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Ekta Kapoor: Ekta Kapoor remembers Sushant Singh Rajput with happy pics: Love you forever Ekta Kapoor had given Sushant Singh Rajput his first break on television. ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’ is waiting for its hero: Ekta Kapoor to Parth Samthaan as she shares his web series teaser Parth Samthaan, who headlines ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’, was tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday. (

Sushant: Ekta Kapoor remembers Sushant Singh Rajput with happy pics: Love you forever Ekta Kapoor had given Sushant Singh Rajput his first break on television.

Bollywood: TV and film producer Ekta Kapoor joins the brigade of single mothers in Bollywood, welcomes baby boy via surrogacy.  

Balaji Telefilms: Ekta Kapoor is the MD of Balaji Telefilms. she has produced around 25 successful TV serials. 

Jeetendra: Ekta Kapoor was born to Jeetendra and Sobha Kapoor in Mumbai.  

Sushant Singh Rajput:  Ekta Kapoor reacts to the criminal complaint against her, 7 others over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death The advocate alleged that these prominent Bollywood A-listers forced Sushant to commit suicide under a conspiracy.

Ekta Kapoor Quotes 

“Expect the unexpected from me!”― Ekta Kapoor

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“I love the streets of Kolkata, and I admire the old architectural buildings.”― Ekta Kapoor

“If someone doesn’t like something, it’s their prerogative not to like it. It’s not possible to please everyone. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to change my mental make-up. I follow my instinct.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I think success is what you make of it – of course there is always the factor of luck, but one should always be equipped to seize the moment when opportunity knocks.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Constantly adapting yourself to changing times is a very integral part of a successful person’s personality because change is the only constant, and one should have the ability to change and adapt to change with time.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I love ‘Koi Aane Ko Hai.’ It is my favourite show because I believe in this genre.”― Ekta Kapoor

“You have to show up when your show fails – or it succeeds. When you are enjoying the glory of success, you have to show up and still work hard because it may not last. You have to do your job with the same sincerity when you started and till you can actually do it with passion.”― Ekta Kapoor

“As a producer or even as a basic seller, you need to be confident about your product.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I have realized that the taste of the viewer can constantly change. So you need to sniff out the need for change. Constantly restructuring your own business to cater to changing taste is imperative.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Diwali is chaotic in the Kapoor household, and that’s an understatement. I normally throw a huge card party with all my close friends and my close knit group from the industry.”― Ekta Kapoor

“If I don’t like a person, I always speak out.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I am an entrepreneur, but not in the conventional sense. I have learnt business as time passed, but I do not have a B-school education.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Though personally I’m not a fan of celebrating with fireworks, it is beautiful to watch the sight from a distance.”― Ekta Kapoor

“TV is very mass, especially now that boxes are shifting to small towns.”― Ekta Kapoor

“As a producer, I am dying to explore psychology and urban dilemmas – say, fatigue – in a marriage.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Creative instinct is personal.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I am very reactive and malleable. I have to figure out when to be hands on and hands off. If I am hands on all the time, I can’t do too much. But my attitude works in a certain way. So the idea is to spread your personality, your attitude.”― Ekta Kapoor

“The beauty about history is that it’s open to perception.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’m told Jodha was someone whose eyes conveyed humility, simplicity, courage, and conviction. Paridhi embodies everything I had in mind for Jodha.”― Ekta Kapoor

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“I really find Jodha-Akbar a fine example of a couple, true or not, that people need to see today.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I am not a person who will mince words.”― Ekta Kapoor

“It is very difficult for an actor to replace another actor who has already created an image.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I never said anything bad about Smriti, nor did she speak against me.”― Ekta Kapoor

“You cannot predict how well a film will do.”― Ekta Kapoor

“My creative team filters the scripts before they reach me and a few others. We evaluate them, ponder over the budget, and think of various possibilities to get the viewer excited.”― Ekta Kapoor

“In films, I do programming I can never do in television. I have fun. Both mediums are content-led, but they are so diverse in their psychology that they cannot have a meeting point.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I don’t think ‘Jurassic Park’ could have been so much fun had Spielberg not made a ‘Schindler’s List.’”― Ekta Kapoor

“When you talk about a daily soap, it means one would be seen 28 days a month, which requires 30 days of shooting. So an actor being seen on a show airing four days a week and being telecast thrice a day comes along with a baggage of the character.”― Ekta Kapoor

“All my shows airing on different channels have been the top shows.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I can’t create magic, where all my serials will have the highest ratings.”― Ekta Kapoor

“The reason for certain shows not doing well or as per expectations is that they were not aired on not so popular channels.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I am a terrible actor.”― Ekta Kapoor

“My work begins at around 3 P.M. I wake up at around 2 P.M., watch my serial cassettes, jog for 30 minutes, get my make-up done, and plunge into meetings lined up with my directors. By evening, I finish all meetings and go to my office, where I handle any problems that may have arisen there.”― Ekta Kapoor

“If you depict one home and the drama moving around one family, people love it because the characters become identifiable.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I don’t work that hard.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Most of my work is in my mind.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Television is about identifying with the characters.”― Ekta Kapoor

“’Balika’ is not my type of show, so I don’t watch it.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I believe in life after death.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I have no issue with the CBFC.”― Ekta Kapoor

“The CBFC is only mirroring society.”― Ekta Kapoor

“If you talk to a woman, she will give you at least five incidents in a day, 5-10 in a month, where she had to work harder to prove herself because she is a ‘woman,’ maybe at a male-dominated work place or when she has to come across as a smarter woman if she is good-looking.”― Ekta Kapoor

“We have to stop using words like ‘that time of the month’ or other such variations. Say it: I have my periods. There is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about.”― Ekta Kapoor

“The people in Kolkata are very different. They don’t wish to be super rich but give more importance to education than anything else. They are very innocent at heart, and one can sense a lot of purity in them.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I honestly believe that if you’re not growing, then you are taking the space that somebody else would get if you moved forward.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I could have never had any kind of creative freedom on TV, so then I did movies! Now, I am able to do all kinds of entertainment… and that, I feel, is the biggest blessing!”― Ekta Kapoor

“I am a living contradiction.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’m just a simple television and film producer who started off from her garage and whose only idea was to tell a story.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I really wish I were a superhero.”― Ekta Kapoor

“For me, it’s quite scary to go ahead to make my characters say things because, at times, you might actually be influencing a mind – and not one but many of thousands of minds.”― Ekta Kapoor

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“I do think responsibility does come with a lot of power, and more than that, it comes with the fact that you can actually change the thinking of those not only in your country but in the countries where your films are watched.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I started working at a time when most of my friends were still figuring their lives out.”― Ekta Kapoor

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“My holidays are generally impromptu, since a crazy work schedule is bound to eat into a long-planned trip.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I knew I wanted to make good television, create content that’s massy, and provide programming that would invite families to come together and witness these ‘reel’ lives.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Through these years, I have attempted to create magical moments between my characters because, be it television or films, life is about the moments we create while living through it.”― Ekta Kapoor

“People have always wondered if I’m trying to push the envelope when it comes to my cinema – they keep questioning the visual graphics and the controversial content.”― Ekta Kapoor

“When I made TV shows, people called them regressive. Clearly, everyone wants to generalize everything, but I like to choose a middle path.”― Ekta Kapoor

“What I want to do with cinema is keep it as universal as possible.”― Ekta Kapoor

“There’s no certain type of cinema, but there’s a certain type of promise every film comes with. The agenda is to keep an eye on quality and live up to that promise.”― Ekta Kapoor

“People are always trying to figure me out, given the varied nature of my films and shows.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I would describe myself as eclectic: Bohemian in thought and conservative in action – or maybe it’s the other way around.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Contrary to what everyone thinks, I’m not superstitious – I’m spiritual. And there is a huge difference between the two.”― Ekta Kapoor

“My spirituality and my beliefs are way beyond any superstition – I’m not a conformist – and I do have a scientific outlook towards religion. Our body is made up of different elements, and certain stones help align these elements.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I cater to a viewer because that viewer’s taste matters more than anyone else’s, and I will keep him first in mind and then, if it also appeals to the critics, so be it.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I am not going to become a critical-acclaim-junkie at all.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I try to lead. I do not follow.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’d rather make my own mistakes and pay for them rather than pay for mistakes that are formulistic.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’m my dad’s biggest fan and, yes, sometimes his worst critic.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’ve grown up watching ‘Mawaali,’ ‘Himmatwalla,’ and my love for masala movies started from there, and ever since, there’s no looking back.”― Ekta Kapoor

“My father came from a chawl and became a top star in Bollywood and worked very hard for us. When I look at my dad, I feel very good that my papa did so much.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I am bad mannered, naughty, and one of those few people who lands up in controversies, but I guess that’s expected of me.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I believe that change is the essence of life.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I love telling stories, I love entertaining, and I love my job.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Everyone believes or perceives me to be a ruthless cynic, but far from it.”― Ekta Kapoor

“When I want something, I go out and get it. That’s Ekta Kapoor for you!”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’ve been able to chart out my professional life. But I can never chart out my personal one.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’ve always had this fear in me. What would life be like if I wasn’t Number 1 on television? But I’ve learnt to overcome that fear.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I have full confidence that the Sequel Queen is a tag that’s going to stick… And I will be loving it!”― Ekta Kapoor

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“I have always wanted to outdo myself, be it films or shows.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’m in competition only with myself, and I always want to push the envelope.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Balaji has always had great market presence, be it in film or television – everyone was talking about the titles, about what happened on the sets, even the most bizarre and outrageous things are out there to be judged by audiences who inevitably decide to come to the theatres to watch our film.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Even though you might believe you have the best product on the market or the best film in a really long time, not everyone will agree. The film may be the best thing since sliced bread, but you have to have great publicity to back it up.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Movie promotions – as with all business, it is an important part of any release because of the inherent high financial risk, and sometimes they tend to equal anywhere between half or three times the production budget.”― Ekta Kapoor

“When Balaji decides to release a film, all you will see and hear will be concerning the film – we go all out! Promotions are a big part of our banner – we believe in marketing… in letting audiences know what they are in for.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’ve always said time and time again that I hate anything conventional.”― Ekta Kapoor

“To survive in a creative economy, you need basic instinct! You have to know and smell your viewer.”― Ekta Kapoor

“There will always be some films that the audience would like and some that they don’t. But if I start becoming a slave to appreciation, I will be subjecting myself and my talent to one particular type of taste. I don’t want to do that.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I don’t want to be sitting and pondering over how many stars my film will get. It’s rubbish! I make films that I like – some get really appreciated, and some don’t. Till now, luckily, they have done well, but I can’t become a slave to that. And I won’t – never!”― Ekta Kapoor

“I would be surprised though if I don’t get unbelievable critical acclaim for ‘Dirty Picture’ and a national award for my actress, Vidya Balan. The movie has one of the most well-written scripts I have come across, and a lot of youngsters in my office have looked at it with great admiration.”― Ekta Kapoor

“When I had introduced ‘Kandy Floss,’ I was a bundle of nerves… I had done a non-fiction programme before – ‘Kosmiic Chat’ with Sunita Menon. But this one I was really scared of.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I don’t know if somehow success has made me conservative. With every passing year and with every success, I get more aware of the responsibility on my shoulders.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Very few know that I was a complete wild child.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I remember, as a kid, when any woman/girl came close to my dad to get his autograph, I would throw a complete tantrum – yell shout and sometimes even fight!”― Ekta Kapoor

“There was a time I’d sing and dance at night clubs, but now I don’t do that.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I’ve never had a problem with criticism. Whether films or television, I’ve lived with it and emerged stronger.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I cannot stop gushing over the reviews that ‘The Dirty Picture’ has garnered. I’m glad that people are loving it.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I feel whenever my shows are too hyped, they usually don’t work.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I don’t think hype always works. It can get you initial audience, but eventually, it’s your story, and the characters need to hold audience’s attention.”― Ekta Kapoor

“Passion keeps me going. I love my work. The need to come back, no matter what, and my passion towards my work keeps me going.”― Ekta Kapoor

“I cannot even begin to express how happy my baby’s birth has made me.”― Ekta Kapoor

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