adverse situations and made it. Use it as motivation. Use it to drive you.”

― Penny Hardaway

“I had 13 weeks off and I would pack up the family and drive to some mountain retreat where we could be together and fish all day. I loved it. I needed it.”

― Perry Como

“I expect an energy bill to increase and diversify supply and stabilize energy prices – not drive up energy costs in one part of the country to subsidize energy in another region.”

― Pete Domenici

“My father did shape me. He didn’t drive because he had one leg, and for years I never drove. I had no mobility.”

― Pete Hamill

“The overall feckless strategy against ISIS in Syria and Iraq enabled the Islamist organization to expand its domain and drive out more religious minorities.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“We will play football. We will box and play lacrosse and ice hockey and snowboard and surf and drive fast cars, climb trees, and do dozens of things that we know are potentially concussive. We will do this because we are human and animals, and we like speed and contact and aggressive maneuvering and all such things.”

― Peter Berg

“A British actor will savour every syllable of a Shakespearean line, while a French actor will drive to the end of a sentence or a speech with a propulsive rhythm: the thing you never say to a French actor is, ‘Take your time.’”

― Peter Brook

“The truest drive comes from doing what you love.”

― Peter Diamandis

“Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window.”

― Peter Drucker

“And they do tend to be fast and up, because that’s how I like to drive.”

― Peter Hook

“We need to continue to modernise current humanitarian work while at the same time drive a more systemic shift in how we envision the operation and financing of humanitarian solutions.”

― Peter Maurer

“I drive one car. I own one house. That’s enough for me.”

― Peter Stormare

“Is word, sound, and powa dat break down de barriers of oppression an drive away transgression an rule equality.”

― Peter Tosh

“When we’re touring America or Europe, we use our own plane and a great advantage of that is it cuts out an awful lot of time checking in. You literally drive up to the plane, get on and then drive off at the other end.”

― Phil Collins

“Each of us has come to share the same point of view, that a global e-marketplace is absolutely essential if we are to drive new levels of efficiency for the industry.”

― Phil Condit

“To me, the drive for monumentality is as inbred as the desire for food and sex, regardless of how we denigrate it. Monuments differ in different periods. Each age has its own.”

― Philip Johnson

“The ambition, the drive, the wanting to be the center of attention, the wanting to succeed… They’re all inside me somewhere.”

― Philip Seymour Hoffman

“I love the shape of cars. They are very inspiring as modern pieces of machinery. I can’t drive, but I do like the look of them.”

― Philip Treacy

“I didn’t learn to drive until I was 65 and my husband was seriously ill.”

― Phyllis A. Whitney

“I admit, I have a tremendous sex drive. My boyfriend lives forty miles away.”

― Phyllis Diller

“Every hero must return home. Starks to Winterfell. Harry to Privet Drive. Luke Skywalker to Tattoine. Katniss to District twelve. The fun is in seeing how they return.”

― Pierce Brown

“I am rich because I sell a lot of books, but it’s not my drive.”

― Pierre Dukan

“I feel very good about our business and the speed at which we are executing our strategy to drive differentiation for Accenture and accelerate our rotation to The New.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“Now, given the increasing importance of artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, and other innovative technologies, we are evolving Accenture Digital to be even more relevant to our clients and drive even greater differentiation in the marketplace.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“The need to go digital remains a top priority for clients, and we are investing aggressively to drive innovation and deliver digital transformation.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“I really like to just jump in a truck with your backpack and just drive and go somewhere.”

― Piper Perabo

“I did not think that a good movie was the equivalent of a good stage play, any more than I thought an automobile ride was as exhilarating as a drive behind a spirited horse, nor a trip by steam as soul-satisfying as a voyage by sail.”

― Preston Sturges

“I don’t like guys who are conventional. I’m an achiever; he has to be an achiever. I admire drive, I admire ambition. I like a guy who keeps my on my toes.”

― Priyanka Chopra

“Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. No man is free who cannot control himself.”

― Pythagoras

“I drive a lot in the summertime, but after that, I don’t drive if there’s snow predicted for anywhere in 500 miles.”

― R. L. Stine

“My husband is a high-level executive at one of the largest media companies on the planet. He leads a worldwide team of more people than I can keep track of. He worked his way up from an assistant with drive and determination.”

― Rachel Hollis

“I’m a girl that loves cars. I’ve always loved them. I love to drive with the windows down, sunroof open, and music pumping.”

― Rachel Nichols

“I’d love to drive a Bugatti – something totally ridiculous but super fast.”

― Rachel Nichols

“There are times in every friendship when you or your friend are too busy to call or are more focused on other relationships. It will hurt, but it’s rarely personal. Making it personal usually makes things worse, and being too clingy or demanding can drive a friend even further away. Like people, friendships can get ‘overworked’ and need to rest.”

― Rachel Simmons

“The meteoric rise of the ‘wellness’ industry online has launched an entire industry of fitness celebrities on social media. Millions of followers embrace their regimens for diet and exercise, but increasingly, the drive for ‘wellness’ and ‘clean eating’ has become stealthy cover for more dieting and deprivation.”

― Rachel Simmons

“I’ve spent years in therapy excavating my endless, often fruitless drive to overachieve. I have learned that being successful hasn’t made me happy. It’s just made me successful. I even call myself a recovering overachiever.”

― Rachel Simmons

“Not only do I not drive, I don’t have my driver’s license; there’s a story there, but the upshot is that I spent my high school years an ardent environmentalist and workout junkie who wanted to save the environment, burn calories, and have my boyfriends drive me around.”

― Rachel Sklar

“My real fantasy if I was to drop out would be to live in a mobile home and be a hippie and drive around festivals and have millions of children – children with dreadlocks and nose rings – and play the flute.”

― Rachel Weisz

“I have great admiration for the way the Americans do business. They drive a hard bargain, but once they do it, they stick to their contracts.”

― Raghav Bahl

“Performing for my dad does drive me on. Especially in big games, massive games.”

― Raheem Sterling

“I don’t talk about how many cars I’m going to drive, how many houses I’ve got. I just purely want to be the best I can be.”

― Raheem Sterling

“Just because you have experience driving doesn’t necessarily mean you have experience teaching how to drive.”

― Ralph Macchio

“We shook up the industry with our landscape-changing deal to acquire Time Warner, the logical next step in our strategy to bring together world-class content with best-in-class distribution which will drive innovation and more choice for consumers.”

― Randall L. Stephenson

“Where educators are raising and combining their voices, the seeds of positive change have emerged. Collective voice, exercised through the union, is power – the power to drive real change for our kids, families and communities.”

― Randi Weingarten

“The pop-star thing bores me because it’s somebody programming someone else. Stand over here, sing that, no, sing it like this, talk like that, when they ask you this, don’t say that, say this, hold that, drive this, stay here, live there – you’re not even a human being. You’re a puppet.”

― Randy Jackson

“There has to be a drive to make the U.K. competitive in the motorcar industry or in the engineering industry. To do that, you have to give attention to the manufacturing sector.”

― Ratan Tata

“Mostly I’m writing about people, so I feel constrained to take with me my view of people, my curiosity about how people choose the things they do and why they come to certain decisions in a certain fashion and all the things that drive most writers.”

― Raymond E. Feist

“My drive into high tech doesn’t involve a lot of people – just me and a very small team.”

― Raymond Kwok

“In 2008, I started the election season as a critic of Hillary Clinton, a fan of Barack Obama, and a supporter of John Edwards. But by the end of Clinton’s historic drive toward nomination, the gendered rhetoric used against her – as well as the way so many men in my own party diminished the value of electing a female president – had radicalized me.”

― Rebecca Traister

“The show doesn’t drive home a lesson, but it can open up people’s minds enough for them to see how stupid every kind of prejudice can be.”

― Redd Foxx

“I don’t like bananas. I like to drive that point home.”

― Ree Drummond

“My whole drive to be an actor was finding roles that I really believed represent modern women, the struggles that we deal with. Women who are strong and capable and in control of their own lives.”

― Reese Witherspoon

“We have worked with a range of input approaches. We’ve worked with the range of mechanisms to drive immersion into the gaming experience.”

― Reggie Fils-Aime

“You need to run the company on an even keel, and you need to be thinking about the company long-term and how to drive your next innovation.”

― Reggie Fils-Aime

“’Super Mario Maker’ clearly is going to drive hardware. There are consumers who have always wanted to make their levels of Mario games. So that game will really speak to those consumers.”

― Reggie Fils-Aime

“Diesel pioneered the idea of luxury denim, and we still drive this market. But it encompasses more: the consumers love the brand, the lifestyle, the mentality of Diesel.”

― Renzo Rosso

“Film and stage are very different; I don’t necessarily prefer one over the other. Every few years, I get a big itch to go back to the theater. To learn humility, to learn bravery and to remind yourself that the pistons that drive your craft are working on full power. And to remind yourself how badly paid actors can be.”

― Rhys Ifans

“I always liked to draw, and when I was a kid, the Internet wasn’t big at all, so I would go to Internet cafes and search Google images for cartoon characters and save it to my USB drive.”

― Rich Brian

“I started home-schooling when I was in elementary school because my parents were really busy back then. They didn’t have time to drive me there, and we didn’t have a school bus or whatever.”

― Rich Brian

“I always love going on a safari drive whenever I visit Ulusaba Private Game Reserve in South Africa. I’ve been fortunate to see so many incredible animals over the years, and each time, it’s completely different. Following Ulusaba’s pack of wild dogs is my highlight.”

― Richard Branson

“While my mother tried to stem my truancy, it would be a complete stranger – an Army Officer in the Special Forces home on leave – who would be the mentor to drive home my mother’s goal of getting me educated. His name was Saul Hassan.”

― Richard Carmona

“If consumers are strong, if consumers are protected, if they can trust the marketplace and feel confident that they’re not being cheated here and there, then consumers can drive this economy forward.”

― Richard Cordray

“I was painting sets, working in editorial as an assistant, driving their trucks, lying that I knew how to drive a truck, and doing commercials and documentaries.”

― Richard Donner

“I think the Chinese model is one that appeals more and more in the developing world. People see that an authoritarian state can hold onto power, can hold on to stability and can drive the economy forward.”

― Richard Engel

“The drive for happiness is vital; it’s what keeps us in motion.”

― Richard Gere

“At home I drive an old Land Rover.”

― Richard Hammond

“I mostly drive around in a Fiat 500 TwinAir, and that’s a pretty small car!”

― Richard Hammond

“The Free People brand plans to drive growth on three different fronts: product expansion, geographic expansion and improved marketing.”

― Richard Hayne

“Here in Central Texas, you drive west, you get the desert; you drive east, you get the woods; you’ve got water, you’ve got urban environments, you’ve got country. So you can hit a lot of notes.”

― Richard Linklater

“By the time you get dressed, drive out there, play 18 holes and come home, you’ve blown seven hours. There are better things you can do with your time.”

― Richard M. Nixon

“Living with a nuclear North Korea could give its leaders the confidence to act more aggressively versus South Korea. It could also, over time, drive both South Korea and Japan, as well as countries farther afield such as Vietnam, to reconsider their non-nuclear postures. The stability of a critical region of the world would suddenly be in doubt.”

― Richard N. Haass

“Attempting to build a language wall around Quebec is precisely the wrong policy to follow. It will keep out of Quebec exactly what we need to attract by way of talent and capital; it will drive our best – francophones as well as allophones and anglophones, with their talents and capital – to leave Quebec.”

― Richard Pound

“I grew up in Dolton, just south of Chicago, about a 20-minute drive from old Comiskey Park.”

― Richard Roeper

“But unfortunately, in my unrelenting drive to get back on that drum stool, the major casualty in all of it was that I really forgot about me.”

― Rick Allen

“I’ve done drives through Budapest and Oslo and used to drive to Sardinia, too, which is quite a journey. Drives are an adventure because I don’t plan them too carefully. I take detours depending on how I feel and usually stop and stay at places I like the look of.”

― Rick Astley

“But that incessant drive to be out there in the literary universe that was important to me when I was in my twenties, like going to a Paris Review party or whatever, that seems totally irrelevant now.”

― Rick Moody

“The only time I have a problem is when I have to get in a vehicle after we play and sit there in a cramped position for a couple of hours to drive to the next place. Then I get super stiff.”

― Rick Nielsen

“I think that all politicians who aspire to the presidency are a little nuts, but for different reasons. What kind of person aspires to be the most powerful person in the world? The answer is someone with an internal drive that is so dynamic and so determined.”

― Rick Perlstein

“I believe in the principle that if you have more competition, it will drive down the prices.”

― Rick Scott

“Do you realize the FBI filing system from the ’50s was much more secure? How could you have stolen that data? It was on notecards. Now someone with a thumb drive, or remotely, can take the equivalent of millions of those notecards.”

― Rick Smolan

“By reigniting the exploration role of our government Lewises and Clarks within and enabled by the infrastructure and economic drive of commercial space and the people themselves, this nation can rise to heights unimaginable.”

― Rick Tumlinson

“I’m a big fan of old, classic American musclecars like a Shelby GT or the ’69 Dodge Charger, cars that inspired me through my childhood. They used to get me real excited when I was a kid. To own one and actually be able to drive them in America is a little of a dream.”

― Ricky Whittle

“I remember ‘Rain Man’ with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman with all the Lamborghinis being lifted off the tanker. I was obsessed with this car. Absolutely obsessed with this car. It was my dream, and to finally drive one and own one was incredible.”

― Ricky Whittle

“I started driving really late. It was super freeing and fun to be able to just drive by myself. But the thing is, I don’t really like driving.”

― Riley Keough

“I was always interested in having my own money – not my family’s money. I don’t think it had anything to do with me being Elvis’s granddaughter. None of my drive was, ‘I need to get away from my family legacy!’”

― Riley Keough

“I went out with some old friends and we were having fun. A couple of them were very intoxicated. When I went to leave, I refused to let them drive. So when I got pulled over, I was the driver.”

― Rima Fakih

“I mean, women are very important to me. I don’t know, they just drive me crazy.”

― Ringo Starr

“I think one key part of doing more with less is to be more strategic, to realize what the objectives you’re truly trying to accomplish are and then to drive with greater focus towards those objectives.”

― Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

“If I’m driving to L.A. and have anxiety about making the drive, if I’ve got Peggy with me, we’re cool.”

― Rita Coolidge

“No matter what I do, how much money I make, where I live, or what kind of car I drive, the stuff I skateboard on is the same stuff that every other kid in L.A., every kid in the country, everybody in the world is skateboarding on.”

― Rob Dyrdek

“I never tire of the drive from Phoenix to San Diego, and it is mostly desert, obviously, but you get different varieties of desert terrain.”

― Rob Halford

“I’m a true centrist: my beliefs put me in the middle… You know what happens to people who drive in the middle of the road? They get run over.”

― Rob Lowe

“I learned to focus on what’s real rather than imagined; on not letting feelings drive the bus; on being courageous and honest; on putting my total effort into something and not worrying about the result.”

― Rob Lowe

“Learning to drive is a scary thing for a parent. I had to basically lie to get the keys when I was a kid.”

― Rob Mariano

“’Drive,’ that’s the one. I love dozens of songs by R.E.M., but that’s the one, even though it took me 7 or 8 years to start liking it.”

― Rob Sheffield

“Growing up, I had the weird fantasy list: I wanted to be Alice Cooper, Steven Spielberg, and Stan Lee. You have to have almost psychotic drive, because you’re going to have years of failure.”

― Rob Zombie

“I’ve been fortunate to drive for some of the greats in racing.”

― Robby Gordon

“I used to drive up from theatre in Michigan to Stratford, Ontario to watch every show. I idolized the actors from Stratford. I was very influenced by them because they would come down and work at my theatre and get time on their American Equity union cards.”

― Robert Englund

“The middle of the road is where the white line is – and that’s the worst place to drive.”

― Robert Frost

“Choreographers, historically, are born, not made – their talents drive them to it.”

― Robert Gottlieb

“Older cars tend to drive like older cars. That is not for me.”

― Robert Herjavec

“Even though the risks of death are higher driving than flying, many people would rather drive simply because they feel they have more control driving. The facts are that only a few hundred people die a year flying, and 44,000 are killed a year driving.”

― Robert Kiyosaki

“Examples one finds in the philosophical literature are somebody who’s seen the trial of a child of theirs, where they’re being proved guilty of some crime that would drive the parent into a depression, maybe a suicidal depression.”

― Robert Nozick

“From 1859 to 1971, the U.S. oil industry grew virtually continuously, in the process serving mightily to drive our economy and win our wars. But that growth was stopped dead in 1971 and sent into decline thereafter, as the advent of the EPA and the accompanying National Environmental Policy Act made it increasingly difficult to drill.”

― Robert Zubrin

“The policy of the Obama administration is to employ regulatory strangulation to drive up the price of energy. This must be exposed and opposed for what it is: a policy of forced economic contraction.”

― Robert Zubrin

“On the Twitter media team, we believe that tweets drive TV tune-in.”

― Robin Sloan

“My job has usually been to get on base so others can drive me in.”

― Rod Carew

“You’ve got to have one of those guys on your ball club that, when you have runners on scoring position, you know that guy is going to drive the ball and put the ball in play and pick them up.”

― Rod Carew

“My wife wants sex in the back of the car and she wants me to drive.”

― Rodney Dangerfield

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”

― Roger Bannister

“I don’t bat an eye at stuff like that. I’ve had my share of wins. If I worried about the games I should have won, it would probably drive me crazy. It was a fun game to pitch in.”

― Roger Clemens

“We must regain the confidence and drive to decide our own destiny.”

― Roh Moo-hyun

“You need to realise that you must have something to aim for, something to drive you.”

― Rohit Sharma

“Every track has its challenges, but Suzuka is a continuous test of a driver’s skills, and I think that’s what makes it so beautiful to drive.”

― Romain Grosjean

“No one is an island. All these entities that drive economic development are interconnected in one sense or another.”

― Romesh Wadhwani

“Economics should not drive you out of the community.”

― Ron Dellums

“The scariest thing I’ve ever had about a long drive is almost falling asleep a couple of times. Those moments where you maybe should have pulled over and taken a nap, like, a couple of hours ago.”

― Ron Livingston

“I was involved in the robbery for a purpose, and that was because I knew somebody who could drive a diesel train. I was responsible to take along this old guy who could drive the train.”

― Ronald Biggs

“The music has to drive you. That’s just it. You follow it. You follow the songs.”

― Ronnie Dunn

“I’ve always thrived on getting a drive from different emotional circumstances that I’m going through.”

― Ronnie Wood

“Perhaps we believe that everything travels by air, or magically and instantaneously like information (which is actually anchored by cables on the seabed), not by hefty ships that travel more slowly than senior citizens drive.”

― Rose George

“I don’t really have a drive toward being a director at all. Not that I wouldn’t rule it out, but I just don’t think my instincts lie necessarily in a very visual way. But I am very interested in storytelling, narrative and character development, so writing is something that I absolutely want to do.”

― Rose McIver

“I remember one time my cousin telling me – she’s got four kids – she would pour the milk down the drain so she could drive to the Dairy Barn just to get out of the house.”

― Rosemarie DeWitt

“Video will drive the share-shift in advertising.”

― Ross Levinsohn

“What I like about land is I can drive out and check on it. It doesn’t go anywhere. It’s hard to steal land.”

― Ross Perot, Jr.

“The only warning I’d give is – make sure you are strong enough and committed enough in your business pursuits. It is commitment and belief, not just the bottom line, that should drive you.”

― Roustam Tariko

“They’ve made it a felon to drive from Florida to Louisiana with any fighting birds, so I’ve had to get rid of most of my chickens. I only got about a hundred left now, which I just keep for colour and breeding. I love those birds as much as anything.”

― Roy Jones Jr.

“In tech-land, no one cares what kind of car you drive, and frankly, they’re not going to find out anyway. You’re not going to go to lunch together, because you’re going to be sitting in your cube with a brown bag eating lunch.”

― Roy Price

“We have too many politicians who are poll-driven to excess. Polls are important. You’ve got to know what the public is thinking, but you can’t let them drive you completely.”

― Rudy Giuliani

“When I became mayor of New York City, I had a $2.4 billion deficit. And everybody wanted me to raise taxes. I said, ‘If I raise taxes, I’ll drive people out of New York City, and then I’ll be raising taxes again.’ So what I did was I cut expenses by 15 percent.”

― Rudy Giuliani

“Growing up in England, you’re sort of spoiled, in a way. You sort of take it for granted that within a half-hour’s drive, you could be walking around a stately home from the 1700s. It’s not very hard to do – in California, you’ve got to take a flight!”

― Rupert Friend

“Liberals want the government to get bigger, and they want you to drive smaller cars, and they want to dictate the way you live.”

― Rush Limbaugh

“I am hopeless with machinery. I could never learn to drive a car except into a wall.”

― Ruskin Bond

“Poverty and the rule of race that is called apartheid drive the Transkeian migrant from security on the land to work in the cities, and then back again.”

― Ruth First

“When you drive, you can kind of put your identity aside in the passenger’s seat because you’re not being watched, and you can just be the watcher.”

― Ryan Gosling

“When I was a kid, I saw ‘Rambo First Blood’, and the next day, I took knives to school and threw them at everybody. So I was definitely influenced by violent films before ‘Drive.’”

― Ryan Gosling

“I’d rather drive the yellow brick road, you wouldn’t happen to know of a rental car place around.”

― Ryan Stiles

“What’s neat about Sacramento is that you can drive – which I’ve done with the team a bunch of times – is drive, like, an hour or an hour and a half, and you’re in Lake Tahoe, and you can go out to the lake or go up in the mountains or go off-road driving or hiking.”

― Sage Northcutt

“Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger.”

― Saint Basil

“Many of the best teachers I know are being laid off because their unions value seniority over intellect, passion, creativity, and drive.”

― Sal Khan

“It’s a touchy subject, but as a Southerner, you can’t ignore our history any more than a Renaissance painter can ignore the Virgin Mary. And it’s impossible to drive down a road or eat a vegetable or pass a church without being reminded of slavery.”

― Sally Mann

“I said, ‘I’m going to the United States to study with Stella Adler and do movies because nobody here has done it and my passion is films.’ But I came here and I didn’t speak English, I didn’t have a green card, I didn’t know I had to have an agent, I couldn’t drive, I was dyslexic.”

― Salma Hayek

“I have always thought, the secret purpose of the book tour is to make the writer hate the book he’s written. And, as a result, drive him to write another book.”

― Salman Rushdie

“The value of small business contracting is indisputable. These firms bring healthy competition to the federal market to drive down prices. They are our nation’s innovators and job creators, and securing a federal contract helps them grow and offers more benefit to the economy.”

― Sam Graves

“I do not like toll roads. Taxpayers are already paying for those roads through their gas taxes, and then to turn around and tell them they need to pay more to drive on the roads, I don’t like it.”

― Sam Graves

“So many people counted on me to be the party, I had to move far enough away that they wouldn’t want to drive there.”

― Sam Kinison

“Originally, I was in both software and in online computing. The first innovation really was sort of at that time that we’re marrying the telephone and the computer so that people wouldn’t have to drive to the computer center. We didn’t have $1,000 computers.”

― Sam Wyly

“When I was young, one Sunday every month or so, my mom would load my brothers and me into our station wagon and drive 80 miles north to Orange County, where we’d meet our extended family at a Persian restaurant for lunch.”

― Samin Nosrat

“I’ve been drinking tequila for a long time now, and it’s never been about drinking to get drunk. I don’t do that. I never drink tequila during the day, and I don’t drive at night.”

― Sammy Hagar

“We women make the lion’s share of household purchases in this country. We ourselves drive billions of dollars a year in sales.”

― Sandra Tsing Loh

“To me, it’s really important to drive change through a team because one person, while the buck has to stop with somebody, the company is just too big for one person.”

― Sanjay Kumar

“If the run game’s not working, you’ll most likely succeed in the pass game, and even if there’s a game where the run game and the pass game’s not working, you’ve got to find a way to continue to win. You can’t get too caught up in one play. You can’t get too caught up one quarter or one drive.”

― Saquon Barkley

“I feel like I’ve matured in that area too, taking what the defense gives you, not trying to make too much. If it’s two, just stick your head in there, and drive to get the two.”

― Saquon Barkley

“Since ‘A Dangerous Method,’ I’ve had meetings with everyone from J.J. Abrams to the producers of ‘Drive.’ And they all have the same thing in common; they say: ‘Wow you worked with Cronenberg.’ He gave me instant film cred.”

― Sarah Gadon

“I think insecurity does drive people. I know it’s what drove me to push for the work I’ve got.”

― Sarah Parish

“Theatre is highly satisfying in terms of words. You get to speak in monologues; words drive the action.”

― Sarita Choudhury

“I loved my role in ‘Learning to Drive.’ It was so different.”

― Sarita Choudhury

“We’ve had great successes, but our future is not about our past success. It’s going to be about whether we will invent things that are really going to drive our future.”

― Satya Nadella

“Wherever there is injustice, there is anger, and anger is like gasoline – if you spray it around and somebody lights a matchstick, you have an inferno. But anger inside an engine is powerful: it can drive us forward and can get us through dreadful moments and give us power. I learnt this with my discussions with nuclear policy makers.”

― Scilla Elworthy

“I thought the lanes opened up when Michael Jordan used to drive. I used to be like, ‘Wow.’”

― Scottie Pippen

“People drive everywhere in L.A., so you get very little human interaction… but N.Y. and Chicago are like London… L.A. lacks the social interaction.”

― Seal

“My wife is very patient. On our honeymoon in 1992, we got a motor home and drove from L.A. to Idaho and then down the coast. I was running a lot, then so she would drop me off, drive six miles, park and wait for me.”

― Sean Astin

“With 6 kids, I still pay off my student loans. I still pay my mortgage. I drive a used minivan. If you think I’m living high off the hog, I’ve got one paycheck.”

― Sean Duffy

“In Cape Town, there’s a drive from Cape Point to Camps Bay where the road is hewn out of the cliffs. It’s just stunning, particularly if you do it as the sun is going down.”

― Sean Pertwee

“Success doesn’t drive me away from home.”

― Sebastian Koch

“Self-driving cars will enable car-sharing even in spread-out suburbs. A car will come to you just when you need it. And when you are done with it, the car will just drive away, so you won’t even have to look for parking.”

― Sebastian Thrun

“It’s a no-brainer for me that at some point our cars will have the ability to drive themselves.”

― Sebastian Thrun

“We humans usually feel that we are the best at everything we do, that we can safely drive ourselves. But tens of thousands of people die every year. We need to be open to having technology assist us, to find ways in which technology makes us safer.”

― Sebastian Thrun

“Can we text twice as much while driving, without the guilt? Yes, we can, if only cars will drive themselves.”

― Sebastian Thrun

“I drive the same car that I’ve driven since I was 16. That’s who I am.”

― Selena Gomez

“I cannot drive very well. I drive slow and very safe. I don’t know cars that well.”

― Selena Gomez

“The facilities are amazing here in McLaren. If you compare them to Sauber, who have good facilities in Formula 1, it’s another level. But in terms of the people, the way they approach their jobs, is really amazing when you come into McLaren. The emphasis they have is very good and it gives you a big boost when you drive for this team.”

― Sergio Perez

“Land degradation, rising sea levels, famine, and conflict will continue to drive people from their homes and towards cities, with megacities like Mexico City and Lagos becoming increasingly common in some of the poorest parts of the world.”

― Seth Berkley

“Democrats have consistently been the party that supports small businesses to drive the new economy forward. That’s where innovation comes from.”

― Seth Moulton

“Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy shared more than just being leaders during critical times and the misfortune of lives cut short. They shared a power of will to drive the nation, sometimes single-handedly, toward a destination that few but they realized was attainable.”

― Seth Moulton

“We need leaders who are willing to stand up, drive the debate, and commit our fellow citizens to action.”

― Seth Moulton

“If you could drive straight down, into a tunnel bored through the crust of the planet, you’d hit this molten mess in about an hour. It’s called the asthenosphere – a sluggish sea, several hundred miles thick, on which floats the Earth’s cool epidermis – the so-called tectonic plates.”

― Seth Shostak

“Star Trek’s genial premise is that the cosmos is flush with intelligent species, and our descendants will interact with them face-to-face, thanks to warp drive and some winsome space cadets.”

― Seth Shostak

“I’m a perfectionist to a default. I will drive you crazy sometimes. When I’m recording, I will try something a trillion times to get it right.”

― Sevyn Streeter

“When I don’t have a girlfriend, who I am answerable to, I can go out and hang with people. But whether you go for a movie with someone or a meal or a drive, it is assumed that you are dating that person.”

― Shahid Kapoor

“I like driving. A lot. I think that’s something I just enjoy the most. I can, at a moment’s notice, drive across the country if, you know, I had to.”

― Shahzia Sikander

“I feel like there is a part of me that represents a minority in the U.S., a minority around the world. People who struggle, people who want to succeed with drive and ambition.”

― Shakira

“Optics can drive an economy.”

― Shane Douglas

“I can now successfully drive a stick. That’s a huge accomplishment.”

― Shannon Miller

“Until you separate the speculative behaviour of the financial sector from the real economy and the financing of the real economy, then we are not going to see the kind of stability or the capacity to drive genuine, income-led growth as opposed to debt-fuelled, speculative behaviour.”

― Sharan Burrow

“I drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on my phone?”

― Sharon Stone

“I like to drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on the phone?”

― Sharon Stone

“If I make assumptions about the audience and start overthinking things, I can drive myself crazy about how the audience perceives me. I try not to do that anymore.”

― Sharon Van Etten

“I missed being considered an athlete and having that competitive drive, and missed having something to work for every day. I’d taken two and a half years away from the sport and was out of shape. I wanted to get back to where I was in 2008.”

― Shawn Johnson

“My second 30 is actually very good, where my turnovers are very quick. I just want to put a complete race together, once I get out of my drive phase, I want to hit my next 30 very hard.”

― Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

“When they were done downloading all the information off each hard drive, they took all the computers, all the literature, and loaded everything into a big white truck and left.”

― Sherman Austin

“When I went to college, I was doing well in school, but I didn’t have any drive to study.”

― Shiloh Fernandez

“Florida’s waves are better than Japan. It’s just an hour drive to the beach, but just once a week, I’m able to go to the surfing.”

― Shinsuke Nakamura

“I’m usually pretty punctual. I’m not one to like to be late. When I was younger, I was the guy who’d leave the house early if I had to get somewhere and drive around for a while until it got to be time to show up.”

― Shooter Jennings

“It’s good to have high-quality competition. It helps drive research forward at a faster pace.”

― Shuji Nakamura

“A certain degree of neurosis is of inestimable value as a drive, especially to a psychologist.”

― Sigmund Freud

“I have practice from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M., and then I drive home and eat lunch, which is either chicken or fish so I get the protein.”

― Simone Biles

“Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence. This explains why we have so many stupid leaders.”

― Sloan Wilson

“Small businesses drive this economy and it is unacceptable that the President’s budget proposal does not give them the tools they need to be successful.”

― Solomon Ortiz

“Why should I limit myself or drive myself towards a woman-centric film. Sometimes, the most interesting role is not that of the protagonist.”

― Sonali Bendre

“I didn’t buy the Porsche for status. I hate that, and it’s actually kind of goofy now because in L.A., a Porsche is like a Honda. It was just that I could pay that much money for a car and drive it off the lot.”

― Sophia Amoruso

“Creativity is incredibly important, but drive is equally so.”

― Sophia Amoruso

“Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go so much further than people with vastly superior talent.”

― Sophia Loren

“My favourite Friday treat is to drive out of the centre of Cambridge, where we live, and go for a swim at the health club I’ve just joined out in the countryside at Quy. It’s a lovely pool, inside a converted barn. Usually it’s just me and a couple of other swimmers there.”

― Sophie Hannah

“In West Yorkshire, I’d have to drive three quarters of an hour to go shopping.”

― Sophie Hannah

“I get offered loads of unusual stuff. I just don’t do loads because I like staying at home a lot, and I’m a little bit lazy. I don’t get that thing of going from film to film that people do. It would drive me nuts, and that level of fame is quite scary.”

― Sophie Okonedo

“If we drive cost down, we will be able to live with low freight rates.”

― Soren Skou

“By using big data, it will also be possible to predict adverse weather conditions, rerouting ships to avoid delays, and monitor fuel data, thereby allowing companies to optimize their supply chains and the way they drive their business.”

― Soren Skou

“What drives the attractiveness of a trans-shipment hub are really three things. Location, location, location is very helpful. But so is productivity – a stable labor force and getting ships in and out as quickly as possible. And then, getting costs as low as possible will drive carrier behavior.”

― Soren Skou

“Unlicensed illegal immigrants drive on our roads and interstates without insurance, and there is little that our law enforcement officials can do to stop them.”

― Spencer Bachus

“Driver Shepherd and I had been detailed to drive Lt. Budden in the Wireless Truck. We had been standing by vehicles for an hour, and nothing had happened, but it happened frequently.”

― Spike Milligan

“When you drive, you are doing several things at once. You are using your eyes, ears, hands, your mind. If you have meditated for many years and have reached a lofty height in your meditation, as I have, you can meditate while running and cycling and painting.”

― Sri Chinmoy

“Accounting for the unpaid care economy can drive progressive policies such as paid family leave, social security credits for early childcare, tax credits, and quality early childhood education.”

― Sri Mulyani Indrawati

“Paternalistic regulations often prohibit women from holding jobs in certain industries: In the Russian Federation, women cannot drive trucks in the agriculture sector; in Belarus, they cannot be carpenters; in Kazakhstan, they cannot be welders.”

― Sri Mulyani Indrawati

“I think we disregard fans too much. They drive our sport. The money has gotten so big that it has become a corporate league other than the nosebleed seats.”

― Stan Van Gundy

“As an actor, of course it’s exciting to go and explore characters. It’s exciting to explore human psychology and relationships, and that’s really the drive, at the end of the day, for me.”

― Stana Katic

“I saw an ad for an expensive car and got so excited about it, I called the dealer. ‘How are those new cars?’ I asked. ‘They’re fine,’ he said. I thought he’d offer to let me drive it for a weekend. He didn’t. I expected a salesman to call. No one did. I didn’t buy the car.”

― Stanley Marcus

“I lived in Dallas, and it’s a big city, but you can jump on any freeway and drive in any direction for about 30 minutes and you are in the country – open space, wide open, very open, nothin’ around.”

― Stark Sands

“I drive around on my scooter in Milan alone – we don’t have bodyguards or anything like that. I am a fashion designer, not a celebrity, and although I get stopped for autographs and the like, I don’t think I am famous.”

― Stefano Gabbana

“In terms of leading by example. I feel as though that’s what my game is. Trying to drive the team forward, win my tackles, win my headers.”

― Steph Houghton

“I’m more interested in life than life-style. Life-style means you have to drive a certain car.”

― Stephanie Zimbalist

“My father was very bright. My mother had enormous drive. Put that together, and that’s my gene pool.”

― Stephen A. Schwarzman

“I’d probably want to teach at university, because children would drive me insane. I suspect it would be English literature, Shakespeare and so forth. I’ve always been deeply, deeply in love with that kind of thing.”

― Stephen Fry

“I wanted to create a small town underwater where the characters were more like us than like fish. They have fire. They take walks. They drive. They have pets and holidays.”

― Stephen Hillenburg

“But you can still find good films if you read your local film critics and are willing to drive a bit. You have to be a proactive film viewer to have the most provocative cinema life.”

― Stephen Hunter

“We are glorious accidents of an unpredictable process with no drive to complexity, not the expected results of evolutionary principles that yearn to produce a creature capable of understanding the mode of its own necessary construction.”

― Stephen Jay Gould

“The human condition is endlessly fascinating to me, and the existential horrors of life are what drive our imaginations and theater in general.”

― Stephen Karam

“It is always the village women who drive these things.”

― Stephen Lewis

“From the outside, Rick Rubin’s house above Zuma Beach is a generic millionaire beach home. There’s a rarely used tennis court and a circular drive.”

― Stephen Rodrick

“I drive my family nuts because when I watch something on TV, I’m likely to watch it with a bass guitar. But I don’t plug it in!”

― Steve Capus

“I love baseball. I’ll probably end up one of those old farts who go to spring training in Florida every year and drive from game to game all day.”

― Steve Earle

“I’m not short, so I can make a speech and drive the stock down and cover the stock. That’s not what I do.”

― Steve Eisman

“From the time I was taught how to drive, I was taught how to behave when I’m stopped.”

― Steve Harvey

“Most people have no concept of how an automatic transmission works, yet they know how to drive a car. You don’t have to study physics to understand the laws of motion to drive a car. You don’t have to understand any of this stuff to use Macintosh.”

― Steve Jobs

“We are going to have an integrated plan and work closely between commerce and treasury to make sure that we drive growth in this country. Our number one priority is sustained 3-4% GDP.”

― Steve Mnuchin

“I like to be able to go out to dinner once in a while. I like to be able to drive my MG up the McKenzie River on a weekday afternoon. I like to be able to pay my bills on time.”

― Steve Prefontaine

“The city’s contradictions and frailties drive me to the church. The church, in turn, binds my wounds and soothes my troubled heart, and sends me right back out into the city again.”

― Steve Ross

“I’ve been offered ‘Celebrity Fit Club’, where you have to take off your shirt and get on a scale. I got kids, man. I’m not going to humiliate myself. I’d rather drive a cab.”

― Steve Schirripa

“If only love can drive out hate, we have to remember that love is a verb. It requires action.”

― Steve Stoute

“I’d learned enough about circuitry in high school electronics to know how to drive a TV and get it to draw – shapes of characters and things.”

― Steve Wozniak

“We need to drive like hell and get to the hills before the winter sets in.”

― Steven Squyres

“You create a pile of dirt and then drive over it. We may have to learn to drive all over again.”

― Steven Squyres

“I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.”

― Steven Wright

“Sometimes I wish I could drive a car, but I’m gonna drive a car one day, so I don’t worry about that.”

― Stevie Wonder

“Sometimes you will get feedback that is contrary to your vision. You may be trying to drive in a particular direction that people don’t necessarily understand at first.”

― Stewart Butterfield

“You may be trying to drive in a particular direction that people don’t necessarily understand at first. In our case, we knew the users we had in mind for this product. So in the early days, we looked at our customers, really just testers at that point, and we paid extra attention to the teams we knew should be using Slack successfully.”

― Stewart Butterfield

“The social use of Slack does drive awareness – it’s a good thing for us.”

― Stewart Butterfield

“There are two things no man will admit he cannot do well: drive and make love.”

― Stirling Moss

“You make a little noise, and you can sell out your local hometown club. But then you drive an hour down the road to the next town, and there might be eight people there.”

― Sturgill Simpson

“People think, ‘She’s a model. She must have such an attitude. She must be so stuck up.’ But I’m normal. I cry. I’m not rich. I drive a 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity.”

― Summer Altice

“For me, it matters that we drive technology as an equalizing force, as an enabler for everyone around the world. Which is why I do want Google to see, push, and invest more in making sure computing is more accessible, connectivity is more accessible.”

― Sundar Pichai

“I’ve actually started to drive slower. I never want to see a news headline that reads, ‘The Chinese Guy from ‘Fast & Furious’ Pulled Over for a Speeding Ticket.’”

― Sung Kang

“When I go skiing in New England, I usually wake up early and drive up to Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine to make it in time for chairlift opening. That means leaving early and getting breakfast at one of the little quaint diners up in the mountains.”

― Sunita Williams

“It seems that half the point of being in Miami Beach – particularly the northern end of South Beach – is to be observed by people-watchers like me, and the display along Ocean Drive during my visit was, as always, sublime.”

― Susan Orlean

“Economics drive the creative, and for a long time, movies about men were just considered ‘movies,’ whereas movies about women were considered niche and only appealing to women. This is to an extent still true, and what it does is represent movies about women as less profitable.”

― Susanna Fogel

“Along with some of my college friends, I would often bunk classes and drive to Murthal, which is about 50 km from New Delhi, just to have some piping hot parathas. There was this small roadside dhaba where they would serve absolutely delicious aloo parathas with dollops of butter.”

― Sushant Singh Rajput

“I’d like to see much more understanding of emotional issues around hurt, abandonment, disappointment, longing, failure and shame, where they stem from and how they drive people and policies brought into public discourse.”

― Susie Orbach

“The reason I wrote ‘I’m Too Young for This!’ is to spare young women the suffering of hormonal loss – and it is true suffering. You can’t sleep, you gain weight for no reason, you bloat for no reason, your moods are altered, and your sex drive is diminished.”

― Suzanne Somers

“How weird it was to drive streets I knew so well. What a different perspective.”

― Suzanne Vega

“In the end, my pursuit of the elusive New York State driver’s license became about much more than a divorced woman’s learning to drive for the first time.”

― Suzanne Vega

“Sarah Palin may have chosen to not answer the call for the presidency, but make no mistake, the principles that garnered her the unique support she enjoyed continue to inform and drive the base that lifted her.”

― Tammy Bruce

“I can’t run on treadmills; they drive me nuts.”

― Tate Donovan

“Fans who drive insane amount of hours to come to a show still amazes me. I mean, it can get up to 10 hours! That’s loyalty.”

― Taylor Dye

“Honestly, I try and stay away from what’s been written about me, because if you let that stuff get to you and it’s not true it can drive you crazy. One thing that I have heard recently which is not true, I didn’t say it, is that I believe I was quote saying ‘I will never take my shirt off for a movie again.’ I didn’t say that.”

― Taylor Lautner

“I am from a really small town where theater wasn’t super-cool, I would say. Maybe undervalued? So, I would drive into St. Louis, where it was cool. I would go to these all-boy schools where they needed girls in their shows, and I would do my shows there.”

― Taylor Louderman

“Rebellion is what you make of it. When you’ve been on a tour bus for two months straight, and then you get in your car and drive wherever you want, that can feel rebellious.”

― Taylor Swift

“Often you see big companies, big banks who are eager to embrace crushing regulatory burdens because they drive up everyone’s costs.”

― Ted Cruz

“We should allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines. That will create a true 50-state national marketplace which will drive down the cost of low-cost, catastrophic health insurance.”

― Ted Cruz

“Of course I could have retired anytime. But retiring would drive me crazy.”

― Ted Knight

“Effective public-private partnerships will help drive the development of new products to meet the particular health needs of the poor and other vulnerable populations.”

― Tedros Adhanom

“I know ‘Lost’ used to drive people mad trying to anticipate what was happening or what something meant.”

― Terry O’Quinn

“My own books drive themselves. I know roughly where a book is going to end, but essentially the story develops under my fingers. It’s just a matter of joining the dots.”

― Terry Pratchett

“We have accomplished our mission of stopping Iraq’s drive to take over Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East. We should begin to reduce our forces in Saudi Arabia, ever so slowly, and look to a more multinational force to keep the peace.”

― Terry Sanford

“I’ve never wanted to drive a car fast for the sake of it. I mean, I like nice cars. I’ve got the Bentley, I’ve had a Lotus, I’ve had a Rolls-Royce and a few Jaguars, including an E-type. But I’m not somebody for driving tremendously fast.”

― Terry Wogan

“There were so many times I was called to go do a match and drive 8 or 9 hours from North Carolina to Orlando, Florida just to go do the NXT extra spots and then nothing, which would break my heart every time, but I was just very young then.”

― Tessa Blanchard

“Bono is chairman and founding member of Over-Achievers Anonymous. He has an irrepressible drive to be great. He wants to achieve it all, which actually makes him very vulnerable.”

― The Edge

“I hung out a lot with the ring crew guys. I got along better with them then I did the other guys, the other talent. The guys that show up early in the morning and set the ring up and stay there all day and then take the ring down and drive five and six hours that night to get to the next show.”

― The Ultimate Warrior

“When I see somebody in a Prius, sure, you drive a Prius and you get good gas mileage, but you probably feel like you drive a Prius.”

― Theo Von

“Economic distress, political pressure, and social obloquy already drive us from our homes and from our graves. The Jews are already constantly shifting from place to place.”

― Theodor Herzl

“There were times when I was just listening to albums for the hype of it. Some albums, I would just put it on in my car, and me and my friends would just drive, that we’d wild out to, get arrested to.”

― Theophilus London

“I don’t have a license, but I do drive.”

― Theophilus London

“I think for voters what matters is the values that drive the government.”

― Theresa May

“If you don’t have an ethic of conservation, you basically have a license to drive a Hummer through the Amazon.”

― Thomas Friedman

“There are about 300,000 neighborhoods in the United States, and more than half of them have at least one millionaire living there. Most millionaires drive American cars. Out of the top 30 or 40 makes and models, Ford is number one, with about 10 percent of the market share.”

― Thomas J. Stanley

“I wish I was more industrious, but I don’t necessarily have that drive.”

― Thomas Middleditch

“If you don’t drink, smoke, or drive a car, you’re a tax evader.”

― Thomas S. Foley

“I’m a guy where my perfect pitch has been altered by the fact that I usually tune up to what’s going on. When I was a kid, it was horrible! If two notes were playing right next to each other, and they were dissonant, it would drive me nuts. If it was something that sounded like it was in between notes, it’d make me cringe.”

― Thundercat

“The biggest thing I want to see is that people have the drive to succeed. If they can ‘take it or leave it,’ I don’t do business with them. I enjoy mentoring. I like people who want to learn.”

― Tilman J. Fertitta

“If I have my kids, I drive something with four doors. If I don’t have my kids, I can drive whatever I want.”

― Tim Duncan

“It was hard enough to drive those heavy old cars back then under normal circumstances, but with a crazed monkey clawing you at the same time, it becomes nearly impossible!”

― Tim Flock

“I take my son to school and then I drive 45 minutes to practice with my ABA team, the Florida Pit Bulls, from 10 to 1. In the afternoon, I have meetings.”

― Tim Hardaway

“I’ve now met, I would say, almost every single one of my rock idols. I feel like I should just drive off a cliff now.”

― Tim Schafer

“The future of the Republican Party and the future of America is based on a values system and the issues that drive those values are on our side.”

― Tim Scott

“Augmented reality will drive all things like chat, social networking, photos, videos, organizing data, modeling, painting, motion capture, and visual programming. Every form of computing will be combined together and unified in a single platform.”

― Tim Sweeney

“To jump-start our economy, we must leave cash in your hands – because if you’ve got money in your pocket, you’ll spend it at the hardware store or the corner market, and that will drive job growth in our private sector.”

― Tim Walz

“The basic thing a man should know is how to change a tyre and how to drive a tractor. Whatever that bearded dude is doing on the Dos Equis beer commercials sets the bar. That’s your guy. Every man should be aiming to be like him. The beard is just the tip of the iceberg.”

― Timothy Olyphant

“I don’t think I’ve had to change anything, really, apart from being more serious and focussed on my drive. One thing I’ve realised is that you get out what you put in and because of that my work rate has increased ten fold.”

― Tinie Tempah

“I play golf with my shirttail out. I own a golf course because it’s very, very close to my house, and I don’t want to drive 45 minutes to the north side of Oklahoma City to play golf every day. I have race horses ’cause I love horses and it’s my hobby.”

― Toby Keith

“Not only is it possible to do lean startup in federal government, but it’s the most effective way to drive change in the federal government.”

― Todd Park

“I’m happy to report you still get nothing you don’t need at Motel 6, and, therefore, you don’t have to pay for it. I don’t need valet parking. If I can drive the old crate 300 miles to the hotel all by myself, I can certainly handle the last nine feet to the parking space.”

― Tom Bodett

“We learned to be patient observers like the owl. We learned cleverness from the crow, and courage from the jay, who will attack an owl ten times its size to drive it off its territory. But above all of them ranked the chickadee because of its indomitable spirit.”

― Tom Brown, Jr.

“Our national-security strategy must drive our military budget, rather than the budget setting our strategy.”

― Tom Cotton

“I have a driver in London because I am slightly dyslexic and cannot drive in the U.K.; after all, the traffic runs the opposite way to that in the United States.”

― Tom Ford

“I taught myself to drive. I hope that the child in me never dies.”

― Tom Glazer

“It’s really hard to go on a 10-, 12-play drive against a really good defense and put the ball in the end zone.”

― Tom Herman

“I think that more than the winning, the weeks where I don’t play well are what drive me the most.”

― Tom Lehman

“I’ve always been a know-it-all. I drive a lot of people a bit crazy. But I can’t seem to help it.”

― Tom Noonan

“Executives must place a priority on wellbeing if they want to attract the right people, keep their best people, and drive their company’s financial performance.”

― Tom Rath

“From my perspective, we as a nation need to make policy a priority and drive the politics as a result of good policy.”

― Tom Reed

“I don’t know what to say about it except Tom Hanks is a great person, a serious person; he’s dissatisfied in a very likeable way, in a very discreet way, and Steven Spielberg is similar in his discretion and drive. But Spielberg is calm. He’s this driven filmmaker and visionary. He really is.”

― Tom Sizemore

“On climate and clean energy, government sets the international framework, and the private sector uses that framework to do what it does best: innovate, create, and drive global progress.”

― Tom Steyer

“Any time you play in a USGA Championship, if you don’t drive the ball on the fairway, you’re dead. You’re done.”

― Tom Watson

“I don’t specifically sit down to write a Motley Crue song, so for me, that’s how it works. The things that sound like they might be Crue, I put aside on my hard drive and keep them in that pile.”

― Tommy Lee

“Sally Gardner must drive her publishers to distraction: no sooner have they worked out how to market one brilliant book than she delivers another that is just as brilliant but totally different.”

― Tony Bradman

“I look for people who have drive, who have ambition, who are humble. I’ve hired many people at very strange places.”

― Tony Fernandes

“You need fear and doubt to drive you on. Without it, you end up living in the past and being happy with what you have achieved.”

― Tony McCoy

“Once school let out every year, my siblings and I would get packed into a station wagon to drive to South Carolina to see my grandparents for summer vacation. If school let out on Friday, we were probably in the station wagon no later than Sunday morning, and we would make stops along the way.”

― Tony Rock

“Pet lovers know that animals sometimes understand us better than we do, and the annals of human sin and desire provide plenty of stories to drive the point home.”

― Tony Snow

“I’ve got more stuff asked of me every week. But I drive a race car for a living. My car owner lets me race as many sprint car races as I want to run.”

― Tony Stewart

“I guess I take a lot of pride in that no matter what type of car we drive, we’re always competitive in it. That’s something I’ve taken a lot of pride in my whole life.”

― Tony Stewart

“I’m a classic emerald green Sixties Jaguar that nobody can own, but my husband is allowed to drive.”

― Tori Amos

“I drive an Escalade.”

― Tory Burch

“I just don’t like to drive. I’m not a bad driver, I just don’t like to drive.”

― Tracey Gold

“I will never have a drink and get behind the wheel of a car. It’s not illegal to drink and drive, but there becomes a certain point where it does become a crime.”

― Tracey Gold

“I’m the most cynical person, and I know what that sounds like when you say, I don’t drink and drive, and I don’t. But I know people look at that with skepticism, and I understand.”

― Tracey Gold

“Millennials aren’t buying cars anymore. They don’t want to drive. They don’t want to own these cars. They don’t want that inconvenience.”

― Travis Kalanick

“Money is something that keeps you alive and healthy and just keeps you focused. It’s the drive. It’s the passion.”

― Travis Scott

“I think, with production, I pay very close attention. ‘Cause that’s my favorite thing in music. That’s the whole drive. That’s the reason.”

― Travis Scott

“The Babe was a great ballplayer, sure, but Cobb was even greater. Babe could knock your brains out, but Cobb would drive you crazy.”

― Tris Speaker

“We drive our business as a cause, one where we power a greener tomorrow.”

― Tulsi Tanti

“I remember joining a boarding school in the sixth grade. I was lazy, complacent, and fat. Suddenly, I realised that I had to fend for myself. That’s when I discovered this drive within myself. For the first time, I ranked first in class, which was a miracle in itself. However, it didn’t matter to my family.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“Buying from a local farmer can mean that he makes a two-hour extra truck drive, which can damage the environment more than a bunch of bananas on a boat.”

― Tyler Cowen

“I’ve had friends who have been beaten up by police officers who put phone books in their T-shirts and then beat them up, then drive off.”

― Tyron Woodley

“What personality does it take to drive a car around a track 100 times or hit a ball back and forth. That’s not very personality is it?”

― Tyson Fury

“I could drive from the age of nine. My dad had his car pitch at home, and we used to drive the cars around the land, take them up to the tap, wash them, and reverse them back.”

― Tyson Fury

“America tends to assume Silicon Valley-style innovators can drive quick and transformative changes, but even Silicon Valley’s would-be masters of the universe have discovered that energy transitions are subject to time spans and technical constraints that defy their reach.”

― Vaclav Smil

“When I drive there is not much emotion in there. I’m just trying to get everything right and get every lap, every corner perfect.”

― Valtteri Bottas

“I love to ski and drive fast cars and the thrill of exciting things.”

― Vanessa Williams

“If I have to work hard or think hard or just copy somebody else that’s doing it better – whatever it takes, I’m going to find that solution. That’s the drive that keeps me going.”

― Venus Williams

“I used to play shows in D.C. and then drive back to New York to work at 6 A.M. So there are those moments, and you just really need to power through them. Eventually, it builds on itself.”

― Verite

“When I was learning to drive, I thought the big milestones were changing gear, changing lane, and three-point-turns.”

― Victoria Coren Mitchell

“Many moneyed children grow up with no drive at all.”

― Victoria Coren Mitchell

“I pay higher premiums because my speeding points spell ‘recklessness’ to the insurance company, but you can’t imagine how risk-averse I am at the wheel. I only go over 30 at all because it’s dangerous to drive too much slower than everyone else.”

― Victoria Coren Mitchell

“I drive a Yukon Flex Fuel, and there’s baby seats in the back.”

― Vin Diesel

“The day after I had my licence to drive, I made Paris/Nice at 230 km/hour.”

― Vincent Cassel

“I drive out to this quail farm, where I get a lot of these incredible quail eggs, which I eat all day long. And I eat a lot of superfoods like goji, cacao and chia seeds, things like that. And I like unpasteurised milk of the goat and the sheep. They send it once a week from Pennsylvania, from the Amish farms, and I get it in Los Angeles.”

― Vincent Gallo

“Fit experts envision a future in which you’d carry your body scan in your cell phone or on a thumb drive, using the data to order clothes online or find them in stores. But who’s going to pay for all those scanners, which cost about $35,000 each, and the staff to run them?”

― Virginia Postrel

“My mother taught me to drive using the ‘Detroit Method,’ where speed limits and traffic lights are taken as cute suggestions.”

― W. Bruce Cameron

“My dad and stepmom live in Mobile, Ala., and spend their vacation time an hour’s drive away in Orange Beach, Ala. This means that, throughout my life, I have regularly vacationed there as well.”

― W. Kamau Bell

“When you set goals and you reach those goals in mid-August and early September, there’s nothing to look forward to. You sort of lose your drive.”

― Wade Boggs

“To me, hitting the ball in the air means hitting a line drive, and I hit far more balls in the air.”

― Wade Boggs

“We fly to the town in the little private airplane, and then we have to get in cars and drive to the hotel and then drive to the gig. So, I want to do a tour where the performances will actually be at the small airports.”

― Walter Becker

“If I can’t drive my old pickup to wherever I’m going, well, chances are good that I just won’t go.”

― Ward Churchill

“For some, being involved in a scene is a great thing because the social element can drive creativity. For me, though, it’s never really been like that. It’s the opposite. I’ve always had this instinct to escape.”

― Washed Out

“I don’t buy cars I can’t drive.”

― Wayne Huizenga

“The whole purpose of those attacks was to drive those contractors out. Lots of them had to leave. They were terrified.”

― Wayne White

“A lot of my career and my drive and my passion and my striving to be better and better was built on insecurity.”

― Wendy Whelan

“In America, it was decided to attempt the production of atomic bombs with an effort that would constitute a large part of the collective American war effort. In Germany, an effort one thousandth the scale of the American was applied to the problem of producing atomic energy that would drive engines.”

― Werner Heisenberg

“Religion has given me a new drive in life. Life feels a lot easier than it ever did before.”

― Wesley Sneijder

“If Yucca Mountain had not been designated as a dumpsite for radioactive waste in 1987, it might easily have become a scenic overlook on the long drive between Tonopah and Las Vegas.”

― Wil S. Hylton

“I work on my novels wherever I have a PC, and I have four or five places around the world where I do have a PC. These days you can just slip a little flash drive into your top pocket, fly for 12 hours, come to another place, plug it into a computer and you are away again.”

― Wilbur Smith

“In this very real world, good doesn’t drive out evil. Evil doesn’t drive out good. But the energetic displaces the passive.”

― William Bernbach

“The script for ‘Drive Angry’ is a great read with great characters and great action.”

― William Fichtner

“A man must drive his energy, not be driven by it.”

― William Frederick Book

“When we have a Deputy Prime Minister who tells people not to drive cars but has two Jags himself, and where the Minister who tells people not to have two homes turns out to have nine himself no wonder the public believe politicians are hypocrites.”

― William Hague

“There is a secret pride in every human heart that revolts at tyranny. You may order and drive an individual, but you cannot make him respect you.”

― William Hazlitt

“My complaint is that Americans drive me crazy, and the politics drive me crazy.”

― William Klein

“If we can clean up our world, I’ll bet you we can achieve warp drive.”

― William Shatner

“The insane pursuit of the holy grail of a balanced budget in the end is going to drive the economy into a depression.”

― William Vickrey

“I got a call from my agent; I’m out in the boonies. They’re like, ‘Where you at? The Warriors are trying to call.’ I’m like, ‘Hold up! I’m on the lake, and I ain’t got no service.’ So I had to drive two miles up the road so I could get service and take the call.”

― Willie Cauley-Stein

“In 1950, when the Giants signed me, they gave me $15,000. I bought a 1950 Mercury. I couldn’t drive, but I had it in the parking lot there, and everybody that could drive would drive the car. So it was like a community thing.”

― Willie Mays

“I loved coming up with players in scoring position and I had to drive them in.”

― Willie McCovey

“Conflict and callous politics drive famine.”

― Winnie Byanyima

“When I’m in New York, I bike everywhere. I have a couple of bikes stored over at Ed Norton’s. It’s the only way to go. But in Hawaii, I drive. I have a little Volkswagen Bug, from the ‘Drive it? Hug it?’ phase. I run it on biodiesel.”

― Woody Harrelson

“Chris Nolan can put Batman in full body armor, have him drive a car that looks likes a tank, and make him political, and everyone says, ‘Oh, that’s OK.’ But try making him Filipino, and everyone gets mad.”

― Wyatt Cenac

“When I go to Beirut, I don’t drive. It’s traumatizing to drive there.”

― Yasmine Hamdan

“As long as government is allowed to collect all Internet data, the perceived exigency will drive honest civil servants to reach more broadly and deeply into our networked lives.”

― Yochai Benkler

“We need to become good citizens in the global village, instead of competing. What are we competing for – to drive more cars, eat more steaks? That will destroy the world.”

― Yuan T. Lee

“I just heard the latest joke about my hair: ‘Do you know what that is on her head? It’s a steering wheel to drive the state.’”

― Yulia Tymoshenko

“There’s something about trying to figure out why someone is doing something that on the outside is horrible – what drives them to do that? What could drive any human being to that kind of behaviour?”

― Yvonne Strahovski

“I am really driven, but my drive doesn’t effect the conversations I have in my head about life, and my worries and fears and insecurities.”

― Zach Braff

“I am really driven, but my drive doesn’t affect the conversations I have in my head about life, and worries and fears and insecurities.”

― Zach Braff

“If we pulled out of Iraq tomorrow, Islamic jihadism is on the rise. And they continue, as we see in Lebanon, to seek to destroy the State of Israel and seek to drive America back and bring us to our knees. We must stand tall and straight.”

― Zach Wamp

“I love driving around east London – it’s always full of surprises. Actually, I don’t drive myself – I like to be driven.”

― Zaha Hadid

“I’ve had Ferraris; I’ve had Aston Martins. I’ve had all kinds of cars, but the thing I love about Lamborghini is that they’re all-wheel drive, and when you step on the pedal, you stick to the road. You’re not fishtailing all over the place.”

― Zak Bagans

“I loved ‘Terminator 2’ as a teenager and ‘Sound of Music’ when I was a kid. I also loved ‘Requiem For A Dream’ as a college student and ‘Mulholland Drive.’ And I have loved ‘Lincoln’ as an adult. They are all the same, as they are all good stories and extraordinary actors.”

― Zal Batmanglij

“We must assent to the will of Heaven above and conform to the wishes of men on earth below, but the government should assert the majesty of its warlike might in order to drive away the hordes of fierce and cruel men. We know that the dispositions of these outer barbarians are as ravenous as those of wolves.”

― Zhang Zhidong

“When you buy me, you are buying a Ferrari. If you drive a Ferrari, you put premium petrol in the tank, you hit the motorway, and you step on the gas.”

― Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“I always drive like a madman.”

― Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“I am a guy who likes those who drive through red lights.”

― Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“That moment in ‘Broadcast News’ where Holly Hunter is told how great it is to be the smartest person in the room, and she cries and says it’s awful – I definitely have moments like that sometimes, moments when introspection and drive can be lonely-making. And it doesn’t help that I have a partner who is very work-oriented.”

― Zoe Kazan

“Grab the broom of anger and drive off the beast of fear.”

― Zora Neale Hurston

“It would be against all nature for all the Negroes to be either at the bottom, top, or in between. We will go where the internal drive carries us like everybody else. It is up to the individual.”

― Zora Neale Hurston
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