Top 28 Drums Quotes

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“The drums tell me everything. Everything else registers a millisecond later.”

― Adam Clayton

“I listen to Bill Stewart play the drums and when I have finished doing that, I listen to Bill Stewart.”

― Bill Bruford

“Most great records really start with the drums.”

― Billy Corgan

“I learned to play drums to the ‘Blue Album.’”

― Brendon Urie

“Drums were my first instrument.”

― Dick Dale

“I used to play drums when I was a kid, play the trombone.”

― Dolph Lundgren

“I played drums on Keith Carradine’s first record.”

― Don Henley

“Playing the drums hurts my back.”

― Don Henley

“I like drums, really, if they’re under control.”

― Earl Scruggs

“My son, Wolfgang, plays drums, guitars and bass.”

― Eddie Van Halen

“I’ve played in pipe bands in Scotland, and I’ve always played guitars and drums and stuff.”

― Ewan McGregor

“My desk is my drums.”

― Jaimoe

“My brother is an excellent songwriter, and I play guitar and drums.”

― Jeremy London

“The Pentecostals had horns, drums, guitars, huge choirs, and screaming and dancing and all kinds of stuff. That was for me.”

― Leon Russell

“Drums usually seem to tune themselves.”

― Levon Helm

“You can’t beat 2 guitars, bass, and drums.”

― Lou Reed

“I’ve been playing drums since I was 7.”

― Lucky Blue Smith

“I didn’t sing, but I did play the drums.”

― Miguel Ferrer

“It’s really important for the bass and the drums to somehow blend.”

― Mike Gordon

“I love playing drums and helping out.”

― Mike Portnoy

“I’ve played drums in bands since I was 16.”

― Miles Teller

“I do play drums when I’m on tour.”

― Norman Wisdom

“I’m not a singer who plays a bit of drums. I’m a drummer that sings a bit.”

― Phil Collins

“I studied the Ghanaian drums and bongo drumming.”

― Ricky Reed

“I actually wanted to be a drummer, but I didn’t have any drums.”

― Stevie Ray Vaughan

“I play the drums really, really badly.”

― Ted Dwane

“I would love to play the drums with ‘The Who.’”

― Tom Curren

“Playing my drums is therapy.”

― Travis Barker
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